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01 November 2018
Issue 34
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2018 Calendar

2018 Camp Dates

  • 5-7 December - Year 4

2019 School Dates

Term 1 -30.01.2019 - 05.04.2019

  • All students (except Prep) commence Wednesday 30th January 2019
  • Foundation (Prep) students start Thursday 31st January 2019

Foundation students do not attend Wednesdays for the month of February 2019.


Fri 02/11

Year 6 - Footy Clinic incursion

Mon 05/11

School hours as normal

Tue 06/11

  • Melbourne Cup - Public Holiday - NO SCHOOL

Wed 07/11

PFA Meeting at 7.30 pm

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Fri 09/11

Year 6 - Footy Clinic incursion

Year 5/6 Selected students - Blast Cricket Cup

Mon 12/11

School Council meeting at 7 pm

Wed 14/11

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Mon 19/11

School Pix photos - Gr 6, School Captains, portrait re-takes

Wed 21/11

Keyboard concert 6.30 pm in the Music room

PFA: Casual clothes day - Christmas Day Raffle (donations)

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Wed 28/11

Year 5 - Preparation for Puberty

Sarah's Wind/Drums concert

Fri 30/11

Year 3-6 Orienteering at Hanging Rock


Saturday 1/12

Alex's Guitar concert

Wed 5/12 - Fri 7/12

Year 4 Camp

Wed 5/12

PFA meeting at 7.30 pm

Tue 11/12

Whole School Transition Day

Wed 19/12

Sushi Day

From the Principal,
Diana Ellis

School Improvement

On a weekly basis people continue to be curious about our construction site and ongoing changes. We are of course extremely happy about our new Music room and our Multi purpose Hall/gymnasium.

We still have a few months of the project ahead of us and during this time we will see the complete bottom section of the school landscaped with new paths and decking that will make our school accessible for all ages and disabilities. I am sure many people will enjoy the new paths rather than our current daily obstacle course.

It has been communicated to me that some people believe there are further buildings being constructed, I can confirm to you that this is not the case.

The only other planned construction is an amphitheatre and the existing toilet block will be kept but placed in a different spot. The portables will be shifted to the corner where the old gas tank existed.

Currently the builders are installing all of the underground drains and the new retaining walls.

Every fortnight I meet with the builders, the architect and representatives from the Education Department so that we can track the current status of the project and deal with any issues or changes to the project.

Whilst the project has had some challenges, it has also been a great opportunity to learn things that are normally outside the realm of being a Principal. We are also very thankful to have worked with local builders who have been so accommodating in trying to meet the demands of the project.

You are invited : Parent Forum

On Friday 16 November, I invite all parents to come along to our Parent/Principal forum. This will be an open forum where parents will be given the opportunity to ask questions about any topics relating to our school ie our learning programs, assessments, catering for different learning needs, our intervention and extension programs, behaviour management/bullying.

This is your opportunity to be heard and have your questions answered.

The session will run from 9.00 until 10.00 in our new Music Room.

Intervention and Support Program at WPS

At times, I receive feedback that makes me realise that maybe we are not effective at communicating the great programs and opportunities we offer at WPS.

Above and beyond the normal differentiated programs and supports provided by class teachers we provide targeted and explicit intervention programs across all levels at WPS. These programs are provided by Ms Mann, our Reading Recovery teacher Mrs. Safstrom, our Education Department Psychologist and Speech Therapists and our highly committed group of Integration Aides who all plan and co-teach with our staff to provide targeted support and extension.

Mrs. Safstrom provides Reading Recovery to students in Year 1 who have not met the reading benchmarks at the end of their first year at school. Ms Mann also runs extension sessions with students identified above standard and requiring some extra extension.

Throughout all levels of the school our Integration Aides run programs that provide extra support in Spelling, Reading, Fine Motor and handwriting, Maths support and Social skills groups.

We also run a targeted Speech group called Spaides. The aides have had training in this program and meet regularly with the speech therapist to plan and implement this program.

Operating across all levels of the school, our aides provide over 50 sessions a week. These sessions are above and beyond the support and extension provided by the class teacher. Throughout the school over 5o students have access to these targeted sessions. Some sessions are one on one, some are small group. Some of the support is in the classes, some of the sessions are in other spaces including the kitchen, garden and playground, where students participate in skills sessions that focus on social skills or real life skills.

Our Integration aides are highly trained and regularly update their knowledge and skills about learning disorders and disabilities. They have had intensive training around dyslexia, autism and speech disorders and behaviour management and have worked closely this year with experts in the field. Our aides have had visits to Sunbury Special School and Northern Autistic School to observe best practice and expert Cara Zenner works regularly at our school with our teachers and aides to support them to implement best practice strategies for children with learning difficulties.

