15 March 2019
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Lord, Jesus,

We ask you to renew the spirit in each one of us

To continue the work that you have called us to do. 

Help us to live your message of ‘service to others’

In our dealings with those whose lives we touch


Through our chosen ministry.

St Norbert, pray for us.

Photo: Ashley Mascarenhas

From the Principal

Photo: Ashley Mascarenhas

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,


“Your witness has more impact than you think. Your words, especially when shared in gentleness and love, plant seeds of the Gospel in people’s hearts. Your actions, especially when done in a spirit of self-giving generosity, stay in people’s memories,” (Five minutes with the Word – Lent 2019).


This is a beautiful phrase from a Lenten reflection that I believe highlights the strength of our words and actions. I spoke at our College assembly earlier this week, reflecting on the College value of 'Community' and the opportunities that we have to celebrate with words and actions, the uniqueness and inclusivity of our College community.

The first of these opportunities occurred today with acknowledgement of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, where we have publicly aimed to promote an anti-bullying message that bullying and violence are never okay. I thank Ms Sarah Gardner and those students and staff who have been so active in the promotion of this very important message. Our College works very hard to encourage positive relationships between students to reduce all forms of bullying, harassment, aggression and violence and to affirm the rights of members of our community to feel safe and to be safe at school. We must always strive to live our College value of 'Friendship' by “extending a friendly welcome to all and demonstrating our genuine care and support for each other”.


On Wednesday March 20, we gather as a community to celebrate Harmony Day, a day where we share in the amazing stories of heritage and ethnicity of our peers, friends, colleagues and fellow community members. Harmony Day - in fact, every day - should be a wonderful reminder to our beautiful community how we at St Norbert College are of one mind and one heart, irrespective of our heritage and ethnicity, skin colour, background and origin.


To finish, I ask you to reflect on and be empowered by, the first line of our College song “Ad Omnia Paratus” which so eloquently captures the essence of our community:


“We are gathered as one body, in the spirit of the Lord.”

God Bless,

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

Cardinal Pell Conviction - Archdiocese of Perth

The news of the conviction and recent sentencing of Cardinal Pell has been deeply distressing for our community, particularly for those whose lives have been impacted by sexual abuse. 


Out of respect for the ongoing judicial process, we will not be providing comment on the conviction, sentencing and appeal, other than to say that we must continue to acknowledge the pain of all victims and survivors of abuse, and provide support to them and their loved ones wherever and however we can.


As a school community, this is a reminder that every student and staff member needs a safe and supportive learning environment, and that the wellbeing of all in our College remains our highest priority. 

Dean of Studies

Grit, Perseverance and Self-Control

“Grit,” a book by University of Pennsylvania Professor Angela Duckworth, has gained traction in education and parenting circles both in the United States and here in Australia in recent times. In the book, Professor Duckworth defines grit as a combination of perseverance and passion, and being important for long-term academic success. Professor Duckworth discusses some of her studies around grit and the idea of building one’s ability to persist. Some of the proposals and ideas have merit for the improvement of student effort and for parenting strategies.

In contrast, The Hechinger Report (a non-profit and independent news organisation) published an article on March 11, 2019 by Jill Barshay titled, 'Research scholars to air problems with using ‘grit’ at school[1]'. The criticisms in the article by Barshay note the statistical and methodological errors, inaccurate survey questions, and more importantly, that many researchers are finding that grit isn’t strongly associated with academic achievement. The existence of other skills that are far more powerful than grit is important to recognise, and Professor Duckworth has conceded there were problems with the survey questions that she used to measure grit in people. Analysis of the studies in grit have found that the questions end up measuring how conscientious a person is.

However, Professor Duckworth says her critics are missing her point about the power of grit when they compare students’ grit scores with grades and test scores. "Grit is something I think young people need to grow toward," said Duckworth. "By definition, grit is passion for something that takes a long time to complete and perseverance". Duckworth acknowledges that grit shouldn’t be the most important factor in determining a student’s grades or test scores: "There ought to be other predictors, like self-control, that should be more predictive of grades than grit".

The key message is to identify the challenge around building the ability to persevere when faced with difficulty. For students, perseverance develops when trying different strategies for homework, assignments and classwork. Perseverance also develops with an ongoing commitment to train for sport and/or rehearse for a drama, dance or music performance. Becoming involved in service opportunities builds grit and perseverance because service activities are not always what we would readily choose to do. At St Norbert College, students can discover a range of ways to persevere and build confidence to achieve their goals at school and to prepare for life beyond.



