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12 December 2019
Issue Three
Principal's Report
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report


As the school year draws to a close, I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support  as we continue to strive for excellence to ensure our students have the best possible educational outcomes.

Orientation Day 

Our 2020 Year 7 students joined us on Tuesday December 10th, for the annual Orientation Day. Students  were able to meet with their teachers and classmates to engage in a range of activities and become familiar with their new school.

We welcome them and their families to our school community and look forward to a very successful association with Fairhills High School.


Y7-9 Reports will be released to parents on Compass via the Reports tab on the student's profile page at approximately 3.30pm Friday 13th December.

Y10-11 Reports were released on Monday 2nd December.

Please contact Michelle Nickels if there are any queries.

Awards Night

Fairhills High School celebrated their student’s success on Wednesday the 11th of December. Students were recognised for their excellent achievements in Effort, Citizenship and Academic excellence. Specialist awards were also presented by each faculty, along with students who upheld the school values of Integrity, Persistence, Responsibility, Respect and Inclusion.

Students were presented with these awards in the presence of Mr Stephen Damm our School Council President, Cr Nicole Seymor the Mayor of Knox, The Hon. Nick Wakeling, The Hon. Jackson Taylor, The Hon. Alan Tudge and members of The Peace and Loyalty Lodge Ferntree Gully.

Thank you to all the parents, staff and members of the community for attending and making this a successful event.

Y12 Results

Congratulations to all our Year 12 students on their VCE results.  We had a number of students receive  40 + scores in subjects with student Chanbormey Hor named the 2019 DUX of Fairhills High School with an ATAR of 93.40

Well done to all our 2019 graduates and we wish you all the best with your bright futures.

I would like to wish all our students, parents, teachers and community members a very happy Christmas and a safe New Year and look forward to seeing you at the beginning of the 2020 academic year.


Harvey Wood


From the Office

Contact Details

REMEMBER to update your contact details with the office if you change phone numbers / address / place of employment.   We may need to contact you in the case of an emergency.


If your child has a medical alert for ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANAPHYLAXIS or EPILEPSY the school MUST be supplied with a new Management Plan every 12 months.  Please ensure you have provided this to the school.

Bell Times



Period 1


Recess (23 min)


House Groups (12mins)


Transit (3)


Period 2


Transit (3 min)


Period 3


Lunch (46 min)


Period 4


Students Finish



School Photos

2020 School Photos will be taken on Friday 21 February 2020.

Order forms will also be distributed prior to the event.

Re-enrolment Packs / Fees

If you have not returned your child’s Re-enrolment pack and payment options can you please return these to the office at the beginning of the year.


2020 Subject Requisite Fees are now available for payment through Compass under the “Course Confirmation/Payments” located in the Organisation Tab or under the My News bar.


If you would prefer a personalised instalment agreement, please contact the office next year. We welcome any queries and aim to accommodate your needs.


Thank you in advance to those who have already returned the forms and payments.

Dates to Remember

Term 4, 2019

Fri 20 December

- Last day of Term 4

Term 1, 2020

Mon 20 January

Collect Link book orders at FHS (3.00pm-5.00pm)

Uniform Shop is open (2.30pm-5.30pm)


Mon 27 January

Australia Day holiday


Tues 28 January

Uniform Shop is open (1.00pm-4.00pm)

School Office open


Wed 29 January

Year 7-9 students commence


Thurs 30 January

Year 10-12 students commence

Uniform Shop open (12.00pm-4.00pm)


Thurs 6 February

Year 7 laptop roll out night


Mon 10 to Tues 11 February

Year 12 Conference


Wed 19 to Fri 21 February

Year 11 O/Ed Wilsons Prom Camp


Mon 2 to Wed 4 March

Year 12 O/Ed Camp

Year 7 Camp


Mon 9 March

Labour Day holiday


Thurs 19 March

Knox Schools Expo


Fri 27 March

Last day of Term 1


2020 Term dates:

Term 1:  28 January - 27 March

Term 2:  14 April - 26 June

Term 3:  13 July - 18 September 

Term 4:  5 October - 18 December

Cambodia Project

25th November to 6th December 2019

11 students & 2 staff members travelled to Phenom Penh Cambodia with RAW Impact (a non-profit organisation working on projects in Cambodia).  The students are given the opportunity to appreciate other cultures and experience some of the difficulties faced by people living in third world countries & learning about significant social justice issues through practical community development projects.


Testimonial by Darcey Wood:


For the 2019 Fairhills Cambodia Trip my highlight was meeting the Khmer people, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. It’s amazing how positive they are even when they have so little and how they always have a smile on their face even on the hard days, this has really inspired me to become a more positive person. 


Something I found challenging was actually seeing how they have to live, if they cannot afford land they have to set their houses up on the water and when the tide rises they have to find somewhere else to live. The ones who can afford land still only live in a small tin house on stilts with holes in their roofs and hardly any food. It’s hard to even imagine living like this. 


The way this trip affected me was through the people, especially the children. Everyone was so positive and happy and always wanted to share a smile or laugh. When we played with the kids during our sleep out they found everything funny and all we had to play with was bubbles, it just goes to show you really don’t need anything to find happiness. 


