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19 October 2018
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Central Australia Camp 2018
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Principal's Report

Welcome to Term 4

Our most recent Newsletter informed parents, students and the community of the retirement of our long standing and highly respected Principal David Finnerty.

I write to you now as Acting Principal and will be in the role until the end of Term 4 2018. It has been a privilege to work as part of the Executive Leadership Team with David, and under his mentorship, I feel I am well prepared, and am very excited to take on the very important role of leading this wonderful community at Hampton Park Secondary College.

Following on from this, Ms Vanessa Dennis will be undertaking my role as Assistant Principal in Term 4.  I am sure the college community will join me in congratulating her upon her appointment to this position.

The start of term four has been a very busy one, especially for our Year 12 students and teachers who are finalising course content and beginning revision for exams. The  VCE students  have undertaken a series of practice exams in the last week of Term 3, including a three hour English exam that has been marked an by external examiner. Many students showed their diligence and commitment to their studies by attending Year 12 holiday classes and catch up exams. I would like to thank Mr Cameron Christiansen in particular, and the Year 12 teachers, who ran classes and gave up their holiday time to administer these.

Interviews for Senior VCAL students began in the second week of term, so the first week saw them very busy completing outcomes and getting prepared to present evidence of their learning to an interview panel. Certificate students will have an Expo to present their learnings also. 

Friday October 19th is the final day of scheduled classes for Year 12s and the Secret Mystery Excursion Day is on Monday October 22nd,  which is a great opportunity for the cohort to celebrate and enjoy themselves before the exam period. The final assembly for Year 12 students on Tuesday October 23rd and Thursday evening is the Valedictory Dinner, which overall makes it a very busy week!

After these celebrations, a serious and focused period of exam preparation will begin for VCE students, beginning with a 3 hour practice English exam on Wednesday October 24th. We encourage all families to support their Year 12 students by having a quiet study area and a regular study schedule organised.

We wish our VCE students the best for their exams and want parents and students to know that our support continues after exams and after VTAC offers have been made. VCAL and Certificate students will be working with the HPSC Careers team and with the support of families to investigate further study, pre-apprenticeship or work placements and we wish them well in their future pathways.

Our Student Leadership selection process is currently underway under the guidance of Ms Dennis, and the new College Captains for 2019 will be announced soon. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate all student leaders in 2018 who have made some wonderful contributions to college life this year. We appreciate your extra commitment and involvement that makes HPSC the great school that it is.

If you have passed the front gates recently, you will have noticed the sign indicating that our school will be undertaking a building program. This is wonderful news for the College as we continue to upgrade and innovate student learning spaces. The down side of a building program is the disruption during construction which will begin in the next few months. We will however attempt to minimise this for staff and students and we look forward to the new spaces coming on line. A big thank you to Mr Youssef who has taken charge of the building project and is administering it so capably.

On a final note, I hope all families can take the upcoming Cup Day opportunity to spend valuable, quality time together, enjoying each other’s company and our great outdoors.

Melbourne Cup Eve
November 5th

Historically, a large number of our families take the opportunity to have a long weekend attached to the Melbourne Cup Holiday.


As a consequence, Hampton Park College will be running an alternative program with combined classes for the remaining students on Monday, 5th November.  This will ensure that absent students will not be disadvantaged on their return to school. Consequently no new content will be introduced to students on this day.


If your family is planning to spend the time together please enter this absence as a 'Parent Choice' on your Parent Compass as soon as possible (preferably before Friday October 27th)  Alternatively you may send a note with your student prior to Nov 5th and it will become your official absence note which is required by DET.


If your student does attend on Monday Nov 5th, the following program will be in place

  • Years 7, 8 and 9 - Alternate Maths, English, Humanities and PE classes
  • Year 10 and 11 - General study

Please make sure your students attend school with appropriate equipment (laptops and PE uniform).

Karen Shiel

Acting Principal

Assistant Principals

Teaching and Learning Update

Term 4 has already been a busy period for our staff and students, with our Year 12 students finishing their formal classes and moving onto the celebrations and exam preparation at the end of Week 2.


