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01 September 2017
Issue Eight
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Solar Panels at Strathbogie
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World War Two class
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Important Dates & Calendar   

Friday 1 September

  • All day Year 8 into Year 9 subject selections
  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8A Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp
  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM 8A Strathbogie Camp
  • 08:30AM - 09:30AM FACILITIES
  • 09:00AM - 10:00AM Year 12 VCAL final Progess reports
  • 09:00AM - 03:00PM 7H & 7I State Library Victoria 
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AM TAUTAI (Walk it Out) Mentor Session
  • 12:40PM - 01:30PM Youth Day activities help at lunchtime

Monday 4 September

  • 01:30PM - 03:10PM Art Engagement Program

Tuesday 5 September

  • 08:35AM - 03:30PM Smith Family Print Making Workshops
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM Beacon Speed Careering
  • 08:55AM - 10:35AM Beacon Work Skills Workshop
  • 09:00AM - 12:30PM Year 10 BEACON SPEED CAREERING
  • 09:30AM - 03:00PM Year 7 DOXA Future Focus Program 
  • 10:35AM - 03:10PM Goals Program Session 4
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Beacon Speed Careering
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Beacon Work Skills Workshop
  • 11:50AM - 01:05PM U'15 Boys Futsal Team BBQ Fundraiser

Wednesday 6 September

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8E Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp  
  • 09:00AM - 03:15PM Day trip to Geelong

Thursday 7 September

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8E Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp
  • 08:00AM - 03:00PM Year 9 Advance Kids Teaching Kids Week Event 
  • 08:45AM - 03:00PM Year 8 Science Melbourne Zoo

Friday 8 September

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8E Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp 
  • 08:30AM - 03:00PM Keilor Division Athletics - Whole School Team 
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AM TAUTAI (Walk it Out) Mentor Session 
  • 05:30PM - 08:30AM Year 7 Sleepout 

Monday 11 September

08:55AM - 10:35AM Art Engagement Program 

Tuesday 12 September

  • 11:50AM - 01:05PM U'15 Boys Futsal Team BBQ Fundraiser
  • 05:30PM - 08:00PM Parent Welcome Evening - Performing Arts Centre

Wednesday 13 September

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8C Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp 
  • 08:30AM - 03:45PM Yr 12 VET Music Performance at The Australian College of the Arts 
  • 09:00AM - 02:45PM Year 7 DOXA Future Focus Workshop

Thursday 14 September

  • 08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8C Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp

Friday 15 August

08:00AM - 05:00PM Year 8C Integrated Studies Strathbogie Camp

09:00AM - 03:15PM Swinburne Junior Italian Poetry Competition 

11:00AM - 11:50AM TAUTAI (Walk it Out) Mentor Session

Monday 18 September

  • 08:00AM - 12:45PM Yr 7 Immunization - Meningococcal Catch Up & HPV1
  • 11:00AM - 12:40PM Art Engagement Program

Tuesday 19 September

11:50AM - 01:05PM 11:50AM - 01:05PM U'15 Boys Futsal Team BBQ Fundraiser

04:00PM - 06:00PM Chemistry VCE revision Lecture

Wednesday 20 September

  • All Day Parent Teacher Interviews 

Thursday 21 September

  • 09:30AM - 03:00PM Year 7 DOXA Future Focus Workshop 
  • 02:45PM - 07:00PM VCE Biology Units 3 and 4 Revision Lecture - Andrew Douch

Friday 22 September

  • All day Term 3 ends
  • 08:55AM - 12:40PM Taiko Incursion
  • 11:00AM - 11:50AMTAUTAI (Walk it Out) Mentor Session
  • 02:30PM - 02:35PM Early Dismissal 

Monday 9 October

All day Term 4 Begins 

From the Principal Class Team

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. We have reached the end of another cold winter, the sun  has finally come out and hopefully we can put the colds, flus and sniffles behind us!


Congratulations to our Scientists 

We would like to congratulate Alana Phu Nguyen and Thomas Lam on their successful applications to attend the national Youth Science Forums in January. This year they will be held in Brisbane and Canberra. Students who have attended in the past have commented on what a wonderful experience it was, so we wish them both well for the excellent opportunity afforded them. Thanks to Mr Eli Goldbaum and others for their support of these students applications, and to Brimbank Rotary for sponsoring them.

Beacon Bonanza Day

Next Tuesday is our annual Beacon Bonanza Day. All Year 10 students will participate in ‘Speed Careering’ with a range of people from different occupations, as well as a ‘Work Readiness’ program partly facilitated by our Beacon ambassadors. We are sure this day will prove useful to students as they make their transition through to the Senior Sub School in 2018.


Progress Reports

Year Level Coordinators have been contacting families where there have been concerns raised through progress reports. Remember these reports are available through Compass. All parents are of course encouraged to attend the Term 3 Parent Teacher interviews to be held on Wednesday 20th September. This is an excellent opportunity to meet with your child’s teachers and discuss what is going well, and to work together to support students  who are not achieving as well as they could. Information about this event will be sent home with students shortly. Please be aware that as of next year Parent Teacher interviews will be booked through Compass. Further information and instructions will be provided prior to this, but it is important that you are able to sign in successfully. If you have lost your password or are experiencing difficulties please contact the general Office for support.




