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15 May 2019
Issue Five
Principal's Report
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Melbourne Cricket Ground
Stockyard Hill Wind Farm
Charlton Driver Education
Eureka Cross Country
Hot off the Press
Eureka Boys Netball
Unit 1/2 Biology
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World of Science
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Principal's Report

Our new buildings are in place and the construction barriers have been taken which has created a new feel to our school. We still have work to finish off with some painting and other extras to be done but in terms of construction, the big work has been done. We will organise an ‘open day’ or evening for our parents and community to visit the school to see the improvements that have taken place – it’s a big change and quite impressive! It’s a huge bonus for our school and our community.


As I mentioned in our last newsletter, with the major building works complete, it is timely to revisit our school focus areas, values and beliefs. And we did just that at a whole school assembly in our Drama Centre last Thursday. We were also joined by Ms Tameeka Rush (Beaufort Primary School Principal) and her Year 6 students, most of which will join us next year.


We had guest speakers for each of our values and beliefs that sit under our Focus Areas of; Respectful Relationships, High Expectations and Excellence.


Respectful Relationships

            Trust – Councillor for the Pyrenees Shire, Mrs. Tanya Kehoe

            Respect – Rhiannon Goossens

            Care – Ms. Jackie Kerr


High Expectations

            Commitment – Councillor for the Pyrenees Shire, Mr. Damian Ferrari

            Responsibility – Jeff Debast

            Motivation – Mr. Troy Cunningham



            Dedication – Our School Council President, Mr. Colin Gerrard

            100% Effort – Jaelyn Brand

            Determination – Ms. Kate McGinty


As Principal, I gave an overview of our Focus Areas. I explained that they developed from a collaborative approach, which involved input from our students, teachers, parents and our community – we didn’t just pull them from the internet! I also made comment about why they are important to me in everyday life and that I believe they can also assist students in being more successful in their own lives – not just while they are at school.


Each of the speakers explained why their particular Value or Belief was important to them and we were provided with some ‘real life’ examples of how their lives have been impacted. It was interesting to listen to each of the speakers’ perspectives and we were fortunate to be able to hear from our successful community members, all of which attended our school for their secondary education. It was also terrific to hear from our students and teachers who gave us insight into themselves as people and the importance of the various values.  Thank you to all who were able to share their experiences on the stage – we very much appreciate their valuable input!


We have already continued the Values and Beliefs conversation in some of our classes and will continue the discussion through Form Group, Assemblies and classwork. It is very important to us to embed the behaviours associated with our Focus Areas in our everyday actions and attitudes to ensure we can continue to be successful as individuals and as a school, now and into the future.



Hands on Learning

Beaufort Secondary College’s newest program, Hands on Learning, commenced on Friday 4th May. This program is run across many schools in Victoria and Australia and aims to provide students with an opportunity to spend one day a week outside of normal classes working on practical hands on skills, personal development and improving social interactions with their peers.

Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Hooper are overseeing the program and our inaugural members are Davey Alexander, Josh Woodward, Patrick Andrews, Stephen Kiernan, Tahleah Donnelly, Pepsi-Lee Barton, Riley Lewis, Tom Bilston & Zac Dally. 


The basic format of their first day was breakfast and introductions in the morning. Each student selected a “Focus Plan” for the day. This was something that they wanted to focus on for self-improvement and was constantly revisited by the teachers and students throughout the day. Students were rostered on to shop and do meal preparation for the whole group and clean up after. Our main focus on day one was to clean out the Ag shed ready for tradesmen to come in and install plumbing, electrical work and plaster up the inside learning and working space. This should be completed over the next two weeks and then our group will be involved in painting this space and making it their own. All students had a great day and are looking forward to coming back next week and getting stuck into practical projects around our school.


Students can self-nominate or be nominated by teachers to be involved in our Term 3 intake into the program.


Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Hooper



Melbourne Cricket Ground

Alternative Program visit the MCG

On Thursday 2nd May, students from our Alternative Program travelled to Melbourne for a tour of the MCG and to visit the National Sports Museum. The students were given a complete tour of the stadium, which included access to the ground, player change rooms, media rooms and the famous Long Room. Attendance on these excursions is linked to attitude and effort during our program and not every student is able to attend. 


