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17 May 2017
Issue Eight
School Dates
Principal's Report
School News
Global Citizen Awards
Ormond Primary School
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School Dates

Dates to Remember


Wednesday 17th  -  School Council

Tuesday 23rd  -  Yr 5 Camp Departs 7am

                             -  Yr 3 Scienceworks Excursion

Thursday 25th  -  District Cross Country 

Friday 26th  -  Yr 5 Camp Returns approx 3:15pm



Monday 5th  -  Yr 6 Camp Depart

Friday 9th  -  Yr 6 Camp Return 

Monday 12th  -  Public Holiday

Tuesday 13th  -  Ed Sub Committee 6:30pm

Monday 19th  -  Year 3/4 Sioree (Time TBC)

Wednesday 21st  - School Council 

Monday 26th  -  Parent/Teacher Interviews

Tuesday 27th  -  Parent/Teacher Interviews

Friday 30th  -  Term 2 Ends: 2:30pm Dismissal



Monday 17th  -  Term 3 Begins



Wednesday 9th  -  Yr5/6 Soiree TBC

Thursday 17th  -  Yr 3 Camp Depart TBC

Friday 18th  -  Yr 3 Camp Return TBC

Saturday 19th  -  P&F Trivia Night

Tuesday 29th  -  School House Athletics TBC



Monday 4th  -  District Athletics TBC

Tuesday 12th  -  Ed Sub Committee 6:30pm

Wednesday 13th  -  Yr 1 & 2 Soiree TBC

Wednesday 20th  -  School Council

Friday 22nd  -  Term 3 Ends: 2:30pm Dismissal


2017 Term Dates


31st January to 31st March - 2:30pm finish


18th April to 30th June - 2:30pm finish


17th July to 22nd September - 2:30pm finish


9th October to 22nd December-1:30pm finish

2017 Curriculum Days

  • Monday 30th of January
  • Monday 24th of April
  • Friday 2nd of June
  • Monday 6th of November

Students are not required to attend school on these days. The Out of School Hours Care Program will be available, please contact April  on 03 9578 5826 to discuss boookings.

2017 School Council Meetings

  • Wednesday 17th May 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 21st June 7:00pm
  • July  -  no meeting TBC
  • Wednesday 16th  August 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 20th September 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 25th October 7:00pm
  • Wednesday 15th Nvember 7:00pm
  • December meeting TBC

2017 Education Sub-Committee Meetings

  • Tuesday June 13th 6:30pm
  • July - no meeting
  • Tuesday August 8th 6:30pm
  • Tuesday September 12th 6:30pm
  • Tuesday October 24th 6:30pm
  • November - no meeting 

2017 Public Holidays

  • Thursday 26th January - Australia Day
  • Monday 13th March - Labour Day
  • Friday 14th April - Good Friday
  • Monday 17th April - Easter Monday
  • Tuesday 25th April - Anzac Day
  • Monday 12th June - Queens Birthday
  • Friday 29th September - AFL Grand Final Friday
  • Tuesday 7th November - Melbourne Cup Day
  • Monday 25th December - Christmas Day


Prep 2018 Enrolment School Tours

School Tours are conducted on a regular basis by the Principal. Tours begin at 9:30 am and last approximately one hour. The tour dates for 2017 are:

  • Friday 19th of May         
  • Tuesday 6th of June
  • Monday 17th of July       
  • Tuesday 8th of August    
  • Monday 4th of September
  • Monday 16th of October  
  • Friday 10th of November

Enrolment Packs for 2018 will be available from Term 2 at the School Office between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday, or if you are attending a school tour. For further enquiries please contact the school office on 03 9578 1327.

