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04 December 2018
Term 4, Issue 9
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Term 4 Dates


Dec 6 - Parent Teacher Interviews (1pm finish) It is a timely reminder to organise alternative collection arrangements for this earlier finishing time.

Please note:


Dec 7 - Sausage Sizzle

Dec 10 - Yr 6 Bio cats (Gr 2)

Dec 11 - Prep Orientation Day
Dec 11 - Yr 7 (Public schools) Orientation Day

Dec 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)

Dec 12 - SC1 to Sovereign Hill

Dec 13 - Blue Light Disco (6-7:30pm)

Dec 14 - Preps to Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Yr 4 Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup (6pm)

Dec 19 - Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 Movies

Dec 19 - Yr 6 Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Scotsburn Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Yr 6 Graduation Evening (6pm)

Dec 21st - END OF TERM - 1.30PM FINISH


Dec 7 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Dec 14 - No Assembly

Dec 21 - Whole School Assembly

Early Finishes


Thursday 6th December all students will be dismissed at 1:30pm for Parent Teacher Interviews. 




Base 1270 will be running from 1:30pm (at the same cost as a normal afternoon). 

Get in quick to book your spot!


On the last day of term, December 21st, school will finish at 1:00pm.








With an abundance supply of eggs at the moment, they are currently at the bargain price of $2.00 for half dozen. 


Sausage Sizzle


It is a huge task to cater for a school of our size, and many hands make light work… we appreciate every set of hands!


  • 10.00—11.30 (set up & cook)
  • 11.30—1 (cook & clean up)

Times are approximate and help welcome at any stage!

Please sign up to help via this link, email Narelle Sullivan  [email protected] or see the office staff.   

Buninyong Primary School Choir


Principal's Report


Next Tuesday we have our 2019 preps at both campuses for Orientation Day.  There will be quite a few nervous parents and children, but if previous years are anything to go by, the day will be enjoyable and comfortable for all concerned.  Most of our students have attended the Pre-Schooler Program, so will be feeling very familiar with the school by now. 


Once the new preps have settled in, there is an information session in the BER, which is especially useful for new parents.  Existing parents are welcome to come along to that as well, but hopefully most of the information presented will be familiar to them.


Our grade 5 students are certainly looking forward to the day, as they get to meet their new buddies and start forming a relationship that will continue through until next year.


Included are some photos from Orientation Day in 2017.

We also wish all of the best to our grade 6 students who have Orientation Days over the coming few weeks.  Those going to state secondary colleges have their Orientation Day on December 11 as well.


The Base 1270 team have done a great job developing a Vacation Care Program, which will run in the weeks of January 14-18 and 21-25.  This will be a great option for many families.  See the Base 1270 section of this newsletter for more details.

Selecting our Buninyong Campus School Captains For 2019

We are currently working through a selection process to determine our School Captains for 2019.  The whole process is a great experience for the students involved and are we’re proud of how they are all handling themselves.  We have many capable candidates, so decision making won’t easy.  So how are these decisions made?


  • All grade 5 students were invited to write and deliver a speech explaining why they ought to be considered for a School Captain position.
  • The grade 5 teachers & specialist teachers are asked for their feedback on each of the candidates.
  • A selection of candidates are shortlisted for interview.
  • Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by Mr Conlan, Mr McGlynn and the current school captains.
  • After considering the speeches, the interviews and feedback from our grade 5 and specialist teachers, our new School Captains are selected and announced. 

We expect to have this process completed by the end of this week and will present the 2019 school captains to the school community at our final assembly on December 21.


Our School Captains are not our only students who get an opportunity to take on added responsibility.  Over the past few years we have had a range of grade 6 teams at our Buninyong Campus making a contribution to our school.  These will be running again in 2019, giving grade 6 students (apart from the School Captains) the opportunity to work as part of one of the following teams.