For all other year levels, Term 4 is the opportunity to be really stepping up their energies and efforts in order to make the most from the last term of school before progressing up a year level.  For our Year 10 and 11 students, this process will commence in late November with orientation weeks scheduled to ensure students have a thorough introduction to the courses and expectations of their subjects for 2019.


For Years 7 to 9 students, this term is about consolidating the many different skills they have developed over 2018 and putting them to best use.  Teachers have been working hard to assess and report on student progress which students can use to guide their work and goals for Term 4.  Term 3 CAT results, including comments explaining student achievements and areas to improve are available via Learning Tasks on Compass.  This means parents and carers do not need to wait until semester reports are completed in December to be able to access an update on their students’ progress.


As we move towards 2019, students will soon receive information about their subjects they have been allocated to based on their subject selection preferences. Students will also receive information regarding their required resources through our 2019 booklists.  A reminder that texts on the booklist are required for the listed subjects.  As a way of supporting families, we will be launching a new service this year called Sustainable Schools Shop which allows students and their families to advertise and purchase 2nd hand books online.  Further information on this will be communicated in student packs soon, but this service paid for by the College for families provides an easy, cost-effective way to ensure students have all the books they require for effective learning.

Eloise Haynes

Assistant Principal

From the Office

Office Information

Opening Hours:

8.15am - 4.30pm (M - Th)

8.15am - 4pm (Fri)

Ph: 03 8795 9400

Fx: 03 8795 9455

E: [email protected]

Updated Contact Details

Please make sure the school has your most current contact details.

You can update your details by

  • the Compass Parent Portal
  • Calling or visiting the School Office


Parents are reminded to check with the office regarding any outstanding fees for 2018.

At HPSC we offer a range of different payment options for parents, including

- Cash


- Direct Debit Payment Plan via debit/credit card

- BPay (please contact the school for your BPAY details)

Student Absences

Please remember it is your responsibility to contact us to provide an explanation for your child's absence from school, and where possible, please inform us in advance of upcoming absences.

If your student is going to be absent, please

  • Call the Absence Line 03 8795 9455 before 9am OR
  • Log the absence through your Compass Parent Portal


HPSC Canteen

See the image attached for the 2018 Canteen Menu

(click to enlarge)


Important Dates


19th - Last day of Year 12 classes

22nd - Year 12 Mystery Activity

23rd - Whole School Assembly

25th - Valedictory

29th - Psychology Excursion

31st - VCE Exams begin







2nd - Year 7 Scienceworks Excursion

6th - Student Free Day

12th to 21st - Year 11 Exams

14th - Year 9 City Excursion Day 2

15th - Year 9 City Excursion Day 3

19th - Instrumental Music Performance Night

21st - Last Day VCE Exams

23rd - Year 10 Maths and English Exam

26th - Year 9 ACU Excursion

26th to 30th - Year 11 into 12 Orientation

30th - Last day of Year 11 Classes



3rd to 7th - Year 10 into Year 11 Orientation

10th - Year 7 2019 Information Evening

11th - Grade 6 into 7 Orientation Day

14th - Last day of classes for Years 7 to 9

17th - Presentation Evening








Student Leadership


On Thursday October 11th, the school had the pleasure of inviting a guest speaker from the non-profit mental health organisation “LIVIN” to our school for a presentation regarding mental health.

Before I go any further about the actual event, I would like to mention the reasons behind the event. Being a school captain, the role requires me to plan an individual passion project. This involves trying to raise awareness on a philanthropy based topic I am enthusiastic about, with participation from the whole school. My passion project this year aimed to create a positive attitude and mindset around mental health, highlighting the importance of reducing the stigma surrounding it.

I decided to pick LIVIN after attending a Casey leadership night event, hosted by the Mayor Councillor of the City of Casey, Geoff Abett back in Term 1. The leadership team and I were extremely inspired and moved as we heard from Sam Webb, who is the Co-founder of the non-profit mental health organization “LIVIN”. “LIVIN” was founded after Sam Webb lost his best mate through suicide. Hence, their aim is to reduce youth suicide rates which unfortunately is one of the leading causes of deaths in Australia. They seek to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness using the motto “it ain’t weak to speak.” Sam is passionate about helping people reach their full potential through positive wellbeing, change and a positive approach to life.

