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07 March 2019
Issue Six 7th March 2019
Diary Dates
Principal's Report
From the Sport Desk
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A big welcome to OSHC for these prep children
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Diary Dates

March 2019

8th SSPS Annual House Sports Years 3-6

11th Labor Day Public Holiday

13th Swimming Year 3-4 commences


April 2019

5th Last day of Term 1

23rd First day of Term 2

29th School Photos


Victorian School Dates 2019

Term 1 - 29 (Teachers only) - 30 January - 5 April 2019

Term 2 - 23 April - 28 June

Term 3 - 15 July - 20 September

Term 4 - 7 October - 20 December

Principal's Report

In Appreciation…

Today I would like to make special mention of Mark Bahr who has come to the end of his 5th elected term on School Council. Mark has represented parents on School Council for the past 10 years - an outstanding commitment to the school! Mark has been Treasurer for 4 years, and served on many committees, including Education, School-Community Relations, and Finance, and was involved in the team to get our bike shed built. He has also contributed to the school in many other ways including fundraising and principal recruitment. It is the dedication of time and effort from parents such as Mark that make School Council an effective governing body, which in turn makes our school an excellent place of learning. Thank you, Mark, for your significant efforts over the past 10 years - they are very much appreciated!  On a personal note, I would sincerely like to thank Mark for all the invaluable support he has given me since my arrival at Syndal South.




Meet and Greet Conferences

It was wonderful to see the fabulous turn up for our  Meet and Greet Conferences last night. They are such a worthwhile opportunity for parents and carers to share special information about their child with their teacher and of course to meet and make that personal connection.


House Sports

Tomorrow I am looking forward to once again attending the House Athletics for students in Years 3 to 6 at Central Reserve, Glen Waverley. The weather forecast is for a very pleasant day. I hope you are as excited as I am! I have seen the students practicing enthusiastically during PE sessions and I am sure they are all looking forward to competing tomorrow on the professional athletics track.


A Few Reminders for our New (& Old) SSPS Families

Each year we are required to remind our community of some important information. Even if you have read this before, please take some time to review as the details may have changed.


Everyday Counts - Student Attendance & Absence notes

Daily school attendance is an important success factor for all children and young people to ensure they don’t fall behind both socially or academically. It is important to develop habits of regular attendance at an early age as this maximises life opportunities for children and young people by providing them with education and support networks. Please ensure your child is in attendance each school day unless they are ill and require rest.


If your child is absent from school for any reason, you should either:

1. Login to COMPASS at any time before the absence and add an attendance note/approval for the day (preferred method). You can do this via a web browser or via the mobile phone app.

2. Call the school office on the morning of the absence before 9.15am to inform us.

3. Send an email to the school –

4. Inform your child’s classroom teacher – either verbally, on the phone, or via email.

Please note: staff are only able to accept explanations for absences from parents or guardians (not students). It's DET policy now that parents will receive an email from the school if their child is absent and the school has not been notified.


School Lateness

School lateness can also impede a student’s progress, however, it may not be as obvious. When students are late to school they require time from teachers to have the morning activities individually relayed to them. Other students will have already commenced work and the late student does not reap the benefit of hearing the introduction to a lesson, topic, concept or other student’s responses. They often experience feelings of shyness and embarrassment at walking in late and can feel unsettled. Teachers do their best to alleviate these feelings, but they are natural and often accentuated in children.


With this in mind, we are therefore asking you to review your morning routines to ensure that your child or children are not placed in this situation. All students should be ready to proceed to their classroom when the bell goes at 8.50 am. We greatly appreciate that the majority of our families are conscientious with this issue.


Students who are late or required to leave early from school must be signed in/out at the school office by a parent, guardian or approved adult. Please inform the office prior if a friend or relative is going to be picking up your child from school early for you one day. After completing sign out parents are required to pick up their child from the classroom.


Student Safety Outside of School Hours

Both our junior and senior playground areas are supervised before and after school from 8:35am until 8:50am and then again from 3:30 – 3:45pm. Students are not to be at school before 8:35am, unless a parent/guardian is supervising them. At 3:40pm an announcement is made to ensure all students who are still in the yard are with a parent or guardian. If they are not, students are asked to make their way to the office to be collected.  If you are going to be late to pick-up for unavoidable causes, please phone the school and speak to a staff member. Do not send an email to the student’s teacher, as they do not always have time to check emails before the end of the school day. Students who are walking home should leave the school grounds once dismissed to ensure they are walking home with the majority of the families who leave at this time, rather than leaving later when the streets are deserted. We know that a lot of families love to catch up with each other after school in the playground, which you are most welcome to do.


