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08 September 2017
Issue 13
Lilydale High School
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25 Melba Ave
Lilydale, VIC, 3140



Friday 8  

Year 10 Formal

Year 12 Study Skills - Elevate Education


Monday 11

State Championships Clay Target Competition

Year 11 Unit 2 OES Mt Bike Trip


Tuesday 12

Instrumental Music Soiree - Concert 1 - 6 pm

Instrumental Music Soiree - Concert 2 - 7.15 pm


Wednesday 13

Minibeast Excursion


Thursday 14

School Tour - 9 am

Screenagers - Documentary screening - 6.30 pm

Year 7 Immunisations


Friday 15

VCE Music Performance


Saturday 16

New Caledonia Tour (16 to 23)


Tuesday 19

Year 9 & 10 Student Lead Assembly


Thursday 21

Year 12 Connect Education

VCE Music Performance Night - 6 pm


Friday 22 

End of Term 3 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 9

Term 4 Starts


Thursday 12

VCE Drama Solo Performance Evening


Monday 16

Ringwood Magistrates' Court  Excursion


Tuesday 17

DOE Cathedral Ranges Camp (17 to 20)


Wednesday 18

October Arts Festival (18 to 31)


Thursday 19 

Year 9 Resilience and Wellbeing 

Theatre Studies Monologue Performance


Tuesday 24

Year 12  Last Day of Classes - Breakfast


Wednesday 25

Year 12 Festivities Day


Monday 30

DOE Cathedral Ranges Camp (30 Oct - 2 Nov)


Tuesday 31

Immigration Museum Excursion

School Calendars

The following calendars are also available on our school website homepage from the News and Events tab;

  • Whole School Calendar
  • Junior School Calendar
  • Middle School Calendar
  • Senior School Calendar
  • Sports Calendar







Congratulations and well done to the Intermediate Boys Netball team for winning the STATE NETBALL FINAL on  Monday 4 September.  We are very proud of this outstanding sporting achievement.


Special thanks to Emma Diston and Mary Rowson for coaching the team.


3 Way Conferences

Thursday 7 September

Thank you to parents, guardians and students for attending the 3 Way Conferences yesterday.


These conferences gave parents and guardians the opportunity to discuss their child's progress with their teachers and to devise strategies for improvement.


Parents and Guardians are invited to email or phone teachers with any further questions or concerns regarding their child’s progress.

Performance in class

As we head into the last two weeks of Term 3, I encourage all students to ensure they attend school and are up to date with their work in all classes.


Those students who may be unsure of where they are with their work/learning need to check with their classroom teachers and ensure they are fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to their approach to and completion of work. 


To earn a ‘Satisfactory’ in all subjects (Years 7 to 10) students must;

  • Be prepared with resources and equipment
  • Be punctual to school and class
  • Be persistent, don’t give up
  • Have a ‘can do’ attitude
  • Complete all work set
  • Complete all assessments to your best
  • Complete all homework

Wendy Powson



Year 12 students

With the end of Year 12 on the horizon, revision classes will again be held throughout the September holidays to support our students as they revise for the upcoming exams.


Practice exams are scheduled and Master classes offered to assist our students to achieve their best. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the help and advice extended to them. We wish our students well as they begin this most important part of their journey.


Parents are asked to encourage their children to remain abreast of all revision tasks; to attend their revision lectures and access their teachers for assistance over the next few weeks as they head into the examination period.



Expected Standards

Prior to the recent 3 Way Conferences, VCE Interim reports were released on Compass and ‘Non-Satisfactory’ letters sent home for Years 7 to 10 students who have been identified as not meeting the expected standards with regards to effort. 


Making an effort includes; being on time and in all classes, taking equipment and books to classes, having a 'can do' attitude, persisting with the work set - not giving up easily and the completion of all work required by the teacher.


The return of the ‘In-Danger’ letters has continued to meet with a positive response from parents and teachers who have seen it as a means of reminding students of the responsibility they have for their own learning.


Students too, have responded with pleasing positivity as most have ensured they do not receive an ‘N’ on their reports.

3 Way Conferences

All parents were invited to attend the 3 Way Conferences that took place on Thursday 7 September.


Parents and students were encouraged to make appointments with teachers to discuss progress, strategies for improvement and to also celebrate improvement and achievement.


It was highly recommended that any parents of students who received less than satisfactory results on their child’s VCE Interim reports or a Non-Satisfactory letter visit their child’s teacher in order to discuss this result and develop strategies to make the necessary improvements, and many parents took advantage of the opportunity to do just that.


