Photo: Achievement: Candy Bui presents Kiarash with a Meliora Sequamur Award

Northcote High School Newsletter

24 October 2017
Issue Seventeen
From the Principal
For your diary
Respect. It starts with me.
Active Northcote: celebrating Health, PE and Sport
Year 8s excel at Greek Film Festival
Congratulations - Meliora Sequamur Awards
Celebrating a milestone
Is Brick is Art.
International Student news
Homestay: can you help?
Careers News
Student Voice at work
The Morphing
China correspondents: Young Leaders start their journey
Student achievement
Northcote Thrive
Building NHS - have your say
Building community - Term 4 clubs
Community notices
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From the Principal

Photo: Celebration: Year 12s at the Farewell Breakfast

Celebrations, Farewells and Northcote Thrive

We have had a fabulous lift off to the final term for 2017.  Our students have been shining in the classroom, on the stage and in the community - locally and globally. The French Immersion Study Tour has returned from a brilliant 4 week experience at the International High School in Nice. Following this visit, last week School Council signed off on a formal Sister School relationship. We will be partnering with Mackinnon Secondary College to provide authentic in-country French language and cultural learning through an annual reciprocal experience for Year 10 students. Thank you Pierrick Hubert and Audra Keane for making this a reality. In further internationalisation news, the Victorian Young Leaders to China have concluded week 1 of their 6 week adventures – more information inside.


The Senior Music annual farewell concert was brilliant: there was so much talent and joy in the room. Families, fellow students and teachers clapped and toe tapped their way through the solo, ensemble and stage band performances. Congratulations to all students, staff and families for providing an rich program and opportunities for passion to live and live well! The Junior Music Concert follows next month –please join us to see and hear excellence in music. 


Young People Shine

Last week the Meliora Sequamur Awards showcased young people who have found the better path – nominated by fellow students and teachers who speak about the students to family, friends and staff. This is a great event and there are always a few tears around the amazing ways young people support each other through living the school values - Achievement, Curiosity, Humanity and Fairness.   


Morphing was the final highlight of week 1 - see the report and photos in this edition and bravo to the cast, crew, director Freya Viney and producer and writer Harley Hefford.  The in-the-round set was created by the brilliant Barry Drinan with lighting by Lincoln Le fevre, all of course supported by students.  Congratulations.


Year 12 Farewells

The Year 12 Class of 2017 has had their final assembly, Celebration Breakfast and this Thursday is Graduation night at the Grand Hyatt. They are working hard and begin SWOT VAC this week.  They are a great group, who care for each other and have worked well individually and collectively to create the conditions for success in their classrooms and as study buddies, supportive friends and leaders of the school.  We wish them well for exams and look forward to a final farewell at the Formal in late November.  Thank you to our teachers for their guidance and hard work and families for being such supporters of NHS and their young people.  It takes a village to raise a child and that village encompasses Northcote High.


Northcote Thrive Fund – launching soon

Over the past 18 months a keen and skilful group of NHS parents have been rethinking how our families, ex-students and local businesses contribute to our school both financially and in kind. This group identified an opportunity to establish a Students in Need Fund.  Liza Grage-Perry (School Council Vice President) in partnership with Maddocks Lawyers, who contributed pro bono legal advice, applied to the tax office to establish this as a tax deductible entity.  We are delighted to announce Northcote High is the first school in Australia to be granted permission to establish such a fund by the ATO. Our community – families, ex students and local businesses/organisation can now donate to the Building, Library and Students In Need Fund (tax deductible) Funds along with an Innovation fund and of course can also contribute in kind.  I encourage you to read more about Northcote Thrive inside this newsletter and to continue to support new and innovative programs, services and facilities to benefit all of our students.


Enjoy this edition, and don't forget to keep an eye on Compass Newsfeed for event reminders and year-level specific information.



For your diary

Key dates 

  Please note the following events coming up:

  • Thursday 26 October            Year 12 Graduation
  • Friday 27 October                  Year 7 Immunisations
  • Monday 30 October             Year 9 City School program begins (rolling dates to 10/11)
  • Monday 6 November           Student free day
  • Tuesday 7 November          Public Holiday - Melbourne Cup
  • Friday 10 November            Year 10-11 Exams commence
  • Monday 13 November        Junior Music Concert
  • Monday 20 November         Year 10 Work Experience commences
  • Tuesday 21 November        Year 7&8 Showcase
  • Thursday 30 November      Art and Design Show

Respect. It starts with me.

