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07 November 2019
Issue Nineteen
Dates to Remember
Acting Principal Mr Chris Grimmer
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Merbein P10 College
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Dates to Remember


11th - Monday

Year 2-3 Food Festival

12th - Tuesday

Year 5-6 Cold Write

14th - Thursday

Year 2-3 Cold Write

13th - 15th Year 5-6 Lake Cullulleraine Camp

18th - Monday

P-6 Sink or Swim Incursion

19th & 20th

Whole School Variety Nights

27th - Wednesday

Prep Practice 9.00-11.30am

28th - Thursday

Primary Art Show


2nd - Monday

Pupil Free Day

4th - Wednesday

Prep Practice 9.00am-1.30pm

6th - Friday

Year 10 Graduation

Year 10 Last Day

9th - Monday

Year 6 Graduation Dinner


Year 9 Camp

10th - Tuesday

Prep Practice 9.00am-3.12pm

Year 7 Orientation Day

11th - Wednesday

Year 7 Orientation Day

13th - Friday

Primary Graduation Ceremony

16th - Monday

Awards Night

17th - Tuesday

Student reports distributed

18th -  Wednesday

Primary Class Parties

Secondary Activity Day

19th - Thursday

Primary Pool Party

Secondary Activity Day

20th - Friday

Last day of Term 4

2020 Term Dates

Term 1: 29/01/20 - 29/03/20

Teachers start back on 28/01/20

Term 2: 14/04/20 - 26/06/20 

Term 3: 13/07/20 - 18/09/20

Term 4: 05/10/20 – 18/12/20

Acting Principal
Mr Chris Grimmer

School Arrival Time Reminder

A number of our primary students are arriving at school extremely early despite the fact that they are not travelling on the early bus. Our primary staff are preparing for the day’s lessons in their classrooms until 8:40am, when classrooms are open and staff begin yard duty.  I would ask that students avoid arriving at school before 8:30am to ensure their safety in the yard. Any students who arrive before this time will be directed into the breakfast club until yard duty begins.


General News

Merbein P-10 College Whole School Variety Night Performance

Held 7pm at the Mildura Arts Centre on 19th & 20th November.  Tickets available at the Mildura Arts Centre or Mildura Visitor Information Centre.

School Magazine Orders

K. Fetherston

The Annual School Magazine must be pre-ordered.  Please pay the $15 per copy at the school front office to secure your copy.  It will include both Primary and Secondary content.


Uniform Shop

School uniforms can be purchased from the school’s main office between the hours of 8.45am and 4pm during the school week.  If these hours are inconvenient for you, please ring the school to make an alternate arrangement.

School Bank Account

BSB - 063 714

Bank Acc Number – 10060535

Account Name - Merbein P-10 College Official Account

Weekly Newsletter Emailed

The school distributes a weekly school newsletter every Thursday to families via email.  With our new inewsletter you can now receive the weekly newsletter on your mobile phone if you have the school COMPASS App installed on your phone.  Please give us feedback on our new Newsletter system and let us know what you think.  If you have not received the newsletter by email, please notify the school to either of the following email addresses: or, with the subject Newsletter Email, so this can be rectified.

Students in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 who would like to take home a printed copy of the newsletter each week, can collect one from the main office every Thursday at 3.15pm.

Breakfast Club

The Merbein & District Community Bank is financially supporting the Breakfast Program.  Foodbank Victoria also supports the breakfast program with donations of food.  The following organisations provide volunteers to assist with the program;  the Board & Staff of the Merbein & District Community Bank, Merbein Development Association, Merbein Lions Club, and Merbein Uniting Church.  Merbein P-10 College parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer.  The Breakfast Program is held in the school cafeteria.  All students are welcome to come along between 8.00am and 8.45am each morning if they would like a FREE tasty breakfast to kick-start their days learning.

If you have time to volunteer for this community service from 8-8.45am on school days, please contact the school, we would love to hear from you.  Please note that volunteers will need a Working with Children’s Check.


Student Absences

If your child is away from school, please notify the school before 10am. The preferred method to notify of absences is via the compass portal or by phone or sending an email to the following email address:

An automated text message will be sent to your phone if your child is not at school and the school has not been notified.  

Primary News

Year 2-3 Invitation to Families

Held Monday 11th November from 2.15-3.10pm.

October Student of the Month Awards

Congratulations to the following students who presented with the Student of the Month Awards at today's Whole School Assembly.  Congratulations to Kaide Aitken and Zac Thompson who recieved the Citizenship Award for October.  Well done everyone!

































School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) Posters

The expected behaviours for Year P-3 students.


The expected behaviours for Year 4-6 students.


Grandparents/Special Friends Photos

W. Finn

What a fantastic turnout last Thursday for our annual Grandparents/Special Friends Day.  The event was a huge success.  Thanks to all the parents who sent along food for the delicious (never-ending) morning tea.  We have quite a few un-named plates in Seussville (Year 2-3 end of the Green Building)  Please collect them this week.  Our students had a wonderful time sharing their learning with their visitors. 

Primary Merbein Cup Photos

All our primary classes enjoyed creating and racing their class horses on Monday morning.  It was a lot of fun.

Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)

 Cheryll Hodge is our school’s OSHC coordinator and can be contacted on 0428 258035 if you have any queries.


Library News

Please ensure your child returns their books each week and brings a waterproof Library Bag for their Library books on the following days.

Year 4-6 students have Library on Mondays

Year P-2 students have library on Thursdays

Year 2-3A students have library on Mondays

Year 2-3B students have library on Tuesdays

Year 2-3C students have library on Thursdays

Green Building Awards

Reminder that  students in Years P-3 receive awards at a weekly assembly every Friday at 2.50pm.  Families are welcome to attend these assemblies held in the Green Building.  Please note that there will be no Green Building Assembly tomorrow Friday 8th November.  Congratulations to last week's award winners.  Photos below.

