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13 September 2017
Issue Sixteen
School Dates
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School Dates

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 13th - Student Led Conference P-4

Thursday 14th  -  Yr 1 & 2 Concert 6:30pm

Friday 15th  -  Korean Cooking

                                (Years 4A, 4C, 1A, 1B, 3A)

Monday 18th  -  Korean Cooking

                                    (Years 2B, PA, PB, 2A)

Tuesday 19th  -  'Pirate Day' gold coin donation

                                   -  Prep excursion

Wednesday 20th  -  School Council 7:00pm

Thursday 21st  -  Yr 6 Braeside Park Ride

                                  - Yr 3 Excursion TBC

                                   - Korean Cooking

                                      (Years PC, 4B, 3C, 3B, 1C)

                                   - World Gratitude Day

Friday 22nd  -  Term 3 Ends: 2:30pm Dismissal



Monday 9th - Term 4 begins

Tuesday 10th  -  Korean Cooking (Year 6A, 6B)

Wednesday 11th - Student Led Conference Yr 5/6

Thursday 12th - Korean Cooking (Year 5A, 5B)

                                 - Yr 3 Museum Excursion

Friday 13th - Yr 5/6 Interschool Sport begins

Tuesday 24th - Ed Sub Committee 6:30pm

Wednesday 25th - Yr 5 Sovereign Hill

                                        - School Council 7:00pm



Wednesday 1st - Yr 4 Camp Info night 6:00pm

Thursday 2nd - Prep Concert 6:00pm

Monday 6th - Curriculum Day - no school

Tuesday 7th - Public Holiday

Thursday 9th - Ed Sub Committee 6:30pm

Monday 13th - Yr 4 Camp Depart 8:45am

Wednesday 15th - Yr 4 Camp ETA 3:15pm 

                                - School Council  7:00pm

Friday 17th - Prep Orientation 2:00-3:00pm

Saturday 25th - P&F Hawaiian Beach Party

Events on Compass awaiting Parent Approval


Cranbourne Botanical Gardens -  15th September

Korean Cooking 

Prep Concert

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming - coming soon

Year 1

Korean Cooking

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming - coming soon

Year 2

Korean Cooking

Prep - Yr 2 Swimming - coming soon

Year 3 

Korean Cooking

Melbourne Museum - by 6th October

Year 4

Year 4 Camp - Consent/Deposit by 15th September

Korean Cooking

Year 5

Sovereign Hill - by 13th October

Korean Cooking

Interschool Sport - Term 4 - coming soon

Year 6

Braeside Park Bike Ride 

Korean Cooking

Interschool Sport - Term 4 - coming soon


COMPASS Parent Portal


*Please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available. Please contact the office for further information.


2017 Term Dates


31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish


18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish


17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish


9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

2017 Curriculum Days

  • Monday 30th of January
  • Monday 24th of April
  • Friday 2nd of June
  • Monday 6th of November

Students are not required to attend school on these days. The Out of School Hours Care Program will be available, please contact April  on 03 9578 5826 to discuss boookings.

2017 School Council Meeting

  • Wednesday 20th September 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 25th October 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 15th November 7:00pm
  • December meeting TBC

2017 Education Sub-Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday October 24th 6:30pm
  • Thursday November 9th 6:30pm

2017 Public Holidays

  • Friday 29th September - AFL Grand Final Friday
  • Tuesday 7th November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Monday 25th December - Christmas Day

Prep 2018 Enrolment School Tours

School Tours are conducted on a regular basis by the Principal. Tours begin at 9:30am and last approximately one hour. The upcoming tour dates for 2017 are:  

  • Monday 16th of October  
  • Friday 10th of November

Enrolment Packs for 2018 are available from the School Office.

Foundation (Prep) Orientaion Program 2017/2018

Friday  17th November 2017 - 2:00 – 3:00pm

  •  Parent Information Session in Hall
  •  Literacy & Craft Activities

Friday 24th November 2017 2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Literacy & Craft Activities

Friday 1st December 2017 -  2:00 – 3:00pm

  • Tabloid Sports.

