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22 February 2019
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Quick Dates

Week 5, Term 1

Saturday 23 February

Scholarship Testing - Years 7 & 10, 2020

Monday 25 February

8.30am-1.30pm  Year 10 Hospitality excursion

Tuesday 26 February

Year 11 Legal Studies excursion

8.30am-1.30pm  Year 10 Hospitality excursion

9.30am-1.40pm  Years 11/12 Visual Art excursion

10.55am-1.35pm  Year 10 Home Economics (Textiles) excursion

6.00pm  Year 7 Parents' Meet the Teacher Evening

Wednesday 27 February

Year 10 STEM - UQ Science & Engineering Challenge

Thursday 28 February

Year 10 STEM - UQ Science & Engineering Challenge

8.30am-1.30pm  Year 10 Hospitality excursion

1.30pm  Year 7 Immunisations

Friday 1 March

3.00pm  CaSSSA Swim and Cross Country Camp commences

From the Sport Development Leader

We welcome back our returning students and new students for a year of faith, learning, and sport.  It is always my favourite time of the year, with not only plenty of sport, but having the new Year 7 students dropping by the Sport Office chatting about what they have done and, just as importantly, what sports they wish to do.


We are very pleased with the number of students who have nominated for Trimester 1 sport.  I thank the parents for your patience with the registration system, which delayed our progress in the first two weeks.  CaSSSA sports on Wednesday are a fantastic way to meet new friends, learn great sporting skills, and develop the mindset to deal with both success and failure as a sporting team.  We are on track to have another increase in participation numbers across the sporting portfolio, showing that students know the importance of a healthy and fun lifestyle choice


In 2019 we will be introducing Monday Sport with a five-week program each term.  This is a free sport initiative, and we hope will attract girls who perhaps want to try out different sports in a non-competitive format.  We kick this off on Monday 5 March with the sport of volleyball.  There is no sign- up; just turn up for some fun games, good music, and some spot prizes.  Time is 3:15 to 4:30pm on Mondays.  The sport will change for every five-week program.  Next up will be Fast5 netball and then 3v3 basketball.


Over the Christmas break we ran the first United Swim Camp.  This was a mix of Mount Alvernia and Padua students who travelled to Noosa to participate in a range of swimming activities.  A highlight was certainly the ocean swim in some good surf and the breakfast on the beach following this session.  I think this will be a camp that grows in popularity year to year with the colleges.  A big thank you to our staff and coaches who made this possible during the festive break.

We have our carnival sports already underway, with swimming and running available to our students throughout the week.  We have had over 35 girls in the pool at Swimfit on Tuesday and Thursday, and a similar number at Run Club on Monday and Wednesday.  Swimming and running sessions are free to students, and we encourage you to come on down and try a session with your peers.  Last week our Interhouse Swimming Carnival was blessed with perfect skies, and fun was had by all.  We now start preparing for our inter-school CaSSSA Swim Carnival on 14 March, so we are calling our keen swimmers to come forward and represent the College proudly.


Cheersport returns for 2019, under the watchful eye of Sanford McMurray and Debra Evans.  I have seen some video of the moves these girls have displayed, and I know 2019 holds great things for this group as it looks to qualify into Level 2.


Lastly, with such a hot summer this year, I am in full support of Dr Kerrie Tuite's Year of the Hat.  Our sportswomen and staff spend a lot of time in the sun, so please ensure that, if your daughter is playing sport, she has the white Mount Alvernia baseball cap and sunscreen is applied.


I look forward to seeing you out at sport.


Josh White


Quick Dates

Wednesday 27 February CaSSSA Round #1
Wednesday 6 March CaSSSA Round #2
Tuesday 12 March SE Qld Futsal Titles
Wednesday 13 March CaSSSA Round #3
Thursday 14 March CaSSSA Inter-school Swimming Carnival



From the Sport Captain

In taking on the role of 2019 Sport Captain at Mount Alvernia, my priority is to increase participation rates and have the girls involved in as many sports as possible this year.  Whilst being a student of the College for the past five years, I have participated in as many sports as I could, including indoor cricket, netball, touch, AFL, rugby 7s, athletics, cross country, boot camp, swimming, and soccer.  Whether I have played these as part of the curriculum or in an extracurricular team, I have loved them all.


Coming from a background of giving any sport a go, I have achieved at a high level in netball outside of the College as a result of my belief that, through determination and hard work, anything can be achieved.  I play netball in club and representative teams at Bradbury Park for Ridgettes Netball Club and Brisbane Netball Association.  Whilst participating in these teams outside of school, you will also find me playing up to four or more sports inside the College at any one time. 


I look forward to a rewarding and successful year on and off the sporting field and am excited to see many of you joining me in my passion for sport and well-being.

Maddie Brown


Sports Committee

Meet the Sportswoman

My name is Annaleise Martin and I am the Year 12 Sports Committee member for 2019.  I enjoy playing Rugby 7s and dancing.  Yes, they are two very different sports but they both make me fit, and give me a variety of skills and lifelong friendships.  To me sport is all about the friendships that are made as they are what makes participating in sport fun.  I have interviewed Year 12 student Elise Black about the sport which she plays and enjoys.

