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29 November 2016
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Principal's Report

Giving back

As a school community we are often looking to the wider community for learning opportunities, sponsorship, grants and different ways they can help improve our school. However, as a school it is also very important that we can give back to the community. Our Yr 4/5/6 students have done a great job by giving back to the community through the work they have done in their 'Student Action Teams' this term.


In these teams, our students have had the opportunity to work collaboratively to plan different events or activities that would make a positive impact on the wider community. From running activities at child-care centres and nursing homes, to raising money for fantastic charities such as Wesley City Mission, our 4/5/6 students have done an amzing job at giving back.


In partnership with families, our students' first educators, we always aim to develop our students into great citizens who can lead great lives and improve the world around them. We will continue to look for these opportunities and ensure that the learning at Marlborough goes beyond the school's physical and curriculum boundaries.


Families at Marlborough have also shown an incredible willingness to give to others when possible. We have been so pleased to see many families giving generously to the School Assistance Fund. These contributions make a huge difference to helping every child at Marlborough to be able to participate in all school events (including camps and excursions). Any contributions that you are able to make to this fund are greatly appreciated and will directly improve the schooling lives of other students at Marlborough.

Pupils of the Week

Due to this week's assembly being cancelled, the following students will be rewarded certificates at the next assembly on Monday 5th November:


Congratulations to:


Sakura F


For being an amazing environmental monitor in our class. You are being a great role model in taking care of our school and our world! Fantastic!

Isabelle N


For your amazing work on your words. Your hard work has moved you on to spelling now and we are so proud of you! Well done!

Jazmine B


For the Personal Best effort she is putting into her reading. What a mighty reader you are, Jaz! Keep it up!

Liam H


For being such a kind and caring friend. He is always one of the first to help others. Liam is a wonderful role model in our class.

Florence B


For doing her Personal Best to improve her recounts by including lots of great detail. Great job, Florence!

Charlotte W


For showing great persistence when given challenging maths tasks. You have a great attitude towards learning, Charlotte! Well done!

Lily D


For putting a great effort into her writing and showing what she can do.

Emma H


For always doing her Personal Best. Emma works hard to improve herself in all she does.

Lily M


For being such a great role model in our class, caring for her classmates and showing appreciation with flowers and notes to her teachers. Thank you, Lily for making us all feel special!

Emmalea H


For her determination and persistence in learning all her coloured spelling words. Emmalea has given it her Personal Best and has had success. Well done!

Jasmine S


For building confidence inside and outside the classroom. Jasmine has been asking to present work to the class and is showing an interest in leadership. Keep it up, Jas!

Austin D


For being an encouraging and caring member of our class. Austin always helps his friends inside and outside the classroom. Thank you for all of your kind words! We love you!

Nathan F


For completing all his Maths Online tasks. Nathan has worked hard and not only stayed on task at school but also did extra work at home! Well done!

Harua K


For settling into 45A and Marlborough Primary School. Harua has participated and had a go at all the tasks and activities. Well done!

Ella D


For being such a responsible student in our class. Ella is always kind, caring and considerate of others and we appreciate these amazing qualities.

Kurtis M


For showing persistence with his Maths. Kurtis works very hard to understand new concepts. Super effort!


Dates to remember

Sunday 4th

  • Grade 6 Graduation Fundraiser - Bunnings Ringwood Sausage Sizzle 

Tuesday 6th

  • Gr 5/6 BBQ and Mini Golf (Bike Ride)
  • School Council and Dinner - 7.30pm

Wednesday 7th

  • Parent Volunteers Thank You Morning Tea

Monday 12th

  • Running Club Excursion (selected students only)

Wednesday 14th

  • End of Year Class Celebrations

Thursday 15th

  • Christmas Carols

Monday 19th

  • Grade 6 Graduation Night

Tuesday 20th

  • Last day of 2016 - Early dismissal at 1.30pm






School News



2017 Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund

Attached is a copy of the application form for the 2017 Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund (CSEF).  If you have a current Health Care Card you may be eligible for this - please complete the form and return to the school office.  Hard copies are available from the office if you prefer.


Chaplain's Note

Kids Matter – Confident Thinking and Dealing with Disappointment

Self-esteem is an important part of confidence. Having good self-esteem means accepting and feeling positive about yourself. Confidence is not about just feeling good, but also knowing that you are good at something.


Particular ways of thinking are important for building confidence. Helpful ways of thinking include believing that, if you try, you can succeed.


However, it’s also important to recognise that everybody fails to achieve their goals sometimes. Parents and carers can help their children by responding sympathetically and with encouragement. We can help children focus on what they can change to make things better, rather than thinking that the situation is unchangeable or that there is something wrong with them. We can challenge their “I can’t” thinking by telling them we believe in them and reminding them of what they have achieved.

