27 July 2018
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The Principal's Voice
by Mrs Karen Spiller, OAM

Welcome to the Principal's Voice


Recognising Strengths

I recently read this article about recognising strengths in our young people:

make a point of noticing strengths in children and compliment them on, or thank them for, their strengths. Children respond well to this recognition and want to use their strengths even more.

For example:

  • Thank a child for their honesty in admitting to a mistake
  • Congratulate a child on their perseverance in getting a task finished
  • Say how much you enjoyed their humour when a child makes you laugh
  • Point out their fairness when they treat their friends equally
  • Tell them how kind they are being when they do a favour without being asked
  • Tell them they have good self-control when they are able to wait for a treat
  • Show them you are proud of them when they forgive their sister, brother or classmate for having upset them
  • Celebrate good teamwork
  • Tell a child they are showing great courage when you see them coping with a difficult situation
  • Look out for glimmers that you can fan into a brighter characteristic

“We change the world by tiny, individual acts of honesty, courage, kindness and integrity, by celebrating our own strengths, just a little more each day, and helping others to do the same.”

Jenny Fox Eades

This Week at the College

We Will Rock You

Following on from a very successful dress rehearsal which saw 471 guests attend from local schools and volunteer programs, our students and staff are ready for the opening tonight. I look forward to their performances across the weekend and thank them all for their commitment over so many months, to ensure that we will be delighted by their performances.


Overseas School Visits

This week we welcomed staff and students from sister schools in Miyakonojo St Dominic’s High School (Japan) and also Ursulinenschule, Hersel in Bornheim (Germany). It is always a joy to host our international visitors and to share stories of their school experiences. Thank you to all students, staff and families who have supported these exchange programs.

TAS and JTAS competitions

We wish all our students competing in the TAS and JTAS competitions this weekend all the very best.

Congratulations to:

This week we would like to congratulate:

  • Big Band and Jazz Combo for their excellent performances at the Brisbane City Bands Festival this week.
  • All staff and students who participated in the We Will Rock You musical.


Mrs Karen Spiller OAM


Deputy Principal's News

From the Deputy Principal's Desk

This month on SchoolTV - Body Image

Kids today are more obsessed with their body image than those in past generations. This is partially influenced by the media and their social connectivity. Encouraging kids to have a healthy body image in childhood, can lay the foundations for good physical and mental health later in life.

A recent study highlighted that body image is one of the top three concerns for Australian youth. Over half of girls in high schools have tried to lose weight. One third of teenage boys wanted to be thinner and another third wanted to be larger. Children need to understand that their body shape and size is not a reflection of their health or success. Parents and schools need to work together to help kids understand that everyone is born with their own ‘body-suit’.

In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will learn how to encourage their child to have a positive body image and why it is so important to their mental health. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.




If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.

Here is the link to this month’s edition http://jpc.qld.schooltv.me/newsletter/body-image


Mr Norm Kerley

Deputy Principal


We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You - It's not too late to get tickets!

Don't wait for the Hammer to Fall. Get your tickets now before it is too late.

Have you got your tickets? You'll go GaGa if you miss out!

Tickets are selling fast - get yours NOW!


Show Dates and Times:

Friday, 27 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Saturday, 28 July 2018 – 7.00 pm

Sunday, 29 July 2018 Matinee – 1.00 pm


Venue:  Chandler Theatre, Chandler Sports Complex, Old Cleveland Road, Chandler

Cost: Adults $40, Students*/Concessions** $25.00

To purchase your tickets please click here.


Tickets will also be on sale at the door until sold out.


*Student/Child Ticket - Child is classified as 3yo to 17yo. Children 2yo and under, may sit on a parent's lap for free (no ticket is required).

**Concessions - Please present your Concession Card on entry. No Uni/Tafe student discounts apply.

JPConnect and Techsphere Update

#toptip JPConnect


Question: Can I personalise my password for access to JPConnect?

Response: Absolutely, anytime after the first login. And of course, change it as many times as you need.