Parents are invited to email or phone teachers with any further questions or concerns regarding their child’s progress.


Janine Sayers

Head of Curriculum


Literacy Week Writing Competition

As a part of Literacy Week celebrations, students from Years 7 to 12 are invited to submit a piece of writing no longer than four hundred words that responds to the prompt:


‘What makes you, YOU?’


Entries are to be submitted at the English stall at the youth summit on Tuesday 19 September.


Exam Preparation - Year Twelve Students

By the end of Week 9, all Year 12 students will have completed their internal coursework. From here, exam preparation becomes the focus.  With this in mind, a practice examination has been set that will take place on September 7, in the School Hall during the 3 Way Conference Day.


This exam will be sent to an experienced VCAA assessor who will provide a score out of ten and some brief feedback for students.


Please be aware that some students still need to make payment $10 for this through the School Office.

Writing Folio - Semester 2 Progress

With there only two weeks remaining of this term, it may be timely to have a conversation with your son or daughter about their progress with the writing folio program for this semester.


Students from Years 7 to 9 are to complete a set amount of ‘polished pieces’ by the end of the year, so the end of Term 3 is a great chance to ensure that students are on track to meet this goal.

Ben Taylor

Head of English


Numeracy Week

It’s 'Numeracy Week' and that means puzzles, challenges and lunchtime games.


On Monday, we ran Mathopoly in the Middle School Quadrangle.   Roll the dice, move ahead and hope you’ll land on a cone and get a Maths question. Get two questions right and win a prize!

On Wednesday, we ran Blockbusters on the Junior School Deck.  Solve all the puzzles on a cube and put them in order to get part of a jumbled message.

Solve all the cubes, to get the whole jumbled message.

Unjumble the message and you’re done.

The whole process takes over half an hour and requires precision and determination.


Solvers included; Callum from 7.37, Rhys from 7.39, Natalia and Hazel from 7.47 and Olivia from 7.52.


This week, we’ve also run online challenges on Compass. There are four puzzles ranging from difficult to ridiculously difficult.


Here they are. Have a go yourself!


Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 has been solved by Damian Armstrong, Gabby Bassett, Casey Conlin, Stellamay Lambert, Rocci Pitasi, Josh Portbury, Nick Reid, Emma Smith, Tyler Swann and Hannah Zinnack.


The fastest solver was Josh Portbury.


Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 has been solved by Damian Armstrong, Rocci Pitasi, Josh Portbury and Hannah Zinnack.


The fastest solver was Josh Portbury.


Puzzle 3

Puzzle 3 has been solved by Gabby Bassett, Stellamay Lambert, Emma Smith, Nick Reid and Hannah Zinnack.


The fastest solver was Hannah Zinack.


Puzzle 4

Puzzle 4 remains unsolved. We had a clever effort using an online anagram solver.


Greg Bourne

Assistant Head of Maths

Maths Tutoring

Cross age tutoring is continuing to run this semester on Monday afternoons from 3.00 pm to 3.45 pm in the Library.  


Students are asked to bring along work to complete or homework sheets to receive some assistance on.


A reminder, parental permission is required. Students must bring a note along to the session.


Elizabeth Rundell

Head of Maths


Jewish Holocaust Museum Excursion

As part of the Year 10 History From Peace to War course, one of the significant events that students study is the Holocaust. To deepen their understanding of the loss of over six million Jews during the reign of the Nazis, students visit the Jewish Holocaust Centre (JHC) where they are able to hear from a survivor. 


On Thursday August 31, the two classes heard from Jack who was 15 years old when he was forced into a labour camp.  In 1943, he was sent to the infamous Auschwitz extermination camp and was tattooed with the number 140964, a number that is still a visible reminder of his ordeal today.  


After hearing from Jack, students had the opportunity to be guided around the museum.


At the conclusion of the tour, Georgia Crosby and Jack lit a candle in remembrance of those that perished in the Holocaust. 


Students are to be commended on their excellent behaviour and for the respect that they displayed at the JHC.  All are encouraged to like the Facebook page and YouTube channel that the centre has set up.


The Jewish Holocaust Centre was established under the patronage of Yad Vashem, Jerusalem and, from its humble beginnings in 1984, has grown to become an active and internationally-recognised institution dedicated to combating racism, hatred and prejudice by fostering tolerance and understanding.


REMEMBER — The 30 Year Story

This film looks atthe past 30 years and how the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne has grown.