** Please remember to wear a hat and put on your sunscreen. Please ensure children have eaten their lunch/snack prior to coming to all orientation sessions as there will be no opportunity to eat during the scheduled activities.**


Tuesday 12th December 2017 - 11:30am – 1:00pm

  • Classroom Orientation. Children are required to bring their lunch on this day.

2018 Term Dates


30th January to 29th March


16th April to 29th June


16th July to 21st September


8th October to 21st December

School Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540

Our Vision

We believe:

  • All children should be stimulated, engaged, challenged and supported in their learning.
  • The school environment must have a safe and nurturing quality which allows all children the opportunity to learn.
  • The school community promotes and values diversity in interests, beliefs and perspectives.             
  • Students can be effective global citizens with a sense of belonging and responsibility to our world.

Our Values


  • Treating one another with consideration and courtesy
  • For self and others
  • For property and the environment


  • Displaying fairness in our words and actions
  • Accepting of other people’s beliefs
  • Accepying of other people’s differences
  • Accepting of other people’s perspectives


  • Gaining knowledge and skills through educational experiences
  • Seeking knowledge through study and investigation
  • Displaying a positive aƫtude towards learning
  • Utilise critical and strategic thinking


  • Never give up
  • Remain committed to achieving our goals
  • Excellence
  • Take pride in what we do
  •  Strive to always do our best

The Ormond Team

Acting Principal

Natalie Rose

Assistant Principal 

Lorrie Dell


Natalie Rose

Lorrie Dell

Sally Berryman

Felicity Hall-Shulman

Lorraine Bell


Helene Ioannou 

Jacinda Hocking

Stephanie Halliday

Year 1 

Joshua Hewett

Paul Bratt

Andrea Durward

Year 2 

Sally Berryman - Foundation to  Year 2 Team Leader

Effie Liarakos

Year 3 

Joshua Kamoen

Jade Lipson

Julie Nield

Year 4

Lorraine Bell - Year 3-4 Team Leader

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Year 5 

Felicity Hall-Shulman - Year 5-6 Team Leader

Siobhan Hosking

Year 6 - Level 4

Sandra Johnson

Chris Cheverton

Specialist Teachers

Michael Pannam - PE/Sport

Helen Kupfer - Visual Arts

Kim Stewart - ICT

Anna Park - Korean Language

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report

From the Principal...

Compass Calendar Introduction

Over the last few weeks, I have spent time meeting many students and parents. I appreciate that many of our families are fulltime working parents, therefore it is very important that we provide high levels of communication throughout the school. Many of you have indicated your use of COMPASS as one preferred method of communication. Over the next few weeks we are introducing you to the COMPASS calendar, which allows you to see all school events relating to your child/children. Please view this icon on the Compass menu bar to see what events we have at OPS. We will also continue to list dates in the newsletter.


The whole calendar is best viewed in browser mode. We always recommend that you have downloaded the most up to date version of the App. For any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Brodie in the office.

Footy Colours Day

Last Friday, Ormond Primary School turned into a sea of colour as we celebrated the many different codes of football, whilst also raising important funds to support the Fight Cancer Foundation. Mr Kamoen led our special assembly, where we all sang along to each AFL team’s song.  We thank everyone for their generosity and fun spirit on the day, together we have raised $380.


Father's Day Breakfast

We hope that all families had a chance to get together last Sunday and celebrate all the special Dads, Grandads, Uncles and special people in their lives. Our Parents & Friends certainly spoilt everyone on Tuesday, as over 300 people enjoyed a hot and delicious pancake breakfast. Judging by all smiles, morning chatter, highly rated pancakes and the overall atmosphere the event was a huge success. Thank you to the Year 4 parents who organised this special event. 


Year 1 & 2 Concert

Over the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Year 1 and Year 2 students rehearsing for their special performance on Thursday 15th September. Many new families who were touring the school on Monday also commented on our student’s persistence and confidence. I know the students are getting very excited as the concert draws near. We wish them all the very best on the night and we look forward to showcasing the talents of our junior school.


