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22 August 2018
Issue Twelve
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A Message from
the Principal

AARETÉ ('αρετη): 
Our journey to be the very best we can be

Every one of us is filled with promise, and it is that single word which is the key to our future. When we talk about promise, we speak of potential, the person we can potentially be if we challenge our­selves to make the right choices, if we have the courage to make the necessary commitment to achieving our goals. We are greatly assisted in realising our potential if we are provided the right support by those around us, by our friends, our parents, our teachers and our community.

Here at KWS we have a dedicated and caring staff and offer a myriad of opportunities for our students to pursue and to challenge themselves. Experiences designed for them to enjoy and to assist their growth as people and citizens.

But we cannot alone bring their potential to fulfilment. A simple yet appropriate phrase that our students must adopt is “if it is to be, it is up to me”. As they grow in the School, the responsibility begins to shift- it has to be “up to you”.

The most articulated value in Ancient Greek culture is ‘Arete’. The word correctly means ‘virtue’, or being the best you can be, reaching your highest potential. Excellence is closely linked to fulfilment; the act of living up to what you are capable of becoming.

Arete is often associated with bravery, but more regularly it is linked to effectiveness. To be a person of the highest effectiveness, a person has to be able to use all of their faculties-their strength, their bravery, their wit, and intelli­gence. In Classical Greece, Arete was part of the traditional training of a boy in his preparation for manhood; this training included physi­cal training, mental training, spiritual training and training in the virtues of life.

We are a school which is unrepentant in focusing on all four aspects of life. We provide opportunities to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities; in the critical academic side, we challenge each student to ‘be the best that they can be’, extending all levels of ability, supporting areas of weakness as well as challenging the most able. We focus on the significance of virtues and values in our community and we explore our spiritual dimension to give to one’s life something larger than oneself. It is the greatest good for one to consider virtue every day, for as Socrates reminds us “the unexamined life is not worth living”.

I am very proud of the students of this school. Many understand the concept of Arete, they accept the school’s values, and strive towards the fulfilment of their potential, making the most of the opportunities here at Kinross Wolaroi.

We see this clearly expressed in so many domains of school life such as the wonderful charity initiatives driven by our students, the recent examples of our students’ determination to achieve excellence in their Visual Arts, Textile Design, Drama and Music performance, in Latin competitions, exploring the night skies, in the pool, the equestrian arena and on the sports field.

I encourage all to have courage to strive to be the very best you can be, to achieve your goals and to honour those special gifts that every one of you possess.

An evening under the Stars

Our wildly enthusiastic Year 11 Astronomers recently hosted an evening for staff to gaze upon the heavens. We have a passionate group of students who under the tutelage of Mr Rod Sommerville and members of our Science staff have formed ‘The Year 11 Astro Team’ who explore the universe locating and observing stars and constellations found in the night sky.

Even though we battled some cloud cover, the students were able to locate Mars, Jupitier and Saturn and shared their knowledge of these planets. Four very substantial telescopes were set up on the main oval, each directed towards particular celestial features. As I gazed upon Mars through the telescopic lens, a member of the team guided me to observe the redish tinge surrounding the planet and then infomed me that the colouring was due to the high presense of ferric oxide on the planet – very similar to what we find in central Australia. The enthusiasm demonstrated by the team was inspiring. Being part of the Astro Team not only broadens and deepens our students’ knowledge of science but also develops presentation skills and self confidence. This activity represents just one of the great many activities that are available for our students to explore and enjoy.

Last term, the Astro Team held a very successful evening guiding the boys of Trathen House around the night sky and sharing their knowledge with them; an activity enjoyed by the boys immensly.

The Astro Team will be holding a similar event for their families in the near future and late in the Term will be involved in a public evening organised by Charles Sturt University.

HSC Drama Showcase

Last Thursday evening I had the immense pleasure of being a member of the packed audience to see our Year 12 Drama students perform their Individual and Group Performances. The showcase featured 15 Individual Performances, 4 Group Performances and the display of a Costume Design. What a wonderful demonstration of our students’ talents and Ms Alex Dunkley’s skill and inspiration. We were treated to a complete spectrum of performance ranging from the hilarious to the dark and macabre. The standard of performance right across the board was outstanding and no doubt will delight their examiners. A very special night indeed. Congratulations Year 12 Drama and well done.

Senior Leaders 2018-2019

At our recent Assembly, the School’s Student Leaders for 2018 - 2019 were announced and we congratulate them on this honour and responsibility. Selection was based upon application, interview and student and staff vote.  I am delighted with the team that has been assembled and know they will make an outstanding contribution to the life of the School over the coming year.