Staying safe at schoolies - Start planning with your child 

For Victorian school leavers, schoolies is a time to celebrate an exciting milestone in their lives but this shouldn't mean impacting their health and safety, or causing problems for the communities where they decide to celebrate.


It's a good idea to know where your child will be and what their plans are for end of year celebrations:

  • where are they going? For example, what is the address of where they will be staying?

  • the names of their friends who they will be travelling with

  • how you can contact them if you need to.

Encourage your child to register where they are going and find out more about safe partying at


Craig Jennings

Assistant Principal


Principal - Ms Kerrie Dowsley

Assistant Principal - Mr Ian Crocker

Assistant Principal - Ms Losh Pillay

Assistant Principal - Mr Craig Jennings




Parent Opinion Survey 2017

We want our parents to tell us what they think

Our school is conducting a survey to find out what parents think of our school. The Parent Opinion Survey is an annual survey offered by the Department of Education and Training that is conducted amongst a sample of randomly selected parents at each school.


It is designed to assist our school in gaining an understanding of parents’ perception of school climate, student engagement and relationships with our parent community. Our school will use the survey results to help inform and direct future school planning and improvement strategies.

The survey is conducted online by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd and only takes 15 minutes to complete. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 7 August to Sunday 3 September.

Approximately 435 of parents were invited by email to participate in this year’s survey. All responses to the survey are anonymous.

The online survey is available in English, Arabic, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Chin (Hakha) and Hindi.

Survey language guides will be provided in a range of languages including Albanian, Bengali, Burmese, Cantonese, Dari, Filipino, Greek, Gujarati, Indonesian, Japanese, Karen, Khmer, Korean, Macedonian, Malayalam, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish or Urdu.

For families who do not have access to the internet complete the survey online, a computer will be located in the library.


The survey results will be reported back to our school at the end of September. The school will communicate the results in newsletters, parent forums and annual reporting.  

For further information, please speak contact the general office or visit:

Excursion Consent & Payments on Compass 

Did you know that you can now Consent & make a Payment on Compass for your child’s excursion

Dear Parents / Guardians


Your child will be attending excursions / events throughout the year.  Log into Compass on the Parent Portal via the schools website for each excursion to approve the consent and make a payment (if applicable) online by the due dates. 


This will save your child time lining up at the general office.


Compass Pay will greatly assist parents with approval and payment requirements, and will also assist the office staff and teachers by reducing the paperwork and finance components. Parents will be able to easily access their child’s activities, keep the school up to date with important information, and complete the permission & payment process.


Compass Pay is available to you through the Parent Portal which you can access via the schools’ website with your individual username and password at


To provide the consent/payment required, parents click on the notification which will appear on the home screen under “My News”.  This will take you to the Events page, where you can see all events that require consent/payment, and those that you have already consented to/paid for.


Parents have the option of completing the consent/payment online, or of printing the consent form and handing it in to the office with payment.

By clicking the "Process Now (Online)" option, parents will be prompted to enter information regarding emergency contact details, as well as any relevant medical information.


Full instructions for using this module are illustrated below.  You can also access the Instruction Booklet on Compass under the School Documentation Tab and click on Parents Information.

If you require any assistance, please contact the General Office on 9366 2555.


You can also click on the link below to view more information on COMPASS.


Youth Day

The St Albans community celebrated Youth Day during lunchtime on Friday 1 September and it was a fantastic event. Co-organised by the Student Representative Council, Year 12 VCAL and the School House Captains, students and staff were treated to a wide variety of activities. The students use this day to fundraise for a variety of charities and good causes such as Youth Homelessness, Leukaemia Research and local school programs. There were plenty of food options in sticky glass noodles, popcorn, homemade cupcakes, fairy floss, pizza, a BBQ and soft serve ice-creams.


Students were challenged to try a range of games and have a shot at dropping volunteer staff into the icy waters of the dunking machine.  Many of our staff bravely took the plunge, including Assistant Principal, Mr Craig Jennings. Students also enjoyed the excitement of the jumping castle and the Photo Booth.  In addition there was the option of having your hair braided and a chance to experience henna decoration.


Several staff and students raised vital funds for the Leukaemia Foundation by agreeing to have their heads shaved. As their hair came off we were all reminded of the saying “Hair today – Gone tomorrow!!!”


The talented student musicians from the VCE Music Performance Class provided a musical backdrop to the carnival like atmosphere. 


"Youth Day was such a great opportunity to have some fun and share great memories with people all over the school!!" exclaimed Laura Van Keulen of 11E. 


Our thanks to the organising students and staff for this wonderful celebration of all things youthful.


Maths Games

This is the first year that our school got involved in the VCE Maths Games Day. It was held at Lakeview Senior College on Monday 7 August. Eight students were chosen from Year 11 and 12 to make up 2 teams; Ngoc Anh Bui, Anh Tu Hoang, Kylie Nga Quynh Hoang, Thinh Truong Luong, Brendan Nguyen, Cuong Huy Quang Tran, Thi Da Mi Tran, and Julie Vo.   


The day provided the students with an opportunity to develop their mathematical talents and problem solving skills. The students demonstrated a keen interest in mathematics and operated well as a team on the day. Both teams came 11th out of 20 teams. What a good effort for first timers. They all had a fun and challenging experience; the Year 11 students said that they would love to attend again next year.