As such, the two sessions on Thursday with Luke Foster, the guest speaker from LIVIN, were highly successful. For session 1, the presentation was given to the year 10 students. It was amazing to see every student showing respect and engagement.

His presentation consisted of knowing the difference between mental health and mental illness, signs and symptoms and where to get help and how to provide help. In addition, he shared his own personal experiences from his time in the Army as a psychologist. The overall written feedback from our teachers averaged 9.2 out of 10 which is excellent!

Luke spoke very well in both sessions, modifying his approach and changing his methods depending on whether it was a big group (session 1) or the much smaller second session. He engaged with students and staff one-on-one and in small groups afterwards, which the students really appreciated. His presentation really inspired a lot of the students to view life in a positive way and make the most of it.

After the presentation, a Year 10 student was asked what she thought of it by her health teacher. She told him that it was excellent, and the teacher reminded her that the information is almost the same as what they learn in Health class. To which she replied, ‘Yes, but that comes from teachers. We don’t listen to you as much. It’s better coming from someone else.’, highlighting the importance of relationships with external providers, and the different perspective that Luke was able to provide from different sectors – both the military and corporate world.

I am extremely proud and thankful to have had the chance to make my passion project a reality at our school. I hope the talk and education about the importance of mental health continues to increase whether it would be at school, community, with our families and friends. Furthermore, it is an honour to donate almost $900 to LIVIN. This money was raised by a free dress day that took place last term!

Lastly, I would like to give a big thank you to Ms. Dennis, Cindy and Jamie-Lee from Wellbeing team, and the Year 10 team who organised this event to take place during classes. This event would not have been possible without their help and contribution towards my passion project.

In addition, I would also like to once again say a huge thank you to Luke Foster and LIVIN organisation who took the time to come to our school and present an amazing message about the importance of mental health.   

Anusha Sharma

College Captain

Senior School

Year 12 Valedictory

We anticipate a fantastic and rewarding evening and look forward to you helping us join in and celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2018 at this years Valedictory Dinner.

WHEN: Thursday 25th October 2018


TIME: 6.30pm for 7pm start.

Your ticket includes a three course meal, unlimited soft drink and light entertainment.  As this is an official College function, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Year 11 Exams

The Year 11 exam period will run from Monday 12th November to the Wednesday 21st November (Term 4 Week 6-7).

The exams provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning but also an opportunity to practice and prepare for Unit 3/4 exams.  

Students will have 2 days of classes following the exam period (Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd November) in order to receive feedback.

Year 12 Study Skills Camp 2019

Year 12 is an exciting and challenging year for students completing their final year of study. To address these challenges and assist our students to successfully meet the demands of Year 12, Hampton Park Secondary College has organised a Study Skills Camp.

The aims of this camp include to:

  • develop a connected group of Year 12 students
  • develop their skills for the successful completion of their Year 12 studies with sessions that focus on:
  • understanding ATAR scores and establishing appropriate goals
  • preparing a study planner for effective time management
  • developing skills in essay writing
  • participating in stress management activities and understanding the importance of good nutrition, sleep and physical activity in improving academic and social success

Attendance at the Study Skills Camp is compulsory. Classes will not be held at the College during camp days. The camp includes two nights accommodation, bedding, transport, chef prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, guest speakers, educational and adventure based activities.


Date: Wednesday 6th to Friday 8th of February

Where: PGL Campaspe Downs, 1302 Trentham Road, Kyneton

Cost: $250.00 per person

Travel: Buses will pick up students on Wednesday and return them on Friday


Please note that the Government set up a Camps, Sports and Excursion (CSEF) fund to provide payments for students to attend school events to the amount of $225 per year. Families who were eligible and have CSEF funds available will automatically have this money applied to pay the cost of the camp. The amount due by individual students will be shown on the permission form through Compass.

Payment may be made regularly at the office in any amount with full payment required by Friday 9th November.

