Photo: EVERY PERSON FLOURISHING AND KNOWN. Respectfully acknowledging the original custodians of this land in the City of Greater Dandenong, The Wurundjeri people.

St. Anthony's School

06 December 2019
Issue Nineteen

Our vision is to integrate life and the Catholic Faith through the inclusive and holistic development of students.

In partnership with the wider community, students will strive for excellence and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that ensure lifelong learning, empowering them to contribute to the global community.


High Expectations:

Respect Yourself; Respect Others; Respect Your School

Message from the Principal
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Important End of Year Dates
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Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Message from the Principal

Photo: St Anthony’s Parish and St Anthony’s School hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as central and fundamental responsibilities of the Church. St Anthony’s is fully compliant with all policies in relation to Child Safety. These documents ensure compliance with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards which took effect on 1 January 2017 and reflect our Parishes’ ongoing commitment to ensuring that all children are safe, happy and empowered.

Blessings for a Happy and Heartfelt Christmas 

Dear families, carers and friends,


I very proudly share with you our brand new promotional video which has been in the making for some time now. We were very lucky to have the talented Andy Drewitt who did all of our beautiful photos for our website and promotional material to create this story of who we are.

I am not sure where the time went but this is the last newsletter for 2019! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do to contribute to our wonderful school and wider community. Without the support of families, many experiences that are planned for the children wouldn’t be possible! Thank you. 


To the amazing staff who go above and beyond, thank you! You are a credit to yourselves and the school. 


To our students, for their tremendous growth in learning and life skills. We are so proud of you all.


I would also like to acknowledge and thank Fr. Brian and Fr. Martin  for their support of me, the staff and the school. Their faith and friendship is highly appreciated. 


I would like to take this opportunity to say well done, thank you and goodbye and good luck to  Marnie Newbound and Sue Brown and thank them again for their tremendous contributions to our school and community. I'd also like to wish Kirsty Platon and her family much love as they await the birth of their second child.  We look forward to welcoming Kirsty back in 2021.


To our Year 6 students, the class of 2019.  I wish you all every success as you begin the next exciting chapter in your education. I am always so proud of our Year 6’s as they prepare to leave us because I can see their eagerness and readiness to grow beyond their little school – with confidence and happiness.  

I would like to thank these young people for their commitment to their school in so many ways, for the great respect they have always shown to me and for their enthusiasm for learning.  It has been very memorable spending the last year alongside them as they prepare for secondary school. 

We warmly invite the community to celebrate with us tomorrow at the Christmas Fete and from 5pm-6pm for Carols on the oval. Afterwards there will be Mass celebrated in the Church at 6.30pm.


We also warmly invite you to our Year 6 Graduation Mass next Thursday night December 12th at 6pm in the Church.  We invite everyone to join us and celebrate with us and stay for a light supper afterwards.


To all our families whose association with St. Anthony’s ends this year, and who are moving on to greener pastures and new suburbs, I wish you all the very best. 


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe, holy and merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year and to thank you for your support of me in my role as principal of St Anthony’s in my second year. I am very grateful for everything that I have learned and every new relationship and moment that has grounded me in this place. 


Go gently and as always, if you have any feedback, questions or ideas we’d love to hear about them. 

God Bless,

Patrika Rowley

Important announcements

Learning Expo 2019

Congratulations to all of our students for putting on a wonderful show of learning and achievement. Well done to all educators for embracing student voice and agency and encouraging fabulous student led inquiries around the big concept of COMMUNITY. Thanks you to everyone who joined us for the sausage sizzle and great conversations about our community and our learners.

Going up Day 2019

Next week on Tuesday 10th December all students will go up to their new levels and learning spaces to meet their new teachers and classmates. Going up orientation begins at 9.30am. The children will share their lunch together at 10.50am. We welcome back our new preps on this day.


The final Semester 2 formal report and student evaluations will be sent home on Tuesday December 17th. If you will be absent you will need to collect your report in 2020.


Please return all school library books and readers by the end of next week. Borrowing has finished for the year.

Year 6's leave their mark

Our year 6’s have left their mark once again, this year designing their mosaic ‘Every Person Flourishing and known’.
With the talent and determination of Miss Anisah driving these creative pursuits, our Year 6 project has turned out brilliantly once again. Thanks Class of 2019!!! It is beautiful. You can come and see it for yourselves in the quad at the Learning Expo this Thursday.


Student voice leading the way again

Well done on raising $315 for the bushfire appeal everyone!

We have our eSmart status and we are now an eSmart School

We are very excited to announce that all of the hard work over the past couple of years has paid off and we are officially eSmart.  Thanks to Ellis Warrener , Helen Nguyen, Ellen Fitzgerald and all staff for the amazing work in getting us eSmart. It is a team effort to keep our children and families safe online.


