22 September 2017
Week 3.10 - Issue 15
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Father in Heaven, Creator of all and source of all goodness and love, please look kindly upon
us and receive our heartfelt gratitude in this time of giving thanks.
Thank you for all the graces and blessings you have bestowed upon us, spiritual and temporal;
our faith and religious heritage. 

Our food and shelter, our health, the love we have for one another, our family and friends.


Dear Father, in Your infinite generosity, please grant us continued graces and blessings 
throughout the coming year.
This we ask in the name of Jesus, Your Son and our Brother.


St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

In recent newsletter articles, I have spoken of the various creative, practical and performing arts exhibitions and festivals, the numerous sporting events including the wonderful performance of our Year 8/9 Girls AFL Team and our ACC Athletics Team and numerous other exemplary student achievements. However, on this occasion I wish to highlight one activity that I believe aligns closely with our College community and our values.


I recently had the pleasure of participating in a commissioning ceremony for our Cambodia Immersion students, prior to their departure early last week. The guiding principles of this immersion, as celebrated in the ceremony, speak to the heart of why we value such opportunities for our students: “We commit to continue to live for others”.  


Miss Kyd and Miss Abel have accompanied our eight students on this immersion and from the updates they have been sending through, have relished the opportunities to visit and engage with, but ultimately, to serve the Cambodian people they have met – living for others. A most recent message spoke of an impending sunrise reflection at the Angkor Wat Temple at 4am in the morning as well as receiving a cherished blessing from local monks in Phnom Penh. We all look forward to the group’s safe return and hearing of the transformative experiences they have enjoyed. This is another example and model for all members of our community as we strive to live our College motto and to be “prepared for all good works”.


On the occasion of this, our last newsletter article for this term, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the contribution of staff who depart at the end of this week. We thank Ms Nicole Munro for her service to our community for the past three terms and wish her well for the impending birth of her first child. We thank Mr Donald Nield who has been on leave since the end of Term 1 and is a very familiar and welcome face to many in our College. Mr Nield returned for the past five weeks to share his leadership and wisdom in the role of Deputy Principal while Mrs Quinn has been on leave. We look forward to great news from Ms Munro in the weeks to come and seeing Mr Nield back among our teaching staff in 2018.


A reminder to all of our students that Term 4 sees the return of the College summer uniform. I encourage all students to take the small amount of time required to ensure, well before the start of next term, that they have their summer uniform in a fit and appropriate state to be worn from the first day. Holiday hours for the Uniform Shop are included in this newsletter for those needing to purchase new items.


A further reminder of a very important event in Term 4, the College Presentation Night held at the Perth Concert Hall on Tuesday 31 October. This is a compulsory event in the College calendar, so please plan ahead. One of the awards presented on this evening is the Br Patrick Doolan O Praem Award. In honour of the memory of Br Patrick Doolan O Praem, who passed to eternal life in January 2006, a medal carrying his name is presented annually to a member of the College staff who has given outstanding service to the College. I invite parents and students to nominate a staff member whom they believe fits the “outstanding service” criteria. Written nominations should be lodged with Mrs Angela Hughes by Friday 20 October.


I took the opportunity this week to wish our Year 12 students well in their upcoming exams commencing during the holidays. It is an exciting time for our students and we look forward to the very memorable events early in Term 4, where we celebrate and congratulate them on their contributions to our College.


In closing, I wish all members of our community a safe, healthy and well-deserved school holiday period and renewed energy to face the final term of the academic year. In the spirit of the Cambodia Immersion of ‘living for others’, I leave you with this small reflection:

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us,” (Anonymous).


God Bless

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

From the Deputy Principal

Uniform Reminder

Students are required to commence Term 4 in FULL SUMMER UNIFORM. Parents are reminded that students who have not worn their uniform for some time may have grown since Term 1. Please check your summer uniforms in advance during the school holidays to ensure any items needing to be replaced are done so before school commences on Wednesday 11 October. Uniform Shop holiday opening times are published at the end of the newsletter.



As the end of Term 3 draws to a close, Year 12 students begin to realise that their Class of 2017 Graduation is only a few weeks away. For some this will bring feelings of excitement, for others a sense of loss, but for all students it is the start of an exciting journey into the adult world.