  • Sporting House Teams - We have 4 sporting houses, those being Cornish, Simpson, Scott & Inglis.  Each has 4 representatives who help Ms Morris with a range of sporting events and other tasks across the school. 
  • Art Team - These students will meet weekly with Mrs Noyce, creating art work to put up around the school.  There are many examples of their work around the school.  Some of the murals they have created this year are amazing.
  • Music Team - These students will set up and pack up assembly each week.  Next year they’ll also be filming musical items to include as a video on the newsletter.
  • Japanese Team - These students help organise our Japanese Theme Day & Japanese lunches and will help Mrs Sullivan with a range of tasks.
  • Photographic Team - These students will receive a regular lesson and get the opportunity to practice their skills by taking photos at assemblies and other school events…the photos you see in the newsletter are usually taken by our student photographers.
  • ICT Team - This is a team of students who will meet regularly with Mr Coulter to build their computing skills and then provide I.T. support for classes across the school.
  • VOTS Reps - VOTS reps from across the school meet regularly and discuss ideas to make our school a better place.  The VOTS team will include 2 students from each of the grade 6 classes. 
  • Library Team – This team helps Mrs Cassell run the library.  They will often spend their lunch breaks in the library helping to put books back on shelves or checking books back into the system.  The 2018 team has done a brilliant job.
  • Lunch Time Club Team –This team will help set up and coordinate the Lunch Time Club activities with our Education Support Staff. They will also be helpful in developing connections between students and getting ideas for the sessions.
  • Peer Mediation Team –This team will work closely with Mr McGlynn to implement our Peer Mediation program that will help students to solve  low-level issues in the yard.
  • PlayPod Team – This team will be responsible for the organisation and management of the Playpod, including the distribution and collection of items, modelling ideas and assisting students to begin imaginative play with the equipment.
  • Prep/Kinder Transition Team—This team is responsible for working closely with the Prep team and assisting with transitioning our new prep children to the school. They will help out with transition days and the pre-schooler program.
  • Morning Announcement Team – We have announcements each morning at 11am and the members of this team will take turns at reading out these announcements.
  • Bike Shed Team - The members of this team will take turns at locking and unlocking the bike shed at the appropriate times to keep our bikes and scooters secure and make sure students have access to the shed when they need it.
  • Canteen Team – This group will be in charge of counter sales at the canteen.  The Canteen Team gets to decide how the money raised is spent.  This year’s team is using the funds raised to make improvements to the exterior of the canteen.  Hopefully you’ll see the result of that work by early 2019.
  • B+ Team – This team will prepare a presentation of some sort for each assembly.  The  presentation could be a role play, something they have developed using learning technologies or maybe even a YouTube clip they have found….. The focus of these presentations will be the current Social & Emotional Learning theme.

At the Scotsburn Campus our grade 6s also get an opportunity to make a strong contribution.  This starts with their organising and facilitating of the Monday morning assemblies. The Scotsburn grade 6 students also take a lead role in supporting and guiding a group of mixed age students across the campus. Much of this work occurs during the Friday rotations, excursions or special days that occur at the campus throughout the year. The grade 6 students also play an active role in leading the campus in the following areas:

  • Media/Events Coordinator -  This role includes ensuring all ICT equipment is running as it should, organising media for assembly, facilitating a Coding Club, promoting daily events over the school PA system, assisting teachers in preparing for events such as Science Day and helping with student fundraisers.
  • Specialist Rep - This role includes the presentation of a specialist award at each Monday assembly, reporting on sports events at assemblies, ensuring all sports equipment is looked after, help with the running of the athletics, running a weekly sports activity at lunchtime, facilitating a Japanese question of the week, organising lunchtime clubs (Art & lego) and helping Mrs Morgan with sports tryouts, the Scotsburn Art Show, school concert and SCOTFIT.
  • Environment Team - This team will ensure all gardening equipment is looked after, help with any grounds beautification projects, ensure the vegie garden, hot house and garden areas are looked after (watered, etc), oversee feeding and care of all animals and recycling in classrooms, ensure coloured bins in each room are cleaned regularly and put bins out.
  • B+ Team – This team will co-ordinate the B+ focus at our Monday assembly, ensure the B+ focus for the fortnight is up in each room, organise B+ presentations at assemblies,  help run special days (eg,  RUOK Day) and organise peer support student leaders in the yard.