Detailed itineraries including departure times and materials lists will be distributed to students at the start of Term One 2019.


The Senior School Team are very excited to offer our students this opportunity to assist students in excelling in their Year 12 studies. If you have any questions about the camp please contact Mr Christiansen or Ms  Glenn at the College on 8795 9400.

Central Australia Camp 2018

From the 15th – 26th of September 39 students from HPSC were given the opportunity to travel by coach to the Northern Territory.


Our first stop on this camp was to Coober Pedy, South Australia. In this small outback mining town, we got the chance to experience what life was like as an opal minor.

We participated in a guided tour of an under-ground mine, saw a display of an underground home, and watched a demonstration of opal cutting and polishing.

During this one-night camp we stayed in an underground bunk-house accommodation.


The second day of the camp was an express bus ride to Uluru. This was a truly captivating, once in a lifetime opportunity for many of the students experiencing it.

Whilst visiting the Red Centre, we walked around the base of the rock, where we could truly behold it in all its magical wonders.

Hearing the stories associated with the rock and indigenous culture was mesmerising and somewhat eye opening. Later that night we returned to Uluru to watch the sunset and have snacks, and had the opportunity to take many amazing photos with the majestic rock in the background.


Later in the trip we were given the opportunity to ride camels, which was very different to anything most of us had experienced before and was extremely fun. That night we arrived in Alice Springs, where we stayed for the night before leaving for Daly Waters.

On the way to Daly Waters, we bypassed the Devil’s Marbles, which is a collection of huge, round boulders.

From Daly Waters we travelled to Katherine, where we spent some time bathing in the famous Mataranka Thermal Springs, which are situated in a beautiful forest. The Thermal Springs were very warm and relaxing which was good after all the hours we had spent on the bus over the past days.


The next day we went on the first cruise for the trip; “Nitmiluk Dreaming Cultural Cruise” of the Gorges. This experience was truly amazing to see, the landscapes were extremely picturesque and breathtaking. It was also exiting because the Gorges have been the filming location of several movies.

After the cruise we were given a tour of Jabiru, in Kakadu which was the site of some amazing, ancient Aboriginal rock art. That night we witnessed an unforgettable sunset from the top of the rocks, high in the mountainside.

The next morning, we did the Yellow Water sunset cruise, which was an amazing experience because we were able to observe the animal and plant life throughout the water and forest.

A highlight of the Yellow Water Cruise was seeing the many crocodiles that live in the waters, and ever observing them stalking and eating their prey.


The next day was spent in Litchfield National Park. Here we got to explore the picturesque park and swim in two of its many clear rock pools, know as the ‘Plunge pool” and “Wangi Falls”. The waterfalls were exhilarating to experience, and the water was so clear that you could see the bottom, even in deep places.


The last day of camp was spent in Darwin city. At the beginning of the day we visited the museum which was good for us to be able to learn more about the place that we had been staying for the past week. 

After this we went to Crocosaurus Cove, where students who wanted to got the opportunity to go into the water with the crocodiles in a plastic tube.

This was truly amazing being able to behold the giants up close and roaming freely around you.

We would all like to thank Northern Territory Tourism for providing us with the generous grant that allowed us this truly amazing experience.


After Crocosaurus Cover we were given free time for shopping and exploration within Darwin city. At the end of the day we all went out for dinner together where we ate on the pier by the water, which was a great opportunity for us to reflect on our experiences as a group, as well as thank our teachers and the bus driver/cooks for their service and efforts throughout the camp, and for making the camp a possibility.


After the group dinner we went to see as a movie as a group which was our last activity before heading to the airport to catch our 2:00am flight back to Melbourne. From Melbourne we caught the bus back to Hampton Park Secondary College, where our families picked us up and we went home.

Central Australia Camp 2018


Arts Domain

HPSC Student Art Show

The HPSC Art Show, held on from 17th – 19th October, celebrated the achievements of our talented Art, VCD, Media, Photography and Ceramics students. Thanks to all who took part in the exhibition and who came to enjoy the artwork.