Year 12 Graduation takes place on Friday, 20 October (Week 2) commencing with the traditional Year 12 breakfast and ending with the Graduation Mass and Ceremony later that night. In the lead-up to the day, it is important for students to plan for the many different activities that comprise the graduation process. Some important details for students and families to remember are:

  • The Year 12 Farewell Breakfast commences at 8.00am in the Ludolph Court. Students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM to school that day.
  • The Farewell Assembly will proceed after the conclusion of the Breakfast and will commence at 9.00am in the O’Reilly Centre. Parents are most welcome to attend the assembly but need to be seated upstairs by no later than 8.45am.
  • At the conclusion of the Farewell Assembly, Year 12 students will head to St Joseph’s Church to rehearse for the Graduation Mass and Ceremony. Students will be dismissed at the conclusion of the rehearsal and after any associated announcements.
  • Graduation Mass commences at 6.30pm sharp in St Joseph’s Church. Students will be required to assemble in their designated House area by 5.45pm.
  • Students are required to wear their FULL WINTER UNIFORM to the Graduation Mass and Ceremony. I highly recommend that uniforms are washed, ironed and blazers are dry-cleaned for this important occasion. Students have also been reminded of the need to have haircuts and styles that conform to the College regulations in order to participate in the Graduation events.



  • Year 12 ATAR students will commence their final school exams in the second week of the school holidays. Students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM to their mock-ATAR exams but if the weather is cold, they are allowed to wear their jumpers or alternatively bring their Leavers Jackets to wear in the exam. A reminder that students cannot travel to and from the College in their Leavers Jackets and that they can only be worn while at school.
  • Year 12 exams finish on Tuesday, 10 October. Year 12 students are not required to attend school on either Wednesday 11 October or Thursday 12 October.
  • The exception to this is those vocational students who need to return to the College to complete their Certificates or who have outstanding work to complete. Those students are required to report to the Library in SUMMER UNIFORM with their laptops fully charged.
  • All Year 12 students are to return to the College on Friday, 13 October.  The schedule for Year 12 students includes Homeroom, Farewell House assembly, regular classes during Periods 1-5 and Graduation rehearsal in Period 6.
  • The Year 12 examination review sessions will take place between Monday 16 October and Wednesday 18 October. These sessions are compulsory for all ATAR students. Students have already been given details about the schedule for the review sessions and students are required to wear their SUMMER UNIFORM.


My best wishes to those Year 12 students sitting examinations during the coming holiday break.


Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal)


From the Dean of Studies

Examinations - Year 12

All students should have received the exam timetable for College exams that will commence on Monday 2 October and conclude on Tuesday 10 October. A reminder that the summer uniform is to be worn for exams and the usual grooming rules apply. All Year 12 ATAR students will return to school on Monday 16 October to review exams.


Students sitting WACE exams have received a PERSONALISED EXAM TIMETABLE. Students are required to bring these to all WACE exams as their form of identification.



In Week 2 of Term 4, Year 12 students sitting WACE exams will have their normal classes suspended so that they can attend extended sessions with their teachers preparing for exams. Attendance will be compulsory and timetables for the week are within the Year 12 Graduation Booklet.



There are many Revision Courses available for students who wish to boost their current results. The Parent Committee will reimburse parents $20/course as an incentive to attend. Please provide me with an invoice. Please check out the following for further information:

  • Academic Associates
  • Academic Task Force
  • Mastermind
  • Scholastic Excellence



EXAMS in Term 4

Year 11:   Monday 6 November – Tuesday 14 November

Years 9 and 10:   Monday 20 November – Friday 24 November


Year 11 students have received their timetable. Years 9 and 10 students will receive timetables early in Term 4.


Presentation Night 2016

A reminder to keep Tuesday 31 October for the annual Presentation Night where students will receive awards in recognition of their hard work and achievements. It is also an evening that displays the talents of our students. Tickets will be on sale in Term 4 at a cost of $10 each. Publication of award winners will occur early in Term 4.


Mr S Hodgen (Dean of Studies)

Pastoral Care

Teach your teenager to be independent


The teenage years are when young people begin to master the skills that will enable them to be fully independent in adulthood. As parents, we need to encourage independence in our teenagers, while keeping them safe and supported. We look at ways to encourage your child to be confident, independent and responsible.


Different kinds of independence

While some teenagers are craving freedom and independence from a young age, others need a little push to become confident and self-motivated. No matter which end of the spectrum your child sits at, there are a whole range of skills that teenagers need to learn in order to become independent. Some things to consider are:

  • being independent on the domestic front – cooking, cleaning and processing laundry
  • managing their time, study and responsibilities themselves
  • being confident in the outside world with different types of people and situations
  • looking out for themselves and their friends when out and about.