All of the above teams provide an excellent opportunity for our grade 6 students to make a strong contribution to our school in their final year.  In the process they learn a whole new set of skills, build a stronger connection to the school and help build pride in our school.  None of the students are obliged to join a team, but most are keen, which is excellent.  We thank our current grade 6s for their efforts in those teams and encourage our grade 5s to embrace the concept and give it their best shot in 2019.


Over the past few weeks teachers have spent considerable time placing children into classes for next year.  As always, we are seeking to develop classes that are most likely to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  To achieve this, we focus on developing well balanced groupings, taking account of academic progress, behaviours and what we know about who gets along with who and the influence particular children have on each other.  


 We place particular importance on student friendships and try very hard to make sure every student is placed in a class where they will feel welcome and comfortable.  Information supplied by parents regarding placement is also taken into consideration.  It is worth noting that parents have been very reasonable with their requests, which is very much appreciated.  As you could understand, grouping children with so many aspects to consider is no easy task and we hope you will pleased with the outcome.


 Students get the opportunity to meet their new teacher on Tuesday December 18 and spend 60 minutes with their class for 2019.  Most children will be excited about the change that comes with a new teacher and mixing with some new children.  Others might be disappointed with the prospect with not being with all of their friends.  If this is the case, help your child see the positives in the situation…they will still get to mix with whoever they like at break times and out of school and will get the opportunity to work with some different children in class. 


 At some stage in the future all of our children will be heading off to secondary school, maybe then to university or another form of adult training and finally into the workforce.  At each of these stages our children will be mixing and collaborating with ever changing and evolving groups of people…preparing our children to be comfortable with this is an important role for us as parents and educators.


A reminder that MOTM 2019 scholarships are now open.  Please fill out the form attached to this newsletter and have that in to the general office by Wednesday 5th December.  The three winners of the scholarships will be announced at the final assembly this term.  


MOTM DVDs will be ready to purchase just in time for Christmas.....great present for the grandparents.  If you would like to purchase a DVD @ $25, contact the office.


Student Wellbeing

This Fortnight’s B+ Theme is… Stress Management and Optimism

This is the second week of the fortnight that our classes are focussing on the theme of ‘Stress Management and Optimism’ with the kids. This element is included to support students when dealing with stressful situations and also to empower them to cope with change. The fortnight will aim to address some key learning around:

  • Recognising their own emotions and how these affect their actions.
  • Listing a range of strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change.
  • The use of goal-setting and positive thinking to help with change.
  • Identifying their personal strengths and how they can use these in dealing with change.
  • Describing ways in which they can self-calm (e.g. Meditation, partaking in enjoyable activities, list making, etc).

If time permits, it would be great if all families are able to follow up with some discussions with your child around the above at home as well.

Good Luck for Transition Year 6!

Over the next couple of weeks we have lots of grade 6s taking part in transition days with their new secondary schools. As always, this change can be a little daunting to some, however, we’re confident in your abilities to adapt to this change and to view it with optimism and commitment. You will make new friends and you will have some troubles as you go. The key is having a strong network around you to help you navigate through these years.


We wish you all the best on your transition day and look forward to hearing all about it when you return.


For parents who are wondering what year 7 is all about, there is a great series on ABC iView called My Year 7 Life that you can watch and get real feelings and thoughts from past year 7s.  To view it, click here https://iview.abc.net.au/collection/my-year-7-life

Helping Your Child Cope with School Transitions

Article by Leah Davies, M.Ed.


Children report moving, leaving friends, and changing grades or schools as being highly stressful. To assist them with transitions the following ideas may be helpful:

