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01 February 2018
Term 1 Week 1 2018
From the Principal
Dates to Remember
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From the Secondary Campus
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From the Principal

Welcome back to Heritage College 2018

I would like to extend a very warm and Christian welcome to all our Heritage College families and students.  Welcome to another dynamite year of fun and learning. This year we have many new families and I would like to especially welcome you all here.  I hope and pray that you will quickly feel part of the Heritage family.


This week's newsletter will be dedicated to sharing important information that all families will need to please read, understand and communicate with others.


Mr Sonny Aiono


What’s New? A brand new Prep learning area!

Extra, extra, read all about it!  Narre Warren South has moved prep rooms to the south end of the College beside the MPC.  You will notice that the most junior members of our College are now located towards the old Year 3/4 area.  This space is now dedicated to the Prep and Year 1 students.  


There is also a brand new learning space created just for these students to enjoy and learn in.  Feel free to browse the pictures or come along to the College and check it out.  

We still have room in these classes but time is running out.  We look forward to further development in this space over the coming months and years.

What's new? A Multipurpose Centre at Officer

During the holiday period I met with the Architect, Finance Officer and Maintenance manager for Heritage College to discuss final details of the MPC to be built at our Officer campus.  

The process now is with the architect and builders will be approved before the end of term.  We will keep everybody up to date with this process especially as it will have an impact on everyday driving in and out of our Officer campus for several months, once building begins later in the year.   Exciting news!  Watch this space!  

What's New? A Home & School Committee

A Home and School Committee will be launching in 2018.  Thank you to several of our parents who have indicated your interest either via the newsletter in 2017 and/or at Registration Day.


I look forward to working with you all and developing the best Home and School Committee in all of Victoria!  Please watch your emails for a google form to indicate a suitable time to meet.  Also, if you are keen to join our committee please complete the Google form via this link; https://goo.gl/forms/DoE5dlwEx1J3mAEi2.  Thank you.

What's new?  The School Handbook

Heritage College leadership and PB4L committee have edited, reviewed and are pleased to present to the College community our new School Handbook.  The front cover reveals our new Positive Behaviour For Learning (PB4L) logo and phrase "We Stand Tall".   


Can you guess where the words below the logo come from?  They are the words of our School Vision.  We hope you are able to have a look through some time this term and ask us any questions if you need anything clarified or even give us some feedback about it.  Please do so by clicking the link below:


What's new?  A new uniform process

Heritage College seeks to encourage Excellence in all of our student community.  One way to facilitate Excellence is in the way we wear our uniforms. 
From time to time students may not arrive in the correct uniform.  There are always a variety of reasons for incorrect uniform.  We understand the reasons and want you to know that we will all work together to ensure students uphold an excellent standard in their uniform.  If a student is not in correct gear, for whatever reason, they will be given a 'pink band'.  The date and signature of the teacher issuing will be placed on the band.   The reason will be recorded into our Student Management System, next to the student's name. 
Please note that the band is only to identify that the incorrect uniform item has been dealt with and to ensure that no further queries are made by staff.  It also doubles as a reminder to the student that they are to quickly remedy the incorrect item.  
Thanks for your support and understanding with this new process.  Let us know what you think by completing a feedback form via this link; https://goo.gl/forms/03xvrrAth0LbLfNk2.  Thank you.

Who's New?

We would like to welcome our new staff and their families to Heritage College this year.  We certainly hope you will feel at home here.


Welcome to Pastor Lagi and family.  Pastor Lagi will be our new Chaplain this year.  He has had many years of experience as a Chaplain in South Australia and has worked extensively with Gilson College.  He is excited to work here at Heritage College and we look forward to seeing him around both campuses as the year progresses. 


Welcome also to Julia Wawruszak who will be our Canteen Coordinator.  She comes to us with a lot of healthy ideas for the canteen and a lot of experience in the kitchen.    


Also welcome to all the other new staff who were mentioned in our previous newsletter in 2017. 



Dates to Remember


Tuesday, 6th February

OC Primary Information Night

Secondary Swimming Carnival


12th - 16th February

Whole School Festival of Faith


Monday, 12th February

Year 7 Information Night


Tuesday, 13th February

NWS Information Night

Year 9 Information Night


Friday, 16th February

Whole School Dedication Afternoon/Evening

School Fees Due


Saturday, 17th February

Whole School Sabbath Program


19th - 22nd February

Year 9 Camp


Monday, 19th February

VCE SEISS Basketball



Tuesday, 20th February 

Primary Athletics Carnival


Friday, 23rd February

Bus Fees Due


Thursday, 1st March

Year 9 SEISS Basketball


Friday, 2nd March

Clean Up Australia Day


Monday, 5th March

Secondary Athletics Carnival


Tuesday, 6th March

Year 10 SEISS Basketball


Monday, 12th March

Labour Day



13th - 16th March

Year 10 Camp


Tuesday, 13th March

SEISS Swimming Carnival (backup 19th March)


Thursday, 15th March

ASV Years 1-3 Combined Sports Day


Monday, 19th March

Year 8 SEISS Basketball


20th - 25th March

Year 11 Avondale Camp


21st - 23rd March

Year 8 Camp


Wednesday, 21st March 

Harmony Day NWS


Monday, 26th March

National Leaders Day

Year 7 SEISS Basketball


Tuesday, 27th March

Parent/Teacher Interviews

S -v- S Challenge


Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day

General Information

Canteen Return

Please note the canteen will resume in Week 3, Monday, 12th February 2018.


Watch this space for more news on updates and a new menu.


Thank you.

From the Secondary Campus

Secondary House Swimming Carnival


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