OPS Celebrates World Gratitude Day

On the 21st September, our students and staff will be celebrating World Gratitude Day and we invite you as parents to join in and share with your loved ones, what you are grateful for. We are raising awareness about the benefits of having time in one’s life for gratitude, appreciation and positive reflection. It’s one day a year to reflect on the many amazing things we have in our lives, as it can positively impact our well-being and make us happier, more contented people. Please share and model with your child/children, so they can in turn reflect in class about the significance of gratitude in their lives.


Korean Cooking

Mrs Park and our senior school students will be cooking up a storm over the next few weeks and I can’t wait to sample the noodle dishes they are creating. We are very fortunate to have Korean as the language of the school. In the future we want all of our students to effectively participate in an increasingly globalised world and economy at the local, national and international level, where the ability to communicate in and across a range of languages and cultures is critical.


A Meeting with Nick Staikos

This week I had the pleasure of meeting our State Member. It was a very timely conversation and provided both of us the opportunity to discuss Ormond Primary School in the context of Nick’s electorate.

"I caught up with Ormond Primary School's Acting Principal, Natalie Rose on Friday. Since becoming the Member for Bentleigh, I have secured $45 million for schools in our local area and am not stopping anytime soon, so it was great to discuss with Natalie future priorities for Ormond."


Students Leaving at the end of 2017

If you believe that your child/ren may be leaving OPS at the end of 2017 (and not as a Grade 6 student), please let us know. Obviously we don’t want to see you go but understand changes to family circumstances therefore, your early notification really assists with planning for next year. An email to the office would be greatly appreciated.


End of Term - Early Dismissal

We kindly remind all families that Term 3 concludes on Friday 22nd September. Students are dismissed at 2:30pm.  The end of term assembly will begin at 2:15pm.


Our OSHC program will be available from 2:30 -6:00pm.


Term 4 Begins: Monday 9th October – to be ready and SunSmart and don’t forget your hats!


Safe & Happy Holidays

We would like to wish all families a very safe, relaxing holiday break. It’s been a very busy term from all accounts and we all need to recharge our batteries ready for another term. Our students should be very proud of their achievements and these need to be recognised by all. Success is not just a score on a test, a Naplan result or a sporting accolade. It’s trying your personal best each and every day, staying positive and never giving up, appreciation of self and others and contributing to our community as a whole. I thank all the staff and parents for supporting our students to grow and develop into the best that they can be at Ormond Primary School.


Please see link for holiday fun ideas:




Natalie Rose                                  Lorrie Dell

Acting Principal                         Assistant Principal   

School Council - Communications Sub Committee

Parent Communication Survey: results

Ormond Primary School is committed to understanding your needs and how we can improve our communication practices at the school.  A Communications Sub-committee has been established to support effective communications and to foster a productive home-school partnership and a positive learning community.


One of the first actions the sub-committee has undertaken is to understand how you feel about communications at the school. Back in June, you were invited to share your views and thoughts about how the school communicates with you and how you receive information. Please click on the link to review what questions were asked in the survey 

The overall results were positive and we would like to share the highlights of the survey results:

  • Great engagement, with 148 people responding (representing 208 children)
  • 70% of parents are satisfied or very satisfied with the current level of communication
  • 90% of parents feel they are adequately informed
  • Parents would like to know mostly about key dates and school activities.
  • The most preferred methods of communication are Compass and the Newsletter.
  • There were many suggestions made and parents would like to have more direct communication from their children’s teacher, explore better use of Compass, and fix technical issues with the newsletter.

If you would like to see more detail regarding the results, please do not hesitate to contact Debbie Shagam, Chair of the Communications Sub-Committee.


What's next?

The sub-committee will be drafting an action plan based on the results and will be communicating that to you next term. Watch this space!


Would you like to attend the Communications Sub-committee?