2018 Term Dates


30th January to 29th March


16th April to 29th June


16th JULY to 21st September


8th October to 21st December

School Office Hours

Monday to Friday

8:15am to 4:15pm 

Ph: 03 9578 1327                

Fax: 03 9578 4540

The Ormond Team


Glenn Butler

Assistant Principal 

Lorrie Dell


Glenn Butler

Lorrie Dell

Sally Berryman

Felicity Hall-Shulman

Lorraine Bell


Helene Ioannou 

Jacinda Hocking

Stephanie Halliday

Year 1 

Joshua Hewett

Paul Bratt

Andrea Durward

Year 2 

Sally Berryman - Foundation to  Year 2 Team Leader

Effie Liarakos

Year 3 

Joshua Kamoen

Jade Lipson

Julie Nield

Year 4

Lorraine Bell - Year 3-4 Team Leader

Gregg Workman

Margot Hudson

Year 5 

Felicity Hall-Shulman - Year 5-6 Team Leader

Siobhan Hosking

Year 6 - Level 4

Sandra Johnson

Chris Cheverton

Specialist Teachers

Michael Pannam - PE/Sport

Helen Kupfer - Visual Arts

Kim Stewart - ICT

Anna Park - Korean Language

Welfare/Education Support

Lorrie Dell - Wellbeing & Welfare Coordinator

Michelle De Silva

Sue Rimmer

Belinda Van Kessel

Lina Sidiropoulos

Bianca Borsi

Amanda Davis


Jan Cassidy - Business Manager

Brodie Thomson - Communications

Out of School Hours Care

April Kopitz - Program Coordinator 

Sharelle Davis - Assistant Coordinator

Tristan Kopitz



Principal's Report

From the Principal...

Approving Outstanding Absences on Compass

So that the most accurate data can be uploaded into your child's Semester Reports, could all parents please ensure that they approve any outstanding absences for their child on Compass by Friday 9th June.  

Entering any absences directly into Compass on the day your child is away from school or ahead of time where possible is the best way to stay up to date with approving absences. 

To approve or enter an absence please look for the green  + (AddNote/Approve) on you Compass Parent Portal home page or in each child's individual profile and follow the prompts.

If you have any issues or questions regarding how to do this please contact Brodie in the office for assisstance.


Parent Occupation Data Updates - Mid Year Census

In preparation for the Mid Year Census Parent Occupation Data Update forms were sent home this week. 


In order that each school receives the appropriate level of funding to support student learning, the data must provide an accurate record of the current occupations of all parents and guardians. 


Please ensure that you do not overstate your occupation. While you may be qualified to do a range of occupations it is extremely important you only state the occupation that you have undergone for the last 12 months. If a parent has not been in paid work for the last 12 months please compete the form with 'N' 


All information is strictly confidential and only aggregated data will be used. Individual parents or guardians will not be identifiable. 


Please ensure you read through these forms thoroughly making any necessary changes. Please return these forms to the office as soon as possible if you have not already done so. 


Brain Awareness – Australian Research Council

Congratulations to Stefanie K of Year 1 who has won first prize in the ARC Brain Function Competition. Stefanie’s poster entitled ‘I Use My Brain To…’ shows the range of ways we use our brains in everyday life. For her fine effort Stefanie has won $1000 worth of cash and prizes for Ormond Primary School. We look forward to a formal presentation to Stefanie from the Australian Research Council.

“I was hoping that I was going to win… I was jumping around… I was so excited."  - Stefanie 


School Council – Student Voice

The May meeting of School Council will take place in the Staffroom at 7 pm this evening. The meeting open with an address to School Council from our School Captains, Sarah N and Nathan T, and our School Vice- Captains, Anisha R and Phillip P. This will be opportunity for the School Council to discuss items of interest with the student leaders and to share perspectives about our school. Over the subsequent meetings the School Council will hear from each of our Student Leaders covering community, environmental, arts, house competitions and student voice perspectives from across the school.


Glenn Butler


School News

Events on Compass awaiting Approval

Year 3

Scienceworks - Due 16th May

Year 4

Melbourne Zoo - Due 24th May

Year 5

2017 Camp Curumbene - Final Payment Due 19th May

Year 6

Yr 6 Camp Coonawarra - Consent Due 26th May

Final Payment Due 31st May

Selected Students

District Cross Country Championships - Due 19th May


COMPASS Parent Portal


*please note that once the 'due by' date has passed the online consent function is no longer available.


Ormond's Got Talent

Ormonds Got Talent is an annual event showcasing performing arts talent within the school. Students from Year 3 to 6 are able to audition, and if selected will perform at our grand final performance on Thursday 29th June, in the Hall. 

