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24 May 2017
Building Wellbeing for Learning –Interoception Room and Program
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Building Wellbeing for Learning –Interoception Room and Program

Last term I provided an overview of what Interoception is and how this can impact on student’s self-regulation when they do not have the ability to recognize their ‘internal’ senses and body reactions and how these can lead to students not being in control of their feelings, and consequently reactions.


Interoception is the ability to recognise and listen to the internal signals of your body and mind and the physical reactions that this can cause.

e.g. My tummy hurts,  I feel sick, I’m hungry so if I eat something I will feel better, or my heart is beating fast, I am feeling nervous, I can do some breathing to help me tackle this challenge. My face is getting hot, I know I am getting angry…


At Hackham East Primary School we understand, and spend a great deal of time teaching the ‘whole child’, which includes our focus on ‘Wellbeing for Learning.’ When students become upset, angry or anxious and do not have tools to help recognize these emotions and build strategies to deal with the emotions and reactions, engaging in learning often becomes difficult, and impacts on their learning and the learning of others.

Interoception is another program and strategy, along with Play Is The Way that we are implementing across the whole school to support students with this. We have been fortunate to apply for and granted funding to implement this program across the school.

What does the Interoception Program look like at HEPS?

We have established an Interoception Room in the Library. This room is a calming space that is available throughout the day and trained staff are rostered to support students needing to access the space.

The room is open from 8.45am each morning. Some children are scheduled to start their day in the room, but it is also open to any child or parent who feels that their child may benefit in coming to the room first in the morning to help them if they are emotional and not quite ready for the ‘busyness’ of the classroom at the beginning of the day.

A great example of this was a parent who brought their child to the room last week because a beloved pet was sick and the child was upset about this. Coming to the room allowed the child to talk to an adult about their feelings and emotions, relieved the stress on the parent and then the child was able to go to class ready to deal with the day and learning demands.

During the day, Teachers may ask students to go to the room or students may ask to go to the room to support them when they need some additional assistance with regulating emotions and feelings. Students bring the learning task that they were engaging in at the time in the classroom, which reinforces the Interoception room to be seen as a positive intervention, not as a space where you come to avoid ‘hard learning.’

When accessing the room during learning time students:

  • Sign in (this enables us to keep data on which students access it and when.)
  • Take their Heart Rate with an over the finger heart rate monitor – to help children make the link between breathing and heart rate being a signal as to when their feelings are taking over.
  • Choose an Interoception exercise which is designed to support noticing how their body feels and reacts eg. It may be a stretching  exercise which helps them to notice how their body feels tense/tight or a breathing exercise which helps to make the link between breathing and heart rate.
  • Engage in a calming activity which may be colouring, sitting quietly with a timer or fiddle toy for a few minutes.
  • De-brief with the adult around what led them to come with the room and they then go on with the learning task for about 5 minutes so that they can then re-enter the classroom calmly and be back on track for learning.

In total a student may be in the Interoception room for around 15 mins and we see this as a positive intervention that can prevent a meltdown that may have previously seen the child having to come to the office and spend a much longer period of time out of the classroom learning environment.

Small Group Interoception Teaching

Staff have identified a number of children who participate in small Interoception groups. These children come to the room in a small group for 2-3 15 min sessions with one of the trained adults each week.

During these sessions, the children participate in an Interoception exercise and then are exposed to a book or video linked to feelings and emotions and discuss how the characters may feel and their bodies may react in different ways to help them make personal links to their feelings and body reactions. We also make the link to the Play is the Way questions of ‘are their feeling or thinking in control? How could they get their thinking back in control?’

The goal of the small groups is to build student awareness of their feelings, body reactions and give tools that they can use in class when they know their ‘feelings’ are becoming in control, rather than their thinking.


Results of the Interoception Program so far…

There have been so many positive responses and anecdotes from both staff and parents in the short time we have been implementing this and we look forward to seeing many more positive outcomes which will ultimately lead to children being self-aware, self-regulated and have strategies to help them deal with feelings and emotions in a way that helps them to become more in control.


Some of the positive outcomes we have observed are:

  • Students independently using the Interoception exercises when learning is hard eg. A number of staff reported students using the ‘hand stretching’ activity during NAPLAN testing.
  • Students verbalising that the Interoception room is a positive place where they can come to help them before they get out of control and do the wrong thing when they get upset, “I came here at lunch time when I was getting angry and I was about to hit someone, but I knew that would get me into trouble and I would end up in the office.” – Year 5 student.
  • Students using Interoception exercises out in the yard – “...came back in from lunch and said that during playtime she had no friend to play with. This made her upset so she did an Interception activity (hand stretching).
  • Anecdotal data indicates that there has been a reduction of around 70% of Leadership time having to deal with inappropriate behaviours in the Office after playtimes – which would often lead to students being out for key learning times.
  • Less students having to come to the office during learning time for ‘disruptive’ behaviours.