Ms Kristy Le


Year 9 Maths Games Day

The Year 9 Maths Games Day was held at Williamstown High School on Tuesday 15 August. The students were chosen from the Year 9 Maths Extension as a reward for their excellent work so far this year. The team comprised of Yvonne Dang, Nina Ngo, Patrick Shaw and Jeremy Tomal.

The day encouraged students to work in teams while thinking critically to solve a variety of problems. Our teams finished in the top 25. Considering that all the selective entry schools were in attendance, the result was something to be proud of.


Mr John Hammond


Japanese Report

Visit from Yuki Sato – Nishishiba Elementary, Yokohama Japan

On Tuesday 8 August 2017, we had the pleasure of hosting Yuki Sato, a Japanese primary school teacher from Nishishiba Elementary, for a day visit as part of a professional development exchange program with St Albans Heights Primary School.


She spent the day observing a variety of classes, of which included year 7 maths, year 10 EAL and numerous Japanese classes. Yuki also engaged in conversations with our year 12 students studying Japanese about school life in Australia and Japan.


She thoroughly enjoyed her visit and stated that she was glad to be able to learn so much about the curriculum and education system in Australia.


It was a very valuable experience for both of us and we look forward to the prospect of hosting more Japanese teachers in the near future as part of this exchange program.


Caroline Tran

Teacher of Japanese

Student Awards

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Congratulations to our 2016 Year 9 Advance students who received their Duke of Edinburgh’s (Dukes) Award Bronze Certificate in 2017.


“For my Dukes Award, I did volunteer work in the school library and also developed an appreciation for nature and new interests such as hiking. The Dukes Award has increased my chances of gaining employment, as it represents: independence, respect, determination and dedication.” Tony Micallef (10)


“Participating and completing in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award was a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Receiving the Dukes Award made me feel proud of my accomplishment, and gave me the opportunity to do more in the community and taught me how to deal with challenges in life.” Jessica Janceva (10)


2016 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze Recipients

Harmony BURKE; Amy HA; Kristy HA; Habiba HABIB; Jessica JANCEVA; Aleena JESTIN; Vicky LE; Tony MICALLEF; Sarah MOLLICA; Phi-Phi PHAM; Amy THAI


2017 Western Chances Scholarships

“Western Chances has positively impacted my schooling in many different ways. The money provided has allowed for some extra financial freedom within the school year which has helped immensely. I just wish that more students took the initiative to apply for scholarships. I would like to thank Western Chances for their generosity and the opportunities they have provided.” Hao Truong (12)


Western Chances Recipients 2016 – 2017

Blen ASFAW (11); Janaki Kharel; Linda Thi Nguyen (12); Linda Nguyen (12); Tuyet Nhi Le (12); Lani Nguyen (11); Shani Nguyen (11); Brendan Nguyen; Tina Nguyen (9); Hao Truong; Julie Vo (11)


Spark Engineering – a Youth Without Borders Initiative


"We enjoyed the Spark Engineering Camp at Queen's College, Melbourne University. Every day we visited inspirational universities that provided fascinating activities for us to do. The camp gave me a whole new perspective about engineering and I've found a university that I wish to attend. This experience will forever be cherished. Sparkies stay sparkling!" Michelle Pham (11)


2017 Sparks Engineering Recipients

Thanh (Alan) LE (10); Kong (Ted) LEE (11); Jeremy LIEN (12); Michelle PHAM (11)

Mt Stirling Snow Camp

Year 9 Advance – Strathbogie - Mt Stirling Snow Camp


Congratulations to all of the Year 9 Advance students for their determination and resilience on the Mt Stirling Nordic skiing challenge. A sincere thank you to Mr Mark Micallef for his support and expert driving skills and to Ms Marion Mortimer for organising the Strathbogie snow camp.


Dea Vidović (9I) reflects: “For our third camp, the Year 9 Advance class went to Mt Stirling for a long day of Nordic skiing. It was beautiful, in my opinion. To me, it was more intriguing than Mt Buller or any other snow resorts. After finally learning the Nordic basics, we headed up the 'road'. It was very strenuous going uphill, but it was very exciting at the same time. After finally reaching the 'top', we all had a rest, threw a few snowballs, made a snowman and took some photos. Then, as there was a higher elevated and smooth area, the instructors taught us how to ski downhill, they also attempted to teach us how to ski without falling. However, most of us fell quite a few times, but hey, we were beginners! After having way too much fun, we started skiing downhill. It was so exhilarating and so relaxing, as you could go a lot faster downhill than uphill and it took a lot less energy, and we all needed that.

The most interesting part of the camp were the Estonian instructors; they were only in Australia for the snow season! We talked to them quite a bit during our 4km skiing trip, they were both so fluent, incredibly nice and their language was so amazing to listen to! I think that this camp was fantastic and it, honestly, couldn't have been any better, I already miss Mt Stirling.


Kathryn Chenh (9I) reflects: “Since this was my first time at the snow, I was bursting with excitement. The snow was as white as toothpaste and the feel of the snow was quite different than what I expected. Instead of softness, it was replaced with a harder feeling. With two instructors, in no time, the entire class was able to ski. Surprisingly, I thought I would be extremely cold at the snow but I found myself taking off my beanie and scarf because skiing made me quite hot. In addition to the skiing, we were also blessed with a beautiful, sunny day where there was no wind or rain. It gave us a chance to ski without any trouble with the weather. How lucky were we?!