The People’s Choice Art Awards go to these students:

1st Place -  Elva Rossiter-Linaker for her Yr 12 VCD Reverie Dolls folio 

2nd Place - Arif Zakiri Yr 10 Painting and Drawing for his Eagle mixed media drawing

3rd Place - Masuma Ghulami Yr 11 Studio Arts for her oil painting ‘Frankston Beach View via a Cave’

These awards and some staff-nominated awards will be presented in upcoming year level assemblies.


Congratulations everyone!



Health/PE Domain

Around the Bay

On Sunday 7th October, a group of students and staff members rode 50km in the Around the Bay fundraising event for The Smith Family.

The students that participated on the day were

  • Ameer Jafari
  • King Bagcal
  • Ali Bahktiari
  • Faisal Karim
  • Ana Luca
  • Ibrar Yusofy
  • Ali Yaqoobi

and they were accompanied by Miss Bree Peart and Mr Matthew Cram.

Students Rabia Hussaini and Taiba Karimi couldn’t make it on the day but were involved in training sessions leading up to the event.

As a team we have managed to raise $1,049.64 so far which is a fantastic achievement. Funds raised go towards breaking the cycle of disadvantaged youth so if you would like to donate please click on the following link:


Mr Cram


Science Domain

ConocoPhillips Science Experience

From September 24th to 26th some students had the opportunity to extend their passion for science. The ConocoPhillips Science Experience was packed with several activities given to have an exposure to university life. It consisted of many experiments to perform, learning in small lectures and discover new career pathways. There were many other like-minded students. In the three days, we were able to fulfil our curiosities for science.

We began with a lesson about psychology to get a better grasp of it. This revealed a lot about my own personality and the characteristics that differ me from others. There were many optical illusions that showed the different aspects from the behaviour of our minds. This displayed a new branch of the science about psychological differences and human nature.

Later on that day we programmed the popular Lego Mindstorms. In our groups, we developed a set of instructions for the robot to perform tasks. We all competed in constructing the most accurate and quickest robot to finish it. Skills involved analysing and producing new algorithms while managing our resources.


The day after, we participated in an Amazing Race at the Cranbourne Botanical Gardens. The staff taught us to navigate a GPS, so we could use the coordinates to find specific locations. The challenge was intense where we heavily relied on our problem-solving skills to pass through all the questions.

We were introduced to the new biotechnology operated in isolating DNA from koala scats. The DNA was further used to determine the genetic information like the type of diseases it has, the sex and the health condition.


Overall it was an eye-opening experience to be involved in and I would highly recommend others.

 Buvanesh Balamurugan

Year 10S

Library News

Student Borrowing

  • Students are able to borrow up to 4 books (physical, audio and ebooks) for 3 weeks.
  • Students must not have any overdue books to be able to borrow new titles. 
  • The date due is stamped in the back of the book to help students get them back on time.
  • If you would like a book recommendation, please ask your friendly CRC staff Ms Purton, Ms Nelson or Ms De Alwis.

World Book Encyclopaedia Online

Good news! Our library subscribes to World Book Online.

Our World Book subscription allows us to give you and your family access to this valuable reference source on your home computers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

To access the World Book Web, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to World Book Online  
  2. Enter Username hpsc5
  3. Enter Password  hpsc5 (click save password for future visits)

Once you arrive at the World Book home page, you should bookmark the page or add to favourites for easy access to World Book in the future. Articles can be translated into 80 different languages.

You can also find international newspapers. Go to World Book Advanced. Click on Research & Resources at the top right of the page. Select World Newspapers, choose your country and select a newspaper.

This link with help you get the most out of World Book Online: Getting Started.

Audio Books and EBooks

Students can also access ebooks and audio books.

Here is the link for a computer: https://hpsc.wheelers.co/

You can also access it via an app on your phone by going to Google Play or the App Store and downloading ePlatform.

  • Use your network login and password for access.
  • Books will automatically return after 3 weeks.

Please remember that login and password information is for students and their families only.

Extending this information to other people could result in loss of at-home access for our students.

