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29 November 2019
Issue Nineteen

Respect Excellence Creativity

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Principal's Page

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner

What a wonderful night!  Students, staff, families and friends all joined together to acknowledge the Year 12 Class of 2019 at Merrimu Receptions last week (19/11).

It was pleasing to see so many families and staff in attendance to help celebrate the achievements of our Y12 students.  The night featured presentations and speeches to best reflect on the contributions and achievements of our students.  Plenty of photos were taken from proud family and friends to help best mark this very special occasion.

The Class of 2019 should be proud of their VCE qualification and the positive impact that they have has on the College.    We wish them well in their future endeavours and we hope that some of our Year 12 students will return to keep us informed of their journey and success post their schooling at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  

We thank our Senior Sub School Leader in Judith Riddoch for all of the hard work in making the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner for 2019 so successful.  Well done once again to the Year 12 Class of 2019.  


Presentation Evening, 2019

Our Presentation Evening will be held at the Drum Theatre in Dandenong on Tuesday the 17th of December commencing at 7:00pm.

Our Presentation Evening is an opportunity for the College to recognise student achievement across a number of areas throughout 2019.   

We encourage all members of the community to come along and attend the evening, as we reflect and celebrate a fantastic year. Please Reserve your ticket by completing this online form:

Presentation Night 2019 Ticket Reservation

NASA - Overseas Tour, 2019

We wish students and staff all the very best for their trip to the USA as part of the NASA Overseas Tour. The Tour commences tomorrow (30/11) with students and staff returning on the 11th of December.

Students will be having lunch with an astronauht, further improve their understanding of physics in terms of how the study applies to bridges and rollercoasters, visit key departments within NASA and visit some Science Museums.

We thank both Judy Anderson and Ben Shepherd for travelling and supervising our students whilst on Tour.

Student Leadership Camp, 2019

Our annual Student Leadership Camp commences Thursday the 5th of December at Forest Edge CYC in Neerim East.

Students with dedicated leadership roles in 2020 will attend the Camp to learn more about leadership  and what their roles will entail next year.  Students will participate in a number of activities as part of the Camp, including taking in a presentation from a guest speaker who will share some insights as to the value and impact of effective leadership.

The Camp concludes on Friday the 6th of December and we thank our Student Leadership Co-ordinator in Gemma McMahon for organising this important opportunity for our students.

VCAL, 2021

VCAL is a practical option for students in Years 11 and 12. It is designed to prepare students for further education, training or employment by providing them with work-related experience, literacy and numeracy skills and an opportunity to develop personal skills (from the Good Schools Guide, 2019).

We remind our school community that the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (or VCAL) will be introduced to our College in 2021.  We are thrilled to welcome our new VCAL and Pathways Leading Teacher in Michelle Galea to the Wheelers Hill Secondary College team for 2020.  Michelle will work to further develop our planning for the inception of VCAL in 2021.  VCAL will add to what we currently offer at the Senior School with respect to the Victorian Certificate of Education (or VCE) and Vocational Education and Training Courses (or VET). 

VCAL is a viable and important alternative to the Victorian Certificate of Education (or VCE), and the College is pleased to be able to add VCAL to the course options available to Senior School students.

More information will be shared about our exciting VCAL Program in the near future.  If you have any queries, including queries concerning enrolment into the VCAL Program for 2021, please contact the General Office on (03) 9561 5811.

High Ability Program, 2021 - The ACE Program

Our school community is also reminded of the College’s Aspire, Challenge and Enrich (ACE) Program.  The ACE Program is an extension and enrichment initiative designed to meet the educational needs of high achieving students.  The ACE Program extends high achieving students, ensuring they are engaged and challenged.   The learning provided to students in the ACE Program will enable high achieving students to reach their full potential. 

The ACE Program will be introduced in 2021 at Year 7.   The ACE Program will: 

 ·        Be challenging 

·         Be inquiry-based 

·         Extend and enrich the learning experience across all subject areas 

·         Emphasise higher-order thinking skills, problem solving and academic achievement.  

 Participation in performing arts, sports and project-based learning activities are also features of the program.   The curriculum for students enrolled in the ACE Program is designed with the intent of preparing them for advanced studies in Year 10 and the VCE. 

Applications for the ACE Program (Year 7 intake, 2021) will be opening soon.

We welcome Jack Richardson to WHSC

Jack has recently been appointed as the College's Communications Officer and Secondary Teacher Assistant.  Jack has a wealth of experience when it comes to communications having worked a number of schools together with being a regular presenter at the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership on the topic of how schools can communicate effectively with their communities.  We welcome Jack to Wheelers Hill Secondary College!