Academic Excellence Program

The Academic Excellence Program at St Norbert College aims to provide students with the opportunity to extend their learning in the classroom and beyond, with the intention to empower students to develop their talents for creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in order to be effective in their life beyond school. To ensure that the Academic Excellence Program (AEP) continues to contribute to the Mission of St Norbert College, the design of the program for 2019 aims to accurately reflect extension of student learning. In seeking to differentiate learning, the AEP will focus on greater complexity and depth of learning, development of critical and purposeful thinking, and (student) confidence for independent and self-directed learning.

In Semester One, participation in the Academic Excellence Program is open to all students from Years 7-9, and provides an opportunity for students to engage with the themes and topics including:

  • How to Study: The Power of Habit; Improve Your Thinking; Introduction to Philosophy
  • Teams: Models of Group Cohesion; Building Bridges
  • Presentations and Public Performance
  • Appreciating Creativity

All students who wish to participate must commit to the weekly meetings with the Academic Excellence Coordinator, Mrs Lyndsey Cardenia, during Semester One, with the aim to actively engage with at least two of the projects on offer. An electronic copy of the application forms will be sent to all students (Year 7-9) and paper copies will be available from the Dean of Studies' office from Week 1.7. The Academic Excellence Program for students in Years 10-12 will commence in Term Two, and more information will be published in the next newsletter.


In 2019, students in Year 7 and Year 9 are required to complete the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). The tests will be conducted for reading, writing, conventions of language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. The assessment provides parents and schools with an understanding of how individual students are performing at the time of the tests. All tests will be completed in the online format in 2019 and students are expected to attend the scheduled assessment times. Where possible, the College may arrange for individual students who are absent at the time of the test(s) to complete missed NAPLAN assessments, although no student will be permitted to sit the NAPLAN Online after Friday May 24. The dates for NAPLAN Online at St Norbert College will be as follows:

  • Tuesday May 14 – Writing (40 minutes)
  • Thursday May 16 – Reading (65 minutes)
  • Friday May 17 – Conventions of Language (45 minutes)
  • Monday May 20 – Numeracy (65 minutes)

Students may wish to become familiar with the platform via the public demonstration site:


For additional support and preparation, students may also access the literacy and numeracy workshops offered by the College. Please contact Ms Penny Mulley (Head of English) or Mrs Colette Miranda (Head of Mathematics) for more information regarding the workshops.


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

Open Day

The College hosted another successful Open Day with strong numbers in both the morning and afternoon tours. It is a day when we proudly show how our College operates on a normal day. We received positive feedback and glowing reports about our knowledgeable and honest student tour guides. With healthy enrolments in all year levels and a waiting list, it is vital that enrolment forms are submitted as soon as possible before interviews occur during Year 5.


Thank you to Mrs Rogers and Students for supplying some of the morning and afternoon tea. By popular demand, please find attached the recipe for Apple Crumble Slice.


Parent Committee

The Parent Committee hosted its first Parent Seminar for 2019. We had an informative presentation from Mrs Emma Seaman representing Youth Focus. The topic 'Having a Conversation about Mental Health' provided concrete strategies for parents to open a discussion about mental health and wellbeing. Information is attached for those who were unable to attend. Please feel free to offer suggestions for future seminars by contacting Dr Paul Costantino at

A Year 7 Parent/Guardian get-together is planned during the Year 7 Social on Thursday April 4 in the Bentley Hotel at 6pm. RSVP by Friday March 29 to More details to follow.


Please save the date for our 'Celebrating Mums Breakfast' on Friday May 17 at 7.30am in the O’Reilly Centre.


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 7, 9 and 11)

College Parking

College Parking 

Seemingly the start of the school year is an appropriate time to remind all parents and friends of the need to observe standards signs, markings and courtesies when dropping off or collecting students at the College. The increase in usage of the Xanten carpark is expected but can we please ask for the following courtesies to be observed:

  • Drivers use the appropriate entry and exit gates and follow the arrow markings.
  • Cars are only parked in the marked bays. Parking across bays or in the middle of the driving lane only causes congestion and the potential for an accident.

Our carparks are designed to make it convenient for parents, but the safety of our students and the users of the carparks cannot be compromised, so attention to these requests would be appreciated.

Pastoral Care

Social Media Readiness

From the Office of the eSafety Commissioner


Is my child old enough to use social media?