How to:

  • Login to JPConnect using current credentials. http://www.jpconnect.net/
  • Select the blue tab for “My Account” and select “Change Password from the drop down list.
  • Complete the details of the online form. Enter your existing password followed by the new password (you are required to enter twice.) Password choices must be at least 5 characters in length.
  • Once details have been added – submit using the “Change Password” button and then “Logout” to finalise.
  • Login using the new credentials.


Queries or Questions:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 3826 3496

Drop in: Techsphere Service Centre, Markwell Carpark (7.30 am – 4.30 pm Monday to Friday in term time)


JPC Announcements

Colour Explosion Run4Fun - DATE CLAIMER!

JPC Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Run4Fun – It’s a family fun event, where all ages and abilities are welcomed to join the fun of participating in a Sunday morning 1 km, 2 km, or 3 km run, walk, jog or skip (distances pending oval size and age category).


As participants walk, run, dance and jiggle their way around the course, they’ll pass through a variety of different colour zones. At each of these zones participants will get showered in the designated colour of that zone.


Date: Sunday, 2 September 2018

Time: from 8.00 am

Venue: John Paul College, Cec Munns Sports Centre, John Paul Drive, Daisy Hill QLD 4127

Cost: $25 per participant


Tickets go on sale on Monday, 23 July at 9.00am.  To purchase your tickets please click here.

Senior School

A Message from the Head of Senior School


Welcome to Week Two

Parent Teacher Student Interview Evenings


Parent Teacher Student Interview Evenings are on Thursday 2 August and Tuesday 7 August from 4.00pm to 7.30pm. Bookings opened online on Monday and we hope that you will avail yourself of the opportunity to meet with as many teachers as possible to discuss the academic progress of your child.

Subject Selection Evening for students

The Subject Selection Evening for students going in to Year Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten in 2019 is on Wednesday 29 August commencing at 6.00pm in the Gorman Lecture Theatre. All parents are encouraged to come along and enjoy the presentation, meet the Heads of Learning and walk through the showcase of subjects on offer. A letter will be going out with all the details.

Tertiary Applications for 2019: It is that time of year again

Steve Cuthbert – Head of Careers and Pathways

 [email protected]

On Tuesday I ran a QTAC information session for all students interested in tertiary study in 2019. This 45-minute presentation covered the “how to” for the 2019 QTAC Application Round. (*NB - for students who missed this session I will repeat it next week – tbc)


By now, all Year Twelve Students who are intending to apply to QTAC should have collected their “QTAC: Choose the Future 2019 Guide” book from me. As part of this process these students will have a sticker placed on the front cover with their LUI (Learner Unique Identifier) number. This number is vital in the early stages of the application process.


QTAC applications should be submitted electronically via the Applications link at http://www.qtac.edu.au/applications


Applicants can list up to six (6) preferences. Advice on this process is available in the QTAC Guide. Students are STRONGLY advised to fill all six (6) preferences. Important aspects for the process are in the first few pages of the guide (pp1-30).


Areas covered include: - How to apply, ordering preferences, the educational assistance scheme, responding to an offer, timelines, open days; etc.


Any students intending to apply interstate will need to do a separate application for each state using the same process.


Victoria VTAC http://www.vtac.edu.au/  NSW and ACT UAC http://www.uac.edu.au/

Assistance is available for students who have any issues by contacting Steve Cuthbert on 3826 3593 or [email protected]


A QTAC Information Evening for parents will run in the near future – dates, times and venue will be communicated in the usual manner.

Steve Cuthbert

We Will Rock You

The Musical of the Year is coming to the Chandler Theatre on Friday 27, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July.

Get your tickets from www.johnpaulcollege.com.au


We were privileged to get a sneak peek at Assembly last week and it is going to be a show not to be missed. It is wonderful to see so much talent among our students. They have been rehearsing and practising all this week.

Student Standards

I would also like to remind parents that we rely on having a strong relationship with parents, so that we can work together to ensure students are displaying the high standards that are traditionally found in a John Paul College student. Please ensure that your sons and daughters leave home in the correct uniform, that it is in exemplary condition and that their hair is acceptably cut. At this stage of the year, some uniform items are showing signs of general wear and we would expect that these items are either repaired or replaced. If you could help us with this, it will reinforce our standards from the home and also ensure that students do not get into trouble at school.