Respectful Relationships workshops at Northcote


Northcote High School is a lead school in the Department of Education and Training Respectful Relationships initiative to promote gender equality and end violence against women. We have been collaborating with the training organisation Polykala to develop and deliver student and staff training to raise awareness of violence against women and learn new skills to become pro-active leaders in our community.


This term 150 year 8 students participated in Respect. It starts with me workshops. To support this work all staff participated in the same workshops during the recent curriculum day.

The intention of the workshops was to:

  • Increase awareness about gender inequality and it’s link to violence against women
  • Learn new skills to start respectful conversations
  • Practice safe interventions when we see or hear disrespectful language or behaviour


Feedback about the training was very positive and many staff and students welcomed the opportunity to discuss the issues and try out some of the strategies they learnt.


The next phase for this work will involve more student and staff training, the development of a parent workshop and sharing our work with the local primary schools.


Katie Archibald

Head of Student Services

Active Northcote: celebrating Health, PE and Sport

Photo: Focus and determination: Intermediate Hockey team

Health and PE Week

Health and Physical Education (HPE) Day is a nationwide initiative that highlights the importance of HPE in the Australian Curriculum, and its influence on the learning and development of children. HPE Week will be taking place this week at NHS. There will be a variety of events running throughout the week with plenty of opportunities for you to come along and join in the fun. Event dates and times will be advertised around school and through TV screens. Some are highlighted below.



Lunch - Zumba in GMR


Lunch - Northcote Ninja Warrior


Lunch - Health related expo

Lunch - Year 7 Yoga in GMR


Lunch - Taco & smoothie truck (the canteen will also still be catering some food)

After school - Mountain biking – Skills & Maintenance


Lunch Staff vs student volleyball

Interschool sport

Intermediate Futsal

Well done to our intermediate futsal teams who competed in divisional futsal at Reservoir High School.  In the girl’s competition on October 13, our team should be congratulated for their teamwork. They concluded the day with 2 wins for the day against William Ruthven and St Johns and 2 losses against Reservoir and Thornbury.


On Tuesday October 17 it was the intermediate boys turn to compete in the very popular futsal tournament. Both of our teams did very well in their pools. Northcote B narrowly missed out on top of the pool by just a few points. Moving through their pool with straight wins, our A team finished on top which secured them a sport in the final. The final was very close match which had to go into extra time against William Ruthven. Our boys secured a victory in the end.  Congratulations to Leon Foggiato who lead the team well and was best player for Northcote A and to Aidan Paposta for best player for Northcote B.  


Year 8 Cricket

Congratulations to our Year 8 Cricket team who won all of their regional matches on Wednesday October 18.  They now move through to the regional final on November 2nd. Thank you to Mr Flight and Luke Williams who coached the team.


Intermediate Girls Hockey

On October 19 our intermediate hockey team played in the regionals in Greensborough.  Unfortunately our team was down a few members and only 7 players took to the field.  Taysen Wilcox lead the team well and they defeated Aitken in their first match 3-0.  In our second match against Uni High, the lack of members on the field paid its price for our girls. Although they put up a great fight could not hold on and were defeated 3-0.  They came away finishing second on the day.  Well done to the girls and a big thank you to Taysen’s mum Paula Butcher for coaching the side.



Leadership opportunities for 2018

Applications will open soon for 2018 Sports Captains. There will be up to 8 positions available for Junior (Year 7-9) Captains, with the exciting addition of 4 House Captains at the Junior level. In addition to the general Sports Captain duties, House Captains will have the opportunity to build House spirit amongst their peers and to involved in developing new house competitions and activities throughout the year. Senior Sports Captain positions will also be available.  Students play an important leadership role in our Sports program, coaching and encouraging others as well as running lunchtime and special events. For anyone who love sport, it's a great way to develop confidence, connections teamwork and leadership skills.  We encourage all interested students to apply - forms will be available from the sub-school offices. Speak to Ms Blanchard if you are seeking more information about the roles.

