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08 March 2019
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Whole School Swimming Carnival Report

On Friday 15th February, an eager Castlemaine Secondary walked down to the Castlemaine Pool for the annual swimming carnival. There were perfect swimming conditions with the sun out, but not too hot for spectators. The warm weather encouraged students to be involved in the day, jumping in to cool off all while gaining points for their house. It was great to see the introduction of coloured swimming caps, to clearly see which house students were representing while swimming.

The day finished up with Kaweka winning the overall female aggregate, with Pennyweight winning the overall male aggregate. Overall Kaweka won the Shield due to their high participation rates.

It was great to have the VET Sport and Recreation students helping throughout the day, along with the VCAL students who ran their famous barbeque to ensure no one went hungry. We would also like to thank all staff who assisted on the day, as it would not run as smoothly without their support.

Age Group Champions

13 Female- Kira Moloney

13 Male- Nyah Heinrich

14 Female- Laura Smolak

14 Male-Harry Harvey

15 Female- Sally Freeman-Smith

15 Male- TJ Russell

16 Female-Jemma Cole

16 Male- Oscar Dutton

17 Female-Karli Showell

17 Male-George Targett

20 Female- Roselin Parsons

20 Male- Lincoln Boyack


Records Broken

Oscar Dutton- 16yrs Male Freestyle

Jemma Cole- 16 year Female Butterfly

Roselin Parsons- 20 years Female Butterfly and Backstroke


House Captain Round Up About The Day

Students from years 7 to 12 competed in our Schools Swimming Carnival. This consisted of age groups competing for their houses in swimming races to win not only 1st place but the house trophy. 

The day started off with students walking to the Castlemaine pool, getting into their bathers and sitting in their houses before marshalling for their events such as freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. There was plenty of opportunity for people to join in with a dress up competition, relays and noodle relays! The house spirit was fantastic as people gathered by the side of the pool to cheer for their fellow housemates.

Over the course of the day, medals were won. A special mention goes to Jemma Cole who broke the Butterfly record and Oscar Dutton who smashed his Freestyle record. I managed to break 2 records by 2 seconds each – one in backstroke and one in butterfly!!

The age champions and trophies were announced right at the end of the carnival. Kaweka won the overall girls, Pennyweight won the overall boys and the house that took the grand trophy away was Kaweka! A free swim was on offer afterwards for everyone to cool off. Overall it was a fantastic day full of excitement and water!

Roselin Parsons, Year 12 and Kaweka House Captain



A sun-smart swimming sports!!!

Swimming sports was not only about swimming, cheering and being in the sun, we also had fun reminding ourselves to look after our skin and be smart in the sun!

Zinc Face Painting:

At the Sun Smart Station we also had the option of having the extra bonus of a bit of zinc face painting.

(insert photo of the young girl standing by the sunsmart station with a heart on her cheek)

‘On the Spot Sun Smart Hat’ winners

To win a ‘Get into the Pool Free Voucher’ our students were encouraged to wear a Sun smart, wide-brimmed Sun Smart hat.


Zooper Dooper encouragement to reapply at the 2 hour mark

The Overall Winner of the Sunsmart –est Student at the Swimming sports

This was awarded to Ezra Demchy, who had the 5 sun smart principles in place.




Welcome to the 2019 school year to our entire College community. I extend a special welcome to our new Year 7 students and their families, our new Year 9 Steiner students and their families and several other families who have joined us at other year levels in 2019. This year we have 127 Year 7 students who have enrolled at CSC, and we appreciated meeting many of these students with their families at the recent Family Barbecue for Year 7 families. The students themselves appear to have started the year well and I am sure that they are looking forward to getting to know each other better at the upcoming Year 7 Camp.

