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11 December 2018
Term 4, Issue 10
Term 4 Dates
Principal's Report
Student Wellbeing
Teaching & Learning
Scotsburn News
BASE 1270
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Term 4 Dates


Dec 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)

Dec 12 - SC1 to Sovereign Hill

Dec 13 - Blue Light Disco (6-7:30pm)

Dec 14 - Preps to Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Yr 4 Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup (6pm)

Dec 19 - Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 Movies

Dec 19 - Yr 6 Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Scotsburn Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Yr 6 Graduation Evening (6pm)

Dec 21st - END OF TERM - 1.30PM FINISH


Dec 14 - No Assembly

Dec 21 - Whole School Assembly

Early Finishes


On the last day of term, December 21st, school will finish at 1:30pm.


Base 1270 will be running from 1:30pm (at the same cost as a normal afternoon). 

Get in quick to book your spot!



There are over 30 FANTASTIC prizes up for grabs in our Christmas raffle. Prizes are on display at the office, and listed on the poster below. Tickets are $1 each, and can be purchased at the office, or in the courtyard from 8.45 – 9am & 3.15 – 3.30pm. Raffle will be drawn on Wednesday 19th December and winners will be notified – so please make sure to write your phone number on tickets!



With an abundance supply of eggs at the moment, they are currently at the bargain price of $2.00 for half dozen. 


Principal's Report


Thanks to everyone for your co-operation as the fire situation unfolded last week.  It didn’t take long to come to a realisation that it was wise to abandon the parent teacher interviews in the interest of safety for all concerned.  It certainly made us all feel more comfortable having Scotsburn staff and students at our Buninyong Campus on Friday, which is something we will continue to do if the fire danger is high on a particular day.


For those that missed interviews, you now have an opportunity to book in for tomorrow night.  If that doesn’t work for you, contact your child’s teacher to organise an alternative time to catch up.


Today we hosted our 2019 preps with an Orientation Day at both campuses.  The day was very successful and our new preps were very comfortable and settled.  Well done to our prep teachers who planned and ran the day.  Thanks also to all those who helped with the information session and the morning tea that followed.

Our grade 5 students did a fantastic job as buddies and are looking forward to continuing the connection with their new little friends in 2019. 


Our teachers are close to finishing the task of sorting children into classes for 2019.  As always, we’re looking to develop classes that will work for all of our students.  Next Tuesday, between midday and 1pm, students will get an opportunity to meet their teacher and classmates for 2019. 


The attitude our children take to this will be shaped by trusted adults around them.  Please encourage your child/ren to approach this with a positive mindset.  Our aim is for all students to enter these transition periods with the confidence they need to achieve success. 


With the purchasing of any uniform for 2019 please be mindful that shorts with promotional or sport logos are not considered part of the Buninyong Primary School uniform. There will be a zero tolerance for this moving forward.


The uniform shop sells several different types of shorts and skorts should you wish to purchase any. The shop will be open right up to the last day of school and re-open on book collection days in January 2019.


The Base 1270 team have done a great job developing a Vacation Care Program, which will run in the weeks of January 14-18 and 21-25.  This will be a great option for many families.  See the Base 1270 section of this newsletter for more details.

Student Wellbeing

Blue Light Disco


Preps in 2019 with Additional Needs

Families who have new Prep students coming to school in 2019 and have been identified as having additional needs (e.g. Speech therapy, paediatric investigation, Autism, significant medical condition, etc), are encouraged to make a time to talk to Scott.


Scott will be able to help those families in understanding the Department of Education’s support framework and provide information on how our school supports the transition into Prep and also any additional resourcing that we may have access to.

To arrange a meeting with Scott, please call the office to book in a time.

Teaching & Learning

Parent Teacher Conference Process - Term 4, 2018

Thanks to everyone for their understanding last week as the fire in the Buninyong and Scotsburn area saw the cancellation of our Parent Teacher Conferences. The Conference Bookings have been reopened until 5pm tonight (Tuesday 11th Dec) to allow any parent who missed a conference last week to re-book. There are limited timeslots available so if you miss out on booking a time for Wednesday afternoon, please contact your child’s classroom teacher directly.

Focus on Academic Behaviours

This week we have a look at Learning Strategies as an important component of effective learning behaviours. It is element 4 of 5 deemed to be essential in order to achieve academic success in school. This information is designed to support parents to have quality conversations with their children about effective learning.


Learning Strategies are processes and tactics one employs to aid in the cognitive work of thinking, remembering, or learning. Effective learning strategies allow students to activate their academic behaviours to maximize learning. These include strategies to help one recall facts (e.g., mnemonic devices); strategies for monitoring one’s own comprehension (such as while reading or doing math problems); and strategies to self-correct when one detects confusion or errors in their thinking. Learning strategies may also include goal-setting and time management, both of which help students manage the process of learning.

Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Scotsburn/Buninyong Fire

As you all know, the fire last Thursday caused great concern for many of our families, but we are thankful to the CFA for looking after our community and keeping everyone safe.  A big thank you to the many families who were again checking in on each other, offering help and support where they could.


Ballarat Airport Excursion

Many of the Scotsburn students were keen observers of the aerial fire support on Thursday, and wish to show their gratitude to the men and women who protected their properties. Contact has been made with air base management at the Ballarat airport, and an opportunity exists for the Gr P-6 students to meet the air crew and tour the air base, including aircraft, on Wednesday 19th December. There are many outcomes that this opportunity will offer students. Developing a broader understanding of the emergency resources that go into protecting the community, assistance with working through their own emotional response to the fire, a sense of protection and security for the future, and for the older students an insight into career prospects. Despite what the students will gain, they will also give back through the delivery of their letters of appreciation that they will be writing in class prior to the excursion. A big thank you to Randall from the Bendigo Bank (Buninyong branch), who has covered the cost of the transportation for the excursion.


Thanks Julian

Recently, Julian (lives next door) spent a considerable amount of time manoeuvring the large rocks for us to help finish off the new play space near the Playpod, cubby hut and chook shed. This was an amazing act of generosity. Thanks Julian.


Working Bee

A big shout out to all of our wonderful parents. We will be having our final working bee for the year on Tuesday 11th at 3.30pm-4.30pm. It will be a great chance for us to get the school grounds looking great in readiness for our end of year break up.


Orientation Day

Today, our prep’s for 2019 had a great time for their Orientation Day. Mrs Anderson provided the students with lots of fun and entertaining activities and the students had a great time. Thanks to all of the parents that came along to the information session.

P-2 Sovereign Hill

Miss Wood’s class are looking forward to a great day at Sovereign Hill this Wednesday. Please catch Miss Wood if you have any questions.


Collaborative Planning Days

On the 13th December, the Gr 3 staff and students from the Buninyong campus will join the Scotsburn students at Scotsburn for the day.


Shared Christmas Lunch

The students and staff are looking forward to enjoying a shared Christmas feast together on Friday 14th. Parents are most welcome to come along and help out from 11.30am.






KK Presents

All students involved in the Kris Kringle have received a slip indicating who they need to buy a $5 maximum present for. All KK presents must be returned ASAP as they will be opened at our shared Christmas lunch this Friday 14th December.


Christmas Breakup

We are all looking forward to our Christmas Breakup next Tuesday 18th starting at 6pm. Thank you to those that placed something into the baskets for the Hamper Raffle. Don’t forget to bring along a few dollars to purchase tickets as you arrive ($1 a ticket or 3 for $5). A friendly reminder to also place a named wrapped item in the box above the freezer in the old building! The evening will conclude with a supper and band, so please bring along something to share.


Swimming Lessons

The students had a great time last week. Special thanks to the parents that came along to watch and help.  A reminder that there has been a slight change to our swimming program, due to the early finish for Parent Teacher interviews last Thursday. As such, they will have a makeup lesson at our Scotsburn ‘Fun Day’ on Thursday 20th December. We apologise for any inconvenience.


2019 Book List Orders – SC1

All students in SC1 (Prep - 2 in Mrs Anderson’s class)  will not be required to pick up their booklist from the front office at Buninyong at the beginning 2019. All books and stationary will be collected by Mrs Anderson and ready to use day one. If you do not order your child’s booklist through the school, please bring them on the first day of Term 1 not labelled. If you have any questions, please see Mrs Anderson or contact her via email on [email protected],gov.au


Christmas Watering Roster

If you are able to help out with the watering over the Christmas break, please contact Naomi Moore ASAP on [email protected]


Looking After Our Animals

A big thanks to Laura, Charlie and Jack who will be looking after Pip the lizard over the break. If someone would like to take the chooks for the break (lots of eggs), please see Shaun.


Zooper Doppers

We will be selling Zooper Doopers for $1 on Thursday.


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 4 will be on the (5th December). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 4 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!

Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Gr 2-4 Sovereign Hill – 12th December

Parent teacher (4pm-6pm) – 12th Dec

 Scotsburn Shared Xmas Lunch – 14th Dec

Scotsburn Christmas Breakup – 18th Dec (6pm)

Gr P-6 Ballarat Airport Excursion – 19th Dec

Scotsburn (Fed Uni Pool) Break up – 20th Dec




CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have earned their Hiragana Karate belts recently and finished the year off strong! Remember to keep practising over the holidays J


White Belt

Oscar Worland (WRITING), Zarsha Boak, Jaspar Lee, Charlotte Sandwith


Yellow Belt

Adam Scibilia, Cooper Greenbank, Felix Worland


Green Belt

Tyla O’Loughlin, Aiden Taylor, Mia Reynolds, Felix Worland, Tom Shillito


Orange Belt

Charlie Baradine, Koby Le Maitre


Blue Belt

Charlie Baradine, Koby Le Maitre, Toby Taylor


Purple Belt

Oscar Worland, Charlie Baradine, Koby Le Maitre, Toby Taylor


Red Belt

Oscar Worland


Black Belt

Oscar Worland






BASE 1270

Base 1270

Who can believe that there is less than two weeks left for the school year! It must be true when they say time flies when you're having fun.


Our FriYAY team finished off the paper mache volcanoes and they look fantastic. Don't miss out on the opportunity to see these volcanoes erupt during vacation care as it is sure to be a blast. This FriYAY, we will be completing a number of different Christmas craft activities which can be taken home and hung on the Christmas tree or around the house.

The Base 1270 water fight was a success, thank you to everybody for bringing along a water pistol and participating. Stay tuned for the next Base 1270 water fight. As the weather is going to continue to get warmer, please make sure that you bring a hat (our Base 1270 hats look fantastic) and a drink bottle to take outside.


Talking of hats, did you know we now have our Base 1270 hats available at the office for $15. 

Pop in and grab one or call the office and pay for one over the phone and we will send it home with your child.


We look forward to seeing you all this week!

Base 1270 staff.


Base Admin

Vacation Care

Due to demand we have decided to extend the Vacation Care program to include 29 & 30 January. Bookings are now open – head to http://buninyongps.vic.edu.au/after-school-care/ to make your booking through ‘my family lounge’.



Please call the office or email [email protected] to notify us as soon as possible if your child will be absent. This will just assist us with staffing and making sure everyone is quickly accounted for at the beginning of each session.


Did you know that most families are eligible to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

CCS is a payment from the Australian Government to assist families who work, train or study with the cost of child care (After School Care, Before School Care & Vacation Care).


Please see the document below for more information and speak to Mel in the office if you have any questions.


Student News/Awards

Act of Kindness Award



During our allotted time for our 2018 School Photos, there were a few grade 6 students away which therefor made a few 'Team Photos' unable to be taken.  Our school photographers have been back in recent weeks and have now completed all the team photos.


Attached is an order form (also available from the office), which are due back on Friday 14th December .



2018 Canteen

This week is the LAST WEEK FOR CANTEEN!! 

Make sure you have your order/s in by 1:00pm Tuesday and Thursday.


Coffee will run every morning till the end of term 4 and have also added Iced Coffee to the menu @ $4.

Tracey has also implemented Coffee / Hot Chocolate Vouchers that can be purchased at the school office or Canteen. 

An example; you can pre-purchase a book of 5 or 10 and give your child a voucher instead of carrying cash.



Canteen Price List Term 4



Our coffee machine is running daily and open to all staff, parents and students (for a hot chocolate) every morning from 8:00 till 9:15am.               

Perfect time to get yourself a coffee while dropping the kids off at school.


Coffee $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00


The grade 6 canteen CAN-TEAM will now be selling frozen treats on WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. There is often confusion with school lunch order days so we’re hoping this will streamline things.



Community Notices

Ballarat Library

I am pleased to announce that the Summer Reading Club is taking place at Ballarat Libraries these summer holidays.


Last year the Summer Reading Club was a huge success!

  • Over 43,000 children participated across Australia, and
  • more than 360,000 books were read.

Celebrating its eighth year as a national program, the Summer Reading Club could be even bigger and better this year, with the help of your school!


The theme for the 2018 Summer Reading Club is Curious Creatures. Young readers will be encouraged to explore new worlds as they develop a curiosity of creatures.


At Ballarat Libraries, Summer Reading Club activities will run from December 1st until January 31st. To launch the Summer Reading Club at our library, we will be hosting a Launch party on Friday November 3th from 5.00pm to 6.30pm


Registration is FREE! When participants register at our library they will receive a Summer Reading Club pack. Alternatively, they can also register through the Summer Reading Club website at www.summerreadingclub.org.au.  


National prizes are also up for grabs for online participants.


To encourage participation in the 2018 Summer Reading Club, I invite teachers and library staff at your school to promote this program to students and their families. Invitations to the Summer Reading Club party are included to add to your school newsletter.



Julie Bull

Children’s and Youth Librarian

Ballarat Libraries

Hansel & Gretel


Buninyong Anglican Church


OMazing Yoga For Kids


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