We are proud of the intensive programs we offer and would like to acknowledge our passionate, committed aides who work so hard to provide the extra support programs in our school.

Despite DET funding only covering the cost of 3 of our integration aides for limited hours, we have used our school budget to ensure we employ aides and support across all levels and classes.

From the Office

Health Alerts

Parents please note, we have had reported cases of Gastro, Chicken Pox and Coughs/colds.

Bookpack ordering for 2019

– full bookpack ordering details will be distributed next week via Compass and a paper note sent home to all students.
We will be going DIGITAL for the 2019 bookpack orders, with our new supplier Officemax (no paper bookpack forms will be issued). We are planning to have the Officemax online ordering / payment site live next week but in the meantime basic info follows:

  • Bookpack Requisites for Year 3 – 6:
    - ORDER ONLINE at OfficeMaxSchools.com.au – goods will be delivered to the student’s home address NOT to the school
    - order BEFORE 2nd DEC = FREE DELIVERY & guaranteed delivery before 31.12.18
    - order AFTER 2nd DEC = $12.95 per family and delivery before the start of school
    - bus and netbook fees can be paid at the same time as bookpack ordering
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018
  • Bookpack Requisites for Year Prep – 2
    - students do not receive an individual bookpack -
    requisites are purchased in bulk from Officemax and delivered directly to classrooms however payment for these essential requisites is compulsory and expected. Payment options are:
    1. via OfficeMaxSchools.com.au
    2. via QKR from November 2018
    - to ease the financial pressure on families towards the end of the year, School Council have decided that voluntary contributions will not be required to be paid until Feb 2019 but if you prefer, can be paid via QKR from November 2018
  • There will be NO SPARE PACKS AVAILABLE from the school, as
    - bookpacks can continue to be ordered online at Officemax until the end of Term 2

To advise a student absence

Notification as soon as possible on the absence day is requested however before 10am is preferred.

  1. Log onto the Compass portal – click on ‘Add Attendance Note Approval’
  2. Phone the school’s absence voicemail – 5427 2455 – Option 1

Payment Methods for School Activities




Thank you to everyone who has returned their Lapathon sponsorship money.  So far we have raised over $3,000.00 - which is a good start.

MU5 are leading the way at the moment, having raised over $600.00.  Well done.


Prizes are going out as quickly as possible, please be patient.  The major prize draw will be in December so there is still plenty of time to return your sponsorship, either in cash or on Qkr.


Thank you for your support.

Sandra Mann

Movember 2018

Movember 2018 edition

Hello everyone,

It is that time of the year again when many men across Australia start growing their moustache’s for a wonderful cause, the Movember Foundation.

This year Mr. Spilsted, Mr. Condon and Mr. Bruns will be doing their best to grow their moustaches in an attempt to raise awareness and more importantly money, for men's health.

Mr. Spilsted, Mr. Condon and Mr. Bruns are kindly asking for any donations to support them this Movember. Last year the Woodend Primary School Movember team raised a whopping $1,797. This year they are aiming to match it or raise even more money!

Please go to the below link and donate as much money as you possibly can. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Senior Unit

Zooper Doopers

On the 5th and 6th of November we will be selling Zooper Doopers kindly donated by Coles for 50 cents each. We will be selling these near the canteen. We are fundraising for our end of year excursion to Funfields at the end of the year. Please make sure on Monday you bring 50 cents for Zooper Dooper. We only have 240 icy poles so there is only one per person.  By Lily, Holly, Makenzie and Darcie.  

News from Kyneton Secondary College

A reminder that our uniform fitting day for your Grade 6 students at Kyneton Secondary College is: Thursday 8th November  3.30pm-5.00pm


Cheryl Simmonds, Administration Assistant

Kyneton Secondary College

Carlsruhe Annexe


We would like to send out a huge ‘Thank You’ to two of our parents – Mark Harrison and Matt Hayes – for giving up hours of their time to cut the hedges at Carlsruhe. As you can see from the photos, they are looking amazing.


Sun Safety

Please ensure your child has a wide brimmed school hat to keep them safe during the many outdoor activities that are part of the Carlsruhe program.

Thursday Activities

We are getting very creative this term with our activities. Tent building in the orchard is very popular and the isometric drawing with Mr Condon has developed some great building designs. We are also looking for donations of any spare socks, for our spectacular sock puppet creations.