  • If the family is moving, take pictures of friends and familiar places and offer ways to keep in contact with close friends via phone, email, and letters. Help your child talk about what he or she will miss and about what will be new and different.
  • Encourage your child to discuss the future transition by asking questions such as, "What have you been thinking about your new school?" Make a list of your child's concerns and together try to find answers to the questions. Many schools have internet sites that describe procedures, show virtual tours, and answer common questions.
  • If you have a choice of schools, listen to your child's ideas about what is important to him or her. After visiting various schools, openly discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each. Although the final decision is yours, it is important that your child feel included in the decision making process.
  • Help your child get to know the new environment beforehand. When possible visit the school together. Even viewing it from a car or seeing a photograph of the building is better than leaving the first day to the child's imagination.
  • Let your child know it is natural to feel apprehensive. He or she may be fearful of not being accepted by peers or about mastering the logistics or academics of a new grade or school. Share childhood memories of times when you were worried about a new situation. Relate the good things that happened like how you met your best friend or that your new teacher was one of your favourites.
  • Keep the days leading up to the transition as positive as possible. Stress that his or her class will offer many new experiences. The night before the first day, have your child lay out everything needed for school. The next morning allow time to get ready in a calm manner.
  • Buy school supplies and required materials. Go over the walk to school or to the bus stop. Empower your child by discussing actions he or she can take if a problem arises. Ask, "What concerns you most about school?" Listen and then ask, "If that happens, what will you do?" Help your child think of constructive ways to deal with a difficult situation.
  • Expect the transition to be ultimately successful. Yet, remember that adjustments take time and the first days in a new school are often overwhelming. Your attitude can help your child; let him or her know you are confident in his ability to adjust well.
  • Attend the school's orientation, open house, and/or tour the school with your child. Be involved by asking for a copy of the school's calendar and handbook. Join the Parent-Teacher Organization or parent advisory board. Get to know other parents, especially parents of your child's new friends.
  • Be available after school starts. Understand that your child may need extra time, attention and support. When there is a change, he or she may regress to an earlier developmental stage. Plan time for family fun because when transitions occur, families are a necessary source of love and support.
  • Invite your child to express his or her emotions. Even when a concern seems minor to you, be respectful and know that it can be a major crisis to your child. Try to put yourself in his or her place and understand the feelings expressed. Ask open ended questions like, "How's it going?" or make comments like, "You seem sad." Then listen carefully and avoid giving advice unless your child asks for it.
  • Help your child explore ways to cope with concerns, and continue to be available for further discussion. Be ready to problem-solve with him or her. You may want to role play a situation that is causing anxiety.
  • Encourage your child to try new things by participating in one or two extracurricular activities. Help him or her understand that trying is what is important, and that one does not always have to be successful.
  • Continue to foster your child's organizational skills and assist him or her in becoming responsible and independent. Stay interested and provide rules and structure. Yet, allow your child to have input into what the rules are.
  • If after an adjustment period of time, your child is reluctant to go to school or seems truly unhappy, seek help. Identify your concerns and meet with your child's teacher and/or school counselor. Together, perhaps with the child being present, work out a plan of action.

Head lice: Treating and Controlling Guide for Parents

Over the past couple of weeks we have had some cases of head lice identified over the school. Whilst, difficult at times, many children will come into contact with head lice at some stage during their time at school.


Although the responsibility for detecting and treating head lice rests with parents, our school also has a referral service where we support our kids who have consent, to have their hair checked and provide families with feedback as to the treatment of any infestations.


Whilst we cannot guarantee complete immunity to head lice, we do try to minimise infestations from spreading through regular notices to class groups, use of head lice checks and follow up with families.


Should your child get head lice, we encourage you to read the attached guidelines carefully to ensure that you fully eradicate them. We also suggest treating your child’s hair 7 days after any initial treatment as this will ensure any eggs that have hatched and produce further live lice, will be accounted for.


To access the guidelines, please visit:



Congratulations to our Grade 5-6 ROCCH Award Winners for Last Week!

At last week’s assembly we presented the following children with ROCCH awards for the great work that they are doing in their classroom and around the school. Well done superstars!


Blue Light Disco


Preps in 2019 with Additional Needs

Families who have new Prep students coming to school in 2019 and have been identified as having additional needs (e.g. Speech therapy, paediatric investigation, Autism, significant medical condition, etc), are encouraged to make a time to talk to Scott.


Scott will be able to help those families in understanding the Department of Education’s support framework and provide information on how our school supports the transition into Prep and also any additional resourcing that we may have access to.

To arrange a meeting with Scott, please call the office to book in a time.

Teaching & Learning

Reporting & Parent Teacher Conference Process - Term 4 2018

Parent-Teacher Conference bookings are currently open and will close at 5pm on Tuesday 4th December. (TODAY) You will notice that there are two booking opportunities on your Compass portal.


