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22 March 2018
Issue Four
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World's Greatest Shave
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Harmony Day 2018
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Year 7 Incursion
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2018 Moonlight Cinema
Interviewing the Murder Mystery Class
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Important Dates


22nd March - Year 10 Mock Job Interviews

23rd March - Athletics Carnival

27th March - Parent/Student/Teacher Confrences

29th March - End of Term

16th April - Term 2 Commences

17th April - Space Camp Information Night





Principal's Report

The Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA) has been working with leaders of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Education 2030 project. This project aims to help countries find answers to what knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are needed for today's students to thrive and shape their world, as well as how instructional systems can effectively develop them. A central part of this OECD project is the formulation of a curriculum framework to address the education needs of students across the world in the year 2030. If you are interested the framework, titled “The Future We Want” is available at


The Head of School Girls, State Schools Victoria and International Rowing Regattas

Last weekend it was a pleasure to spend time with our rowers, coaches, parents and colleagues at the Head of School Girls Regatta on the Barwon River, Geelong. Many thanks to the MGC Rowing Club Committee, Head Coach Stephanie Burgess, Rowing Leader Andrew Beck and the amazing staff who gave their own time to ensure the wellbeing of the girls. The staff included Alice Dawes, Amber Munro, Bridget Tellefson, Brooke O’Callaghan, Bryony Sahlstrom, Emily Miller, Isabella Kontogeorgis, Jordyn Taylor, Nancy Sandilands and Sefija Demirova. On Saturday we won a B Final and were set to participate in ten A Finals. Due to high velocity winds and intermittent storms over the Barwon from 9.20am Sunday, the ten crews, representing 50% of our team, were unable to row. It is a major achievement to make it into an A Final and the girls wanted to test what they were capable of achieving next. We are very proud of them for the resilience they displayed and support they gave each other in the disappointment of not being able to compete.


At the State Schools Victoria Rowing Regatta Melbourne Girls’ College was the best performing girls’ school with six crews placing first in the finals.


The International Rowing Regatta is currently being held in Penrith, Sydney and our Senior 1st crew, Alice Clayton, Katie Fitzsimmons, Claudia Junge, Annie Coleman, Lara Davies supported by Andrew Beck, Steph Burgess and Paul Blanchfield are taking part. We wish you all every success!


Harmony Day Assembly

On Wednesday 21st March our students showcased their many talents, multi-cultural backgrounds, gender diversity and personal stories on disability and prejudice. Congratulations and thank you to our Diversity team - Shehaleh Ousman, Joyce Liu, Florence Honeybun and Olivia Day. Many thanks also to Ky Luong, Isabelle Carney and Ella McDonald for their support.


World Irish Dance Championships

This weekend our colleague, Christine Wallace, is taking her students to the Glasgow World Irish Dance Championships. Congratulations to Zoe Elliott (Year 8) and Kaede Kiryama (Year 9) for qualifying to compete in the most prestigious Competition for world class Irish Dancers. Good luck girls!


Student Member Category of School Council
The Department of Education and Training (DET) are still determining how best to implement the Minister’s announcement on a mandated student member category. Once this advice is available, students in Years 7 - 12 are eligible to nominate for School Council membership. We look forward to wider student voice on Council in the near future.


Have a safe and relaxing term break.


Kind regards,


Thank you to the Parents Association

We would like to extend a big thank you to the Parents Association for generously granting the school a three-year subscription to the New Philosopher magazine. Here at MGC we are encouraging our girls to question everything and to extend themselves through reading and thinking. New Philosopher is a quarterly philosophy magazine that aims to get its readers thinking deeply, critically, and creatively about the world around them. This would not be possible without the caring support of the Parents Association, who are working hard to support our girls’ learning and development. Thanks heaps, guys!


This addition compliments our growing number of philosophy books in the brand-new library. Students are encouraged to come along, pick something that takes their fancy, and dive headlong into the journey for knowledge!


Liam Brown


World's Greatest Shave

Two Fridays ago, on 09/03/18 during lunch time, the Philanthropy team held the World’s Greatest Shave right here at MGC. It was a great event, we had heaps of people watching and supporting this great cause. On the day from collecting the students gold coin donations we received $316, but all together raised $9467.87. All funds went to the Leukaemia Foundation.

Our extremely brave people that got their heads shaved that day were:

  • Lulu McCuaig of Yr 12
  • Meg Funston of Yr 11
  • Wan-Qing O’Neill of Yr 10
  • Veronique Villis of Yr 10
  • Laura Wilcox from Yr 9
  • Claudia Mountjouris of Yr 9
  • Jazzy Hughes of Yr 8
  • Mr Deery
  • Mr Li

Wan-Qing and Claudia both donated their hair to the Princess Charlotte Foundation for children with the medical condition alopecia.

The event went very well and these brave students and our two brave teachers looked fantastic with their new looks.

Thank you to everyone that helped organise and run the event. Also thank you to all the students, parents and teachers that came to watch and support, it is very much appreciated.