Head Girl – Emer Spora                                            

Head Boy – Stirling Taylor

Deputy Head Girl – Jorja Griffiths                            

Deputy Head Boy – Ethan Buesnel

Girl Prefects – Mabel Brockmann, Charlotte Haling and Olivia Mirrington

Boy Prefects – Hugh Aldersley, Bradman Gavin and Benjamin Gillham

I am sure you will join with me in wishing them every success in their future roles.

2019 Student Representative Council

Congratulations to those students who have been elected to represent the SRC to give voice and leadership to the student body. We wish you well as you strive to make our School a finer place.

Year 7:  Ella Buesnel, Mack Johnston, Brydee Roll and Hugh Thompson

Year 8:  Chanel Knight, Cailin McKay, Matt Shepherd and Josh Sutherland

Year 9: Bethany Bell, Ziggy Jackson Le-Couteur, Lizzie Kwa  andJames Thompson

Year 10: Jetta Kennett, Jack Wakem, Henry Williams and Bridget Yeomans

Year 11: Bradman Gavin (Prefect), Ben Gilham, Charlotte Haling and Olivia Mirrington (Prefect)


Pip Mannix – Under 16 National Hockey Selection

Recently, Pip Mannix successfully represented NSW in the National Championships in Brisbane where the NSW team defeated Queensland in the final to claim the Gold Medal. Following Pip’s outstanding performance, she has been named in the Australian Team that will tour Europe next year. An outstanding achievement.


National Latin Exam success

Five KWS students have been awarded gold medals for their performance in the 2018 National Latin Exam (NLE). Over 131,000 students sat for the 2018 Exam from twenty-five countries around the world. At the Year 10 level, gold medals were awarded to Karrah Cisco, Luc Nelson, and Oliver Karaitis who all scored over 90 %. In Year 11, Molly Harris was also awarded gold and was closely followed by Ben Gillham and Ben Bellamy who received silver medals.

In Year 12, Jemima McPhee’s outstanding result and consistently high performance over the last four years have led to a scholarship offer from the NLE organisation towards the cost of tertiary studies.

These are excellent results and reflect the efforts and commitment to excellence shown by these students, and their talented and dedicated teachers, Mr Peter Stevens and Mrs Kate Edwards.


Dr Andrew Parry

A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 3 Week 5

Thank you for your support of ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ last week. Due to your generosity and special thanks to our Year 5 parents who prepared cupcakes and jelly cups for sale we were able to forward $2,230 to the organisation to assist our farming families. A terrific contribution and didn’t we see a range of flannelette shirts and boots!

I’ve been speaking to students about being good sports, respecting match officials and being a valued team member over the last few weeks.

Last weekend out 12’s Rugby team were billeted by Tudor House families in the Southern Highlands on the Friday evening before our game on Saturday morning. Every family I spoke to mentioned the manners, courtesy and friendliness of our boys. This was then evidenced in a strong game of rugby played in the right spirit and in conversations after the game. It was a pleasure to take the boys and our opposition are eagerly looking forward to visiting Orange next year. Well done boys.

This week our Koristers under the directorship of Mrs Kate Edwards are workshopping with Opera Australia to perform Madame Butterfly. A terrific opportunity for our young singers and we wish them every success.

Orange Eisteddfod is currently underway with Speech and Drama sections featuring a number of our students. Many students achieved success gaining places or winning sections. Congratulations to all who have already participated and all the best to those who perform in the next two weeks.

Our choirs, bands, string groups are all performing over the coming weeks and we look forward to their participation. Our Dance group achieved a highly commended last week. Well done!

In between Performing Arts our HICES Athletics team heads to Sydney next week for their big carnival. All the best to the team.

Yesterday at Assembly we held our Bookweek parade and activities. The students looked “very well read” in a variety of costumes. Our K-2 all paraded on stage and we heard parts of books that each class had focused on in library. We also had a quiz with teams being our Peer Support groups. Imn a closely fought contest the Douglas Donkeys came out on top.

Thank you to Mrs Pengilly and Year 5P for hosting the assembly and congratulations to Mrs Caro for her outstanding work in organizing all the activities.

We welcome back Mrs Charlton this week after her surgery and thank Mrs Caro for taking the class for the period of absence. Mrs Caro now returns to library duties.

As you know Mrs Alicia Holmes took maternity leave and last week gave birth to her second son, Patrick Paul Holmes. We congratulate Alicia and her husband Michael and wish them every happiness.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Inclusiveness Award - Lucas Choi
  • Inclusiveness Award - Amelia Hill
  • Inclusiveness Award - Alice Waddell
  • Principal’s Award - Scarlett MacKenzie

Enjoy your week.

Mr Rob McLean
Head of the Preparatory School

A message from our Chaplains


Many students think that when they come to school it’s to learn about reading, writing, number, music, art, sport and the like. While that is true, very few students recognise that school is also a place where we come to learn about how to be around other people. What it takes to have friends and to be a good friend to others.

