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18 July 2019
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Trimester 3 Sport
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Quick Dates

Term 3, Week 1/2

Friday 19 July

Interhouse Athletics Carnival


Monday 22 July

SEQ Champion of Champions Futsal Competition (Oxley Futsal Centre)

3.30-7.00pm  Parent Teacher Student Conferences (San Damiano Centre)


Tuesday 23 July

2.45pm  Tour Group from Murakami School arrives

6.00pm  Read Like a Girl with Your Dad (iCentre)


Wednesday 24 July

SEQ Champion of Champions Futsal Competition (Oxley Futsal Centre)

Year 9 Retreat

8.30am  Year 10 English Meet the Author (iCentre)


Thursday 25 July

P4  UQ Women In Engineering presentation (Year 9)

12.50-2.00pm  Futures Expo (San Damiano Centre)



From the Sport Development Leader

Welcome back, sports lovers.  I hope you have had a healthy and active break.


While we were away there has been so many inspirational moments in sport - Ashleigh Barty becoming world #1 in tennis, Sally Fitzgibbons at the top of the surfing ladder, Hannah Green winning the PGA and, of course, our own Open Netball team coming runner-up at the QISSN Netball carnival. 


We are so proud of these icons of sport - for the positivity they display and role models they have become to us.  We hope to instil the same values and passion in our own students in the hope they one day may reach goals that might seem unattainable at times.  Sport, like education, is a study.  Time is spent learning skills, teamwork, and commitment, it comes with its own success and failures, and a lifelong lesson is learned.  There is no degree that can validate the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  However, I think you will agree it is still worthy of the study.


We have been loving the enthusiasm for the Monday Mingle.  This term we played a lot of Dodgeball, honed some basketball skills and, of course, fiercely defended our position in the lollies scramble when earned.  This program is set to continue for Term 3 and as much of Term 4 as hall space allows.  If you haven’t been to a session yet, join us on Mondays 3.15-4.30pm in the San Dam on the advertised dates.

We will also trial some extended use of the indoor climbing wall this term.  There have been persistent requests to open this up and, with the completion of our top rope instruction course, we are able to offer some introductory sessions to the girls.  Check the poster and register if you are interested.  


We wish the girls the best In luck with their team sports as Trimester 2 starts to wind up from next week.  The finals are due to be played in Week 4, with some teams aiming for a pennant.  This means sign-up for Trimester 3 sports is now open, and information can be found in the following pages on sports, grading dates, and competition days.


Rugby 7s players have also now completed two trial days and will head out for their first competition at the end of August.  We should have five teams again this year, which is great.


I hope you enjoy reading of the success our students are having both for the College and outside of the school with sport.  We are so proud of their achievements.


Josh White


Sport Captain

As Term 3 begins, the CASSSA Trimester 2 season is still in full swing with Netball, Hockey, Volleyball, and Soccer teams resuming training this week in preparation for the last three games of the season, beginning in Week 2.  We currently have teams placing well with convincing results in the competition so far, and I wish them all the best for their games over the coming weeks.

With the well-deserved break over, it is also time to start focusing on the Trimester 3 sporting season. The next round of sports includes Junior Netball, Intermediate and Senior Touch, Rugby 7s, and Basketball. With this season just around the corner, trials are set to start in the next few weeks.


We also have the 2019 Interhouse Athletics Carnival tomorrow to kick start the athletics season.  With training already underway on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, we are excited to see the girls’ talent and hard work pay off at the carnival and see them earn a position in the 2019 CASSSA Athletics team.  This team will compete at the CASSSA Interschool Athletics Carnival on 19 August, as well as giving the girls the chance to participate in three scheduled inter-school meets on 26 July, 2 August, and 12 August.  The fun doesn’t stop there, with the girls able to participate in the annual Athletics Camp held at the Sunshine Coast in the coming weeks.  Both the meets and the camp are great opportunities for the girls to learn from specialist coaches in each event to further develop their skills.


With so many opportunities available this term, we encourage everyone to get involved in as many aspects of the sporting life of the College as possible.  Good luck to all girls participating and representing the College in any of these sporting events.  We are all excited to see you succeed.


