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29 November 2018
Issue #17, 2018
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Principal News

Embrace Rules – High Expectations

To ensure we keep our foot on the pedal, and that students are fully engaged and understand the expectations of being a Cranbourne South student, for the remaining  weeks of 2018 we are implementing an Embrace Rules – High Expectations BLITZ.

The key foci of the BLITZ is to empower all stakeholders (staff, students, adults) to:

  • Instil a safe and orderly environment (including attendance at school).
  • Increase high expectations.
  • Insist on positive behaviour (whilst swiftly addressing negative behaviour).

Can all families please discuss the Embrace Rules and High Expectations with children at home.

If we continue to work together and be consistent, persistent and insistent, we will see even higher results.

Movember - only a few days to go

Movember is an important fundraiser for issues surrounding men's health. This year Mr Gillick, Mr Corcoran (and anyone else who would like to join him) will be growing a moustache to support this good cause. If you would like to show your support and sponsor his mo please do so at the following link. Thanks.

Passion comes in all shapes and sizes

It is a pure delight to be actively involved in school and community gatherings, volunteering for events and celebrating why CSPS is a unique and special environment to be a part of.

How could you show your passion?

  • Committing time for a sausage sizzle.
  • Donating goods (including gift cards) for items required for an event.
  • Providing time at a Working Bee.
  • Offering services to benefit the school and/or community.
  • Ensuring our vulnerable families are supported at times of need.

How do you contribute to the CSPS passion?

Volunteers Afternoon Tea

All parents and school community members who have volunteered throughout the year at our school, are invited to our special Volunteers Afternoon Tea on Wednesday, 5 December at 1pm in the Library.


Child Safe Standards

There are a number of key people that assist in CSPS achieving the Child Safe Standards:

  • Principal; Monique Corcoran - key Child Safe leader.
  • Assistant Principal; Sally Herbert - student wellbeing.
  • Office personnel; Carol Cross, Lisa McMahon and Kirstie Scutt - family support.
  • School Council President; Jodi Price and Vice President; Kylie Murphy - key school and community representatives.
  • Professional Learning Team leaders; Karen Halket (Junior School), Melanie Williams (Middle School) and Colette Joannidis (Senior School) - areas relating to subschool matters.
  • Student Wellbeing officers; Rachael Mazzaglia (Monday and Tuesday, Darcy Richards (Wednesday - Friday) - student support.

Compass is on its way

CSPS will be introducing Compass in 2019.

Compass is a modular, web-based school management platform.

In summary, a one stop shop for all our communication, reporting, attendance and management needs.

Some of the functionalities include the following:


Attendance Matters

Attendance commitment 

Attendance is a massive agenda item for all schools and we encourage families to join together with teachers and Principal class to assist in decreasing absenteeism.  

A strong commitment to attendance is asked by all staff and families to the very last minute, on the very last day.  It is crucial that students know we stand strong on attendance - we are the role models.

Final Assembly 

On Friday, 7 December we will be announcing the attendance celebrations for 2018, including:

  • number of students with no absences
  • students with high attendance
  • class and subschool awards. 

Holiday bookings vs learning time

There are an increasing number of families who are booking holidays during critical learning time.  Although it is impossible to cease this, we strongly encourage families to consider the impact on teaching and learning.

Student Absence Plan

Any student who is going to be absent from school for more than five days, is required to have a Student Absence Plan constructed and implemented in consultation with the student(s) and family.  It is the responsibility of families to notify the school WELL IN ADVANCE of such absences.

Attendance statistics

Five interesting facts

  1. Poor attendance can influence whether children read proficiently.
  2. Missing 10% of school (~18 days), negatively affects a student’s academic performance. That is just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence.
  3. By Year 6, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will have challenges in Secondary School.
  4. When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects.
  5. Attendance improves when schools engage students and parents in positive ways and when schools provide mentors for chronically absent students.

Upcoming Events

To further assist with smooth organisation of events, families are asked to adhere to all due dates of return slips and money.

No late payments will be accepted unless prior discussion with the Principal.