You are invited and welcomed to attend the sub-committee meetings which are held in the staffroom, and dates for the next meetings are: 

  • Tuesday 17th October 2017 -  6:30pm 
  • Tuesday 21st November 2017 @ 6:30pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

Year Level Updates

Whole School News

Student Banking

The last day for student banking in Term 3 will be Thursday 14th September.

Student Banking will recommence  in Term 4 in Thursday 19th October.

Premier's Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge has now finished.

Congratulations to the 150+ students who completed the challenge.

All children who met the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier. Those whose chose the option, will have their name included on the online Honour Roll.



Lorraine Bell

PRC Coordinator

Dress Like a Pirate Day

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a pirate? On 19th of September the SRC is holding a gold coin donation fundraiser where we encourage you to dress as a pirate!

The money we raise will help the Environment Captains with the garden for purchasing items such as seeds and tools. Our goal is $384. You don't need to come in full costume if you don’t have one. You can wear an eye patch or a bandana.

Please don’t go and buy anything, be creative and make something or wear an item that you already have at home. No coloured hair spray or face paint please.


Thank you


Footy Colours Day

Footy Colours was a huge success! The school raise $380 that will assist the Fight Cancer Foundation in their research. The students had an enjoyable day by being able to passionately sing their favourite teams theme song while wearing the team colours. Well done to everyone who participated in the Ormond Footy Jumper Competition and the Longest Kick Competition, there were some VERY impressive entries and competitors. Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all of those who donated!    


Foundation News

Start Smart Money Program

Last week the Prep to Year 2 students were visited by the Smart Start program. This was a fantastic introduction into our mathematical topic of money. Students explored the different Australian notes and coins and learnt how to order them based on value, they enjoyed sharing their understanding of money. They also got to learn about needs and wants and did some role playing with this concept. They discovered that some items are only wants and our money should first go towards needs.

Below are some ideas gained from the Prep Students:


"I learnt – don’t get your wants first". -  Isaac L

"I learnt that money is safe at the bank, you should speed to your needs and wait for your wants". -  Indigo G

"I learnt I have to keep money safe". -  Cady L

"I learnt there is a lot of types of money, like 5c". -  Coco H

Royal Botanic Gardens

On Tuesday 19th September foundation students will be going on an excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne. This excursion is linked to this terms Science Unit ‘Living and Non-Living Things’ with a focus on plants. Students will explore the gardens and go on a guided tour looking at the life cycle of a seed into a plant.


Foundation Teachers

Jacinda, Steph & Catherine

Year 1 & 2 News

Year 1/2 Concert - “The Day the Crayons Quit” 

The Year 1/2 concert will be held on Thursday 14th September in the School Hall. It will begin at 6:30pm and end at approximately 7:15pm. We ask that the children arrive at 6:20pm dressed in their class colour, ready to line up in their starting positions.

Clothing colours: 

  • 1A  - Blue  
  • 1B  -  Black  
  • 1C  -  Red  
  • 2A  -  Yellow  
  • 2B  -  Green

It would be fantastic if children could dress as much as possible in their class colour. Girls may also wear dresses/skirts in their colour.


Year 1 Teachers                        Year 2 Teachers

Josh, Paul & Andrea               Sally & Effie

Year 3 News

Australia and its Neighbours: Year 3 Geography 'Expo'.

As this article is written, the Year 3 teachers are reflecting on the Geography 'Expo' that took place in the classrooms yesterday afternoon. What an amazing opportunity was provided by the students as they transported their parents to the distant lands which Australia calls its nearest neighbours and how proud we are of them all! 


Parents visited some of our larger neighbours, namely New Zealand and Indonesia as well as some of our smaller ones such as the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Parents were treated to digital presentations, carefully crafted artefacts, Q&A sessions and even the opportunity to sample a little local food. The sago pudding, banana cake, fried rice and pavlova were amongst some of the tasty treats on offer from our enterprising tour guides. 