Mr. Cunningham



Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Blade Viewing

On Friday 3rd of May, our Year 8's were lucky enough to get a close look at a Wind Turbine Blade.  Students are currently studying Energy and this was a great opportunity to see a renewable energy source first-hand.  This particular blade was an amazing 68.6 metres long and just under 20 tonne.  Each blade is held on by approximately 60 bolts.

Students were able to sign their names on the blade.  Thank-you to Goldwind for the viewing and to Beaufort Cricket Club for providing a free BBQ.






Charlton Driver Education

Charlton Driver Education Excursion

On Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th May, our Year 10 students travelled to Charlton to undertake a day of pre-driver training as part of their studies in Life Skills. The purpose of the day is to give our students hands on experience in learning to drive in a safe environment. It helps students in obtaining their Learner’s Permit and to gain the necessary skills needed from qualified instructors.


The track at the Charlton Traffic Safety Centre is 1km, 700m sealed and the rest gravel. It features operating traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, hill crest, roundabout and parking bays. Four cars are used for the program, two manuals and two autos.  The students learned about cabin drills, steering, braking, gear changing, left and right turns, U turns, reversing, angle parking and hill starts.


The feedback from our students was very positive, with all students believing that they learned new skills and gained more confidence in their ability to drive safely.



Eureka Cross Country

On Tuesday 7th May, 26 Year 7-10 students competed at the Eureka Cross Country competition held at Ballarat High School. The weather was sunny with a slight breeze which helped the students put in their best effort for their races.  All students showed great determination, positivity and were very competitive. Overall results were:

12-13 Yr Girls

Dallas Smart: 10th

Tasha Saunders: 21st

Felicity Stares: 26th

Isabelle Mulquiny: 32nd

12-13 Yr Boys

Logan Sandlant: 33rd

Lincoln Sage: 44th

14 Yr Girls

Destiny Frisby: 14th

Matilda Sporton: 36th

14 Yr Boys

Timothy Parker: 22nd

Ben Peacock: 24th

Eastyn Carr: 33rd

Jordan Lear: 34th

Benjamin Allan: 35th

Fletcher Holz: 36th

Jack Wheeler: 39th

Jesse Kennedy: 40th

15 Yr Girls

Willow Parker: 22nd

Laura McLinden: 23rd

15 Yr Boys

Myles Sandlant: 5th

Tyler Richards: 22nd

Mitchell Kercheval: 23rd

16 Yr Boys

Jack Peacock: 3rd

Mitchell Pesti: 7th

Liam McLinden: 9th

Luke Arvidson: 18th

Xavier McErvale: 29th


We also had some team results for the day which were;

16 Yr Boys: 2nd (Jack Peacock, Mitchell Pesti, Liam McLinden, Luke Arvidson and Xavier McErvale)


A special thanks to Paul Kelly (Pre-service Teacher) and to the family and friends who came along to support our students. GWR Cross Country is on Friday 7th June in Warrnambool.



Hot off the Press

ACMI Excursion

Student in Year 9 and 10 Hot off the Press were lucky enough to make their own television show. Students discovered the complexity, spontaneity and intensity of producing live television. They took on key production roles including news anchor and live reporter on location and crew.



Eureka Boys Netball

On Friday 10th June four boys' netball teams travelled to the Ballarat Netball Centre to participate in the Eureka Netball Competition. These boys played three games each for the day and tried very hard. They showed great determination and sportsmanship on the court.

Results for the day:


7/8 Beaufort A:

Game 1: Beaufort B defeated Beaufort A

Game 2: Mount Clear defeated Beaufort A

Game 3: Phoenix defeated Beaufort A


7/8 Beaufort B:

Game 1: Beaufort B defeated Beaufort A

Game 2: Phoenix defeated Beaufort B

Game 3: Mount Clear defeated Beaufort B


Intermediate A:

Game 1: Phoenix (Intermediate) defeated Beaufort A

Game 2: Phoenix (Senior) defeated Beaufort A

Game 3: Beaufort B defeated Beaufort A


Intermediate B:

Game 1: Phoenix (Senior) defeated Beaufort B

Game 2: Phoenix (Intermediate) defeated Beaufort B

Game 3: Beaufort B defeated Beaufort A


Thank you to Miss. Dridan for coaching, Leah McErvale and Donna Bruty for umpiring and family/friends who came along on the day to provide suppport.