1.       Classroom teachers – 15 minute conferences

2.       Specialist teachers – 10 minute conferences


The purpose of the Parent-Teacher Conferences is to:


·         provide further explanation about report comments,

·         elaborate on the level of achievement and level of progress,

·         elaborate on effort and work habits,

·         elaborate on social/emotional aspects, and

·         provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions.

Booking a Parent-Teacher Conference on Compass

Step 1: Log on to your Compass portal. (If you have lost your login details please use forgot password options on the Compass website)




Step 2: Click on ‘Book Parent Teacher Conference’ or on the Conference tab.


Step 3: There are two conferences; Classroom Teacher conference and Specialist Teacher conferences. Click on conference for classroom teacher and follow instructions on screen. Please note you will need to repeat the process for the Specialist Teachers.


Step 4: Check date and time of conferences booked and add to your calendar. These times will be noted on the Compass portal in case you forget.


If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the school office at the Buninyong campus and the admin team will be able to make bookings for you.

Focus on Academic Behaviours

Last week we started looking at ways in which parents can promote discussions with their children about the many facets of learning. We will make our way through a number of behaviours that are directly related to Academic performance.


Academic Mindsets are the beliefs held about oneself in relation to academic work. Positive academic mindsets motivate students to persist at schoolwork which leads to improved performance.


There are four main mindsets which are explained below.


1. I belong in this academic community. The first mindset involves a sense that one has a rightful place in a given academic setting and can claim full membership in a classroom community. Educational theorists have long held that learning is a social activity and that understanding is constructed through interaction with others. Accordingly, students need to feel as though they belong to a community of learners. Research shows that having a sense of belonging in a school or classroom improves a student’s academic performance.


2. My ability and competence grow with my effort. The second mindset rests on the belief that one’s academic ability can improve in response to one’s efforts, rather than being fixed at a given level and outside of one’s control.


3. I can succeed at this. A third mindset that impacts the degree to which students persevere in academic work and exhibit strong academic behaviors relates to beliefs about their abilities to succeed at a given task. Individuals tend to engage in activities that they feel confident in their ability to complete and to avoid those in which they lack such confidence.


4. This work has value for me. A fourth mindset involves a student’s sense that the subject matter he or she is studying is interesting and holds value. Value can be variously defined as the importance of doing well on a task, gaining enjoyment by doing a task or serving a useful purpose or meeting an end goal that is important by completing a task.

Overall, the evidence clearly demonstrates that the four academic mindsets outlined above each increase students’ academic perseverance and improve academic behaviors, leading to better performance as measured by higher grades.

Coffee & Hot Chocolates - Parent Teacher Interview Day


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Swimming Lessons

Our Swimming Program commenced this week. There will be a slight change to our swimming program this year due to the early finish for Parent Teacher interviews on Thursday 6th December. As such, the students won’t be swimming on Thursday. Instead, they will have a makeup lesson at our Scotsburn ‘Fun Day’ on Thursday 20th December. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Gr 6 Photo

The Grade 6 students are going to the Buninyong Campus this Wednesday 5th December to have a photo taken of the whole Grade 6 group from the BER roof top looking down. The Gr 6 children will be driven down to Buninyong at 3pm and will finish the day there.


Whole School Assembly

The Scotsburn students will start the day at Buninyong this Friday. The students will attend the assembly and then the library and gym. After play they will all make their way back to Scotsburn on the bus.


Collaborative Planning Days

The Scotsburn Campus staff and students will join the Gr 3 students from the Buninyong Campus at Buninyong on Monday 10th December. Students will meet in the courtyard.

On the 13th December, the Gr 3 staff and students from the Buninyong campus will join the Scotsburn students at Scotsburn.


Working Bee

A big shout out to all of our wonderful parents. We will be having our final working bee for the year on Tuesday 11th at 3.30pm-4.30pm. It will be a great chance for us to get the school grounds looking great in readiness for our end of year break up.


Christmas Hamper Raffle

With our Christmas Concert fast approaching (Tuesday 18th December), a basket has been placed in each classroom for donations for our annual Christmas Hamper Raffles. It would be great if you could pop something into the basket in the coming weeks.