HPSC Careers

Important VTAC Information for Year 12

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) are the centralised applications service for all publicly funded Victorian Universities. All the information you’ll need to know about courses, universities, applying to a University in Victoria and more, can be found at: http://www.vtac.edu.au/



You can lodge your application to VTAC right now (applications opened on the 6th August 2018).


You should aim to complete your application to VTAC before the 27th September 2018. Bear in mind the earlier you get your application in, the earlier you’ll be considered for an offer. The fee for lodging an application by that date will be $36.00.

If for some reason you’re falling behind with your application, according to the VTAC website, you can still lodge by the 2nd November 2018 (the late processing fee then jumps up to $105). The absolute last date you can apply and still be considered for the first main round of offers is the 7th December 2018 (the processing fee then is $137).

However, when we spoke to VTAC to confirm these dates, they advised us that the latest you should get your application in to ensure you make it into the main round of offers is by the 31st October 2018. We would strongly advise you take heed of the October cut-off date to avoid disappointment, alternatively contact VTAC directly yourself.



Scholarship applications to VTAC close on 12th October 2018.

SEAS applications to VTA close on 12th October 2018.



You can choose up to EIGHT preferences to list on your application. Preferences are the courses you would like to apply for. Listing eight preferences maximises your chances of getting an offer.


When choosing your preferences, it’s a good idea to list the ones you really want first, the ones that are more realistic next, and a couple of safe options. That way you’ll ensure that you get at least one offer at the end of each round.



VCAA will post final Year 12 results and ATARs from 7am on the 14th December 2018.



Once you’ve received your ATAR, you may have done better than you expected, you might not have done as well as anticipated, or you may just have had a change of heart about which course to study or the University you would like to go to.


If that’s the case, you can still change you preferences after receiving your ATAR. You’ll have to make sure that you change your preferences between 10am and 4pm on the 4th January 2019, after that you won’t be able to alter your application before the first round of offers.



Once you’ve submitted your final preferences and the cut-off window has passed, you can expect to start receiving offer notifications from the 16th January 2019.




Looking for Careers help?

Ms Rackham and Ms Kruse are available to help you with your Careers questions. You can find them in the Careers Office in the CRC. 

Student Health & Wellbeing

Bike, Rider and Pedestrian Safety

All HPSC students are reminded that when travelling to and from the college, they have important responsibilities to make sure they do so safely. 

For students riding bikes to/from school, they must be wearing a helmet for their safety and to meet Victorian law.  This law applies on all roads, bike paths and bike lanes.  Police can stop bike riders and issue a fine or warning for anyone not wearing a bike helmet.
Students are also reminded that they are to use the crossings located on Fordholm Road and Campbell Drive when crossing the road.  When crossing the road, road rules state that pedestrians must cross at a pedestrian crossing if there is one within 20 metres, and must not cause a traffic hazard by moving into the path of drivers.  Rules also state pedestrians must be crossing the road as quickly and directly as possible.
A further reminder to parents and caregivers that cars are not permitted to enter the car parking areas for drop off or pick up.  Parents and caregivers can drop off or pick up students by parking on either Fordholm Rd or Campbell Drive.  This is to ensure the safety of all students at the start and end of the school day.
Thank you for your support in ensuring all of our members of the college community are safe and respectful of our road rules and laws.


HPSC Breakfast Club

All students are invited to the Student Welfare and PSD area for breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 8.45am. Come along, make some new friends and fuel your body with the energy you need to get through a busy school day. Everyone is welcome!


Sick Bay

Sickbay acts as a first-aid station only.

If your child is unwell in the morning, it is best they remain at home.

Should they become ill at school they will be attended to by a First Aid attendant. If it is considered necessary for the child to be sent home, parents/caregivers will be contacted. Parents/caregivers are asked to collect their children promptly. If parents/caregivers are not contactable the Emergency contact person will be called. Please make sure that your student contact details are up to date. These can be updated via Compass School Manager.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING/TEXT their parents/caregivers themselves OR leave the school without permission.


If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, parents/caregivers need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled, and it must be accompanied by a completed Medication authority form.

Please be aware the school does not keep a supply of painkillers (Panadol or other medication) for student use.

School Crossing Safety

(Click to enlarge)

Community News





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