Kristy Mays

VCE Humanities Teacher

Battle for Australia Ceremony Excursion 

The Battle for Australia Ceremony held on Thursday 6 September this year, commemorates the service and sacrifice of all those who served in defence of Australia in 1942 and 1943 when we faced the gravest threats to our nation.


This national day of observance provides recognition and greater community awareness of the contribution of those who fought in the Battle for Australia.


There were direct attacks on the Australian mainland, particularly in Darwin, battles in the Coral Sea and Papua and New Guinea, including Milne Bay and the Kokoda Track.


I was honoured and surprised that in this year’s service, the Shrine’s Governor and Battle For Australia Chairman Colonel John Coulson (retired), mentioned my grandfather, Jim (James) Bruce.  Seventy five years ago, my Pa fought on the Kokoda Track with the 39th Battalion and he was commemorated at a service two weeks ago at the Shrine. When speaking with John, Pa mentioned how important it is for people to remember what happened. John echoed that sentiment again today.

I would like to pay special thanks to the Year 12 students who attended today’s service; Ollie Hackett, James Fenby, Emma Fenby, Emily Rice, Taylor Fergus, Caleb McKeon, and Matt Musilli.


Many of these students have been attending the Battle For Australia Ceremony since they began at Lilydale High School and their support over the years for this ceremony, and other ceremonies that we attend at the Shrine, is very much appreciated.


Special thanks to Emma and Caleb for being our wreath bearers today.


Kristy Mays

VCE Humanities Teacher

7.47 History

Hazel Concalves


Gwen Haritonidis


Year 8 Indonesian

Year 8 Indonesian students have been writing descriptions of animals in preparation for a visit to the Reptile Room where they will study one of the reptiles or amphibians.


Students will then create a page for a book describing the animals in Indonesian.


Student Exchange Australia New Zealand

In January 2018, we will be receiving exchange students from Austria, Finland, Germany, Italy and Japan.


Our new arrivals will live with a host family and attend a local school for 3, 5 or 10 months.  As we plan for their arrival, we are keen to hear from suitable families who might be interested to host a student.


Hosting an exchange student can be a truly rewarding experience. It allows a family to experience a foreign culture first hand, be exposed to a new language and pass on a bit of our own culture. They might even make a friend for life!


All students have at least basic levels of English, would attend a school in your local area and live the life of a local.


You can view more profiles of students arriving soon from our website. Please note that this is just a handful of the students who will be arriving.


For more information please click below.


Secondary Student Exchange Programs


Over the summer break, spend 2-3 months in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden or United Kingdom, living with a host family and attending school.


For most destinations you can leave in November and get back home in time to resume school. You can also leave at other times of the year but be sure to talk to us about your requirements.


Click here to find out more about our short programs.



This involves you in a unique exchange program where Australian students are ‘matched’, with a student in either France, Canada or Italy. You choose which country and spend 3 months with each other’s families and attend school. It amounts to twice the experience and at a fraction of the usual cost of a 3 month exchange program.


Click here to find out more about our 2WayExchange program.



Spend either 4 - 6 months (semester) or 10 -12 months (year) in one of over 25 destinations; living with a host family and attending school. Departures early in the year or mid year.


You can choose from departures in January, February, March (Japan) or July to September.


Click here to watch our destination videos or download our map of program destinations.


Click here to find out more about our semester and year programs.



If your preference is to attend school and live with a host family as part of a student exchange program you’ll be interested to know that many countries do allow students to go on exchange during a gap year. Our staff will be able to advise you whether you will be eligible for your preferred destination.


Click here to view a list of destinations that will accept students on a gap year.


For more information, please visit Student Exchange Australia Zealand website;


Sharon Stoyanoff

Head of Languages


Year 8 (SEALP)
Yarra Ranges Tech School Reflection

The Day Of Wonder 

On Friday 25 August, 8.69 embarked to the newly opened Yarra Ranges Tech School to tackle the High Tech Hospital challenge.


We had previously been completing the challenge in class, so to visit the Tech School was like a culmination of our hard work.


Our aim for the day was to program robots effectively and create a 60 second or more ‘routine’ to entertain sick patients, or help the rehabilitation of recovering patients.


We were first led through an introduction of sorts, where we were trained in how to effectively use the software that programs the robots we needed to use. We used the programming software Robo Plus to program our robots.


My group was challenged to program the Puppy robot, while some other groups got the Humanoid robot.


I was able to successfully tackle the 4 C’s on the day by:


Communicating with my team effectively the whole day, and using my leader position to ensure my team was staying on track and working through any issues we faced.