Looking ahead

Tuesday 24th Oct

Year 7  Cricket


Wednesday 25th Oct

Year 8 Boys and Girls Regional Hockey

Year 8  Regional Basketball

Year 8 Boys Regional Table Tennis


Thursday 26th Oct

Year 7 Boys Regional Hockey

Year 7 Boys Regional Table Tennis

Year 7  Regional Basketball


Wednesday 1st Nov

Year 7  Regional Volleyball


Thursday 2nd Nov

Year 8 Girls Futsal

Year 8s excel at Greek Film Festival

Photo: The award winners with proud teacher and families

Only the children know what they are looking for...

I am very proud to announce that our Year 8 Greek class submitted a film in the Greek Film Festival and out of 15 films was awarded the 2nd Prize. I am extremely proud of these students who wrote the play, made all the props, learnt their lines off by heart and spoke entirely in Greek.


Our film was based on “The Little Prince,”  by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry as was the theme set by the committee of the festival. We read the book in Greek and English, saw the film and then gave our interpretation of the quote, “Only the children know what they are looking for…”


Our film starts with the Little Prince landing on Earth and in particular the oval of Northcote High School. He then approaches students who are complaining that they don’t have the latest iPhone, a strict teacher (I think they based her on me… ) who doesn’t believe in The Little Prince, old men reminiscing in a Greek café and children protesting  the demolition of a park to make way for new apartments. The Little Prince is searching for a muzzle for his sheep so he can protect his precious flower. This simple flower represents true happiness; it is beautiful, natural and free, but delicate and needs to be nurtured, attended to and protected daily.


Does The Little Prince have a positive impact on the people he meets? Does he return to his planet or is he corrupted by the greed, misery and selfishness of Earth’s inhabitants?


Watch our link below to find out!


A huge thank you to Christian, Erin, Georgia from Year 8 and their families for giving up part of their Sunday to attend the screening of our film at the cinema Como. I’d like to also thank Eva, Vasiliki, our Greek aide and Melina, my student teacher who all came to support the students. I can’t forget Hannah Valmadre for lending us the equipment to make this film and my son who helped me edit it.


Effie Sgardelis

Year 8 Greek teacher

Congratulations - Meliora Sequamur Awards

Photo: Mary recieves her award from Kisha

Following the better path

Last week we enjoyed celebrating the many and varied ways that our students exemplify the school values and "follow the better path". The annual Meliora Sequamur Awards are a chance for students and staff to recognise those students whose quiet leadership makes a significant contribution to our school community, or to honour students who have achieved remarkable personal growth. The awards are particularly special because those who nominate have the opportunity to speak directly about the reasons they wish to celebrate the recipient. It was a joyous evening and the range of award winners reflected the richness and vibrancy of our school community. Congratulations to all.

Year 7

PJ Burgemeister

Tess Argyros

Jarred Wrench

Year 8

Megan Leung

Mia Ostwald

Phoebe Lee

Layla Maitri

Jacob Curran

Year 9

Alice Brown

Ted Wearn Jarvis

Alec Johnson

Luke Williams

Jacob Clarke

Benjamin O'Donnell

Year 10

Mary Le

Marco Bellemo

Lucinda Costa

Zoe Gourlay

Year 11

NIKOO Kiarash

Chris Vinci

Nell Morris-Dalton

Anastasia Youngman

Jack Landewee

Year 12

Bill Clayton

Jack Hart


A special thank you also to Anand, Chris, Eamon, Eve and the team from the International Students department for their help on the night. 


Ciar Foster

Assistant Principal

Celebrating a milestone

Photo: A well-earned celebration

Year 12 Farewell Breakfast

On Monday morning, we were happy to welcome the Year 12 cohort to come and celebrate the end of their formal classes by sharing in a BBQ breakfast with their peers and teachers.


As with every year, the effort students put in to dress up gave a real sense of fun and relief to the morning. Students piled in the gates promptly at 7.30am and proudly undertook the Northcote High Parade culminating in the ceremonial and symbolic leaving of the school grounds just after the school day started in earnest.


