17 November 2017
Week 4.6  Issue 18
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Heavenly Father
We praise you and thank you for this day.
Look with love upon our family.
Bless us and keep us safe.
Guide our coming and our going and all that we do.
We turn to you in times of joy and sadness, knowing you are always there.
We welcome Jesus, Your Son, as the unseen guest in our home,
Our constant companion, our light and our salvation.
Keep us together as a close and loving family.
St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

November 13 marks the memorial of All Saints and Blessed of the Norbertine Order, which in addition to Norbert of Xanten, includes 19 Canons and Canonesses. We are reminded through the intercessions of St Norbert to be of one mind and one heart on our way to God.


Last Friday our College community came together to commemorate the 99th anniversary of Remembrance Day and to acknowledge those service men and women of the past, those presently serving and those who will serve in the future, and the sacrifices they have made to help us maintain our freedom, health and happiness. Thank you to Dr Runco and the staff and students who planned and participated in a such a moving and emotive service.


A reminder to all of our parents of our yearly invitation to our Thanksgiving Mass. This year, we are trialling the Mass during the day, cognisant that many families struggle at this time of the year to attend an evening event. The Mass will be held on Friday December 8 at 9.15am in St Joseph’s Church.


As we all have come to appreciate, the atmosphere in a school during Term Four is one of energy and activity. So far this term we have seen areas of our campus transformed for graduation ceremonies and services, assemblies; and classrooms converted to accommodate Year 11 and 12 examinations. We’ve had an array of events including retreats, excursions, the recommencement of the Canons swim squad for Term Four and even a Year 10 River Cruise. My thanks always to the staff who plan, prepare and facilitate such activities but I would like to also emphasise the work of our grounds staff who do a lot of the work required to prepare spaces such as the O’Reilly Centre for College events. Mr Derek Eddy and his team consisting of Darrell Gale and Mark Van Der Leeden, do an enormous amount of work behind the scenes ensuring our campus is ready, reliable and often adapted, to suit the needs of our educational landscape. And speaking of landscape, they do a fantastic job, with passion and enthusiasm, in keeping the gardens and surrounds beautifully maintained. Many thanks to Derek, Darrell and Mark.


We farewelled our Year 11 students this morning with a lovely assembly to acknowledge the year and those who finish their time at our College. We wish all of our Year 11 students and their families well for the holiday period. It would be remiss not to wish our Year 9 and 10 students well as they embark on their examinations next week.


Of a special note to end, this week also saw the release of the 30th edition of our popular Norbertus publication. This is an absolute ‘must-read’ for anyone with a connection to St Norbert College and the 30th edition, like all previous editions, is an amazing showcase of the exploits and adventures of our College alumni. Congratulations and thanks of the highest order must be given to Mr Frank Mulligan, whose tireless work sees each of the editions of Norbertus to publication, maintaining a wonderful connection for all in our community, past and present. This edition is another vibrant written and pictorial tribute to the strength of our community, our dedication to our College motto 'Ad Omnia Paratus' and a demonstration that we are all of one mind and one heart.

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

From the Dean of Studies

Year 11 Examinations


Our Year 11 students are to be commended for their behaviour and organisation during the exams. The Year 11 Statement of Results will be distributed for students to check.


Year 9 and 10 Examinations

Examinations commence on Monday November 20 and conclude on Friday November 24. Timetables are available on SEQTA in the documents section. All students should have begun a revision program. Year 10 students only attend when they have a scheduled exam. Year 9 students are expected to be at school from 8:45am – 3:20pm. Normal uniform and grooming rules apply and students are asked to be prompt to the exam rooms, arriving at least 10 minutes before the start time with all necessary equipment.

Study tips can be accessed HERE.



The OLNA Results have been uploaded onto SEQTA. Students required to sit the OLNA in 2018 are encouraged to discuss revision and preparation strategies with their English and Mathematics teachers.


Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Boys and gaming: finding the balance

Gaming on a computer or device is a wildly popular pastime for kids in Australia. In fact, 94 per cent of children between 6 and 15 play games and, while girls are fast gaining on them, gaming still remains more popular with boys.

