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13 March 2019
Issue Three
Diary Dates
From the Principal, Linda Jones
Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose
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Diary Dates

For Your Diary


Wednesday 13th-Friday 15th March

Year 6 Camp


Wednesday 13th March

Second Hand Uniform Stall  3.15pm-3.45pm


Thursday 14th March

Year 3/4 Excursion to Scienceworks


Monday 18th March

PFA Meeting in staffroom at 7.30pm- Annual General Meeting


Tuesday 19th March

Second Hand Uniform Stall  8.45am-9.15am

Family Night Sessions 6pm - 9.15pm


Wednesday 20th March

School Council Meeting (AGM) 7pm


Friday 22nd March

Assembly in hall 9am years 1-6


Wednesday 27th March

School photo day

From the Principal,
Linda Jones


Below is a picture of our new oval which was finished last week. It was a red letter day as it has marked the near completion of our wonderful capital works project. Works are still being undertaken for the next few weeks including some further landscaping to enhance this area but having this wonderful oval is another fantastic addition to CPS. I know much fun will be had in this new area over the coming weeks.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all who have supported us patiently throughout the last 15 months as our amazing capital works project has been undertaken. I would like to particularly acknowledge the architects, Clarke Hopkins Clarke and the construction company McCorkell for their tireless efforts to ensure optimal outcomes for our community.



Over the last few weeks I have been approached by some parents asking for clarification in relation to the heating and cooling of our new gym.

As shared last year, our PFA funded the installation of three evaporative coolers in the gym along with the mechanical works for a further three (costing just over $60 000).  Large strip heaters have also been installed for use when the cooler weather approaches. The Department of Education does not provide funds for cooling with the exception of portable buildings. Such monies need to be generated at the school level.

This is an extremely large space and the heating and cooling available will either reduce the heat or take the chill out of the air.

When we experienced those exceptionally hot days our programs and those of Before and After Care needed to be modified accordingly. Less exertion, frequent drink breaks, quieter activities etc. When the very cold days are here, children may need to dress a little warmer than they may have in our old multipurpose room.

Since the gym has been completed I have tinted the windows of our music room and canteen area and we are investigating the installation of a sail structure over the double doors near the playground to reduce the heat entering the building. The trees that were planted in the middle of 2018 will assist with providing lovely shade once they are more established.

We should remember how very grateful we should be for the facilities we have at our school and all the benefits they bring to our community.


On Monday 4th March, 26 year 3 to 6 students keenly represented Carnegie Primary School at the District Swimming Carnival after achieving fine results at our school swimming sports the previous week.  All members of the team are to be commended for their efforts. A special thanks to Mr O’Brien and Mrs Travers, for coordinating this event and arranging early morning training, as well as to our 3 to 6 staff for their support. All the best to those swimmers who were successful at district and are now moving to the next level of competition tomorrow




Our School Council AGM will be held on Wednesday 20th March. At this meeting elections will held and positions of responsibility organised. School Council meetings are held monthly.  The parent members on School Council for 2019 are Susan Harper (Dan’s mum), Verity Walker (Flynn and Eamonn’s mum), Karen Phillips (Kate’s mum), Michelle Gascoigne (Jack’s mum), Belinda Sutcliffe (Rory’s mum), Nithya Venkataraman (Sanchitha’s mum), Joshua Stuart (Kobi and Jasmin’s dad), Sandra Michela (Lucas, Martin, Max and Camila’s mum) and Kanika Chauhan (Atharv’s mum. The staff members on School Council are Karen Bentata-Grimm, Steve Miller, Liz Harley and Anna Remfry.

All school councillors are happy to answer questions or raise issues on your behalf at any time. Interested parents are always welcome to attend. I wish to thank these staff, parents as well as other PFA members for so generously volunteering their time to support to these committees and our school in many ways throughout the year.