As you will appreciate, this level of presentation does not happen overnight. Our students have been working industriously in teams of three for the last few weeks in order to produce their 'Expo' stall. They worked closely with a project rubric or 'checklist' to assist them tracking their progress and planning the next steps to ensure they were successful in achieving their goal; standing confidently before their parents this afternoon as the experts on their chosen 'neighbour'. Well done to all our Year 3s. You did a magnificent job this afternoon. Thank you to all the many parents and grandparents who attended. The teachers and students all loved the way you got involved with all the students encouraging them through questioning and praise for their efforts. 


Looking to the near future, we will build on the students confidence and success with a Science unit in term 4. We will focus on the biological sciences investigating insects, birds and animals and finding ways to classify and describe them. This will be combined with our Design, Creativity and Technology curriculum (DCT). 


Year 3 Teachers

Julie, Jade & Josh

Year 4 News

Year 4 Camp - Lady Northcote

Lady Northcote Camp is an Outdoor Education program that supports group participation and co-operation. Activities include the Giant Swing, Archery, Canoeing, Raft Building, Low Ropes and Flying Fox. All activities are taken by fully qualified YMCA and Ormond Primary Staff. 


Further details were released via Compass last week. Parents are required to give consent in Events and return the Medical Form by September 15th. A Parent Information Booklet was also emailed to all Year 4 Parents. There will be a Parent Information evening for camp on Wednesday 1st November at 6:00pm in 4A's classroom. 


Payment can be made via Course Confirmation/School Payments on your Compass Parent Portal. Payment Plans are available by selecting the 'Pay in Instalments' option  at the bottom of the page after entering your card details.. Full payment, or the first instalment is required by 15th September to secure your child's place on camp. 


If you have any questions regarding payments or Compass processes please contact the office on 9578 1327.


Year 4 Teachers

Lorriane, Gregg & Margot

Year 5 News

Hooptime Basketball

On the 25th of August 2017 the Ormond Hooptime teams went to the Oakleigh Recreational Centre to play basketball.


The Ormond girls were first to play, against four other teams. The Ormond boys played against three other teams. Both teams did extremely well with the boys making the semifinals and the girls making the grand final.


The girls final was very nerve racking. At the end of the match the scores were 8-9 in their favour. Then Arden took a hard foul on the buzzer and had only two shots to give the team 3 more minutes of redemption. Arden missed her first shot with the other team trying to psych us out. The room went silent as she took her last shot and it went in!!!!!!!


We were so happy but we still had three minutes to prove that the Ormond girls were the champions of hooptime. In the next three minutes they scored a goal leaving the scores 9-11. We unfortunately didn’t score anymore goals but because the Ormond girls lost by only two points we still go to the next level. We get another chance at beating Bentleigh West!!

Year 6 News

Student Action Teams

On Thursday the 24th of August, Kate Wild, a leadership expert come to our school to meet with the grade 6s and teach them about leadership, teamwork and student actions teams.
What is student action teams?
Student action teams are a group of students focusing on a certain issue at our school, such as the environment, toilets/hygiene, learning games, friendship and a lot more. Here is some students opinions on student action teams:
"I think that it's really cool that students get to take matters into there own hands." - Rikki B
"It's good for teamwork." - Sam E
"It's fun to work with people you don't always get to work with." - Oscar W
"I like how we can improve our school." - Clancy W
"I enjoy working with people that have different personalities." - Ella S

By Kate & Elly

Student Leaders

House Athletics

On the 29th of August we had our Ormond Primary School House Athletics Carnival!


We started off the day with the Year 3 to 6 students 400m and 200m races. The preps then came out on the field enthusiastically ready to do fun races. The Preps to  Year 2 students favourite activity was the chook chuck and they had a lot of fun doing that and loads of other races!


Year 3 to 6 students did field events like high jump, long jump and shot put. We finished off the day with the 100m race finale where the girls race against each other and the boys race against each other. Congratulations to Tom B for winning the boys 100m finale and congratulations to Alexandra G for winning the girls 100m finale.


