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23 June 2017
2017 Issue 9
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Principal's Message

With just a week to go before the end of the Semester 1, please remember that classes resume on Thursday 20 July.


As of next year, the winter break will change a little as we shorten our Staff Days at the beginning of Terms 2 and 4, and instead have a full week as a staff without students at the start of Term 3 (a three-week student break). Why?


Ideally, we want to be able to develop educational practice that is cognizant of best practice in teaching and consistent with our biblical worldview. The integration of faith and life (everyday life), having the Bible inform our practice so our beliefs are visible in action, is important. A challenge as we aim for this is that our culture is teaching us a way to live that does not have God at the centre. In this culture, there are many messages. One message, for example, can be that we should gratify our own needs through the buying of products such as clothes, gadgets and holidays. This stands against the preaching of Jesus that instructs us to focus on God’s Kingdom rather than (earthly) possessions. Does it say that your heart will be where your treasures are?


Given the importance of this, we believe that we would benefit from two focussed times each year where we have a number of professional days. These will be before the start of the school year, and then in the middle of year. Our focus at these times will continue to be regulatory and safety training such as Child Safety, OHS and First Aid. We also will focus on the above and engage in training that helps us use the Bible as a lens to view the world. Further, they will be times to review curriculum and work on our pedagogy (teaching practice) in teams. Please note that it is just a re-sorting of Staff Days, not an increase.


Last week, Mr Sam Waldron and I fulfilled a request to go to Uganda to support Christians who are engaging in Christian schooling. I was working with some colleagues in the development of strategies to improve school cultures. Mr Waldron delivered curriculum workshops. We both were challenged and learnt much as we engaged with our Christian brothers and sisters in education. May the Lord bless Ugandan children as they learn more of what it is to follow the Lord through their education.


In the coming days, we have staff and students visiting Thailand. Please keep them in your prayers as you pray for Bayside Christian College.




Christopher Prior


Pray for Bayside

Please pray for the group of Secondary students and staff heading off to Thailand this weekend to minister to people there.


Pray for our production team as they work hard in preparation for their performances of Calamity Jane in August.


Please continue to pray for our development at 97 Robinsons Road, that we would be faithful stewards of these fabulous new resources.


Pray for our staff and students, that we would finish Semester 1 well, and experience rest with our families during the upcoming holidays.

From the Deputy's Desk


End of Semester reports will be available to view in Edumate on Friday 30 June, the last day of term. If you do not have, or have misplaced your login, please contact Trish Longhurst at reception: [email protected] or 5971 6700.


Semester reports are just one of the ways the College communicates information about your children's progress. Please read the reports and discuss recommendations, reminders and feedback encouragements with your child to assist in setting goals for further progress next semester.

If you have any questions regarding the report, please contact your child's classroom teacher.


Life Skills Week

Bayside Christian College partners with families and the community in many ways, and this week's Life Skills focus in Senior Secondary is an example of that. Students from Years 9-12 engaged in many and varied workshops, presentations and discussions on topics such as taxation, Tax File Numbers and superannuation, study skills, kitchen handling skills, driver safety, First Aid, aviation demonstration, VCAL and VCE tasters, and careers advice. The week  culminates with Years 9 & 10 Pathways Night on Thursday 22 June.



Next week, the College will recognise NAIDOC Day, on Friday 30 June. In the Primary School, students will be involved in an assembly and year level activities to bring awareness of the reasons we acknowledge Australia's first inhabitants, and why their languages matter. Secondary students will also have activities in classes to raise awareness of indigenous issues, including indigenous languages.

Primary News

Primary Mixed Netball 

Last Friday, the mixed netball team reached the divisional finals against Ballam Park Primary School. We gave it our best shot but unfortunately, we didn’t come out on top. The final score was 23 to 10. Ezekiel and Tiger both starred as our goal shooters, several times playing only like brothers can. Hayden and Bailey both played amazing games, defending really well and getting heaps of interceptions.


Though we did not win, we still had lots of fun working as a team. We won every other game leading up to the divisional finals and we all are happy with our results. We have all grown in our teamwork and we have developed many friendships.


Even though we didn’t win the divisional final, we still received a shield and certificates for winning our division. That proves that we worked really well as a team and as a result got to the finals in the first place. We all enjoyed this term very much and we are thankful for all the volunteers who coached and helped us. We really appreciate everyone who came and supported us throughout this term, especially Miss Wright who always revved us up and encouraged us at the same time. Special thanks to Hayden for being our DJ on the bus - you did a wonderful job!


Emma, Ryan and Hayden - Year 5 

Regional Cross Country 

On Monday 19 June, the Regional Cross Country took place at Ballam Park, with Bayside Christian College fortunate to be represented by year six student, Anya. She did an amazing job, finishing 60th out of 180 runners.