Both the physical age of your child and their level of maturity and resilience can impact their ability to handle social media, but as a rule, each social networking site and app has its own criteria for minimum age requirements. Some services cater for more adult audiences (i.e. dating sites). We have a comprehensive list of the age requirements for social networking sites in our Games, apps and social networking section.


Why is 13 the minimum recommended age?

Most sites require users to be at least 13 years of age before they can register, although some sites, such as Club Penguin, are created especially for children under 13. Generally, the 13-year age requirement is not necessarily because the site is unsafe for children to use but to comply with a US law – the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA), which prevents collection and storage of personal information from children under 13 years of age.


How do I know if my child is ready to use social media?

We suggest considering these questions to determine your child’s readiness for social media.


Is your child able to withstand taunts from others?

If you think your child will become very upset if they have a negative experience online, then you may need you to guide them through the use of social platforms. If you give them permission to establish a social media account, then look through their profiles and public feeds together, talk about how some people behave differently online and teach them how to filter abusive comments, block and report people.


Does your child understand what’s safe to put online?

If you're concerned that they may post personal information that allows people to identify and locate them—even after you have talked through the dangers—then they may need your help to use social networking sites. Talk about the risks of 'checking in', posting sexy or flirty pictures, meeting online friends in person, making offensive comments, and what is not acceptable.


Does your child understand the importance of protecting their personal information?

Explaining to a child why privacy is important can be difficult. We suggest explaining what personal information is and that it can also include their mobile number, pictures, workplace name and shifts, sporting club and game schedule, holiday dates, credit card details and banking information.



Remind them that if personal information is not protected then it creates a risk that others, including strangers, can find out where they are, use their private information to hack into their computer or profile accounts and steal their identity and other valuable information. They may open themselves up to being impersonated online, where someone can cyberbully or reveal unwanted information, and send threats, mean messages or embarrassing photos as if the child themselves were engaging in this activity. Let them know that once their personal information is made public, it is almost impossible to control or get back.


Are you worried that your child will feel left out if they aren’t on social media?

If you are worried your child will be left out but also concerned that they aren't ready, you can compromise by letting them have social networking accounts if they follow strict rules—including only using sites when you supervise them or you control their login. In return, you may promise not to comment publicly on their profile or posts.


Does your child know how to report abuse or offensive content?

It is possible your child may experience some form of online harassment. It is important that you know how to manage and report this behaviour. If not, together with your child visit the safety centre of the site they are on to ensure they know how to block and report people. A comprehensive list of site safety centres can be found on the Social media services' safety centres page.


How do you plan to supervise your child on social sites?

It is important to supervise your child’s activity, so discuss with your child about how they would like to monitor their online social activity. It may be tricky having this conversation, particularly with teens, but it is important to gain their agreement with the monitoring option you eventually choose.


This could include being their 'friend' or having access to their login details, but be prepared to learn more than you might like about their friends – try to withhold comment unless you are worried about safety, rather talk to your child if you have concerns as it can cause them embarrassment and break their trust, or may prompt them to use a separate profile without your knowledge.


Games, apps and social networking.   

Games, apps and social networking sites are popular among children and adults alike. Learn about the latest apps, how to protect your information and where to get more safety guidance. All information provided is factual and it is up to each individual to decide whether an app, game or social networking site is appropriate for themselves and their family. Any app or game that allows users to interact with others, including people they may not know, presents a potential risk of unwanted contact.


More information on this topic can be found at:


The Pastoral Care Team

From the Business Manager

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee accounts for Semester 1 were posted on February 15, 2019.


Thank you to those families who have paid Semester 1 accounts in full or have setup a payment arrangement with the College.


Families who may have difficulty with the payment of school fees are asked to please contact the Finance Officer, Mrs Joleen Scott on 9350 5433 or


A reminder that fees are payable by Friday March 15, 2019 and can be paid at Reception by EFTPOS/cash/cheque, BPAY or by a  payment plan with the College.


Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)


St Frederick Academic Scholarships Now Open

Middle School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 7 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 7-9 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday May 18 commencing at 9.30am for Year 6 students.

Senior School Academic Scholarships are available to students entering Year 10 and cover full or 50% tuition fees and are tenable for Years 10-12 subject to student performance each year. A two-hour scholarship selection test will be conducted on Saturday May 18 commencing at 9.30am for Year 9 students.

Applications and details for the scholarships are available by visiting our website where you can apply online via the link provided. The Scholarship Registration fee is $95.00.

Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open

Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering all years 7-12. The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees. A prospectus for the Specialised Basketball Program is available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are held on Thursday June 27 commencing at 3.30pm.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

College Website

New College Website

The St Norbert College website,, has recently been revamped and redesigned. The new website is user-friendly, has an improved loading time, and is responsive to different user devices. Pages, files and content that were available on the previous site have been retained on the new site, however, if you are experiencing any technical difficulties or are having problems navigating the site, please feel free to contact me on 9350 5433 or via email:


Mr M Biddle (Community Relations and Marketing Officer)

Performing Arts

Ceasing Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

In order to cease tuition at the end of Term One without financial penalty, Performing Arts Administration must receive written notice from parents by Friday March 29. No student may withdraw from instrumental tuition without a written request from a parent or guardian. Please direct requests to cease lessons to Katherine Freind at or call 9350 5433 ext 226.

New Payment Policy for Instrumental/Vocal Lessons

Parents of students learning an instrument or voice through the College’s Instrumental and Vocal Music Program will receive an email outlining a new method for payment for lessons in Term Two. Parents will now be required to make payment to tutor’s invoices (which will be sent out on Monday of Week 7) by the Thursday of Week 9 (April 4) for their child be included in the Term Two Lesson Timetable. Failure to do so will result in lessons ceasing at the end of Term One. If you have any queries or wish to discuss the matter further, please contact the Head of Arts, Chadwick Beins via email at or call 9350 5433 ext. 226. If you have not yet received an email, please make contact with Performing Arts Administration immediately.

2019 Ensemble Captains

In addition to the Ensemble Captains announced a few weeks ago, congratulations to the following students on attaining captaincy positions of these ensembles, teams or clubs:

Tap Troupe – Nicole Dobkowski and Danielle Vandenberg

Junior Drama Club – Nicole Alconaba

Percussion Ensemble – Gabriel Eaton


Mr C Beins (Head of Arts)

Photo: Jessica Ramos

Year 7 Activity Day

Photo: Jessica Ramos

Year 7 Activity Day 2019

On Tuesday March 12, the Year 7 students participated in an Activity Day on the College grounds. The activities were led by the Years 11 and 12 students (coaches) in Mr Ford’s and Mr Price’s Certificate II and III Sport and Recreation classes.


The aim of the day was for students to develop positive relationships with their peers as they have shared the transition from primary school into secondary school. They also had the opportunity to get to know and learn from the Years 11 and 12 coaches, who led the activities.


As part of their program, the Years 11 and 12 coaches planned, organised and trialled different activities and skills needed to coach the Year 7 students. On the day, the Year 7 students participated in a variety of activities requiring teamwork, trust building, problem-solving and communication.


While being beneficial and great fun for the Year 7 students, it was also a positive experience for the Years 11 and 12 coaches to display their leadership skills. So well done to all students. I am so proud of you all.

A big thank you to the Years 11 and 12 coaches, Mr Ford and Mr Price. Thank you to staff who helped out on the day including Mrs Morris, Miss Gardner, Mr Ah Fong, Mr McGrath, Mr Gherardi, Mr D’Souza and Mr Eddy. Thank you also to Mr Biddle and Jessica Ramos (Media Captain) for taking photos during the day.

Student Comments

I think that the Year 7 Activity Day is a fantastic activity that Year 7s get to do, and I really think that it's a great opportunity for you to meet more people and learn about each other. I especially like how we had our Year 11s and 12s run all the games throughout the day. I enjoyed the day a lot and I think it was great and I'm sure everyone else did too.

(Patrick Costantino, P2)


I liked the Year 7 Activity Day because it was fun and I enjoyed all of the fun activities. What I also liked was the shared lunch because we would never usually get pizza from the school for lunch. I mostly liked activity day because we got to earn each other’s trust and make new friends.  (Ashton Ricafranca, T4)


I think the activity day was a great way for the students to get to know each other. Even the older kids were keen on participating in the games. It was also a great time for you to meet other children in Year 7. After the first couple of games everyone ignored that they didn't have anyone they knew in the group and worked together to complete the challenges. Overall it was a fun day which has taken away the fear of starting high school. 

(Amal Suresh, X2)


I liked how I could bond and learn about new people. I also liked how the Year 12s and 11s were nice and caring to us and were not bossy. All the activities were fun and some of them were about learning the other students’ names and what they like to do in their free time. 

(Claudia Valentino, X3)


Year 7 Activity Day was one of the best days of the year. Values that we showed were encouragement, friendliness, and team contribution. Something extremely positive is that the school provided pizza and cordial! Also the funniest thing is that Miss Abel got hit in the head in dodgeball! For me the water challenge was the best. 