A heartfelt thank you to the staff in attendance and the  students who supported the day and acted with good humour and respect. It was a fantastic way to finish off their formal classes.


Over the next weeks, students will be preparing for their upcoming exams. Teachers will be available for students to work with their subject teachers during SWOT VAC in the library and adjoining classroom.


I am sure that we all wish them the best for the exams and the future, and look forward to hearing of the adventures that lay before them.


Shane Gemmola

Head of Senior School

Is Brick is Art.

Photo: Year 12 Studio Art in action

Year 12 Studio Art

And so another year in Studio Art has finished.  25 students have successfully completed a year a professional artist would be proud of.  An exploration proposal, two folios, conceptual development, aesthetic development, artists of influence, outside influences, eight technique explorations, annotations for every visual they created, reflection, proof of process, folio reflection and two final pieces is enough to make any normal person go slightly insane. But these students have faced that challenge like Picasso to Guernica, Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Jackson Pollock’s Blue Poles or Kahlo’s Self Portrait with loose hair.

Their ability to think creatively and innovatively was exemplified in the quality and standard of the work they have produced. Each and every one of them should be extremely proud of what they have done and hopefully they will continue to produce work of such a standard moving into their lives post high school. The creation of art is more than just a vocation. It is a way of life and they are more than a few steps into that journey. Is brick is art.

Jerome Rush

Studio Art teacher 

International Student news

Photo: International Student Dinner

Farewell to our International Year 12s

The annual Year 12 International Student farewell dinner was held at a Chinese restaurant in Kew on Tuesday the 17th of October.  The event was thoroughly enjoyed by all students and staff. 


In their speeches, Ms Morris, Ms Hill, Ms Wang and Ms Richards celebrated our year 12 international students’ time with the Northcote High School and congratulated them for their academic achievement and personal growth during their VCE years at NHS. The school highly appreciates our International Students’ great contribution to the school and its community.  Many teachers spoke with the students at the party wishing them well for their VCE exams and for their chosen future. Ms Morris especially thanked staff for their professionalism and dedication which provided our international students with wonderful experiences and helped to shape a bright future for our young global citizens.


The international students also expressed heartfelt appreciation to the school and their teachers for creating such caring and supportive study experiences for them. They can certainly call Northcote High School “home” when they are truly far away from home. 


International Student Office

Homestay: can you help?

Photo: Expand your horizons by hosting an International Student

Full Boarding Homestay Families Are Sought for International Students at Northcote High School (for 2018 school year)

Northcote High School seeks quality homestays from our local community, to help care for young international students studying in year 10, 11 +12 with us. They are mainly from Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand. We also have some International Students are from European countries such as Italy and Germany.


Hosting International Students can bring a rich cross cultural experience and opportunity for our families. Many local families already on board with Northcote High School Homestay Program over the years have enjoyed and benefited from the diverse cultural and language exchange experience, especially when they have school age children at home. The reverse experience for our International Students is very much part of their overseas study journey.


  If you have a spare room and are willing to take care of a young international student please contact the International Student Office 9488 2334 (or General Office 9488 2300 or email [email protected]) for more information.


Full boarding homestay fees are $320 per week (tax free), which covers a fully furnished room, 3 healthy meals daily, laundry, household bills (including internet). Students are responsible for their own transport.


Jocelyn Hill

Assistant Principal

Northcote High School  

One Week paid homestays needed in February 2018


During one week in February 2018 , Northcote High School will host 26 senior students from Hengshui No 1 High School. The visitors will be hosted as students in the school for the week (probably the week 10-17 February TBC)


We need Northcote HS families to homestay these students (12 girls and 14 boys) for one week. Northcote families are paid $350 for each student hosted.


If you are interested, please contact Nick Murphy ([email protected]) or 9488 2342

In Summary:

- Students are aged about 17

- They are studying the VCE Unit 3-4 at their Chinese school and intend to study at University in Australia

- Their English level is moderate to good but most have not been to Australia.


Your obligation over the week is: 

- to provide 3 healthy meals a day

- to provide them with their own room for the week with access to a bathroom, laundry facilities, internet, etc

- to include them in any normal family activities during that time.