Staff Professional Development Day on February 26

Last Tuesday we had our first staff professional development day for the year. On this day, all staff (teachers and support staff) undertook Day 3 of the Berry Street Education Model (BSEM) training, after having previously completed the first two days of this program during our final two professional development days in 2018. The BSEM training has been designed to assist staff with developing highly effective student engagement strategies and to support students to develop better emotional regulation techniques for more effective learning. A key focus of our Day 3 training was to explore ways of promoting a culture of academic persistence and student resilience. Our staff will complete the final day of this four day program at our next professional day in May. Further details about the BSEM program can be found via this link:


Building Update

As mentioned in my Term 4 messages from 2018, there was intensive work occurring with our architects between September and December last year to produce designs for our new school buildings. Students, staff and members of School Council were involved in these meetings. The preliminary designs produced through this work are now being used by the architects to prepare tender documents so that a process to appoint a construction company can commence in May. This will allow construction to commence in Term 3 this year. Demolition of some of our old buildings will occur at the start of the construction process (i.e. the middle of this year), with the remaining old buildings being demolished once our new buildings are finished towards the end of 2020. The new portable building located next to the Wellbeing Building has been moved to our school site to assist us with extra classroom space once demolition of some of our old buildings occurs in the middle of this year.


Paul Frye


Festival and young achievement

Castlemaine State Festival CSC Student Discount

There is a special CSC student discount ticket price for all upcoming Castlemaine Stated Festival performances in large venues. These include The Phee Broadway, The Town Hall, The Goods Shed and The Theatre Royal. Students receive a 20% discount off the concession ticket price and accompanying teachers are free. This applies for groups of 20 students or more. 

CSC Students can also access schools performances at $10 per student for The Childrens Party (participatory performance years 3 and up), Body Concert (all ages dance performance), and My Urrwai (autobiographical comedy suitable for years 3 - adult). These occur during school hours.




Yr 7 BBQ

Thanks to all families that made the Yr. 7 BBQ a success. We appreciate the informal opportunity for families to be welcomed to CSC and meet other families and teachers. Thanks to the VET Hospitably students for providing the salads and to the staff who assisted with cooking.



Cole Waters

6-7 Transition Coordinator

Tia goes to Nationals for Vic. Cricket 

Tia Davidge heads to Canberra to compete for Victoria at Under-15 National Cricket Championships

Great article from The Bendigo Advertiser - click on phtoto



AFL Western Bulldogs Visit

On Tuesday 12th February two AFL players from the Western Bulldogs, Rylee Scott and Aaron Naughton provided a leadership talk with VCE PE students as well as the sport VET Sport and recreation students. This was led by a question and answer session about career aspirations and football pathways. Students prepared questions for the boys prior to coming along.

We thanks the Western Bulldogs football club along with Rhylee and Aaron for opening our eyes about many different topics such as diet, training methods, careers pathways, a day in the life of a professional footballer as well as many other things.




Please note that the Department of Health and Human Services has advised the meningococcal vaccine will NOT be available until 1 April 2019. Therefore, the Year 10 immunisation session will be held on September 11.


Important News

Have your say in the CSC School Council Elections

Following the call for nominations for Parent Member representatives on CSC’s School Council,

from Monday, 4th March, CSC will be giving students the family ballot papers at Mentor to take home.   Included in the ballot pack will be information on each of the candidates to help with your choice and a ballot paper to register your vote.  Votes must be returned to CSC Reception by 4pm on Friday, 13 March.


I wish to extend my gratitude to all students and families that have set extremely high standards in wearing the CSC uniform with pride. Over the past month numerous visitors to the College have made many positive comments on the professional image the student body are portraying, demonstrating a connectedness to our school. With the winter months fast approaching students are reminded that non uniform items can be worn underneath, however they should not be visible. Students who arrive out of uniform should visit the Administration Office to be provide with a change of uniform, or if the item is unavailable, students will be provided with a pass for the day. Families are reminded that CSC can assist with the purchasing of new uniform, please contact either the Administration or Wellbeing Team for help.


Subject changes

As we are one month into the school year, subject changes have now well and truly closed for semester 1. Once again I wish to thank students and their families by adhering to our process for making alterations to their schedule. Changes for semester 2 will open two weeks before and two weeks after the next semester begins. This will provide sufficient time for students and their family to consider if their selections are the right fit. We would expect minimal changes in VCE classes, due to the sequencing of 1-2 and 3-4 units. 


Justin Hird

Assistant Principal

Parking on Lawson Parade

Mount Alexander Shire Council installed signs to clearly designate long parking vs short term parking.  Please take care of where you park as Council parking inspectors will be checking that cars are parked within the allowable spaces and fining those that are not. 