We are very excited about the early stages of this program and look forward to continuing to implement and see positive outcomes for our students.

Please feel free to pop in to see the room at any time and chat to one of the staff that may be there at that time, or see myself or Scott Megson in person if you would like more information.

Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal

Scott Megson, Senior Leader


Dates to Remember

Diary Dates

Fridays - Parent Afternoon Tea held in the Conference Room, Penney Unit from 2:30pm.  All parents/caregivers welcome.


MAY 2017

Friday 26 May - Assembly at 9:00am in the Penney Unit - National Sorry Day.  Parents/caregivers, friends and family are invited to attend the assembly followed by morning tea in the Conference Room.

Monday 29 May to Thursday 1 June - Students Reception to Yr 5 attending Swimming Program at Noarlunga Leisure Centre.


JUNE 2017

Friday 2 June - Student Free Day, All Staff undertaking Professional Development, 

Friday 9 June - Student Free Day, All Staff undertaking Professional Development

Monday 12 June - Public Holiday

School News

Year 7/8 Transition For 2018


Parents of Year 7 students have received an Enrolment in Secondary School for 2018 pack, with brochures, and an ED176 form. When you have decided on the choice of school for your child please complete the ED176 and return with all relevant forms to Lee Clements at the Front Office before Friday 26th May, 2017, Term 2, Week 4, to process. Please note:

  • Sibling Rights Rule-A photocopy of the ID card is required of the student/sibling currently attending the out of zone school (see page 8 in the Starting Secondary School Brochure)
  • Students applying for enrolment in out of zone schools will need to pay particular attention to page 6 of the “Starting Secondary School” brochure-out of zone enrolments.

Lee Clements, Front Office

Fundraising News

Thank you to the students, parents and staff who supported the Mothers Day Gift Stall fundraising.  Thank you to the parents who created the wonderful array of gifts available for sale and helped on the day, setting up and selling the items.  $1500 was raised from this event which is a fantastic effort.  


Children Leaving Early From School

If you wish to collect your child early from school, please come to the office first, sign them out on the Authority for Early Release Form and then take the release slips to class. Children will not be released from class without the teacher receiving the form. This is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students.

Swimming Reception to Year 5

If your child requires asthma medication (puffer) please ensure that you provide the puffer/spacer to go with them when they attend swimming next week.  Medication kept in the Front Office is for use when they are at school.   It is recommended that all clothing is labelled with your child's name so that it can be returned.  

Hosting an International Student

Wirreanda Secondary School is hosting a group of 20 Japanese students from Tokyo for 11 days in August 2017.  We are looking for local families to host a male or female student aged 14yrs old.  

You do not have to have a student studying at Wirreanda to host and you will be financially reimbursed for your support. Please contact Sue Bogumil on 83297246 or email [email protected] if you are interested or you have any questions.


Entertainment Books

See me if you would like to purchase a book(s) or read the attached information to see how you can order your digital version online.

REMEMBER:  20% from every membership sold contributes to supporting our school.

Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager


Assembly Friday 26 May

Parents/Caregivers and family are invited to attend the school assembly on Friday 26/5 at 9:00am in the Penney Unit.  The assembly this week will acknowledge National Sorry Day.

After the assembly you are invited to stay for Morning Tea in the Conference Room.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Scott Megson, Senior Leader

Anti-Bullying Day

On Monday 22 May, Anti-Bullying Day was held. Every class participated by doing some activities from the google docs document that we developed with the teachers. Many children wore blue, the colour for anti-bullying. Overall, we think it was a huge success. We raised $107.20 for Beyond Blue which helps teens struggling with depression and anxiety. We hope the donation will help with further research for their cause.


Children worked on anti-bullying movies, play, making up raps, writing narratives and many other things. They looked at song videos such as Caught In The Act and did activities based on these.


These are a few pictures of people collaborating on some activities from Anti-Bullying Day.


Classes will present their learning at the Week 8 assembly (23/6).


Grace Connolly and Hayley Fergusson


I applaud these girls for their initiative and for the effort and creativity they put into helping to organise such an important and successful day.


Anti-bullying is not just one day. It is every day. Stamp out bullying.


Bob Thiele, Principal


Acknowleding Our Volunteers

This photo shows some of our wonderful volunteers who give so much of their time to support our school and children. They arrive early to open the canteen before school so that children and parents can order healthy food for the day. They go out of their way to shop in their own time to purchase food items on special to keep the prices at a minimum. They spend hours of their own time to prepare the food rather than buy more expensive processed items.

They do all this to support the school community.

Our volunteers deserve our thanks and acknowledgement. Most people are friendly and polite. They do not deserve abusive comments from a few disgruntled adults who often have not read notes carefully or have not got orders in on time.