NHS provides:

- a school based education program

- extra English lessons

- some extra curricula activities

- airport collection and delivery 

- Myki card for the week 

Careers News

Photo: Visit the Careers page on myNorthcoteHigh

Change of Preference for Year 12s

Change of Preference (COP) has two components:

  •  the initial COP period after you get your ATAR
  •  rolling COP from Round 1 (up to five rounds)

See the table below for rolling COP dates:

After each round, you have to decide whether you want to try for additional offers.


Always accept any offers you already have before trying to attract additional ones, as the numbers drop dramatically after Round 1.


Seek advice and do your research before you need to make these decisions.


All tertiary institutions run special activities during the week of ATAR release (see photo above).


More information can be found on the myNorthcoteHigh Careers Page and on University websites.


Please make contact with Ms Witt if you need assistance. Email is the best option in the first instance, and/or use the booking link to make an appointment. This service applies next year, too, if you still need assistance making the transition to your next option. 


Work Experience: Note to Year 9 families


All students in Year 10 are required to participate in the Work Experience program, which involves experiencing the workforce in some meaningful way. Whilst it is an invaluable way of gathering information specific to your current career goals, it can also be used to gather experience in a completely unrelated area in which you may wish to develop some skills or gain insight. Community or volunteer work, for example, can be hugely advantageous in developing skills and knowledge that will assist you in ways beyond simply answering questions about a particular job.


Many of the more popular or scarce placements - such as those with Victoria Police, Melbourne Zoo and numerous hospitals or universities – must be applied for well in advance, and are often closed in the year prior to the placement. We encourage families to start talking about what kind of experience will be appropriate for their child, and to start the process of seeking a meaningful placement. You can check the NHS Work Experience manual via the NHS Careers page for some tips on brainstorming ideas, and students will be assisted with this process during Term 4 in their Connect sessions.

Important information for aspiring teachers

Students wishing to study teaching degrees in 2018 will need to sit the CASPer test.


CASPer is an online test, the results of which are forwarded to VTAC. This is a prerequisite for any degree that prepares you for registration as a teacher.

There are set dates on which the test can be taken.


Students in Year 12 will need to sit the CASPer test before December if they want their results to be processed in time for Round 1 offers.


Some of the available dates are coming up in the holidays.

Information and sample questions available via this link:

CERES Open Day 

CERES is holding an Open Day for students interested in the Certificate II in Horticulture. See the flyer attached for details.


Student Voice at work

Photo: Our captains consider the school's facilities

Captains' Conference Term 4

Our Captains were hard at work in their final conference for 2017, as they prepared for the Meliora Sequamur Awards, reviewed their year and workshopped future opportunities for Student Voice. They also played an important role in consulting on Northcote spaces and places, engaging in a nomenclature (naming) activity and then working with Baldasso Cortese, the architects appointed for our Masterplan, to explain their favourite - and least favour - areas on campus. They certainly had some valuable feedback and interesting ideas about how we could develop NHS.


We are also seeking your feedback in the Masterplan process. See 'Building NHS' in this and the previous newsletter, or complete the survey here:



Nominations open for 2018 leadership positions

Year levels and Connect groups will soon receive information about how to apply for 2018 student leadership positions. As well as our Year Level Captains, there are opportunities for students to take up roles as Sports and House Captains, as well as in Music.  As this year's Captains advise, "don't let the opportunity slip by": "if you want to make change, now is the time".  We encourage all interested students to pick up an application form from their sub-school office.


There are also many opportunties for students to demonstrate leadership outside of the formal Captain's roles. Last week at the Meliora Sequamur awards we celebrated leaders in Clubs, Debating, Sports coaches, in the classroom and of their peers - see the article in this newsletter for the details and nominees.

The Morphing

Photo: On stage: The Morphing

Exploring change, loneliness and connection

Week One saw the premiere of the original play 'The Morphing', written by NHS teacher Harley Hefford and directed by Year 11 student Freya Viney. It was great to see the dramatic, staging and design talents of  Northcote students showcased in such a unique production.


The Olver Hall was certainly transformed as the cast and crew took us on a journey through literary, mythological and pop culture references with a sense of humour and pathos, all the while retaining genuine humanity and exploring love, loneliness and connection in their many forms. Bravo!