Finally, with everyone sore from the previous day's adventure, we headed home. Stopping at Roz’s farm we said our last goodbyes to her animals as we won’t be able to go to her farm next year or the year after. Kindly enough, Roz invited us into her house with warm greetings and made delicious scones and cupcakes. I feel that after every camp, the class becomes more and more comfortable with each other and we are no longer a shy group of people but like another family to each other.”


Solar Panels at Strathbogie

Our campsite at Strathbogie is a picturesque and calming area set amongst gum trees and farmland. It is certainly an environment we want to protect and preserve.


In the interests of sustainability, and our sights firmly fixed on reducing the environmental impact we have on the planet, the school has installed a 4.5 KW Solar System at our school campsite. The panels were fully installed last week and will significantly reduce our power bills and reliance on electricity from the local power grid.


In 2014 the school camp received an Energy Efficiency Grant and has been using locally raised funds ever since to reduce our greenhouse emissions. Over the last 2 to 3 years this grant has been used to install new energy efficient heaters for the bunk rooms, new gas efficient water heating for the showers and LED lighting to the main dining room and kitchen.


We look forward to educating our students on the benefits of solar energy and how we can use it to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and protect our planet.


Individual Needs

In recognition of Hearing Awareness Week, 21 - 26 August

Living with Hearing Loss
Would you prefer this in another language? 
Visit and select language of choice.

At St Albans Secondary College, we aim assist all students to build a positive and confident identity.  The Individual Needs Department can work in supporting your child at St Albans with modified curriculum such as captioned videos and a wide range of e-books from the school library, adjustments in assessment, such separate rooms or variation for the conditions of a task.  Access to the Visiting Teacher Service also is another service that students with a recognized hearing impaired may be able to utilise at St Albans Secondary College.  In recognition of the recent Hearing Awareness Week, Individual Needs would like all to reflect on the importance of hearing and the significance of hearing loss.

Hearing and quality of life are closely linked. Poor hearing affects both the person with the loss and those with whom they communicate. A comprehensive study conducted in the USA on the effects of untreated hearing loss on adults as well as their families found that hearing loss impacts on our social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being.


People with hearing impairment can experience:

· Embarrassment
· Loss of confidence
· Irritability and anger
· Depression
· Feeling of being ignored
· Dependence on others
· Withdrawal, isolation and loneliness
· Exclusion from family and social activities
· Tiredness.


Other people, such as family members and close friends, may find themselves:

· Talking for the other person
· Continually having to explain or interpret
· Sacrificing some activities (eg. theatre, parties)
· Making assumptions about what hard of hearing person thinks or needs
· Frustrated
· Embarrassed in company
· Tired.


These effects mean hearing loss can place very real strains on relationships.


Hearing aids can make a big difference

Because impaired hearing results in a distorted or incomplete communication, this can lead to greater isolation and withdrawal and the individual’s social life becomes restricted. The use of hearing aids resulted in improvements in much quality-of life areas, in particular:

· Improved interpersonal relationships
· Improved health
· Enhanced social activity
· Reduction in discrimination against the person with the hearing loss
· Reduction in anger and frustration
· Greater earning power (especially the more severe hearing losses)
· A lower incidence of depression.


Would you like more information regarding Hearing Loss, its prevention and management?  Please contact Hannah Morton, Individual Needs Coordinator/ Speech Pathologist on
03 9947 3622 or via email [email protected]

Deafness Forum of Australia created this fact sheet for public information. It is the national advocacy body for Deaf and Hearing Impaired Australians. It represents all interests and viewpoints including those people who have a chronic disorder of the ear and those who are Deafblind.


MAC Report

In Week 5 Term 1, we held our first MAC meeting to announce the auditions for this year’s production, The Wizard of Oz. The buzz was in the air. Over 150 students attended that first meeting and we are pleased that over 100 students committed themselves to the 3-4 months rehearsal period. Students who have been involved in previous MACs know they are signing up for several afterschool, weekend and holiday rehearsals and the results of all that hard work were truly evident in this year’s production.


The reviews have been fabulous and you can see from all the wonderful photos taken by Thomas Lam, Seijiro Nishioka, Sarah Weston and Kellie Pham that the show looked beautiful. Mr D’ Aglas outdid his usual high standards with this year’s spinning house and windmill; the wizard’s chamber and balloon were both also equally delightful. Mr Orchard again skilfully lead his band of musicians who beautifully supported the cast and sounded as if they were completely at ease with the complex music. On stage, our students are now expected to be a triple threat, as they say in the theatre. We expect them to sing, dance and act. Luckily, our leads were all able to do this and they were very well supported in their singing by vocal coach Ms Emily Simoes. We were fortunate to have 3 choreographers this year: Ms Meaghan Hocking, Ms Tania D’Silva and Ms Melrose Tran and they all brought a different energy to the performance which allowed for great variation and spectacle.


It is a credit to Ms Chloe Marie who took on the role of producer in her first year of teaching. She really kept things on track and made sure all the different aspects of the production came together. Ms Marie was supported in the production team by Ms Anda Cavar and Ms Helen Kent who both sourced various props and costumes to make sure the show was a treat. Ms Kristy Le also provided valuable support leading up to and during the week of production ensuring that everything went smoothly front of house. Several other staff also supported this production with many of them giving up time on weekends and for the working bee held in Term 2, so a heartfelt thank you to all who came in and contributed in some way whether it be with cutting sheep, making props, labouring over the spinning house, organising food or supervising students. Also a huge thank you to all staff who assisted with tickets, posters, publicity, room changes, staffing and general support. This was a massive team effort and really appreciated by the cast and crew.