Maddie Brown

Trimester 3 Sport



A Reflection on School Sport

A Letter to Bill Fisher

Good morning.


I am a past pupil of Mount Alvernia College and recently viewed an update on the Mount Alvernia Facebook page regarding the Touch Football team.


I joined the Touch team in Year 9 after a very unsuccessful season of Soccer in Year 8.  I don't think we scored a goal all season and found it pretty boring, to be honest.  So I changed to Touch Football and have now been playing for 22 years.  I doubt you'll remember me (I was a whippet of a thing back then!).  I thought I'd write to you to let you know that, if I hadn't started playing all those years ago, I certainly wouldn't be where I am today. 


I remember Wednesday afternoons at the after-school comp in Shaw Road, with Denis driving us there in the minibus.  I remember the early morning training sessions before school, often in the cold when we had to put on a jumper.  Hilariously I now play in sleet, snow, a metre and a half of mud, and lashing rain these days.  And I love it!  If you hadn't taught me the fundamentals all those years ago, I wouldn't have achieved any of the above.  Whenever I'm speaking/coaching in regards to Touch, I always remember my Mt A days with great fondness.  I was never the fastest, the tallest, or the strongest.  But I became game smart, which helped me so much. 


I moved to Ireland in 2007 and have been living here ever since.  I played socially in Brisbane all throughout university, three times a week, and then when I moved here I started playing locally.  I received my first cap for Ireland in 2008, and am now the most capped Irish female player with 61 caps. 

I’ve played all over Europe, socially and competitively representing Ireland and my club, Sandymount Touch.   A few of the international level tournaments I've played: 

• 2008 European Championships - Paris, Mixed Open
• 2009 Home Nations - Glasgow, Mixed Open  
• 2010  European Championships - Bristol, Mixed Open  (European Champions)
• 2011 World Cup - Edinburgh, Mixed Open  
• 2012 European Championships - Italy, Mixed Open (Coach/player)
• 2013 Home Nations - Dublin, Mixed Open (Coach/player)
• 2014  European Championships - Swansea, Senior Mixed (European MVP Female SMX)
• 2016 European Championship - Jersey, Senior Mixed (Flag bearer)
• 2017 Permit - Edinburgh, Senior Mixed
• 2017 Junior European Championships - Dublin, Coach U15s Mixed
• 2018 European Championships - Nottingham, Senior Mixed (Manager – European Champions)

I've had to take a step back recently as I had my first baby (Cora, seven months) so I missed playing in the World Cup this year (however, my husband also plays and was out there competing).  I look forward to returning to Touch as soon as I can.


So thank you very much, Mr Fisher, for teaching me the fundamentals.  I'm very fortunate that Touch has been such an important part of my life, and it would never have happened if I hadn't been introduced to it by you. 


Best wishes

Claire Camilleri, Class of 2000


Year Level Sport Report

Hi, I'm Breanne Shepherd, and I am the Year 10 sports representative for 2019.  My aim this year in the Sports Committee is to inspire girls to be involved and try something new.  I love playing sport as it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I cross the finish line of a race or score a try on the field.  I want to make sure that everyone feels motivated to participate in sport around the College and encourage their friends and classmates to join them.  Throughout my three years of being at Mount Alvernia I have participated in Touch Football, Netball, Volleyball, and Athletics.


We are halfway through the school year, and the Trimester 3 sports are now being graded.  I found Charlotte Russell, a Year 10 girl, to ask her about her involvement in sport at Mt A.  Here are her responses.


What sports do you currently play?

In past years I have participated in Athletics, Swimming, Cross Country, Triathlon, and Touch within the College.

What's your favourite thing about playing sport?

My favourite thing about playing sport is the feeling of finishing something, whether it's training or a game/race.  I love being surrounded with friends and creating new friends, which is a great motivator to go to training; sport is an amazing distraction from school, which helps with stress.

What's a sporting achievement/s  that you wish to achieve before this school year ends?

A sporting achievement I wish to achieve by the end of the year is to place at both CASSA and Met North in either 400m or 800m.