We support an open door policy at Carnegie Primary School. A strong partnership between home and school is a priority for us. Our staff do make themselves available formally and informally to parents on a daily basis. Saying this, we would appreciate it if parents respected the need for classes to commence promptly at 9am. If parents wish to talk to their child’s teacher before school, please do so between 8.45 and 8.55am rather than at bell time. In the mornings we ask all students to be in their class line by the second bell, ready to move inside promptly with their teacher.


Linda Jones and Karen Bentata-Grimm 

Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


Behavioural consequences are a parent’s best friends. When consistently applied, behavioural consequences will improve kids’ behaviour and increase personal responsibility.

Too often parents will over talk or repeat themselves to get cooperation from their kids. Too much talk and most kids tune out.

Alternatively, parents who protect their kids from the consequences of poor or selfish behaviour aren’t doing them any favours as they are robbing them of terrific learning opportunities.

I love the notion of behavioural consequences as they teach kids to take responsibility for their lives and to make smarter choices. They are also a non-punitive discipline measure, enabling kids to keep their dignity and ensuring that learning is maximised.

Parents can use two types of behavioural consequences: natural and logical.

Natural consequences

A natural consequence involves no adult interference. For instance, a child who leaves an excursion note at home will miss the excursion; a child who spends all his pocket money on the first day will have nothing for the weekend and a child who oversleeps and misses the bus walks to school. In these examples, children learn from the direct consequences of their own decisions and thus they are not protected from negative outcomes by their parents.

“It’s your fault, mum!”

Some kids are experts at manipulating their parents to rescue them from experiencing the consequences of their poor choices. They’ll blame their parents for not getting them out of bed on time, or for not reminding them about their responsibilities. It’s best to stand back and let the consequences work their magic!

NOTE: you shouldn’t use natural consequences when safety is an issue. Act decisively to ensure your child is safe.

Logical consequences

A logical consequence is used more frequently in family situations as it is the type of consequence that requires some form of adult intervention. A logical consequence is used when a child’s behaviour disturbs other people, infringes on others’ rights or is unsafe. A child who makes a noise in the family room is asked to leave; children who refuse to clean up their toys lose them for a period of time; a child who comes home late from a friend’s house loses the right to go out next time.

The 3 Rs of logical consequences
Consequences often involve the withdrawal of a privilege or a right. For example, a teenager who spends more time than agreed on Facebook may lose access to technology for a day or two.

Restitution, or making up to someone for unfair treatment or for loss of a possession, is another form of consequence. A child who wilfully breaks his sister’s toy may make full or part payment for a replacement. In both these examples the consequences are related to the child’s misdemeanours, are reasonable and are respectful of their dignity.

Here are four simple tips to help make sure your consequences are effective:

Tip 1: Set consequences “like whatever?”
Much of your success with the use of consequences lies in the manner with which they are issued. Issue a consequence using sarcasm or anger and your kids will be angry at you. Issue it free from emotion and without being heavy handed and your kids are more likely to be mad at themselves.

Tip 2: When possible, negotiate consequences
If a child is going to friend’s house for the first time at night, talk about their behaviour and home time. Also discuss the likely consequences if they don’t stick to the agreement. As a rule, kids are more likely to abide by consequences when they’ve had a say in deciding them.

Tip 3: Avoid life sentences
Ban a child from a going out for a few days rather than leaving the duration open ended. Set a time frame for the consequences and remember the second of the 3 Rs – reasonable – means that parents shouldn’t go overboard with consequences.


What's happening


Wednesday 13th March   3.15pm-3.45pm

Tuesday 19th March  8.45am-9.15am


Saba P           PC       Jemima Puddle Duck

Slava K          PA        Old MacDonald had a Farm

Ursula L M   1D      Ottoline Goes to School

Leo B              2A     Brick, Who Found Herself in Architecture

Kiki J              2A       A Treasury of Tales, Story Collection

Thank you for these great books and many happy birthday wishes from all at Carnegie Primary School.


A special thanks is extended to the following families for their kind and generous donation of some pre-loved books - the McCurdy family, The O’Sullivan family and the Laird/Needham family. I am always happy to receive donations of high quality books in excellent condition for our school and classroom libraries. These can be dropped at the office or on the bookcase outside my office in the Year 2 area.

