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09 June 2017
Issue Nine
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Principal's Report



What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events





9th                Interschool Sport- Home vs Lilydale

                       ICAS- Writing exam

12th             Queens Birthday-Public Holiday

13th             Curriculm Day-student free            

14th             ICAS-Spelling exam

                      Middle - Excursion to Elizabeth Reserve

16th             Interschool Sport-Away vs Chirnside Park

23rd             KPS Disco

30th             Last day Term 2- 2.30pm dismissal



17th           Term 3 commences

24th            Senior- street Art excursion

28th            Basketball clinic-whole school

31st             Curriculum Day-student free



1st               ICAS English exam

2nd             Family Life-Senior-Parent Infomation 7-8pm

4th              Junior-Hooptime

Notices sent home this fortnight


Click on the link below to download copies of the notices:


Stomp out the gap

Fundraiser-Pie Drive

Book Club


From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

  • Subway Order form


Foundation News

Stomp out the Gap

Thanks to everyone who donated a gold coin to our Stomp the Gap fundraiser.  Students enjoyed a TRIBES session where they explored the indigenous flags and the reason for the colours.  Students then had a special presentation from a community member, Kim, who engaged us with her knowledge about the Wurundjeri people. They are the custodians of the Melbourne region and we recognise that their culture and heritage is still important to the Wurundjeri people today. It's going to be great as we continue our learning of Aboriginal culture and see a new flag pole erected very soon in our grounds. 


Shapes Hunt

We have been busy! Students are learning about 2D shapes! It's so important that students can see relevance to their learning and embrace real life experiences.  Talk to your child about their knowledge of shapes. We have been learning how to describe shapes, not just give their name. Thank you for your donations of boxes, we will be making our creation in the coming weeks when we move onto 3D objects.



Great job with your home routine of reading books and Magic Words! Some of our students are streaming ahead with their learning.  Please can I ask that you record the name of your child's book in their RED school diary.  This is a great communication tool for me to glance at to see the home reading that takes place.   Our focus this week has been to back up and reread when we make errors.  It's great practise to continue this at home with your child.  Strategies to support comprehension are crucial. 

Some additional reading information from the departments includes:

Reading with your child will begin when your child becomes familiar with the story and can take over some of the reading. When your child reads to you, allow time for working out words and ask questions to see if he or she understands what they have read.
If your child is trying to read a long or tricky word, give your child time
and ask questions like these:
24. Look at the picture, what can you see that might start with that letter?
25. Look at the picture, what word makes sense?
26. What letter does it start with? What sound does the letter make?
What letter does it end with?

Don't forget you can mix your reading routine up with some Reading Eggs to keep your child motivated!



I've never seen an apple of this size! OMG!!! The photo doesn't do it justice. Thank you Kruze for bringing in such a humongous whopper of an apple to eat...we had to have a laugh at the size of this! It didn't even fit in the apple cutter! Haha


Don't forget

Monday the 12th is the public holiday and Tuesday the 13th is our curriculum Day!

Any donations of tissue boxes for the winter time is greatly appreciated!!!

Our students are progressing nicely in areas of the curriculum.  I will be ending the term with a little celebratory reward for them.  More information to follow.  It's always nice to keep them motivated through the winter for their efforts.  

Some little rewards for your child can be things like:

Wednesday Milo and donuts available for $1 each

Subway orders placed on a Thursday for lunch on a Friday

Time at the park for time spent reading

Play dates with other students for showing resilience and persistence in areas of their learning.


Looking forward to what's left for the remainder of this term!  Have a great long weekend!!!


Junior School News

What's been happening in Junior!

Junior students have had a fantastic few weeks. All children have been doing an excellent job in their learning. In Maths they are working on their addition skills and playing some exciting games using double numbers and near doubles. In reading we have started questioning, students have needed to recognise if their questions are thin or thick and how they can be made thick questions. 

In writing we have been encouraging all students to write about things they know in informational explanation writing. 

Junior Sport, these past few weeks students have been working on their kicking skills, specifically kicking a football. 


We have were very lucky to have Shannon, Tiylers dad who is a member of the Yorta Yorta mob in Victoria. He spoke to the students about some of the traditions of the Yorta Yorta. Students were able to handle some of the tools and artefacts that have been used in the Indigenous Culture. 


Stomp out the Gap

Thank you to everyone who donated a gold coin to our Stomp out the Gap fundraiser. The money raised will be going to Aboriginal schools in northern Australia. Students were lucky to have enjoyed a special TRIBES session discussing Aboriginal Culture and a special assembly. Kim a member of the Wurundjeri tribe. She engaged students with stories about her culture and taught them the meaning of the Aboriginal flag. Students were able to recognise the important heritage and culture of the Wurundjeri. 



12th June         Queens Birthday-Public holiday

13th June        Curriculum Day

23rd June        KPS Disco

30th  June       Last day Term 2- 2.30pm dismissal

17th  July         First Day of Term 3



Middle School News


Wow! What a jam-packed term it’s been in Middle School! From school camp to NAPLAN we’ve done it all.