Jesus modelled good friendship to us, as we see as recorded in the Bible. He had his close friends (John, Peter and James) as well as a wider circle of friends (known as his ‘twelve disciples’) but he also showed us what it meant to be a friend to everyone.

Learning how to be a good friend is a skill. Like other skills, it needs to be talked about, practiced and evaluated in order for it to be developed. There is a certain amount of self-awareness that is needed in the process of becoming a good friend too!

This is why our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons will soon start focussing on helping students in this area. We will be running a program called Fun Friends for our K-2 students and Friends for Life for our 3-6 students. Through these two programs, your children will be thinking about their own and others’ feelings and the way our body gives us cues about them. They will be learning about their thoughts as either helpful (green thoughts) or unhelpful (red thoughts) and they will be learning what it means to have friends and be a good friend to others. 

Please take this opportunity to talk to your child(ren) about what having friends, and being a friend, means to you. And encourage them to take the opportunity that school provides to practice this skill.


Kate Bracks
Prep School Chaplain


Why Wellbeing is core school business

These days ‘wellbeing’ is a bit of a buzz word, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. Endeavouring to improve the wellbeing of your family is a worthwhile pursuit, as positive wellbeing can affect every aspect of your life. In the last issue of the Family Bulletin, I wrote about some of the practical ways that families can support children’s wellbeing. But what about schools, why should wellbeing be taught in schools?

Over the last 10 years there has been a huge growth of Wellbeing programs in schools in Australia. Schools will always be focused on academic learning, but overwhelmingly research suggests it is time to make wellbeing integral to learning and a regular part of teaching. At the heart of any school Wellbeing program is the desire to create an environment promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in students. When wellbeing is core school business it is threaded through everything that happens – everyday interactions, curriculum delivery, policies and expectations.  The challenge of course is how to achieve this.

As I wrote previously, the Wellbeing Teams in both the Prep and Senior Schools, are working towards 2019 and beyond. This week in the Senior School we have had a lot of discussion about what is currently working well and what is not; whilst consensus has not yet been reached the discussions have been very productive. However, the team is sure of one thing-

“If we get wellbeing right, then everything else gets easier.”


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Wellbeing 

Student Awards

Merit Awards

KB: Week 4 – Elizabeth Harmer, William O’Connell, Arden Rowe, Daniel Kerdic, Prayan Dulal, Oscar Pigot, Thomas Rourke.

KK: Week 4 – Reginald Caskey, Anna Kenny, Claire Harrison, Audrey Gaudin, Alice Jones.

KK: Week 5 – Maya McLachlan, Milla O’Toole, Jack Caro, Harriett Johnston, Sebastian Marquez, Benjamin Howe.

1C: Week 4 – James Jones, Vivian Meates, Alby Kimmins, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Chrysalide Frecklington.

1C: Week 5 – Zaro Jalal, Harry Oldroyd, Samuel Marvasti, James Jones, Harry Price.

IW: Week 4 – Elizabeth Croft x2, Benjamin Knight, Grace Segger.

2E: Week 4 – Vivaan Desai, Daisy Dwyer, Lily Dwyer, Aurora Everett, Jazmin Marquez, Olivia McBeath, Jed Volkofsky, Alexandra Whitehead.

2E: Week 5 -  Samuel Commins, Daisy Dwyer.

2H: Harrison Chapman, Lucas Choi, Timothy Edwards, Eliza Lord, Maya McFarlane, George Nash.

3R:  Week 5 – Thomas Hansen, David King, William Payne, Eva Smedley.

3S:  Week 4 – Oliver Garard, Angelina McRae, Georgia Philippe, Hamish Searle.

4F: Week 4 - Thomas Robson, Luca Popa, Kaitlin Smith.

4P: Week 4 – Jack Carslake, Oliver Glover, Samuel Hughes, Olivia Watts, Lexi Wilkin, Spencer Williams.

5M: Week 4 – Hannah Jones, Benjamin Maslin, Isabella Pearce.

5P: Week 4 – Philippa Martin.

5W: Week 4 – Alice Commins, Charlie Hall, Krishan Kandeepan, Roger Kircher, Timothy Lowther.

6C: Week 4 – Oliver Chandler-Sullivan, George Wakem, Samuel Fabar, Elsie Sutherland, Emma Northam, Elke Sweetapple.

6H: Week 4 – Cameron Hoskin, Charlotte Jones, Matilda Quigley, Nina Smedley, Lucia Varian.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 4 – Lucinda Nash, William Ward, Charlotte O’Hehir-Corones, Vivian Meates, Harry Oldroyd, Thomas Goodsir, Zoe Freeman, Vivaan Desai, Alice Jones, Claire Harrison, Aston Lett, Cassandra Philippe, Dominic Segger, Ava Buesnel, Ella Kerdic, George Nash.