What's your favourite sport at Mount Alvernia?  Why?

My favourite  sport at MTA would definitely be athletics!  I love the way all the girls encourage each other  to do the best they can, the camp before CASSA, all the meets and bus rides which really bring the team together, and the entire day of CASSA seeing Mt A absolutely smash their PBs!

What inspires you to continue playing sport?

My biggest inspiration to continue playing sport at the College is definitely the support and encouragement of all the girls at training, and on Monday and Wednesday morning seeing Shan, who is honestly the most amazing coach!


Healthful Exercise

Healthful Exercise


We live in a world of insta-fitness and celebrity makeovers, where exercise looks like this punishing tool carving out un-real bodies whilst ‘watermelon diets’ seemingly achieve a miracle glow.


When it comes to achieving real world results, a healthy and intelligent approach to exercise and healthy eating must include a long-term view and be built on science.


Learning the habit of moving the body on a daily basis to improve function and simply feel good has the power to change lives for the better, but not instantly and usually not dramatically.


When exercise and diets are done to the extreme, bad things usually happen.  It might be injury to a young and developing body, or illness brought about by an unbalanced approach to food.  You don’t normally see these things through the enhanced filters and fairy tale world of Instagram or Facebook. The presentation of reality is not the ‘go to’ concept behind these social media platforms, as we know, so methods that look like something that you should do can be pushed on to the unsuspecting public.


As a health and fitness professional who has studied both Exercise Science and Psychology, I see the end point result of this distortion on a pretty regular basis.  We teach a slow and steady approach - basic functional moves that are likely to improve how someone interfaces with the world, like getting up and down out of a chair, and commonsense ways to prepare your environment so eating healthy food more often becomes possible.  So many of these things are simple but that doesn’t always mean easy.  The key is to start small and build on a solid base.  We liken regular exercise and a nutritious diet to the habit of cleaning your teeth.  Once a routine is dialled in, effort and thought are no longer required.  It kind of just happens at the subconscious level.


So, just as habits can be bad, habits can also be learnt that simply make life easier and better.  For example, doing something like a simple ten- to fifteen-minute body weight exercise routine regularly in the morning after waking; or chopping vegetables and putting them in containers on a Sunday can keep the body firing well and the energy levels high.


Whilst it may not be an Instagram-worthy photo when you sit down for a healthy meal made possible by the aforementioned preparation, the predictable routine of healthful behaviours as a family, and the inevitable good vibes it brings, makes for lots of great family moments going forward that will outlast any Instagram or Snapchat post!


My next article will be what exercises you can do from home, with no equipment, and beyond that I will teach you how to make your home ‘healthy eating’ ready.

Anthony Gillespie, BSp Sc, BSc Psych Hons








With the CaSSSA Season over, our focus switched to sixteen-a-side format and the AFLQ Twilight competition.   With a few training sessions together, both a senior and junior team competed to hopefully gain a place in the regional finals.


The competition proved to be tough and, playing nine-a-side for eight weeks, it proved difficult to move into the full format for both teams.  While we did have a win, the two losses cost us the chance to carry on this year.   We had an amazing time and are very thankful of the coaches and staff who gave up their time for AFL this year.  We look forward to 2020 as a new season with fresh goals in mind already.


Jorja Guyatt, AFL Captain


Met North U12 AFL Carnival – Lily Cresswell (Y7)

Lily's Met North team finished fifth out of nine teams.  She loved the experience, learnt a great deal and, like a real footballer, she was hurting at the end of the competition!  This was the first carnival ever for the girls - 10-12 yrs.   Lily was excited to be part of a cohort to make history in that regard.  Lily’s family has a good history on AFL with her uncle, Brendan Whitecross, also playing for Hawthorn AFL team a few years back.

Here is a picture of Bren's early days at Hawthorn with Lily and her brother, Oliver (now in Year 5 at Nudgee).  

Rose Cresswell, mother


With the FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place over the holidays, we were privileged enough to watch some incredible players whilst taking a well-deserved rest from school and sport. Our Mt A aspiring footballers have been taking notes from players such as Sam Kerr from our very own Matildas, as well as Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe from the champion American team.