It seems that although (almost) everybody’s doing it, a lot of parents feel unsure about how to negotiate gaming in their households. School holidays certainly bring the issue to the fore, as many families resort to the digital babysitter, and finding a balance between Minecraft and the rest of life can feel like a full-time job.

Recently I’ve been contacted by several mums, in particular mums of boys, who say they have strict rules about time limits and content. However, they ask, “Am I being paranoid or just plain unreasonable to want to limit the time my boys spend gaming, especially violent games?”

Boys can become very angry towards their parents when they have their gaming time limited. My sons behaved in similar ways around Nintendo when they were young, and they weren’t happy that I banned access until the weekend.
I also monitored to keep them away from games that used senseless violence and other morally unsavoury activities like stealing, verbal abuse or destruction of property. Later they told me they would play these games at other people’s houses anyway, but at least at home they had a healthy balance.
Boys tend to display a few characteristics that can lead them to being competitive, more physical, more impulsive and more prone to hunting dopamine, which is the fun, focused, engaged neuro-transmitter, the ‘feel good’ brain chemical. The reasons for this are varied, but basically our boys are socialised into behaving this way; perhaps that's because this expectation goes all the way back to a time when the male role was to protect and hunt for food. Genetics, hormones, brain development, cultural expectations, the way boys are treated compared to girls; each of these factors come into play.

A research paper put together by the Young and Well CRC shows general differences in the types of games girls and boys choose: "Girls expressed a preference for puzzle, role play, and platform games, whereas boys preferred games which involved action such as racing games, sports games, and beat and shoot 'em ups."

Boys are potentially more at risk of becoming addicted to gaming because playing triggers that ‘competitive’ reward system in the brain by releasing ‘squirts’ of dopamine as they pit themselves against adversaries — something they seem generally driven to do, and something their game preferences reflect.


Learning from play
I’ve written much about how children used to have more freedom to roam, to explore and play in the natural world with their bikes, skateboards, trees and games that were vigorous and exhausting.

These activities gave them opportunities to discharge excess energy, build sensory capacities, physical strength, healthy risk-taking and, very importantly, it helped them build social and emotional skills to enable them to connect, make friendships and learn how to be a positive part of our world.

The technology tsunami means 95 per cent of Australian homes now have at least one device for gaming. Kids have almost endless opportunity to be engaged virtually. Gaming and other technology-based activities that encourage the use of imagination, problem-solving and the use of strategy is technically much like board games. There is research showing there are many benefits in adolescence of gaming, however that is a very different stage of life to 8 and under.
With gaming, it seems that it is less about what they are playing, than how they play and who they play with. Research out of Queensland University of Technology has found that one of the most beneficial ways to play video games is together.
Playing video games with your children may be beneficial for your relationships and it is also a great way of seeing what your children are playing and how they engage in these game worlds.
Gaming for young kids
Unfortunately for young children, particularly kids under 8, the virtual world does not discharge excess energy. It also does not build emotional and social skills in young children (although some game developers are working on this) or physical strength and fitness. 
Many experts - including Michael Gurian, Celia Lashlie and Steve Biddulph - argue that boys are more at risk of struggling in life because they are morally more vulnerable and they need more support, guidance and coaching to learn healthy ways of living in our modern world.
So we need to be concerned not just about what they are doing in much of their spare time, as to what they are not doing that will help them grow into happy, healthy, strong, kind human beings.

So to those parents who have asked: continue to negotiate with your sons who are under 8 to ensure that 80 per cent of their activities are in the real world, especially playing with real humans or pets, so they can develop the protective factors of a healthy body, a caring heart, a strong love of play and healthy, loving relationships.