Mr Allan Dennis

Head of Senior School

Middle School

A Message from the Head of Middle School


The TAS Management Committee (TAS Principals) have commissioned a review of the current TAS sporting competition in terms of the type of sports offered (boys' sport; girls' sport; mixed gender), the structure of the competition, and scheduling of matches. The strategic intent of the Management Committee is for TAS to be the premier co-educational school sporting competition in Queensland and create a genuine point of difference for marketing and attracting enrolments to member schools.


A Steering Committee has been formed with a senior staff representative from each of the TAS schools to oversee the process of tendering for, and appointment of, a research consultant, as well as the delivery of the data collection phase of the review. The Steering Committee will also review the recommendations emanating from the data, and collate a report to the TAS Management Committee to consider changes to the TAS sporting competition for 2020. In October the Principals, Steering Committee, Directors of Sport and other key staff from the eight colleges will convene for a one-day conference to review the data, consider recommendations and make final decisions for the future of the competition.


Dr Sue Whatman from Griffith University was successful in the tender process and will conduct the research with stakeholders (students, staff, parents and principal) from each TAS School. This will include a survey to each stakeholder group and stakeholder focus groups (5-6 people for each group). The timeline for this process is as follows:


August 6 to 9 - Release of stakeholder surveys to each school

August 13 to 17 - Stakeholder focus group discussion with Dr Sue Whatman (Facilitator)

August 24 - Surveys close

September 27 - Facilitator completes final report draft with data findings for TAS Steering Committee

October 9 - Steering Committee to prepare recommendations for attention

October (TBC) - TAS Sports Review Conference (Facilitator, Principals, Steering Committee, Director of Sport)

October 23 - TAS Steering Committee to prepare proposed changes to TAS competition 2020

October 31 - Steering Committee report presented to TAS Management Committee (Principals)

November - TAS Management Committee to ratify changes made to 2020 competition and begin advertising changes to member schools


This is an exciting opportunity for the Association to refresh the TAS sports competition to consider the needs of students now and into the future. The College encourages all parents and students (Years Four to Eleven) to participate in the TAS review by completing the stakeholder survey when released in early August. This will ensure the thoughts and insights of the JPC community are well represented in the data. 


Mr Mark Zietsch

Head of Middle School

Primary School

A Message from the Head of Primary School


Dear Parents,


Thank you for your support of Superhero Day this week. We held a lovely parade to honour our past Superheroes and took some time to reflect on our own strengths (super powers) we develop and use during challenging times.


Our classrooms are busy with learning and it is pleasing to see the enthusiasm for our Numeracy Learning and Writing on Demand sessions, which have recommenced this term. You would have also received this week a summary of our review of our implementation of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme and recommendations for adjustment in our implementation.


We are extending our offer of the learning of languages, from Spanish to Spanish or Mandarin. This is quite an exciting and progressive change for our offering of languages in the Primary School. Students from Year Seven are able to choose Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese or German.


Both Spanish and Mandarin (Chinese) are popular and relevant languages in terms of being widely spoken across the world. Spanish has the flexibility that it is similar in nature to the English language, whereas Mandarin is a very logical language with no verbs, plurals, tenses or subject-verb agreements to negotiate. The Mandarin iconographic characters are created using strokes, rather like painting using both sides of the brain. There is the added bonus that learning either language is fun, as it involves engaging with the cultures and people of the countries where the languages are spoken.


During Semester Two this year, in Year Six we will run Mandarin alongside Spanish, giving the choice to students.


