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07 September 2016
Issue Fifteen
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Upcoming Events &  Principal's Report 

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 7th  Prep Botanical Gardens 

Thursday 8th Last Student Banking Day

Friday 9th      Korean Cultural Performance

Thursday 15th  Book Character Dress Day

Friday 16th - LAST DAY OF TERM 3 -                                                          2:30pm Dismissal



Monday 3rd  TERM 4 BEGINS

Tuesday 4th   'Moving Up' Program - Yr 6

Thursday 6th   Yr 6 Braeside Bike Ride

Tuesday 11th  'Moving Up' Program - Yr 6

                               Education Sub Committee

Thursday 13th  Student Banking Resumes

                                    Level 2 Soiree               

Friday 14th   Yr 3 Learning By Doing Incursion

Tuesday 18th   'Moving Up' Program - Yr 6

Wednesday 19th Yr2 Scienceworks Excursion

Friday 21st     Yr 4 Hands on Science Incursion

Tuesday 25th      Yr4 Camp Info Night 6pm

Wednesday 26th   Prep Soiree TBC



Tuesday 1st   Public Holiday  -  NO SCHOOL

Thursday 3rd          Whole School Photo Day

Monday 7th             Yr 4 Camp Depart

Tuesday 8th           Education Sub Cmmittee      Wednesday 9th      Yr 4 Camp Return

Thursday 17th     Headlice Checks

Monday 21st  P-Yr 2 Swimming begins TBC

Friday 25th            Twilight Market 5:30pm

Tuesday 29th Yr3 Planetarium/Scienceworks



Wednesday 14th  Yr 6 Graduation Night

Tuesday 20th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL -                                                            1:30pm Dismissal

Curriculum Days

  • Friday 15th July
  • Monday 29th August
  • Monday 31st October

2017 Prep Transition Days

  • Friday  11th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm *An Information Session for parents will be held in the Hall on this day while the children join this year’s Preps and teachers for the activity.
  • Friday 18th November 2016  2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Friday 2nd  December 2016 2:00pm – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday 6th December 2016 11:15am – 1:00pm

Public Holidays 2016

  • Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 14th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 25th March - Good Friday
  • Monday 28th March - Easter Monday
  • Monday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 13th June - Queens Birthday
  • Friday 30th Spetember - AFL Grand Final Day
  • Tuesday 1st November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Sunday 25th December - Christmas Day

School Council Meetings 2016

  • 14th of September
  • 19th of October
  • 16th of November
  •  7th of December

2016 Term Dates

Term 1

28th January to 24th March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

11th April to 24th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

11th July to 16th September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

3rd October to 20th December-1:30pm finish

2017 Term Dates

Term 1

31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish

Term 2

18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish

Term 3

17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish

Term 4

9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

Principal's Report

District Athletics

Congratulations to two Ormond students who have progressed to the Kingston Division Athletics Sports. Alexandra Gibson of Year 5 will compete in the Triple Jump while Austin Hall of Year 4 will compete in the 800 metres. This competition will be held at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve on the 5th of October.

Well done to all competitors who represented Ormond at the recent district athletics sports.


Compass Pay now Activated

Compass Pay has now up and running for a little over 2 weeks and so far all feedback has been extremely postitive.


Compass Pay gives parents the ability to now make payments online as well as give permission to attend organised activities.


Paper notices for all excursions/incursions will still be sent home for the time being and will be phased out towards end of the year. Only one format (paper or electronic) needs to be completed, however if the ‘due by’ date has expired -  the online function will no longer be available. For parents not wanting to pay online, all the normal school payment options are still available.


Attached below are 'How To' Guides. 

'How To' Make Payments -  This function is for larger online payments such as Camps, School Fees, Booklists etc.  A 'Course Confirmation/School Payments' notification should only appear on your parent portal home page if you have a payment required through this function. Payment Plans/Instalments are available through this process.


'How To' Give Consent/Permission - This function will be the one used more often and is for giving online permission for your child to attend an event. An 'Event Consent/Payment Required' notification will only appear on your parent portal home page if your child is participating in an excursion/event. When events are not included in the Excursion Payment Scheme or if you are not participating in the Excursion Payment Scheme - payments can be paid through the Event Consent link. If no payment option appears - no payment is required.


If you experience any technical issues with these processes or have any questions, please contact Brodie at the office on 9578 1327.

Lorraine Bell – Long Service Leave

Year 4 teacher Lorraine Bell will be taking an extended period of Long Service Leave through Term 4. We wish her every enjoyment in her travels. Interviews are currently underway to choose a replacement teacher for the class and parents will be notified prior to the term break.