Lovely Manners: Week 5 – Hamish Buckley, Ashton Montagliani, Janette Proudford-Nalder, Jack Kenny, Georgiana Saran, Daisy Dwyer, Daniel Rourke.

Lovely Greetings: Week 4 – Oliver Mendham, Alby Kimmins, William Knight, William Steventon, Lucinda Reidy, Isabella Lloyd-George, William Stratton.

Lovely Greetings: Week 5 – Samuel Marvasti.

Thinking of Others:  Week 4 – Samuel Martin, Rohan Kotasthane, Andrew Caskey,

Excellent Behaviour: Week 4 – Matthew Roper, Ashton Montagliani, Ava Sutherland, Lillian Pearce. Excellent Behaviour: Week 5 – Anna Kenny.

School Values: Week 4 – Harper Purvis, Disha Prasad, Grace Lowther.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:  Week 4 – Scarlet MacKenzie, Charlie Poole.

Wearing Uniform with Pride:  Week 5 – Thomas Hansen, Vivian Meates.

Helpfulness: Week 4 – James Jones, Harry Price, Lolli-Rose Pasquali, Samuel Balcomb, Caitlin Reid, Aurora Everett, Max Kenny, Daisy Dwyer, Zoe Freeman, Jed Volkofsky, Benjamin Knight, Joe Dunworth, Lenny Shannon, Seamus Dwyer, Lachlan Watts, Nixie Widauer, Prayan Dulal.

Helpfulness:  Week 5 – Thomas Hunt, James Hulme, Alby Kimmins, Jazmin Marquez, Jed Volkofsky, Alexandra Whitehead, Elliot Terrey, Hannah Cunningham.

Role Model: Week 4 – Julia Bligh, Thomas McRae.

Being Kind: Week 4 – Milla O’Toole, Ingrid West, William Payne, Stella Madigan, Harriet Stratton, Lucas Choi, Pixie Harmer.

Being Kind: Week 5 – Mya McLachlan.

Excellent Behaviour: Week 4 – Rose Hedley.

School Values: Week 4 -  Xavier Zinger, Max Kenny, Sebastian Marquez.

School Values: Week 5 – Sebastian Marquez, Lily Dwyer, Annabelle Maslin.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise

Plenty of action this week in TREE across both the Prep and the Senior School

As always, check out our blog or our Instagram (tree_kws) to find out more.

Amazing Farm Race

Our 5.1 and 5.2 Year 8 Mathematics classes have spent the last two weeks participating in the ‘Amazing Farm Race’. Like the game show, the students receive an envelope each day with a series of mathematical challenges based on the information they gleaned from a visit to the school’s newest farm (Windermere) and from analysing the map on avenza maps. The students had to calculate rates, ratios, areas, perimeters and volumes before presenting to their peers on how best to stock the farm. The winning teams expertly argued for water troughs, diversified income streams (fruit and vegetables for the boarders) and reasoned stocking rates (of merino sheep and angus cattle).


Our Year 9 TREEnglish unit has begun with a bang. For the first 3-weeks of term the students analysed sustainability through different media (documentaries, ted-ED talks and magazines) before being introduced to the concept by co-founder of MSM Milling, Peter MacSmith. The students then self-elected a special interest group from viticulture, paddock to plate, regional wellbeing, Orange 360 and agri-innovation. Within these groups the students will analyse their role in cultural, social and environmental sustainability in the Central West. Week 4 consisted of a series of excursions for each group to Ross Hill Wines, The Regional Museum, Headspace, Cargo Road Winery, Agritechnology and Bralca. Stay tuned for our local mentor visits to school in Week 5!

Honey with Year 1

As part of their investigation into mini-beasts, Year 1 were visited by local company Australian Queen Bee Line. Charlie, Brenda and Sharon showed the students a full hive (without any bees) before cutting off the wax with a hot knife and extracting the honey in a centrifuge. The final testing got a big thumbs up from the students!

Archibull update

Our Archibull submission continues to grow as we head towards the deadline (20th September). Year 8 have been busy knitting, building the stage (catwalk) for the cow and learning about the impact of climate change, biosecurity and food security in the wool industry.

Filtration with Year 5

As part of our on-going unit on water Year 5 spent a double period last week investigating filtration. This continued from their research project on the issues surrounding unclean water sources. For their filtration investigation, the students investigated the efficacy of different filtration materials (chux, pebbles, sand, newspaper, cotton wool, gravel etc) before writing up their findings per the scientific method. They then had free rein to build their own filtration column using a mixture of media and the information they had gleaned from the primary investigation. The winners managed to filter water to almost drinking standard which is amazing given they are only household items!