(Kien Nguyen, P1)


I enjoyed the Activity Day on Tuesday, I found it fun, I got to meet new people that I haven't met before, and I also got to show a bit of my personality to other people. I also learnt some new things about others too. 

(Ella Hackett, M7)


I liked making new friends and having fun in the activities. 

(Joshua Welsh, M4)


I enjoyed having people that I didn’t really know in my team, so that I could get to know them. I enjoyed the games (especially the ones where water was involved) and having some kids I knew, so I didn’t feel out of place. Thanks for the enjoyable time. 

(Madeline Dhillon, K4)


I found the activity day great fun. I liked how we could bond with the Year 12s and 11s, and how they came up with fun and creative games. I like how we got to meet other students, make new friends and work together. 

(Sienna Bien, T7)


Year 7 Activity Day was great fun! We all got to make new friends and developed positive relationships with everyone! 

(Rainielle Micosa, P2)


I liked the pizza, tug of war and dodge ball the most. Thanks for everything. 

(Joshua Mathew, K4)


I really enjoyed the pizza and all the games. Thank you very much.  (Travis Williams, M4)


The Year 7 Activity Day is a great opportunity to not only meet new people and make new friends but to meet all the Year 11s and 12s, who you know you can go to when you have a problem or need advice. It was just really fun and hilarious!!​ 

(Isabella Zeeb, M1)


Miss C Abel (Head of Year 7)


LAST OPPORTUNITY - Italian Exchange Program

I am looking for families willing to host an Italian exchange student this year. If your child is studying Italian, or has studied Italian in the past, your family can host a student and therefore have the opportunity for your child to go on exchange at the end of this year (or next year).


A brief outline of the program is attached. Please consider this great experience for your child and your family.



The Italian word 'Carnevale' is derived from the Latin carnem (meat) and levare (remove).


This year, Carnevale was celebrated on Tuesday March 5. It always falls on a Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, and it is a Christian celebration which marks the beginning of Lent, a period of 40 days before Easter, during which no meat is eaten.


This festivity is celebrated in many countries including Italy, Brazil (in particular, the city of Rio de Janeiro) and in the US, in the city of New Orleans (Louisiana).

During Carnevale, children and adults get dressed up in costumes and wear traditional masks, they throw streamers and “confetti”, eat many rich, fried foods and generally have a fun day. Characteristic floats are constructed during the year which form part of the customary parades in the lead-up to Carnevale.


Most students in Italy go to school in their costumes and spend the morning celebrating at school, while in the afternoon, there is usually a parade with floats in their town. One of the most famous places for this parade is Viareggio, near Pisa, in northern Italy.


The Year 7 Italian students decorated a mask for Carnevale and there were some streamers and confetti to create a little Carnevale atmosphere! They also saw videos of the famous 'Carnevale di Venezia' with the traditional 'Volo dell’Angelo' (flight of the angel) in Piazza San Marco.


Ms D Tersigni (Italian Teacher)

Cultural Corner

Harmony Day Schedule


Mrs C Miranda (Harmony Day Coordinator)

Canteen on Harmony Day

Please be aware that the Café will not be open for Recess on Harmony Day, Wednesday March 20. Don’t forget to bring your recess on this day.

Mrs C McIntyre (Canteen Manager)

SNESA Football Club

2019 Season

SNESA Football Club will field three senior men’s teams in 2019, with over 100 currently registered players! Our first home game will be Saturday April 13, at Soklich and Co Oval (Queens Park Reserve), with Reserves kicking off at 11.15am, League at 1.15pm and Thirds at 3.25pm. Full official fixtures will be available in the next newsletter! 

SNESA Football Club is seeking assistance for the following paid positions: 

- Sports Trainers 

- Boundary Umpires 

- Goal Umpires 

For further enquiries you are more than welcome to contact President Rafic Aoun on 0423 869 440 or at VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME FOR HELP AT THE CANTEEN, BAR AND ONFIELD! 

Introducing our 2019 Coaches


SNESA Football Club would like to announce that the committee has appointed and endorsed Mark Lupica (Class of 2005) as League Coach for the 2019 season. Mark ‘Loops’ Lupica has been the club’s reserves coach for the past four years. The club believes his player knowledge and rapport, as well as his passion and long-standing commitment to the club are his strengths which will provide great motivation to the playing group. 