New Library Concept ready for stage one of the Master plan

We are excited to share the first stage of the Masterplan with you. Just one of the results that our Capital fee in 2020 will bring...


Nuts at school

Please try to avoid food products with nuts especially if the product comes wrapped in plastic. We have several student with nut allergies so sending in nut free lunches is always preferred.

Every day counts - School Attendance

Each day of school missed makes a difference,
with the effect on learning accumulating over time. From an early age, if children are taught that they need to 'show up' for school and make a
commitment, this positive mentality aids academic and career success and brings benefits in adulthood.




If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the school office on 95460044 by 9.00am.  Alternatively, you can email the school to notify of your child’s absence at, or log the absence via the link on the website.

If we do not receive notification of an absence by 9.30am we are required under regulations to message you at home or work to follow up the absence. Please notify the school of all absences. Please note that prolonged absences without notification will be followed up. Many days absent from school does impact on student learning and programs designed to support students.


Come and join us today - A place where young minds are set alight! Spread the news if you know anyone looking to enrol for 2021!!!!



We welcome you to be part of our Catholic community where multi-faith and multicultural people enrich learning. A Catholic School's purpose ensures learning is an adventure of discovery, possibilities and friendship where young minds are set alight. 


Where children grow academically and as caring young people. Each lesson is the pursuit of a new frontier. Our mission is much more than to help your child pass a test. It is to help shape their hearts and minds for a lifetime of success. We are focused on educating your children in the fullest sense. It is the success of our students that makes it all worth the effort. For us each day is an adventure too. When they leave our care we want to know that they are best equipped to leave their mark on the world.

It is within this community where we believe everyone has the opportunity to flourish and be known as who they are.


Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

The Kids Helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.

CGD Waste Audit

Miss Lim and students, together with the City of Greater Dandenong Environmental Team, undertook a waste audit of our school rubbish. We will have the results to share soon!


Important End of Year Dates

Please follow this link to view all dates via our school website

For all upcoming important dates/events click here

Final dates for the end of year

Saturday December 7th: Christmas Carnival and Children singing carols on the oval 5pm-6pm. All families

Tuesday 10th December 9.30am-11.00am: 'Going up Day' All students meet their teacher and classmates for 2020

Wednesday 11th December 2.00pm:  Prep Bear Hunt

Wednesday 11th December 9.30am: Mass of Thanks for the year will be celebrated in St Anthony’s Church.

Thursday 12th December 6.00-7.00pm: Year 6 Graduation Mass and cupcakes afterwards with a cuppa.  All families welcome

Friday 13th December: Year 6 Big Day Out - Gumbaya World


Tuesday 17th December: All students finish for the year at 3.20pm


Wednesday 18th December: Staff planning day School office open


Thursday 19th December: Staff breakfast School office closes for the holidays at 11.00am

Back to school 2020 dates


Tuesday January 28th: All staff return/office opens

Wednesday January 29th: Staff planning day/office opens

Thursday January 30th: All Year 1-6 students begin school, 8.40am, full day

Friday January 31st: Prep students start school  - start 8.40am, finish 12.30pm

Monday February 3rd: full day of school for all students and full day for Preps


Prep 2020 dates for January and February



Prep 2020 Going up Day

Stage 3 - Step into Prep

Tuesday December 10th – Prep (Foundation) Orientation Day 9.30am – 11.00am. Prep (Foundation) students will meet their teacher, future classmates and spend time in their new learning space. Parents are invited to stay for a cuppa. All classes P-6 will be taking part in orientation at this time.


December 7th - All new families are invited to join our Christmas Carnival on Saturday 7th December from 12 onwards and Christmas Carols from 5-6pm (bring a picnic rug and picnic dinner) followed by Mass at 6.30pm.

Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In praise of ...

Photo: Learning together in perfect harmony

In praise of

All Year 5 students who have made our Kinder Visit Program such a successful partnership. Our Grade 5 students represented our school so well and displayed great leadership skills in 2019.

There is always a great activity organised with Deana and Deb , most recently they made fresh orange juice and gave their buddies a special treat for the last visit for 2019. 🍊🍬

We have received fantastic feedback from the kindergartens and look forward to continuing the program in 2020.


In praise of 3/4CH

I was so very privileged on Monday to be invited to a 3 course meal created by our 3/4CH group. Student led, their idea incubated and valued, student planned, student driven. Supported and encouraged by their co-creator and teacher, Ms Chatelier, our students shone and I loved being there to see them flourish. The whole curriculum was embraced through this opportunity. Great budgeting, teamwork, healthy and clever cooking level 3/4! What’s for lunch tomorrow??? Lol 👏👏👏


Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

Religious Education News

Photo: ”Encourage one another and build one another up. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ‘In a Catholic School young people are empowered to develop as optimistic global citizens capable of articulating their beliefs and worldview in light of the Catholic faith and tradition’. Horizons of Hope. Wellbeing in a Catholic School.

