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22 June 2018
Issue Seventeen
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               Principal's Message            

Most problems are not really problems at all, but simply a matter of attitude toward a given life condition



God of all nations and all people,

inspire us to live in your presence each day.

On our journey through life

lead us to choose the right direction,

and show us how to respect and value others,

even if we do not agree with them.

May we find other people

as willing to help us

as we are willing to help them.


Sacrament of Communion

Congratulations to all of the children who received the Eucharist for the first time over the last couple of weekends. As they progress through their faith journeys, their commitment and participation at weekend masses is very important.


I sincerely thank Fr Ken for celebrating the Eucharist with the children, Franco and the parish catechists,  Miss Mannas, Ms Dean, Mr Kirry, Mrs Erskine and Miss Smith for preparing the students and coordinating the events. I also take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the choir for their attendance and their beautiful singing and Mrs McAuliffe for preparing the choir and coordinating the music. 

NAIDOC Celebrations

NAIDOC stands for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee. Its origins can be traced to the emergence of Aboriginal groups in the 1920s, which sought to increase awareness in the wider community of the status and treatment of Indigenous Australians. The theme for NAIDOC week this year is, ‘Because of Her We Can’.  


NAIDOC Week is always held in the first full week of July, during the Term 2 holidays, hence we have scheduled the event for the first week in Term 3.


We're currently in the process of coordinating a guest speaker to come to OLA, as well as planned activities around this year's theme to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements. The event will  also be an opportunity to recognise the contributions that Indigenous Australians have made to our country and society.

OLA Strategic Plan 2019-2021 & Annual School Improvement Plan (ASIP)

Last Wednesday, the staff, OLA Board and P&F Executive met with Jeff Thorne and discussed at length what we hope to achieve at OLA over the next three years. As mentioned previously, data from last year's and this year's surveys, were a part of the discussion with the common themes to be embedded in the new plan.


Over the next few months, a new Strategic Plan and Annual School Improvement Plan will be formulated which will outline the school's vision and direction over the next three years. Regular updates of how we're travelling will be included in the Board section of this newsletter in 2019 and beyond.

Reports Online - Monday 25 June, 3.00pm

As communicated previously, SEQTA Engage will go live on Monday 25 June at 3.00pm. Parents will be able to log on to the account they have created and download their children's reports. The link has also been placed on the school's website.


If you have any issues logging on to SEQTA Engage, please either phone Vel Erskine or email her at [email protected]



Clive Chitty Farewell

A reminder that all community members are invited to farewell Mr Chitty at our whole school Mass on Wednesday 27 June.

Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten Applications For 2019 & 2020

Parents with siblings due to start Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten in 2019 and 2020 are requested to complete the attached application form if they haven't done so already. We are also accepting applications for 2021 and beyond. Once the application has been completed, please email Administration at [email protected]  


Congratulations My Justin Kirry

Mr Justin Kirry has been seconded as the Acting Assistant Principal at St Luke's Woodvale, commencing Semester Two 2018 and concluding December 31, 2018. Mr Kirry will be returning to OLA at the beginning of 2019.


The Leadership Team is currently in the process of appointing a teacher to replace Justin next term and the community will be advised next week of the appointment. 


I wish Justin all the best in his new role as Acting Assistant Principal.

Personal Leave - Mrs Jodie Stewart

Mrs Jodie Stewart will be taking personal medical leave during the first five weeks of Term 3. During Mrs Stewart's absence, Mrs Ella Pearce will be teaching Physical Education at OLA.


I wish Jodie a speedy recovery and welcome Mrs Pearce to OLA.

Long Service Leave

Mrs Jenni Hutton will be taking Long Service Leave during the first five week of Term 3. Mrs Vivienne Farrugia will has been appointed as Jenni's  replacement and will be teaching HASS.


I wish Jenni a safe and relaxing five week break next term.

It's A Boy!

Congratulations to Prya and the Calleja family on the safe arrival of  Harrison Michael Calleja.


Born:  Thursday 21 June at 2:13pm

Weight: 3.1kgs

Length: 48cm


Harrison was born at Glengarry Private Hospital, Duncraig 

Canteen Helpers Needed Urgently

A Message from Rosie Samuels (Canteen Manageress)


As Term 2 comes to a close, it's now time to coordinate helpers for Term 3.


