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13 June 2019
2019 Issue 9
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Principal's Message

If you want a light laugh, you can do worse things than listen to comedian John Crist as he breaks down the dos and don'ts of pre-meal prayer. Having watched this video with a bunch of students last week, the question was raised “is laughter theologically correct?” Not liking my first response, which was “what do you think?”, the students challenged me to answer the question in my newsletter write up. So…. my young learned friends, I accept your challenge and offer this.


Now I must confess, that is one of the more odd, but fascinating questions that I have been asked recently. Upon reflection, laughter is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about being spiritual or being a Christian. Youth group was certainly fun, and I must confess that we did laugh a lot. Laughter is also one of the things that I dearly love about being at the College. It is something that students do all the time and it brings an atmosphere to the College that I sorely miss across term breaks when students are absent. But although none of this answers the question of "is laughter theologically correct?", it certainly suggests that it is part of a healthy thriving community.


Further reflection on this front, however, led me to ponder Umberto Eco’s novel, “The Name of the Rose”, in which a monk decided to poison anyone who read a certain book that suggested that God laughed. He did this out of a concern that the monks would become too familiar with God, and lose their awe of Him. I wonder though, if he ever considered that laughter is one of the things that sets mankind apart from all the animals.


On a more serious note. Doris Donnelly, in her book “Spiritual Fitness”, says that humour has two aspects: firstly, an acceptance of life's incongruities; and, secondly, the ability not to take ourselves too seriously. She notes that the Christian faith is full of incongruities such as the meek will inherit the earth, death leads to life, and a king is born in a stable. Donnelly’s second point, I think though, is critical. Humour she says, enables us to face the truth about ourselves and helps us let go of our self importance. And this she says allows us to better see what God is doing in our lives.


So, in answer to your question, “is laughter theologically correct?”, I say an emphatic "Yes!" My encouragement to you is to laugh when you can because not only does it break the tension, it’s good for you. Your job as a student is to work hard, study hard and strive to reach your potential. However, you need to break the tension from time to time and relax, not take yourself too seriously and reset. This I suggest enables you to serve the Lord better and for longer. And if all this does not convince you, I will throw in Psalm 2:4, which says, “He who sits in heaven shall laugh”(NKJV). That has to seal the deal doesn’t it?!


To those wonderful students: keep thinking, asking questions, and debating. I look forward to your critique.


Andrew Manning


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for our teachers as they continue to busily write and prepare school reports.


Pray for our Pathways Night tonight, that our Years 9 & 10 students would have a clear picture of what path the Lord is leading them on.


Please pray for the families in our College in need at this time - for health and wholeness.


Pray for Year 10 students as they prepare for Work Experience Week, 24-28 June.

From the Deputy's Desk

Purpose 3 Value - Service

This semester we have focussed on Purpose 3:" "Establishing an environment that is characterised by faith, hope, love, joy, peace and service". The final value stated in this is 'service'. Jesus, set the example for us by becoming a servant of all (Philippians 2:7). Often people think of servanthood as being a slave, doing menial labour, being treated as 'less' than others, but that is not the case. True servanthood is a heart attitude of being available to partner with Christ in the restoration of his creation. That means being willing to do what God requires, so that the world sees Christ in you. In action, it may look like picking up rubbish so the environment does not suffer pollution, or helping with the dishes because that blesses the family, but in spirit, it accomplishes way more than that. Serving others brings to fruition the other five characteristics of faith, hope, love, joy, and peace. May you be blessed as you serve.



Teachers were very diligent in compiling reports last week, and are finalising marks and comments. If your child, particularly in Secondary School, has not submitted a task by the due date, it may appear as an unsatisfactory mark on the report. Please help your child to ensure all tasks are finalised.


Reports will be collated and attached to each student's Edumate record on the last day of the semester. They can only be accessed by logging in to your parent/carer Edumate account. If you have lost or forgotten your details, please contact Trish Longhurst at reception to assist you to reset your login.



Wondering why we have a three week term break? This year staff will be attending the International Transforming Education Conference (ITEC) in Adelaide. It is an opportunity to meet with Christian educators from around the country and to engage with internationally-recognised speakers on topics that help to improve our understanding and application of Christian education. Teachers, learning support, and general staff will be attending. We look forward to applying our learning to impact education across the College.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

At this stage of the term, many of the classes are working on projects. In one class, the students have drawn pictures showing the weather, and aspects of night and day, as a reflection on their learning. In another class, the students have been working on posters which are presented in an eye-catching way and also include succinct messages. Other students are working on projects related to hibernation and using the Chromebooks to find out information. It is wonderful being able to observe students enthusiastically working on these projects. Parents are invited into classrooms for a short visit on Wednesday 26 June from 9:00-9:20am to join with the students to celebrate their learning for the term. Projects, writing and other classwork will be on display.