Step Up to School Foundation in 2019
Session #4 of 4

Thursday, 29 November @ 11:15am - 12:45pm

Whole School Step Up Session#2 of 3

Thursday, 29 November

Junior School Empowerment Showcase

Thursday, 29 November @ 1.50pm - 3.20pm

Scholastic Book Club - Orders Due

Thursday, 29 November

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony Payment Due

Friday,  30 November

Last Day for Student Banking

Tuesday, 4 December

Volunteers Afternoon Tea

Wednesday, 5 December @ 1pm in the Library

Obstacool Event - PFA Fundraiser

Friday, 7 December - details to come

Assembly (Last for 2018)

Friday, 7 December @ 2.40pm

Curriculum Day - Student Free Day

Monday, 10 December

Statewide Secondary School Orientation Day - Yr 6

Tuesday, 11 December

Whole School Step Up Session#3 of 3

Tuesday, 11 December

Christmas Stall Day 1 - PFA Event

Wednesday, 12 December 

Year 5/6 swimming payment due

Wednesday, 12 December 

Christmas Stall Day 2 - PFA Event

Thursday, 13 December

Volleyball Tournament - Yr 3 & 4

Friday, 14 December

Lunch Orders final week for ordering

Thursday 13 and Friday 14, December

Year 6 Graduation - Yr 6

Wednesday, 19 December

Last Day Term 4

Friday, 21 December - EARLY DISMISSAL 1:30PM

Book Lists Due

Saturday, 29 December

2019 DATES

Saturday, 26 January 2019 - Australia Day

Monday, 28 January 2019 - Australia Day Public Holiday Observed

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 - Curriculum Day - Teachers/Staff only

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 - Years 1 to Year 6 Students start

(Foundation start date to be advised)


School Awards

School Values


Spotlight Awards

Congratulations to the following children who have demonstrated our four values; Positivity, Persistence, Pride and Passion. 

Week 6

FA: Nate P

FB: Amity 

FC: Kacey D

1A: Phoenix M

1B: Hayley K

1C: James K

2A: Marlee R

2B: Lily K

3A: Riley P

3B: Mia H

4A: Sienna C

4B: Chloe R

5/6A: Ella C

5/6B: Toby V

5/6C: Lucas N

5/6D: Mackenzie P


Week 7

FA: Sophie A

FB: Summer W

FC: Lucas K

1A: Brody F

1B: Axel W

1C: Bliss B

2A: Neil W

2B: Bryce P

3A: Willow R

3B: Emily M

4A: Bailey K

4B: Lauren E

56A: Hannah A

56B: Sophie McC

56C: Mackenzie V

56D: Zach S






Overall Award

Week 6 :  Lily K - 2B

Week 7 :  Zach S - 56D


House and Lively Learning Celebrations

Artistic Flair

Week 6: Arizona D

Class award:  56B

Week 7: Alex S

Class award: 3B


A huge congratulations to the student who attended their end of year concert for Ulearn Music. All students played wonderfully and received a roaring applause from the supporters from CSPS in the audience.

I am very proud of you all!

Serina Norton

Artistic Flair

Cultural Fusion

Week 6: Caiden A

Class award: 2A

Week 7: Ruby M

Class award: 2B

Physical Vibe

Week 6: Brodie C

Class award: FA

Week 7: Cohen M

Class award: 3B

Education News 

Transition program for 2018 - 2019

In November of each year the new Foundation students come to school for our Step In program.  Transition is not only for Foundation students however and the rest of the school has been participating in our 'Step Through' program where everyone steps up a year and visits another classroom and other teachers.  The teachers are mixed up and new people worked with. Each session will have a different focus such as social and maths lens. Our next "Step Through" is on Thursday in period 3 & 4.  Ask your children how they went moving up to the next year level?  This program is another way to help the students prepare for transition into 2019.

Remembrance Day

Our student leaders, Layne, Alyx, Zara & Thomas attended the Cranbourne Remembrance Day Ceremony on 11th November. They laid a wreath on behalf of our school and paid their respects to the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. It was a lovely ceremony. Lest we forget.


Kitchen Garden

Have a look at the wonderful food we have harvested from our Kitchen Garden! The students have been doing a wonderful job taking care of the garden and we are reaping the rewards. We have just planted some tomatoes, cucumbers and beans and look forward to eating them soon.

i sea, i care

Our new i sea, i care ambassadors Zoe C, Marlie W, Ebony M and Ruby G attended their first excursion. 