The Finch Farm, (located on campus) has come alive with Year Two starting their ‘Sharing the Planet’ Unit last week. Focusing on sustainability and regeneration, the Year Two students headed to the farm for some hands-on experiences to provoke some great thoughts and wonderings. At the farm, the students inquired into how the solar panels and water tanks are used to keep the plants well hydrated, explored an active native beehive and discussed what they could plant and grow in the garden beds.  The Year Two students were also fortunate to have volunteer, Matt Craig - a past JPC parent and employee, join them and impart some of his horticultural knowledge. Mr Craig was able to talk to the students about his understanding of sustainability and provided some great ideas about how the students can best utilise this area. I know the students of Year Two are looking forward to heading back to the farm in the next couple of weeks to plant some seeds and begin creating their very own sustainable garden. If you would like to become a volunteer, supporting our students’ learning at Finch Farm, or are happy to contribute donations towards our gardens, please contact the Primary School Office.


As mentioned at our recent Primary Parade, if you have any concerns about student behaviour or bullying, please contact me immediately. Our core focus is to provide a safe environment for all students and staff.


We thank and congratulate all of the students and staff involved with ‘We Will Rock You’. Well done!


Mr Andy Gordon

Head of Primary School

Library Learning

Learning in the Library

Year Five students are currently in the middle of their Digital Technologies unit in their library lessons. They have been working hard, looking at how a 3D printer works, how to build a 3D model and how to print this using our new 3D printers.


Now, to celebrate Book Week and its theme 'Find your treasure', Year Five face the challenge of creating their own world map featuring reproductions of treasured landmarks from across the globe. Each student will choose a treasured landmark, build a model and then print it using the 3D printers. Once their world map of treasured landmarks is complete, students will present to their classmates on their chosen landmark – what it is and where it is found so everyone can 'find their treasure'.



In the Middle Library we welcomed a Year Eight class on the hunt for autobiographies and biographies for their project for the team. Favourites included sporting legends such as Usain Bolt's Faster than Lightning and Cathy Freeman's Born to Run: My Story, historical accounts such as Hana's Suitcase from World War II and celebrity icons such as I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons from Kevin Hart.

Premier's Reading Challenge

Jump into books to finalise your form for the Premier's Reading Challenge. Remember, completed forms are due on 24 August. Many Middle and Senior students are studying novels or plays for this term, so here are a few ideas for some leisure reading to accompany these studies.


Year Seven: Holes by Louis Sacher Discovered a liking for Louis Sachar? We also have Someday Angeline and Cardturner, and many others, all by the same author.

Year Eight: Tension is the key for this gradeYou can't beat Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park, Robert Muchamore's Cherub series, anything by Matthew Reilly or The Rig by Doe Dulcie. All will get the pulses racing.

Year Nine are reading Romeo and Juliet. Did you know that the Learning Centres stock a number of graphic fiction versions of Shakespeare's plays? Romeo and Juliet is one of them! Or maybe try a novel featuring star-crossed lovers in the Greek mythology inspired Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini.

Year Ten and Year Eleven are reading Jasper Jones. Other novels set in small Aussie towns that will keep you turning the pages include Ballad for a Mad Girl by Vikki Wakefield, Breath by Tim Winton, Frankie by Shivaun Plozza, Claire Zorn's One Would Think the Deep and First Person Shooter by Cameron Raynes.

Book of the Week

The Book Jumper  by Mechtchild Gläser

Jump into reading with this fantastical mystery.

Amy’s mum has always said that her family is crazy and that is why she ran away from home years ago. So it seems pretty strange when her mum suggests a spur of the moment holiday back to Scotland.


It turns out that there is quite a lot that Amy’s mum hasn’t told her, most importantly that Amy is a Reader. She always knew that she loved reading but Readers (with a capital ‘R’) have a very special skill – that of book jumping. She can dive into any book she chooses and interact with the world inside. It’s a power that resides in the members of just two families, Amy’s family, the Lennox clan, and their neighhours, the Macalisters.


As Amy trains and hones her skills she learns the first rule of book jumping; never, ever do anything that will change the plot of your book. But, she soon finds that someone is stealing from the books she visits; not just little things, like jewels, but huge things. Sherlock Holmes is missing from The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Wizard of Oz is missing its cyclone and Alice is bereft without the White Rabbit.

Along with fellow book jumper, Will Macalister, Amy vows to find the culprit and protect the books she loves so much. Whatever the cost.