The whole school is invited to watch our talented acts in the areas of singing, dance, acting, comedy,magic and music performance. 

Auditions will take place on Monday 29th May and Wednesday 31st May. Students who are selected to perform at the Grand Final can organise costumes if they wish.

Junior School Council News

On Tuesday 30th May, the Junior School Council (JSC) will be hosting a charitable event on behalf of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). 


Thousands of people seeking asylum across Australia, including children, face an uncertain future. More than 90% of people who seek protection experience food insecurity, run out of food and cannot afford to buy more.

The ASRC is an independent, not for profit organisation, run by volunteers and supporters, whose programs support and empower people seeking asylum to maximise their own physical, mental and social wellbeing.


We are asking you to consider buying an item when you next go shopping to support this cause. Items will be collected at school at the start of the day on Tuesday 30th May and delivered to the ASRC’s Elwood collection centre during the next few days.


To help with collecting as wide a range of items as possible, we have a list of goods that are required to support the asylum seekers. We have organised the donation items by year level.

  • Prep  -  Baby wipes, toilet paper
  • Year 1  -  Dishwashing liquid, laundry powder
  • Year 2  -  Shampoo, conditioner, soap
  • Year 3 & 4  -  Coats, blankets and cloth tote/shopping bags
  • Year 5A  -  Pasta, pasta sauce, Basmati rice
  • Year 5B  -  Tins coconut cream/milk, dried fruit (with no added sugar), tins of lentils, red kidney beans, chickpeas (without sauce)
  • Year 6A  -  Healthy breakfast cereals and long life milk
  • Year 6B  -  Black tea, instant coffee, tins of tomatoes, corn and peas (not in sauce).

We would appreciate it if you could adhere to these items sorted by Year level. This will ensure we get a balanced mix of goods. If you have anything else you would like to donate, take a look at the organisation’s website (https://www.asrc.org.au) with suggestions on where to drop off other goods. These items cannot be accepted at school.


Finally, if you have any strong, flat packed cardboard boxes for transporting that you can donate, it would be much appreciated

The Ormond PS community is very generous in supporting the causes the JSC identifies and we hope this event will be another huge success.


Thank you.

JSC and the Community Captains

Year 1 News

Year 1 students had a great time during our Science Incursion on Monday 8th May. The topic was Chemistry and the workshop was called “Chemistry Chaos”.


The Year 1s investigated “What is a chemical?” They learnt that everything in our world is made up of chemicals. A special group of chemicals are polymers. We explored the interesting properties of different chemicals and grew polymer water beads. The year 1s enjoyed watching some fizzing chemical reactions, and performed their own.


They discovered the difference between a temporary physical change and a permanent chemical change during experiments. One of the favourite activities was using cabbage water to indicate acids and bases through colour change. You can see by the faces in the photos how interested all students were to see the chemical changes. A few comments heard by the teachers included... "Chemistry is so cool"  "I'm going to be a Scientist when I grow up" and "This is the best day ever!"


Year 2 News

We are almost at the end of week 5 as we write this newsletter; my how time flies! The students are all back into the classroom routine and have set their term goals.


Writing: Both Narrative and an Information text will be studied.  The correct format will be taught.  Emphasis will also be on handwriting. We are using the Victorian Cursive Script with the dotted third lines.

Reading: The focus will continue to be on the comprehension of a text. Students will also read daily and be given opportunities to read in front of an audience. Please read with your child on a daily basis.

Speaking and Listening: We will continue to teach real listening skills in both small and large groups. Students will be given an opportunity to present a short talk about a project that links with their History studies. More information will be sent home about this.

Grammar and Word Study: Past tense verbs, adjectives, plurals, adverbs, antonyms and compound words will be revised and taught. Punctuation in all writing is ongoing. The word study focus will be on consonant and vowel diagraphs. These will include, th, wh, oo & ou, ue, ee & ea and silent letters.



Number and Algebra: The initial focus this term will be counting, (skip counting, counting up and down). The student’s understanding of Place Value is an important basis for all mathematical thinking and processing. The connection between addition and subtraction will be studied and they will solve problems using a range of efficient mental and written strategies.  Multiplication will be represented as repeated addition and arrays. Division will be studied as equal groups or sets. Halves, quarters and eighths will be taught in the study of fractions.