Mr Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for the Diary

Week 6 – Koristers involved in Madame Butterfly with Opera Australia (see information from Mrs Edwards).

Week 9/10 – K-2, 3-4 Drama & 5-6 Show Weeks.

Orange Eisteddfod (Weeks 6 & 7)

School Choral Days - Friday 31 August – session begins at 9.45am

Band Day - Wednesday 5 September (Prep Band, Six Strings, Prep Percussion – session begins at 9.30)

Strings - Friday 7 September (Prep Strings - session begins at 1pm)

Eisteddfod News

We have some wonderful results from our groups and individual students that have been participating in the Eisteddfod recently.

Junior Dance – received a Highly Commended last week in the Year 6 & under School Groups section with a score of 85. The adjudicator made mention of their fantastic costume and attention to working together and demonstrating a well-polished routine. Well done to all involved, particularly as there were a large number of groups in this section. A special thank you to Miss Lindsay for directing our fabulous dancers.

Speech and Drama -  Our very talented speech and drama students have been super busy over the past few weeks with their involvement in the City of Orange Eisteddfod. Here are some of the results from Mrs Callaghan and Mrs Paix’s students.

Jack Steventon:

  • 9 years and under restricted verse solo - 1st

Alice Commins:

  • 10 yrs & under Prose memory solo - HC
  • 10 yrs & under Dramatic monologue - VHC
  • 10 yrs & under Prepared reading solo - 1st

Olivia Watts:

  • 10yrs & under Prepared reading solo - 3rd

Lachlan Watts:

  • 11yrs Restricted verso solo - VHC
  • 11yrs & under Prepared reading - HC

Isabella Lloyd-George:

  • 11yrs & under Prepared reading - 2nd
  • 11yrs & under Australian verse - 1st
  • 11yrs & under Recitation own choice - 3rd

Isabella Lloyd-George & Jack Steventon:                 

  • 12yrs & under Duologue - 2nd

Anoushka de Brito:

  • 8yrs & under Restricted verse - HC

Alexandra Whitehead:

  • 8yrs & under Restricted verse - 2nd         

Samuel Balcomb & William Garard:

  • Duologue (written by Sam & Will) - 3rd

Samuel Balcomb:          

  • Restricted verse 10 years & under - 3rd

Olivia Wilson:

  • Monologue 10yrs & under - 1st
  • Restricted verse 10 yrs & under - 1st
  • Australian verse - HC
  • Mime 10 yrs & under - HC
  • Prepared reading 10 yrs & under - 3rd   

Samuel Martin & Olivia Wilson:

  • Duologue 10yr & under - 1st

Samuel Martin:

  • Recitation10 yrs & under - 3rd
  • Australiana 10yr and under - 2nd
  • Humorous 10yrs & under - 1st
  • Mime 10 yrs & under - 1st
  • Most Promising Competitor 10yrs

Krishan Kandeepan:

  • Mime 12 yrs & under - 3rd

Krishan & Kajan: 

  • Duologue 12 yrs & under - 1st

Krishan Kandeepan: 

  • Monologue 12yrs - HC

Charlotte Buckley:

  • Prepared reading 12rs & under - 3rd

Hamish Buckley:

  • Recitation 9yrs & under -  HC      
  • Restricted 9yrs - HC

Maya Bracks:

  • Recitation 10yrs & under - 3rd
  • Restricted 10yrs & under - 2nd
  • Australiana 10 yrs & under - 1st

A sterling effort, Well done!

Vocal / Instrumental Sessions – Eisteddfod

A note was emailed to parents with the approximate times that our groups will be performing at the Eisteddfod over the next few weeks. There are also lots of children taking part in vocal or instrumental class, please contact me if you would like the results published in the newsletter in Week 7. Good luck to all.

The Benefits of Music on the Brain

If you needed any more convincing of the benefits of playing a musical instrument, then please see the video we have recently posted on our Performing Arts Frog pages. This fantastic animation shows the incredible firework display that erupts in our brain every time we pick up a musical instrument. There has been extensive research about the benefits of being involved in singing or playing an instrument all of which has reinforced the extraordinary benefits that music has for our cognitive, emotional and physical being. Hop on our Frog page and take a look!

AMEB Music Exams

Phew, what a busy few weeks our instrumentalists have had! Well done to all our musicians on their fantastic efforts in your exams, I know your tutors have been incredibly impressed at all your hard work and commitment working towards these exams.