On Tuesday the 20th of November we had our first i sea i care excursion. We drove to Stoney Point and boarded a boat with other schools.
The first thing I saw was a fairy penguin it was really cute.
I also saw rubbish floating near the seals and this was very disappointing. When we got to Seals Rock there were so many seals. Something I learnt was that seals main diet is not fish it’s cuttlefish, squid and octopus. I also learnt that it is important to look after our marine environment.
Marlie W.


The i sea, i care (ISIC) program is a join initiative between the Dolphin Research Institute (DRI) and the City of Casey.

Schools enrolled in the program will send 4 students from grade 5 and 6 to one workshop each term. They will learn about the wonders of Western Port and the impact human activity has on the local marine environment. There will also be additional programs for all grade 3-6 students during the year.

These students will become environmental leaders for their whole school community.

Find out more about the i sea, i care program on the DRI website.


Year 4 Camp Recount

Camp Recount by Lauren E

OMG! I am so excited for camp. I wonder who will be in my cabin? We are lining up to hop onto the bus. l wave to my mum goodbye. Then I jumped on the bus and I sat next to Sienna then we headed to the camp grounds.


YAY! We are here. We jumped out of the bus and our bags were taken to a table. Later that day; Our first activity was with Mr Grinsted. We went to a rock climbing wall then we went to the low ropes. Our next activity was with Mr Booth and it was a nature spotto we had to go looking around for red letters that will make a name of an animal and the animal was a penguin.


Ahh! The last activity of the day was the giant swing! The giant swing is 18 meters high. I was up next I was really nervous. It is my turn and JP hooked me to all the ropes then everyone started pulling me up all the way to the top. I said to Marlie if she went to the top I would and she went to the top so I did. Then I pulled the rope and I dropped it was so scary for a second then it felt really fun.


The next day; We went canoeing and my partner but I didn't like it that much because I was doing all the work and my partner wasn't doing anything so then my arms started to hurt a lot.


After canoeing we had raft making with Mr Grinsted. We had to make a raft that can hold everybody on your team. We got to use 5 big poles, 4 wooden planks and 10 big long bits of rope. Then we had to get it out into the water and go around a big orange buoy and get back to shore and then undo it all then put it all away. The other team was winning and got back to shore before us but they didn't use all the planks so they had to go back out and do it again so my team won YAY! But we still helped them pack up.

So sad it’s the last night :( On the last night we had a disco it was amazing, I loved it. At the disco we had heaps of amazing songs on. Everybody was singing and dancing. We had a girls vs boys dance off I think the girls won in my opinion.


I had an amazing time at CSPS 2018 Phillip Island camp for year 4 this year I can't wait for next years.      


Camp Recount  by Chloe R.

OMG! I can’t wait for camp I’m so excited!


That looks so scary, there was a giant swing its 18m high. I didn’t think I would do it but suddenly...I’m on the swing there I go! I said stop when I was about half way up. I said to myself don’t look down but what did I do? I looked down! After I got off the swing I regretted not going to the top. That was so fun!


CRABS! When we got to the beach we started making a tower of sand. As we got deeper in the sand when we were digging we started to find baby crabs they were so cute. So we named the tower crab island. But sadly there was a dead seal. It was funny when the crabs were surfing on little bits of seaweed!

I feel like I’m going to fall out! Once I started to sit down in the canoe I was so scared my partner was Bailey P. As soon as me and Bailey P entered the canoe I was fine we started paddling. It was really fun. I didn’t want to finish canoeing!


Go to sleep! The people in my cabin were Lauren, Marlie, Ashley and Bella. After we brushed our teeth and put on our pj’s we went to bed. As soon as I closed my eyes all i could hear was people talking in their cabins it was so annoying I couldn’t sleep. Next time we are at camp I hope they are quiet.


I had an amazing time at camp i can’t wait for next years!I don’t want to leave!



“Chatter chatter” my teeth went as I was HORRIFIED to go on the giant swing. It was 18 Meters high and that’s really high, I was terrified I felt nervous, scared, happy and no regrets and in the end, I went to the TOP. And my friends were really proud of me.


“SHHHHHHHHHH” went my shower as I’m getting ready for the year 4 disco, after my shower I got dressed and brushed my hair, then I went to Zoe's cabin and she put braids in my hair. Then by the time she finished my hair I had time to get my shoes on and go to dinner when we got to dinner I saw we were having schnitzel, chips, steamed vegetables and gravy. It was a delicious meal.   

