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01 November 2018
Issue Thirty Three
Dates to Remember
From the Principal and Assistant Principal
School News
Parent Club
Community News
Level Low Downs
School Information
Beaumaris Primary School
(03) 9589 2619
79-99 Dalgetty Road
Beaumaris, Victoria, 3193

Dates to Remember

Snack Shack

Open Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

(excluding first & last day of each term)


Friday 2

Story time with Year 4B, 4G, 4W and 3/4F

Parents invited to attend, held in classrooms

Nude Food Picnic

Monday 5

Cup Eve - Canteen is CLOSED

Tuesday 6 

Melbourne Cup Public Holiday

Wednesday 7

Year 5 Family Life

Thursday 8

Prep 2019 Uniform shop opening 9.15-10.30am

Whole school photo and sports/graduation photos

Friday 9

Bully Stoppers Celebration

Monday 12 & Tuesday 13

Year 3 Camp Oasis

Tuesday 13

Uniform Shop Open 8.45 to 9.15

9.30am-10.30am Session 2019 Prep 2019 Students

Wednesday 14

Year 5 Family Life

Monday 19 to Friday 30

Swimming Lessons Bayside Aquatic Centre Prep to Year 4

Tuesday 20

5H visit to East Beaumaris Kinder

Wednesday 21

Parent Club Meeting 9am Staffroom

Tuesday 27

Dolphin Research Institute 
Ambassadors Final Day

Year 5 Expo 5pm to 6pm

Thursday 29

Year 6 Smart Start Financial Literacy session

Friday 30

Concourse Christmas Carnival.  Glee Club performing at 5pm


Monday 3

Qkr! Sushi Lunch Monday

Whole School Step up - Session 1

Monday 3 to Friday 7

Year 5 Bike Ed - road riding

Tuesday 4

Prep 2019 Uniform shop opening 9.15-10.30am

Prep Performance Evening

Thursday 6

Glee Club to sing at Bayside U3A 11.15am at the Beaumaris Library

Tuesday 11

Year 5 Bike Hike

Wednesday 12 to Friday 14

Year 5 and 6 Swimming Beach safety program

Thursday 13

Prep 2019 Uniform shop opening 9.15-10.30am

Monday 17

Year 6 Graduation

Tuesday 18

Year 6 Bike Ride

Wednesday 19

Whole School Step Up

2pm Meet the Teacher

Whole School Carols Night 6-7pm

Thursday 20 

Year 6 Beach Day End of  Year party

Year 5 Beach day

Friday 21

Last Day Term 4 - 1.30pm Dismissal

January 2019

Thursday 10

Prep 2019 Meet & Greet Picnic Lunch 11.30am-1.30pm Donald MacDonald Reserve

Friday 18

Prep 2019 Meet & Greet Morning Tea 9.30am-11.30pm beach next to Beaumaris Life Saving Club

Wednesday 30

Uniform Shop open 10am-1pm

February 2019

Friday 1

First Day Term 1

Years 1-6: 9am-3.30pm

Preps: 9.15am - 3.15pm

Friday 8

Didgeridoo, Smoking and Welcome to Country Ceremony. 9.15am

Bunarong Land Council

Monday 11 to Friday 15

Year 6 Camp

Monday 18 to Friday 22

Year 5 Camp

Wednesday 27 

Parent Club AGM: 9.05am  Staff Room


Thursday 7

District Swimming Carnival

Wednesday 13

Kingston Division Swimming Carnival

From the Principal and
Assistant Principal

Student Placement 2019

The creation of 2019 classes and the placement of our students is a complex process requiring many factors to be taken into consideration. Parent information is one part of the process along with the carefully considered information that teachers gather through their daily work with their students including their detailed knowledge of their students as learners as well as the way they work and interact with others.

Parents wishing to provide confidential information to assist us in the process of student placement should collect a ‘Class Placement of Pupils’ form from the office.