Fun fact about this novel – it has been translated from the original German edition! Find this book in the Middle Library, NMLC. Recommended age: 12 years and up

Chaplain and Community

Sean W Smith Primary Concert

Sean W Smith is one of the world’s leading communicators for children and families. His itinerate speaking ministry and notoriety as one of the top Christian songwriters for children has seen him work alongside hundreds of churches, schools and organisations around the world including: the Billy Graham Association, Rivers Church South Africa, Life Conference in NZ, Operation Christmas Child and many others. Using cutting edge music and life experience as a parent and teacher, Sean connects powerfully with children, adults and teenagers through his dynamic and incredibly unique ministry! Sean speaks into the hearts of primary schoolers, church congregations and conferences, equipping and empowering them with practical keys to help the next generation win!


“One of the things I believe God has called and equipped me to do is encourage and help grow strong Godly families. Never before have our children’s identities, moral belief system and the value of family been so under attack by society. I believe God has laid on my heart to invest into our children and families to ensure we intentionally build and create a generation of young children who know their identity in Christ and parents who build their children strong in and on God’s word!” - Sean W Smith


Sean’s recent concert for our Primary students was a great success. Students were able to dance, sing and have fun as they joined in together for a great 50-minute experience. Songs like “Free”, “Not Ashamed” and “Boom” entertained the children with words talking about Jesus’ love for them, the amazing things he has done and how special they are to God. Sean constantly told the students how important they are, how valuable and amazing.


And that is exactly what our children are to God – special! Just like they are to us.


As it says in Psalm 127:3,


Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.


And God gives us a responsibility towards them. In Deuteronomy 6:5-7 the Bible says,


And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your strength. And you must commit yourselves wholeheartedly to these commands that I am giving you today. Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up.

God tells us we should teach our children to love him and follow his ways. Having concerts with people like Sean W Smith helps us to do it in a loving and fun way.

Please enjoy looking at a couple of videos and photos of the day.


***Please note – Sean has generously offered JPC students the ability to download and watch his music videos for free on his website  https://seanwsmith.com/ .


Mr Stephen Ward


Parents' Prayer Group

The John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group welcomes all members of the John Paul College Community.


The Prayer Group's purpose is to honour Christ by praying for the College staff, students and families within the JPC community.


Prayer Group meets every Wednesday morning at 8.30am in the meeting room in the Wellbeing Centre (except for every fourth Thursday of the month when it is held in the evening at 7.30pm at Julie Gordon’s house – 64 Highview Terrace, Daisy Hill).


Co-ordinator: Julie Gordon can be contacted on 0421 809 984 or [email protected] by any parent wishing to inquire about about the John Paul College Parents' Prayer Group.

Sacramental Program - St Edward's Parish

St Edward's Daisy Hill are once again pleased to announce that they are currently accepting applications from candidates who would like to take part in our Sacramental Program. Significant changes to the Christian Initiation for Children within the Archdiocese of Brisbane were implemented last year. (Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation). 


Application forms are available from our Parish Office upon request (Tele: 3299 2000) or from our Website www.stedwardsdaisyhill.org.au. Applications for this year's First Holy Communion close on Friday 12 October 2018 with Holy Communion being held in the Church at St Edward's on Sunday 21 October 2018 at 10:45am


First Communion is for children who have been confirmed either at St Edwards or another parish. 


It is a busy year and any general enquiries can be directed to the Parish Office. 


Fr Marce Siogson 
Parish Priest 

Co-curricular Performing Arts

Message from the Director of Performing Arts

After 20 months of hard work, preparation and build up, opening night of our 2018 Musical, “We Will Rock You” has finally arrived!  Our students are ready, extremely excited and invite everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy our shows. 


On Monday our Big Band and Jazz Combo students performed once again at the Brisbane City Bands Festival in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane.  Congratulations to all of the students on their performances which were very well received by the mall crowds.  Results from the competition will be announced at the end of the week after all performances.

Our busy time continues after the musical with eisteddfods and performances.  We wish our Performing Arts students every success in their upcoming competitions.