Value of the Week - Creativity

We had another Instrumental Showcase last week (21/11) with many families and friends in attendance.  We congratulate our students on their creativity and talents during the Showcase.

And Finally....

The Cycle Four Reports for 2019 will be made available to families on the last day of term (20/12),










Aaron Smith


Assistant Principal's Page

Student scholarships

​Scholarships are payments to help you with the cost of your child's education.

They're generally offered based on:

  • financial need or difficulties
  • your child's school results
  • school and community activities your child takes part in.

Most scholarships on offer are for Victorian government school students. A small number are also open to non-government school students.

Applications from current Year 12 students are now open. Applications from students in Years 4-11 and tertiary institutions in November 2019.

For more information please visit https://www.education.vic.gov.au/parents/learning/Pages/student-scholarships.aspx 

T Minus 1 day- NASA trip is taking off!

It is with much anticipation that the long awaited trip to NASA is about to commence.

On Saturday morning, Judy Anderson and Ben Shepherd will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime with 10 of our wonderful students. Over the coming week, they will be undertaking a range of STEM studies based at NASA Orlando, Florida, San Francisco and  LA. This will certainly be an adventure packed trip and we are looking forward in sharing with the school community details of our adventures upon our return.

Senior Students and 'holidays'

Our Year 10 and 11 students finish formal classes this week. In the past two weeks, they have participated in Transition programs to prepare them for their VCE classes in 2020.


In addition to a well-earned break after their hard work this year, we would like to remind everyone to complete all the holiday homework they have been given in every subject and read their English novels at least three times in preparation for 2020. To ensure that all students can be the best that they can be and make sure that they do not start the year already behind in their studies it is important that this work is done.


Judy Anderson & Andrew Dixon

Assistant Principal 

Mark Your Calendar


  • VCE Enrolment Day
  • Year 9 Exam


  • G'Day Space Trip


  • G'Day Space Trip


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Year 9 Exams


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Year 9 into 10 Transition


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Year 9 into 10 Transition


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Year 9 into 10 Transition
  • Leadership Camp


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Year 9 into 10 Transition
  • Leadership Camp


  • G'Day Space Trip


  • G'Day Space Trip


  • G'Day Space Trip


  • G'Day Space Trip
  • Student Free Day Current Year 7's
  • Year 7 Orientation Day


  • End of year activity Day
  • Family Transition Sessions New Year 7

Performing Arts

Congratulations 2019 Performers!

What a brilliant year filled with outstanding performances from all our Dance, Drama, Music and Theatre Studies students! Our calendar has been filled with showcases, concerts, workshops and excursions - and students from all year levels have seized every opportunity to perfect their skills and excel across all forms of performance. The aim of the Performing Arts Program is to provide all students access, opportunity and a safe space to be creative. Performing Arts students of Wheelers Hill Secondary College should be so proud of all they have achieved - it's been an honour to work with you all! 


Instrumental Music 2020

Learn how to play an instrument in 2020! No matter what level you're at, we are proud to offer all students the opportunity to learn a wonderful life skill. 

Download, complete and return this form by the end of the year to make sure you're set up in our system for Term 1 next year! 

Genelle Lentini

Performing Arts Leader


Money, Money, Money!

The final topic that Year 10 Futures class focused on was Financial Literacy and on Wednesday 13th November, these students had the privilege of listening to a financial expert surrounding this topic.


Mr Jon Aloni, General Manager: CPA Australian Member Services, gave students an insight into what the world of Financial Literacy looked like. He spoke about sources of income, budgeting, loans (good & bad debt) and protecting your money/assets via various types of insurance policies. Although some ‘financial’ topics can seem a little ‘dry’ Mr Aloni successfully engaged students in conversation through live examples and even personal stories he shared. Students asked some really thought out questions such as, what will happened to my money/assets when I die? Is it better to buy an exiting home or build? Some teachers present also spoke about their financial stories which added great depth to the session.


We would like to thank Mr Aloni for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and speak to our students.


Voula Jakubicki

Careers Coordinator


Academic Transitioning - Session 2

Like Kylie Minogue once famously said in her 1997 hit Did It Again:


WHSC . . . ‘did it again!’

We continued our poetry unit with Waverley Meadows Primary School. This time the Grade 5 and 6 composite class visited us in the V Block with their teacher in tow, Ms Lucy Wells.


And Ms Wells came with extra visitors. We were privileged to also host the students who are transitioning into WHSC in 2020. They too, came with their AMAZING work ready to present to our Year 7 English class.


There was only one odd moment where some Boomer came to see our lesson and made some Boomer references to ‘Dorothy the Explorer’. Don’t get me started, it’s a long story and the Boomer would just get embarrassed if I announced who it was and the context behind the comment.