A reminder about the Primary School Incursion on Monday 17 June, titled ‘Being Brave’ by Brainstorm Productions. It will begin at 9:30am, and there will be no other Primary assembly on that day. If you would like to know more about Brainstorm Productions, visit their website at


At this stage of the term, please check that children's jumpers and jackets are still clearly labelled. There are several items of clothing in the Primary lost property bin (outside F block) without names on them.


Dates to Note:

Music Showcase

Wednesday 19 June 6:30-8:30pm

NAIDOC Primary Assembly

Monday 24 June, 2:30pm

Celebration of Learning

Wednesday 26 June 9:00-9:20am

Community Market

Thursday 27 June, 3:15-4:00pm in Primary Gym


God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Year 4/5A visit their Prep 1/2 friends

It is always such a lovely time when our younger students receive a visit from their older class friends. Recently Year 1/2A received a visit from Year 4/5A. 

Music Showcase

This semester, Bayside Christian College is again having two Music Showcase Evenings, where we will be appreciating and celebrating all the soloists and small ensembles that we are blessed to have. We would love you to come along to one or both evenings to support and encourage the students as they share the hard work they have put in this semester! 



Wednesday 19 June (Primary)

Thursday 20 June (Secondary) 


6:30pm start, with the aim of finishing before 8:30pm


Primary Gym (G5) 


Students are encouraged to dress up in performance attire.


Hope to see you there!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Save the Animals

Year 5/6W have been learning about persuasive techniques by creating posters raising awareness to animal cruelty.


Across the College

Years 9/10 Coordinator

Exams and Assessment Tasks

Congratulations to all Years 9 & 10 students who completed their semester examinations last week, especially to the Year 9s as this was their first exam experience. The teachers are now busy marking them, finalising assessment tasks and writing reports. Please speak to your child about the exam experience and ask if they have any outstanding work that needs to be completed for their teachers.


Life Skills Week & Pathways Night

The Life Skills Week program is running this week for Years 9 & 10 students. An expected, a highlight for the Year 9s was the Flight Simulator experience, which was held on Tuesday and Wednesday. I do hope that it will cause many interesting conversations at dinner time.


Year 10 parents/carers, the online consent form to enable your child to participate in ‘Road Smart’ can be found here:


After you lodge your consent online:

  • An email will be sent to your beginner driver the next business day.

  • Your beginner driver will then complete their registration for the Road Smart program.

  • Once registration is complete, your beginner driver will then have access to the Road Smart eLearning.


Our Year 10 students will attend the free in-car session at ICON at Sandown later in the year.


Pathways Night

The compulsory Years 9 & 10 Pathways Night will be held tonight, Thursday 13 June in G Block. I have asked students to note that they are expected to attend this important event with their parents/carers. Mrs Patterson has also sent you a letter that provides the details and timing of proceedings for the evening. I look forward to seeing you there.


Work Experience

The last week of Term 2 (June 24 to 28) is Work Experience Week. Year 10 students have been submitting their completed forms to Ms Dawson. I wanted to remind you that Year 10 classes will not run during this week. It would be ideal if parents/carers of students who have not secured a work placement encouraged them to engage in some kind of voluntary work for the week. This could be with a church, community group or opp shop.


We are aware that some students will be on the Thailand trip and we pray that all students will have valuable learning experiences, whether they are on work experience or on mission in Thailand.


Sharyn Hadlow

Years 9/10 Coordinator

Surfs Up

The Year 9 OES class had the opportunity to go

surfing. Amidst all the wild weather, we were lucky enough to score a few hours of blue sky, light winds and excellent waves. The students all did a great job enjoying God's wondrous creation. 


Dan Briglia

OES Teacher

Year 10 Bible

It has been said that in the year 1800, the number of declared atheists in Europe numbered about a couple of dozen.

In our day, we as Christians might feel the need for the reassurance God gave Elijah many years ago, when Elijah thought himself the only believer left, and God told him, “I have kept for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”


So, what’s changed between 1800 and our day?


Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, expressed in "The Origin of Species", published in 1859, has been one significant factor.


So, recently Year 10 Bible has put the theory of evolution under scrutiny, and discovered that Christian faith has nothing to fear from it. It has suited some to wrongly suggest that Christian faith is opposed to science. The history of western thought shows that, in fact, modern science began to flourish because Christians studied nature believing it to be the creation of a God of order.


Year 10 studies of evolution have got us thinking hard, and it’s not easy material to get our heads around. But even at school and in the days ahead, our students will face an increasingly prevalent and cynical mindset that takes confidence in the mistaken belief that evolution proves that there is no God. Our prayer is that our studies will help protect our students’ faith in our God and Creator.


Alex Hopkins

Year 10 Bible Teacher

Years 9/10 Food for Life

From the depths of the D3 kitchen, students are engaging with the understanding of making good choices in life, especially when it comes to

what they put into their bodies. We've all heard it before, but it's true: eating well is really good for you - when you eat a well-balanced diet, eating local in-season and fresh. Now that students are more aware of this, it’s shaping their thinking and their taste buds.


Cast your eyes on this classic CLUB SANDWICH… may I add with chips!

Oven baked that is, NOT deep fried!


They are all doing so well, and are building a healthy respect for food.


Gino Ciancio

Food for Life Teacher

Year 7 OES

The Year 7 Outdoor and Environmental Studies (OES) class has been working on teamwork and

unpacking their God-given gifts. It was excellent

to see the students challenging themselves and working as a member of a team when rock climbing on our recent trip to Bayside Rock.


The students also had the opportunity to go on an overnight hike to Cape Liptrap, where the

students all did a fantastic job hiking with big packs, cooking meals, working as a team and supporting one another over difficult rock scrambling. 


Dan Briglia

OES Teacher

Pop Music

In Years 9/10 Music, students have been exploring music that most people listen to every day - 'pop' music. They have analysed many examples of pop music to gain a better understanding of how the music 'works', as well as exploring some of the common underlying messages that these songs tell. Armed with this knowledge, the students have done incredibly well to each compose an original piece of music, which they performed as a class for a crowd of appreciative boys and girls at a lunchtime concert. Well done, and may the music-making never stop!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Music Showcase

This semester, Bayside Christian College is again having two Music Showcase Evenings, where we will be appreciating and celebrating all the soloists and small ensembles that we are blessed to have. We would love you to come along to one or both evenings to support and encourage the students as they share the hard work they have put in this semester! 



Wednesday 19 June (Primary)

Thursday 20 June (Secondary) 


6:30pm start 

with the aim of finishing before 8:30pm


Primary Gym (G5) 


Students are encouraged to dress up in performance attire.


Hope to see you there!


Dave Mallen

Music Teacher

Kunjungan ke Kebun Binatang - 
Visit to the Zoo

The Years 9/10 Indonesian class was blessed with a gloriously sunny day to take a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. At the zoo we particulary enjoyed roaming through the Asian village setting of the 'Trail of the Elephants', and watching everybody’s favourite Indonesian animals, the orang utans, at play. Our visit gave us more of an insight into how our actions as consumers impact on the habitats of vulnerable and endangered species in the Asia-Pacific region.


Kelly Davies

LOTE Indonesian Teacher


Design Tech

As the end of the term grows closer, it is fantastic to begin seeing the completed projects the students have built. It is wonderful to see all of the creative and unique designs. Well done students.


Dan Briglia

Design Technology Teacher


Years 11 & 12 Happenings

It is amazing to think that we are almost at the end of Term 2! Our Years 11-12 students have been very busy the last couple of weeks. Well done to all the students who completed their exams. A big sigh of relief was also breathed by all as they completed the GAT on Wednesday.


It was a privilege to be able to be a part of the VCAL Assessment Panel during this time. VCAL students presented formally to a panel of staff including a combination of Mr Manning, Mrs Steinbergs, Mrs Cooper, Ms Dawson, Mr Waldron, Mr Williams, Mr Harvey, Mrs Williams and myself. This involved 20 minutes each of reflection on learning and responding to questions from the panel. It is encouraging to hear students as they grow through self reflection and consider how they are working to improve their skills and the impact they have on others in the workplace. I would encourage all students to engage in this practice regularly.