Seek opportunities that create a love of the physical world, other cultures, good quality food, a love of adventure, and a strong connection to their family and friends.
Worrying signs
Finally, if you see the following signs, it may be a sign you don’t have the balance right around gaming, indeed all technology, in your child’s day-to-day life:
•    tantrums when the child is unable to have                technology when they want it (remember it’s a        privilege that needs to be appreciated, not a             right)
•  inability to play with other children and have fun
•    difficulty sleeping
•    more meltdowns and tears over small things           (this may mean he has an overloaded nervous           system)
•    young children being exposed to games that            are not age appropriate
•    poor conversation skills
•    poor self-regulation
•    difficulty losing when playing with real people
•    disconnection to the outside world
•    development of a bad habit of neediness                     (always needing to have a screen nearby)
•    posture problems.
Sometimes, enforcing balance might make you feel like you’re being a mean mum or dad, but you're the guiding presence in your children’s lives. We monitor how many lollies and sweets our children eat, so we need to monitor how many hours they play in this exciting, entertaining world. Too much of a good thing is seldom good for us in the long run.

Written by: Maggie Denti


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Pastoral Care Team

Student Ministry

2017 Christmas Appeal

The Student  Ministry Centre is once again running a Christmas Appeal for Shopfront and the Emmaus Community in Queens Park. We are collecting donations of non-perishable food items. The sorts of donations that can be included are Christmas cakes, puddings, long-life custard, fruit mince pies, lollies, canned food, chocolate share packs, shortbread biscuits, boxes of chocolates, biscuits and soft drink. All donations can be handed into Reception, Student Ministry or through Homerooms. Staff at the College will deliver the food hampers at the end of the year.


Ms M Kyd (Coordinator of Campus Ministry)

Year 7 Retreat

Year 7 Retreat

On Thursday November 9, the Year 7 cohort participated in the annual Year 7 Retreat. The retreat was run by a very enthusiastic and motivated team from 24/7 Youth Ministry who kept the students engaged the entire day.


The retreat gave the students the opportunity to step out of their everyday lives and focus on something we all too often neglect. The underlying message of this retreat was for students to know and understand that God wants to have a relationship with us and to communicate with us. God does care and he wants to participate in our everyday lives.


God is love. We love, because God first loves us. Communicating with family is important because they teach us love. Our College is important for forming friendships from love. Church is important for faith and prayer which is returning God’s love. That working as a community, we can achieve much more than on our own, just like the work carried out by the Church community. The world needs you to love. We need to love to make a difference in the world.

Some retreat participants have taken the time to share their experiences:


"The Year 7 Retreat was quite fun, it had lots of activities to help get an idea of what God does. The leaders were very helpful and they weren't rude. So in my experience the Retreat day was a very good experience."

Olivia Potger


"It was a really great experience! It helped me improve my relationship with God."

Amelie Momus


"I met new friends."

Samuel Lolin


"My favourite part of the retreat was the leader Sam and his catchphrase that was 'hooley dooley'. It was hilarious, I loved every part."

Aidin Fenwick


"I really liked it when we went into our small groups to do quizzes and fun activities." 

Armaan Josan


Mrs H Hicks (Religious Education Teacher)

Year 8 Food Science and Technology

Year 8 Foods

Students have been focusing this term on the importance of a balanced lunch and ways to keep food safe when transporting from one place to another. Each student was given a ‘pantry’ to work from and had to incorporate four things into their lunchbox: a piece of fruit, a snack/treat, a main component and a drink. The final requirement was for them to imagine they were a business selling their lunchboxes. I think you’ll agree that the end result was fantastic.

As a Catholic community we encourage our students to not only value the foods they put into their bodies but to also take time to value friendships with others and this was also incorporated in the task. On completing their lunchbox, students took the time to sit in the shaded area and enjoy their wares as a class. Congratulations to all the Year 8 Foods students on the way you ‘broke bread’ together.


Mrs L Rogers (Food Science and Technology Teacher)

Year 9 Humanities

Year 9 Law Courts and Parliament House Excursion

On Wednesday November 8, the Year 9 Extension Humanities class were given the opportunity to go to the Western Australian Law Courts and Parliament House.


Our journey began at the Supreme Court of Western Australia where a lovely tour guide took us into a courtroom and indicated the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in a court case. We were able to understand why there were so many roles within a court and had the opportunity to sit in these different areas. Next, we were able to experience a real court case taking place within the District Court. We watched as one gentleman was being charged with trafficking methamphetamine, along with two other suspects. The tour guide then took us to experience our own mock court trial in which Elicia Yii was proven as not guilty for grievous bodily harm. It was an extraordinary experience, helping us to understand each aspect of court and how decisions were made.