We had an absolute cracker of a time at Camp Gundiwindi. There was so much to do and we had an absolute blast in our time there. The students really enjoyed catching yabbies, ropes course, flying fox, giant swing, trampoline and many more fabulous activities. Toasting marshmallows over an open fire in the cold evening was a real hit with everyone. It certainly warmed us up. The students all learned so many new skills and along the way learned that co-operation is the key to having the best time possible.


NAPLAN Week was a big week indeed! A big thanks is due to the students for putting in their best efforts throughout the week.


This week Middle School has continued working with staff members from Environmental Education for Kids. The hands on lessons will focus on water management and care. Our visit to Elizabeth Bridge was fantastic fun, with students learning how to measure water quality. We learned some new terminology including turbidity and pH levels. We’re already buzzing about our visit next week where we will learn about macro invertebrates.


We’ve also begun some social skills lessons in ‘Boys Club’ and ‘Girls Club’. The aim is to focus on building resilience and strengthening relationships. Every Thursday we meet in groups and find practical ways to strengthen friendships and care for each other.


District Cross Country was a great hit out this week for the elite runners in Middle School. Congratulations to all those students who showed tenacity and skill on a somewhat wet and cold day.


Last week and this week we’ve been really lucky to have some Indigenous visitors to our school. Shannon, who is the father of two students, is a Yorta Yorta man and came to tell us about his culture including paintings and hunting. Then this week we were very lucky to have an Elder from the Wurundjeri Tribe to do a Welcome to Country and to gift each student with a gum leaf. This is a traditional and symbolic gift that gives the receiver official permission to be on Wurundjeri Lands. The students all appreciated the gesture and have gained more insight into Indigenous culture in Victoria through these two visits.



Senior School News

Inter-school Sport

This term the inter-school competition has included soccer, netball, Australian rules football and volleyball. Students are encouraged to focus on learning new skills, playing as a team, and demonstrating fair play.

The senior students have been doing a wonderful job with each of these elements, and have represented their school in a positive way.

We do wish to remind parents that students should bring a drink bottle with them every day, but especially on Friday. It is important that students stay hydrated and drinking taps are not always easily accessible during games. 


Action Packed as always!

In the past week alone we have had several exciting events. On Friday 2nd June our student leaders attended a Student Leader's Forum at Yarra Hills Secondary College. They were involved in workshops focusing on Resilience and Respectful Relationships. Our students came away with some great ideas about how they can encourage others to look beyond stereotypes. We look forward to seeing some of their plans become reality.

On Tuesday the 6th June, many had a wet start at the Mooroolbark District Cross Country race. Later in the day students also participated in activities with their TRIBES as part of Stomp the Gap day.



District Cross Country

Well the weather wasn't very kind to us but we did manage to hold our District Cross Country on Tuesday.  There were glimpses of sunshine throughout the morning, but we also did get some showers of rain.  I would like to congratulate all the runners on their efforts for the day.  It was great to see students supporting others.  We have 2 students who ran exceptionally well, Riley (SRA) and Emilee (MDB) who are going through to the Division Cross Country held at Yarra Race course on Tuesday 13th.  Good luck to you both.    

Basketball Clinic

Our Grade 1/2 students have been enjoying a Basketball Clinic for the past 4 weeks from Kilsyth Basketball association.  The students have learnt to dribble both left and right, perform a cross over, chest pass, and shoot.  All the students have enjoyed the sessions and their skills have improved over the 4 weeks.  

Scientific Method 

We have been working really hard in the Science Hub on our Scientific Method skills. I thought I would revisit these skills for you and are a great resource when working on science activities at home. 

Questions: Ask a question about what you want to find out.

Hypothesis: Predict what you think the answer will be to the question.

Investigation: carry out the investigation using variables. change (what will change), measure and observe (record results and use our senses to record our observations) Keep the same (what will stay the same to keep the investigation a fair test)

Conclusion: Use your hypothesis, results and observations to form a conclusion to answer the question. 


Scientist in Schools

A big appreciation to Michael Turner for his recent visit to our school through our Scientist in Schools program. We had so much fun making slime and running through a pool of Non Newtonian fluid (a substance that is both a liquid and solid). 


Hot chocolate 

Juniors explored mixing hot chocolate powder with water at different temperatures. We found out that hot water is the best as it dissolves all the powder. Cold water was the worst as it left the powder all lumpy on the top. We also enjoyed drinking it. 



Middle school investigated the strength of paper. We discovered that some shapes are stronger than others. Talk to your middle school children and ask them what they found out. 


Plastic Free July

As you are all aware, we strive to incorporate sustainable practices into everything we do in the Science Hub. Next month I am taking on a challenge you may have already heard of, called Plastic Free July. I have already commenced this challenge and pledged to refuse to use plastic bags when shopping and single use plastic such as coffee cups, cutlery and many other items. I hope to extend this challenge into the Science Hub. I have already received great support from the students. If you would like to be involved or know more about it, simply type plastic free july into google or facebook. 