Other students should take part in these future trips because it’s a once in a life time experience, you can see photos and hear stories but until you’re there and see it for yourself you haven’t fully experienced it. Helping people in need is something we should all want to do so I encourage you all to join in the next chance you get because looking back I am so grateful for this experience and I believe everyone should see the other side of living!


Day 1

Arrive in Phnom Penh via Hong Kong

Day 2

Cultural day learning about Cambodia's history and Khmer Rouge - emotional visits to S-21 & the Killing Fields, learning  of the incredible work of RAW Impact visiting their office.  An emotional day giving motivation to build a home for a family in need.

Days 3 to 6

The group worked hard in the heat to build a house for a needy family, the family & Khmer builders also worked along side the group.  Expectations were exceeded, students started work each day at 9.30ish in hot sun.  Starting with nothing, a bamboo house gradually started to take shape with a hand over to the family the following day.  Each day is capped off by a swim in the pool, amazing food and then early to bed - exhausted.

Day 6

The house is finished (as much as the group could do).  The floor, roof & walls are all done & the students were proud to pass it on to the family who will live there.

A night in the village. The students went to the local market with $2 per cooking group & bought ingredients for dinner - made dinner with their host families.  After dinner - a bucket shower, time with family & playing with local kids before an early night on hard floors under mosquito nets.

Day 7

An early start to head back to Phnom Penh for breakfast and the 150km drive to Kratie in the north for a stay on the Mekong River with beautiful views.

Day 8

Back to work!  The group headed out to RAW Impact's Koki Bamboo farm and did a hard day of work planting bamboo.  In 5 years time 75 of our bamboo plants will build one house just like what the group built in Taskor.  104 were planted!!  The day was finished with a bike ride through a village along the Mekong River.

Final days

We finished our planting of bamboo! There's a job you wouldn't want but as a group we planted 219 plants over the two days. Exhausted but victorious.
A day of travel to Siem Reap and our final day filled with temples - Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Prohm - shopping at the local markets and then our celebration dinner. Just for fun we finished the night with more shopping at the night market.

An amazing experience for our participating students.  A big thank you to accompanying teachers Stewart MacCartney & Kirsten Bishop for all their efforts to provide this opportunity.

Student Voice

Respectful Relationships

On Thursday the 24th of October, students Abby Cleary, Michael Pearson, Tahlia Niemann and Alicia Spiteri attended an important Respectful Relationships meeting. They spoke in front of various other school students and Principals to pitch a plan to improve gender equity within the school. A big thank you to Ms Dean for attending the event and listening to our students discuss issues that are important to them. Also a big thank you to Catherine DArcy from EACH who also contributed to our team at Fairhills and student Aidan Coppin for his contributions, whom unfortunately could not attend on the day. An excellent effort. 

Ms Keech - Student Voice Co-ordinator



The music department has been very busy this term with six performances


VCE Music Performance exam

Valedictory Dinner

Woodwind Ensemble at Knox City Shopping Centre - Christmas Carols

Regional String workshop

Lunchtime concert

Awards ceremony


Students have been working very hard and focused on these events.

Congratulations to all performers.


Any students wishing to enroll in music lessons next year please collect and return completed enrolment form to the office.

Any queries please email Nicole McAlister mcalister.nicole.s@edumail.vic.gov.au


Lunchtime Concert

During Term 4, at the music department entrance, the school choir and many vocal soloists performed to a supportive and encouraging crowd of students. The choir performed “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, with Levi Waters accompanying them on guitar. Other students who performed were Keira Charrett (pictured), Isabella Heffernan, Ruby Schofield, Raylene Lu, Kiarah Noone and Ariel Kearney.




Ms. Karolina Clouston has had a major impact in the teaching of German at Fairhills. She has taught from Year 7 to Year 12, and headed up trips to Germany and visits by German students. The stream of students coming to our staffroom to farewell her has been testimony to the respect and admiration students hold for her.

Ms. Chika Higashinaka our Assistant to Teachers of Japanese has been doing just that; assisting our students to develop their Japanese language skills and love of all things Japanese. Our students have been so fortunate to be able to talk and interact with a native speaker of Japanese one on one.

We wish both Ms. Clouston and Chika well in their new careers, and thank them for their major contributions to our program.

Hosting in 2020

It may seem early to be talking about a program that is running next year, but these dates will sneak up on us before we know it. We are seeking host families for 25 Japanese science specialist students who will visit Fairhills from March 4 to 12. You don’t need to be studying Japanese to host; you may also be particularly interested in Science, or just want to make a new family friend. There will be a payment to assist with costs. We are awaiting confirmation from the Department of Education as to how much this will be.

If you would be interested in hosting, or have any questions about the program, please contact Ms. Jessica Winstone the Languages KLA Leader at winstone.jessica.j@edumail.vic.gov.au or call her at the school on 9758 5022. This is an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and make new friends.

Luna Park Excursion

Thursday 5th December

It was a fun day for Year 7 to 9 students at Luna Park - great weather & fun rides to end the school year.  A big thank you to Mr Croucher who organised the day & the teachers who attended.



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