The next part of our excursion was to Western Australia’s Parliament House. Here, we also got a very friendly and hilarious tour guide who was the most enthusiastic person I have probably ever met. He took us through the Lower and Upper Houses explaining to us the history and concept of each house. We also learnt quite a lot about the history of the Western Australian Parliament, and we even got to see Mark McGowan and Colin Barnett. We then had the opportunity to watch Question Time which was an extraordinary experience, I never knew politicians could be so aggressive as they debated topics related to the new Perth Stadium and the Children’s Hospital.

As a whole the excursion was a great opportunity for us to gain knowledge and experience within the political sector which we are currently studying. A massive thank you to Dr Runco, Ms Mirco and Mr McGoorty for organising and making the day so enjoyable.


Chloe Reder (Year 9)



Student Achievements

Chloe Reder

Congratulations to Chloe Reder (Year 9) who has been invited to play in the 2017 FHE Cup (Field Hockey Equipment). The FHE Cup is an U/16 hockey tournament held in Perth with national and international teams competing for the gold medal over a four-day period. The competition will commence on Thursday November 23 and finish on Sunday November 26. In this tournament, Chloe will represent Western Australia as a member of the 2017 U/16 Women’s Team.

This is a unique opportunity for young WA hockey players and on behalf of the St Norbert College community, I would like to congratulate Chloe on this outstanding achievement.


Well done Chloe and good luck!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Frank Johnson and Luke Petersen (Class of 2012)

With less than a month until the 2017 Specialised Basketball USA Tour, it's a great time to highlight the achievements of some of our former hoop heroes. Luke Petersen (University of Maine at Presque Isle) and Frank Johnson (Southeast Community College) have just commenced their first seasons playing College basketball in America, having previously been part of the St Norbert College basketball program and graduating in 2014 - the same year they took part in the USA Tour. Best of luck boys! 


Elite Basketball

Elite Basketball

On Friday October 27, St Norbert College entered four teams into the Elite Basketball tournament held at Warwick Stadium. Our Year 7/8 and Year 9/10 boys and girls teams performed extremely well, showing strong sportsmanship and positive teamwork throughout the day. Our Year 9/10 girls team were very unlucky losing the Grand Final by two points, while our  Year 7/8 Girls team showed they were a class above the competition going undefeated throughout the day. Congratulations to all involved on the day.


Mr L Ford (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)

ACC Athletics All-Stars and Letterman Awards

ACC Athletics All-Stars and Letterman Awards


On Friday November 10, Mr Trent Sharpe (Sport Development and Administration Officer at the ACC) was invited to our College assembly to present some special athletics awards. Mr Sharpe spoke of the rich history of sport at St Norbert College and highlighted our students' determination and pursuit of success as some of our well-known traits. It was a pleasure to have Mr Sharpe at our assembly and I would like to congratulate the following students who were presented awards by him:


Shenae Hartree – U/14 Champion Girl

Lubin Benedict – ACC All-Star

Jaco Jansen van Rensburg – ACC All-Star

MJ Jansen van Rensburg – ACC All-Star

Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn – ACC All-Star

Special accolades to Jaco Jansen van Rensburg who was also awarded the ACC Letterman award for being selected in the ACC Athletics All-Star team for four consecutive years. Jaco is now the recipient of two ACC Letterman awards (the highest individual award presented by the ACC) for Cross Country and Athletics. In 2017, Jaco is one of only two students out of over 50,000 students across all ACC schools who received this prestigious award in two sports.


Well done to all of these students!


Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term Four, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents.


2018 Instrumental Vocal/Music Program Information Session

Thursday November 30 (3:20pm)

Xanten Performing Arts Centre – Music Room


There will be an information session for all current and new students to the Music Program held after school on the day of the Year 7/2018 Orientation Day. Please join myself and members of the Music team as we unveil some significant changes and new ideas to the program particularly regarding fees and ensemble requirements as well as having a chance to meet some of the tutors and Ensemble Directors. The session will run for about 30-40 minutes and time will be allocated to answer any questions that you may have.