To keep prices to a minimum, volunteers are required to assist in the canteen. If the school was to employ a canteen assistant, prices would increase significantly and we don't want this to occur. We would like to keep the costs down to a minimum, hence assistance from the community is required. If you were to compare the OLA canteen prices to other schools, you will notice our prices are a lot cheaper.


A huge thank you to Julia and the other volunteers I can call upon to help out during our very busy canteen days. At this stage, the Term 3 helpers schedule has not been filled by parents and assistance is required urgently.


Below is the schedule for Term 3 and I would dearly love more people to assist on canteen days.  Please complete the attached PDF schedule email it directly to me at [email protected] 


Thank you


Rosie Samuels

Canteen Manageress


Term 3 Pupil Free Days

Pupil Free Days have been scheduled for the first two days back in Term 3, Monday 16 July and Tuesday 17 July. Please mark these dates in your diary. School commences for students on Wednesday 18 July.

Enjoy your weekend.

Greg Martin


Parents and Friends

Resilience Kit - Kids & Anxiety Information Session at OLA

Date: 30 October 2018

Time: 7:30pm

Location: OLA Library


Did you know that there is a high prevalence of anxiety disorders in children and youth, and anxiety in childhood is the most common risk factor for depression in adolescence and early adulthood?


As families, we can increase emotional resilience to help our children develop positive coping skills before more serious difficulties occur.  You are invited to a FREE EVENT at Our Lady’s Assumption School to help us understand anxiety, behaviours and protective factors for our children.


Gemma Lee Taylor from Resilience Kit will discuss:

• How common is anxiety and how we can all feel anxious from time to time

• Some of the risk and protective factors for healthy emotional development

• How developing social and emotional skills can help to prevent anxiety • Why building resilience in the family is important


Gemma and her team specialise in the delivery of evidence-based mental health programs for people of all ages, using the internationally acclaimed FRIENDS Resilience programs. To date, Resilience Kit have helped hundreds of Perth children, adolescents and adults build resilience, prevent and reduce anxiety. Find out more about Resilience Kit at http://www.resiliencekit.com.au  Spots are limited. RSVP is essential.


RSVP to [email protected]

New P&F Treasurer

An enormous WELCOME to Katie Catena for volunteering her time to be the P&F Treasurer. And an enormous THANK YOU to Laura Ocello for her work as Treasurer for the past two and a half years! Laura has been an amazing member of the P&F and continues to support the team as P&F Board Representative. 


Wishtree List


Our tree has grown and fruit is starting to appear! As you know, the OLA P&F are dedicated to raising $19,000 in 2018 to fulfill the wishes of our teachers for new and/or improved equipment for our classrooms.


To make it easier to follow the progress of this fundraising project, the amazingly talented Kathy Swavley has designed and constructed and installed our P&F Wishlist Tree. Keep an eye on the tree, situated just opposite the Admin. Office, as the apples start to appear!

Teachers' Wishlist Update

The Wishlist items are starting to come in! Thank you to all the OLA Parents who have supported our fundraising initiatives so far in 2018, and to those who will be supporting future events! Our kids are starting to see the benefits and we couldn’t be happier!

"We LOVE our two new screens in Kindy. We are now able to make more intimate play areas, which will help children to be more engaged in their play and learning. These are top quality screens and we are able to hang pictures or thread material through the netting to give children focus and more learning. Thank you SO much P&F! We are so grateful!"

Mrs Elaine Fruvall and Mrs Simone Taylor


“Our wonderful new mat brightens our room! We love having a special space where we can sit, play and share together. We are so happy to have our very own mini whiteboards too. We use them every day in our learning. Thank you to the P&F!”

Rebecca Smith

Calling All Dads


The P&F are looking to:

- organise events and guest speakers especially for dads

- inform dads of the ways they can be involved in our school community

- and just remind dads how important they are


If you’re a dad who would like to help make this a reality, or you simply have some great ideas, please email [email protected] or come along to the next P&F meeting. Greg Martin has offered to provide the beer and pizza for the first event! 

