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15 December 2017
Issue Nineteen
North Geelong Secondary College
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Key Dates

19 DEC              Presentation Evening at Costa Hall  7.30pm  (all students to attend in the evening) doors open at 7.10pm

20-21 DEC       Enviro Day Program


2018 Key Dates 

29 JAN               Official first day for teachers 

30 JAN               First Day for Year 7, 11 and 12

31 JAN               All students to attend school 

Mr Nicholas Adamou


As this is the final newsletter for 2017, I wish to acknowledge the outstanding work and support provided to our College by a wide range of people.


We recently had our end of year School Council dinner, where I acknowledged the contribution of the members of this very important group that govern our school.


The College Council President Ms Di Lang, Vice President Mr Matthew Sheehan and School Council parent members; Shelley Kitchen, Catherine McKenzie, Darren Carr, Laurence Lord, Judith Densley, Lyndal Jones and Donna Woods and DE&T elected members; June Bashiruddin, Connie Romano, Tonia Tigani and Adam Bond, Co-opted members, Year 12 students Oliver Massey and Kate Frith, have given freely their time in providing policy development, monitoring and evaluation. Through their work the College can focus upon providing the best possible teaching and learning environment for all of our students.


To the many, many students at North Geelong SC who have set their goals and after working hard throughout the year, they achieved them, I offer my congratulations. Their commitment to their learning makes our College an outstanding place to be part of. Our Logo “Strive to Achieve” heralds what we believe in as a school community. The school’s values (Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity) and The High Expectations from students, staff, parents and the wider community generated this year’s outstanding achievements and positive results.


I take this opportunity to publicly thank Assistant Principals; Ms Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson and Mr Brad Headlam who worked tirelessly within the leadership team to ensure the school continues to enjoy success.


I also extend my sincere thank you to all staff, teaching and non – teaching for their dedication and hard work during this year. The focus and the consistency in teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond has provided a wealth of opportunities for our students.


A special thank you to those staff members who are leaving the College, retiring or taking leave next year. The College staff and students have greatly appreciated their significant contributions.


To all parents and caregivers, I thank you for your wonderful support of our school and for entrusting NGSC with the gift of educating your children; and the many contributions you have given to support our community, through social activities and volunteering. 

Next year, we look forward to many new challenges and successes.


2018 will see the school undergo a capital works program (just under 5 million dollars). I ask the whole school community to be patient through the challenges of the refurbishment in anticipation of the end product which will be outstanding.



And finally, I take this opportunity to extend to all members of our School community my very best wishes for a safe and Happy Christmas and a thoroughly relaxing, refreshing and safe holiday.


I look forward to a great start to the 2018 academic year.

Important Dates to mark on your calendars:

Book Collection Day – Wednesday 24 January 2018 

Just a reminder to parents/guardians that book collection day is on Wednesday 24 January 2018 from 9.00am to 3.30pm in Room C9.


2018 Academic Year – Staggered Start 

Parents/Guardians and students, please note that the 2018 academic year will commence with a staggered start as follows.


·    Monday, 29 January – Teachers (Student Free Day)

This day is a student free day. Teachers will have the opportunity to attend staff, curriculum and other various meetings. They will also prepare for the arrival of the students including some planning time.

·   Tuesday, 30 January: First day for all new Year 7 students, Year 11 and all 12, VCE and VCAL students.

·   Wednesday 31 February: First day for all other students (Years 8, 9, 10).


This is to ensure a very smooth transition for our new Year 7 students and a great start for Year 11 and 12 students.

2017 Awards Presentation Evening at GPAC, 19 December

The 2017 Awards Presentation evening is on Tuesday 19 December, beginning at 7.30pm at Costa Hall, Deakin University, Waterfront Geelong.


On this day students will not be required at school during the day; however, they are all required to attend the Awards Presentation Evening with their family and friends. It is an evening where the whole College community comes together to celebrate this year’s achievements.


The school magazine will be distributed on this evening.

All students participating in performances and presentations will be required during the day at the venue for rehearsals. Detailed information has been distributed to students and parents.


All students must attend and must be in full school uniform.  