If you are unable to make the session or have any queries regarding this or the program, please feel free to email [email protected] or call 9350 5433.


Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Performing Arts



It is with great pleasure that we announce the cast of Oliver the Musical. It was an extensive audition process and we would sincerely like to thank everyone who auditioned. It made for some very difficult decisions for the team, but we are delighted to announce that the following people have been successful and are currently in rehearsals for this show. 

The cast will be added to next year with some of our future Year 7 students from St Joseph's.

For the moment, congratulations to our cast of Oliver. 


Ms K Hilton, Mr C Beins , Miss L Alban, Mrs K Freind (Performing Arts Staff)


The cast


Social Media

Follow St Norbert College on Facebook and Twitter!

A reminder to all parents and guardians that St Norbert College has a very active presence on Facebook and Twitter! Like and follow our pages to stay up-to-date with all the latest news and events happening at the College, as well as for photos from major College events.





Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing)


Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo will wrap up for the year on Wednesday November 28, with our last session for the year. Students have come in and out of the dojo throughout the year, dipping their toes into the digital world, and having such great fun in the process. We look forward to continuing this club next year, and look forward to more members joining us. No previous knowledge required!

Mrs S Mark (Head of Learning Area – Technologies, Visual Art)

College Co-curricular Photographs

The College Co-curricular photographs were taken in Week 9 of Term 3. Thank you for your support in ensuring the organisation and personal presentation standards of your child.

If you wish to purchase copies of these photos, they are available for purchase online through

The following ‘shoot keys’ can be used to view and purchase the photographs taken on the day.


General:          459Y65ZW

Music:              LKHNPYCZ

Year 12:           WT3MRQR8

Athletics:        6EAHDGHL

Basketball:     E87D9YKC

Football:         TYYCP46Q

Netball:           JZV9228R

Soccer:             ABP7LA8J

Other Sport:   F66UT5P2


Please contact me at the College on 9350 5433 or at [email protected], if you have any queries regarding this matter.

Mr R D'Almeida (College Photograph Coordinator)

Thanksgiving Mass

Please be advised that the date and time of the College Thanksgiving Mass has changed:

From: Tuesday 5 December at 7.00pm to  Friday 8 December at 9.15am. ALL WELCOME!

Mrs N Quinn (Deputy Principal)

Uniform Shop

Opening times Term 4:

 Monday 8.00am - 12.00pm and

Thursday 1.00pm - 5.00pm.

Uniform Shop is now taking second-hand clothing.

On Sale:   Shelf Bra Bathers  $45.00

                     Normal Bathers     $36.00

                     Crop Tops                 $22.00


Please be aware that the Uniform Shop’s last trading day will be December 7, 2017.

Please check the newsletter and school website for opening times for January.





Thursday January 18, 2018  1.00pm – 6.00pm

Monday January 22, 2018     9.00am – 2.00pm

Monday January 29, 2018     9.00am – 1.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)


  • Monday 20 to  Friday 24 November - Year 9 and 10 Exams.
  • Thursday March 30 - Year 7/2018 Orientation Day and Placement Test Catch up, Brother Pat Forum - 3.10pm to 4.20pm
  • Friday December 8 - Thanksgiving Mass, St Joseph's Priory at 9.15am

Mathematics Tuition  


STEM - Uni and Career Pathways


Join the St Vincent de Paul Society Volunteer Family

The St Vincent de Paul Society is seeking people to join their volunteer team. Your efforts will help to support their good works, such as the provision of bedding, clothing and food to those experiencing hardship, and providing shelter for the homeless. In turn, you can enjoy a range of benefits proven to be associated with volunteering, such as an increase in well-being, happiness, health and longevity! There a number of diverse, interesting and stimulating roles available, at a range of locations, on a range of different time commitments. To name a few,  you could try your hand at sorting material donations, providing customer service in our retail stores, assisting truck drivers to collect donations, assembling furniture and helping with store displays. To find out more or to express your interest, call Sarah on 6323 7531 or email [email protected].

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