Christmas Watering Roster

If you are able to help out with the watering over the Christmas break, please contact Naomi Moore on [email protected]


Looking After Our Animals

A big thanks to Laura, Charlie and Jack who will be looking after Pip the lizard over the break.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr 2-4 – Jackson & Rueban

Specialist Award – Charlie


Zooper Doppers

We will be selling Zooper Doopers for $1 on Thursday.


Canteen Helpers Required

The Scotsburn Campus will be on duty to support Tracey in the canteen on Wednesday 5/12 from 11am to 1:15pm. Please contact Tracey [email protected]  if you are available to assist.


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 4 will be on the (5th December). Our groups will be doing the following:


Term 4 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!


Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

3rd – 7th Dec - P-6 Swimming program

6th Dec - Parent teacher (1pm finish for students)

11th Dec - Orientation Day for 2019 Preps

12th Dec - Parent teacher (4pm-6pm)

14th Dec - Scotsburn Shared Xmas Lunch

18th Dec (6pm) - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup

20th Dec - Scotsburn (Fed Uni Pool) Break up

ICT News

Digital Detox

Wow, what an amazing response we have had to our first ever digital detox! We are pleased to say that the support has been outstanding and so many of our students and families embraced the digital detox.


A big thank you to parents for taking part and getting on board with our students. Many families took on the challenge for the entire family, which was great!


For our classroom competition we surveyed the students on 3 things.

  1. Did you use a device at school?
  2. Did you use a device at home?
  3. Did you watch TV at home?

The responses were in relation to Thursday night at home and Thursday and Friday at school. To score each class, we calculated how close the class got to a perfect score. A score of 100% would mean every child ticked each of the three boxes above. As a whole school, we had a score of 81% across all our students, which if fantastic!


We heard many examples of families organising alternative activities for the Thursday night, from boards games, walks, sports and many other things.


Big congratulations go to the following classes for their outstanding efforts to achieve these results. We have a winner from our junior classes, our senior classes and Scotsburn. These classes have all won themselves a free lunch, A couple of classes with a near 100% success rate!


  • SC3 – Kelly Geddes               98%
  • 5DS – Daniel Spalding            98%
  • 1LR – Lauren Riordon            95%




Christmas Village Display




Our school was contacted by Hananosato Nursery School last term. Hananosato is on the island of Hokkaido and has around 80 students at their school in six classes. This year they have started an English curriculum for their 4-6 year old students and as part of that would like to exchange letters with an English speaking school, so they contacted us – and we are more than happy to take part! The English teacher at Hananosato, Yuki, has a sister Makoto who spent time at our school several years ago.


Our P-2 students are currently writing their replies and creating either letters or a bunting all about them. They are really excited and looking forward to sharing letters and learning more about student and school life in Japan.


Check out the great video letter they sent us and also their taiiko drumming skills!



Our grade 3 – 6 students had the challenge to create an obento (Japanese lunchbox) using only paper and craft materials, that demonstrated their learning and understanding of the properties of an obento. Check out some of the results here!







BASE 1270

Base 1270

Another fantastic week at Base 1270. This week we went over the Base 1270 rules and expectations and it has been pleasing to see that everybody has been following these.


As a friendly reminder, the rules and expectations are:

  1. Pack up activities and sports equipment before getting something else out to play with and before going home.
  2.  Sports equipment must be looked after and used correctly.
  3.      Do not use or touch any of the Japanese resources, including the whiteboard, whiteboard markers, computer and chair.
  4.    The high jump mat and blue gym mats are OUT OF BOUNDS.
  5.        The sports equipment trolley stays in one spot.
  6.        We keep the noise level down while eating.
  7.        2 people at a time when going to the toilet.

Our FriYAY group grew to 21, a new record! Last week we got our hands dirty and created paper mache volcanos, it was a blast. This FriYay we will be finishing off our paper mache volcanos by painting and decorating them. The volcanoes are important for the Science day during vacation care and we will need as many as possible on FriYAY to help paint these.

Thursday is going to be a warm day. Please bring along a water pistol, hat and a change of clothes if you would like to join in the Base 1270 water pistol fight.