The past couple of weeks of Trimester 2 sport have been a tough fight for our four football teams.  I am extremely proud of the girls' effort so far, leading in to finals.  Our Open A team remains undefeated with two games remaining.  The Open B team is putting in immense effort, coming home with four wins out of the five matches played.  The Open C and Junior A teams are working hard on the field and at training to scoring some amazing goals.


Overall, I wish each team the very best of luck going into finals and over their last few games.


Mika Weygood, Football Captain



Australian U14 Futsal Team Tour


Paris Hanna (Year 8) recently returned from a tour of the UK, with the Girls' Australian U14 Futsal Team. She played exceptionally well, and was rewarded for her efforts by receiving the Most Valued Player Award (MVP) for the entire UK tour.  Her experience overseas was incredible.  Paris is to be commended for the way in which she handled herself when meeting the team for the very first time;  and her interaction with all coaches, especially external coaches from the Hibernian FC.



There were also many tourist sites the team visited.  Paris climbed the William Wallace Monument, took in the massive Kelpies sculptures, and explored Caernarfon Castle and Edinburgh Castle.  Paris also visited the longest named town in Wales Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, and, no, she still can't say it even after googling and watching u-Tube videos.


Paris has also now been selected for the 2019 Queensland North Coast - 2019 National School Futsal Championship in October.  She is to be congratulated for such a fantastic effort. 



After five weeks of dedication to training and games I think it’s safe to say the teams have improved immensely.  From the first week it was clear to see that both teams were prepared to work hard on improving their skills and were optimistic for the season.  I am extremely proud of how far the teams have come in terms of learning new skills and working with new people.  I am particularly proud of the number of girls who have never played hockey before, and praise them for having the courage to begin a new sport.  Overall, both teams have put 100% effort into their games and should all be happy the results.

As we make our way into the final weeks of the season, I hope the girls will continue their amazing work.


Open Team Junior Team
Round 1 - Win 6-0 Round 1 - Win 20-0
Round 2 - Bye Round 2 - Bye
Round 3 - Loss 0-3 Round 3 - Win 7-0
Round 4 - Win 6-2 Round 4 - Forfeit (Year 8 Camp)
Round 5 - Loss 1-2 Round 5 - Loss 1-2




Sophia Papantoniou (Year 8) and Trinity Woodward (Year 7) – State Hockey Championships

Sophia and Trinity were selected into the U13 Division 1 Brisbane turf team for Hockey.  Over the weeks leading up to the State Championships which took place in Cairns during the second week of the holidays.  They trained every Sunday with their team to prepare.  The team finished undefeated, winning the grand final against Toowoomba.  Both girls were also selected to attend the National Championships in the Queensland U13 team in Hobart in October.  Congratulations, Sophia and Trinity!


Carla Galvin (Year 12) and Trinity Woodward (Year 7) – Met North 13-19 State Championships

Carla and Trinity were selected and attended the State Championships in Cairns in June also.  After some hard fought games the Met North Team finished in sixth place.  Great work, girls!


Mia Newbold (Year 7) – Met North Under 12 State Championships

Mia attended the twelve-year-old Schoolgirls' Hockey Championships in Townsville from 20 to 23 June. Mia’s Met North team came away as champions after winning all nine games, with only one goal scored against them.  Well done, Mia and her Met North Teammates.




Alana Tweddell, Hockey Captain



Indoor Cricket

Last week, Sophie Lilley for Queensland competed in the Indoor Cricket National Championships at Casey Stadium, Melbourne.  Sophie played in the Queensland 14 & Under girls' team, playing nine games during the week, including the semi-final against South Australia. 

Sophie was the player of the match against Western Australia.  She also had the most wickets for her team and had the best bowling figures in a match for Queensland.  Next up, Sophie will be attending the indoor cricket State titles in Townsville in late September. 


Good luck, Sophie!