Creatively thinking and thinking outside of the box to program our puppy to do wacky actions and movements, not seen before.


Collaborating with my team, and using ideas and thoughts we all had to create the ideal final routine.


Critically thinking, and resolving issues that constantly popped up throughout the day.


Overall, the day was a highly valuable opportunity to explore technology and coding. I was originally not very excited to be at the tech school, however my expectations were surpassed and I actually had a good time trying something new. I would love to try coding at the tech school again, and next time maybe have more involvement in what the programming is aimed at.


Mariah Derksen 8.69A


September Soiree

The September Soiree is coming up on Tuesday 12 September.  The Soiree is the concert where our Instrumental Music students get to perform solos or small ensembles for their families and friends.  


There will be 2 concerts to cater for the number of performance items in the Performing Arts Theatre.


Concert 1,  will commence at 6 pm for the voice, piano and guitar students. 


Concert 2, will commence at 7.15 pm for the woodwind, brass and percussion students. 







LHS Band

The LHS Band will be involved in a joint band workshop  and concert, from 10 am to 2 pm on Tuesday 18 September.


There will be band students coming to join our band from Greensborough College and St Helena Secondary College.


LHS Band members and parents are reminded to go onto Compass to give consent for the day. 

Bring it On the Musical

Congratulations, to the many Instrumental Music students that played a role of some kind, whether it was acting, singing, back stage or conducting in the recent production of "Bring It On".


It was great to see how talented our music students are. 

End of Year Concert

The date for this concert will be set soon.  Stay tuned for more details to see all of the school bands and ensembles perform.


Kate McAlister

Head of Instrumental Music


Intermediate Boys AFL

I could not be more proud of the Intermediate Boys AFL team this year. We started on a cold and miserable day in Term 2 against the local schools and progressed through a number of different sporting academies on our way to the state finals.


We easily accounted for our quarter final opponent before taking on a very strong Lowanna College in the state semi-final.


In a seesawing match where we gave up a 17 point lead early in the last quarter to come away 1 point winners was an outstanding achievement. This result put us in the state final against Emanuel College, Warrnambool.



The STATE FINAL on Thursday 31 August, was an incredible game of junior football with both teams playing an attacking and strong brand of footy on the immaculate Highgate reserve in Cragieburn.  


 With the strong support of the LHS community we controlled the majority of the game with winners in nearly every position.


Our coaches Tyler Phillips and Jeremy Neumann were working overtime on the bench to ensure our rotations allowed us to run out the game strongly in a tight final quarter. Unfortunately the pattern of the game continued in the last quarter with LHS controlling the game without being able to put the opposition away as we could not capitalise on the scoring opportunities we were creating.


Emanuel College fought back late in the game, scoring a goal to put them less than one goal behind before taking a mark in front of goal in the final seconds of the game. With our hearts in our mouths, we watched the Emanuel kick sail through for a goal and hand us a 2 point defeat after the siren.  Final scores were 7, 4: 46 to 5, 14: 44.


The result was incredibly disappointing and was a stark reminder that football can be a cruel game. However the effort, courage, sportsmanship and passion in which the boys represented the school could never be understated and they have enhanced both their own and the school's credibility as a state level team.

Daniel Toma


Tennyson gives his pre match perspective as we prepare to take on Emmanuel College in the Intermediate State Final.



Year 7 Basketball

Well done to all the Year 7 boys and girls that competed in the Yarra Group Basketball on Friday 1 September.


All the students played with great spirit and sportsmanship.


The A boys and A girls along with the B girls managed to finish first, which was a fantastic effort.




Alister Stuart

Intermediate Boys Netball State Final Champions!

Monday 4 September

Congratulations to the following boys who represented Lilydale High School in the State Netball finals;

GS: Jarrod Gilbee

GA: Riley Spicer

WA: Jack Bateman & Jayden Weichard

C: Beau Tennant

WD: Lachlan Johnson & Cayden Maki

GD: Jack Hourihan

GK: Connor Walker


It was a superb team effort.   A convincing win in the GRAND FINAL, beating your opponents 26 -12!  Well done boys!

Emma Diston


Bring it On The Musical

Thursday 31 August to Saturday 2 September


Last week, was the culmination of months of hard work with the cast, band and crew performing 5 SOLD OUT shows in front of an audience.


The week began with the tech run on Monday night, with a preview audience made up of staff members. The students were absolutely overwhelmed by the support and the staff had nothing but rave reviews for the amazing talent and quality of the show.