China correspondents: Young Leaders start their journey

Photo: Dimi, Ben and Jacob with Auburn HS students on tour

Exploring China's history

The Victorian Young Leaders to China group has started their tour. This week we visited one of the new seven wonders of the word, the Great Wall Of China. It was truly a sight to see. Even though we didn’t see all 4000 miles of it, we will always cherish that moment. It was quite funny to see older Chinese women hike the wall faster and better than we could. Along the way we had learnt information about the extraordinary history of the Great Wall Of China, we had learnt that the Great Wall was used as a defence mechanism to keep northern invaders from penetrating China. The Great Wall Of China was built by emperor Qin who started the construction around 230BC. Since then it was every emperors goal to complete the Great Wall.

Ben and Dimitrios

Year 9


Student achievement

Photo: Violet on stage

High decibel 

Violet Tolhurst of Year 11 was a featured artist recently at the Darebin Council Decibels Music Festival. Violet has also been invited to perform her Original Composition Project song at the Kool Skools Awards night in November (only a dozen or so acts from throughout the state are chosen to perform). Congratulations, Violet!


Koorie Academy of Excellence

Rose Stewart of Year 7 has become a member of the Koorie Academy of Excellence.  The Academy is run in partnership between the Department of Education (NWVR) and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incoporated, and is a program specifically targetting outstanding young Koorie achievers. Members of the Academy undertake a graduated program of social, cultural and leadership activities aimed at developing the next generation of Koorie leaders.  Since starting at NHS, Rose has been an outstanding student, achieving well academically, showing leadership through assistance with school activities and representing the school in inter-school sports. Congratulations, Rose!


Northcote Thrive

A launchpad for innovation and improvement

School Council are delighted to announce that we will soon be launching the Northcote Thrive Fund.


To enable Northcote High School to continue to thrive and meet the changing needs of our students we rely on financial support from our school community through our annual contribution program and now through regular Northcote Thrive appeals. We’ll be asking our current families to contribute as well as our Alumni and local partner organisations.


Donations allow us to fund innovative programs, improve school spaces and resources and to provide our students, including those in need, with opportunities that would not otherwise be possible.


We’ve established four purpose-directed funds and we look forward to telling you more about these in upcoming newsletters:


BUILD - Improve learning and social spaces

INSPIRE - Acquire library resources and fund student clubs and activities

INNOVATE - Fund innovative ideas and projects put forward by students and staff

EMPOWER - Purchase uniforms, books and travel cards for students in financial need


We also recognise the important non-financial contribution to our school that many of you make in terms of your time and skills.


Look out for Northcote Thrive stands at school events, and stories in upcoming newsletters.

Building NHS - have your say

Photo: The Visual Arts hub opened this year, built under the former Masterplan

Beyond 2018: new facilities to enhance learning

The physical environment is a teacher in itself. – Reggio Emilia


Northcote High School is the largest school in the municipality and one of the largest in the State.   Our school currently has 1800 students but permanent facilities for just 900.  Our size is an indication of the appreciation and regard that our local community has for the academic and social opportunities and excellent teaching that exist for our students: we are a school of choice for local families. 


While our campus has some great assets – its inner city location, remarkable park setting and prominent heritage buildings – there are also many buildings and areas (particularly relocatables) that do not adequately support contemporary ways of learning or the everyday needs of a diverse and growing student community.


We have recently been given approval by the Department of Education to commence a formal Masterplan process. The Masterplan will envision and inform the development of our facilities and environment for the coming generations of students. It is an exciting opportunity for us to imagine new ways of learning and interacting in our spaces.


Our last Masterplan and community consultation resulted in the renovation of the Design and Art areas (opened in May this year) and the building of a new Performing Arts Centre for 2019. 

Your voice matters

We need your input in this process! We want to hear from you about your ideas to improve our campus. 

Please complete a short survey to tell us what you want to see by visiting:


We also encourage you to contact the electoral office of Fiona Richardson which continues to function in the interim period before the upcoming byelection (9481 5777) and candidates in the upcoming by-election to discuss what your children need in terms of permanent and excellent, contemporary facilities that enhance learning opportunities.