Parents are requested to only provide information that may assist their child’s learning and educational needs. Requests for individual teachers will not be considered.  If you have any educational requests related to your child’s class placement in 2019, please complete a form and return to us by Monday 5th November, 2018.

"The Greatest Night Out"

What a wonderful night it was. A stunning success. The circus decorations looked fabulous and the amazing costumes added to the fun of the evening. Once again congratulations to Ness and her team and thank you to our fantastic parent community for your support.

The Silent auction will be open until 10pm tonight. 

A friendly reminder:
Monday prior to Melbourne Cup Day is a school day

Parents are reminded that the day prior to Melbourne Cup Day is a normal school day. Student absences must be logged on Compass.  The Snack Shack will not be open.

Messenger Dogs: Tales of World War One

This week all students attended the performance  "Messenger Dogs', a production designed to highlight the Anzac Centenary and to introduce the topic of World War 1 to students. The students met Nell, Trick and Bullet and heard their tales of courage, determination, endurance and mate ship on the front line working alongside the Australian Imperial Force. Responsible for carrying messages from the front line back to headquarters their stories sometimes go unnoticed- but to those who served over one hundred years ago, and even those who serve today, dogs play an important role and not just as loyal companions. 

Remember: Gratitude, Empathy, Minfulness

What are three things that went well for you today?

What are the best things that happened to you today?

Who are you most grateful for and why?

What are you looking forward to most about tomorrow?

Sheryl Skewes                              Louise Neave

Principal                                         Assistant Principal

School News

Nude Food Picnic


We invite you to join students at our Nude Food Picnic lunch tomorrow.

As a 5 star Resource Smart school we are highly committed to the concept and daily practice of nude food, with no bins in the yard except for compost. We celebrate how well we do this, and the wonderful commitment of our school community, at our annual Nude Food Family Picnic which is taking place this Friday 2nd November on the oval from 12.30pm.

Nude Food Day is a chance for our students to realise what they ...can do for their health and the health of the planet. An event like this can give all of us at BPS a taste of the benefits, ease and fun involved in packing a healthy, wrapper free lunch!

So please come along, family and special friends, and share some nude food and fun times with us.

Hayfever, asthma and thunderstorm asthma


With spring upon us, grass pollen season brings an increase in asthma and hay fever.  It also brings the chance of thunderstorm asthma.

People with hay fever, especially those who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever, may be at increased risk of thunderstorm asthma. Thunderstorm asthma can be sudden, serious and even life threatening.

Having good control of your hay fever and asthma can help reduce your risk of thunderstorm asthma.

Please make sure that if your child has asthma that they have an updated asthma plan, their medication at school is within the expiration and that they have a spacer.  A puffer and spacer used together is better than using a puffer alone as more medication gets to the lungs where it is needed.

Visit your doctor or pharmacist for help.

The video link below may also be helpful:

Cycle safety

Over the last week we have received reports from both parents and our neighbours about near misses around the school between cars and student cyclists.  If your child cycles to school can you please remind them of the importance of staying safe, being observant and only crossing roads where visibility is good.

Parent Club

Greatest Night Out

THANK YOU to everyone who made Our Greatest Night Out such a success! It truly was the greatest night out with lots of sore feet on Sunday! Special thanks to our DJ Trevor, Josh Stayley - the AMAZING magician, Sandy by the Bay, Not Just Visual Photo Booths, our wonderful sponsors and the whole team who helped in any way. 

Congratulations to our raffle winners! Thanks to everyone who sold or purchased tickets. 

Our awesome online auction ends tonight at 10pm so don't forget to register to bid if you haven't already and have a browse through the catalogue. There are some fabulous items up for grabs. 

Many thanks

Ness & the Fundraising team



Community News



10.45 a.m.  – Sunday 11 November 2018

Green Point Cenotaph, Beach Road Brighton

It has been the Club’s custom for many years to hold our annual Remembrance Day Service at the Beaumaris Community Centre Memorial Forecourt and Cenotaph. As this year is the Centenary of the signing of the Armistice to end the First World War on 11 November 1918, Beaumaris RSL are combining with Bayside City Council and Hampton RSL to hold a joint Service of Remembrance on Sunday 11 November 2018 commencing at 10.45 a.m.