PFFWA Awards Night

OLA P&F was honoured to be nominated for the Community Service Award at this year’s Parents and Friends Federation of WA Awards Night. Despite not winning, hearing what other Catholic schools in WA are achieving was very inspiring. The Hon. Sue Ellery Minister for Education, and Philomena Billington (former Principal, CEWA Strategic Facilitator) were excellent guest speakers. Philomena read a quote by Sarah Lawrence Lightfoot that we can all relate to:


"To parents, their child is the most important person in their lives, the one who arouses their deepest passions and greatest vulnerabilities, the one who inspires their fiercest advocacy and protection."


School Disco 2018

The Year 6s have decided on the theme for the School Disco. Drum roll please…it’s a Pyjama Party! Look out for more disco details coming soon.

Quiz Night 2018

The OLA 80s REWIND organising is underway! Remember to punch the date into the DeLorean: Friday 7 September.

Entertainment Books 2018/19

Entertainment Books and Digital Subscriptions are still available to purchase for 2018/19.  Both cost just $70, with $14 from each sale going directly to the P&F.


To secure your copy simply fill in the form in your homework folder and return it to the office or purchase through the link here: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/8439v0


For a limited time, when you purchase a book or digital subscription through the link you will receive 2 x bonus Event Cinemas Saver eTickets. This is a ‘while stocks last’ deal, so get in quick!

Contact Us

The P&F now has its very own email address! You can contact us at [email protected]



Sunday 24 June

- P&F Movie Afternoon at Grand Cinemas Warwick

Wednesday 27 June

- 9.00am Whole School Mass and Farewell to Mr Chitty

Friday 29 June

- 2.40pm Assembly Year 4

- School concludes

Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 July

- Pupil Free Days

Wednesday 18 July

- School commences for students

- 9.00am Whole School Mass

What's Happening at OLA


In Pre-Kindergarten, the weather has prompted an investigation into rain, clouds, leaves, and trees. Learning about our world, outside our own door, is very important to children. We have been exploring ideas through arts by using the children’s ideas and interests to make artworks. We placed leaves and garden materials such as pebbles, sticks and gumnuts into a frame to create a story. This unlocked the children’s imaginations. We roller painted over large leaves and printed them onto coloured paper.


How excited the Pre-Kindy children were last week when they discovered some very large bones whilst digging in the sand pit! The children were surprised to find, not just one bone, but two bones, and they believed they were left by a dinosaur! They thought they should warn Mr Martin that there could be more bones hidden throughout the school, so the children told Mr Martin all about their discovery. Later, the children drew pictures of the bones and identified the type of dinosaur that has bones like the ones they found. Learning about dinosaurs has been an area of interest for the children.

Mrs Petkovic


Over the past couple of weeks in Kindy, we focused on the book, Not a Stick, by Antoinette Portis. This is a great book to get children’s imaginations going by imagining the stick in the book is anything but a stick! As a class, we read this book several times and the children loved guessing what the stick became and were eager to share their own stories of playing with sticks.


It was then the children's turn to create a piece of work using a single stick. They taped the stick to a sheet of paper and used coloured markers and their imaginations to turn the stick into something that was ‘not a stick’. This process was simple for the children and yet challenging too! Once finished the children dictated to the teacher what the stick had become. We had crocodiles, mermaids, sharks, swords and fairy wands just to name a few.  


This story provided the children with a fantastic opportunity for storytelling and using their imagination. They absolutely loved creating their own master pieces. Have a look at some of their creations in the photos below.

Mrs Fruvall and Mrs Taylor

Year 1

Last Wednesday, we had our Junior Cross Country. We got to walk over to Waverley Reserve and run two laps around the lake. We had lots of fun running and cheering everyone on!


In Year One, we have been learning about addition, using the friends of ten strategy and the doubles strategy. We have been using cards, dice, ten frames and magnetic numbers to help us learn our strategies. In Literacy, we have been writing reports about snails and we have now started writing reports on our own chosen minibeast.


In Protective Behaviours, we read the story, Tata and the Enormous Green Turtle. We learnt about what it means to be persistent, and that when you feel unsafe or scared you should keep asking for help from people on your helping hand. We had lots of fun creating our puppets from the story and retelling the story with our friends.

Miss Saraceni and Mrs Ravi

Year 2 Visit to AQWA

On Tuesday, our lively Year Twos and several wonderful volunteer parents all went to AQWA at Hillarys Marina.  We were excited on the bus, sitting next to our friends in the fancy coach. When we arrived we got into our groups and headed off either to the displays, touch pool or underground to the amazing aquarium.