Our school values include Good Manners. We want our students to show these at all times. We hope that adults can do the same.


Please show your appreciation to our volunteers by dropping in to acknowledge them and showing good manners.


Bob Thiele,Principal


National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is an annual event to commemorate the mistreatment of Australia’s indigenous population. It marks the beginning of Reconciliation week. National Sorry Day gives people the chance to show their commitment towards reconciliation in Australia.


We will be having a special Sorry Day assembly this Friday (26/5) where students will watch Kevin Rudd’s Apology speech. Students are encouraged to wear the colours of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags: red, black, white, green and blue.

Gill Dowd

Aboriginal Education Teacher

Hackham East Primary School



The OSHC children and staff are continuing to work at improving the service. This year our focus has been on sustainability and community.


Last term we cleaned up the school for “Clean Up Schools Day”, but instead of just throwing out the rubbish, we took it a step further and sorted out the rubbish we collected. Half of it was recyclable, and most of it was plastic (eg plastic lunch wrappers, fruit roll wraps, chip packets etc). The children were also disappointed at how much there was. They decided it was time to take action and this is exactly what they have done.


Every morning the children clean up around OSHC, collecting rubbish and disposing of it appropriately. They also have been working at growing vegetables in our garden, so we can eat more “fruit and veg like carrots instead of fruit bars and chips when we are hungry” (Demario & Jaxon). OSHC purchased a compost bin which we put our food scraps and bunny poo in. We are now waiting for it to turn into compost to be used on the garden. Penny our bunny has been enjoying the Kale the children planted last year and the children (and Penny) are hoping our carrots, lettuce, parsley, garlic and broad beans grow well.  


The children have also been learning more about waste and where it ends up, participating in an interactive story called “Danny the Drip”, who journeys down the Onkaparinga River which ended up very polluted by people making weak choices. Rubbish belongs in the bin, cars should be washed on lawns or at car washes, not in the street, cars should be maintained and serviced, lawn clippings should be put in the compost or green bin, trees and plants need to be planted to stop erosion, people should remind each other to put their rubbish in the recycling or waste bin; these are some of the lessons the children took away from the activity. It has been amazing to see our children grow into such caring and compassionate children who care about the environment around them. If you would like to help our environment too, perhaps when you pack your child’s lunch box next, you may think about how much plastic and ‘waste’ is going in and whether there is a better alternative, to help reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. For example instead of sending a plastic spoon to throw away, perhaps a metal one would be better. Instead of a fruit bar, perhaps a small fruit like a mandarin or apple.


Our second goal has been on community. One of our big projects this year has been the Parkour Program. It is open to all children in the community (not just the OSHC children). It is held at the school (just meet in front of the OSHC rooms), from 3:30pm-4:30pm on Wednesday’s (please note the change of day) so please come along and have a try. It is free, suitable for all/any fitness level, open to primary school children aged 8 and over and is proudly funded by Hackham East OSHC. Some of the benefits include improved fitness level, social skills, non-competitive, self-discipline, self-improvement, increased confidence, and improved persistence/resilience. Children are supported in a safe environment to take risks and extend themselves using the principles of Parkour. The instructors use the games they already know to practice these new skills. For more information, please contact the OSHC Director on 0499 228 039.



It is not too late to book in for the School Closure Days on Friday 2 June (Colour Fun- including a Colour Run, weather permitting) and Friday 9 June (OSHC Winter Festival). Just ring me on 0499 228 039 or email [email protected]


If you would like to keep up to date on all things OSHC, follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackhamEastOSHC/ and instagram https://www.instagram.com/hackhameastoshc/.


We look forward to bringing you more updates on what the children at OSHC are up to and working with the school and community to provide a service we can all be proud of.


Jacky Smith

OSHC Director


Pastoral Care Worker News

News from Cherie Love

I thought I would tell you more about the What's The Buzz Program.  It is a social skills enrichment program designed to teach children how to think and relate to others in social situations.


The program teaches specific skills each lesson eg Being Friendly, Empathy, Competition - Winning & Losing and Dealing with Disappointment to name a few.  We use story telling, quizzes, role plays and games so that the children can learn and then rehearse their new skills.


The program promotes friendships, confidence building and resiliency.  I send extra information home to parents which helps keep them informed and is also helpful for the students to practice their new skills at home.


I run the program twice a week in a small group setting.  Each week the children are given a small gift for participating.


Come along to our Parent Afternoon Tea in the Conference Room, Penney Unit every Friday from 2:30pm.  I would love to meet some of you there for a coffee and a chat.  It is a great way to meet other parents as well.  Just a reminder there will be no Afternoon Tea on the 2 and 9 June because of the Student Free Days.