Congratulations to all the students who were involved. You really were a fantastic bunch to work with including those on the stage, behind the scenes, in the pit and front of house; committed, talented and caring of one another.  Some Year 12 students have been involved in every MAC production since Year 7 and for those students I am sure this show was bittersweet. You have all made an amazing contribution over the years and I thank you for your leadership. I know that you will cherish the experience for the rest of your lives. In the end, it seems as if the journey down the yellow brick road was certainly worth it, for all of us.


Janet Mckenzie


World War Two class


The Year 10 World War Two class went to watch the movie Dunkirk on Friday, 18 August.


This is a review by Jaderick Calimlim 10C

The film was based on the Dunkirk evacuation where 338 000 soldiers were successfully evacuated from France to Britain. The movie really captures the sheer terror that was Dunkirk and the severity of the situation.


What the movie fails to show was the sheer scale of the event and the bravery of around 30 000 French and Belgian troops who still held the line only to be captured whilst everyone else left them behind. The film also failed to show the number of colonial troops who were representing the colonial forces at Dunkirk.


Overall, the class had a mixed reaction to the movie.


SCOPE Project Update

Thien Kim Thompson (Yr12 VCAL) has a passion for aboriginal art and she is putting that passion to good use in the combined INTERACT and VCAL SCOPE Project. She has resurrected an old damaged kangaroo garden statue and is turning it into a work of art. The residents of the SCOPE facility are very excited about the colour and design that is being used and constantly check to see what has been added after every visit.


Art is a vital part of the program the residents engage in and the INTERACT Club has developed an area for current and future art pieces created by the residents. A mosaic turtle dominated the area but will soon be joined by wall art and additional mosaic and painted objects.


INTERACT students spent their day planting new plants purchase through their fundraising BBQs in Terms 2 & 3.


International Students

This term has been super busy with all of our Year 10 students making the most of their time undergoing work experience. We had the pleasure of visiting the students at their workplaces, and all the positive feedback we received from the employees was very overwhelming, we could not be prouder. The students all showed leadership skills, hard work ethics, and positive energy which encompassed the values we share at St Albans Secondary College. Some students were offered part time work after completing work experience; so once again, we would like to say congratulations.


Our day trip excursion to Mornington Peninsula hot springs was very relaxing and heaps of fun. It was a wonderful day out.

The new International students for 2018 have all completed subject selection with the assistance from the careers department, so special thanks to Ms. Armstrong.  Families, guardians and students are all very happy and eager to start with their host school.

It is a very stressful and challenging time for all of our VCE students and the exams are fast approaching. We wish you all the best, and your hard work will pay off. Wishing you all good luck with your exams.

We like to wish everyone a safe holiday and see you all next term.


Miranda Truong

International Student Coordinator


Facilities Update

Our upgrade of our school oval is now complete with the installation of student seating under the shade covers that were erected late last year. The seating will provide students with the opportunity to sit and eat their lunch, watch activities on the oval or gather for conversations.

The seating is made from strong wooden slats and is very comfortable. They were installed just last weekend and already students are using them during recess and lunchtime.

I look forward to more and more students taking advantage of and enjoying our new oval as the weather warms up and it is more pleasant to be outside.



2017 Sub School Coordinators 

 Junior School

Ms Lauren Honeycombe

Sub School Leader

7J, 8K, 8L

Ms Marlene Cassar

Assistant Sub School Leader

7H, 8A, 8J

Ms Emily Dickson

Sub School Coordinator

7B, 7E, 8B, 8E

Ms Ashwini Mana Mohan

Sub School Coordinator

7D, 7F, 8D, 8F

Mr Louie Traianou

Sub School Coordinator

7A, 7I, 8H, 8I

Mr Owen McIntyre

Sub School Coordinator

7C, 7G, 8C, 8G

Ms Louise Ferguson

Sub School Assistant

Middle School

Ms Becky Annetts

Sub School Leader

9F, 10C, 10E

Mr Brendan McFarland

Assistant Sub School Leader

9G, 9J, 10B

Ms Cheree Dobra

Sub School Coordinator 

9C, 9D, 10D

Mr Simon Lynch

Sub School Coordinator

9A, 9B, 9I, 10F

Mr Sean Ryan

Sub School Coordinator

9E, 9H, 10A 

Ms Lynda Vo

Sub School Assistant











Senior School

Ms Stav Bekiaris

Sub School Leader

11D, 12D, V1A

Ms Anna Woods

Assistant Sub School Leader

11A , 12A , V2A

Mr Robert Krysinski

Sub School Coordinator

11B, 12B

Ms Laura Gough

Sub School Coordinator

11E, 12E, V1B

Ms Anna Langley

Sub School Coordinator

11C, 12C, V2B

Ms Rosemary Bambery

Sub School Assistant















Junior School Report

Term 3 continues to be filled with exciting extra-curricular events for the Junior Sub- School. Students are in the midst of assessment tasks and tests and learning is well underway.