Young people mature at different rates, so what their friends are doing may not necessarily be right for your child at the same time. It’s important to have ongoing discussions with your child about their developing independence and to find a common ground where there is a balance between independence and safety.


Setting boundaries

When encouraging independence with your child, it’s important to discuss and set boundaries around behaviour. By setting firm and clear boundaries, both of you know what’s expected and allowed. 

When the expectations are clear, your child has the chance to explore things for themselves within them. Clear boundaries also help your child feel safe and cared for. As independence develops, it’s important to sit down with your child to discuss what the boundaries will be around different situations. Some examples to consider:

  • What are the rules about going out with friends?
  • What are the rules about contacting you while they’re out?
  • What are the rules about social media and technology use?

Earning trust

If your child wants more independence than you feel comfortable with, or you feel they’ve been untrustworthy in the past, consider creating some activities that could earn trust. Things like small outings or being left at home alone for brief periods of time will provide the building blocks for more independence. By building up trust in small increments you’ll both feel safe and supported as mutual trust develops. And there’s a balance struck between freedom and responsibility. Learn more about how to build trust with your child.


Effective decision-making

Teaching your child effective decision-making is a big step in preparing them for independence. By allowing them to work things out for themselves they develop an ability to identify and solve problems. They’ll also gain skills in rational thinking and listening and develop an ability to prioritise and compromise. Some ways to help your child develop decision-making skills:

  • encourage them to stay calm, listen, and think
  • get them to brainstorm a wide range of possible outcomes
  • get them to write a list of positives and negatives
  • encourage them to listen to their instincts.

Managing money

As teenagers want to exercise their independence and go out more, money takes a greater role in their lives. You can help by: 

  • modelling responsible money management in your own life
  • encourage them to earn their own money
  • help them set savings goals for things that they want
  • allow them to spend their money how they want, even if it means making mistakes
  • include them in making family financial decisions such as planning holidays or excursions.

Encourage responsibility

The level of responsibility you expect from your child should grow as they do. It’s important not to expect too much too soon. Remember that a teenager’s brain is still developing and that they’ll have poorer impulse control than adults. 

As part of becoming responsible, young people learn to take ownership for the positive and negative consequences of their actions. When you encourage responsibility you have to be prepared to let your child fail and make their own mistakes, and to be prepared to allow them to do things their own way.

Teaching responsibility means you need to stand back and let them do things on their own. This will sometimes mean dealing with negative consequences in order for them to learn and develop. This is a really good life lesson.


Time management

Encouraging your child to become responsible for their time management is an important part of independence. Some things you can do:

  • sit down with them and plot out all of their activities and responsibilities and create a weekly schedule.
  • when scheduling the week, make sure that there is a balance between work or study time and free time.
  • consider introducing time management apps if they’re better with their phone or computer than written lists.
  • encourage them to realistically identify how long things take.

Let go

It can be difficult and worrying to facilitate your child’s growing independence. Concerns about safety, responsibilities and wanting them to enjoy their lives without too many worries, can all make it difficult to let go and allow them to develop independence. When we progressively “let go” to allow our child to become independent we not only have to learn to trust them as young people, but we also have to trust ourselves and believe that we have laid a good foundation from which they will grow. Do your best, that’s all you can do.


For more information on this topic got to:


The Pastoral Care Team

Academic Excellence

Oxbridge Mock Interviews at SNC

We held the second Oxbridge Mock Interview questions session in Week 8 to provide Year 10 students Calum Tavani, Shanzae Jehangiri, Jessica Ramos and Ana De Veyra with an opportunity to develop the ability to think laterally, and apply their thinking to new ideas and different contexts. There was no right or wrong answer to a question, rather a focus on its originality, and how the person perceived a certain question. Students are able to develop their thinking skills beyond the mere seclusion within individual subjects. It was wonderful to have teachers and students participate as spectators. 


The Oxbridge Mock Interviews are a great and fun way to test your problem-solving skills, creativity and opinions.     Calum Tavani - Year 10


The Oxbridge Mock Interviews were a great insight into philosophical and lateral thinking.                                                 Shanzae Jehangiri - Year 10


The Oxbridge Mock Interviews gave interesting questions such as “How am I able to do that?” which challenged my ability to analyse different perspectives.                                                                        Jessica Ramos - Year 10