RE Update


Learning and Teaching Update

Merry Christmas and Thank you from Glennis

Dear students and families

I can’t believe we are near the end of the 2019 school year! When I look back on the year, each term and every week, it is hard to believe how much we have accomplished as a school community. 

One of our many focus areas for the year 2019 was improving student outcomes in reading. Through the year, our staff have engaged in Action Research Projects, Professional Learning onsite and off site, we have been a part of a large project with a focus on Oral Language, we have analysed student data, set targets and measured and reflected on our practice. Our teachers are lifelong learners and we at St Anthony’s are always evaluating what we do, how and why we do it! 

Our students have flourished this year in their learning. They have engaged in a variety of learning experiences that they will carry with them into the future. Our reading data has shown that most of our students are making the expected growth for the year. This is a real celebration for us as a school as we have strived hard to drive this improvement for our students. I feel immensely proud and privileged to be part of this outstanding school community that is so committed to growing our students!

I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, encouragement and trust in our work. May the joys, blessings and love of the Christmas Season be with you all. 


Glennis Kerr 

Learning  & Teaching Leader


Family Engagement in Learning News

Family Engagement in Learning News



Performing Arts News

It's a Wrap!!

2019 has been an unforgettable year in Performing Arts. 

The children, our children, have flourished in so many ways, as mindful people, as collaborators and as performers.

Not many primary schools do large scale productions the way we do, our children have an incredible opportunity to grow and explore through their creativity, and our kids are creative! We love teaching our kids, we love seeing them touching and reaching their potential. Alice in Wonderland Jr was an opportunity for everyone to flourish and experience a life changing collaborative event, from Preps to all staff, it took the whole village to make it come to technicolour life and it was my pleasure to direct that experience. I know it makes a difference as I have been bombarded with questions about what we are doing next and who can audition. One ex student who is in year 10 recently came to me and said that he is pursuing Drama because of how life changing it was for him in Primary school participating in a big production.

Along with performing, there is also the mindfulness that I facilitate. This life enhancing skill is something that our children come to with calm and anticipation, they are mindful and aware, they have language around their emotions and are able to be in the moment, attentive and aware, this compliments their Performing Arts experience as well as supporting them in all other areas.

Right now I am consulting with the children about what they want to learn next year, I will make sure their voices are heard and look forward to a mindful new decade. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Ms Victoria Gelberg

Performing Arts and Mindfulness Teacher


Visual Arts News

Visual Arts Term 4

The term has seen Levels F-4 explore Portraiture by looking at some famous artists’ styles.
They learnt photography and how to apply the Sketches School App tools to their photos.
Some of them took photos of themselves not looking at the camera, which makes them look

Other activities involved students making very tactile art pieces, such as the Waves
painting/collage where students enhanced their picture with textures such as sand, salt,
paper magic clay features; clay modelling when the 5/6s copied the Wabi Sabi Japanese style of
pottery; and lots of Christmas sparkle is currently being created by all the levels and they
make either decorations, KK for friends or toys for the school holidays.

To finish the lovely Art year that was, the 5/6s can now finally see the fruits of their labour
displayed on the walls – The ‘Flourishing and Known’ Mosaics and Paintings. They will leave
a wonderful ‘Mark’ for future generations of students to feel the joy at school, that this art
work gives!


Sport News

Colour Run

The last few weeks of Physical Education have been quite exciting with all students beginning something new and different!
Preps: Bouncing and Cooperative Games

One/Two: Soccer

Three/Four: Badminton

Five/Six: Badminton

On Wednesday we held our first Colour Run! It was wonderful to see all of the children in either their house colours or white clothing, ready to get bombarded with colour! Everyone involved had a wonderful time and it was brilliant to see all of the smiling faces participating and running around the track, even the teachers were bright and colourful by the end. Thank you to everyone who participated and to the parents who showed their support on the day!

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who has participated, volunteered their time and supported the Physical Education program and events. Looking forward to another year with you, Thank you!

Japanese Language News

Japanese Language News

This term, the preps and 1/2s have been learning words to help them interact kindly with others. We can compliment someone else's work or effort and encourage others to try again when they make a mistake. Look at the lovely pictures the we have drawn about ourselves using positive talk! 


The theme for grade 5/6s this term is food and we have created our own menu, practiced a restaurant role play and made emakizushi, which is sushi rolls with a picture in the middle. We also had a visitor from the Japanese Consulate who brought in food models for students to interact with.