Year 8 Parent Information Evening 

On Thursday 17 August, the Junior Sub School held the Year 8 Parent information Evening. Parents and students were invited to this important evening to hear from students about their Leadership program they have been involved in called “High resolves”  Le Pham and Meena Soliman presented a PowerPoint they had made and explained what they had gained from the program in order to become better citizens. We had a musical performances for families from Vivienne Doan. The evening’s main purpose was to explain to parents about subject course selection process for Year 9, 2018. The information was informative and explained how students choose subjects. If you have any more questions about this please contact Ms. Honeycombe or Ms. Cassar in the Junior School.


Progress Reports

Teachers have just completed writing progress reports. Any student who is failing more than 2 subjects will be contacted by the Coordinator. Students whose progress is unsatisfactory in any subject will be interviewed by the Coordinator with a view to improving results.



It is important that our students arrive to school on time in the morning. Just a reminder that students who are continuously late to school in the morning will be required to attend afterschool detentions.  After 4 latenesses , students will be required to attend a two hour Friday Night detention. It has been pleasing to see the number of late Junior school students has dropped significantly. Let’s try to have no more Friday night detentions in the Junior School.


Digital Thumbprint

We recently welcomed Optus’ Free education program, Digital Thumbprint, to deliver their workshops to our Year 7 & 8 students. Delivered in class to students by a facilitator, the program’s fun and interactive workshops are tailored to the needs of specific year groups. Designed to empower and inform Australian’s young digital natives, the workshops taught students the advantages of having a positive online presence and armed them with the vital information they need to stay safe online.


Our school has proudly joined Optus Digital Thumbprint program in its commitment to ensuring our students are savvy, responsible and proactive members of Australia’s online community. Overall the program proved to be highly beneficial experience for our students and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. For more information on the program and each of the workshops we encourage you to visit


Year 8 Camps/ Science works

Our fantastic school camps start at the end of this term for Year 8 and the Compulsory Year 8 Science excursion is on 8 September. Please return all monies and permission notes ASAP.


Year 7 Winter Sleep Out          

Over the past 26 years, Mission Australia’s annual Winter Sleepout has made a significant difference to Australian’s in need. But their work is far from done which is why we need your help!


Our school will be holding it's annual Winter Sleep-out soon. Year 7 students are invited to sleep at the College in order to help raise awareness and funds for Australian’s homeless people. There is no cost for the event and food will be provided for dinner, supper and a healthy breakfast. Students will  need only bring a sleeping bag, pillow and toiletries for the evening. Information will be sent home soon.


Donations to Mission Australia can be made by visiting Through this website, students participating in the sleep-out can also ‘join our team’


Lauren Honeycombe

Junior School Sub School Leader


Middle School Report  

With Term 3 now well under way, Year 9 and 10 students have completed their course counseling assignments for the year, and made their subject selections in line with their pathways for 2018.  Year 9s have selected a wide range of subjects to study in Year 10 next year, and many of them are now well on the way to establishing a clear route into their chosen field of study in the years to come.  Year 10 students also spend a great deal of time thinking about their options for next year.  Thank you to all parents who attended course counselling to support students and ask questions about the VCE and VCAL pathways available to students next year.


The Year 10 Beacon Ambassadors are now working with Mr McFarland to prepare for this year’s Beacon Bonanza to be held on Tuesday 5 September.  As part of the day, we will welcome a number of guest speakers from different professions who will speak to the students about the skills, qualifications and pathways into their career areas.


Assemblies were held on Monday 14 August with a focus on student voice and celebrating success.  Thank you to Alisa Chhem, Louise Dang and Thao Thi Nguyen from Year 9, and Daniel Gonkarnue, Oli Lavea and Laeticia Santos who all spoke at assembly having contributed to class captains’ meetings and forums.  The feedback and ideas that you contributed to the discussions were excellent and have given the Middle School Team lots to think about in addressing student needs. 


Important Dates

  • Term 3 Progress Reports  – Wednesday 30 August

A reminder that Term 3 Progress Reports will be available to students and parents from Wednesday 30 August on the student and parent portal.


  • Beacon Bonanza Day – Tuesday 5 September

Year 10 students will be involved in a morning of careers talks, interactive workshops and discussions about their future aspirations and goals.

  • Parent Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 20 September

Students are reminded of the importance of making appointments to see teachers to discuss their learning success and progress.


Becky Annetts

Middle School Sub School Leader


Senior School Report  

We are now half way through Term 3, and have already had some exciting events with more to come. Our teachers have worked on their Year 11 Progress Reports this week, which our Year Level Coordinators use to monitor student progress and phone home to parents as required. The final Year 12 Progress reports are due Wednesday 13 September. Coordinators will again contact parents as required to discuss any concerns.


Our Year 11 students have chosen their subjects for Year 12. It was vital that students chose their subjects carefully and they read their Course Counselling booklets, their Semester One reports and were realistic about their choices. Once they start in Year 12, it will almost be impossible to change a subject or unit of study.


We had our Year level assemblies on Monday 14 August. The theme for the Year 11 assembly was ‘Moving towards Year 12’. Students were presented with information about what the Year 12 ATAR is and what is required to attain a VCE certificate. There were also samples of ‘ATAR’ scores and how scaling affects individual subjects and results. Students were also reminded about the importance of the ‘Orientation Program’ after the Year 11 exams and the Year 12 Study Camp that runs at the beginning of 2018.  The Year 11 VCAL class was also presented with information about meeting the competencies of the school bases subjects, their work placement and VET to be able to move to Intermediate or Senior level in Year 12.