This preview show was followed up by a Wednesday matinee in front of an audience of 230 primary school students and their teachers. After the show, the cast were bombarded with requests for photos and selfies with the primary school students, once again reinforcing that they had an amazing show on their hands.




Thursday, opening night! The butterflies were definitely fluttering as the cast, band and crew arrived early to prepare for the evening’s show. The nerves were quickly settled as the show began, and once again, we were overcome with positive reviews.


Jump ahead to Saturday, a huge day with both a matinee and an evening performance, not to mention the emotions that come with the thought of this being the final day of shows. The tears began to run as the audience filtered in for the final night, and were again flowing as the Year 12’s took their final bow during the presentations after the evening’s show.



On behalf of the Production Team, we cannot express how proud we are of all the students that have been involved throughout the production process.  From planning, to auditions, set painting and construction, rehearsals, band rehearsals, backstage crew, front of house helpers, hair and makeup team, we have been absolutely floored by the dedication and commitment of the students.


We also thank the parents for sacrificing your time with your children so they can attend after school, weekend and holiday rehearsals. Without your constant support, we would not have been able to create the quality show that we did.



Thank you to everyone who helped us throughout the rehearsal period, and especially those who helped on the nights,  selling flowers, running the candy bar, ushering, selling programs, and to those who supported the students on stage by coming to see the show.


It is a bittersweet feeling coming to the end of this amazing experience, but we could not be more proud of what we have been able to achieve. Well done on an amazing show guys! Enjoy a well earned rest and be proud of what you created.


#productionteamout #perfectmoment


Amy Cumming and Catherine Zavrou

School Production Team


Year 10 Catering and Food Sem 2

Eleni Stavrou class


Melbourne Writers' Festival 2017: Dark Places

Wednesday 30 August

This excursion complemented the extra-curriculur program Book Lovers' Club.


All members of the Book Lovers (students in Years 7-12) were offered the opportunity to attend the session 'Dark Places', in which two young adult fiction authors discussed their recent novels.



Year 8 Home Economics


Year 8 Learning Goals


Year 8 Ceramics


Year 8 Novel Study

Throughout the year, students have been honing their skills in making evidence based inferences, in both short stories and persuasive texts.


This term, the Year 8s have been practising these skills on a much wider scale, studying a novel analytically.


Students are able to identify the big ideas evident in a text, and what message the author is trying to communicate to their chosen audience. From there, students are gathering and analysing evidence of these messages, which will be distilled into a structured analytical essay.


This is a wonderful achievement for our Year 8's.

Jess Bishop

English/English Language Teacher

Library Resource

Our marvellous librarians have created a picture book display around Indigenous Histories to coincide with Junior School student's current History studies.


Melissa McMillan

Assistant Principal


Photo: 827 dig into their learning about sedimentary rocks!

What's happening in Steamworks!

Students have been working on a lot of team based projects the last few weeks.  From 3D printer maintenance to refining the visuals in the Virtual Reality room.


The student run sticker business had their first meeting and are planning to begin prototype printing next week.


We have had Humanities, English and Science classes in,  doing very interesting student centred work.  It has been amazing to see so many students build their 21st Century learning skills.  


Fantastic work to all staff and students involved!!


Tony Vallance

Steamworks Photos!



Fine Arts and Music Degrees at University of Melbourne

Year 12 students applying for Fine Arts or Music courses at the University of Melbourne for 2018 are encouraged to take note of extra-requirements for eligibility to be selected.


All applicants must submit their Supplementary Application Form (available from their VTAC User Account) by the dates listed. Details of the audition/folio/test/interview will be sent to applicants between late September and early November.


Visit  to confirm the summary of extra requirements.

Changes to Education Degrees for 2018

Students wishing to choose a teaching degree, may be required to sit the CASPer test as part of their selection into a teaching course, attain an ATAR of 65, and may also be required to undertake the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education prior to graduating.


Students should check VTAC ( for a full list of requirements.


Information about CASPer can be found at

VCE Essentials

Units 3 & 4 Final Exam Revision Lectures 2017

The University of Melbourne

Saturday 23 September – Sunday 22 October 


VTAC Applications OPEN for Year 12 students

Students who are applying for post-secondary education at University or TAFE in 2018 will need to create an account by going to


Students can select up to 8 course preferences and will be able to pay the administration fee online ($35 for timely applications).


Students are reminded to apply by September 28 (5.00 pm) to avoid late fees ($103 for late applications and $134 for very late applications).