I am looking forward to seeing all parents, students and friends of our College Community, attending our Awards Presentation Evening to celebrate together our student achievements.

2018 School Captains 

Abbey Gardner–School Captain

Tyler George–School Captain

Daphne Low– Academic Captain

Mustafa Niamatullah–Sports Captain

Thomas Grantham–The Arts Captain

Angela Bijimba– Cultural Captain


We are looking forward to working with our School Captains in 2018 to continue the great work at North Geelong SC.


Mrs Julie Andrews, Mr Paul Dawson & Mr Bradley Headlam 



Congratulations to all students, families and staff on completing this academic year.

Now is an opportunity to reflect on the year; the achievements, the improvements and the fun things. By spending some time reflecting we build on our confidence (the things we did well), resilience (the times we really needed to push through or overcome a hurdle) and our relationships with others (the times we shared all of the experiences that a school year brings).

It is well researched that daily reflections or gratitudes are an excellent method to check in with oneself about our levels of confidence, resilience and relationships.

Gratitude is about appreciating what is good in life. In the research, gratitude is defined as thankfulness or feelings of appreciation that result from perceived fortune or the kindness of others. Gratitude is one of the character strengths most strongly associated with high life satisfaction. Individuals high in dispositional gratitude have a tendency to notice and appreciate good outcomes in the world.


By assisting students to strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle they can indeed flourish. Flourishing is a combination of ‘feeling good and doing good’.

Reference: Norrish, J., Robinson, J. & Williams, P. (2011) ‘Positive Emotions’, Literature review

End of year Awards Presentation Evening

Please check the details in this newsletter about the Awards Presentation, 7:15pm, 19 December at Costa Hall. It will be great to see all students and as many parents/guardians as possible on the night to share in the celebrations of the school year.


Remember that students must be in full school uniform.

Are you prepared for the 2018 school year?

Booklists have been submitted to Campion Education. Completed orders will be ready for collection at NGSC on 24 January. Late booklist orders can be made directly to Campion Education, 36 Little Myers St, Geelong, VIC 3220.

Whether you are utilising the ordering through Campion Education or buying the items elsewhere, please ensure that your child is fully equipped with all items on the booklist to make a successful start to the academic year.

Learning Field payments are due in Term 1 at the school office.


Over the holiday break, please check on the condition of your child’s iPad or other senior device. Battery life or screen damage should be repaired well before the start of the school year.

Uniforms - please check if your child’s uniform needs mending, hems taken down or replacing. School shoes are often worn out by the end of the year or have become too small so buy new shoes in January for your child to get used to before the year begins.


Eye sight - It is quite common that during the adolescent years, children notice changes in their eyesight. If you think this is an issue, make an appointment for their vision to be checked. Headaches and squinting are often signs of children struggling with their vision.


In preparation for 2018 we have created and shared with students a Compass Insights survey that will assist staff in creating a classroom environment that engages all students. This survey collects information on each student and how they learn best in order for the classroom teacher to tailor their classwork to their learning needs. Please encourage your child to complete this survey on Compass so that the class teachers are well informed going into the new year. Parents can also access this survey and are encouraged to discuss the responses with their children for greater accuracy to also support informing our staff.


In order to ensure that we hit the ground running in 2018 we are enabling parents and students to arrange swaps up until the first day back at school. Mr Headlam will be available to make subject swaps in the week prior to the start of the school year and can be contacted via email to communicate potential swaps. There are no guarantees with any changes and many subjects are full. However Mr Headlam can communicate other possible scenarios based on student pathways and capabilities. Mr Headlam can be emailed on throughout the holiday break.


2017 Swimming Program

Mr Vassallo would like to congratulate all year seven students for their participation and approach to learning throughout the 2017 swimming program. The College recognizes the important role parents and guardians play in supporting their children throughout the swimming program, and we would like to thank them for their support. I would like to thank all staff involved in the program, especially those for filling in when required. Please be safe around water over the holidays.

Mr. Vassallo

Year 8 News

It has been a great year in 2017 for our Year 8 cohort. We have faced many challenges and overcome many obstacles. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in Year 8 this year. To all Year 8 Families, have a fun and safe summer holiday. To all Year 8 students, enjoy the summer break and good luck for 2018 and Year 9.