It was a brilliant day and great job for everyone for participating in the house athletics carnival. Now it's time for the part you have all been waiting for

House Points for the day:

Fourth place was McKillop on 182 points, a close finish in the end but third was Hollows on 220 points and second was Flynn on 221 points, which means first was Chisholm on 233 points.


Thanks to all the teachers and parents for being there and supporting everyone on the day, we all had lots of fun! Thank you!


Ally & Lewis

Hollows Captains


District Athletics

On Monday the 4th of September Ormond took its biggest team ever to the District Athletics
Carnival. The aim was to give as many students as possible the experience of a district athletics
competition. Ormond collected a record number of ribbons! There were lots of personal best
moments and several students will be representing Ormond at the Division competition next month.
A special mention to Mrs Nield for always making sure we are ready and Mrs Kah for giving us the opportunity to participate in what turned out to be a really fantastic day!


Tilde & Liam  

Chisolm Captains


Divisional Athletics

The division athletics is extremely competitive and only the people that won at the district athletics qualify. Ormond had 5 amazing students that qualified.

  • Alexandra for long jump and triple jump
  • Hugh for high jump and hurdles
  • Sasha for high jump
  • Felix for long jump
  • And Delfin for triple jump.

Congratulations we wish them the best of luck for October 11th.


Kate & Harley

Mackillop Captains

House Points

Weekly Points

  • McKillop - 78 points
  • Hollows - 61 points
  • Flynn - 54 points
  • Chisolm - 53 points

Overall Points

  • McKillop - 337
  • Chisolm - 316
  • Flynn & Hollows tied on - 310

Bike Education

Over the past 6 weeks, Year 4 to 6 students have been doing bike ed, a fun program to help kids be safe while riding their bikes. Here is an example of what each year level did:

Year 5 and 6 were split into six groups that rotated through six activities.  For example The first activity was to ride up and down Ruby street or Jean street while scanning and signaling which way we were turning, the second was to ride around inside the figure eight there were also 4 more skill stations that required control of your bike and a smart mind. The Year 4 students had 3 weeks of bike ed, in the first two weeks they watched educational videos about how to ride their bike safely and in the third week they did some activities to see what they had learned.


The bike ed program will finish with all of Year 6 going to Braeside Park in the last week of term for a whole day of cycling. 


Just a reminder for the Year 6 Braeside Ride Day - please have all bikes at school before 8.45 so we can load up the bikes and be on our way on time.  Students are required to bring a small back pack with snack, sunscreen and plenty of drink.  Parents are most welcome to come and join the ride but must find their own way to the park.  All bikes should be in roadworthy conditions and helmets should be adjusted for a snug fit.  Please let your child’s classroom teacher know if you intend to join the day.


Thanks to all of the parents that helped instruct the different groups without the help of these parents we would not be able to run the bike ed program. A special thanks must be given to Hadyn’s dad David for coming every single week. and also for Ros, the School Crossing Supervisor for assisting with the bike ed program every year. Ros doesn’t have kids at the school but gives up her Fridays to help us out.   We hope that all the students had a great time doing this great program. Thank you and stay safe!!


Tom & Tom

Flynn Captains

Short Story Competition

Two weeks ago we held a Short Story Competition, and here are the results


Runner Up Year 3/4:

Annaliese T in Year 3  - with her story 'Holly saves a Lord'. 

Winner Year 3/4:

Alice H in Year 4 with her story 'Falling'. 

Runner Up Year 5/6:

Lizzie W in Year 5 with her story 'Through the Eyehole'. 

Runner Up Year 5/6:

Casandra J in Year 6 with her story 'Deaths Doors'. 


Congratulations to all the people that had place and thank you for all the people that had tried, we really enjoyed ready the stories and we will be back soon with another challenge.


Arden & Claudia

Arts Captains

Global Citizen Awards

Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at assembly on...

Monday 18th September 9:00am 


Anna P  -  Respect

Anna shows respect to all her classmates and teachers by making sure she is listening carefully and is always trying her best.