Once students have applied, they have the option of changing their course preferences until December 20 (12 noon).


Students are reminded that the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) will close on October 10 at 5 pm and Scholarships close on October 13 at 5 pm.


Some courses with entrance tests, folios or interviews,  may close early and it is ultimately the applicant's responsibility to check all submission and application dates listed on VTAC.

Apprenticeships available now!

Royans Group, Australia's largest truck and trailer accident repair specialists are currently seeking candidates for apprenticeships in the following areas;

  • Panel Beater
  • Body making/Fabrication


Workshop located at 14 Royan Place, Bayswater North.

Apply by calling Jake Basterfield on 9737 2444, Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm.


Don't forget to say you are from Lilydale High School.

OPEN DAYS - 2017


Tim Kogelman and Craig Harris

Career Practitioners



Lilydale High School is proud to present the documentary film SCREENAGERS!


Thursday 14 September 


Performing Arts Theatre

Tickets $13




Tickets can also be purchased online from the school website homepage or LHS Facebook event page.


SCREENAGERS reveals how tech time impacts kids’ development and offers solutions on how adults can empower kids to best navigate the digital world and find balance.



Trent Silk

Assistant Principal


A Keep Cup Commercial - Matthew Musilli and Will Crooke

Have you purchased your KeepCup yet?


If not, then let the following commercial convince you to get yours TODAY!



Small - $12.50
Medium - $14.00
Large - $15.00


  • Purchase one for you and for all the family.
  • $3 from the sale of each cup goes towards recycling programs for our school.
  • STOP the 1 billion coffee cups hitting landfill each and every year!
  • Receive discounts around town from participating cafes.



Local Council - Change!

Change is coming from our local council to all schools in the area though the efforts of our Green Team.


Monday afternoon,  members of the Green Team, Matthew Musilli and Taylor Fergus sat with Yarra Ranges Mayor Noel Cliff and Graham Brew EO Waste Management and Infrastructure Services to present their argument for revising the council's 'Waste Services Policy'.  



The section of the policy referred to the allocation and distribution of bins to all 120 schools and pre-schools in the region.  Currently all may receive up to 4 bins; co-mingled recycling bins free of charge, irrespective of student population.



The team proposed that instead, bins be allocated on a per capita basis relative to student numbers.  They also presented their results from the waste audit conducted earlier this year. The audit indicated that we have less than half the number of bins required to deal with our recycling effectively.



The meeting was very positive and the Mayor and Mr Brew agreed that the policy needs to change and reflect a more accurate representation of the recycling needs of all schools.


The policy will be reviewed in the next two months and the team has been invited back in January to the council forum where they will witness the passing of new policies and changes, in particular the policy they have changed.  The change will then take effect from July 1st 2018.


A fantastic outcome from the efforts of all the Green Team including Ualani Miller, Ollie Hackett, Matthew Musilli and Taylor Fergus.


A huge shout out to the Mayor of Yarra Ranges Noel Cliff who has supported and has dedicated himself to continuing to support the team in all their future efforts.


Greenest Regards

Peter Ross  and The Green Team


Photo: Year 7 Football


Thursday 14 September

Year 7 Immunisations


Friday 22 September

End of Term 3 - 2.30 pm FINISH


Monday 9 October

Term 4 Starts


Please also refer to the Junior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.


Year 7 Football

On Wednesday 16 August, the Year 7 Boys AFL team attended the Victorian State Quarter Finals. They competed against Notre Dame College from Shepparton for a spot in the State Semi Final.


It was a very windy day that created a scrappy and physical football match. Our players fought hard at every contest throughout the match, but unfortunately went down by a couple goals.


Connor Smith from 7.41 was best on ground for the day. At half back, his football smarts and silky foot skills were very valuable in such conditions.


Our other best players included; Jackson Gilbee, Fletcher March, Tyson Best and Jye Peacock.


This was a school football campaign that started back in April, with around 400 teams in the competition. To make an appearance at the finals and be recognised in the best 8 teams in the state, is a massive accomplishment.


On behalf of Lilydale High School, I would like to congratulate the boys on their achievement. I would also like to thank the parents and family members who came to support the students at their games throughout the year.


Lets hope the team can improve on their efforts in 2018. 

Jeremy Neumann

Year 8 Ceramics


Student Absences

Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations and approve outstanding absences your child may have on COMPASS.


Junior School should be contacted if it is expected that your child will be away for more than two days.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact the Junior School Office and speak with Kerri Skewes or Kerrie O'Rourke.