Ms. Cate Allan


Students will begin to borrow library books during their weekly library sessions this week. We are fortunate enough to have a well-resourced library and it is a joy to see how much students love their time in the library space and their excitement as they borrow books each week. All students need to use a library bag in order to protect books as they are taken to and from school.

*Preps, Year 1s and Year 2s may borrow 1 book at a time

*Year 3s and Year 4s may borrow 2 books at a time

*Year 5s and Year 6s may borrow 3 books at a time


*Students may keep a book for 2 weeks before it is due to be returned to the library. If they have not finished with the book, they may borrow it for a further 2 weeks, but do need to bring it into the library in order to do this.

*All books are due back in the second last week of each term in order for us to identify any lost books.


*If your child has damaged or lost a book, please notify their classroom teacher or email me directly. There is a replacement fee of $20 per book. Unfortunately, students are unable to borrow further books until their lost book has been removed from the library catalogue.


*It is a beautiful tradition at CPS that, upon a student’s birthday, they may donate a book to our library. A book plate is placed in the front of the donated book, acknowledging the donor and their contribution is mentioned in the school newsletter. Students who have donated a “Birthday Book” will be named at assembly and have an opportunity to show their book whilst the school community sings them a special birthday song. This is clearly NOT compulsory but something you may like to consider. These should be given to the classroom teacher with a sticky note attached identifying your child and their class.


*If you, or a member of your family, would like to volunteer some time to help out in our school library, I would love to hear from you (email below). There are always jobs to do tidying, sorting, stamping and repairing books and I appreciate even a small amount of time given for these tasks.


With thanks and kind regards,

Ms. Cate Allan



Students of the Week

Monday 4th March

Owen W     PB       For an amazing start to school at Carnegie. You start each day with a smile and always

                                   give your best.

Asher D  PA            For being a kind, helpful and happy student in the prep area. Great start to your school

                                    life, Asher.

Katie T  1D             For being an amazing role model with your consistently focused attitude towards

                                   all your  learning as well as your kindness and caring manner towards others. 

Zeke V   1A             For having a wonderful attitude towards his learning and being a model student in 1A.

                                   Well done.

Sophie W 2C        For your infectious positivity in all that you do. Your enthusiastic attitude is quickly

                                  spreading in Year 2.

Sophie W  2D       For always looking out for acts of 'kindness catcher' and being so kind to others.

Oliver Y  3C           For his excellent effort in persuasive writing. Fabulous work, Oliver!

Will Q  3D               For bringing his A game to absolutely everyting he's been doing in year 3. You

                                   should be so proud, Will.

Siddarth   4B       For being a proactive classmate and always demonstrating grit when faced with

                                 a challenging task.

Natalia 4C            For your incredible rendition of 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'-what creative lyrics.

Abbey J  5A          For being an amazing leader, always helping others and setting a high standard for her


Zara M 5B             For being an awesome, helpful, inspirational and reliable Year 5 family member.

District Swimming

District Swimming Carnival 2019

Congratulations to all 26 members of the Carnegie Swimming Squad who took part in the District Swimming Carnival at Carnegie Swimming Pool on Monday, 4th March.

The weather was perfect for a day at the pool and there was a great atmosphere. All students performed to their best and most of all students enjoyed themselves and supported each other admirably.  As always, Carnegie students did themselves proud by showing great sportsmanship and endeavour on the day, cheering both team mates and opponents enthusiastically.  As well, Carnegie PS finished second overall in the District Swimming Championship and finished 3rd in the Standardised competition which is based on achievement in relation to school size.  This was a fantastic reward for all the hard work of students in the lead up and on the day.  Well done to all!