Level Low Downs


Last week the Prep students were lucky enough to have a visit from author-illustrator Nicky Johnston. Nicky read one of her stories Hide and Seek with Grandpa to us and then explained how she creates the illustrations for her books. She then led the Prep students in a step-by-step demonstration to draw the main character from one of her books – Grandpa Lion. Nicky explained that every drawing always starts off as a simple 2D shape and is built upon with other shapes and details to create something new! Thank you to Nicky for visiting us, we had an excellent time!

Year One

The Year 1s were enthralled by the tails (tales) of courage, determination and endurance told by the puppets and actors of ‘Messenger Dogs’.

Elizabeth: ‘Messenger Dogs sent important messages. There were many types of dog roles in the war.’

Thea: ‘I liked Nell because she cared about the person who was hurt and was brave.’

Georgia: ‘I liked it when the dogs all worked together.’

Elle: ‘Why did they put dogs in the war? I don’t want dogs to get hurt.’

Mia: ‘I liked that the dogs cared for each other when they needed help.’

Year Two

As we venture into the last term of Investigative learning for our year 2 students, we wanted to remind parents of the wonderful journey since Prep. Our observations and knowledge of the children tell us that they have really enjoyed their schooling, engaged meaningfully, attended regularly and increased their emotional, social and language skills significantly. We look forward to another term of active engagement and motivation in Investigations, building on the children's interests and learning alongside formal instruction.

Year Three and Four

This week the Grade 3s and 4s enjoyed watching the Messenger Dogs performance! This enthralling story was told by puppets. We learnt about how dogs aided the soldiers in World War 1. In class we have been consolidating our understanding of fractions and have started to revisit persuasive texts. 

Year Five

On Tuesday, the Year 5s had one of the best days for the entire year. We welcomed in Mini Boss to help us explore our subject focus of Business & Economics. Our aim for the day was to work in groups to design a smoothie flavour and then pitch the business plan in the shape of a 'Shark Tank' pitch. We spent the morning trying different prototypes and gathering feedback from peers. In the middle session we decided on our final product and began designing our logo, making graphs, researching nutritional benefits of smoothie, prices, profits and many more elements to ensure our pitch was received well. After lunch, we split into two groups and presented our final pitches to the sharks and the rest of the students. It was a great day.

Year Six

As is usually the case, there has been a lot happening in Year 6 over the last two weeks. Kids Teaching Kids students presented their song for their build-a-loo project at the University of Melbourne. Congratulations on your efforts! A person from Zaidee’s Foundation spoke to us about the roles of various body parts and how Zaidee helped others by donating her organs. The whole school saw the Messenger Dogs performance, which looked at the roles dogs played throughout the Great War. Also, as a friendly reminder, don’t forget to tune in to the Media Captains’ final broadcast for the year on 88.3 Southern FM on the 15th of November.

School Information

General Office

Office Hours:           8.15am - 4.00pm

Telephone:              03  9589 2619


All visitors to the school are required to report to the office to sign in and out.  A ‘visitor’s badge’ will be issued.

Appointments with teachers must be made via the school email: [email protected] 



Student absences should be reported to the school before 9.00am via the Compass portal or phoning the school office.   Any unexplained absences will result in parents/guardians receiving an email at 9.30am on the day of non-attendance requesting they update Compass with the reason for non-attendance.



In order to minimise disruption to class and maximise learning opportunities for our students, we would like to remind you that the school day starts promptly at 9.00am.  If your child is late for any reason, please sign in at the office via the Compass Kiosk and obtain a late pass to be given to the classroom teacher.  

Please ensure that if your child is leaving early that they are signed out on the Compass Kiosk before collecting them from the classroom.



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