Measurement & Geometry: Length will be investigated; informally to begin with and then some formal units will be introduced.

Statistics and Probability: Chance and probability with familiar, everyday events and the language used to describe these possibilities will be studied. Data will involve posing questions to gather data, use of tally marks and recording and interpretation of simple bar graphs.



Our unit of study is the Past in the Present. Students explore, recognise and appreciate the history of their local area by examining remains of the past and considering why they should be preserved. Our excursion to The Shrine of Remembrance in week 3 provided an opportunity for students to understand the importance of the past and make connections with their families.

You are always welcome to come into the classroom before school for a visit and if necessary, arrange a time to catch up with us.


Shrine of Remembrance

On Wednesday 3rd May the Year 2 students enjoyed a day at Shrine of Remembrance followed by a walk through the Botanical Gardens. The students reflected with the following comments.

"I felt excited because I wanted to go into the Shrine."  - Briley

"I wondered how long it took to build the Shrine."  -  Sam

"I learned the on the 11th November at 11:00 the sun shines through a hole in the roof and onto

the plaque that reads ‘Greater Love Hath No Man'."   - Lily

"I learned that the Eternal Flame did go out one day when it hailed a lot."  - Ruby

"I felt for the people who sacrificed their lives for us." -  Ryan

"I wondered how many people survived."  -Luca

"I felt sad at the ceremony because I remembered all the people who died in the war." -  Clementine


Sally Berryman and Effie Liarakos


Bully Zero Australia

Last Tuesday week, Bully Zero Australia visited Ormond Primary to present to the Year 4 and 5 students. Their goal is to educate and empower children to manage a bullying occurrence. The students gained much from the presentation, as shared below.


"There are 4 types of bullying and bullying is only bullying if it is repeated. The four different types of bullying are: social, verbal, cyber and physical bullying."  - Charlie, Rosa, Thomas, Sam and Ruby


"Some things like arguing or accidentally hurting people isn't bullying even if some people think it is. If someone calls you a name once, it’s not bullying. When you do something hurtful or annoying again and again it can be bullying."   -  George, Paras, Mitchell and Austin


"I learnt that bullies have often been bullied themselves. If you get bullied the bully has a problem because they have probably been bullied and they want you to feel the same way."  -  Alice and Sam


"I learnt that lots of people don’t get up in the morning because of bullying and don’t go to school or fake to be sick."  - Isabelle


"I learnt that the MCG can fit all of the kids that don’t go to school each day because they are bullied."  - Fonjer


"If you see someone getting bullied, or you get sad from being bullied, tell a teacher or your mum and dad!"  - Takara and Janet


"Be an up-stander, not a by-stander. You can distract the bully by saying, “Hey, isn’t it time for basketball training? Let’s go.” - Kevin


"If you stand up to bully with your friends, you have more power." - Asha


"You could go to jail for bullying if you're older than 10 for 10 years." - LuLu


"Some apps you need to be 13 or over and most have age restrictions."  - Lachlan


"I learned that if someone does something repetitively (pushing, tripping) it can mean you are being bullied. If you are being bullied tell a teacher, parent or guardian ASAP." - Zoe R


Some great facts and advice from the Year 4 Students!

Out of School Care News

Jumper Rule

During the colder weather in term two and three, we require children to wear a jumper outside if they are not participating in sport or physical activity. Parents can exclude their children from this requirement by providing a note stating their child is not required to wear a jumper.


After School Care Activities

Thursday 18th May                 Frilled Neck Lizard

Friday 19th   May                     Troll Magnets

Monday 22nd May                  Hanging Wire Fish

Tuesday 23rd May                   Bookmarks

Wednesday 24th May              Paper Plate Space Ships

Thursday 25th May                 Wish Bracelets

Friday 26th May                      Cooking

Monday 29th May                   Rain Sticks

Tuesday 30th May                   Cooking

Wednesday 31st May             Foam Hats


Thankyou Parent Helpers

A big thanks, to the parents who washed our dress up clothing. We can now set up our dramatic play box.