String Concert – Thursday 6 September 5.30pm DPA Chapel

As a celebration of all the achievements of our strings players from K-12 this year so far and to farewell our Year 12 string players, Mrs Moxey will be hosting a string concert evening on Thursday September 6 in the DPA Chapel from 5.30-6.30pm. This will involve ALL string ensembles from Junior Strings through to Chamber Strings and finish with a light supper. This is always a lovely evening packed full of fabulous music and talent. We look forward to seeing you all there

Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

HICES Athletics Carnival, Sydney Olympic Park

The KWS Athletics team consisting of 42 students from year 3 to year 6 will travel to Sydney on Monday to compete at the HICES Athletics Carnival held at Olympic Park Athletics Centre on Tuesday. Over 17 schools will be competing throughout the day in both track and field events. We wish the KWS Athletics Team the best of luck.

Oliver Roach – CIS Rugby

We wish Oliver Roach the best of luck for his matches with the CIS Primary Rugby Union team competing at the NSWPSSA Rugby Championships Coffs Harbour 28th – 30th August. Oliver has made numerous trips to Sydney to train with the CIS team in preparation for next week’s Championships. Good luck Oliver. 

Sporting program for K-2 students

Last week the K-2 students (who are not involved in KWS sport) had the opportunity to begin their Sporting Schools program participating in either the Hookin2 Hockey program or the Get Into Rugby program. These programs run after school 3.30pm – 4.30pm. We have specialised coaches from NSW Hockey and NSW Rugby delivering these programs to the students. Both are designed to introduce and develop student’s fundamental gross motor skills (catching, throwing, passing, striking skills, moving into space etc). Our students had a lot fun and enjoyment and are looking forward to this week’s program.

Summer Sport Selections

By next week, all parents will receive an email asking for student selections for Summer sport. The email will contain a document link to online selections. A separate form will need to be completed for each child. Summer sport is only offered to students in years 3-6 with a variety of sports and competitions offered. If your child is currently enrolled in the KWS Swim School squad program attending more than 2 sessions per week, this can be used as your child’s Summer Sport. There will be a separate tick a box for this selection.

Sporting Teams of the Week

Over the fortnight, the following teams have been nominated by their coaches for Sporting Team of the Week. Nominations are in recognition of the hard work, team play, attitude, sportsmanship and determination:


Under 9 Doves: Showed great commitment in their game on Saturday. It was a tough game but the team did not give up.  It’s great to see such improvement as we come to the end of our season.
Mrs Essex


Kookaburras: Our first non-loss in a while but more importantly maintained sportsmanship and resilience. I am so proud of them.

Mrs Key


Foxes: The team played an awesome game on Monday night showing great sportswomanship. The Foxes had a comfortable win and even assisted the opposition with additional players. Our goalkeeper Lillian Pearce was dynamite, displaying wonderful footwork and defending the goal strongly!

Mrs Barrett


U11 United: They played really well on the weekend. A large score against us in the first half (think it was 5-1) but then we held them to 1 goal in the second half. Very valiant effort. Good team work and passing as well.

Mr Bracks


12s  - Wonderful ambassadors for the school and an exciting game of rugby going down 19-12.

Sport Dates for the Diary

28 August: HICES Athletics, Sydney

28 August: NSWPSSA Rugby Championships

13 September: CIS Athletics, Sydney

Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


12’s – Jason and former union great David Campese receiving rugby tops for our very own Ben Maslin and Charlie Hansen at breakfast before the game against Tudor House.
Mr McLean



U7 Jauguars (11/8) -

Depsite the windy conditions in the north of Orange the fans turned up in record numbers to see the top of table clash between Waratah Ninjas and Kinross Mighty U7 Jaguars.

“Andy Ronaldo Bell” was reasserting his nickname of Striker with solids hits, multiple opportunities and some solid curve balls often beating the keeper in the top right-hand corner. Enough were on target to keep him in the running for the leading goal table for the season. “Sam Cahill Marvasti” was solid throughout the centres, clearly deserving the man of the match award with all the accolades and sponsors gifts and despite the tackle from behind during the second half (which was clearly deserving of a yellow card), Sam shrugged it off, barely stumbling and showing his resilience.

“Jack Beckham Kenny” is fast earning his nickname The Phantom, just appearing all of a sudden regularly to cut off the counterattacks. His corner kicks are really proving strong, clearly showing why Bayen are trying to court him to Germany.  “Harry Messi Oldroyd” and “James Rooney Hulme” were solid in the backs with regular clearing kicks and the odd pass through to strikers. They are obviously both hardened from quarter final world cup exposure having learnt a few more tricks from training.

Clearly the world cup took its toll with “Luca Pogba Kotasthane” missing the game with an anterior cruciate ligament injury. Whilst the teams medical support group were working hard 24/7, the rest of the team wished him well and a speedy return.

Whilst it was a game of two halves with altitude clearly having an effect towards the end of the game, overall the score was fitting for the day out and both teams will progress through the season with better knowledge of the opposition tactics. 

1st V Players: Sam Marvasti, James Hulme, Harry Oldroyd, Andy Bell, Jack Kenny.