Science Café at UWA

On Thursday 24 August, Mrs Miranda and eight students of St Norbert College including myself went to Winthrop Hall in the University of Western Australia to meet and converse with scientists, all of which were experts in their respective fields. As the representatives of St Norbert College my peers and I arrived in Winthrop Hall excited for the day ahead. We arrived at our table and met Dr Demelza Ireland and Dr Grzegorg Skrzypek. With my discussions with Dr Ireland, I learnt that she was involved in the fields of immunology and women’s health and interestingly participated in research aiming to combat the inflammatory response of the umbilical chord to antibiotics. Dr Skrzypek informed us that he was involved with using stable isotopes of certain non-metals to trace ecological processes. Later on we also met with Dr Judy Dunlop, whose work aimed at the conservation of threatened species by controlling threats and enhancing existing populations; and Dr Vanessa Bowden, an expert in psychology who works on helping in the construction of technology so that they are perfectly suited for human use. Finally in the open session I met with Dr Clair Lee whose work involves testing new medical treatments intensively for use on humans. I immensely enjoyed meeting these scientific professionals and, like my peers, was greatly thankful for the opportunity.

                                                                                         Millenium Paneru - Year 10


The Science Cafe was an exciting experience for all of us. Having morning tea with scientists was a very exciting opportunity, especially for those of us who were interested in pursuing a career in the scientific industry. We were allowed to ask whatever questions we wanted to the scientist who answered them with their great expertise. We learnt about the making of artificial wombs, reactive isotopes, mechanical psychology and the possibility of life on Mars. This was an exciting experience for all of us and I highly recommend it for future years. 

                                                                                             Simran Shivnani - Year 10

Tournament of Minds

This year we had two teams registered in the Tournament of Minds for Engineering Mathematics Challenge and Social Science Challenge. Both groups exhibited excellent team spirit.


Tournament of Minds was a great experience to develop new friendships in different year levels. My experience of Tournament of Minds was great. The competition day was really fun because in between the two challenges we all hung out together. Overall it was a fun learning experience.                                                                                     Holly Giles – Year 7 


TOM was a fun learning experience. It helped me to make new friends and I found things that I never knew.                  Isioma Onyemgba – Year 8


The past weeks of doing Tournament of Minds (TOM) have mostly been great and fun. It was a blast working with the other members and I feel TOM is a great way to make new friends. TOM is also something you got to put a lot of hard effort and work into, it wasn't easy doing the challenge and it wasn't any easier performing in front of the judges, but at the end everyone did their best and we had lots of fun, which is what matters.                                                                                 Robert Watson – Year 7


The Tournament of Minds is a great experience for those who love a challenge. It made us think outside the box as well as expand our knowledge in an area of Mathematics. I highly recommend that people should take part in this competition, as there is something for everyone - in any of the four categories. The spontaneous challenge also involves philosophical and abstract thinking, it shares similarities with an Oxbridge interview.                                          Aldric Ratnasekera – Year 10


I enjoyed the Tournament of Minds because I got to work with the team to create our script, machine and to practice for the challenges. I was amazed when we did the actual competition because it was fun to act out our Long Term and for the spontaneous challenge.                                                                                                                                Ayden Ratnasekera – Year 7

Performing Arts Showcase

Performing Arts Showcase


On Tuesday 31 August, the Xanten Performing Arts Centre and Xanten Theatre came to life not only with the Creative Arts Exhibition, but with performers getting prepared for the Performing Arts Showcase. We were blessed with beautiful weather and great food provided from the food trucks as the sun set and the College buzzed with excitement.

The evening consisted of performances from the Music, Drama and Dance departments, some from the Catholic Performing Arts Festival, along with a number of performances from inside the Performing Arts classrooms. Our students sang, played, danced and acted with gusto and enjoyment. They successfully put on a thoroughly entertaining evening that really did showcase their many gifts and talents.


Performances like this do not happen without the contribution of the whole school community and we would like to thank all the teachers, parents and students who contributed to the evening. Thank you to all that supported the evening by attending as an audience member, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as the students did performing. Your support is appreciated not just by us, but by all the students performing as well. A special thank you to the parents of our students - without your support the show would not be possible!

Miss L Alban - Dance Teacher

Student Successes

Lilli McAuliffe - Year 9 K2

In December 2016 Lilli was selected to represent WA in the Intermediate Team for the Calisthenics Association of WA, competing at the 2017 ACF (Australian Calisthenics Federation) National Championships in Sydney in July. The Intermediate Team placed 2nd from seven States that competed.

Prior to competing, on 15 May, Lilli received a Local Sporting Champion Grant of $500.00 towards her participation in the Australian Calisthenics Federation 2017 National Championships. She received the award from Ben Morton MP at a special afternoon tea ceremony.