We had some outstanding individual results including many personal bests, as well as a few ribbons to boot. Particular noteworthy achievements included:


  • Charlotte B winning both her individual events to qualify for the Division carnival.
  • Jessica B winning the 10 girls butterfly to qualify for the Division carnival.
  • Patrick M winning the 10 boys breaststroke to qualify for the Division carnival.
  • Cooper A winning the 11 boys breaststroke to qualify for the Division Carnival.
  • Lucas O winning the 11 boys butterfly to qualify for the Division Carnival.
  • Cooper A, Grady K, Nicholas C & Lucas O winning the 11 boys Freestyle Relay to qualify for the Division Carnival
  • Charlotte B, Maddie H, Grace M and Jessica B winning the Open Girls Medley Relay to qualify for the Division Carnival
  • Lara D, Maia N & Johnny P showing maturity beyond their years by participating as our only Grade 3 team members!
  • All our 2nd & 3rd placegetters – we had a multitude of podium finishers this year!


Congratulations again to all students involved – a sterling effort all round!


The Carnegie Swimming Team 2019

Lara D

Maia N

Sasha B

Jasmine S-L

Jessica B

Grace M

Abbie T

Zara M

Bliss V

Charlotte B

Maddie H

Charlotte F

Lily M

Johnny P

Patrick M

Angus B

Luca C

Julian F

Cooper A

Nicholas C

Grady K

Lucas O

Andrew V

Noah W

Ben F

Dom N



Wellbeing News


We have been busy creating the following rubric that outlines our expectations for behaviour at Carnegie Primary School. Students in 2018 and 2019 have generated the language with support from their teachers. All staff have had a chance to review and revise and we have all agreed upon the expectations.


As a staff, we will be using this rubric to assess student behaviour and effort on their 2019 June and December reports. All year levels and specialist classes will use this streamlined document to ensure consistent and constructive feedback is given to all students.



Friday the 15th of March is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. This week at CPS, the students will be reviewing the posters in the attachment below. These posters were developed by staff and students during 2018 to support the development of a whole school language and understanding of Bullying. As explained by the organiser of the National Day of Action Against Bullying,

Talking about Bullying means it can't be hidden or overlooked in the busy school or family day. Conversations provide opportunities for students to raise issues that adults may not have noticed, and to discuss concerns before they become long-term and entrenched.​”



PFA News


Our next meeting is next Monday 18th March at 7pm in the staffroom. We will hold our AGM first and then go on to our regular meeting. 


Sushi order forms are going home today for our first Sushi Day of the year which is next Tuesday. Forms need to be in by THIS FRIDAY. Unfortunately we can't take any late orders. I've attached the form here in case it doesn't make it home!



Orders are now open for new 2019/2020 Entrertainment Book. Order now and you can take advantage of bonus Early Bird Offers, while they last. Not only will you get to enjoy valuable bonus Early Bird vouchers but also you will receive a $20* Woolworths online offer and $50^ Cellarmasters online offer!
*$20 off your total shop when you spend $220 or more at Woolworth online. ^$50 off your total shop when you spend $120 or more at Cellarmasters online. *^Terms & conditions apply 

Go to:



Next week we will be sending home a note and raffle tickets for our huge Easter Raffle we have on the last day of Term 1. We ask families to donate an Easter egg or two and we  then put them all together to create over 100 prizes and draw the raffle on the last day of term. It makes for a very EGGciting day!!



If you would like to join the PFA please email me on I will add you to the mailing list of PFA updates. You don't have to come to meetings all the time but you can keep up to date with what's happening via the emails.


Leesa Needham

PFA President

Ph: 0408 556 669

Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20










Attached below is the holiday program for the upcoming holidays along with the booking sheet.

Thank you















Tuesday 30th April 2019 at 9.15am.

Take a tour and learn about our

innovative language programs.



Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Tours at 9.15am, 11.30am, & 1.45pm (Bookings essential).

Evening Presentation 6.30pm.



Information Night

Monday 6th May 2019 6.30pm.

SEAL Test for Year 7 2020

Friday 17th May 1pm.



See website for dates.

Bookings essential for all tours.

Ring 9571 7838














If you are looking for a local church, we are in Toolambool Rd Carnegie and hold our Celebration Service on Sundays at 10.30am. All welcome!


40 Toolambool Rd. Carnegie. 3163. VIC / ABN: 81 698 400 625


Sunday 31st March


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