Upcoming Dates


Friday 27 to Sunday 29 July - Musical performances at Chandler Theatre

Wednesday 1 August - Redlands Eisteddfod – Viva Choir

Thursday 2 August - Redlands Eisteddfod – Year One and Two and Year Three and Four Singstars Choirs

Thursday 9 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Fusion Dance

Friday 10 August - Quota Beenleigh Logan Eisteddfod – Force Dance

Friday 10 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod - Concert Choir & Chamber Choir

Tuesday 14 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod – Chamber Orchestra & Sinfonia

Friday 17 August - Gold Coast Eisteddfod - Eclipse

Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 Aug - Strings Recitals

Friday 7 September - Cabaret Evening


Mr Bobby Gallo

Director of Performing Arts

Co-curricular Sport

Sporting Highlights - Senior and Primary School Sports and Activities

QLD State Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to the following students who competed for Met East in the QLD State Cross Country Championships over the weekend:


  • Year Eleven student Chekole Getenet had a convincing win in the Open Boys 6000m, defeating his nearest opponent by over two minutes. Chekole then backed up to claim gold in the road relay.
  • Year Twelve student Toby Marks had a strong performance in the U19 boys event and took out the broze medal in the 1500m Relay.
  • Year Eight student Samuel Pickett and Year Nine student Josh Shah also put in strong performances in their individual races. Samuel gained a bronze medal in the U13 relay. Well done all!


International Rugby 7s Tournament

Congratulations to Year Twelve student Tarni Peepe, Year Eleven student China Polata and Year Eleven student Zoe Mavromatis from the Logan Angels U18s Girls Rugby team taking out the championship at the International 7s tornament in Noumea!!

Awesome work girls and coach!!


Hockey Championships

Congratulations to Year Ten students Alexis Humeniuk and Alexandra O'Sullivan who have both been selected to represent Brisbane at the Southern Cross U15 Hockey Championships in Ipswich on 29 July. What a great achievement for these two girls who were key members of our TAS Open A team in 2018. Good luck for the weekend!

TAS Sports

The Bungundy and Blue commence Trimester Three sporting fixtures at home on Saturday 28th July against St Columban's College. We wish teams all the very best for the Trimester Three competition.


Mrs Karen Graham

Director of Sports and Activities

John Paul International Life

From the Director of John Paul International


We are well and truly into the academic rigour of the term now at the International College.  With our English lessons, we are creating the building blocks for the term as students learn and develop their language skills.  We are also scaffolding the students’ learning of Maths, Science, Art and Health and Physical Education.  This scaffolding enhances the students’ English language abilities and helps with the future transition and success at John Paul College. 


We look forward to next week’s Cum Laude Assembly and seeing some of the successful students that have journeyed through the International College with this support.

Focus on Level Two

Level Two have had a big start this term with a full class of students from China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. 


Students had World Cup fever at the beginning of Week One, as they researched and wrote profiles of star players.  Kazuma Miki gave a manga-esque twist to his profile of Japanese midfielder, Takashi Inui.


Meanwhile, Luke Wang colourfully rendered his namesake, Luka Modric, the Croatian midfielder.  Together, they enjoyed getting to know a little about each other and learning how to give personal information and communicate times and dates. 


This week everyone has been settling into their study routines and learning how to talk and write about daily activities.  Level Two students have brought lots of positive energy to the class, which will carry them through the next nine weeks as their English improves.

Short Term Tours

There has been a great deal of activity this week at ELICOS House as we welcomed a number of short-term groups from China, Japan and Taiwan.  As the demand for JPIC experiences increases in Term Three, we are preparing to reach a capacity of 140 students and up to 300 students in total.

Our Boarding Life

Assistant Director's Blog

Athletics Carnival Recap

The John Paul College Athletics Day is a highly anticipated event within Fenton Village. With many students participating in training before the big day, we were certain to see some brilliant individual efforts across the day.


In Year Seven, Andrew Casey (Daly River, NT) took out third place in the 100 metres.