Unit 1/2 Biology

As part of Unit 1 Biology, students have been studying Functioning Systems of multicellular organisms. Students selected the digestive system as one mammalian system to examine.


On Wednesday the 8th of May the Unit 1/2 Biology class dissected rats as part of our studies on the digestive system. Once we looked into the rat we could see the digestive system, the cardiovascular system, excretory system, reproductive system and respiratory system. It also helped us to understand how the systems work together so we can function in day to day life. It also boosted our knowledge for our biological studies for the rest of the year and years to come.


Tanisha Lewis



Outdoor Education


The Year 9/10 Outdoor Ed students enjoying cooking outside.



World of Science

Most of the silk worms have now pupated into moths. They are busy laying eggs for the next stage in their life cycle. The eggs will need to refrigerated for at least 3 months before we can start the cycle again.

Do you know why?




Library Happenings

Our new craft table has been a hit and is a hive of activity. This is a great use of the Library and promotes communication, co-operation and good cognitive skills. Recently we have had a resurgence in the playing of card games, which is great. Unfortunately, the chess boards and scrabble boxes are gathering dust and the board games are calling out to be played. We encourage everyone to come in and use this great space.












Book Review



By Tahereh Mafi

 “Things happen when people touch Juliette. Strange things. Bad things. Dead things.”


This series may not be for you, but I loved it. It has adventure, romance and undeniable twists and turns that I can’t seem to get enough of. So, if you like suspense, READ IT!

Danni Talbett


Community News



Sunday, 26th May, sees the 24th Annual Ballarat Choral Festival to be held at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Ballarat.

Our own Beaufort Secondary College Singers are again singing at this most celebrated event which commences at 1.30pm. This is a free event and we would really appreciate seeing familiar faces in the audience. Please see if you can manage your support on the day.




Dates to Remember

Important Dates


Thur 16                Year 8 Kryal Castle Excursion

                                Year 11 Chemistry Ecolinc

Wed 22                 Eureka Football & Netball (11-12)

Fri 31                     Year 11 Biology  - Melbourne Zoo

Fri 24                    Curriculum Day

Thurs 30               Eureka Football & Netball (9-10)



Wed 5                   Year 8 - Ecolinc

Fri 7                       GWR - Cross Country

Mon 10                 Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Tues 11                 Eureka Netball (7)  Year 11  Exams   

Wed 12                 Eureka Football (7-8)  Eureka Netball (8)

                                GAT - all Year 11/12 students completing Unit 3/4

                                Exams 10 am start

Th 13 - F 14         Year 11 -  Exams

Tu 25 - F 28         Year 7-10 - Exams

Wed 26                 Eureka Hockey (7-12)

Thur 27                VCE Legal Studies Supreme Court Melbourne

Fri 28                     Last Day Term 2

                                Debutante Ball



Mon 15                First Day Term 3

Tues 16               GWR Badminton (7-8)

Wed 17               GWR Badminton (Int & Snr)

M-F 22-26           Year 9 -  Rubicon Camp  

                               Year 10 Work Experience

Fri 26                   Eureka Basketball (Int & Snr)

M- F 29 - 2          Year 10 - Work Experience



Thurs 1              GWR Table Tennis

Mon 5                 Year 12 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 14              Eureka Basketball (7-8)



Mon 16               GWR Athletics

M-F 16-20          Year 10 - Melbourne Urban Camp

Fri 20                   Last Day Term 3



Mon 7                  First Day Term 4

Wed 9                  Eureka Tennis & Volleyball (7-8)

                               Year 11 Chemistry - Ecolinc

Wed 16                Eureka Tennis (7-8)

Wed 30                VCE Exams Start



Tues 5                  Melbourne Cup Day



M-Tu 2-3             Year 8 -  Exams

W-F 4-6               Year 8 - Surf Camp - Anglesea

Th-F 12-13         Year 7 & 9 - Exams



Beaufort Secondary College