Korean Cultural Day 2016

Ormond will host a delegation of Korean guests this coming Friday between 2 and 3 pm. The guests represent the Australia Korea Teachers Association of Victoria, the Korean Education Centre (Sydney) and other Victorian schools where Korean is taught as the language other than English. Ormond students will entertain our guests with singing, dancing and films. I encourage Ormond parents to come along as well.


Enrolments 2017

So far 47 students have been enrolled for Prep in 2017. Please encourage neighbours and friends who intend to enrol their children in any year level at Ormond, but have not yet done so, to contact Brodie promptly.


Planning for 2017

Teachers for 2017 are currently being interviewed with a view to having this process completed by the end of Term 3. From the start of Term 4 the School Leadership Team will be working on the organization of classes, teacher roles and program budgeting for 2017.


School Council

The September Meeting of School Council will be held on Wednesday, 14th of September beginning at 7 pm.


End of Term

Term 3 will conclude on Friday 16th September. A beirf assembly will take place from 2:15pm and students will be dismissed at 2:30pm.


Glenn Butler







School News

Events now on Compass

Year 1

Level 2 Soiree

Year 2


Level 2 Soiree

Year 3

Learning by Doing

Scienceworks & Planetarium

Year 4

Lady Northcote Camp

Hands on Science - coming soon

Year 5

Inter school Sport Term 4

Year 6

Inter school Sport Term 4

Braeside Park Bike Ride

Moving Up Program


COMPASS Parent Portal


*please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available.


Student Banking

Thursday 8th September will be the last Student Banking Day for Term 3. 


Banking will resume in Term 4 on Thursday 13th October.

Footy Colours Day

This year's Footy Colours Day was a big sucess. We held a handball competition and everyone dressed in the the colours of their football teams. Everyone had a great time supporting their favourite clubs and codes. 


The winners of the handball competiton were:

Prep to Year 1  -  Stefan

Year 2 to 3  -  Daniel

Year 4 to 6  -  Josh


We had a parade in the Hall where everyone sang their club theme song. 


We raised $400 for children with cancer to get a better education. Thank you to Mrs Hosking, Mr Kamoen and the House, Community, Art and Multimedia Captains for making this event possible.


Year 1 News...

We can’t believe it is the end of the term already. There has been so much happening, and to still look forward to.

On Monday the 22nd August the Year 1s, went on an excursion to the Seaford Wetlands. The education centre was very interactive and the children loved learning about all the different types of animal and plant life living in the wetlands. We also got to use binoculars and go bird watching, having the chance to take a close look into life in this areas.

That same week the Year 1 students were visited by the Start Smart money program. They were led by Captain Cash. Students were excited about becoming superheroes with their money. They learnt about the features of Australian money, and the program challenged them to 'Speed to Their Needs' and 'Wait for Their Wants'. Students learnt to distinguish between their needs and wants, and prioritise spending accordingly.

In inquiry, we are collecting shoe boxes (1 per student) to make a diorama. Our diorama will be showing our knowledge of the wetlands environments and the animal and plant life living there. We will be creating this the last week of term.


Lastly, our Level 1 and 2 concert is on Thursday 13th October at 6pm. Students are currently working hard towards this special event. By now you should have received your costume notice, giving more than a month time before the date. If you have any queries in regards to this, please contact your classroom teacher.

Year 2 News...

Year 2 students enjoyed an interesting day at CERES in Brunswick as part of their Inquiry study; Water is Life. They were able to see how water is used to sustain the environment and generate power.  They explored life along the Merri Creek.


"At CERES they have a big compost bin which has a lot of vegie scraps. They use the compost to help make their vegies grow."   Elliot & Charlie


"I learnt about saving energy and recycling and I will never forget that. Victoria

There were a few ways they used water to make electricity."   Michael


"Looking at solar panels was very interesting. Solar panels use the sun to make electricity." Gus & Seila


"Solar panels capture the sun and create electricity." Sasha 


"Recycled materials like oil tins and bike tyres were used to make huts." Benji 


"I saw Australia’s national tree, the Wattle." Aydan 


"CERES was once a large rubbish tip." Talya 


“I liked CERES because there was lots of environment around me. I liked smelling the flowers and I liked bouncing on the mattress” Annaliese 


“I liked lots of things about CERES, especially exploring in between the community gardens. It was like a maze!” Tom 