The 14 Years age group saw both Kuruwyerna Cooper (Stradbroke Island) and Darimah Foster (Innisfail) take out first and second place in multiple events. A special shout out must go to Kuruwyerna for taking out Age Champion of the 14 Years Girls, our only Age Champion for the day.

In the 15 Years age group, Ella Blackman (Townsville) took out first place in shotput with Shauna Dhagapan (Gapuwiyak, NT) taking out multiple first places in the 100m, 200m and long jump.


The 16 Years saw Haley Hunt (Gapuwiyak, NT) and Dallas Taylor (Hamilton, NZ) take out the shotput for the age group. Zoe Mavromatis placed in numerous events throughout the day, narrowly missing out on Age Champion.


Alyriah McCarthy (Grovedale, Vic) was a strong contender for Age Champion in the Opens Girls, placing first and second in shotput, 100m, 200m and long jump.


Congratulations to all the boarders who participated in the Athletics Day. It was great to see boarding so well represented across the board. Good luck to all students who have made the TAS Athletics Team to compete at Regionals and the TAS Athletics Carnival.


Mr Tim Christie

Assistant Director of Boarding

Community News

St Edward's Ruby Festival

When: Sunday 29 July 2018

Time: 10.00am - 3.00pm


For full details of the event please view the attached pdf.


Dates to Remember


27 - 29 July - We Will Rock You: School Edition musical performance

28 July - Term 3 Round 1

28 July - Trimester 3 Round 2 - JPC vs St Columbans, John Paul College

29 July - Netball QLD Emerging Talent Clinic, Coleman Centre

29 July - Boarding Christmas in July Dinner

30 July - Kindy A, B and C Geckoes Wildlife visit, Kindergarten Building

31 July - Kindy D, E and Pre K Geckoes Wildlife visit, Kindergarten Building

31 July - Year 5 Retreat


1 August - Inter-house Singing Competition rehearsal

1 August - Exchange Presentation and Host Family Dinner, Gorman Lecture Theatre

2 August - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre,

Year 7-12 Parent/Teacher/Student Reviews

3 August - Cum Laude & Pro Diligentia Award Ceremony, Coleman Centre

4 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 2

4 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 3 - JPC vs St Pauls, St Pauls

4 August - Boarder's Social Evening

6 August - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

7 August - Staff and large group academic / co-curricular photos, Main Administration Car Park

7 August - Year 7-12 Parents/Teacher/Student Reviews, Coleman Centre

7 August - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

8 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival, QTAC

8 August - Year 11 Jasper Jones Excursion, Playhouse QPAC

9 August - Open Day

9 August - Friends of Netball Meeting

10 August - Primary Parade, ARC

10 August - Primary School Disco, Coleman Centre

10 August - TJAS Term 3 Round 3

10 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 4 - JPC vs Ormiston College, Ormiston College

13 August - Logan Ekka Show Public Holiday

14-15 August - JPC EKKA  Pupil Free Days

14 August - 13-15 Years Girls Regional Cricket, Moreton Bay College

16 August - Year 4 Incursion - BYO Creativity STEM

16 August - Year 2 towards Zero Waste Education Centre excursion

17 August - Prep to Year 2 Sports Day, Jukambi Oval

17 August - Principal's Assembly, Coleman Centre

17 August - Logan District Athletics Carnival 13-19 Years, QSAC

18 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 4

18 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 5 - JPC vs Canterbury, John Paul College

19 August - Cheer Practice, Coleman Centre

19 August - Combined Chamber Orchestra Performance (JPC and Tagiev) Years 6-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - 10-12 years Girls Regional Cricket, Macgregor

20 August - String Recital (Years 3-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

20 August - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

21 August - Ballet Exams, Astaire

21 August - String Recital (Years 3-12), Stephen Bean Theatre

22 August - Prep Parade, ARC

22 August - Year 1 Back in Time Day, Prep Playground Sail Area and Classrooms

22 August - JPIC Assembly, Gorman Lecture Theatre

22 August - IB Sarlight Booknight, Noelene Munns Learning Centre

23 August - Primary Schools Volleyball Cup, Craigslea State High School

24 August - Book Character Parade, ARC/Gilmore Lawns

24 August - Social Justice Service, Gorman Centre

25 August - OptiMIND Tournament, Bradley and Gorman Buildings, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

25 August - JTAS Term 3 Round 5

25 August - TAS Trimester 3 Round 6, JPC vs St John's, St John's Anglican College

26 August - Year 6 into Year 7 Parent Information Evening

28 August - Kindy A and C Fathers Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Primary School Father's Day Stall, ARC