Coach and ref: Sina Marvasti

Mrs Harbison


U7 Jaguars (18/8) - We took to the field and after some confusion over which way we were going we saved an early goal from our opponents. Well done Jack! The ball stayed in our half for a considerable amount of the first half and our boys displayed some excellent attacking skills and directional kicking. The ball then got away from us and some outstanding ball control and attempts at goal were displayed before our eyes. It was great to see. Watching certainly inspired us to examine our own game. We came out keen as mustard in the second half and James was so close to a goal at one point. Some excellent chasing was on show from Jack as he nearly prevented a goal against us. This was a tough game against a skilled opponent. It certainly reminded us how focused we need to be on the field. It was great to have Luca back again after being sick. His renewed enthusiasm was evident as he was constantly on the run, chasing and making contact with the ball.
Mrs N Harbison


U7 Pumas – On Saturday 11th of August KSW Pumas played Molong Magpies. Molong team won the game 2-1, both teams played very well. Molong scored first, after few minutes, Chrysalide’s great effort resulted in scoring the equaliser for Pumas. Unfortunately Chrissy’s eye was hit by the ball, she was substituted by another player but she was very brave and started playing again in the second half. Congratulation Charlie you deserved to be the Player of the Week.
Zaro Jalal

U8 Cobras – Cobras v Waratah Braves, 11 August 2018. The Cobras endured a tough loss to a very sporting Braves outfit on an extremely windy Saturday morning at Waratah’s home ground. The silver-lining was that the team took another huge step forward, continuing their development of true team-play. Hannah and Harry were anchors in defence making several important tackles and passing the ball well to the mid-fielders. Vivaan played strongly in mid-field helped by Arad, who kindly filled the big shoes left by Pixie. Both Vivaan and Arad made a number of strong dribbling runs followed by well-placed passes. Lucas was a consistent force in the forwards and was unlucky not to convert at least one of his shots on goal. George and Jed shared the goal keeping. Both completed several quality saves. When not in goal both George and Jed ran tirelessly making numerous penetrating runs often completed by another well-placed pass. Well-done to all. 
George Nash


U9 Fury – Sat 11/8/18 V Waratah Raiders

It was a sunny, windy day at Waratah Sports Ground. Highlights of the match were 2 goals to Hamish Buckley and 1 goal to Max Horne. Ricky Zhang was a great goalie - he saved a goal from being scored by Waratah using his head! In the end we went down 3-8. Another good game and thank you to Mr Dunworth for coaching us each week. 

Tom O’Connell 


U9 Doves – On 11 August we played a great game of netball against OAGS. We have been improving our passing every game. We were able to score some great goals and we passed the ball around the court well. It was a great game.
Chloe Caro 


On 18 August we played netball on a freezing cold day against Waratahs. We played well with some great attack and defence but unfortunately they were too strong for us on the day.
Sophie Caro


U10 Bluebirds – On Saturday morning (4/8), the Bluebirds played against the top team in the competition. They have always been a great side and in the first round of competition they beat us 16-3. Thanks to our dedicated coach, Mrs Seedsman, we have improved a lot since then. We have been working on playing as a team and on Saturday we really put this into practice. It is only fair though, to make special mention of the efforts of our defensive players; Julia, Harriet and Olivia. They played an outstanding game that saw us take the lead early and had us in front at the end of the first, second and third quarters. In the final quarter, we all felt the pressure and began to rush our game. Our experienced opponents were far better at playing under pressure and they managed to take the lead from us right at the end. The final score was 9-12. We were so happy to know that we have improved so much since the beginning of the season.

3.2.1. Bluebirds…(clap, clap)
Alice Scholte


Monday 20/8- The girls played really well!!!! Winning with 20 to 6 goals, the defence was amazing, attacking was strong and I was honoured to be their captain. Well done everyone.

Olivia Watts

U11 Firebirds – On 11 August the under 11 Firebirds played an exceptional game against Cyms Storm. Our attacking game was great and our defenders did a wonderful job protecting the goal. Unfortunately, we lost by three goals however, the previous game we lost considerably to this team. We were proud of our improvements and how much we have improved over the season.
Emily Caro 

U12 Falcons – On Saturday 18th August, the Falcons played against the OUNC Under 12s. Our team played extremely well in cold and windy conditions. After the first two quarters our teams were tied but then we pulled ahead and won 7-10! Congratulations to all those players who went out of their comfort zones and played in positions that they don’t usually play in. Well done to all.
Sophie Smith


Foxes - At the hockey fields on Monday 6th the Foxes competed against the Hornets. Our team did a great job, our defence was strong and everyone played well together as a team. Lara did a fantastic job of tackling the opposition and Grace made some great saves in the goal. All the girls worked hard passing the ball with the results 2-2. Overall the Foxes had a fantastic game!