Program Hours

Before School Care - 7:30am to 8:45am

After School Care - 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Ph: 03 9578 5826


April Kopitz

OSHC Coordinator

Upcoming Meeting Dates - 7:30pm in staffroom

  • Tuesday 6th June
  • Tuesday 18th July - TBC

Save the Dates

  • Friday 23rd June  -   Winter Warmer (Adults only) – Organised by Year 2
  • Saturday 19th August  -  Trivia Night (Adults only) – Organised by Year 5
  • Friday 1st September  -  Father's Day Breakfast (Dad's & Kids) – Organised by Year 4
  • Saturday 25th November - End of Year Party (Families & Staff) – Organised by P&F 

Mother's Day Movie Night

A great night had by 200 Mums and kids on Friday 12th May - both movies were a fabulous success and it was lovely to see so many families ‘camping out’ and having fun together in the hall and the library! 

Thanks to Richard (Ruby's dad from Year1) from IMAX for the popcorn, to Kate (Hayley and Ruby’s Mum) from Arbonne for the door prize and to ALDI for the ice creams.  Thanks also to all the helpers running up to, and including, the day itself- including the Year 6 ICT team, Mr Butler, April, Zach, Brodie, the wonderful P&F and of course the fabulous Year 1 mums – we couldn’t have done it without you!

4th Annual Mothers Day Fabulous Lunch

The Mothers Day Fabulous Lunch and Fashion parade was once again a great success.  Our charity this year was the Sacred Heart Mission, and we raised just over $1000!

Thanks to our lovely models Sarah, Kerry, Steph & Georgie . Thanks to Ross and his team for a fabulous lunch and to Sean at Sacred Heart.

Entertainment Book 2017

The new 2017 Entertainment Book is now available to be pre purchased. Forms are available in the office or you can order online at www.entbook.com.au/186r356. Paperback Book and Digital Memberships available for $70.


Contact Details

If you are not receiving emails from P&F and would like to be added to the list, please email your details including child’s name/s and grade/s to [email protected]





Global Citizen Awards

Global Citizen Award Certificates will be presented at assembly on...

Monday 22nd May 9:00am


Taichi C  -  Quality Learning

Taichi always works hard on all learning tasks and takes care to ensure his handwriting is beautifully completed.Great work,Taichi!

Darcy M  -  Quality Learning

Darcy works diligently on all learning tasks striving to improve her understanding and producing work of an excellent standard. Congratulations, Darcy!

Benjamin L  -  Quality Learning

Benjamin is always working hard to complete all tasks to the best of his ability. His writing is showing fantastic awareness of sounds. Well done!

Katy Z  -  Quality Learning

Katy takes great pride in her work. She completes each learning task with beautiful presentation and handwriting. Keep up the fantastic work!

Edward H  -  Quality Learning

Edward always show a positive attitude towards learning his sight words and uses great strategies to improve his reading skills.

Mia N  -  Excellence

Mia strives for excellence in all her learning. Her work is always beautifully completed, well done Mia!


Year 1

Skye S  -  Excellence

Skye has been striving for excellence in her work this term. Her work is always wonderfully completed. Well done Skye!

Tim S  -  Persistance

For persisting with his writing and producing a very informative recount on out science incursion. Great job Tim!

Kira B  -  Quality Learning

Kira consistently displays a positive attitude towards learning in all subjects. She also takes great pride in the work she produces. Well done, Kira!

Hamish H  -  Persistence

Hamish has been using different strategies to help him read unfamiliar words. He is also prone to going beyond what is required of him.

Sienna S  -  Quality Learning

For concentrating carefully and putting a lot of effort into her Reading. Keep up the great work Sienna.

Harvey K  -  Persistence

For producing some excellent writing and persisting even when he has already been writing for a long time. Great work Harvey.

Year 2

Danny B  -  Persistence

For the persistence he showed during a place value investigation.  Danny didn’t give up and was able to solve the problem many different ways.

Elleni T  -  Persistence

For persisting with her writing and producing a very informative recount about our excursion to the Shrine of Remembrance.

Georgia W  -  Persistence

For the persistence she demonstrates when working through mathematical tasks. Well done Georgia.