Accident Insurance for Students

If your child is injured, we need to remind you that The Department of Education and Training (DET) does not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. These costs may be recoverable from DET, depending on the circumstances.


Student accident insurance policies are available from some commercial insurers. These cover a range of medical expenses not covered by Medicare or private health insurance and can be purchased by parents/guardians for individual students.


School Council approves all activity based day trips and overnight camps and ensures that safety requirements are met before the activity can proceed.


Private Property Brought to School by Students, Staff or Visitors

A reminder that the Department is not insured for and does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to private property brought to school. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. As the Department does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property, students, staff and visitors are discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.



Today we collected $680 for the Bushfire Relief Fund, a fabulous effort. The idea to have such a day came from an email I received on behalf of Leah Fuller in Year 4 asking me to consider having a fundraising activity in light of the tragedy caused by the recent bush fires across Victoria. The Student Voice (formerly SRC) then mobilised to make it happen. Thank you, Leah, for your care for others.


Enjoy the week


From the Sport Desk

Year 3-6 House Athletics Carnival

Only 1 more sleep! Weather forecast is perfect! I hope everyone is pumped for the big day, which is always one of the highlights of the SSPS year. Students will be bussed to Central Reserve, Glen Waverley (the track is located behind Central Reserve), leaving school as close to 9am as possible, (so don’t be late!). Remember to dress in your House colours, bring snack, lunch, water and a huge smile with you.


Massive thanks to those parents who have already volunteered to help on the day, we do still have a few vacancies, so don’t be shy, step up and get involved. The kids will love it!


SSPS 2019 Annual House Sports

Friday 8th March, 2019, 9.30-2pm


Parent Helpers

8 & 9 Year Olds:

Boys:     Nicole Dodge, Michelle Shen, ??????

Girls:     Mon Venus, Tanya Schultz, Olga Balaganskaya


10 Year Olds:

Boys:     Elaine Wong, ????????, Alec

Girls:      Kirsten Turner (from 10.30), Amy, ???????


11 Year Olds:   

Boys:     Sandy Burns, Kate Edwards-Davis, Shelini Acharya

Girls:     Fiona Bahr, Neesha Lethbridge, Tim Lawrence


12 & 13 Year Olds:

Boys:     Kathryn Duke, Doris Felstead

Girls:      Michelle Huppe, Ramya, ??????


If anyone is free to help set up the track, I will be there from 8 am and would love to see you, as

many hands make light work !


There will be a coffee van at the house sports for parents and staff only from 9.30am, so bring your coins!

PMP News 

Congratulations to all the Foundation students on their first PMP session last week. They worked beautifully in their new groups as they moved through activities, showing off their ability to run and jump. The next session for Foundation students is next week (Friday 15th March, 11.10am -12.50pm). 


Year 1/2 PMP continues on Tuesday 12th March, (1.50pm-3.30pm) .


Any parents who have  completed a WWCC and a school induction are very welcome.

Year 3/4 Swimming

Year 3 & 4 students commence their Swimming program next week at Huntingtower Aquatic Centre. It will focus on effective stroke technique, breath control, powerful kicking, as well as water safety, rescue and survival skills. The group will be swimming on the following dates 13th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 27th & 29th March. If you are available to help accompany the students to and from the pool, please let Ms Canavan know.

Student News

Student of the Week 4/3/19

Prep R



  • Care – Helping our new student around the classroom and being a fantastic friend!

Prep S



  • Care – By being a kind and thoughtful friend and sharing his happy smile with everyone.




  • Integrity – By being a dependable and responsible member of class!  Keep up the phenomenal effort!




  • Resilience – By working persistently to successfully write a fantastic narrative!




  • Respect – For showing his peers the different ways respect can be demonstrated.  Wonderful Effort Akain!




  • Resilience – By thinking of and using a range of ‘wow words’ to improve his sentences.




  • Respect – By always showing whole body listening towards her classmates and treating them with kindness.




  • Respect – Cadence has made an excellent start at SSPS.  She always shows respect and whole body listening skills.




  • Curiosity – Thank you for impressing us with your interesting and captivating sentences using connectives and wow words in narrative writing.