We had two students who were recognised and acknowledged for modelling our school values.

 Bao Nguyen of 11V received an ‘Integrity’ award and Thomas Lam of 11B received a ‘Leadership’ award. Congratulations to both students.


The Year 12 assembly incorporated a motivational lunch for students. It was to recognise and acknowledge the hard work and sacrifices most of the students have made in Year 12.  We had the school captains from 2016 come and speak to the cohort about what their experiences were like for them this time last year and what they did to get them to where they are now.

The Wellbeing team ran workshops with all the Year 11 students on ‘Stress Management’ and ‘Anxiety’. This is something that most students deal with at some point during their schooling. The workshops were designed to raise awareness and how to seek help.


All Year 12 students are starting to fill in their VCAT application forms. They were given information on VTAC, how and when to apply for courses, scholarships and special consideration when writing their SEAS applications.  Students need to start looking at courses, as they will need to put down eight preferences when filling in their VTAC application. All Year 12 VCE and VCAL students will need to resister with VTAC (on-line) if they want to be considered for a university or TAFE course.

They have been given information about the important dates and rules set by VCAA  The ‘Exam Navigator’ – this explains what they need to know about their exams – what is permitted in the exam for particular subjects.  They were also given ‘the ABC of applying in 2018’. This gives them information of what they need to apply through VTAC.


Their ‘September Exams’ timetable was also distributed.  All year 12 students will be doing practice exams during the first week of their September holidays. It is compulsory that students attend.


The English/EAL Practice Exam will be on Wednesday 20 September at 9am. This is the same day as the Parent Teacher Interviews.


Year 12 VCAL students spend a session with our MIPs coordinator applying for courses through VTAC. They all have individual appointments to continue this process.


Enrichment programs for Year 12 students are continuing. Some individual teachers are also running after school classes to best prepare their students for the exams.


We had the final session of the “ABCN Focus Mentoring Program for girls”. The girls completed work on developing their ideas around the qualities of leadership. They looked at different female leaders they admire from fields such as sports, politics, academia, business, religion, community, family, science, medicine, volunteering, charity, IT, arts, music, literature or performance. 


The Year 11 VCAL students are still involved with the ‘CHASE’ program and the ‘Smith Family’.

There are various facilitators that come to the classrooms and run workshops with the students.   Students have completed the Education Phase of their Chase program and will now begin the next step. A show case of projects will occur on Wednesday 18 October during the school day.


Our Year 11 and 12 VCAL students were involved in a program called ‘Straight Talk’. Representatives from different fields in the work force spoke to the students about their journey and how they ended up in their current career/job.


On Friday, 1  September ‘Youth Day’ is being organised by the SRC with huge support from the Year 12 VCAL classes. There will be a fantastic selection of activities and food, including an ice-cream van, a bouncing castle, face painting, hairspray and fake tattoos, a movie-hamper raffle, popcorn and fairy floss, and other activities.  


Our next Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Week 10 this term on Wednesday 20 September. We encourage all parents to come along and discuss their child’s progress in VCE or VCAL with their teachers on that afternoon. Coordinators will be visiting classrooms to confirm that appointments have been made. We look forward to meeting with you again to discuss your child’s progress.


Again, we would like to thank parents who contact us when their child is absent for any reason. This is of great assistance to the Year Level Coordinators, as we call home regularly if there are any unexplained absences. The Case Management process continues to monitor closely the attendance, achievement and individual needs of all our students. Please contact us on 9366 2555 if you have any queries or concerns about your child. 


Stav Bekiaris

Senior Sub School Leader

Year 12 Exams

Year 12  Practice Exams and Revision lectures

Victoria University offer a range of high quality revision lectures  from 26 September to 8 October 2017. The details have been posted on Compass and all students undertaking those subjects are encouraged to attend. The lectures are free of charge.


 St Albans Secondary College also hold compulsory practice exams in all subjects during the school holidays.  All students have received a copy of the timetable and this information will also be posted on Compass shortly. Students are provided with an authentic exam experience that will help build their confidence and maximise their performance. The practice exams are an effective way to develop a revision strategy for the final exams which begin in October, and to learn how to communicate knowledge to the examiner in an appropriate way.  


All students are expected to complete all of their practice exams in this week. Feedback on the exam will be provided to students at the start of Term 4.

From the General Office

General Office Hours 

8:15am to 4:15pm       

College Expectations 

Some important expectations are outlined below.

Attendance, Uniform, Punctuality  

We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents to make sure that your child attends school regularly and punctually, is in full uniform, and is well prepared for all classes with books and equipment.

Being prepared for classes  

It is expected that students have the required books and equipment for each subject, as well as a student diary to record homework and assignments.


If you need any assistance with ordering books, please contact the General Office.


Students must have a minimum of 90% attendance in all classes at each year level.


Full uniform must be worn to and from school, at school and on all school excursions, including interschool sports.


Uniform Shop Hours:

Monday - 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Thursday - 12:15pm to 1:15pm


Alternatively, you can purchase the school uniform online through our school website:


Please note:

  • Only the 3 approved styles of school shoes are to be worn
  • PE / Sports shoes must be lace up runners with non-marking soles
  • Facial piercings are not to be worn at school
  • Make-up is to be kept to a minimum.


