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27 January 2020
Issue Two
Dates to Remember
Administrator Update
OPAL:  Outdoor Play & Learning
Parent Concern Protocal
Safety @ Northlea
Communication Between Home & School
Transition From Grade 8-9 
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Dates to Remember

Please Note:

The 2019-2020 school year at the TDSB begins on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 following the Labour Day long weekend. For more information about important dates and holidays for the upcoming school year, please refer to the 2019-20 School Year Calendar.


This page is a summary of what is on the Northlea Google Calendar. While we make every effort to include relevant dates on this page, we ask that you please also cross reference with the Northlea Google Calendar as that is the most up to date and comprehensive source of information. Teachers will also share their personal class information with you that will not be reflected on the school-wide calendar. 

January 2020

Monday, January 6th - 1st day back at school.

Tuesday, January 14th - Coffee Morning with Trustee Rachel Chernos Lin   9:15 -11:15 am @  Longo's on Laird

Wednesday, January 15th- TBD if still on - Grade 5/6 Leaside Cup 

Thursday, January 16th - TBD if still on  - Grade 7/8 Leaside Cup

Friday, January 17th - PA Day

Thursday, January 30th - Pizza Lunch


February 2020

Thursday, February 6th - Ward Forum - 6:30 pm - 8:30pm @ North Toronto Collegiate

Thursday, February 13th - Dance-A-Thon

Friday, February 14th - PA Day for Parent-Teacher Interviews

Monday, Feburary 17th - No PA Day

Wednesday, February 19th - Home and School Meeting 2:30 - 3:30 PM

Thursday, February 20th - Grade 6 CPR & AED Training

Thursday, February 27th - PIzza Lunch & New date for Grade 7 & 8 - pending job action

Administrator Update

Northlea is Proud to be an OPAL School


Newsletter Updates

The Administrator Update and Dates to Remember sections have been updated with new information. 

ETFO Job Action

ETFO job action continues.  This means that the hold on athletics and all choir and band co-curriculars continues.  We are still waiting to see if the Leaside Cup can be rescheduled.  Additional job sanctions include staff handling money and forms as well as a hold on an all excursions.  This pause will remain in place until we notify you of a change.  


With regards to the Grade 7 & 8 Ski Trip - We have secured an alternate back-up date in the event that labour negotiations come to a resolution by February 18th. For now, we plan to hold on to the money people have submitted (unless they prefer a refund).  The back-up ski trip date is set for Thursday, February 27th, 2020.


As you are aware, report cards will not be distributed.  There will, however, be a full day available on on Friday, February 14th for parent-teacher interviews.  Parents are always welcome to request an interview.  

Chinese New Year - January 25, 2020 - Year of the Rat

Celebrations for Chinese New Year 2020 or the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) began on Saturday, January 25th according to the traditional Chinese Calendar. 2020 is the year of the Rat. The Rat is a representation of diligence, kindness, and generosity. To all celebrating "Kung hei fat choy!"


Thank you to Joanna Degez and Leanne Sun for creating the beautiful display in our front foyer.  It has generated so much interest and is a beautiful way to welcome visitors and engage our students in culturally relevant learning.


African Heritage Month

February is African Heritage Month at the Toronto District School Board and we’re proud to recognize the experiences, contributions and achievements of African Canadians. The theme for 2020 is "UBUNTU: I am because we are," which is derived from the Nguni Bantu term in Southern Africa. 


The Black population has contributed to Canada’s heritage since the arrival of Mathieu Da Costa (a navigator and interpreter for Pierre Du Gua de Mons and Samuel de Champlain), whose presence in Canada dates back to the early 1600s. The Black population (2016 Census) accounts for 3.5% of Canada’s total population. Long-established Black immigrants were mostly from the Caribbean, but recent immigrants were predominantly from Africa.  In the 2017 TDSB Student Census, 11% self-identified as Black.


At Northlea, we are working to infuse culturally relevant learning and eliminate anti-black racism all year long.  Throughout the month of February, we are sharing  learning through classroom experiences, vignettes on Knights TV and we will also be hosting numerous school-wide learning opportunities throughout February, March and April.  


Chinese Heritage Month

During the month of February, we celebrate the energetic culture and traditions of the Chinese community with students, staff and community members of the Toronto District School Board and the City of Toronto.


The Chinese community is integral to the growth and success of the City of Toronto and Canada. Members of the Chinese community represent approximately 10 percent of the total GTA population and form its second largest visible minority group. Canadians remember and appreciate the Chinese workers who helped build the Canadian Pacific Railway that united our country.

Pizza Lunch

Friendly reminder that Pizza Lunch will take place this Thursday, January 30th, 2020.

Yearbook - Parent Volunteer Call-Out

We are looking for at least 2-3 dedicated parents to help with yearbook this year!!    If interested please email    Parent involvement in the yearbook has always been a pivotal part of the yearbook's success.  The students love the yearbook and it has been a tradition at Northlea for the past 20+ years.   


Save the date for our 2nd annual dance-a-thon on Thursday, February 13th, 2020.  Classes have been signed up for a time slot and each class will have the opportuntiy to come down to the gym and join the party.