Ava Buesnel


Parent Teacher Interviews On-Line (PTO)

Parent Teacher On-line will open to parents on August 27 at 9am and will remain open until 8 am on Monday 10 September 2018.  Parent Teacher interviews will take place on Monday 10 and Thursday 13 September and bookings can be made for a 10 minute time slot between 3:30 – 6:45pm on either of the days, but not both.

Steps to Log in for PTO:

  1. From FROG Home Tab, select Parent Teacher Online (PTO)
  2. Use your surname and password to log in.  If you have trouble logging in, click on ‘Obtain PIN/Password’ and enter mothers email address (unless father’s address is to be used) to obtain a pin.
  3. Once logged into PTO simply select the times that suit you or available to you.
  4. If you have any further issues, please don’t hesitate to contact he Preparatory Office on 6392 0316.

Gail Kennewell

Student Representative Council
‘Fiver for a Farmer’

The SRC would like to thank everyone for joining in to make our ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ fundraiser a great success. A special mention must go to Year 5 for cooking so many delicious treats for us to buy.

It is important that we come together to show our appreciation to our farming community in hard times. The SRC are pleased to announce that together we raised   $2,230 to help support farming families. Our money raised will really help.

This was a massive effort, thanks again everyone we hope you enjoyed the fun.


Multi Sports

This week the SRC will start multi sports activities on Friday at lunch time.

The first sport to have fun with will be football. If you are interested please sign your name on the whiteboard in the morning assembly area.  We will take a maximum number of 20 people.

Sign up today so you can join Julian and Will on Friday at lunch time for a game of football.

Other multi sports to come will be netball and touch football. More information will come next week.

Our forum question this week asks you to comment about which sports you would like to join in. Go to the Prep SRC FROG page to leave your comments about: Football, netball or touch football.
Prep School SRC

Library News

Premiers Reading Challenge

The NSW Premiers Reading Challenge ends on 31st August. For students wanting to enter, all books that have been read will need to be entered online in the student’s reading log by 31st August 2018. The link to record a student’s reading can be found at . Please see Mrs Caro or Mrs Deans if you have lost your username or password, or if you need assistance to record your reading log.

Nicole Deans & Nicole Caro

Father’s Day Stall

On Thursday 30th August (Week 6) Year 6 will be hosting this year’s Father’s Day Stall.

Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 will visit the stall during class time with their teacher.

Each student is allowed to purchase 1 gift on the day and teachers will keep a list so that students with siblings don’t buy the same gifts.

There will be a second chance stall held at lunch time on Friday 31st August for student who were absent on Thursday.

If there are left over gifts, other students will then be given the opportunity to buy a second gift if they wish.

Gifts range from $2 - $5

To assist with change, we would appreciate it if students could bring coins if possible. Please do not send notes larger than $10.
Emma Charlton - Stage 3 Co-ordinator

Dates for your Diary

20 -24 August  - Bookweek
24 August  - Koristers Opera Australia
27 August – PTO opens for P/T interviews
28 August  - HICES Athletics
28 August – Assembly 5M
28 August – Brainstorm Productions show
4 September – Assembly 4F GYM
5 September – Bands Orange Eisteddfod
10 & 13 September – Parent Teacher Interviews
12 September – Year 5 Excursion
17 – 24 September – K-2 Show commitments
17 – 26 September – 5/6 Drama commitments
27 September  - Term 3 concludes
28 September – Pupil Free Day
Gail Kennewell

Headspace Orange

Headspace Orange are again running their toolkit sessions for young people, parents and carers.

If you feel like you need a bit of a boost but don't feel like you want to talk to someone then please read on. Also if you are on the waitlist to attend one of the sessions and want to get sorted sooner, then this might be of interest to you.
These monthly info sessions are on different topics that are super important for everyone's wellbeing. The sessions have been shown to make a really positive difference to how you feel.
These sessions are open for young people, parents or cares or even if you wanted to support a friend.

We kick off our first session with Understanding and Accepting Myself on Thursday 30th August - 5pm start.
This session will be followed by:

  • Understanding my Anger - 27th September
  • Understanding Mood and Anxiety - 25th October
  • Communicating with Confidence - 22nd November

Book into one or all of the sessions, its up to you!

To book please contact [email protected]

Sharna Lord, Headspace Orange

KWS Canteen

The KWS Canteen is going healthy and fresh...

Here is a glimpse of one of the new items on the menu - our roast pumpkin, beet and feta salad.


You can check out the new menu here:

Stephanie Horan

Canteen Manager

Upcoming Events

HSC Music Recital Evening


String Concert


Industrial Technology Exhibition


Spring Soiree


KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin
Canteen Menu - Term 3 2018.pdf