Year 4 camp feedback


I wanted to say thankyou for the Year 4 camp experience this week. What an awesome 3 days spent with getting to know the Year 4's and playing "mother hen" to them all. 

Our school staff were praised by Phillip Island Adventure Camp staff in how organised, trained and professional we were, something I'm proud to be part of. 


Thank you for allowing me to have this experience, something I would do again in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. It was great to connect with the children (some of whom I was with in Mac 20 when I started at CSPS). I loved to see them outside of their comfort zone and I was delighted to see many students showing their exhilaration at accomplishing the many varied and challenging tasks. 

Laura Kiellerup


Student Wellbeing

KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and wellbeing initiative set in primary schools and early childhood education and care services.

It's unique because it brings together all the most important people in a child’s life - especially  families!

Facilities Updates

BARR; Bushfire At Risk Register

The Victorian Government has allocated $20 million towards the 2018-19 Planned Maintenance Program (PMP). This includes funding for a supplement for bushfire vegetation clearance at schools that are identified as being at risk of bushfires.  Our school is categorised as a BARR school and we have received a grant from the Victorian government for Vegetation clearance to reduce bushfire risk.  
As a BARR school we are required to undertake these measures as part of our emergency management planning.  These works included clearing, pruning and maintenance of the trees and vegetation at the rear of our the school property, school boundaries with particular emphasis on the school building that is designated as our ‘Shelter in Place’ in the event of an emergency.  These works were carried out by a local service provider (arborist) in collaboration with the Department’s emergency service officer Mr. Glen Tarrant and our maintenance person.

The safety of our school community is of a high priority and an added bonus is that our school grounds are looking very impressive. 

Where to next?

We are continually discussing and problem solving ways we can further improve the learning and play spaces at CSPS.

Please take a look at the display in the main Administration foyer that celebrates what we have achieved, as well as asking for future ideas.

Note:  PFA are focusing fundraising on play spaces.

Your feedback is always welcome and strongly promoted.  Please send an email to the school or write your ideas on the display board.

Parents and Friends
Association (PFA)

Obstacool Fundraiser

On Friday, 7 December 2018, the PFA will be holding a special obstacle course run, “Obstacool."


Obstacool is an exciting program that travels the country sharing the fun and getting Aussie kids active! The Obstacool Course is made up of a mix of inflatable’s including their feature attraction, The Big Bopper which is 40m long! Along with this, there are walls, tunnels, commando nets and more! Each student will have the opportunity to run through the Obstacool course with their class.


The cost for this event will be $10.00 per student. This cost includes your child’s 30 minute run on the course and a Berri Quelch Fruit Stick (icy pole) that they will receive after their run. Please return the permission slip and payment no later than Wednesday, 5 December 2018.


To make this event a success, we will require parent volunteers (2 hour blocks between 9am to 3:30pm) to assist with supervision of the course.

To volunteer, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Click this link:
  2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
  3. Sign up by entering your name and checking the boxes for your chosen times - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on
  4. Click the save button    

Note: You must have a valid Working with Children Check, and sign in/out at the office.

Christmas Stall

The PFA have been busy preparing gifts for our Christmas Stall on Wednesday, 12 December & Thursday, 13 December.


Parents may provide their child/children with some spending money in a named envelope, (ideally listing who your child needs to buy for) which may be given to the class teacher for safekeeping. A schedule for the stall will be sent out via Flexibuzz closer to the date listing when each class will be attending the stall.


Gifts range from $1 to $6 and cater for parents, grandparents, children/siblings and other family members and/or friends. Please provide a bag to safely carry the gifts home as these are not provided.


In order for this fundraising event to be a success, we require volunteers to set up the stall and to help out on the day! To volunteer, please follow these steps:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
  3. Sign up by entering your name and checking the boxes for your chosen times - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on
  4. Click the save button

Note: You must have a valid Working with Children Check, and sign in/out at the office.

Volunteers Needed

As you are all probably aware, the PFA have been low on volunteers for some of our events this year. At the beginning of 2019, we will be searching for more helpers. So we would like to give everyone some information about our existing members and the PFA, so hopefully you will all have a think about joining in.

All of our PFA members have part time or full time work or home businesses. A lot of our members also have children with special needs both in Primary and Secondary School.