Talking of hats, did you know we now have our Base 1270 hats available at the office for $15. 

Pop in and grab one or call the office and pay for one over the phone and we will send it home with your child.


Base 1270 will be operating from the earlier time of 1:30pm this Thursday at the cost of a regular session. If you would like to book your child in please head to the casual bookings tab in ‘my family lounge’ or give Mel in the office a call. Get in quick though as places are filling fast!


We look forward to seeing you all this week!

Base 1270 staff.


New Kitchen and Office Space for Base 1270

Our key motivation in taking over the running of After School Care was to provide our families with a quality outside of school hours care service.  Another motivation was to raise some much needed funds for the school.  Despite considerable set up costs, the program is already running in the black, which is encouraging.


Currently the program is coping with kitchen and office space that is barely fit for purpose.  Over the summer break all cabinetry in the kitchenette behind the Japanese room will be removed and replaced.  This is going to make a massive difference, creating a decent work space for our Base 1270 team and greatly improving our capacity to prepare quality food for our students.  Given the success of the program, we expect these works to be fully funded by mid-year.

Base Admin


Please call the office or email [email protected] to notify us as soon as possible if your child will be absent. This will just assist us with staffing and making sure everyone is quickly accounted for at the beginning of each session.


Did you know that most families are eligible to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

CCS is a payment from the Australian Government to assist families who work, train or study with the cost of child care (After School Care, Before School Care & Vacation Care).


Please see the document below for more information and speak to Mel in the office if you have any questions.


Student News/Awards

Act of Kindness Award



During our allotted time for our 2018 School Photos, there were a few grade 6 students away which therefor made a few 'Team Photos' unable to be taken.  Our school photographers have been back in recent weeks and have now completed all the team photos.


Attached is an order form (also available from the office), which are due back on Friday 14th December .


Christmas Raffle



Canteen Price List Term 4



Our coffee machine is running daily and open to all staff, parents and students (for a hot chocolate) every morning from 8:00 till 9:15am.               

Perfect time to get yourself a coffee while dropping the kids off at school.


Coffee $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00


The grade 6 canteen CAN-TEAM will now be selling frozen treats on WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. There is often confusion with school lunch order days so we’re hoping this will streamline things.



Community Notices

Carols by Candlelight...Helpers Sought

Carols by Candlelight is run mainly by the Buninyong & Mt Helen Lions Club, together with a voluntary committee of both community and church locals. The choir from Buninyong Primary School performs each year at the carols.


This year the organising committee is asking for physical hands on assistance for both setting up on the Saturday 8th December morning from 8:00am for an hour or two as well as packing up after the event from 9pm onwards.


The organising committee meets almost monthly throughout each year and would  welcome new members at any time.  If you are available to help with this year’s carols, either with the set up and pack up, or by joining the organising committee, please contact Jill Spencer on  5341 3602.

Buninyong Village Christmas Twilight Market


Ballarat Library

I am pleased to announce that the Summer Reading Club is taking place at Ballarat Libraries these summer holidays.


Last year the Summer Reading Club was a huge success!

  • Over 43,000 children participated across Australia, and
  • more than 360,000 books were read.

Celebrating its eighth year as a national program, the Summer Reading Club could be even bigger and better this year, with the help of your school!


The theme for the 2018 Summer Reading Club is Curious Creatures. Young readers will be encouraged to explore new worlds as they develop a curiosity of creatures.


At Ballarat Libraries, Summer Reading Club activities will run from December 1st until January 31st. To launch the Summer Reading Club at our library, we will be hosting a Launch party on Friday November 3th from 5.00pm to 6.30pm


Registration is FREE! When participants register at our library they will receive a Summer Reading Club pack. Alternatively, they can also register through the Summer Reading Club website at www.summerreadingclub.org.au.  


National prizes are also up for grabs for online participants.


To encourage participation in the 2018 Summer Reading Club, I invite teachers and library staff at your school to promote this program to students and their families. Invitations to the Summer Reading Club party are included to add to your school newsletter.



Julie Bull

Children’s and Youth Librarian

Ballarat Libraries

Mt Clear Scouts


OMazing Yoga For Kids


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