What sport do you play?

I play club and representative netball.

How long have you been playing your chosen sport?

I have been playing netball for eleven years.

How do you manage to fit sport into your weekly routine?

I stay very organised and ensure that I know what I have on during the week.

What is your funniest sporting memory?

When I elbowed my best friend's forehead during training, resulting in her splitting her head open and requiring stitches.

Equestrian Success

Ella Shackel

Following success at the Toowoomba Interschool Australia Day Show Jumping Competition, Ella and Polly’s Chance placed in all three of the 70cm showjumping events at last weekend's interschool competition (third, fourth, and fifth, finishing fourth overall.  Great work, Ella!


Athletics Success

Jemma Keefe

In December, Jemma Keefe competed in the National Athletic Championships in Cairns, winning gold in Discus and  placing fifth in Javelin.  Well done, Jemma!


Cultural Captain

Meet Cultural Captain Amy Strachan

What is your favourite band?

Well ... this is a hard question.  I don’t think I really have a favourite band.  I like to listen to all types of music and lots of bands but I do have to say that I love a good Queen jam.


Favourite genre ...

My favourite genre of music would probably have to be musicals.  I love musicals.  Any and all.  My favorites at the moment are the Broadway musicals Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen.


Favourite instrument ...

My favourite instrument would have to be, probably, the harp or the piano.  I love the sound of the harp. It is so quiet, soothing, and sweet.  I also like the piano because it is one of the instruments I can play.


Favourite song ...

I don't really have a favourite song at the moment but really am loving all the music from the TV series Nashville.  It is a country music drama series based in Nashville and has some really great music.

My vision ...

My vision for the cultural life at Mt A this year is for all students to be involved and to believe in themselves, just as Glinda the Good Witch taught me . I wish, this year, for all students to get involved in the cultural life of our college.  In doing so, all students will get to socialise, try new things and have a bit of fun.  I want everyone to believe in themselves and work on unleashing their full potential.  To believe is to succeed and to succeed we need to believe.  In 2019 I would love everyone to participate in the arts and culture at Mt A.


Cultural Festival

If you don't know what Cultural Festival is, it is a festival celebrating our patron saint, St Francis of Assisi, and is held on the feast of the Stigmata.  We celebrate our Franciscan heritage by dressing up, eating yummy food from food trucks, dancing, singing, and just having a lot of fun.  There are heaps of fun and exciting activities, performances, and even competitions.  It is just a great celebration day of all we are as a college.


What do you like most about Cultural Festival?

Honestly, I love everything about the Cultural Festival.  Last year the theme was A Blast from the Past and my friends and I dressed up as The Wiggles.  We walked down the costume runway and won first prize for best dressed!  I also really love the Battle of the Houses when the houses compete for the best song and dance.  The overall day is a whole lot of fun and is one of my most favourite events of the entire year.


Where’s your favourite place in the world you’ve been to?

I have traveled to a few places in my life so far: America, New Zealand, South Africa, Kuala Lumpur, Tasmania, Sydney, Adelaide, Far North Queensland, and Canberra.  I have been to America twice - once with my family and once with the college choir.  We went to LA and San Francisco and I loved both places.

Probably the favourite place that I have visited is New Zealand.  I was born in New Zealand!   Go, the Silver Ferns and the All Blacks!!  The cold, the rain, and the snow.  It is a really nice place to visit and there are so many places within New Zealand to visit.


Favourite thing to do in my spare time .

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is watching Netflix.  Just kidding!  I do love a good Netflix series but my most favourite thing to do is sing.  I pretty much sing 24/7.  I sing all day every day.  I am in the college choir and also a choir outside of school.  I take singing lessons and study music as a subject. I also just love jamming to a good song on the radio.  Singing and music is my passion and is what I do with majority of my spare time but, if I’m not doing this, I'm on the couch watching Netflix.


Favourite quote by a female .

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”  Maya Angelou


This is what music and the arts do for me.




International Women's Day Breakfast

It is with great pleasure that we invite students from Mount Alvernia College, together with their mothers or significant women in their lives, to attend the College’s annual literary breakfast in celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday 8 Marcj.

This year we are very excited that Fleur Ferris will join us as the keynote speaker at our International Women’s Day Breakfast.  Fleur’s books are consistently in the Top Ten Borrowed Books from the iCentre.  This very popular author writes crime/thriller novels for Young Adult readers.  For the first twenty years of her working life, Fleur worked as a police officer and then a paramedic.  Her colourful and diverse background has given her unique insight into today’s society, and an endless pool of experiences from which to draw.  Her novels include Risk, Black, Found, and Wreck.


The breakfast will be an event in our Read Like a Girl program. 


Tickets may be purchased at




La Cucina


Monday 25 February

Cheryl Poy, Rachel McLindon, Rachel Browne

Tuesday 26 February

Janine Hennessey, Margaret Hutchins

Wednesday 27 February

Renay Green, Julie Wilson

Thursday 28 February

Julie Ingle

Friday 1 March

Amanda Russell


Open from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday).   Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Kim at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices



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