On the second week of the holidays, the Mount Alvernia College Open Netball Team competed in the annual Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Carnival (QISSN), hosted by Shalom College in Bundaberg.  QISSN is a netball carnival held every year, which includes 64 schools across Queensland, as well as some from other places around Australia.

Being the twentieth year for the QISSN and the 40th year for the Queensland Confraternity Rugby League carnival, it was a milestone that was celebrated by a joint opening ceremony with all the boys' and girls' teams on Sunday night before the competition began on Monday.  After the ceremony, we headed back to our apartments which were located on the beachfront at Bargara, just twenty minutes from the complex at which we were playing.  With many new players on the team this year, we were excited to know each other better and create new friendships.  Spending 24 hours a day with this amazing group of girls both on and off the court, I can happily say we were always having a laugh, even though we still had to focus on the main reason we were there - the netball. 


We started the competition in pools of eight teams, where we played a total of seven games across the first three days.  We then moved into divisions to play our finals.  The team became stronger and more fluent as the games went on, leading us to finish top of our division leading into the finals.  On the Thursday we won our quarter- and semi-finals quite convincingly.  These wins guaranteed us a place in the grand final against Chanel Catholic College, Gladstone.  The final was a very competitive game, pushing us to play at our highest intensity, coming off the court at half time with a score of 11-7 in our favour.  The second half saw both teams fighting hard for the victory, coming down to a penalty shot that left us with a one-point loss. 

With this final result not what we had hoped for, we were immediately reminded to keep our heads up and be proud of all our achievements.  As Ms Clark says, “The final score doesn’t depict how well you played on the court”.  As the captains of this fantastic team, we would like to say how extremely proud we are of you for the amount of hard work at training, warm-ups, and CASSSA afternoon games that has really shown through our placing and game play at QISSN.  Being a fairly new team with many new players, you girls have adapted so well.  We would like to make a special mention to Year 10 student Miller Kerta, who was asked to join the team for the duration of the carnival at short notice. Miller, you have really stood up into the team and performed to an outstanding level throughout the carnival.  We are all really grateful for you joining us and becoming such a big player to our team.


I think we speak for all the girls when we say we all cherished the experience given to us by the College, our parents, and, most importantly, Mrs Hollyman and Ms Clark, who gave up a week of their holidays to mother, coach, drive, and take care of us in Bundaberg.  The whole team is extremely grateful for all you both did for us that week.  We are really excited to see the team continue to improve throughout the end of the CASSSA season in preparation for the Vicki Wilson Carnival in August.


Maddie Brown and Elise Black



Rugby 7s

The Rugby season is fast approaching, and there are several updates for 7s Rugby.  Over the holidays the girls had the opportunity to attend two holiday training sessions run by Norths, so that they could work on their skills over the break.  These sessions were very informative, and helped our girls to work on basic skills for the season to come.


At the end of Term 2, the Junior 7s girls had their trials  (from under 13 to under 16), and these showed that the College has a lot of rugby potential in these girls, which bodes well for an enjoyable and successful season.  This term, we will start playing matches and will participate in several 7s carnivals. To help the girls succeed and sharpen their rugby skills, we have been training on a full field at Norths from 3.30pm to 5.00pm each week, with an additional strength and conditioning session.


This season has been the first year using the new gym to become stronger and fitter, which we hope will help over the season.  The first carnival in which we compete will be on Friday 30 August, played at Ballymore (Week 8 of the term).  Before this carnival we are hoping to have two gala days which will help the girls be used to the game, the pace and intensity, and the size of the field.  Details for these gala days are yet to be confirmed, but these are planned against local schools. 


We are excited for the 2019 7s Rugby season.

Jodie Usher and Annaliese Martin, Rugby 7s Captains

Rugby Success

Luanna Moors was selected in the Queensland U17 State Rugby Team in April. 


Travelling to Sydney in early June, the team played an intense three-day tournament where the team finished in second place.  Luanna said, “The hardest part was the fatigue; holding the competition over three days took a toll on the body where we would normally have more rest”.  Queensland was undefeated until the finals against Western Harbour from Sydney.  Queensland unfortunately lost by a try - 12- 7.  However, Luanna and her team will be looking for redemption next week when she returns to Sydney representing Queensland again for the National Championship in the U18 Team.