Wow, the size of the sting-rays and sharks were awesome! The sting-rays glided effortlessly around the water. We saw their gills and mouth parts up close. The sharks looked menacing with their big teeth. We were delighted to see all the fish as well. The touch pool was so much fun. We got to touch sea cucumbers and starfish. Some of us got very wet too! Another favourite part was in the display area. We saw ghostly looking jellyfish and scary salt-water crocodiles.  All up it was a great learning adventure to be able to see real-life sea creatures in their ocean habitat.  Many of us hope to go again one day.


Mrs Colette Meyerkort and Mrs Mary Barclay

Year 3

The Year 3s have been focusing on the reading strategy of, skimming and scanning, during our reading group activities over the last two weeks. We are very lucky to have so many parents coming in each morning to help us complete our tasks. During this time, some students participate in guided reading activities with a teacher or parent, while others are completing independent work, either on the Chromebooks or in their workbooks. Thank you to the parents who have already helped us out this semester. We really appreciate it, plus the kids love having you in!

Mrs Vella, Mrs Pilatti and Mrs Tollis

Year 5

In Health this week, we have been learning about racism and discrimination. It is really important that we treat all people with respect and dignity. We should never make fun of others or make mean comments because someone is different. We also agreed that if we hear or see people discriminating we need to say something. When we don't stand up and speak out, it means we think that the behaviours and actions we see are ok. Stop the Hate, Don't Discriminate!


In Information Technology, we started to look at algorithms, coding and debugging. In partners the children participated in the human crane activity. One child became the programmer, while the other child was the robot. The programmer designed and created an algorithm to stack plastic cups in a certain pattern, while the robot arm followed the algorithm carefully to stack cups. Thankfully most of the times the algorithm provided by the programmer was perfect, but sometimes the code needed to be fixed or debugged.

Ms Knight, Mr McIntyre and Ms Twomey

Music News

Volunteer Choir at First Holy Communion

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our students who volunteered to sing at the Saturday masses for  our Year 4G students and Year 4M who made their First Holy Communion.  The choir did a great job, and we were very pleased with their beautiful singing. Thanks also to the families who made the time to bring their children to the mass. It is very much appreciated.


Ukulele Playing in Year 6

Our Year 6 classes have commenced learning to play the ukulele as part of their Music program. We are very excited that we now have lots of high-quality instruments, so each pupil gets a ukulele to play during Music lessons. We would like to sincerely thank the P&F Association, who has provided funding for us to purchase thirteen ukuleles to complete our class set. We look forward to hearing the students perform in due course.

Mary McAuliffe

Music Coordinator


Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the boys and girls who turned up to sing at First Holy Communion mass. Their efforts and beautiful singing really enhanced the ceremonies. A special word of thanks is due to Tiana and Emily, as these girls came and sang so well at both Confirmation ceremonies AND both Communion ceremonies. Well done, Tiana and Emily!


Sports News

Cross Country

Our Senior Cross Country event for Year 3-6 will now take place on Monday 25 June at 11.00am at Dianella Regional Open Space (entrance off Light Street). It is expected that all children will participate.


Please note times and distances below.

11.00am Yr 3 Girls Race (approx. 1.2km)

11.20am Yr 3 Boys Race (approx. 1.2km)

11.40am Presentation of Yr 3 Medals

11.50am Yr 4 Girls Race (approx. 1.5km)

12.10pm Yr 4 Boys race (approx. 1.5km)

12.30pm Presentation of Yr 4 Medals

12.40pm Yr 5 Girls Race (approx. 2km)

1.00pm Yr 5 Boys race (approx. 2km)

1.20pm Presentation of Yr 5 medals

1.30pm Yr 6 Girls Race (approx. 2km)

1.40pm Yr 6 Boys Race (approx. 2km)

2.10pm Presentation of Yr 6 Medals


Please return permission slips via email or printed copy to your class teacher. I still require course marshals, at present I have 2. The event will not be able to go ahead without 6 marshals per race. This is for the safety and well-being of your children. If you are able to assist, please email me [email protected]


Many thanks in advance!  



La Salle College Annual Quiz Night Friday 27 July 

Tickets are now on sale for La Salle College's Annual Quiz Night on Friday 27 July. Tickets are $13 ($11 Alumni members). Tables of 10. Please call the Administration Office on 9274 6266 to secure your table. Proceeds going towards student facilities and resources. 