The Year P-3 Premier Reading Challenge Winners were also presented with their awards at last weeks assembly.  Congratulations!  Photo below.


Merbein Community Bank School Student Banking Program

If you wish your child to participate in this program, please send your child’s bankbook along to the Green Building Office every Thursday morning. The Bank will collect and process your child’s banking and then drop the bank book back to school before the end of the school day.


No Hat No Play

During Term 4, all primary students are required to wear a hat out in the yard at recess and lunch times.  The school policy is 'No Hat No Play'.  If you need to purchase a hat for your child you can do so at the school's main office.

Secondary News

Girls Cricket

J. Williams

Congratulations to our Girls Cricket team for their win last Friday 1st November at the Interschool Event.  They will go on to play at the Regional level.  Well done girls.  Photo above.

Mildura Show 2019: Visual Art Success

D. Watson (Art Teacher)

Congratulations to all the students from Merbein P-10 College who displayed their work at this year’s Mildura Show.  Following is the list of prizes awarded to the secondary students.

1st.Prize Year 9 Printmaking      Tyler Hyder-Hobson

2nd. Prize Year 10 Painting         James Pullen

1st.Prize Year 9   Collage             Demi Rogers

1st.Prize Year 8   Painting            Emma Martin

All the work on display was of a high standard and showed fantastic creativity and skill. 


October Student of the Month Awards

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with the Student of the Month Awards at today's Whole School Assembly.  Well done!




































































De Koning

























Information for Year 9 Parents and Carers

C. Blackie
A meeting was held recently with the Year 9 students to go over some of the opportunities and responsibilities students can expect next year in Year 10. 
The most important information discussed was the standards that students are required to meet to be able to attend our Graduation events. Students will receive many reminders about these standards, but now is a good opportunity to think about whether they are currently meeting those standards and what they may need to do to improve.
Next year our Graduation will change to a new format, as the size of our year level groups from 2020 onward makes the current format unworkable.  It is likely that we will split the current single evening into two separate events, a shorter Graduation Ceremony for students and parents and a Graduation Dinner for students only.  For those of you who have had children attend Mildura Senior College, this format would be similar to the MSC Graduation and the Year 12 Dinner.  We will consult with staff and students before settling on the Graduation format but we wanted to flag now that this will be changing.
One very important thing that we still need to discuss with Year 9 is the Leadership Roles for 2020. Shortly we will open nominations for our SRC Executive. Five positions will be available:

  • SRC President
  • SRC Vice President
  • SRC Secretary
  • SRC Executive Member (2)

The Student Leadership elections will be held as full preferential voting with no staff input into the result. This ensures that the students elected have the support of their peers.  We strongly encourage students to nominate for these important roles, which have a growing and valued place in the life of our school.  
If you have any questions or concerns about athe topic, please notify the school.  We look forward to a successful end to Year 9 and a great start to Year 10 in 2020. 

Year 10 Graduation Information

C. Blackie

It is nearly time to celebrate the achievements of our Year 10 Class of 2019 and the end of their time at Merbein P-10 College at our Graduation Ceremony. This year’s event will be held at Club Da Vinci on  Friday 6th December from 6.00pm to approximately 10.00pm.  Below are the key details for this year’s event:

- Tickets are $35.00 per person

- All attendees - including students - must purchase a ticket

- Tickets are available for purchase now from the school's main office. 

 - In addition to their own ticket, each student is allocated 2 guest tickets to allow parents or carers to attend

- In the case of blended or step families, allowances can be made for all parents to attend. Please contact the College office to discuss

- If a student is not able to have two parents present and wishes to invite a family member other than a parent or carer to use the other ticket, they can complete an application form available from the Year 8-10 Learning Centre Office

- Tickets include finger food

- This is an alcohol-free event. Soft drinks will be available on the night at bar prices

- Bookings must be finalised by Friday 23 November

- Bookings can be made by phone or in person at the College office

- Payment for tickets is due by Friday 30 November

- The Graduation Ceremony is a semi-formal event

- Students attend Graduation as individuals and are not required to have a ‘partner’ for the evening

- If students are unsure about their eligibility to attend, they should see Mr. Blackie as soon as possible. A reminder of the minimum standards students must meet to receive an invitation to the Graduation is included below.  We look forward to welcoming students and families to this great event. If you have any questions or concerns please email Chris Blackie at : . 

Student Minimum Standards Required to attend the Graduation.

• Students must achieve a Satisfactory result in at least 12 of their 16 subjects. 

• Students must complete two weeks’ Work Experience.

• Students must complete all Assessment Tasks to a satisfactory standard. 

• Students must complete at least 80% of homework sheets in Mathematics. 

• Students must actively participate in at least 80% of practical sessions in Health & Physical Education. 

• Students must consistently submit work on time 

• Minimum attendance of 85% (recorded per session not per day).  Attendance data is available on Compass Attendance. 

• Consistently high standard of behaviour  required. 

• Consistent, year-round wearing of College Uniform.

School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB)

The expected behaviours for Year 7-10 students.


Community News





Merbein Bush Playgroup


The Recently formed committee of the Merbein South Hall and Park are holding a fundraiser on November 10th from 9am-2pm, in order to help support a possible Council grant for air conditioning for the hall.   


This year the walk will be opened by Fadak AlfayadhFadak is a Melbourne-based community lawyer who works with people who are unable to afford legal representation including women experiencing family violence.  She is a writer and advocate, who has spoken across the country and internationally on topics including gender equality, refugees and asylum seekers, migrants and immigration, diversity, identity and belonging.  You can find out more about Fadak at  



For more information phone Ben or Pauline on 0407457445 or 0439430826.

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