Zoos Victoria - Phone Cycle


Middle Unit 

Years 1 and 2

Year 2 Camp

On Monday and Tuesday last week all the Year Twos excitedly hopped onto the buses and headed for Lady Northcote Camp! Camp activities were awesome! We did the giant swing, flying fox, yabbying and low ropes course. The food was delicious and we even got to watch a Mr Bean movie before bed. Everyone had a wonderful time and challenged themselves to try new and scary activities (the flying fox was 5m off the ground!!!!). The camp had a gaga pit, basketball court and heaps of room to play. An enormous thank you to our parent helpers Sally, Julia, Alex and Tom for being so amazing.  By MU4 Years 2's


Year 3

Last week MU7 saw Messenger Dogs, an interactive puppet play about Messenger Dogs in WW1. Here’s what some of the students thought about the experience.

It was believable but a bit scary- Atticus.

It was very funny and it made me very hungry- Rhys.

I think it was sad- Kurtis.

Messenger Dogs were very brave and dogs are now one of my favourite animals- Harper.

The activities were fun- Ollie.

It was sad but it was mostly funny- Shy.

It felt like the puppets were actually alive!- Harrison.


Students have been enjoying STEM activities. Some of the activities have included building landmarks out of lego, blocks and unifix, making the tallest tower of cards and problem solving with icy pole sticks.


Junior Unit


The Foundation children have been having a fantastic time during our weekly Creativity rotations. One of the goals of our rotations is to give children the opportunity to work with different classmates and teachers in preparation for transition into Year 1. It has been really wonderful to see how well all the children work together, practising their negotiation skills and learning to listen, compromise and share. Every group will experience each of the rotation activities over the next few weeks. Our activities include: coding using the Scratch program, creating and performing a short play, practising STEM skills to design and constructing a marble run.  The teachers and the children have been really enjoying these activities and they are rapidly becoming the highlight of our week.





1st  NO helpers required

2nd  Michael, John

7th  Jo

8th  NO help needed

9th  Alice, Marga

14th  Help needed

15th  NO help needed

16th  2 x helpers needed

  • Please contact me if you can help at [email protected] or mobile 0411 558 557.  Remember its only 9-12.30pm and your child(ren) receives a free icy pole and the chance to see their carer behind the counter.


  • please remind your child(ren) to place their own lunch bag in the classroom tub prior to 9am.
  • Sushi Day is booked for Wed 19.12.18


  • Please ensure your child(ren) have the correct details on Qkr. 
  • When ordering from Qkr, please purchase a lunch bag first, if you're not supplying your own. 
  • Term 4: NO CASH ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Please see the office staff for help loading Qkr.

Assembly Awards

Artists of the Week


Students of the Week

JU1 - Issy

Being a responsible and caring member of our classroom.

JU2 - Fergus

Always being a kind and helpful member of JU2. Keep it up.

JU3 - Edwin

His excellent Messenger Dogs recount writing. Well Done!

MU1 - Thomas

His excellent Show and Tell presentation about his trip around Australia.

MU2 - Ellie 

For giving 100 percent in all set tasks and taking pride in the work she completes.

MU3 - Ellie

Always staying on task and taking great care with your presentation. Well done Ellie!

MU4 - Catalina

Her wonderful writing this week and improvement in her handwriting! Well done!

MU5 - Alice

Making a great effort to answer her guided reading questions with more detail.

MU6 - Gemma

Demonstrating how to be a good learner through her listening skills and input into discussions. YOU ROCK GEMMA!!

MU7 - Daisy

Settling into our class well and giving  all her activities 100%. Well Done!!

MU7 - Phoebe

Learning our class routines well and trying her best at all times. Excellent effort.

MU8 - Harry

For being a great role model for his peers by listening attentively during learning time and following instructions closely.

CU1 -Greta

For always demonstrating persistence and a 'Can Do' attitude and for sharing her creative ideas confidently with others.

CU2 - Nil

CU3 - Sophie

For her story “Imagine” and her hard work with the editing.

CU3 - Georgia

For her story "The Girl Next Door” and her hard work with the editing.

CU4 - Flynn

For his “have a go attitude”. Sharing ideas, reading carefully and awesome sportsmanship. Always a pleasure to have in class and on the sportsfield.

SU1 -Nil

SU2 - Sol

Showing absolutely AWESOME persistence when solving multiplication equations. Keep up the AMAZING work!