Chloe Reilly - Year 8 T3

Chloe Reilly capped off an exceptional season in football by clinching a Grand Final victory for Willetton U/15s at the weekend. Chloe was judged Best on Ground for the game, less than week after being voted Best and Fairest in the East Fremantle District (U/15s Girls) and 3rd overall across all districts in her age group. Her success did not stop there though; in the same week Chloe represented St Norbert College in the Year 8/9 Girls AFL Grand Final against Governor Stirling SHS, being judged one of the best on ground for the game, as well as claiming the team Best and Fairest at the St Norbert College AFL Awards lunch on Tuesday. I have it on good authority that she will be hard to beat in her own club Best and Fairest for Willetton in the coming week and I would like to congratulate Chloe on an unbelievable season in football.

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)



Fletcher Clemmence - Year 11 X2

Congratulations goes to Fletcher Clemmence on his recent effort in basketball. Fletcher was selected for the Associated Catholic College (ACC) Basketball team who will play against the School Sport WA team next term at Bendat Basketball Stadium. Fletcher was selected for one of the 10 spots on the team from 60 WA players ranging from Geraldton to Busselton. Congratulations Fletcher!

Mr R Godfrey (Health &  Physical Education Teacher)



Caleb White - Year 12 K6

Congratulations to Caleb White who recently was awarded the Article Hancock Award for best on ground in his team’s win in the Metro Football League grand final.


ACC Athletics

ACC “B” Division Athletics Carnival


What a performance it was last Thursday at the ACC “B” Division Athletics Carnival! The level of sportsmanship and determination on display by our athletes was NEXT LEVEL. Not many people gave St Norbert College a chance against the much larger schools in what is a very competitive division, so to finish 3rd (only 22 points behind 2nd place) is an exceptional performance and one that all members of our College community should be extremely proud of. Athletics is a team sport and every single person contributed on the day which was great to see.


At the last training session before the carnival, I threw down the challenge and reminded all athletes of the task ahead and I was filled with pride to see our athletes accept the challenge and deliver higher than expected results. Imagine what the team could achieve if we were getting 60, 70 or 80 students regularly down to training sessions? I truly believe that A-Division is within reach for us – 2019 perhaps! Our athletics coach, Steve Tucker, said he was in the stands watching the relays, feeling like a proud coach and could not have spoken any higher of our athletes for their efforts. Kyle March, the Director of Sport at the ACC, came straight up to me after the presentations to congratulate our team on such a huge display against the bigger schools and a former teacher of St Norbert College (who now teaches at Prendiville College) spoke highly of the amount of “heart” that our students displayed on the day, and it was this exact thing that saw us be so competitive.



Team                   Male Score     Female Score    Total


Chisholm                     917                    871                  1788

Newman                      817                    841                  1658

St Norbert                 874                   741                  1635

St Marks                      778                    846                   1624

Mater Dei                    780                    804                   1584

Prendiville                  806                    692                   1498

La Salle                        698                    732                   1430

Seton                            664                    680                   1344


Congratulations and special mentions to the following:

  • Senior Boys for winning the shield
  • Junior Boys finished 2nd overall
  • Lubin Benedict, Izeldin Bol, Cooper Jenkins and Werner Van Rooyen for breaking a 32-year-old record in the U/16 Boys 4x 100m relay
  • Age group champions:
    • Bob Watson – 4th overall in U/13 boys
    • Holly Giles – Runner-Up Champion Girl in U/13 girls
    • Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn – 3rd overall in U/14 boys
    • In U/14 girls we had Shenae Hartree awarded Champion Girl and Zeta Stevens finished 3rd overall
    • Kayla Hartree – Runner-Up Champion Girl in U/15 girls
    • Lubin Benedict – Runner-Up Champion Boy in U/16 boys
    • Ellie Nagle – Runner-Up Champion Girl in OPEN girls
    • Noel Mancuveni – 4th overall in OPEN boys


To put that in perspective, of the 40 best performing students at the carnival, nine were from St Norbert College – unbelievable!

Thank you to Mr Gherardi, Mrs Robinson, Ms Hughes, Ms Isard, Mr Godfrey, Mr D’Almeida, Mr Ford, Mr Lewis and Mr Steven Tucker for training our athletes throughout the athletics season. I hope the athletes believe me when I say that their performance at the carnival means just as much to the staff and coaches involved, as it does to them. Thank you also to our senior students for the leadership shown at the carnival, especially by our captains Sophie Spanghero and Jack Higgs.