Road Crossing Monitors

Term 2

Week 5 (29/5-1/6)


Latysha Jackson

Wealthy Abanilla

Nikkita Smith


Max Connolly

Dylan Mostyn

Harry Brook



Week 6 (5/6-8/6)


Cooper Rannanaho

Logan Addison Black

Zaccery Nankervis


Marissa Weymouth

Patrick Connolly

Charlie Watkins

Community News

  • Bringing Up Great Kids – A highly recognised interactive program for parents of young children to help us raise happy and confident children.  Commences on Thursday 1/6 for 6 weeks from 12:30-2:30pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham. Afternoon tea provided and Creche available, limited spaces.  Ph 81866944 to register or for more information.
  • Does Your Child or Teen Have a Sleep Problem? – The Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic at Flinders University offers treatments for children and adolescents of all ages (including infants from 6 months of age).  To book an appointment Ph 82017587 or email [email protected] .
  • Hub Recreation Centre – Free Come & Try Session for Spike Zone (volleyball) at the Hub Recreation Centre, Park Avenue (opposite Mitre 10), Aberfoyle Park on 30/5 from 4:00-5:00pm.  Suitable for students in Yr 4-7 both experienced and new players.  Visit www.volleyballsa.com.au/spikezone or Ph 83631265.
  • Understanding The 'Boy Code' Are you the parent of a teen or pre-teen?  Come and join us or watch our live webcast.  Presented by Dr Justin Coulson, nationally recognised parenting speaker, author and columnist.  Held on Tuesday 30/5 from 7:00-9:00pm at Riverbank Room, Adelaide Convention Centre, North Terrace, Adelaide.  Register to attend in person or view the live webcast at: http://parentingsa.eventbrite.coma.u or Ph 83031660.  FREE.
  • The Vines Evening View Club A Fashion Parade held on Saturday 27/5 at St Francis Winery, Bridge St, Old Reynella from 1:30-4:30pm.  Includes Afternoon Tea, Fashion, Candles, Shoes, Orchids, Raffles, Trading Table and more.  Cost $20.00pp.  Ph Anita 83818322 or Trish 83224301.
  • Reconcilliation Week Free Community Event held on Tuesday 30/5 from 11:00am-2:30pm at Ramsay Place, Colonnades.  BBQ lunch and activities for children and young people.  Ph Chris 0404819853 for more information.
  • Let’s Take The Next Step Open Mic Rap Off, Art and Palti Circle, Storytelling, Wood Carving, Hena Tattooing, Food and much more on Wednesday 31/5 from 11:00am-3:00pm at Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, Warriparinga Way (off Sturt Road), Bedford Park.  For 10-22yr olds.  Ph 83575900 to book, bookings essential.
  • The Art of Clear Communication Topics include: How to be a good listener, What to say when someone is upset, How to say “No”, Learn to read body language, What is your communication style? How to say what you are feeling.  Held on Wednesday 31/5 from 11:15am-1:15pm at Hackham West Children’s Centre Unit, 50 Glynville Dr, Hackham West.  Free (tea/coffee provided with light lunch).  Free crèche available.  Ph Milan 0403369791 or email [email protected] to book.
  • Meet the Author Jeannie Baker, Picture Book Author and Collage Artist speaks about her new book The Circle.  Held on Tuesday 6/6 from 6:30pm at Edwardstown Baptist Church, Cnr Dorene St and Rothesay Ave, St Marys.  For more informantion visit www.library.mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au .
  • Boys Netball Clinic FREE Held on Sunday 4/6 at Priceline Stadium.  Students aged 5-8yrs from 9:00-10:00am and 9-6yrs from 10:00am-12:00pm.  Register at sa.netball.com.au/men-boys/.
  • The Power of Positivity Topics include Learn to relax and meditate, Watch your thoughts, Practice gratitude, Humour is important, Unhook from unhelpful thinking, Be mindful of your self-talk.  Held on Wednesday 14/6 from 11:15am-1:15pm at Hackham West Children’s Centre Unit, 50 Glynville Dr, Hackham West.  Free (tea/coffee provided with light lunch).  Free crèche available.  Ph Milan 0403369791 or email [email protected] to book.
  • Grasshopper Soccer Australia’s No 1 non-competitive soccer program for girls and boys aged 2-12yrs.  More than just soccer, we are about having fun, building confidence and learning new skills.  Enrolments are now open online – Tuesday (Aldinga Beach & Hallett Cove), Wednesday (Woodcroft), Saturday (Reynella East, Seaford Rise, Clapham & Myrtle Bank, Sunday (Reynella East, Crafers, Brighton & Myrtle Bank).  For more information visit www.grasshoppersoccer.com.au or Ph Daniel 0433422347.
  • Community Connections Hackham Various programs being run by Junction Australia.  See attached PDF for more information.


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