Building community - Term 4 clubs

Get involved

New clubs have been added for Term 4 - it's a great time to try out something different at lunchtime! Updates and special events posted on myNorthcoteHigh news.


Community notices

Supporting transgender and gender diverse young people in Darebin

The Darebin Council has committed to assisting local families by providing information for families whose children are discovering and affirming their sexuality and gender diversity.


To this end, Council has developed a resource that compiles in one place a list of organisations that families and their children can access for information  and support.   Please find this list of organisations attached.


Kay Keane Memorial - CHPS

Dear former members of the Clifton Hill PS community,


On Friday 27th October at 5pm we will be holding a memorial for Kaye Keane in the Multipurpose Room.  We warmly welcome present and past students, families and staff to this commemoration of Kaye who has been an important part of our community for nearly 20 years.  Please share this invitation with any former members of the CHPS community you may know.


Kind regards,

Megan Smith


Metro trains and end of year

The Metro Trains Community Education Unit would like to congratulate your VCE students on the completion of their final year!


Metro places a big focus on safety with respect to the movement of our customers and the reliability of our infrastructure. In line with this, we take this opportunity to encourage you to remind your students that whilst using our services during end of year VCE celebrations, unsafe behaviours that cause an inconvenience or discomfort to our customers may contravene provisions within the Transport (Conduct) Regulations. Metro Trains Authorised Officers are empowered to report these matters, which could in turn result in penalty notices being issued by the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport, and Resources, and in some circumstances police involvement.


Metro Trains Authorised Officers and Victoria Police will be monitoring behaviour across our network. We encourage students to use public transport to get to celebrations and school, but there is an expectation that all students continue to act in a safe manner. 


Metro is a strong advocate of working with local schools to assist with educating students on rail safety issues and expected behaviours. We would be pleased to send a Community Education Officer to your school to speak to your students, or meet with the school administration to discuss ways we can work together to minimise unsafe behaviour during this time.


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students who have celebrated their nineteenth (19th) birthday are required by law to obtain a Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card in order to use a concession Myki. Many students may not be aware of this, and Metro appreciates you bringing this to their attention.


Application forms are available from any Metro premium station and online. If you have any questions, please contact me as I would be happy to discuss this with you and your students.


Information about student concession entitlements can be found at

The application form for Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Cards can be downloaded from

Are you interested in kayaking?

The Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club (INCC) is excited to be recruiting new junior paddlers for the 2017-2018 kayaking season. This program introduces beginner paddlers to the sport of flat water kayaking and allows them to develop new skills on the water in a fun and safe environment.

The Crusaders team is coached by qualified Level 1 Flatwater coaches who have current First Aid qualifications. Some of our coaches are former Australian and World Champions, one of our former Crusaders paddler went on to compete at the Canoe Marathon World Championships in 2016.

To sign up for the INCC Crusaders Program contact Réka Ábrahám ([email protected]). The first session for term 4 is being held on October 14th but new paddlers are welcome at any time.

Darebin Music Feast

There are two exciting and free community events for young people coming up during City of Darebin’s annual music festival Darebin Music Feast


  • The Megaphone Project: an interactive sound installation popping up at various locations in Bundoora, Preston and Northcote
  • Dance Alliance, a participatory dance project for all abilities featuring open rehearsals that lead up to a public flash mob event in Edwardes Lake Park, Reservoir.

Both events are free and open to all. See attached flyers for more information.


Girls Football: TAC Cup elite pathway


Think you have what it takes to play TAC Cup Girls Football? We’re looking for motivated girls born in 2000-2002, wantng to pursue football at an elite level and join the AFLW Talent Pathway. No experience required, high level athletes strongly encouraged! If this sounds like you, register your interest at: and see attached flyer for more details.


Northcote High School Newsletter
Flyer for CERES Open Day.pdf
Term 4 Lunchtime Clubs.pdf
List of Support services for families with a child who identifies as transgender or gender diverse (A4284644).pdf
Crusaders Pamphlet.pdf
The Megaphone Project.pdf
TRUE NORTH DANCE ALLIANCE at Music Feast 2017.jpg
2017 Northern Knights Talent Search Flyer2.pdf