Servite College Enrolments 2019


Year 7 2019 Enrolments are currently being finalised.  If your child is in Year 6 and has not yet attended an enrolment interview, please contact College Reception on 9444 6333.  We welcome the opportunity to share our Servite community with new families and offer tours of our campus.  To download an application form or to register for a tour, please visit our website.www.servite.wa.edu.au.  

A further reminder to parents of current Year 5 students, our Year 7 2020 enrolment interviews are underway and we encourage you to return your application forms to ensure that your child experiences the Servite Way.

Addams Family - Mercedes College

Mercedes College is proud to present its 2018 production of, The Addams Family. Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. Find out what happens when the family hosts a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents. Featuring a cast of over 70, this musical comedy is proudly presented by the students of Mercedes College. Coming to the Regal Theatre in Subiaco for 4 performances only, from Friday 27 July. Tickets are available at http://www.ticketek.com.au.


Triple P Free Parenting Seminar

You are invited to attend the Triple P Seminar Series. You will learn practical, positive and effective ways to deal with common behavioural problems and ways to help your child achieve their best at school and in the future.


Parents are encouraged to attend all 3 seminars:

  1. Children's behaviour - the tough part of parenting
  2. Raising Confident Children
  3. Raising Emotionally Resilient Children

The next FREE 3 week Series is held:


When:             15 August 2018

Location:        Maylands Rise

                           28 Eighth Ave, Maylands

RSVP:             Bookings are essential and places are limited.


Please visit healthywa.wa.gov.au/parentgroups to book your place.


To find other available programs visit our website

www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/parentgroups or check the attached information leaflet.


Transplant Australia

Transplant Australia are hosting a postcard exhibition and auction to support the work of Transplant Australia and to enable more children to attend the Australian Transplant Games.

Please find attached further information.


Keyboard Lessons

Next term, Keyed Up Music will be teaching keyboard lessons Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during school times, and drums on Thursday during school times. Lessons start from $17.50 for a group lesson of 4 people, $18.10 for a group lesson of 3, $22.55 for a shared lesson and $33.00 for an individual lesson.


If you are interested please ring Therese on 1300 366 243 or enrol at www.keyedupmusic.com.au/enrolment-form


Dianella Plaza School Holiday Activities

Week 1 – Tuesday to Thursday 3 to 5 July from 10am to 2pm – Ultimate Slotcar Racing.

Week 2 – Wednesday 11 July – 11am to 1pm – Treasure Hunt, mini animal farm, face painting, messy play


We also have an Incredibles 2 colouring in competition for you to win one of three prize packs including movie tickets.




Please visit the centre website for more details www.dianellaplaza.com.au

Important information


Please note that there has been a confirmed case of Measles within the school. A fact sheet has been attached for further information.


Be Allergy Aware!

Families are reminded that Our Lady’s Assumption is an Allergy-friendly school.  Please DO NOT bring nuts or nut by-products onto the school grounds.  Some of the foods to avoid are Muesli Bars with peanuts, Nutella products, peanut butter and any other foods containing traces of nuts.


Parish News

Parish Information

Parish Priest:  Fr Ken D’Souza

Phone:  (08) 9276 1008
Email: [email protected]

Secretary: Amanda Reneaux

Parish Mass Times


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- 8:00am

Wednesday 9:00am

Saturday—Vigil Mass  6:00pm

Sunday—Mass 7:30am, 9:30am and 5:00pm

Parish Youth Mass—Last Saturday of each month.

Altar Servers' Thanksgiving Gathering and New Altar Servers' Training

For those Children who have enrolled as altar  servers there will be a Thanksgiving Afternoon Tea with sausage sizzle/pizza on June 30 at 4.30pm.  New Altar Servers are Heartily Welcome to join. There will be training session followed by  Saturday Vigil Holy Mass at 6pm.   

Parents, Big Thank You for your support and  commitment of your Children in this Holy  Ministry.

Altar Servers

Saturday 23 June 6:00pm

Sophia Lomma

Sunday 24 June 9:30am

Adam Lambert 

Save the Date
Invitation Feast of the Sacred Heart

All are welcome to attend Our Lady's Assumption Church for the Solemn Mass, Procession and Benediction on Sunday 24 June 2018 at 2pm. Join us in praying for the sick, for the dead, for the peace in the world, in  our families, and the celebration of the Eucharist. Refreshments will be served afterwards in the hall.