Students are expected to be punctual at the start of each day and for all classes. Any student who is late more than 4 times will have a Friday detention from 3:20pm to 5:20pm. 


The consequences for lateness to school are as follows:


1st Late

Coordinator Warning.


2nd Late

After School Detention:  

3:15pm -  3:45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home.


3rd Late

After School Detention:  

3:15pm -  3:45pm.  

Sub Schools to contact home  – advise that next late will be a Friday Night Detention.


4th Late

Friday Night Detention:  

3:20pm -  5:20pm.  

Students that complete their Friday Night Detention have their next late treated as a 3rd LATE.  A subsequent LATE means a second     Friday Night Detention & student is placed on a ‘Blue Sheet’.


Blue Sheet

Student is on a ‘Blue Sheet’ for 2 weeks. Coordinator meets Parent/Guardian to explain the Blue Sheet process.


Unsatisfactory Blue Sheet

Parent interview with SSL & PCO. 

Strategies discussed – possible suspension.



Sustainable School Shop

The Sustainable School Shop website is available to purchase and/or sell second-hand uniforms and used textbooks.


Parents can log in or register at any time at

When selling items, click the Sell Uniforms button and follow the prompts. Assistance is given to construct your For Sale ads including a pricing guide.
To see the ads for items currently on sale or to obtain the seller details, you will need to log-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, click the blue Stocktake button and then click the item you need. Buyers contact the seller directly.

Sellers are asked to delist For Sale Ads as items sell.


Extra Curricular Activities - What's on around SASC in 2017

Before School


Wednesday & Friday 

Breakfast Club

8.15am - 8.45am

Free Breakfast served in D1









Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo

Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day
In the gym with Mr Lakovski


SEAL Keyboard Orchestra

In Performing Arts with

Ms Sungmongkol


Debating Team

In F9 with Mr Rowland



Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Makers Club

In the Library


SEAL Keyboard

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol



SASC Dance Crew In Performing Arts with

Ms De Silva


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Chess, boardgames, cardgames, jigsaws & puzzles

in Room R1 with Mr Vo



Sport will change every few weeks – will announce on the day

In the gym with Mr Lakovski


Drawing Club

In G3 with Mr Nishioka

After School

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Library open from 8.00am to 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am to 4.30pm


Lux Divas

In Performing Arts with Ms Sungmongkol


Library open from 8.00am to 4.30pm


Library open from 8.00am to 4.30pm


The After School Study Program

3.15pm to 4.30pm in the Library with Ms Woods


Library open from 8.00am to 3.30pm


Sport Report


On Thursday 17 August, fifteen boys from Years 9 and 10 competed in the Keilor Division Rugby 9s competition at Moore Park in Ardeer.


As undefeated champions for 2017, the boys were keen to uphold their reputation and previous success.


In the first game against Copperfield Sydenham, the boys were quick to establish their defensive line and prevent Copperfield from breaking through early in the game.  The first try to Copperfield came not long after, but the boys rallied and put their plays into practice.  Aoese Lafele made a break down the wing, and with just metres to go to the try line he off loaded the ball to Laki Timoteo.  Unfortunately, Laki was not actually on the pitch at this time and had been cheering from the sideline so the ball was out of play.


After a few laughs at the mistake, EJ Samu soon drew the scores level with a well-timed break through the defence.  John Velio was then brought on to the pitch and scored two tries in quick succession.  Copperfield continued their attack and the scores were level just before half time.  A tough tackle on Anthony Maniapoto saw him removed from the pitch with a dislocated shoulder, but the team were determined not to let this get them down.  Laveni Ierome and Pule Ioane added to the St Albans score line.

Final score 5-5.

Man of the match: EJ Samu


The second game saw the boys take on arch rivals Victoria University.  Determined to play well for Anthony and John who had left for the hospital at this point, the tries came in thick and fast from the opening of the match.  After some brilliant work in defence and holding the back line, Makaafi Taufeulungaki pushed through the VU defence to score his first try of the day.  Luani Faausu added two more to the score line and by half time, EJ Vaiusu had also scored his first try of the day.


In the second half, Nia Sione and OJ Sigano worked together to set up a number of plays mid field allowing Michael Muller to score twice.  A few minutes later, Pule Ioane scored once more, and Aoese Lafele made up for his earlier error by scoring four tries in quick succession.  Laki Timoteo made a number of breaks down the wing, but was unable to maintain possession of the ball during strong tackles from the VU players.  Gerrit Afano also helped move the attacking line further up the pitch with some well-timed runs.  Zach Vitale was taken from the pitch suffering from concussion, but continued to cheer the rest of the team on from the sideline.

Final score 12-2.

Man of the match: Makaafi Taufeulungaki


Successful in maintaining their undefeated status, the boys returned to school tired and sore, but excited at their triumph.  They even washed the school minibus at the end of the day in celebration of their success.


Thanks to Pat Aigoife who coached the team and cheered and motivated from the side lines, and to Mr Ian Crocker for driving the bus.



EJ Samu, Pule Ioane, Anthony Maniapoto, Laki Timoteo, Luani Faausu, Aoese Lafele, Zach Vitale, EJ Vaiusu, Gerrit Afano, Michael Muller, Laveni Ierome, OJ Sigano, Nia Sione, John Velio, Makaafi Taufeulungaki


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