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07 February 2019
2019 Issue 1
Principal's Message
From the Deputy's Desk
Primary News
Secondary News
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Friends,


It is a pleasure to be writing to you in this capacity for the first time. I would like to thank you for your welcome. The generosity of the College community has been amazing. I feel blessed to be able to join such an incredible place, and I am looking forward to partnering with you as we journey together in growing children into young men and women who can change the world.


People often ask at this point what do you mean? My answer is always that I believe that each and every one of our students is unique and precious. That they are gifted and have tremendous potential. I believe these things because these young people are children of God, made in His image, loved by Him and have purpose and meaning in Him.


The truth is that the world is a profoundly complicated place that needs to be interpreted and navigated well. I want you to know that I am passionate about helping our young people learn to interpret and understand the world correctly. In this way they will be able to thrive as active participants, with a clear and confident voice in their communities speaking the truth and love of Jesus Christ, and thus change the world.


I also recognise that growing young people is a challenging and at times difficult process. The messages and lessons that I want them to learn compete with a host of very seductive and influential other messages. To ensure that they are hearing the right messages, learning the right things is the reason that we partner together as a learning community. Together I am confident that we can weather the storms and celebrate the success, so that at the end of their time at the College, graduating students are not only taught academically very well, but are also people of character and integrity, and know who they are in Christ.


I am looking forward to getting to know you as we make this journey together, so please feel free to introduce yourself when you have the opportunity. I would love to catch up.




Andrew Manning



Pray for Bayside

Pray for all of our new students and staff as they settle into their new school.


Give thanks for the opening of our new Senior Science building, and that Years 11-12 students are now using our fabulous North Campus facilities.


Pray for our Secondary camps, that students would build great relationships with their peers and return safely on Friday.


Pray that our students would come to develop faith, hope, love, joy, peace and service as we focus on these values from our College purposes this semester.

From the Deputy's Desk

Welcome back to Bayside for 2019. We are delighted to have you partnering with us this year. Our focus this semester is Purpose 3:

"Establishing an educational environment characterised by faith, hope, love, joy, peace and service."


Students will study these values as part of devotions. We hope you partner with us in exploring what the Bible says about each of these values, and encourage your children by discussing what we are learning. This fortnight, our focus is FAITH. Romans 10:17 says:

"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."


I encourage you to read the word of God with your family daily, and help develop the faith of the Lord's precious children. I pray you have a wonderful year. Many blessings!


Car Park Reminders

Please be reminded the car park is a shared space, and is often crowded in the afternoons at pick-up time. Be patient - it is only 15 minutes of busyness each day. In order to ease congestion and keep traffic moving, please adhere to the following:

  • Follow the arrows, park only in the marked bays with the vehicle’s nose facing in, or collect from the drop off zone.

  • When you enter the gate, ONLY go straight ahead. Please do not turn right to park in the BUS ONLY zone or to drive through the carparks at the end of the pedestrian islands.

  • Students may only be collected from in front of B-Block or A-Block. No students are permitted to wait on the pedestrian islands. These areas are checked regularly and students will be sent back to the correct waiting zones.

  • Please join the queue through the staff car park turn-around area to come to the drop off zone. Please do not exit against the arrows. Other vehicles are waiting to enter. Please do not pull in front of other vehicles. It will only take a few minutes in the queue.

  • Vehicles should not be left unattended in the drop-off zones. Please continue to move as far forward as possible to allow more vehicles to collect their passengers.

  • When you park in a bay, please only use the crossings to cross the car park. Model correct procedures to your children.


We are continually mindful of student safety as our main priority during morning drop-off and afternoon collection. We appreciate your support and patience, particularly during the busy afternoon time.


Parent Conferences

Our Primary Parent/Teacher conferences and Secondary Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and share our partnership to discuss the progress and plans for best supporting your children's education, both from school and from home. Information will be sent out in the next few weeks regarding how to use our online booking system, PTO, to make a time to meet with your children's teachers.


Please remember that Wednesday 13 March appointments start after school at 3:45pm, and Thursday 14 March classes finish at 1:00pm for appointments to start at 1:45pm. Buses will depart the College by 1:25pm for an early bus run this day. Camp Australia will provide care for those already registered with the program.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Welcome to the 2019 school year. It is encouraging to see how smoothly the students are settling into their new classrooms and getting to know their teachers. This time of the year is always filled with much anticipation. In Semester 1, there is a whole school focus on Purpose 3:

“Establishing an educational environment that is characterised by faith, hope, love, joy, peace and service”.


It is going to be so exciting to work with the students to explore this purpose in daily school life.