Science Awards

Well done to the following students on receiving science awards in class. Junior school: Charlie, Ruby, Sydney, Envy and Joel. Middle School: Brodie, Jackson, Sharnie, Jessica,  Patrick, Benjamin and Andy. Senior School: Tayah, Jarred and Jade.


Visual Arts

It has been another couple of busy weeks in the Visual Arts room. The foundation students are creating art around food. The main focus is on size, shape and proportion. Both the junior and senior students are looking at city scape. Although, they share the same topic the ideas and expectations are very different. Keep a look out in the coming weeks on their finished creations. The middle students are looking at Van Gogh's art works and have had a particular focus on the 'Sunflower' pieces.

Thank you for your continued support and generous donations.

Kym Wallace

Student Wellbeing 

Chaplain’s Chat
“One Bite at a time”

Smaller steps or bites enable us to keep focused and make progress.  Slow progress is much better                                                                                     than no progress”

You have probably heard the old joke; “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!”

Sometimes we need to help our children take this approach to the tasks that they face, from school work to cleaning their room or social challenges. This often leads to a sense of feeling overwhelmed, so this is where the process comes into play, taking the tasks and breaking it down into bite size pieces.

“Tidy your room”, could appear to be just too hard. Maybe it hasn’t been tidied for quite some time and you don’t know where to begin.  So rather than tidy your room, it may be simply to gather all the books together and put them away, gather all the clothes together and make three piles; one for dirty washing, one for folding and one for hanging and then work on each pile, one at a time.

It can also be a helpful practise to look at the homework tasks with your child and break them up into daily, manageable chunks, with little inbuilt rewards along the way.

This process can also be used in tackling fears or challenges, like sleeping away from home, speaking in public or moving to a new place.  Look at the challenge and work out small steps along the way to practise and build in confidence before stepping up to the really difficult challenge.    Along the way you can build small rewards (playing with the dog, reading your favourite book, listening to music, going for a run – not food or something from the shop)

For children who struggle with abstract ideas it can be helpful to create a visual model for the steps, like a ladder or stepping stones, with each small step labelled and with the reward in the space between each step.

By building these strategies we can begin to equip them to self-manage their own motivation and planning, immensely valuable life skills.

If you see me stressing or feeling overwhelmed gently remind me to take, one bite at a time.


Gill Van Der Ende


Student Awards

Friday 26th May 

Foundation        Mary

You have shared some excellent thinking this week about how to be resilient. We love it how you tell us ways to use our words when we need to. Thank you for helping us to be stronger and to 'Be the Best You Can Be!'


Junior A             Christopher

Your enthusiasm for writing is contagious. Your stories contain interesting ideas and your word choice hooks the listener in. We really enjoy it when you share your writing.


Junior B      Abby'Lee

Well done on a fantastic week Abby. The questions you have been asking in reading are thoughtful and inquisitive. You should be proud of the achievements you have made with your reading. Keep up the super work.


Middle A       Hermione

Well done, Hermione on working so hard to have a calm week. You’ve approached all learning tasks with a smile and your best attitude yet! You’ve been putting in 100% and should be very proud of yourself. Congratulations.


Middle C     Alex

You have been an absolute superstar this week learning about information reports! Alex, you have been working so hard both independently and with a partner to understand the features of information texts and I love seeing you put your hand up all the time with excellent answers. Keep up the amazing work!


Senior A    Senior A

What a fantastic camp! I am so impressed with everyone giving all the activities a go! It was great to see so many fears faced, well done!

Friday 2nd June

Foundation         Max

What a wonderful week you've had, Max! We are all so proud of your big effort to listen and participate with your learning! We can see you are using positive thinking and training your brain so you CAN be successful! Keep it up!


Junior A          Brodie

You really have a creative brain when you put your mind to it. Be confident in your writing ability.


Junior C    Luke

For making great efforts with your reading. You have been reading every night at home and have been trying so hard in class!! Keep up the awesome work Luke!


Middle B         Charli

Charli, you have been a very busy bee with all your work in class. Your hard work and commitment to your learning is your greatest strength. Keep up all the hard work!



Patrick, you have been working so hard on your maths in the last few weeks. Your predictions of chance have been very well considered and you have worked hard during all our chance experiments. Keep up the hard work.


Middle C      Connor

Connor, you have been an amazing class member of Middle C and a role model for other students. We are going to miss having such a caring friend in our class and we wish you the best of luck moving back to your old school!


Senior A      Tyler

Tyler, what a fantastic audition for the production you had! It was great to see you challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone. Well done!


Senior B             Michael

Michael, it is great to see you so focused and engaged with your reading during Independent Reading time. You consistently demonstrate an ability to concentrate and read for a growing period of time. Well Done!

Senior C        Nicholas

Nick, you showed a lot of empathy and bravery this week when you stood up to others too help someone out. This is a testament to you as not everyone would've done the same.


Science        Josh

It’s great to see you being so positive about your inquiry learning. Keep up the great effort.

Community Notices

What's happening;


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