Morgan N  -  Persistence

Morgan is continuing to persist with his handwriting and the presentation of all his written work. Well done Morgan.

Year 3

Tom F  -  Persistence

Tom worked really hard and independently while discovering the lines of symmetry in an octagon during a Maths investigation. Excellent work Tom!

Darcy M  -  Acceptance

Darcy is a friendly member of the classroom who is always willing to include anyone to join him in group work or freetime.  

Subira S  -  Excellence

Subira strives to do her best during all Literacy sessions. She is continually developing her narratives and putting in as many adjectives as she can. Well done!

Jack C  -  Quality Learning

Jack has settled into Ormond Primary with ease. He has shown a positive attitude towards his learning in all subject areas and is not afraid to ask for clarification. Well done!

Sam H  -  Persistence

Sam has demonstrated persistence in all his learning tasks and in identifying his personal goals for this term. Well done Sam.

Kody W  -  Quality Learning

Kody has shown his commitment to quality learning by choosing and reading books for the Victoria Premier’s Reading Challenge. Well done Kody.

Year 4

Thomas W  -  Quality Learning

Thomas showed terrific understanding and great learning when solving and creating one and two-step patterns in mathematics.

Takara S  -  Quality Learning

Takara confidently shares her excellent mathematics knowledge and thinking during investigations and group learning.

Sebastian P  -  Excellence

Sebastian works hard at home and school to improve his writing legibility. He has proven has the potential for excellence in recent weeks. Your quickly on your way to a pen license Sebastian. Well done.

Zoe M  -  Persistence

Zoe continues to challenge herself with Spelling words at the top end of her capabilities. She persist through the odd error to ensure she is adapting and growing as a speller. Brilliant.

Mitchell H  -  Excellence

Mitchell wrote and effectively edited his own engaging narrative demonstrating his excellent understanding of how to use speech marks. Well done, Mitchell.

Isla K  -  Quality Learning

Isla’s book work is always immaculate. Her recent work on subtraction with three digit numbers and number renaming set an excellent example for others. Fabulous work, Isla.

Year 5

Andy W  -  Quality Learning

For reading the passage of “The Three Little Pigs” to the class. Andy used expression, fluency and eye contact to add enjoyment for the audience. Great job!

Charlie McL  -  Quality Learning

For his positive attitude, enthusiasm and engagement that he displays  in all his learning tasks. He always applies effort to all that he does. Well done!

Tali R  -  Respect

For always interacting thoughtfully with others, respecting another’s point of view and considering the feelings of others.

Delfin T  -  Excellence

For consistently striving to produce work of a high standard in all curriculum areas, committing to tasks and thinking about ways to further develop his work

Year 6

Ella S  -  Persistence

Ella displays the confidence to ask questions to aid her understanding when faced with challenges.

Rikki B  -  Quality Learning

Rikki is an all rounder who gives 100% across all curriculum areas.

Lewis S  -  Excellence

Lewis displays exceptional drive and passion during interschool sport. His dedicated approach has contributed to the ongoing success of the OPS football team.  

Zoe D  -  Excellence

Zoe produced an incredibly detailed project and presentation during the “Levels of Government” unit. She received top marks for her effort.   


Hamish H  -  1B  -  Excellence

In soccer games Hamish demonstrates ball skills and strategies that are outstanding.

Indigo G  -  PB  -  Excellence

In PMP Indigo shows leadership by modelling the activities and assisting her group.


Ethan H  -  PC  -  Persistence

For his persistence in learning to logon. To his surprise it paid off and ‘he did it!’

Sarah D  -  3A  -  Persistence

For her persistence in completing her Mother’s Day card when she had difficulty printing. Great effort Sarah.

Visual Art

Max M  -  3B  -  Respect

Max is consistently respectful during Visual Arts sessions. He displays care when using the equipment provided and thoughtfully offers assistance to both his teacher and peers.

Isaac D  -  4C  -  Persistence

The wonderful effort Isaac displayed in order to stay on task and complete his Desert Landscape, enabled him to finish a wonderful piece of artwork of which he should be proud!

Ormond Primary School
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