Luanna is the second of the Moors family to come to Mount Alvernia College, with older sister Natahlia here in 2008.  Natahlia has gone on to win a gold medal at the Youth Olympic Festival and now is a proud team member of the New Zealand Black Ferns.


Good luck next week, Luanna!

Show Jumping

Show Jumping

Ella Shackel (Year 9) has recently competed at the Queensland Interschool Show jumping championships in Maryborough.  Ella and her horse, Polly’s Chance, have been returning from a serious injury a few months back where Ella took a fall and was severely concussed.  Ella, who is also a star cross country runner, has been forced to rest as she recovered over the last ten weeks. 


We are glad that Ella and Polly were able to compete again under the college colours and placed a respectable sixteenth overall in Show jumping. 


We wish them both the best of luck for the remainder of the season.



Touch Football


From the Cultural Captain

Girls Just Wanna Be Fabulous

Nothing is impossible if you believe.


This quote challenges us all to think about believing in ourselves and what we can achieve if we put our minds to it.  I have been throwing around the word ‘believe’ a lot throughout the year.  Nothing is impossible if you believe - believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in your teachers, believe in your family.  This can open up pathways to so many possibilities.  However, the most important thing is to believe in yourself.


As you may know, we end this term with our Cultural Festival.  Throughout this term the whole college comes together to show house spirit as we prepare for the Battle of the Houses and to participate in a range of cultural activities.  If you believe in yourself, you can showcase your talents by singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, baking a cake, or producing a creative written work.   On the day of the Cultural Festival everyone can dress in costume to represent the theme Girls Just Wanna Be Fabulous.  So I encourage everyone in our college community to ‘believe’ in yourself and not to be too afraid to do or try, because nothing is impossible if you believe.

Amy Strachan



Art X

Art X Students Draw for Brisbane Open House


Last term, our Art X students made drawings of some of our college buildings.  As Mount Alvernia was open to the public last year as part of Brisbane Open House, we were invited to submit drawings made by our students to celebrate the tenth year of this community event.


If successful, our students’ drawings will be exhibited during October at the Australian Institute of Architects – Queensland (AIA) offices and a selection at the Corridor Gallery in Salisbury.


The drawings on this page were made by: Sienna Jakovich (Year 7), Rylee Cavanagh (Year 7), Grace Walker (Year 7, Matilda Kerr (Year 7(, Jessica Fletcher (Year 9), and Chiara Pezzetta (Year 8).


Lorella Masci, Learning Area Advisor - The Arts


Choral Festival

Catholic Secondary Schools' Choral Festival

Over the break, students from Mount Alvernia Voices were involved in the inaugural Catholic Secondary Schools’ Choral Festival at All Hallows’ School.  Students had the opportunity to work under the direction of Chris Burcin, who has conducted esteemed ensembles such as Gondwana Voices in Sydney and St Monica’s Choir in Cairns, where he currently resides.


Participants in the festival came from many of the Religious Institute schools in Brisbane, with representation from All Hallows’, St Rita’s, Mount St Michael’s, Terrace, and St Laurence’s and Padua Colleges.  The three days were filled with workshops, connections, and making music, with the final day culminating in a showcase of the works students had learnt over the festival.


A special thank you to Ms Holley and Mr Crump for joining the students over the festival weekend.



Music Camp

From the staff:

This was an excellent camp.  Congratulations to Trevor Beyer and his musical and admin team  (Debbie) for their hard work.  It was great for Mrs Popplewell and me to see the commitment and ability of our students in rehearsals and the wonderful camaraderie in the other challenging activities.  They really worked hard, and this camp gives them the opportunity to have a unique musical immersion and team building to create a high standard of performance.  I only knew some of  our Mt A girls, but attending gave me the opportunity to know their special musical and other capabilities and to recognise qualities of individual leadership across year levels.  


All  students  across our campuses had a wonderful, fun spirit and were so polite.  I was impressed by the FCIP team’s  expectation of our young musicians’ discipline when in rehearsal.  I could really see progress over the rehearsals, and the students comments indicated how proud they were of their progress, both individually and as an ensemble.