Kind Regards,

Mr Clark and Mr Quinn.

Awards Evening

Our compulsory Awards Evening is happening Tues 19/12 at Costa Hall. Students receiving an award on the night will be notified beforehand and required to attend the rehearsal at 4pm. Full school uniform must be worn. All other students and families should arrive from 7:10 when doors will be opened for a 7:30pm sharp start. See you all there.


Year 7 News


Our EOY Activities Program wrapped up today with Beach Day. All students were exceptionally well behaved and represented our school incredibly well. Thank you to all staff who assisted in running and supervising the programs, a lot of hard work goes into the organisation and it’s great to see so many year 7 students accessing the activities and ending the year in such a positive way.  


Most students cleared their own lockers last week but for those who didn’t, please call in to the YLC office to collect your belongings before they disappear!

YEAR 8 2018

On a final note, it is important that all students have uniform and equipment organised before the first day back to enable the smoothest start to the academic year ahead of you.


I am stepping into a new role at the College in 2018 and would like to thank the year 7s for all your hard work this year, you should all be very proud of yourselves and it has been a fantastic year as your Year Level Coordinator. You are all in safe hands with the Year Level Coordinators next year and I wish you all the best.


I would like to wish all year 7s a safe a happy holiday and hope you all return in 2018 rested and ready for all that 2018 has in store.

Ms Ladson


Middle School News

Students, Parents and Guardians,


I want to take this time to wish everybody a safe and enjoyable holidays. The rigours of the school year call for a well deserved break, a time to reflect and recharge. Work and life can be incredibly hectic, so the holidays are the ideal time to reconnect and catch up. Home plays a pivotal role in shaping and moulding students, so a positive and supportive holiday can be instrumental in supported and positive learners in 2018.


Please chill and read your english texts over the holidays in a hammock, look over your book lists/books and relish the opportunity for a new year, new opportunities and a fresh start, as not everybody gets that opportunity.

Keeping your child happy, healthy and safe during the school holidays

Head of Direct Clinical Services Vikki Ryall said holidays were a good time to tune in to a child’s emotions, pay deeper attention to any unusual behaviour, and try to open up communication.

“A break from school and lots of extra hours together as a family can be a great experience, but for some families it is a challenging time when concerns emerge,” Ms Ryall said.


“Some young people find it isolating to be away from their usual school routines and peer support network. For those struggling to make friends, it can be a lonely time when everyone else seems to be having fun.


“It can be hard as a parent to work out the difference between typical behaviour such as moodiness and irritability, and the signs of an emerging mental health issue. But if you are seeing behaviour that concerns you, help is available.”


Mental health disorders are prevalent in young people. Almost one in seven school-aged children in Australia – an estimated 560,000 students – had a mental disorder in 2013-14 according to the Telethon Kids Institute Young Minds Matter survey.  Examples included anxiety, depression, self-harming behaviours and eating disorders.



Ms Ryall said parents seeing warning signs should encourage their son or daughter to talk openly and honestly about what they are experiencing, and ask what they need.


Most importantly, she said parents should listen to their child’s fears and concerns without judgement and be patient when responding.


“If your child is distressed, don’t tell them to ‘just calm down’ or ‘get over it’; they need to know you are taking them seriously. Avoid judgement and reassure them you are there for them,” she said.


“Let them know that if they don’t want to talk to you, they can talk to other adults they trust or to health professionals through a service like headspace. It’s really important for you to support your child in seeking help elsewhere.”

There are many other steps parents and carers can take during these holidays to support children who are having a tough time.


“Simple things such as eating three meals a day and getting a good night’s sleep are important. Maintain a routine to ensure your child is not regularly staying up late, or sleeping in very late the next day,” she said.


“Involve your child in decision-making and give them responsibility at home. One way to do this is to ask them to choose a meal and help prepare it.”

Doing a project - especially one a parent can be part of, such as painting a room – is another way to help young people feel engaged and create an environment where it’s easier to talk.