29 August - Kindy B and E Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

29 August - Subject Selection Evening, Gorman Centre

30 August - Interhouse Singing Competition rehearsal

30 August - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

30 August - Kindy D and Pre K Father's Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Building

31 August - Foundation Day Assembly (Years 7-12), Coleman Centre

31 August - Circuit Debating, Gorman Centre


1 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 6

1 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 7, JPC vs WMAC, John Paul College

2 September - Friends of Netball Colour Explosion Fun Run, Cec Munns Sports Centre

3 September - Friends of Performing Arts Meeting, Performing Arts Meeting Room

4 September - QCS, Coleman Centre and Gorman Lecture Theatre

4 September - Primary School Student Led Conferences, Primary Precinct

4 - 5 September - Friends of Cricket Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

6 - 7 September -  PYP Exhibition, Wesley Building

6 -7 September - 10-19 years Regional Athletics Carnival, QSAC

6 September - Friends of Netball Meeting, Gorman Lecture Theatre

7 September - Prep Outdoor Classroom Day, Campus Grounds

7 September - Cabaret Night

8 September - JTAS Term 3 Round 7

8 September - TAS Trimester 3 Round 8, JPC vs Ormiston, John Paul College

10 - 11 September - 10-19 years Boys Regional Cricket, Thornlands

10 -14 September - Year 11 and 12 Exams, TBA

11 September - Year 8 Retreat

11 and 13 September - Early Learning Centre photos, ELC

11 September - John Paul College Parents and Friends Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

12 September - National Australia Day Council (NADC) Forum, Stephen Bean Theatre

13 September - JPIC Exit Testing, Gorman Lecture Theatre

13 September - RU OK Fun Run, Stephen Bowers Oval

14 September - JTAS Athletics Carnival

15 September - TAS Trimester 3 Finals

17 September - Year 4 St Helena Island Excursion, St Helena Island

17 September - Prep to Year 2 Term 3 Service, ARC

17 September - Boarding End of Term Outing

17 September - Friends of Football Meeting, Gorman Meeting Room

17 September - Performance Evening, Coleman Centre

18 September - JPIC Carnival, Stephen Bowers Oval

18 September - TAS Athletics Carnival, QSAC

19 September - Year 11 Retreat

19 September - Middle School Design Day, Middle School Precinct

19 September - JPIOC Carnival, Coleman Courts and Mezzanine

19 September - Prep Parade

19 September - Years 3 to 6 Service, ARC

19 September - St Mark's Concert, St Marks Anglican Church Daisy Hill

20 September - IB Art Exhibition

20 - 23 September - Champion Basketball Schools Cup, Logan

21 September - Primary Parade, ARC

21 September - Assembly, Coleman Centre

21 September - Live at the Piazza

21 September - JPIC Term 3 Graduation, Gorman Lecture Theatre

21 September - TERM 3 CONCLUDES

22 September - Boarder Travel Day

24 September - 5 October - Outside School Hours Care Vacation Care Programme


3 - 5 October - Code Camp, Burke Building

3 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs The Southbport School, CMSC Oval 1

4 October - Senior First XI Cricket Trial Game vs St Joseph's Nudgee College, CMSC Oval 1

5 October - JPIC Term 4 New Student Testing and Orientation, Bradley Building

7 October - Boarder Travel Day

7 October - QLD Schools T20 Independent Schools Zone Finals, CMSC Oval 1 and 2

8 October - TERM 4 COMMENCES

8 October - JPIC Welcome Assembly, Stephen Bean Theatre

8 October - Piano Recital (Prep to Year 12), Stephen Bean Theatre

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