Tate N  -  Excellence

Tate consistently demonstrates exemplary learning behaviours. He continually strives to do his best in all learning tasks and has developed excellent handwriting skills. Well done, Tate.

Cady L  -  Respect

Cady is a friendly and caring member of Prep B She loves to assist and be helpful in the classroom.  

Indigo G  -  Excellence

Indigo is always aiming to work to her best standard. Her writing has shown considerable improvement, with beautiful handwriting and understanding of sounds spell new words.   

Michael K  -  Persistence

Michael has shown great persistence in all his learning tasks and has displayed a positive attitude towards in the classroom.

Jackson D  -  Quality Learning

Jackson works diligently on all learning tasks striving to improve his understanding and producing work of an excellent standard. Congratulations, Jackson

Year 1

Samara M  -  Respect

Samara displays a kind and caring attitude by helping out her peers in the classroom without being asked. She is a great role model for her peers in 1A.  Well done Samara!

Sahana S  -  Excellence

Sahana has made an excellent start to her new school. Sahana always comes to school with a smile on her face and is keen to learn. Well done Sahana!

Kira B  -  Excellence

Kira has been using her time very well in literacy recently. She is keen to write and share her narratives with others. Keep it up, Kira!

Adam C  -  Persistence

Adam has been trying harder in class lately. He is beginning to ask questions when unsure and having a red hot go himself. Well done, Adam!

Max S  -  Quality Learning

For working hard on your Reading skills. You are making excellent progress!

Olivia T  -  Acceptance

For being a kind and caring classmate to all and leading by example. You are an excellent role-model.


Year 2

Briley W  -  Persistence

Briley showed great persistence and confidence, when she quickly learned her concert lines off by heart. Well done Briley!

Sam H  -  Quality Learning

Sam displayed a positive attitude towards taking on a major role play during the Year One and Two Concert. This may have been out of comfort zone.

Matilda J  -  Quality Learning

Matilda has demonstrated excellence in her ability to learn her concert speaking part so promptly.

Ethan W  -  Excellence

Ethan has excelled in his speaking role during our concert rehearsals.

Year 3

Isla T  -  Respect

Isla is a leader and positive role-model in the class. She displays a kind and caring side by helping others without being asked.  

Michael Z  -  Quality Learning

Michael was able to use a mathematical process when solving the variety of probabilities you can have when rolling two 6 sided dice. Well done Michael!

Subira S  -  Respect

Subira is always respectful of her peers and teachers. She is kind and considerate and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Well done!

Ella G  -  Excellence

Ella strives to do her best in all learning areas. She has achieved the goals she set this term and is to be commended for her hard work and effort. Well done!

Talya L  -  Excellence

Talya demonstrated excellence when she competed in the 200m at the District Athletics Championships. Her speed and technique show her great potential as a runner!

Clara L  -  Quality Learning

Clara demonstrates quality learning in all aspects of her tasks. She enthusiastically shares her thinking during group discussions, especially during reading. Well done Clara.

Year 4

Janet Y  -  All qualities

Janet truly represents Ormond Primary’s Global Citizen values. She treats all with tolerance and respect, is a positive and committed learner and presents excellent work.

Joshua H  -  Acceptance

Joshua is a patient and accepting Global Citizen. He is respectful of cultural differences, personalities and interests, which enables him to be supportive and a friend to all.  

Mair E  -  Quality Learning

Mair has worked hard in writing to apply persuasive techniques in preparation for her soap box speech. Well done and good luck.

Thomas H  -  Persistence

In attempt to secure his pen license, Thomas has reflected on his abilities and taken the necessary steps to improve. Fantastic commitment Tom.

Siena N  -  Quality Learning

A keen and interested student who is always willing to investigate to extend her knowledge. An absolute pleasure to teach such an enquiring mind.

Charlotte VA  -  Excellence

For writing such a well-researched and strong argument for the inclusion of arts in education. Fantastic writing, Charlotte.

Year 5

Charlie McL  -  Quality Learning

Charlie was focused and on task during all sessions. He is to be commended for his focus, his teamwork and his participation. Great work!