Valuable feedback received via the Start of Year Family Survey

A big thank you to all families who completed the Start of Year Family Survey earlier this month.  In order to improve our services and processes, we asked families the extent to which they agreed or disagreed with a number of statements.  These included how prepared they felt for the start of the 2019 school year, the availability of uniform items and accessibility of the Uniform Shop, the process of enrolling students at CSC, mentor interviews, using XUNO, and the service provided by teaching and education support staff.  Ninety-nine individuals took the survey which took an average of only four minutes to complete.


Since the survey closed, Paul Frye, Principal, Justin Hird, Assistant Principal and I have been analysing the responses and preparing a plan to address the issues raised.

Admin Finance


Family statements will be sent out shortly giving families the opportunity to check that their finances for the College are in order. For those students participating in the music program, term 2 music tuition has now been added to your account.  Payment for music tuition must be paid on a term by term basis to enable your child/ren to participate in the program, ideally within the first 2 weeks of term.


Payment plans for all fees, camps and music tuition are encouraged for families with financial difficulties, bearing in mind that if you are using payment plans for music tuition and camps the full payment is required prior the camp departing and within the first 2 weeks of each term for music tuition.  Unfortunately, excursions cannot be added to payment plans and we can no longer accept excursion forms at the office without the payment attached – for those families who have a credit or CSEF funding available to use please make a small note on the excursion form advising of this.


CSEF Applications

Just a reminder for families to submit their CSEF application forms to the college by 30 June if they haven’t already done so.

CSEF Applications


The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) commenced in 2015 for four years and will provide payments for eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions.


Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students, with $225 per year paid for eligible secondary school students. A special consideration eligibility category also exists. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student.

 Application below:


What is the difference between Moodle and Xuno?

There are two different IT programs used by the college so I would like to take the opportunity to outline the systems currently in use. SMT(Xuno) and Moodle have been designed for different uses. These are as follows:


XUNO  - Originally designed as an IT system to assist in the daily organization of the school, e.g. record attendance, home contact details, roll marking and messaging. SMT will continue to be used for direct communication with parents by the school (i.e. messaging about absences). This requires a login to the portal There has been some feedback from parents who are confused about the dat

Your Username and password were provided in a letter at the beginning of the year.

You can 

  • Check student attendance
  • View school calendar
  • Access student timetables
  • Message your students teachers
  • View past reports
  • Book P/S/T interviews - when scheduled


Moodle – Moodle is a Learning Management System (LMS). This means it is designed to allow access to what is being taught in the classroom.

We recognized the desire from the college community to have access to what is being taught in class so that parents can work with their students to ensure they keep up to date. In response, the college has embarked on providing online access to the curriculum to parents and students anytime, anywhere.  For parents to access the information they just need to go to the following address and log in as a guest – no password is required.

You can access

  • Each of the subjects your students are undertaking
  • Tasks that are being used in class.
  • Outline of the topics that will be covered either through the topic boxes or the course outlines.

Great Outdoors

Wilson's Prom Trip

On the 17th of February, Outdoor Environmental Studies and Outdoor Rec units 3&4 attended a hiking trip to Wilsons Prom. We gathered on Sunday and left at 3pm. After a very long bus trip, we arrived around 9pm. With a good night’s rest, we split into our class groups and began our journey along Wilson’s Prom. Our walk was long, tiring and hard though our reward was seeing a lush, vibrant environment. Our scenery swapped between coastal and rainforest. Once we had finished our long hike, we gathered our supplies and went for a final bout of surfing. The waves were beautiful as they gently engulfed us with their everlasting embrace. We finished surfing and finally got home on the 21st for a good sleep.


Written by Otis, Callan and Jade



On Wednesday 20th February 2019, Year 11 and Year 12 Legal Studies classes travelled to the Bendigo to Magistrates’ Court. It was interesting to go through the security scanner to get into court.


Students actively engaged in role-playing a mock court case in one of the empty courtrooms. They were able to feel what it was like to sit at the bench, in the jury box, the dock and the witness box. Christian made a fine judge, with Michael as the judge’s associate and Adeline the tipstaff. Unfortunately Noa, the accused, was found guilty by the jury of driving over .05 but not guilty of culpable driving!


We then sat in court listening to actual cases involving firearms and drugs charges, assault cases and a diversion order. We were fortunate that the Magistrate finished with time to spare and the students got to ask some thought provoking questions about what they had seen. This was really a highlight of a valuable day at the courts.

Ms Schneider and Mr Stewart

Legal Studies teachers.