In this transitioning session, all students engaged in the ‘Semantic Gradient’ activity. This strategy allows students to build on their vocabulary for creative writing projects. We also looked at a comprehension activity where the students could made predictions about each other’s poems by focussing on just the title.


After the enjoyable dialogic activities, we were able to sit in breakout groups and listen to each other present their work . The Year 7s and Grade 5 & 6s loved sharing their work and offering feedback to one another.

This was the last time the two classes will be working with each other this year. BUT in 2020 we are ready to establish a stronger program. Every term we will have an English class working with a WMPS Grade 5 and 6 composite class. We will be working on the same unit and supporting each other in literacy strategies that will help improve any Writing, Reading and Viewing and/or Speaking and Listening tasks we choose to work on together.


As teachers, we will moderate the work as a team and start to build ways to help students transition into the secondary academic environment smoothly. We will ensure we challenge our future WHSC students and differentiate the work so that it is pitched at the right level.


Catch ya later WMPS :)


Claire Hanley

Literacy Learning Specialist



Numeracy in English

This week we venture into an English class. Sarah Subity has been explicitly using Numeracy in her Year 8 English class.

The activity that Sarah had students complete was to collate their responses of the genre of their favourite move to create a bar chart. 

Students were asked to pick their favourite movie and write it onto a post-it note. Then students put the sticky notes on a graph which was organised by genre. 

Below are the graphs created by the students' sticky notes.


The class first looked at patterns and then they had to infer what teenagers liked in movies.  

The class then went on to pretend to be movie producers and pitch a movie that would make lots of money from teenage ticket sales. 

Thankyou to Sarah for sharing her Numeracy work in English.


Michelle Galli

Numeracy Learning Specialist.

Middle School Report

Middle School News

This week I would like to make a very special thank-you to the School Council and their hard work at a Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. The parents worked very hard on the day and raised money for the students in Middle School to purchase sport equipment that they can use during lunch-times. This will become very important as the use of the Mobile phones will not be available during lunch. I look forward to seeing students participating and organizing games around the Wheelers Hill grounds. These skills are very important in developing their own team work, independence and of course their physical health.

Thank-you once again.


Year 7 and 8

Students in these cohorts have been busy completing any work required to finish off CAT's in all areas. The growth that I have seen from the quality of work is fantastic.

Year 9

The students are sitting their exams over two days and have done this in the VCE centre. This has happened so that the students understand the conventions of exams like not bringing laptops and bringing the correct  equipment to the exam.

Mrs Melissa Robinson

Middle School Leader

Community News

Second-Hand Uniform Shop

  • 12th December


SPECIAL REPORT from School TV: Eco-Anxiety

The media coverage of climate change activist, Greta Thunberg, not only helped raise awareness of this issue, but it has also instilled fear in many young people. Children around the world are feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the issue. They are getting caught up in a doomsday scenario and collective hysteria that is causing, what is now termed as ‘eco-anxiety’.

Anecdotal reports suggest that children of all ages, even pre-schoolers, are being treated for eco-anxiety by healthcare professionals and psychologists fear that this may lead to a learned helplessness or hopelessness.

As parents and care-givers, it is important to understand how best to diffuse a child’s anxiety relating to impending environmental disasters. Discussing the known facts and instilling hope will give children a clear vision for a positive future. Reassurance about what countries and individuals are doing, and what you can do as a family, will go towards helping curb the effects of eco-anxiety.

In this Special Report, parents and care givers will be provided with strategies on how to approach conversations on environmental issues that are age appropriate. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this Special Report, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help.

Here is the link to your special report https://whsc.vic.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/eco-anxiety.

Monash Mini Maker Faire


Stem News

Year 9 Urban Connections 

This term students have been busily working on a STEM unit – Big Australia  

Working in teams, their driving question was: “How can we design a sustainable and liveable Big Australia?” The project challenged students to ease the burden placed on Australian cities, which are growing at an exponential rate and are becoming less liveable as a result. Students are now busy preparing for their final presentations which will be held next week. 

Year 9 Drone, Droids and Directing


This semester students in this elective have been using drones to create solutions.  Their challenge was “How can we use drones to solve the world’s problems?” New technology helps us push the boundaries of what is possible. Drones are one of these technologies. Though initially seen as a fun toy, they are increasingly being recognised and used as a powerful tool which can help us do more, see further, and solve some of the challenges which society faces. Collaborating in teams, students worked on ideas which, if they could market it, could be attractive to investors.  

Kim Hewlett

STEM Learning Specialist

Wheelers News
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