  • Integrity – Sithmi displays integrity at all times, is a great example in the classroom and is always dependable!  Keep up the good work!



  • Care – For being a kind and friendly helper in the classroom.  Thank you Josh!




  • Integrity – Ewen displays integrity at all times and always sets an excellent example for all other students.




  • Respect – Summer has worked hard to complete all classroom tasks to a very high standard.




  • Integrity  - Mitchell approaches all his work with enthusiasm.  He can be relied upon to treat everyone fairly.



  • Respect – Bianca confidently and happily takes part in all classroom activities.



  • Integrity – Isla displays a thoughtful and caring attitude towards herself and her peers.

Syndal South Footy Tipping
Commencing 21st March 2019

You are invited to join this exciting football tipping competition run by SSPS and a % of the funds are donated to the School.


New members enter at:  Create a login and click on Comps – Join Comp – and type in the following code HLSYRWJE, and join the SSPS 2019 Comp.


Existing members (from 2018) – Use last years’ login and then join the SSPS 2019 Comp.


Great prizes including:

  • Season and Perpetual Trophy
  • Weekly prizes for correctly tipping 9 winners – if more than 1 with 9 then it’s the one with the closest margin
  • Major prize (after the completion of Round 23) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the tipping ladder. 

Join for the fun and challenge of pitting your skills against friends, family, students and colleagues.  The more people in the competition the more money there is for prizes and for SSPS.  Everyone is welcome to join.


Cost - $25 for the full season, up front CASH ONLY payment

Payment must be received by Friday 15th March 2019


Any queries, contact Charlie Kenez on


Please send the reply slip attached with payment or write your details on a payment envelope and place it in the payments box at the Office.


A big welcome to OSHC for these prep children

What's been happening at OSHC.

Our makers of the week are Abhiyaan, Kiaan and Auryn for their 'Sticky Feather Masterpiece".





Jessie and Marcus are our helpers of the week.  Thank you boys for stacking the chairs in the hall after our snack.


Tuesday:  hand print designs

Wednesday:  tissue paper craft

Thursday:  accordion puppets

Friday:  clothespin animals

Afternoon snack

Tuesday:  pita bread chips/dips

Wednesday:  bread/spreads

Thursday:  mini pizzas

Friday:  herb bread


April Holiday Program

The Program is available from the OSHC room.

Bookings open:  27th February 2019

Bookings close:  20th March 2019


Bookings may be accepted after 20th March 2019 and once the program has commenced, subject to availability.  All of these bookings will incur an additional $5.00 per day per child late fee.


A reminder to parents to read the Parent Handbook on the parent desk in the OSHC room.

Please ensure that you check your Centrelilnk online account through myGov or the Express Plus Centrelink app on a regular basis.

Community Advertising


Violin Lessons

Are you looking for a local violin teacher? Are you interested in providing your child with a musical education that extends beyond school?


I am a qualified and experienced private violin teacher, teaching beginner to intermediate levels in violin and music theory.  I am situated in Glen Waverley, only minutes from Syndal South Primary School.


If you are interested, want to discuss price and availability, or have any other queries, please contact me via

Mobile: 0434706726


First lessons are free of charge.





School Community Information

Second Hand Uniform

Our second hand uniform shop is run by volunteer parents and is open monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month from 9.00 to 10.00am . It is located next to the OSHC rooms.


Please note: payments are now cash only. 


Our uniform is available at the PSW store in Mt Waverley.  Please see attached forms for further details.


Contribute to The Rocket

For all enquiries please call the office on

03 9802 5277 or email


Ad rates:  

Inserts - $35.00                                                             

Small items for school families -$3.00

Non-profit organisations  - No charge

School Banking

Thursday is School Banking Day!!


Lunch Orders

Students are able to order their lunch via Classroom Cuisine – Monday through Friday, except Tuesdays. Classroom Cuisine is an online lunch order provider.

Community Contacts

School Office / Newsletter
Phone: 03 9802 5277


Helen Freeman

Assistant Principal

Rebecca Stonehouse-Melke

School Council President

Sandy Delaney

Parents' Association President

Lisa Macdermott

Phys Ed Co-ordinator

Charlie Kenez

Facilities Convenor

Peter Roach


Maree Sier

Phone: 03 9886 8483

The Rocket
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Our makers of the week are Abhiyaan, Kiaan, and Auryn for their 'sticky feather masterpiece'.
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