First Sunday Devotions 

In honour of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, come join us in prayer:

Holy Rosary

Devotion to Mary

The Chaplet of the Divine Mercy

Blessing of the Sick

Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament 

Please join us on Sunday 3 June between 2.30pm to 3.30pm at

Our Lady's Assumption Church

June, Month of The Sacred Heart

June is the month of the Sacred Heart. A devotion long practised privately, it was officially approved in the 1800s. Devotion to the Sacred Heart encourages participation in Holy Hour Eucharistic Adoration and to receive Holy Communion on the first Friday of every month. 



Canteen News

The Canteen operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our new direct telephone number is 9471 3021.   We are looking for volunteers to help any of those days, either all day or even for part of the day.  Mums, dads, nonnas all welcome!


Canteen Helpers Needed Urgently

As Term 2 comes to a close, it's now time to coordinate helpers for Term 3.


To keep prices to a minimum, volunteers are required to assist in the canteen. If the school was to employ a canteen assistant, prices would increase significantly and we don't want this to occur. We would like to keep the costs down to a minimum, hence assistance from the community is required. If you were to compare the OLA canteen prices to other schools, you will notice our prices are a lot cheaper.


A huge thank you to Julia and the other volunteers I can call upon to help out during our very busy canteen days. At this stage, the Term 3 helpers schedule has not been filled by parents and assistance is required urgently.


Below is the schedule for Term 3 and I would dearly love more people to assist on canteen days.  Please complete the attached PDF schedule and email it directly to me at [email protected] 


Thank you


Rosie Samuels

Canteen Manageress



Online Ordering

To access online ordering for the OLA School Canteen click on the image below.


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8:15am—10:30am

Friday     1:30pm—3:30pm

Second hand uniforms are available.


Online Ordering

Remember you can order online, you do not have to come into the shop as the items will be delivered to your child’s classroom.  Alternatively, there is an order form on the website so you can email me the order and it will also be delivered to your child’s classroom.


Refund Policy

There are no returns on socks, hats and tights so please select carefully.  Once, they leave the shop, they cannot be returned.


Winter Uniform

All children should be wearing full winter uniform.  The Uniform Shop will not be open during the school holidays.


Uniforms can be ordered online at https://quickcliq.com.au/ by sending an order form to [email protected] or by coming into the Shop.


Winter Uniform - Term Two and Three


  • Dark grey melange school trousers
  • Dark grey long/short sleeved shirt with crest on pocket
  • Maroon school jumper with embroidered crest
  • School tie maroon/grey tartan
  • Short grey socks with Dominican stripe
  • Black leather school shoes (not joggers)


  • Maroon/grey tartan check pinafore (Year 1-4)
  • Maroon/grey check skirt (Year 5-6)
  • Lemon long sleeved blouse or short sleeved blouse
  • School tie maroon/grey tartan
  • Maroon school jumper with embroidered crest
  • Grey tights (available through school uniform only) – MUST be worn on formal occasions
  • Lemon socks with gold and maroon stripe
  • Black leather school shoes
  • Gold, maroon, black or white scrunchies/ribbons for shoulder length hair

Girls' socks have been changed to an all year round sock $9.00 a pair.  Alternatively, you can still wear the lemon socks for two (2) years.  These are currently on special for $5.00 each in size 9 – 12 and   13 -3.



  • Maroon Track Top
  • Maroon Track Pants
  • White Sport Socks with Dominican Strip

Mrs Tania Longman

Uniform Shop Manageress




Our Lady's Assumption School Newsletter
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Measles Fact Sheet.pdf
Uniform Shop Price List.pdf
The Art of Giving.pdf
RISE Maylands SS Poster T3 2018.pdf
Dianella Plaza INCREDIBLES 2 posters 750x1000mm.pdf
SEQTA 2018 Parent Information.pdf
Reporting to Parents PP - 6.pdf
Application for Enrolment Form.pdf
Dianella Regional Open Space Map Year 3 Cross Country Course.pdf
Dianella Regional Open Space Map Year 4 Cross Country Course.pdf
Dianella Regional Open Space Map Year 5 & 6 Cross Country Course.pdf