Ciara Walsh

Middle School Philanthropy Captain


Sports News

House Athletics Carnival

The House Athletics Carnival for 2018 is fast approaching. The Sports Captains are hoping you have been working on your costumes for this years theme: FAMILIES. Students are invited to participate in as many events as possible, with no need to sign up to events prior to the day. 2017 winners Melba will be looking to go repeat the feat of Lyons and go back to back.


The MS Exec will be running a healthy food stall, the traditional BBQ will be firing up again, and the Sports Captains will be making you some healthy fruit ice creams.


Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Inter-School Swimming Team

Last Wednesday the Interschool Swimming Team had their first carnival for the year​: the Inner North and Moreland Division Carnival. MGC had a team of 24 swimmers competing in 35 events. All swimmers performed really well and we placed 1st or 2nd in 34 events. This means our squad of 24 will stay together for the Regional Finals held on Wednesday 28th of March.


Andrew Fero-Kovassy


Year 8 Sport

Last Friday our Year 8’s kicked off their Interschool Sport year with Tennis, Volleyball and Softball teams competing in their Division Carnivals. While out tennis team came up against some very good opposition from University High, ultimately finishing second, our softball and volleyball teams were both undefeated on the day and will progress to the Regional Finals later on in the year.

Our Year 7 teams will compete in their Division Carnival this week on Thursday.


Lastly, a huge thank you to the Parents’ Association for providing a grant for the Sport Uniforms. Their continued support of the sports program has been very appreciated by myself, coaches and students.


Andrew Fero-Kovassy ​


House Cup

Another big week coming up with House Athletics! Chisholm & Melba are catching up with Maris - who will take the lead after the School Athletics Carnival?


Upcoming STEAM Events


Harmony Day 2018

The Diversity Team is a new venture this year. We kicked off 2018 with Harmony Day being celebrated as a whole-school assembly on Wednesday 21st March in the gym. The assembly included some fantastic performances ranging from poetry about 'coming home', to speeches about looking at 'ability, not disability', Latin and Traditional Polynesian and Chinese dancing and a particularly celebratory rendition of 'Born This Way'. ​


We would like to introduce the Diversity Team and share our excitement to be celebrating all people within the MGC and wider community. This new team is focused on sharing, accepting and celebrating differences within all people. Our goal is to create more visibility and representation of minority and marginalised groups; this includes the LGBTQI+ community, people of colour, differently abled bodied people, people with mental disabilities, Indigenous Australians, refugees and immigrants, International people, people of religious groups facing discrimination and many others not mentioned. We are looking to normalise differences, provide a forum for people to voice their concerns and talk about their experiences, as well as provide the school community with the opportunity to better understand these groups. Our main aim is to promote a safer environment in which people feel safe, supported and accepted through language, gestures and actions. 


Library News

Library Events


Student Book Review

I was sitting on my computer, watching YouTube when my mum came across Moxie in the newspaper she was reading. I read about it to see if it was good and immediately wanted to get it. On my 12th birthday party, my friend, who had heard me talk about it, gave me Moxie.


That night, I started the book. The start had me hooked, I couldn’t put it down. It was about a “normal” girl who lived with her mum – her dad had passed away – and she went to a school where feminism was not a thing. The “popular” boys at the school would say rude things like, “make me a sandwich”, implying that girls are meant to work in the kitchen.


The girl’s mum used to be a bit of a “tomboy” I guess you could say. She stood up to people who were sexist and did crazy things. Ever since her dad died, her mother’s past was no longer present. The girl found out she wanted to be like her mother’s old self, and anonymously started a zine. A new boy came to the school, and a lot of other things happened, but I won’t spoil the whole book.


I loved this book because it supported feminism in a really unique way by taking her own spin on not only girl rights, but human rights. Even if you’re not one to read much, pick this book up and take it on a holiday. It’s the perfect book to sit down with. I have never read anything quite like Moxie.

Year 7 Incursion

 Asphxia by Holly Templeton - Year 7

On the Friday afternoon of March, the 2nd, the year sevens attended an incursion by a woman named Asphyxia, who came to talk to us about the art of journalism. As Asphyxia had a hearing disability, she was accompanied by her sign language interpreter.


She showed us her own journals, that she handmade, and immediately inspired us to make our own. Showing us how to make her journals was one of the many things she presented us with that day. Asphyxia also shared with us some tips and tricks on how to make them and keep on consistently adding to them.


She revealed some parts of her beautiful books and explained what type of things she kept in them; All the way from her deepest secrets to diagrams for making boots, were some of the things she stored away in her journals. She even designed artwork to fill not only the patterned pages but also her wonderful front covers.


In the end, everyone in the room gratefully enjoyed the full experience of Asphyxia’s visit to Melbourne Girls College. On behalf of the year seven cohort I’d like to thank Asphyxia for coming to our school and inspiring us all with your journals.


Holly Templeton

Year 7


Marine Biologist for a Day

On Friday March 9th 2018, 7 lucky year 9 Marine Biologists were invited to attend a special event on board the SV Pelican, a 63 foot catamaran purpose built for marine research. The day was organised by the marine research team of the EPA and was made available to three Melbourne High schools (MGC, Albert Park SC and Cheltenham SC). The day was an amazing experience where the students got to work with other like-minded students and to learn from experts in their field. Below are some reflections from our lucky MGC participants, each of whom were selected based on the quality of their applications which detailed their knowledge and passion about marine issues.