Visual Arts news

On Sunday the 28th of August I had the pleasure of going to The Box Cottage Museum, Joyce Park, Ormond, to view the art work of our grade 4, 5 and 6 students. The event was to celebrate Australia’s floral emblem: wattle.  The standard of the children’s work was very high and the judges said they had great difficulty in selecting the winners. Congratulations to Maris Rae who won the grade 4 section, Heidi Robertson-Reid who won the grade 5 section and Lisa Liu for winning the grade 6 section. Each student won a $30 voucher to spend at The Art Shed. A big thank you to all the students who put in the time and effort to enter their amazing art work. Thank you to Ms Kupfer for preparing the children and a special big thank you to the Australian Natives Association (ANA) Fraternal Organisation for giving the students of Ormond the opportunity to display their art skills. Wattle Day is celebrated on the 1st September.

Kim Stewart

Specialist Teacher

Sports/PE News

Moorabbin District Athletics

On Monday 5th September, 41 eager and excited students set off to the Duncan McKinnon Reserve to participate in the Moorabbin District Atlestics to compete in a number of different events. 


We arrived as the underdogs, and were not expected to do as well as some of the bigger schools. However, putting this aside we did an exceptional job. 


Highlights of the day were:

Alexandra G - 1st Triple Jump

Austin H - - 2nd 800 metres

Michael H - 2nd 100 metres

Arthur T - 3rd Long Jump

Caitlin L - 3rd 1500 metres


Well done for attending training twice a week for the last few weeks in preperation. It certainly paid off!


We would like to thank Mrs Nield, Mr Kamoen and Mr Hook for giving up their time as well as the encouragment and support they have given us through training and on the day.


The Athleitics Team

Out of School Hours Care

Spring School Holiday Program

The Spring School Holiday Program will run from Monday 19th September to Thursday 29th September.

The time table is available from the Program, Compass, school web site or attached below.  Holiday Program Bookings close Wednesday 14th September.

End of Term Celebration

As school is dissmissed at 2:30pm on the last day of term Friday 16th September the program will provide care from this time. The program will close at the usual time at 6.00pm.

To celebrate the end of the term, we will have an afternoon tea party. Parents of children attending on the this day please check the party food donation list on the sign out table.


April Kopitz

Out of School Hours Co Ordinator

Parents & Friends

Father's Day Breakfast

Fathers’ Day Breakfast will be held before school on the morning of Friday 9th September.  Booking is now open via https://www.trybooking.com/MKBC.  Session 1 runs from 7:30am to 8:00am, and Session 2 runs from 8:00am to 8:30am.  We hope to see you there!


Twilight Market

Momentum is building and it’s time to pick a stall for your class to coordinate and run on the night.  Just like the Trivia night sign up, it’s a scramble and first in gets rights to “own“ the stall.  Remember events like this can’t happen without everyone pitching in to help.  Have a chat with your class and let us know your decision by Wednesday 24th August.   

Please email your responses to [email protected] or to check which stalls are still available. 


Classes that don’t respond will have stalls allocated to them. Information sheets and thorough how-to guides about running a stall are supplied so everyone will know what to do. There is nothing to be concerned about.


If you feel like you would like to run a stall on your own please also feel free to put your name and stall forward.


Lolly Stall – call for donations from all OPS families

The Twilight Market features a lolly stall each year, selling the world’s yummiest lolly bags.

To make the stall a success it would be appreciated if every family could donate a packet of lollies (or two) between now and early November.

If every family contributes a packet of lollies it really adds up and we can make fabulous lolly bags for sale at the market.

Please note the lolly stall is not run by a single class. It is run separately and donations are therefore sought from students/families across the school.

You can donate lollies in one of the following ways:

  • To the school office.
  • Directly to me – I am at school almost every afternoon, near the Ruby St gate.
  • To Lily (1A) or Tom (5A).

Many Thanks

Cathy Wever

Community News & Adverts


Global Citizen Awards


Lia L  -  Quality Learning 

Lia works diligently on all learning tasks striving to improve her understanding  and producing work of an excellent standard.Congratulations, Lia!

Jayden T  -  Quality Learning

Jayden always works hard on all learning tasks and takes care to ensure his handwriting and is beautifully completed.Great work, Jayden!

Georgia W  -  Quality Learning

Gigi for  displaying a positive attitude towards her work and trying hard to sound out her words during writing

Tim S  -  Quality Learning

Tim for having a positive attitude and completing his work on time.

Year 1

Phoebe C  -  Quality Learning

Phoebe is always striving to improve her work. She takes on feedback and works hard on each task.