Grace S  -  Excellence

Grace completed all her work to a very high standard. She extended herself during tasks and showed clear thinking.in the presentation of her ideas. Well done.

Hai Y  -  Persistence

For working to develop his information report skills using English and creating a very good report on whales. Great job.

Abner Y  -  Persistence

For being focused and working well to develop an information report in English on the topic of Elephants. Well done.  

Year 6

Tom B  -  Persistence

Tom has applied himself and achieved a high standard when completing 3D isometric drawings in maths.

Genevieve H  -  Respect

Genevieve has displayed a responsible mature attitude in her leadership role as Environment Captain.

Caitlyn L  -  Excellence

Caitlyn has cleverly integrated all the required elements to produce a quality information report, based on her own summary notes from a video news segment.

Sky Z  -  Quality Learning

Sky demonstrated his understanding of both language and content when editing his information report on space suits and history.


Sarina L  -  1C  -  Excellence

Sarina’s reflection on playing a traditional game, Yutnori, was well expressed by her detailed drawings with neat colouring in. Well-done, Sarina!

William N  -  3A  -  Persistence

William has demonstrated persistence in Origami sessions. He always presented wonderful origami animals with creative background drawings by following each step correctly. Well-done!


William N  -  3A  -  Quality Learning

For the positive attitude he brings to class and the enthusiasm he displays in developing his knowledge about the programs we use.

Jack C  -  3B  -  Excellence

For taking pride in his work and always striving to do his best. Well done Jack.

Visual Arts

Sam H  -  2A  -  Quality Learning

Sam’s positive attitude and terrific application towards his Visual Arts learning, has enabled him to complete a fabulous mixed-media painting of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’.

Georgia M  -  4B  -  Persistence

Georgia diligently adorned her 3D Rooster with detailed pattern-work which ensured her work was varied in both colour and design. A fabulous effort!


Sassi N  -  5A  -  Quality Learning

In PE, Sassi displays a positive attitude and applies her understanding of strategy to all sporting experiences.

Teo C  -  PA  -  Quality Learning

Teo listens carefully to instructions in PE and tries to improve all his sporting skills with great success.

Community News

Out of School Hours Care

School Holiday Program - September 2017

Thursday 28th September and Tuesday 3rd October are already booked out. Closing date for bookings is Friday 22nd September. A reminder there is a $25 cancelation fee for the Holiday Program.


Pre End of Term Fees

Pre End of Term Fees will be available to pick up from program from Monday 11th September. They must be paid by the last day of Term 3 the 22nd September to secure your spot for Term 4.


End of Term Fees

Will be posted to families the first week of the Holiday Program. Payment is required by the end first week of Term 4.


After School Care Activities

Thursday 14th       Flower Crowns

Friday 15th             Pencil Cases                                 

Monday 18th         Roll Creations            

Tuesday 19th         Rainbow Weaving Placemats

Wednesday 20th  Wind Pipes    

Thursday 21st       Children’s Choice      

Friday 22nd            END OF TERM PARTY                   


Sharelle Davis

Acting Coordinator

Out of School Hours Program



Upcoming Meeting Dates - 7:30pm in staffroom

  • Tuesday 10th October
  • Tuesday 14th November

Father's Day Breakfast

A big thank you to all the Dads and kids that attended the Fathers Day Breakfast, it was a huge success with 700 pancakes served on the day!! Well done to the Grade 4 parents that helped organise the event. A big thank you also to Sharelle & Jordan for their help as well.


Save the Dates:

  • End of Year  "Hawaiian Beach Party"– Saturday 25th November (early evening)

Get your leis and hula skirts ready for our end of year Hawaiian Beach Party. This is our end of year celebration, where all OPS families are invited to come along and celebrate the end of the school year. There will be food trucks, ice-cream, sand castles, disco and more!

Contact Details:

If you are not receiving emails from P&F and would like to be added to the list, please email your details including child’s name/s and grade/s to [email protected]

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