Unfortunately, our other runner who had earned the chance to participate, Isaac, was unable to race due to illness. Well done to both students for your efforts in representing Bayside.


 Jasmine - Year 6

Years 7-10 News

Bayside Rock

The Year 7 Outdoor Education class had the opportunity to go to Bayside Rock. It was a fantastic activity where all students challenged themselves and worked together as a team.


Bunyip State Park

On 8-9 June, the Year 7 Outdoor Education class went on an overnight hike to the beautiful Bunyip State Park. The students all did an excellent job carrying their packs over some steep and muddy tracks in the rain. It was an amazing effort by all students.


Cranbourne Gardens

The Year 7 Outdoor Education class had the opportunity to go to the Cranbourne Gardens to learn more about indigenous culture. 


Work Experience

It's been tremendous to see Employer Evaluations coming back to our College following Work Experience Week earlier in June. Our students have been commended for

their punctuality, diligence, team-work, initiative, flexibility, creativity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, manners, for their willingness to learn and ability to follow instructions. So many employers wrote of it being a pleasure to have one of our students in their workplace, which is so wonderful to hear. One student was even able to engage with preschool children using a second language, which the employer saw as a real asset!


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Co-ordinator

Years 11-12 happenings

Life in Years 11/12

Students this week have been working through a packed week of presentations and workshops designed to assist them in preparing for the future. It has been encouraging to see students engage and have conversations about how they can use their gifts and abilities to make a difference in the world.


I look forward to seeing many of you at our next community market on Thursday 29 June, which will be held in G block. This promises to be a wonderful time of connecting with our school community and enjoying some food, free entertainment and supporting our students as they raise funds for charity through their businesses.


A few reminders

Unit 2 (Year 11) and 4 (Year 12) have now started across all subjects, and students should ensure that they have read all feedback provided by teachers on Edumate as they embark on a new unit.


Please also remember that, in order to maintain a 90% attendance as required, students must provide a medical certificate for any absence.


Our VCAL students have Assessment Panel on Monday and Tuesday - this involves a half hour presentation to a panel of assessors. Please keep them in your prayers as they do this.


Enjoy the last week of term!


Lara Curtis-Morris

Years 11/12 Co-ordinator

This week's subject in focus

Year 12 VCE Art

In Unit 3 VCE Art, we studied how artists Kathe Kollwitz and George Gittoes depicted grief, trauma and were advocates for the suffering of

innocent victims. Both focused on portraiture, using piercing eye contact to evoke empathy for the victims. Studying these artists helped us learn we can use our own skills in art to advocate for those who don’t have a voice.


Georgia BrownfieldKoe-Ann Harris - Year 12


In our Unit 3 folios, we each focused on a specific theme relating to a topic we are passionate about. We explored themes such as the stages of grief, thoughts that control our

actions, marine conservation and the companionship of pets. This opportunity gave each of us the ability to use our gifts and talents in a medium of choice, including oils, textiles, resin and photography.


John McPhersonKatie Wakely - Year 12

Community Panel

On  Monday 19 June, a number of volunteers from the community participated in a community panel for Bayside’s Years 9-12 students.

There were six volunteers each representing what they do in the community. Tas talked to us not only about her chaplaincy in schools but also opening her home to offer fostering to those in need. Tom explained his involvement as a volunteer in the organisation, ‘Red Frogs’ which assists in keeping young adults safe during 'schoolies'. Paul described to us his position as a chaplain for his life-saving club and his aspiration to chaplain for his triathlon team. Allison talked about her involvement in different environmental groups and her dream to help our earth. There was also a volunteer who explained to us her position at Red Cross and her work on the board to promote a youth-friendly organisation. Lastly, Katherine described to us her work in prison ministry along with her work involving the ‘Pantry’ to help feed those in need. Through each of the speakers on the panel the students were shown the spirit of God in these people's actions. The students found the speakers very inspirational and it was encouraging to see that anyone can go out and do God’s work in their community.


Brooke  - Year 11

From our Captains

This week the Years 9-12 students have had the

chance to learn about potential pathways for the next few years, and gain some valuable,

practical knowledge and experience during Life Skills Week. Also this week was the first Girls’ Group session. Much like the Boys' Group, this group is run by senior students for students from Years 7-10. Their first session was a real success, and it’ll be great to see more connections forming across different year levels. Our Monday prayer walks are still a terrific way to start the week in conversation with God. We’re really keen to see some more people coming along - students or parents. So if you’re interested, come along to the staff room at 8:30 on Mondays.