Junior School Coordinators



Friday 8 September

Year 10 Formal


Tuesday 19 September

Year 9 & 10 Student Lead Assembly


Friday 22 September

End of Term 3 - 2.30 pm Finish



Monday 9 October

Term 4 Starts


Please refer to the Middle School Calendar on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.



Year 9 Captains Report

Time has flown past really quickly and we only have two weeks left of Term 3.


Last week from the 31 August to 2 September, Lilydale High School cast of Bring it On The Musical, performed 4 shows, plus two shows for the teachers and Grade 6 students from near by primary schools.  Great reviews came back from audience members.  The show even got promoted in a local newspaper.


On Tuesday 5 September, the group of talented students that made it through to the second round of athletics competed.  Congratulations to the winning students.


From Weeks 6-8 of Term 3, groups of Year 9 students went and explored the city, in City Experience.  The students had to choose their own groups, get their own way to and from the city and make their way around the city.  


They went to the Shrine of Remembrance, the MCG, Queen Victoria Market, the Old Melbourne Gaol and Eureka Skydeck.  They  also embarked on an Amazing Race, where they had to find check points around the city using only clues.


On Thursday 7 September, the 3 Way Conferences were held.  Parents and students could find out how they were going in all of their classes and if they needed to improve on anything. 


Good luck for the rest of Term 3.


Reuben and Keira

Year 9 City Experience

Wednesday 23 August – Friday 25 August          

Wednesday 30 August – Friday 1 September       Wednesday 6 September – Friday 8 September


Year 9 students had a wonderful time during the 3 Day City Experience program around the city of Melbourne!


Michael Bourne

Year 9 Tasmania Camp Final Payment

A reminder, the 2nd Payment $450 is due Friday 22 September, on COMPASS or through the School Office.

Year 10 Formal

Friday 8 September

Karralyka Centre

Ringwood East

6.30 pm - 10.30 pm


Attached below are the final arrangements for the evening;


Year 10 - Keys Please

On Monday 4 September, a 'Keys Please' Education session was held for Year 10 students on how to use the learning to drive period, get 120 hours of practice and become safe drivers.


The session included the following;

  • The reason young drivers are at risk and why driving experience is so important.
  • The importance of learning to drive in stages – from simple tasks on quiet roads to more difficult drives in all sorts of road, weather and traffic conditions.
  • The importance of developing a positive partnership between learners and their parents.
  • Risks for new drivers. 



Please assist us to fulfil our legal obligations and approve outstanding absences your child may have on COMPASS.


If you have forgotten your Compass username and password, please contact the Middle School Office and speak with Lauren Kelso.


Middle School Coordinators



Friday 8 September

Year 12 Study Skills


Monday 11 September 

VCE Master Classes (11 Sept to 15 Oct)


Friday 22 September

End of Term 3 - 2.30 pm Finish


Monday 9 October

Start of Term 4


Tuesday 24 October

Last day Year 12 classes - Pancake breakfast


Wednesday 25 October

Year 12 Festivities Day


Wednesday 1 to Wednesday 22 November

VCAA Exam Period


Friday 10 November

Last Day Year 11 Classes


Monday 13 - Friday 17 November

Year 11 Exam period


Monday 20 - Thursday 23 November

Year 11 into 12 Orientation


Thursday 23 November

Year 11 Awards Ceremony


Tuesday 5 December

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner


Please also refer to the Senior School Calendar available on the school website for the full list of important dates/events.



Revision Lectures

Students can book via Compass for Connect Education Revision Lectures. The cost is $35 per session and includes a comprehensive revision book.


Tuesday 19 September

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm - Further Maths

3.30 pm to 5.30 pm - Maths Methods


Thursday 21 September

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm - Accounting


Tuesday 10 October

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm - Business Management


Thursday 12 October

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm - Health & Human Dev 

3.30 pm to 5.30 pm - Psychology



VCE Masterclass Program 2017

Unit 3 & 4 Examination Preparation

Monday 11 September to Sunday 15 October


In support of students studying Units 3 & 4 at Healesville High School, Lilydale Heights College, Lilydale High School, Mooroolbark College, Yarra Hills Secondary College and Upper Yarra Secondary College,  a Masterclass program has been developed to assist students prepare and revise for their upcoming VCE Examinations.



Lilydale High School

Performing Arts Centre




Credit card payment is required at the time of booking, 30 cent booking fee applies


Please click on the attachment for a list of dates and masterclasses;


Year 12 Study Skills

All Year 12 students will be involved in Study Skills sessions run by Elevate Education on Friday 8 September.