Finally, thank you to Ms McKenna, Mr D’Mello and the Certificate Sport and Recreation students who helped out as officials on the day.


After each ACC carnival, the ACC combines all results across all divisions in a “virtual carnival”. This places all schools and competitors against one another. I am pleased to report that out of all the schools, across all divisions and events, St Norbert College finished 6th overall out of 60 schools. This is a testimony to your endeavour on the day, and further illustrates that St Norbert College is capable of mixing it in A-Division. A massive congratulations to our senior boys who finished 1st overall in the Senior Boys Shield (once again, out of all schools!) for their performance last Thursday.


To view the results from the carnival, go to this link:


Bring on 2018!

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)


Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental Lessons Reminder – No student may commence or withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. In order to cease tuition at the end of Term 3, without financial penalty, Music Administration must receive written notice from parents.

Mr C Beins (Director of Music)

Youthfest 2017 

Youthfest 2017

On Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September, St Norbert College played host to the Independent Theatre Association of WA's one-act youth festival. Over two full days, the College was full of young actors, lighting operators, designers and directors. The adjudicator Mr Nick McLaine was so impressed with the standards of everyone. St Norbert College had two plays in the senior section and both shows did very well. Mr McLaine said he was particularly impressed with the characterisation, enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of our actors. Jake Cummane hosted the entire weekend with flair and charm and Lucas Kininmonth assisted all shows with the lighting.


The results of the festival were as follows: 

  • Jake Cummane won Best Actor for the festival

Adjudicators certificates were awarded to the following people: 


  • Chloe McLevie for a truthful and sensitive performance
  • Tanya Antero for a commitment to character
  • Michael Ryan for outstanding comic timing

In the Junior Drama Club:

  • Tegan Reder for a sensitive and natural performance
  • Mara Homez for outstanding stage presence

And the entire ensemble of the play won for their enthusiasm and energy. 


My congratulations to all of the members of both Drama Clubs. You have worked incredibly hard over the year and your results are testament to your talent and to your dedication. 

Ms K Hilton (Drama Teacher)


Uniform Shop

Opening times Term 4:

 Monday 8.00am - 12.00 noon and

Thursday 1.00pm - 5.00pm.


October School Holidays:

Opening for Summer Uniforms:

Thursday, 5 October - 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Monday, 9 October - 8.00am – 12.00 noon


Uniform Shop is now taking second-hand clothing.


On Sale:   Shelf Bra Bathers  $45.00

                     Normal Bathers      $36.00

                     Crop Tops                   $22.00

Class of 1986 Reunion

Members of the Class of 1986 (and teachers from the time) are invited to a reunion lunch:

Date:             Sunday October 8, 2017

Time:            12 noon onwards

Venue:          Ravenswood Hotel, 65 Lloyd Avenue,                            Ravenswood

Please contact:   Vanessa Williams (nee Archdeacon) – [email protected]


Please see our Facebook Page for further information.


Young Women Future Workforce Event



  • Friday 22 September – End of Term 3
  • Year 12 Exams - Monday 2 October to Tuesday 10 October.
  • Wednesday 11 October - Term 4 Commences  (summer uniform)
  • Friday 13 October - closing date for Fr Peter O'Reilly Scholarships

Mathematics Tutoring for Secondary Schools


Murdoch University - Primer Classes


Canons Swim Squad

Canons Swim Squad training commences on Thursday Week 4.1 in the College pool. Training will run from 7:30am to 8:20am and students are welcome to get breakfast from the Fr Peter O'Reilly Centre after training. I am pleased to report that this season we have the services of professional swimming coach Heather Adams. Heather taught herself to swim when she was 8 years old and has been swimming ever since. She is still a competitive Masters swimmer and has also been coaching for 20 years from junior swimmers (just out of learn to swim) to age group and open swimmers. Heather has coached at State champion level and she has also coached at Paralympic level from 2012 to 2016 (vision impaired). One of her swimmers achieved a world record at the Rio selection trials in 2016. Heather has been coaching school squads for a number of years and is excited about leading the St Norbert College ACC Swimming Team in 2017/2018. Heather has a Bachelor of Sport Science attained to help her coaching and is a bronze level accredited coach.

Mr M Price (Head of Sport)

Young Women. Future Workforce event 2017 - MULF.pdf
Young Women. Future Workforce event 2017.pdf
Mathematics Tutoring for Secondary Schools - Attachement.pdf
Mathematics Tutoring for Secondary Schools - Attachement.pdf
Murdoch University - Primer Classes.pdf