Coming Events

Dates to remember....

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events



10-14   Steiner Sydney Camp

11  Labor Day Holiday

12 Yr7/8 Cricket Boys

12 Year 8 Tennis

13 Year 7 & 10 Immunisations

13 School Council Ballot closes

14 - 15 Year 12 Lit French excursion

15 Grand Prix excursion

18 Yr 7 Tennis & Standhurst Senior Tennis

19 Top Arts Music excursion

20-21 Splashdown flat water rafting

30 Buy Sell Swap Morning



1  French Students arrive for exchange

1-2 Tops Arts & Galleries excursion

5  Yr 7/8 Athletic trials

5  End of Term 1

30 Yr 7 Football & Senior Footy

30 Parent Student Teacher Conferences




3  CSC Athletics Carnival

8  Whole School Assembly

9  CSC Cross Country

13 Sandhurst Intermediate Soccer & Netball

14-17 NAPLAN testing

14 VCE Yr 9&10 Drama Cloud Street

15 Year 10 Road Safety 

15 School Council

17 Sandhurst Athletics







Canteen Menu





This years musical is.....

CSC – School Production -2019- ‘The Wedding Singer’


Its official, the production for 2019 , has been announced, our interpretation of the hugely successful 1980’s movie ’The Wedding Singer’. All things 1980’s will be celebrated, reminisced and satirised.  For those of us who were there, there will be a certain amount of nostalgia, mixed with disbelief. This is a fun show, open to all students from year 7 to 12. Audition details are on XUNO, both singing and acting, which will commence the week of March 4. The production will take place at the Phee Broadway, late August.  Questions regarding auditions to Darren Lowe or Kirsten Boerema.



Darren Lowe- Director 2019

Cooking up a storm

Catering for our CTC Past Students Lunch on Sunday


Whats happening in foods

FLO, VCAL and VET students have made a terrific start to the year in the kitchen at Etty Street!  Senior VET Kitchen Ops students prepared a range of delicious salads for the Year 7 BBQ, VCAL VET Kitchen Ops students prepared veggie burgers and sliced the onions for the Swimming Sports BBQ, and FLO students created a range of sweet delights for Valentine's Day.


Homework & Year 10 Work experience

Home-Work-Club … Start Up 2019

  • The Home-Work-Club is again running in the CSC Library this year.
  • Thursdays   (Start 21st February)
  • Time 3:15 – 4:30
  • Milo / Toast / etc provided
  • More info see Lisa Cochrane



Year 10 Work Experience 2019


All Year 10 students at Castlemaine Secondary College in 2019 are to participate in a compulsory one week Work Experience placement of their choice, from the 22nd July until the 25th of July.


Work Experience is part of the schools’ educational program where students experience the world of work, often for the first time. It involves students participating in a short-term industry placement to broaden their experience and understanding of the world of work and possible career opportunities. In general, students will observe different aspects of work within a specific industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor.


A major component of the program is for students to be active participants in the organising of the placement of their choice. It is also recognised that many students need support in finding their placements. To access this support I need them to come and make contact with me.


In the past, many students undertaking Work Experience have been offered apprenticeships, traineeships, school based apprenticeships or part-time work opportunities as a result of their placements.


For the Work Experience to be organised the following documents and tasks need to be completed:


  1. The Work Experience Arrangement Form.
  2. The Work Experience Travel and Accommodation Form.
  3. Two Safe@Work Occupational Health and Safety Modules.


In order for the Work Experience Arrangement Document and the Travel and Accommodation Document to be completed prior to signing, I will require the following information:


  1. The Business Name;
  2. The Business Address;
  3. The Business Contact person – both First and Surname;
  4. The Business Phone contact;
  5. The Business email (if available).


Year 10 students who are undertaking a VET Program as part of their studies are encouraged to undertake the Work Placement component of the VET Program during Work Experience Week.


If you have any questions or there is any reason your child may not be able to participate in a Work Experience placement during these dates, please contact me as soon as possible on 54791111 or by my email (

Mr Cook

Careers/MIPS Co-ordinator


Community Events


Harcourt Football Netball Club

Invites all old and new footballers U11's, U14's, U17's

Training and Registrations at 5pm Mondays at Harcourt Recreation Reserve

Phone Amy 0407 314 378 for anything further.


Castlemaine Secondary College News
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