The cost per student is $25 and should be paid on Compass by Friday 1 September.  A hot dog lunch will be provided.


These sessions focus on exam techniques and memory mnemonics.



Year 12 'Coffee and Cookie' day!

On Wednesday 30 August,  Year 12's enjoyed a hot beverage and a cookie during lunch. This wellbeing initiative was devised to keep our students' spirits up as their final sacs loom and they bunker down into 'study mode'.


Congratulations and thank you to Taylor Fergus and Ollie Hackett of 'The Green Team' for organising the coffee van. It was great to see so many LHS keep cups out in force!



Peer Support Camp Reflections

Lotus Fakatava, Year 11 Captain


I think the idea of Peer Support Camp is really hitting the nail on the head. The camp is designed for Year 10 students, and this year, it took a new turn. This year was student-run and creatively designed right to the brim by a group of Year 11's. It’s made for young people, to inspire young people.


Setting out on the journey just to nearby Mt Evelyn, the initial logistics of the camp may have felt less exciting, yes, but heading straight into our first session, the Leaders really laid out what the camp was actually about.....'An experience where young people could learn things they typically wouldn't, or can't, at school'.


Throughout camp asking the Year 10's what expectations they had, we received a big pile of, "I don't know's", which really contributed to the beauty of the experience; expecting little and coming out with a lot.


The environment of the camp really is like no other. Knowing this, I was super keen to work with the Year 10's,and really help draw out the experience and guidance for them. Students with all sorts of personalities; theatre kids or sport, naughty list or nice, A-grades or not, really interested me so much. I was stunned to think what the picture would look like, once we all finished painting it (that's a metaphor, by the way).


Post camp, a fair bit of buzz was created; positive feedback. The attention of satisfied parents reached the Administration  team.   Hearing this at the time of returning back to school meant a lot. I was filled with a sense of wonder, for what the parents may be seeing different in their child.


Congratulations to the Year 11 Group: Cailey Nolan, Chloe Varley, Hailey Conder, Jacinta Ralph, Jade Tully, Cody Andrews, Daniel Forssman, Leon Bamford, Lochie Large and Max Scopel. I don't think it's easy for us to really understand the impact we guided. Our actions were seen by a lot of people, and that's a lot of sets of eyes.


Opening up and unfolding the individual layers of who we are, is an amazing experience.  It's so good that these participants on the camp were witnesses to that and learnt so much about themselves through that.


Improved Performance Time (IPT)

VCE students have study periods together on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Periods 5 and 6 and Friday Period 6.


The aim is to run all SACs, examinations, level assemblies, guest speakers and other activities during this time to minimise class disruption.


If there are no relevant activities for your child during this time, they are free to go home to study.  However, students are more than welcome to stay at school and study.



A reminder that if your child misses a School Assessed Coursework (SAC) they must get a medical certificate to enable them to sit the SAC in the next available IPT time slot.


Students will not be granted SAC redemption unless they have a medical certificate or it is a school-approved absence. If there are extenuating circumstances please let us know and we will make a decision based on the VCAA guidelines.


Once a student has been approved for SAC redemption, they will be required to sit the SAC the next available time slot. 


The times for SACs are:

Monday - SAC Redemption 3 pm - 4.30 pm

Tuesday - Periods 5 and 6

Thursday - Periods 5 and 6

Friday - Period 6 (one period SAC only)


VCE Attendance

It is a requirement at Lilydale High School that students attend all timetabled classes so that teaching and learning opportunities can be maximised.


If students have reached their limit for absences from class there is an opportunity for this time to be redeemed. Students can speak to their Year Level Coordinator to discuss making this time up at lunchtime, during afternoon study periods, or after school.


Furthermore, it is a requirement that students attend Home Group, even if they have Study periods, Periods 1 and 2.


VCE Cars

PARKING is available in the Stadium Car Park .

Students must inform the VCE Coordinators of their licence plate numbers and car make and colour.




Students may obtain their parents’ permission to be driven to and from school in another student’s car.  A written note from both students’ parents must be given to the VCE Coordinators before driving another student or siblings.


Student Absences

Any absences from school must be parent/guardian approved – you can do this through a signed note or you can approve your child’s absences via the 'Parent Approval' button on Compass. 


If you have forgotten the parent Compass username and password, please contact Jenny McLean in the Senior School Office.


VCE Coordinators

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