Gardening Group

Woodend Community Children's Garden

Where:  WPS Community Children’s Garden

When:  12.45-2.00pm Mondays - parent help required with lunchtime Kid’s Garden Club

2.00-3.30pm Mondays - parents' gardening session (pruning and garden maintenance)

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the Office before gardening

Contact: Nicole Middleton 0418 233 366

Carlsruhe Kitchen Garden

Where: Carlsruhe Kitchen Garden

When: 2.00-3.30pm Mondays

BYO: Gardening gloves, sturdy shoes, weather appropriate clothing

Sign in: Please sign in at the main Carlsruhe classroom before gardening

Contact: Clare Doolan 0424 867 613

Student Banking

8 Deposits - Choose your reward

Flynn, Catherine, Ethan

9 Deposits - Your reward has been ordered

Archer, Mariella, Zoey, William, Sophie, Carter, Charlotte

10 Deposits - Your reward has been sent home

(waiting on Mr Postman to deliver)

Term 4 Rewards - NEW

  • New for Term 4 - Slushie Cup Maker and Zoom Flying Disc

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop News

Lost property is located just in front of the uniform shop and part of keeping it under control is that I will return any clearly named items to the class room. To do this, I need a readable first and last name, although if room is an issue a first initial and last name will also work.


I have also found a Name Stamp that can be used on uniforms that does not wash off.

This is the website on where to find it.        



Please do not hesitate to come and see me with any questions, I am happy to help. 

Uniform Shop Hours

Tuesday: 8.45am - 9.15am

Thursday: 3pm - 4pm

Michelle Wearne

Uniform Shop

Community News

Local Community


Honour Their Spirit,
Armistice Day Centenary at Woodend


Michael Grose: Parent Insights

Be careful who you take parenting advice from

It's not until you have kids that you realise that everyone has an opinion about how they should be raised.


The rise of the internet has just multiplied the number of voices, giving many unauthorised people a voice in the parenting space. It is no longer just our close family and friends who share their opinions with us as occurred in the past. Now there are countless expert pieces, parent blogs, chat rooms and articles on any topic you can imagine.


It's confusing enough when your kids are born without special gifts and challenges, but more so when you are a parent with a child on the autism spectrum. They have to deal with many voices including those who can be non-accepting and judgemental. It's my belief that everyone has an opinion, but not everyone has earned the right to share it.


If you're a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, how do you drown out the noise? Who do you listen to? Here are some thoughts.


Listen to autistic voices

Look the advice, stories and opinions of people on the autism spectrum. Their voice shouldn't be discarded. They have lived experience and have incredible insights for you as you parent and your child. Also listen to what your child has to say.  We can all learn a great deal from their lived experience. If they can share it (and this may be when they are older), then embrace this knowledge.


Listen to understanding professionals

Identify a support team of professionals including your child' teacher, general practitioner, specialist health workers. They can provide you with not just greater knowledge of autism but provide you with insights into your child's capacities and strengths. Staying focused on your own child can help drown out the noise. It is easier to shake off the voices of others when you have quality support telling you the truth about your child specifically, as opposed to others expressing their general opinions.


Listen to family and friends who love you

Gravitate toward friends and family who will love and support you and your child and steer clear of those who have a need to send you the latest article they've found on autism, or tag you in a random on social media. Seek out people who genuinely want to help and who are willing to spend time with you and your child.  If someone's opinions are not real, positive or helpful, then you don’t have to listen to them.


After a child is diagnosed, it can be so easy to go into overdrive and research for hours on end. This is normal! We want to be equipped to do our best at parenting our children. However, set boundaries when it comes to taking on other's opinions about autism and your child.


Steer clear of unhelpful discussion groups

It's common for parents with children diagnosed with autism to hit online discussion groups. It can be so overwhelming to have so many voices telling you what ‘they’ think you need to know.  Politely move on from conversations that make you uncomfortable, unless you can take the opportunity to share your perspective and use them as educational moments.


As an active parent and professional in the online space I've often experienced outlandish statements from well-meaning people.  I use these situations to share my personal experience (and the strengths of my child) to debunk myths such as autism is caused by bad parenting. Be clear about how you use discussion groups. Use as a way to feel a part of a community, a source of knowledge and inspiration and a place to share your story and experiences.


All parents need to be mindful about protecting their emotions and accepting advice from trusted, knowledgeable sources. I'd suggest that it's even more important to choose well when you're raising kids with autism. Protecting your heart and listening to quality voices is an ongoing journey. But it is essential to looking after your own mental health and ensure that the main thing – your child – remains the main thing.

School Information

Whole School Assembly

Every Friday at 3pm in the school hall

Student Banking

Wednesday: Hand in books via classroom

Thursday: Books processed and returned to the classroom

Uniform Shop

Tuesdays       8.45 am - 9.15 am

Thursdays     3.00 pm - 4.00 pm

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