This week, our students are involved in Life Skills Week, which involves a range of workshops interspersed between classes. As a College we understand that students are not just learning content, but that they are learning how to live and operate in all of life. This week provided them with a range of opportunities to extend their understanding and to support them as they make important life decisions. Students have engaged in:

  • Resilience and stress management workshop

  • Safe to Drive sessions

  • How to vote workshop

  • ‘Look after your mates’ - VicRoads

  • Ace your exams

  • Drug/Alcohol Education

  • VTAC, SEAS and scholarships.

As a Years 11-12 teaching team, we are discussing the topic of resilience. There are many resources available that we will be looking to share with students as we support their preparation for life as adults who will inevitably face challenges. We would love to hear from parents who may have resources to add to this, or who may have stories to share with our students of times when you have overcome challenges. Please feel free to email me if this is you!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Coordinator

Subject in Focus

Year 11 Maths Methods

In Year 11 Maths Methods recently we have been studying Probability and Counting Methods. Our students were interested to find a process that could determine the chance of winning Tattslotto, and found the likelihood is so remote (less than a 1 in 8 million chance) that they almost certainly should never bother purchasing a ticket.

They are currently working on an investigation project, which utilises the same skills. As part of this project they have to find three different sets of 216 (6x6x6) arrangements of three digits. They have used a spreadsheet to sort the results and have been encouraged to discover a process to ascertain whether each set can be used to find the respective side lengths of triangles. In the past this project has been met with mixed reviews. Hopefully, this time our students are able to view it in a positive manner!


Paul Mathews

Secondary Maths Teacher


Year 12 Biology

The students in Year 12 Biology have recently been studying the immune system. This is a complex system that involves many cells and chemicals which fight off invaders. Students enjoyed completing an activity to simulate the response of the immune system to the entry of bacteria.

The picture shows a cut in the cardboard to represent how the skin had been wounded, and also how the body responds to the situation.


Tanya Rogers

Biology Teacher

Community Market

Our next Community Market is rapidly approaching! This will be held on the last Thursday of the term in G block. All our VCAL and Year 11 students will be offering stalls, as well as free activities for children. We also have several stalls run by parents, friends and younger students. This market is held to provide an opportunity for our community to connect - catch up for a chat and some afternoon tea - and support students as they develop their skills and raise funds to make a difference in our world.


If you would like to have a stall, please contact either Sam Waldron or Lara Curtis-Morris.


Dates to Remember

Music Showcase Primary            19 June - 6:30pm

Music Showcase Secondary      20 June - 6:30pm

Community Market                        27 June - 3:15pm

Last Day Term 2                                28 June - 2:30pm

First Day Term 3                               Monday 22 July


Please be reminded of the trading hours for the Dobsons uniform shop during school term: 

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

During the upcoming school holidays, the shop will be open Thursday 18 July from 1:30-3.30pm.


Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group.

Save the Date - Trades Breakfast

Bayside parents/carers who work in a trade or small business are invited to join us for a delicious breakfast supplied by our VET Hospitality students at 8am on Wednesday 31 July (Term 3, Week 2). More details will be sent home shortly, or contact our Community Development Officer, Ben Williams.

2020 & 2021 Enrolments

We are now accepting enrolment applications for all year levels for 2020 and 2021. Waiting lists already apply to some year levels.


Applications for Prep 2020 and Year 7 2021, including for siblings, should be lodged as soon as possible to ensure that a place is available. We have already commenced Year 7 2021 enrolment interviews, with places filling fast.


Current ELC4 students are guaranteed an ongoing enrolment at the College - you do not need to lodge a separate Prep application form but do need to confirm your ongoing enrolment.


The deadline for ELC 2020 applications is 30 June 2019, including for siblings. Late applications may be considered after all on-time applications, and subject to the availability of remaining places.


For all application forms and enquiries, please contact College Registrar, Mrs Julie Rebbeck, via email or call 5971 6709.


As our Year 12 students start considering their options for beyond school, including university study, it's a good time to promote the very informative QILT website. 'Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching' provides survey data on student satisfaction, graduate employment rates and salary information. Similar courses across a range of universities and TAFEs can be compared easily, helping students make an informed decision about course preferences and tertiary destinations. 



Swinburne-ConocoPhillips Science Experience

Looking to indulge your passion for science?

Years 9 and 10 students are invited to visit the Swinburne Hawthorn campus to conduct experiments in their specialised labs, and explore the endless possibilities that science offers!


About the program

This program provides information for students interested in the fields of science, engineering and technology. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.


Register here.

You could win the ultimate sports career experience


Click here for details.


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