Other holiday activities to encourage include:

  • Learning something new:  Whether its photography, music, sport or dance, contact local councils and leisure centres to find out what’s on for children and young people.
  • Organising and exploring:  Make a list of places to visit and things to do, and get out there!  
  • Creative projects: Get those creative juices flowing. Revamp a bedroom or create an art piece.
  • Getting active: Encourage young people to spend time outside, visit a park with friends or family, or walk the dog around the block.


Senior News

VCE: Unit 3 and 4 results are due to be released this Friday. Students are encouraged to seek assistance from the Careers Team if they wish to change their University/TAFE preferences.


The VTAC website outlines the process and key dates.  Students must meet these deadlines.


VCE and VCAL Certificates will be mailed to students. Please keep these in a safe place as there is a monetary charge to pay if they are lost.

Year 11

Students are reminded to complete work set by teachers by the start of the school year. Work not completed will need to be completed in catch –up sessions that will run on Thursday afternoons from 3.20pm-5pm. This includes reading the English texts.


I would like to the opportunity to thank all the teaching staff and student management team for their hard work supporting students in the Senior Years in 2017.


Have a safe and relaxing holiday and see you all on the 30/1/2018.

Ms Bridges 

Business Professional Women

The Year 12 Business Professional Women mentees were treated to a shopping spree and a makeover to celebrate their graduation from the program. Moo K’Phru Say, Say K’Pru Dreamer, Tha Dah Say and Nay Kler Htoo were then professionally photographed by Pamela Hutchinson. They will be presented with a portrait at their graduation ceremony in March, 2018.


At the same time the new mentees will be introduced. Charlee Simspon, Jade Croft, Atifa Atifa and Zufeera Nazari were the successful applicants from a group of Year 10 girls. We look forward to following their progress through the program in 2018 and 2019.


The Year 11 girls – Ni Mo, Lakiesha, Daphne and Angela have had some fantastic learning experiences this year and have grown in confidence. We also look forward to their participation in the BPW meetings in 2018.

Ms Elkin


Excellence in Sports Program

During week nine, the College ran an induction program for the 2018 Excellence in Sport Program (EIS). Forty-two students and four staff were involved in multiple activities over the two days. We would like to thank parents and guardians for their contribution. The EIS staff would like to make special mention to Mr Jake Sharp from the Werribee Football Club (VFL), Mr Grozdanovski, Mr Gdak, Mrs Patterson and Mr Eckert for their contribution throughout the week. To tell you more about the program, we have Tara and Hailey, 2018 EIS students.


Last week we completed our first Excellence in Sports Program sessions. During the first session, we undertook a practical approach and combined both soccer and football classes, completing games for understanding, and craft sessions specific to our sport. This session was enjoyable as we got to apply skills specific to our sport, meet our coaches and work in small groups with our peers.


The Thursday session we were lucky enough to have Jake Sharp from the Werribee Football Club (VFL) speak to us about attitude, self-belief, approaches to learning and goal setting and how these are applicable in all aspects of life. We really enjoyed working with Jake, as he was honest, friendly and helped us set our goals for the 2018 EIS program. We would like to thank Jake for working with us throughout the session.


Tara and Hailey

EIS Students

School Sport Victoria State Team Trial Registration Information 

“School Sport Victoria State Team Trial Registrations are open; Australian Football, Netball, Basketball, Football (Soccer), Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball.  These trail registrations close Thursday, 1 March 2018.  You can find all the details via School Sport Victoria’s website .


If you are looking for a document that details the process please download the “Team Vic Online Registrations Process. This will give you all the information you need to know before registering.”


Year 7 2018 Orientation 

This week we had all of our Year 7 students for 2018 come to NGSC for two days of orientation.


Students had the opportunity to meet their homeroom teachers and their subject teachers as well as get a taste of some of the great things they can be involved in during their secondary schooling at NGSC.



Our new Year 7 students were supported by buddies from Year 11 who will continue to provide peer support to the Year 7s at the beginning of next year.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome these students and their families to the NGSC community and look forward to working with them to achieve their full potential in the coming years.


Katina Astles and Allister Hill


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