Optimistic thinking recognises what has been achieved rather than what is lacking. We can help our children focus on their own efforts and on achieving personal goals as the best way to measure success.


Additional resources are available on the Kids Matter website at


Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain

One Million Stars Exhibition

Our woven stars are now part of two stunning installations at Eastland and Realm. Can you find the ones you created?

Next stop for our stars is the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games.

Please see the Art Room Blog for more information and a video from the opening of the exhibition. Well done Marlborough!

School Council

One of Marlborough School Council's key roles is to ensure that the finances of the school are appropriately governed and that the school remains financially viable. The Council works with the Principal to develop and approve a budget each year. Monthly reporting on expenditure against the budget is monitored by the finance sub-committee and then presented to each council meeting for review and approval. Budget adjustments are also recommended and agreed where required.


As part of its financial governance role, the Council aims to balance the need to invest strategically in school infrastructure and programs that will make a significant difference to the operation of the school and to ensure that there are contingency funds available in case of emergencies.


With this in mind, I am pleased to announce that at its most recent meeting on 15 November 2016, School Council agreed to allocate $100,000 over the next two years to invest in a range of strategic priorities. While making this decision, the Council has agreed to retain $70,000 as a contingency fund. This is as at the upper end of funds typically held by schools for this purpose and will be reviewed in the future.


Priority projects for expenditure of the $100,000 will be developed in consultation with the Principal and staff and will be assessed by Council on the basis of agreed criteria. We are hoping to use at least some of these funds to leverage investment from third parties to help them go further - e.g. Government, local businesses. Example projects may include provision of improved storage and shelving in classrooms to reduce clutter and improve teaching areas, replacement of ageing and inefficient heating infrastructure and priority buildings and ground repairs.


If you have any ideas for a priority project then Council is keen to hear from you. Please contact me on [email protected] or 0407 325 102 to put forward a proposal or to discuss.


Thanks to Shaun McClare and Alison Tonkin in the office for all their work on preparing the school budgets and monthly reports every month. Thanks also to Beck Bennett, Rebecca Trevillian and Shaun for all their hard work on the finance sub-committee this year.


As we head to the end of the year, I would like to say a huge 'thank you' and 'well done' to the School Council for all their hard work during 2016. Everyone has made a really significant contribution and I am indebted to the amount of time that people have taken out of their busy lives to commit to monthly meetings, sub-committee meetings and all the additional work that goes on behind the scenes.


Finally, on behalf of a school Council I would also like to offer our thanks and say 'great job' to Shaun McClare in his first year as School Principal. Shaun's energy and vision coupled with his friendly nature and approachable style and excellent organisational skills have already demonstrated that he is a great asset to the school and we are fortunate to have him. Council looks forward to continuing to work with Shaun and all the fantastic MPS staff in 2017.


All the best to everyone for the end of year and the festive season.




James Todd


MPS School Council





Parent's Association

Please note that the paella is chicken and chorizo (and not too spicy!!).

Get Christmas wrapped up

Need inspiration for Christmas? We have a limited number of 40th anniversary tea towels and aprons available to buy from the office. A perfect present for parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles. Even better, they make great wrapping paper. 

Tea towels: $13, or $10 each for orders of five or more.

Aprons: $20 each, or $18 each for orders of five or more.



2017 Events

So far we have scheduled the following events for 2017:


Disco - 4th August 2017

Shopping Tour - 11th November 2017

Family Welcome Night - 16th February 2017

Adult only night - event type to be confirmed - 17th June 2017

Car boot/Craft Market - 22nd October 2017


Mother's Day/Father's Day Stalls

Easter Raffle

Family Portraits - 19th March 2017


If you would like to be part of any of the these events by helping our coordinators please contact Dora (please note that dates may change).




Out of School Hours Care





Class Blogs

Community News


Movie Screening

MPS community, don't miss your chance to see 'Life, Animated' the inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young man living with autism whose life is enriched by Disney animated films, and the unconditioned love from his family. 

Here's the trailer:


I've organised a ONE-TIME screening at Croydon Cinema - Wednesday 7th December 6.30pm.
Tickets must be purchased in book your tickets through this link asap!

I'm also excited to announce that we have confirmed a SPEAKER for our event - Max Williams is from the I CAN Network.

Max was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at age 19. He will be attending the screening and sharing his experiences, his insights and discussing the work of the I CAN Network - an amazing organisation, run by and for, people on the autism spectrum.

 "It's important to believe in ourselves, but it's just as important to support our friends, our family, and our peers, so that they can believe in themselves too." - Max

Profits from the film will be donated to the I CAN Network.














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