Twenty-year team legend, Club Life Member and SNC class of 2004 Dean Nelson has been appointed Assistant Coach of the League team. He will be joined by 2013 Rob Bormolini Trophy and 2009 Wilson Dent Trophy winner Glen Adams. 


SNESA Football Club is happy to announce the appointment of Jake Cornwall as Reserves Coach for 2019. A true clubperson and a man who has managed over the last 10 years to escape the spotlight, Jake ‘Boof’ Cornwall has played over 180 games for SNESA across all levels, is a Life Member and recently established himself as a legitimate leader when taking the reins as Thirds coach in 2018. 

He is joined by Phil Rigg as his Assistant Coach, a long-time supporter of our football club and sport in the community. Phil’s two sons Ben and Stephen came through St Norbert College and he is considered a father figure at SNESA! 



Matt Thomas (SNC Class of 2003) has been appointed as coach of our Third Senior Team in 2019. Thommo’ brings strong knowledge and a positive attitude as well as a significant amount of experience in amateur footy. He will have some valuable support from the sidelines with injured goal sneak Shaun ‘Plugger’ Petersen and his partner in crime Luke Franklin as assistant coaches!


Congratulations to all in coaching positions leading SNESA and we look forward to a promising 2019! 

Thanks to Soklich and Co Jewellers, Central Lending Solutions and Australian Civil Haulage for their ongoing support and sponsorship in 2019. Please forward all enquiries to or contact Club President Rafic Aoun on 0423 869 440.


Bus ticket price increase

Please note that school bus ticket prices have increased for this year from $25 to $30 for a book of 20 tickets.

Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)

Uniform Shop



Mondays: 8.00am – 12.00pm

Thursdays: 1.00pm – 5.00pm


NEW: St Norbert College Towel Ponchos

$40 available from the Uniform Shop 



ONLY New Students in Yrs 7-12


Tuesday March 26: 3.30pm - 6.10pm

Tuesday April 2: 3.30pm - 6.10pm

Tuesday April 9: 3.30pm - 6.10pm



APRIL 2019


Tuesday April 23: 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Wednesday April 24: 9.00am - 2.00pm

Monday April 29: 9.00am– 1.00pm


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Years 7 and 8 Immunisations

At the year group assemblies for Years 7 and 8, all students received immunisation packages from the Department of Health. These packs contain information about the diseases protected against and a consent form.


Parents must read the information carefully and return the completed form to school, even if they choose not to have their child immunised. All documents must be returned to Student Services by Friday, March 1. Essentially students need to take the envelope home, get the form completed by their parents and signed, then placed into their Homeroom tray as soon as possible.


Only students with a signed, completed consent form will be immunised. Parents may be contacted by the nurse to clarify information provided. More information for parents can be found at:

The immunisation dates are:

Round 1: Year 7s – Tuesday May 28 

Round 2: Wednesday November 27

Round 1: Year 8s – Tuesday May 21

Round 2: Thursday November 28


Mr B McGrath (Head of House - Prémontré)

Heard any alumni news lately?


Norbertus, the St Norbert College alumni magazine, would love to hear any news about former students: engagements, weddings, births, graduations, promotions, sporting achievements, travels, reunions, catch-ups… Photographs and details gratefully accepted.

Please email

Class of 2009 Reunion

Saturday May 18 from 7pm

The Camfield, near Optus Stadium


Mathematics Workshop


St Brigid’s College 90th Anniversary Mass  

St Brigid’s College Lesmurdie has great pleasure to invite former staff, students and community members to join with us in celebrating St Brigid’s College 90th Anniversary Mass on Sunday, March 31 at 4pm on campus in the grounds of the Mercy Heritage Cottage. Light refreshments will follow the Mass. For catering purposes please RSVP to or 9290 4205.


ATAR Revision - April School Holidays



  • Monday March 18 - Kilnacrott Day
  • Wednesday March 20 - Harmony Day Celebrations
  • Friday March 22 - ACC 'D' Division Swimming Carnival, HBF Stadium 9.00am to 3.00pm
  • Friday March - Year 10 Career Day
NAPLAN - Information for parents.pdf
Mathematics workshop - Term 1 2019.pdf
90th Anniversary Mass Invitation - St Brigid's College.pdf
ATAR Revision Information - April School Holidays.pdf
Apple Crumble Slice.pdf
Youth Focus_CAMH_Resource List_Concise_A4_FA.pdf
Youth Focus_Parent Puzzle_A4_FA.pdf
Harmony Day Schedule.pdf
Italian Exchange Program.pdf
Italian Exchange.pdf