Kora B  -  Quality Learning

Kora is always an engaged student. She listens to, puts a lot of effort towards and is able to reflect on learning experiences for each learning task.

James D  -  Quality Learning

James recognises the areas in which he needs improvement and works hard to achieve his goals. Well done James.

Maddie P  -  Quality Learning

Maddie listens to feedback and uses it to inform her learning. Well done Maddie.

Year 2

Brendan P  -  Quality Learning

Brendan works hard on every learning task and always produces work of an excellent standard! Keep it up, Brendan.

Steven M  -  Quality Learning

Steven has been working hard on his writing and wrote an excellent recount of his excursion to CERES. I especially loved his description of the ducks! Well done, Steven.

Emma N  -  Quality Learning

Emma has worked on an excellent brochure about CERES. All her learning tasks are of a high quality.

Nellie M  -  Quality Learning

Nellie has worked diligently to produce an excellent brochure about CERES. She always completes tasks to a high standard.

Elliot C  -  Respect

Elliot always shows great respect and treats his peers as well as adults with consideration and courtesy. Well done Elliot.

Victoria P  -  Quality Learning

Victoria seeks knowledge through study and investigation especially with scientific matters. Keep up the great quality learning Victoria.

Year 3

Tom M  -  Excellence

Tom showed excellence at camp in his positive approach to all activities, support of others and he always gave of his best.

Annabelle M  -  Persitience

Annabelle was persistent on our night walk at camp as although she wasn’t feeling 100% she insisted on making it right through till the end and joining in on all the fun.

Louie M  -  Excellence

Louie took great pride in his Olympic project and delivered a confident presentation to the class.

Sebastian P  -  Quality Learning

Sebastian has shown excellent improvement in his work across all subjects and continues to work hard towards his goals.

Caelan A  -  Quality Learning

Caelan shows quality learning when listening to his teacher and following instructions. He also continues to work diligently in mathematics.

Shauna E  -  Persistence

Shauna showed persistence when she was stuck on Rocket Maths. She has also shown persistence in producing a fantastic Olympic Project.

Year 4

Lani H  -  Tolerance

Lani exhibits concern for her the wellbeing of her peers. She shows fairness in her social interactions, and is open to the perspectives of others.

Rowen H  -  Excellence

Rowen takes pride in the work she produces during classroom tasks. She gives 100% effort to her learning.

Harry A  -  Excellence

In every learning task set to him, Harry is engaged and strives to excel. He seeks out extra knowledge with ever increasing enthusiasm. Outstanding!

Charlie McL  -  Respect

Charlie exhibits an exceptional degree of respect and compassion towards his peers, He is a respected, admired member of the class. A model Global Citizen.

Year 5

Alexandra G  -  Excellence

Alexandra always strives for excellence in her work. She always puts in her best and goes above and beyond. Well done!

Casandra J  -  Quality Learning

Casandra put in a wonderful effort each week into her ‘Sharing Session’, making it educational, interesting and entertaining. Well done!

Jasmine A  -  Quality Learning

Jasmine always strives to produce work that is of a high standard. Her persuasive writing pieces demonstrated excellent planning, investigation, goal setting and reflection.

Caitlin L  -  Quality Learning

Caitlin is a flexible thinker. She embraces new challenges and is willing to adapt her thinking in order to gain knowledge and extend her learning.

Year 6

Quinn D  -  Excellence

Quinn displayed excellent persuasive skills during his debate to convince us that fruit was better than vegetables.

Jade E  -  Quality Learning

Jade has worked consistently hard this term to meet her personal learning goals. She explained the concept of percentages in great detail.

Nyabang B  -  Persistence

Nyabang demonstrates persistence consistently in the classroom, especially helping her teacher and others overcome ICT issues through thoughtful problem solving with patience and humour.

Danny B  -  Quality Learning

Danny displays a positive attitude to his learning, particularly in working with others in his debating team when he produced an excellent, well constructed and compellingly delivered opinion.

Denika G  -  Respect

Denika always treats one another with consideration and courtesy.  This was particularly demonstrated within her debating group work.      

Celeste H  -  Quality Learning

Celeste consistently displays a positive attitude towards learning in the classroom and always accepts constructive feedback to help improve herself and grow from the learning experience.


Adelaide B - Prep A - Excellence

Adelaide skilfully demonstrated her gymnastic strength exercises during PMP classes and then assisted her classmates.

Eva C - 3C  - Quality Learning

Eva uses her knowledge of basketball strategy to consistently position herself in the open ready for a pass.

GCA - Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best
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