On the 9th of March I went with 6 other girls from my marine bio class on the Pelican 1. We went with 14 other students from two other school. The pelican one is a sailing catamaran. We left off from St Kilda Pier and then we stopped at Hobson’s bay. We learnt about Plankton and how we can reduce our rubbish and plastics. Going on the Pelican 1 was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I really enjoyed. -Jemima


'Being a marine biologist for a day was interesting and insightful, teaching me lots about the different plankton around the bay and how some can be poisonous and also about the impacts of micro plastics on the bay. The day was fun and enjoyable, I had great time.'


On the Pelican 1, two bays excursion we were given an insight on how much rubbish ends up in the ocean and how the smallest amounts of plastic can impact marine organisms. We looked at water samples from Port Phillip Bay under a microscope to see the amount of tiny organisms that were contained in one drop of ocean water, and examine what these organisms (phytoplankton) look like and how they move/behave. – Lily


We went on the two bays excursion around Port Philip Bay. We learnt about the work the EPA does to monitor the health of the bay and the importance of this work. We learnt about the effects of micro plastics on the bay, phytoplankton species and what we can do reduce our consumption of plastic. Thank you EPA for an interesting the informative day. ​–Romy


On Friday, 6 students and I were invited to go on an all day trip upon a research vessel called the pelican 1. We spent the day sailing around port Melbourne and collecting samples of sea water we found in the ocean. After sorting through these samples we found multiple species of plankton, such as phytoplankton and unfortunately, microplastics. We spent the majority of the day learning about different ways to sample rubbish found in the ocean and ways to determine the different types of plankton found within the samples. Although we spent the day learning about how bad all the rubbish in the ocean was for the environment, we also came up with better ways for less rubbish to find its way into the oceans. We learnt about better ways to recycle and reuse the things we already have at home once there first “life” is over, such as how plastic bags can be made into park benches and how common house hold items can be transformed into reusable products. -Beyonce



2018 Moonlight Cinema

On Friday the 23rd of February, the environment team held our annual Pedal-Powered Cinema, right in the school’s backyard! This event is always a highlight in our team’s calendar, and each year gains so much interest from the growing community. We cannot give enough thanks to all those who helped us on the night and made it run so smoothly.To see that it was a success was not only rewarding for us as the environment captains but made us feel immensely proud of the camaraderie and work ethic of the girls we are lucky to be working with. We’d like to thank Mr Vance for his dedication and commitment to the team and the example he sets for a sustainable lifestyle, a big thank you to all the MGC teachers who’ve been a part of the pedal-powered cinema even since the early stages, and to the MGC community and parents who’ve been so supportive of all the environment teams endeavours, thank you! We are feeling so lucky and grateful that the night went so well, and appreciate everyone’s efforts. This year was the most successful pedal cinema we’ve held, with over $4,500 raised on the night, 2500 watt hours generated from the rowing and pedalling. Once again, thank you for your support of the Environment Teams projects, and keep an eye out for us during the year!


Zoe & Polly

2018 Environment Team Captains


Interviewing the Murder Mystery Class

Thank you Year 10 Murder Mystery Class!

On the 14th of March, the Year Ten EAL students joined the Year Ten Murder Mystery class. The intention was for the EAL class to use their English in an authentic activity and for both classes to get to know each other and their culture. The EAL class had some earlier prepared questions to ask the local students.


The day started off as a normal class but the EAL students were looking forward to meeting the local MGC girls. Shortly after the teacher came, we went to the murder mystery classroom and waited for a small amount of time outside their classroom. It felt strange some of us didn’t really want to do it, and we heard someone say,  ‘this is just a waste of time’. Shortly after, the doors opened and we slowly entered the room and stood in front of the class.  Everybody appeared to be just starin; it felt really hard at first going into a room with bunch of new people; it felt like we were little fish stuck in the middle of the ocean!

Firstly, we split up and we randomly paired up with the other students. After sitting down and greeting the students, we started asking our questions. Soon after the ice had been broken and the atmosphere in the room became comfortable. The noise became louder; we could hear and see everybody laughing and smiling and just having a good time.


Most students finished early and used their spare time to exchange numbers and social media, we figured out that we have more in common than we thought and that no matter which country and religion we all came from we all shared a lot of similarities.


Unfortunately, the bell rang and we had to say our goodbyes. Once  back in our class everybody started sharing their experiences with each other and everyone was very pleased with the result of their interview .


All and all we would say that it was a great experience for the international and local students;  our EAL class all want to say thank you to the Murder Mystery class for being so open and telling us something about your life and your thoughts.


Thank you,

Rose Roofchae & Yalin Buse

On behalf of the EAL students

MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Monday the 26th of March will be the final Homework Club of Term 1. There will be no Homework Club on the last day of Term 1- a Thursday.


It has been so wonderful to meet so many new faces at Homework Club this year, and hope to see you for the rest of the year. And great to keep up with the familiar faces as well.


Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Melbourne Girls' College
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