We do not sit in a million meetings over the school year. We have approx 2-3 meetings per term depending on which events are being planned. Some of our "meetings" are held on messenger or on our Facebook page if a meeting at school can't fit in for everyone.

No one is pressured to put their hand up to run events or be at EVERY event held by us. Some tasks can even be completed at home such as emailing potential event sponsors or simply bagging lollies as stall gifts. We are friendly and very approachable.


Our first event of next year will be on the first two days of school; meeting and greeting new families and filling them in with info they need to know about our school. Please get in touch with the PFA via the email below if you have any questions or would love to join them.

[email protected]

PFA Meeting

The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) will be holding their final meeting for the year on Tuesday, 18 December at 6pm at the VUE Restaurant, 1 Settlers Run, Botanic Ridge. All are welcome to attend, even new volunteers.


The agenda for this meeting includes reflections and feedback on 2018 events and planning of 2019 events. If you are unable to attend but would like to make a suggestion, please email the PFA or Emma Slocombe via the emails below:


[email protected]

[email protected] 

Parent and Community 

City of Casey
School speed zone consultation

The City of Casey are gathering community feedback for theproposed school speed zone reduction on Pearcedale Road.

Please see below a copy of the letter which has been sent to residents who reside in the immediate surrounding area.

To assist in capturing the feedback from the school community and the wider community, the City of Casey has set up a page on the Casey Conversations webpage ( where the community can go to view further information regarding the proposal and leave feedback via the online survey form. 

The City of Casey will also be installing VMS (Variable Message Sign) trailer out on the side of the road during the consultation period, likely from 3 December, to direct passing motorists to the Casey Conversations website for further information and to provide feedback on the proposal.

Kind Regards,


Senior Traffic Engineer

City Design and Construction

Icy Pole fundraiser

Quelch fruit icy poles are now available to purchase each day for $0.80. Funds raised from the sale of the icy poles go toward our year 6 graduation ceremony. It is greatly appreciated if your child has the correct amount of money.

Bunnings Christmas Family Night
Thursday 6, December


Lunch Orders

Lunch Order Process - Thursdays & Fridays only
Last Orders 13 & 14 December

1. Go to

2. Enter Cranbourne South in the ‘What’s on at your School’ lookup

3. Select ‘Cranbourne South Primary School’ from the list that displays above. The services page will open.

4. To the right side of the screen, select the class.  

5. Past dates or dates where the services are not available will be greyed out.

6. Select ‘Order Lunch’ on the date listed.

7. A new window will open for allergies.  If there are no allergies, select no. If there are allergies, enter then into the field.

8. Click ‘Save and Continue’

9. The menu will display.  Note that each item has the Healthy Eating Advisory Service traffic light system.  Any unavailable items will be greyed out and cannot be selected.

10. Click ‘Add’ next to the item.  A new window will open if additional items/inclusions can be added to the order. For example, hamburger options:

11. Click ‘Save and Continue’. Repeat as necessary.

12. On completion, click ‘Next : Check’, this will take you to the login page.

13. Complete registration for new users (you will be prompted to add students and class details), or login if an account already exists.

14. Select the student that the order is for, or add a new student, and click ‘continue’.

15. Repeat as necessary.

16. Select the payment option (top up account or pay for single order), and click continue.

17. Select the payment method and click continue.

18. Once payment has been made, click on ‘back to order’ to continue and place the order.


Moral Purpose


CSPS endeavours to empower teachers, students and community members to embrace learning, achieve their personal best and strengthen emotional, social and physical wellbeing.


  • To provide all students with an education they can be proud of by exhibiting confidence and creativity in this complex and ever changing world.
  • To assist students in taking ownership of their learning; to grow into responsible, happy, resilient and socially fulfilled individuals.


  • Positivity - I look on the bright side.
  • Persistence - I am determined.
  • Pride - I stand tall.
  • Passion - I strive to achieve.

Democratic Principles


CSPS supports and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

a.   elected government; and

b.   the rule of law; and

c.    equal rights for all before the law; and

d.   freedom of religion; and

e.   freedom of speech and association; and

f.    the values of openness and tolerance.

Cranbourne South Primary School
CSPS - Proposed Speed Limit Reduction - Community Consultation - Pearcedale Road Cranbourne South - 23-11-2018.pdf
Code Camp 2018.pdf
Christmas flyer.pdf