Lastly, we've been looking towards 2020, which is the year of the rat and making new years cards. Have a safe and happy break and see you next year. 



(Yoi otoshi wo! - Happy New Year in Japanese) 


Wellbeing Update

Wellbeing Update

Dear parents and guardians, 


I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and restful holiday. Have a great time with your family 


Remember to stay safe and take care on the roads. 


I cannot wait to see all the excited families tomorrow at the Christmas Carnival!


I look forward to seeing everyone again in late January.


Kind regards, 


James Gow

Wellbeing Services

Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

Kids helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.

Please remember that we take the wellbeing and safety of all of our children and community members very seriously. We are a Childsafe School. If at any time you have any concerns, please remember that we are here to listen and work out the best outcome for all and all matters can be handled in a calm and reasonable manner. The Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct is very clear about the manner in which everyone should be treated with equal respect. Please see the Policy in the Wellbeing section of our newsletter and on our Website. You will also note some more new signage going up this week that clearly articulates that we are a child safe school.



Encouraging good behaviour

Through our positive behaviour practices we try to focus on making good choices and doing the right thing. This helps prevent conflict and deal with conflict. Often children know when they have done the wrong thing.  Talking about it helps them process poor choices that often happen in a moment of anger.


We look at any instance of conflict or a poor choice at St Anthony's or in our community as a 'teachable moment', stopping right in the moment to role play a different scenario and model the right approach to deal with something.  There are often many teachable moments available to us if we stop to think when reflecting on choices made and other ways we could have responded. 


We use the term safe hands, hands off at St Anthony's because we do not tolerate any physical violence towards any human being, hands off means no hitting, no kicking, not punching, no tripping, no pushing no hands or feet. 

Sometimes children make mistakes and forget to use safe hands and this is a good time for a teachable moment. The more opportunities we have for teachable moments, the more our children will respond to conflict with the right choice. 

What's on in the Community Hub?


St Anthony’s Parents at Government House, Peace and Prosperity Garden

St Anthony’s Parents along with Debbie and Lisa were lucky enough to visit the Peace and Prosperity Garden at Government House.  The channel seven television program were there to film Sunrise.

The program will be televised in January 2020.

Incursion and Christmas Party at Playgroup

On our final day of playgroup for 2019 saw Wildlife Exposure visit St Anthony’s Playgroup.  Parents and children had a wonderful time seeing and holding native animals. 

The day was finished off with a Christmas Celebration and gifts for both children and parents generously donated from the ROOP not for profit organisation.

End of 2019 Adult Learning Christmas Party

Celebrations were held this week at St Anthony’s to mark the end the year in adult learning classes for 2019.  We look forward to all of our classes in returning in 2020.  If you are interested in English Language Classes in 2020 please call Debbie or Lisa on 9546 0044.


Adult Learning Classes

Adult English Language Classes are on Friday's 9.30am-1.30am

Contact Lisa or Debbie if you are interested in attending -  9546 0044


FREE Driver Education Program for Women


Leaders 2019

Leaders 2019


Community Garden News


Firstly a very BIG thank you to Nithin and family for looking after our chickens and watering the garden over the holidays- you've done a great job!

This term we have enjoyed harvesting and tasting fresh carrots and lettuce,  and making traditional lemonade with our lemons.

Now we are busy pulling out weeds and getting the garden ready for summer. We have planted some corn and  beans and we'll soon be adding tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchinni.

Joanna Temme
Cultivating Community Garden Educator


Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.

Parish News

Photo: We are committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.


“And he was saying, 'Jesus, remember me when you come in your Kingdom!'” (Luke 23:42) Jesus will never forget us. As this Church year comes to its liturgical end, let us continue as Christian stewards to follow Christ, our Lord and King, as we travel together along the disciple's journey


ST. ANTHONY'S CHRISTMAS FAIR RAFFLE 2019 Draw will be on 7th December. Raffle tickets will be on sale from this weekend onwards. Fabulous prizes to be won:  1st prize: $2000 Coles Myer gift card,  2nd Prize: Samsung series7, 50” 4k LED TV,  3rd Prize: $500 Bunnings gift card,  4th Prize: Professional photography package worth $500,  5th Prize: $200 Tasman Butchers gift voucher,  6th Prize: Electric BBQ worth $200. Ticket is $2 only.

For Sale

For Sale.
Please make an offer on any of the items below by calling the school office. All money raised will go towards the school and will help us clean out the shed.

There are several bikes and if you are looking for a study table for home of for a table for the shed we have plenty. Please make us an offer.

Community Announcements

Community Announcements


International Kamishibai Day
Special Storytime @ Springvale Library
7 December 2019


St. Anthony's School