Karen Farrow, Teacher

From the students:

The 2019 FCIP Music Camp was certainly four days full of learning opportunities and fun memories. Students travelled to the beautiful Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre, located around the corner from Byron Bay.  On this camp students prepare music for upcoming concerts while also participating in camp activities.  The rehearsals were a great chance for ensembles to improve quickly and develop their skills.  The activities included cycling, stand-up paddle boarding, and rock-climbing, and they were a great way for the students to relax while also enjoying the opportunity to bond as an ensemble. 


In the end, the camp was an amazing time. A big thanks to the teachers and staff who made it happen, including the wonderful Mrs Farrow and Mrs Popplewell.

Alana Tweddell, Year 10

Quotes from Students

What was your favourite thing about camp?


I liked that we all bonded as an ensemble during rehearsals and activities.          

Alexis Yates, Year 10

I enjoyed getting to know students from different year levels.

Megan Walker, Year 10



After an extremely successful first semester of Theatresports, we have two of our four competitive teams moving forward to the quarter finals this term.  We are so proud of the energy, dedication, and creativity of all our teams and, in particular, the leadership, passion, and initiative of our 2019 Theatresports Captain, Therese De Bellis.  We would love to have some Mt A supporters in the audience for the quarter finals, so please find the details for each of these below.  We wish our teams luck in their upcoming competitions and know they will do us all proud.


Quarter Final 1 – Junior Division: Wednesday 31 July @ 7.00pm at Mt St Michael's, Ashgrove

Quarter Final 2 – Senior Division: Monday 12 August @ 7.00pm at St Patrick's, Shorncliffe

Elise Cohen, Drama Teacher

Futures Expo


La Cucina


Monday 22 July

Emma Reid, Rachel Browne

Tuesday 23 July

Julie Ingle, Rachel Browne

Wednesday 24 July

Tamara Sheedy, Erica Patterson

Thursday 25 July

Liz Feltrin, Jo Galvin


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices


This July the Carseldine Farmers Markets have come to Sleigh!  On Saturday 20 July from 6am 'til 12 noon, the Carseldine Markets will transform into a Winter Wonderland for their annual Christmas in July Markets! 

The Grinch was right - Christmas doesn't come from a store, so you can stuff your stockings full with a day that'll bring the whole family together.  With a wreath making workshop, ugly sweater photo booth, mulled wine demonstration and even a jumping castle and a petting zoo! 

This is SNOW Joke... There'll be produce for roasting, hot chocolate for toasting, and caroling sung 'round the tree.  We've even heard Santa might make an appearance, whether you're on his nice list or need tips on how to be!



Carseldine Farmers and Artisan Markets

532 Beams Road, Carseldine (in the old QUT Campus)



Junior Volleyball is in full swing, with the completion of the fifth round of matches.  With only three rounds left in the CaSSSA competition, teams will need to play at their best to ensure a spot on the leader board.  So far, our junior volleyballers have played amazingly throughout their season.

The Franciscans Love a Volleyball Award (commonly known as the weekly FLaVA) is awarded to students who have portrayed Franciscan attributes during the season.  Players could be nominated for this award due to their display of sportsmanship towards the opposition or Franciscan values throughout training.

The leader board for the first five rounds of CaSSSA is as follows:

  • Junior A: Seated an equal 1st on 13 points               FLaVA: Phoenix Rumney
  • Junior B: Seated an equal 2nd on 11 points             FLaVA:  Tia Kinghorn
  • Junior C: Seated 8th on 6 points                                    FLaVA: Grace Riley
  • Junior D: Seated 6th on 5 points
  • Junior E: Seated 8th on 8 points                                     FLaVA: Tiara West
  • Junior F: Seated equal 7th on 7 points                         FLaVA: Rose Williams


Coaches' quote of the week for our Junior Volleyball girls is: “Nobody who gives their best regrets it.”


Well done, girls; keep up the good work.

Keali Nicholson, Volleyball Captain

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