As we get closer to the end of the first semester it’s a real joy to look back at everything that’s been going on throughout Term 2. Our year-level weeks have run fantastically. It’s been awesome to see a spirit of community developing as each cohort gets the chance to focus on making their week extraordinary. This sense of community has really flourished this year, with the inclusion of whole school events like cross country, and in our weekly Years 11/12 Home Group community focus.


It can be tempting to slow down as we quickly approach the holidays, so we’re praying that God will reinvigorate us in the next week, so we can finish off the semester as robustly as we started it.

Stress Management Workshop

This week, Years 9-12 students had a stress management talk presented by Mrs Scott. She talked about things that contribute to stress or can most commonly cause it. She gave us some exercises to do such as a breathing exercise where you breath in for 6 seconds, hold for 3, then exhale for 6 again. She said that it works best if you do it 15-20 times. After that we all laid down and started to consciously relax different parts of our bodies, such as arms, legs, eyes etc. She played calming and relaxing music while we all did this and it lasted for under 10 minutes. This stress management was really helpful. Mrs Scott said these exercises would be best done during the week before exams. I really enjoyed these exercises. They are definitely going to be useful for me. I hope everyone got something from this experience and will take something home with them.


Katie -  Year 11

‘How to ace your exams’ presentation

On 19 June, the Years 11 and 12 VCE students were privileged to have a guest speaker from Elevate Education. Being in Year 11, stress with exams and school can be very overwhelming, and it just increases as you get older. In the Elevate seminar, the students were able to notice their mistakes in studying and how to tackle them in a positive way - meaning less stress. Through the 7 steps for preparation excellence, students learned to give adequate time to prepare and how you should go through past papers. We were reminded to talk to teachers, and shown how to retain information properly, along with learning from people around you, using an exam planner and much more. With a workbook that needed to be filled in, the students were engaged and were compelled to pay attention throughout the talk. It’s an experience that will help the students in the future, and useful for all grades.


Kristen  - Year 11 

Careers and Interviews’ workshop

​​From the Elevate session VCAL had, we learnt how to present, prepare and speak appropriately in a job interview. The speaker spoke with great enthusiasm which got us all so excited to listen and learn.


Holly - Year 12 


Schoolies Revolution

On Monday 19 June, a representative from Schoolies Revolution came to talk to the Year 11 and 12 students as part of Life Skills Week. It was great to get an insight into another option for our end of year celebrations. They run mission trip-type schoolies so you can learn as much as you can while helping others in need.


Ebony - Year 12

Business Management

Change is inevitable - both in our own lives and in the life of a business. We began Unit 4 - Transforming a Business - by watching a short cartoon movie: "Who Moved my Cheese?" by Spencer Johnson, M.D. This light-hearted, quirky cartoon highlights the challenges of constant change in our lives and our choices in responding to change. We are currently looking at the ways in which businesses are pressured to adapt and change in response to key performance indicators which measure aspects of a business's performance.


Lewin's Force Field Analysis is a tool used to identify driving forces that apply pressure for change and restraining forces that hinder or prevent change from taking place. Driving forces can include managers, employees, competitors, legislation, reduction in costs, technology, societal attitudes, innovation and globalisation. Restraining forces include managers, employees, time, organisational inertia (state of being non-receptive to change), legislation and financial considerations. Lewin proposes that once these driving and restraining forces are identified, a business can take action to better manage the implementation of change.


An example of how driving forces are pushing for change can be seen in the car industry, with a move away from fossil fuels to electricity. Developments in technology, societal attitudes, battery design and competitors are key driving forces that apply.

Money Management

For the first day of life skills week, one of our seminars were on saving money in the future. A mortgage broker called Andy presented five useful tips on saving for the future. Everyone took something out of his talk and I, like others, will use his tips later on in life.


Aaron - Year 12


On Monday 19 June, Years 11 and 12 students attended a Money Management seminar where we were informed how to effectively and efficiently manage our personal finances. It was a very useful seminar.


Harrison - Year 12

Tax, Super and You

This week is Life Skills Week and we have been visited by professionals to help students with aspects of the real world. One of the sessions has been on tax and what we, when we are employed, are obligated to pay to the government for the services we are provided with. It is so good to have the opportunity to learn real world finance skills on top of our core subjects.


Joshua - Year 12

Unleash your Inner Scientist

Our very own John McPherson, who is one of our College Captains, has just recently won a Science Competition run by the University of Tasmania . His prize was a weekend away to Tasmania with all expenses paid. He also managed to spend some time at the University exploring their various environmental courses.


John has a passion for science, particularly marine biology, and hopes to use this passion to care for God's earth and His creation. He is also a very gifted artist and has chosen to paint the sea showing the effects of some of man's destruction of our oceans.


John, we would like to take this opportunity to pray God's blessing upon you for your final exams and pray that you get into the correct University course which enables you to fulfil the dream that God has given you as a protector of His creation.


Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary



2018 ELC Application Deadline

Applications for entry into our Early Learning Centre in 2018 close next Friday 30 June.


Victorian State legislation requires that all children enrolled in early childhood education and care services be up to date with their vaccinations or have an approved exemption.  A copy of your child's current Immunisation Statement is required for enrolment.


For enquiries please phone our Registrar, Julie Rebbeck, on 5971 6709 or email: [email protected]

eSmart tips for the holidays

With cooler winter weather upon us…

Are your children likely to watch more video content in the upcoming school holidays? Do you have Netflix, Stan or other streamed video content available at home? While these services have loads of worthwhile titles, there are some items that may not be age-appropriate or content- appropriate for your child. Do you know that there are ways of applying parental controls on such services?


The links below outline ways to setup such controls for Netflix and Stan:'


We encourage all of our Bayside Christian College families to enjoy a safe school holiday period including any time online.


Janienne Woodbridge

eLearning  Manager

From the Finance Desk

Half yearly and Term 3 fee payments are due by Friday 14 July. If you need to update any of your payment details please contact Helen

on 5971 6711 or email [email protected] by Friday 30 June.

Motov8ing boys

Motov8ing boys is about motorcycles and motivation, but it’s really about helping boys to make smarter, more informed decisions in everyday life.  It’s about inspiring and challenging them to develop their social and emotional intelligence so that they become excited about the potential impact of this for their lives.


Working Bees

Our next scheduled Working Bee is taking place this Saturday 24 June from 8am-1pm. This special Working Bee will be held  in support of our upcoming production of Calamity Jane - to paint sets, make props and sew costumes. For more details contact Mrs Hooper.


Families are reminded that they are to attend 8 hours at Working Bees throughout the year or are liable to pay the Working Bee Levy of $150. The remaining Working Bees for 2017 are:

Saturday 26 August (Term 3, week 6)

Saturday 28 October (Term 4, week 3)

Music Showcase Night


Bayside Christian College's biannual 'Music Showcase' performance evening is coming up next Wednesday 28 June in the Primary gym (G5), starting at 7pm and finishing before 9pm. Come along to celebrate and appreciate the learning of the instrumental students at the College. There will be students from both the Primary and Secondary Schools performing who are currently studying keyboard, guitar, singing and drums, as well as some small ensembles and the Primary Choir.
This is a free event, so all that is required of you is to come along and support our wonderful musicians as they share their God-given talents with us all!



For parents of performers, it would be prudent to aim to arrive by 6:45pm to give time for warming up and calming nerves. There will be a short interval in the concert to give parents of young children the opportunity to go home at a reasonable time.
If you have any questions about this or about instrumental music at Bayside Christian College, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Mallen: [email protected].

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane is taking place at George Jenkins Theatre from August 9-11, 7:30pm.


It is only seven weeks until opening night for our BCC musical production "Calamity Jane". We are right in the thick of things with rehearsals and all the preparations: gathering costumes building sets, designing programs, hiring the orchestra and planning the massive logistics of the week. 


This Saturday morning, we are having a huge working bee which will hopefully see us get much closer to having our sets painted, props assembled and costumes sorted. If you have any time to come down and help out with these and other important jobs around the school, then we would love to see you anytime between 8am and 1pm. Your hours invested will count towards reducing your Working Bee Levy.


Productions do NOT come cheap!  Whilst the leadership of our College have been extremely supportive of our Performing Arts program over the years, we would love to invite you to sponsor our production in some way. Here are a couple of ways you can do that:


1. Do you have a small business or know someone who has a small business who would like to purchase some space in our show program booklet? We have very affordable packages available, but limited space! You would need to provide artwork/logo and some contact information, and elect what portion of the page you would like to purchase. 


2. Alternatively, you could make a donation towards something specific such as make up, sets, materials, costume hire, orchestra costs etc. Anything would help! 


Tickets will go on sale via the Monash University Arts page on 6 July 6. I will send out the link to all families once the tickets go on sale. 


Karen Hooper

Camp Australia Newsletter


Frankston Youth Council

The Frankston Youth Council provides advice and suggestions to Frankston City Council on a range of issues and makes recommendations on services that may affect young people in the local community.


Frankston Youth Council organise the annual Frankston Stand for Change, an anti-bullying event that has reached thousands of young people for four successful years and counting.

Young people who participate in the Frankston Youth Council come from a range of different backgrounds and have many varied life experiences.


Selection for the Frankston City Youth Council will take into account a fair balance of the following criteria: age, education, employment/unemployment, cultural background and suburbs of Frankston. It is considered that Youth Council will consist of 20 members. 


Find out more at:

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