There has been enthusiasm and energy displayed amongst our new Primary Student Leaders as they start to undertake their new roles. The Hospitality Leaders served at the first morning tea on Tuesday 5 February as new families were welcomed and introduced to other families.


There is a special meeting at 2:30pm in the Primary Gym, for Primary Parents/Carers on Thursday 7 February, when the ‘Family Zone’ launch takes place. Families are strongly encouraged to install the app and use it to help guide and protect children’s internet usage.


Please make a special note in your diary to attend the Primary Information Night, which is being held next Wednesday 13 February in the G Block gym from 7:00-8:30pm. This evening is relevant for every year level at Primary School, and there will be information conveyed to help your children. The initial part of the evening will include an opportunity for you to be introduced to our new principal, Mr Andrew Manning, and formal presentations will then be made by members of the Primary staff. It will be followed by a time of interaction during which you will be able to speak to both class and specialist teachers over supper.


The Primary Swimming Carnival will be held on Wednesday 20 February, and parents/carers are very welcome to attend. It will be a great time of sporting fun, and hopefully house spirit will be on display with the wearing of house colours and the displaying of the large house banners: ‘Overcomers’, ‘Believers’ and Conquerors’.


On Tuesday 19 February, there will be a session for all new Classroom Helpers from 9:00-9:30am in F1 (Primary LOTE room). It is important that all volunteers understand the Child Safety Code of Conduct before they start helping in the classroom.


Advance Notice: Grandparents’ Day from 9:15-11:30am on Tuesday 26 February. Please start to plan for the visit of grandparents/family friends on that day… and there will be scones!


Please pray for all the students, families and teachers; so that in all that we do we can reflect God’s great love for us.


May God bless you,


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Welcome Preps

The Year 1s were all eager to help the new Preps settle into Mrs Martin’s Prep/Year 1 class. The students enjoyed some time getting to know each other and exploring the classroom. 

First day for 1/2M

Our Year 1/2M class had a great first day, settling in, making new friends and catching up with existing friends. 

Lynda Marshall

Lynda Marshall worked in the Years 3/4 area for several years and made a valuable contribution to the learning of many students. She had a heart for kids and loved working with the students. Lynda passed away on 26 January after a six month battle with Cancer. Throughout her life and during her illness she never wavered in her faith and constantly shared her love for God with others. While she will be dearly missed by those who knew her, we are comforted by the knowledge she is now with our Heavenly Father.

Secondary News

From the Head of Secondary

Welcome to 2019!


Term 1 is such a busy term for our Secondary students. After a few days of settling in, this week our students are attending their respective year level camps. Camp week is such an important time for the students as they adjust into a new school year, with new challenges and new friendships, and, for some, a totally new school. A very big Bayside welcome to all our new students and to our two visiting Japanese students, Tomomi Masuko and Yoji Okumura, who will be with us for all of Term 1.

Late in February our Captains, Vice Captains and Prefects will be heading off to a leadership and planning camp. I am very much looking forward to working with this group of amazing students as they come together to put in place a plan for 2019.


Please pray that God will bless all our students as they settle into the 2019 school year, in particular our Year 7 students who begin their Secondary School journey, and for our Year 12 students as they complete it. 




Shirley Patterson

Head of Secondary

Years 11/12 Happenings

Welcome to North Campus!

Welcome back to all our Years 11-12 students and their families! It has been so lovely to see all of our students back this week and to have them using the new facilities at Bayside on a full time basis. The team has been enjoying getting back into classes and thinking about new ideas with the students to make the new space ‘home’. Students have settled in well and have had a fantastic attitude to starting back at school.


We welcome Mr Rupert Balint-Smith (English) and Mrs Susan Forde (Biology) to the 11-12 team this year, and are excited to have them join our College community.


As we begin the year our focus is on, together, creating an educational environment that is "characterised by love, joy, peace, hope, faith and service". We will be continuing to encourage our students to strive for excellence in all that they do - in their words and actions, their relationships, service and work ethic. In all things, we seek to honour God and to remember that He is sovereign over all.


The team is looking forward to meeting with families next Monday evening 11 February at 7pm at North Campus, and introducing you to the new facilities. You will be meeting with all of your child’s teachers as they share the plans for their subjects this year. This will also be an opportunity for you to meet our new Principal, Mr Andrew Manning, as well as finding out a little more about Family Zone.


This week, students are enjoying City camp, where they are experiencing a range of activities that focus on seeking God in all of life; developing their study skills, time management, healthy eating, developing positive relationships and caring for others in the community. They will certainly have some great stories to tell on their return.


Please feel free to contact any of the team should you have questions or if you would like to assist or be involved in any way. Email is often the most effective way of contacting teachers during the day. Alternatively, please make a time to meet through the office.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Year 11-12 Coordinator

After school study

After school study workshops will begin on Monday 18 February in the study centre at N Block. Years 11-12 teachers will be available to assist students with any extra help they may need each Monday after school. Workshops will also be running to provide extension or extra support. This will be the set time for students who need to re-sit a SAC. These sessions will run until 4pm - re-sits will be scheduled for the duration of the SAC.


  • Supervision is only provided at North Campus between 8.30am-3.30pm (except Mondays until 4pm). Students at school outside of these times must be at South Campus.

  • Students must sign in and out at the main office if they arrive late or leave early (only with parental permission). Students leaving early must be collected from South Campus.

  • Students are to be dropped off at V Block on Monday mornings for Home Group and assembly.

Thank you for your support as we ensure that students are cared for at all times.

Class of 2018

Congratulations to our Year 12 "Class of 2018" VCE students who recently received tertiary

offers. Jarryd Wyatt, the 2018 Dux, has been offered a place in Architectural Design/Architecture at Monash University. He is joined by four other students who also received offers to study at Monash in Nursing, Teaching, and Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial Design. Other students received offers to ACU, Deakin, LaTrobe and RMIT, where they will study in areas such as Arts, Education, Paramedicine and Criminology. Well done!


Claire Dawson

Careers & VET Coordinator

This month on SchoolTV - Surviving Year 12

The final year of secondary school is a year of hard work and a huge commitment for students. With so much going on it can be hard to find the balance between study and life. It is a time when personalities start to emerge, there are more complex interpersonal relationships and there is the pressure to perform academically. With all of this going on, it’s not surprising that some students have an emotional response and it is therefore extremely important for parents to know how to support their children during this time.


Some kids will need more support than others. Keeping the communication lines open with your child, their teachers, mentors and other parents will be crucial. Being aware of your child’s mental and physical wellbeing can play a vital role in their success.


In this edition of SchoolTV, parents will discover practical advice for students and parents to help get through the final year of secondary school. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition and we always welcome your feedback.


If you have any concerns about your child, please contact the school counsellor for further information.



A reminder that our Dobsons uniform shop has returned to normal operating hours, which are:

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

If you can't make it during opening hours, online ordering and click & collect facilities are available from the dedicated Bayside Christian College page on the Dobsons website. Shop contact details can be found on the College uniform page.


The shop is still awaiting the arrival of the following items of uniform:

  • PE polo
  • Primary polo
  • Skorts.

We anticipate that each of these items will arrive at our uniform shop by mid-February. Families with outstanding orders of these items will be notified of their arrival in store.


Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group:

Conveyance Allowance

If you are new to the College, your circumstances have changed or your child has just started Prep or Year 7, you could be eligible for a Conveyance Allowance.


For further details go to the conveyance website or call into the College Office for more information.

CSEF - Financial Assistance

​​​​​​​​​The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2019 are now open and will close on 28 June 2019 (end of Term 2). See the CSEF website to check your eligibility.

Jogging Club

Welcome back to school everyone! The aim for 2019 will be to simply improve on last year's 4810 laps, which equals 1300kms!


CHANGE OF DAY: Jogging club will now be on Mondays at lunchtime 1:10-1:35 pm, and again on Fridays before school. Parents and carers are welcome to walk, jog, run, gallop, crawl (or even roll) on Friday mornings from 8:15-8:45am.

Bayside Raiders

We wish all of you a wonderful 2019 and your children a great start to school! While our summer season concludes this term, we are looking ahead to the winter season and calling any interested players between Prep and Year 12. If your child likes to shoot hoops and is looking for a team, please contact me before 1 March 2019 either at [email protected] or on my mobile: 0400 172 188. 

Footpath Petition

We have just launched a petition calling on Frankston City Council: "to work with relevant state transport agencies to expedite the design and construction of the shared use path between the Peninsula Link and Frankston-Baxter Trails alongside Robinsons Road, Langwarrin South."


This is an important "missing link" in the local trail network, which is desperately needed to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the vicinity of the College, including our own students. Please drop by College reception to sign our petition.

Before School Care

As announced recently, we have started to provide Before School Care at the College, from 7-9am each morning. See Camp Australia's Bayside Christian College page for details on registration, rates and rebates.


A reminder that playground supervision commences at 8:35am and afternoon supervision concludes at 3:35pm. Parents/carers are responsible for the supervision of their children outside designated duty times, otherwise Primary School children are to be in Before or After School Care.

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