Fundraising forms have been distributed to every child.  Students can return forms to the main office.  One of the current job sanctions includes teachers not being able to handle forms and money.  To support this event, we also encourage families to use the online fundraising platform:

Hygiene During Flu Season

In addition to the annual flu season, we are also mindful of the coronavirus that has originated in China and has been receiving significant media attention over recent weeks. Toronto Public Health has drafted the attached letter for Torontonians. Please know that the TDSB is continuing to monitor the situation closely and are working with public health officials.  ​​​The Toronto District School Board takes it lead from public health officials, which have not advised organizations, such as the TDSB, to take any additional precautions at this time.

The City of Toronto has prepared a webpage with up to date information:


You can also refer to the Ontario webpage:


It’s important to remember that this is also flu season in Toronto.  We are advising staff and students to take the usual measures such as washing your hands frequently, covering your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze and staying home if you are ill. 


We ask for your support with the following:

1.  Please speak with your children and remind them to wash their hands thoroughouly with soap and water after going to the washroom and throughout the day.  Please also let them know about the hand sanitizer in the classroom.

2.  Please remind your children that they should report any concerns about the washrooms to their teacher or to the office right away so we can address issues promptly.  While our caretaking team check and clean the washrooms numerous times a day, we are not always informed if supplies have run low before the next washroom check.

3.  Please remind students to use the washrooms responsibly.  At times, some students can get silly in the washroom and misuse resources.  We need everybody's help to maintain the washrooms.

4.  Please keep children home if they are ill.   If children are sick at school, we will be calling and asking families to take their children home until they are feeling better.

One Book Event

Jan 27, 2020 – One Book Event – Launch of Hana’s Suitcase on International Holocaust Day


The TDSB is committed to creating a school system and workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment. Ensuring we provide opportunities for students and staff to learn about Holocaust and genocide prevention education supports our continued efforts to combat Antisemitism and all forms of hate.


In recognition of TDSB’s participation in Liberation75 and thanks to the TDSB Jewish Heritage Committee, in partnership with Indigo and Second Story Press, all Grade 6 students (more than 17,000) throughout the TDSB received a copy of Hana’s Suitcase. This book is an excellent resource for introducing children to the Holocaust and is Canada’s most awarded children’s book including one from the United Nations and “the Ultimate Silver Birch Winner” in Ontario. It has been translated into more than 40 languages, produced as a stage play, and is the subject of a prize-winning radio documentary and feature-length documentary film. Tomorrow, January 27, 2020, International Holocaust Day from 10-11 we will be hosting a "One-Book Event" -  this year marks the 75th anniversary of liberation from Auschwitz which is where Hana Brady died.


The live event will feature Heather Reisman - Founder and Chief Executive of Indigo Books and Music; and Lara Hana Brady - niece of Hana Brady, who is the keeper of family artifacts, including some that belonged to Hana.  It will be live webcast for Grade 6 classes across the system.


Please click here Monday at 10 to join our Northlea grades 6, 7 and 8 classes in learning. “The core learning future generations must acquire, in addition to the facts of Holocaust history, will be to recognize the impulse to genocide, how and why it starts...and the known consequences of silence and indifference.”


Kindergarten Registration

We will start booking appointments on January 16th, 2020 and begin actual registrations on Feb 3rd, 2020.


Please call Northlea at 416-396-2395 to schedule an appointment starting on January 16th, 2020  for children who are eligible to start Junior Kindergarten in September 2020. Children who will be four by December 31, 2020, can start Junior Kindergarten in September 2020. We will commence with registrations on February 3rd, 2020.


In order to complete the registration you will require the following items: Birth Certificate, Health Card, Immunization Record, and a Property Tax Bill or Rental Agreement & one other piece of proof of residency (utility bill: Hydro, Enbridge, City of Toronto). NOTE: Property Tax Bill or Rental Agreement is Mandatory


The link below has detailed information about TDSB Kindergarten programming:

More detailed information about registration can be found here:


Regardless of which process caregivers select, all registrations require a visit the local school to validate registration information.


Save the date for our Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation on Tuesday, June 9, 2020 from 9:10-10:10 am beginning in our school library. 


Public Health has shared several informative documents about supporting readiness for Kindergarten:


Me to We Clothing Drive

Northlea’s Me to WE team did a fantastic job leading this year's winter clothing drive. Thank you to everyone who shared so generously.  Clothes can still be dropped off until Monday, January 27th, 2020.  The clothes will be donated to New Circles and Out of the Cold.


Optional Attendance

Students who reside within the City of Toronto have the right to attend a school which is designated to serve their residential address. The "Find Your School" section of the website identifies the designated schools for each residential address.

Students also have the opportunity to access schools outside of the school that is designated to serve their residential address by applying on optional attendance.
Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. The procedures, conditions and timelines relating to optional attendance are described in the Optional Attendance Policy and the Optional Attendance Operational Procedure 

Each year in December, schools are classified as limited or closed to optional attendance based on the space they have available for the upcoming school year. A school classified as limited can accept students on optional attendance. A limited school is not obliged to accept all students who apply on optional attendance. Acceptance is conditional upon space being available in the appropriate grade and program. A school classified as closed cannot accept any students on optional attendance. Only students residing within the school's attendance area will be accepted. If a school is classified as limited, and you are interested in applying to that school, please contact the school's principal. 

Please note that the optional attendance status is updated every December for admission in September of the coming school year. Many schools that are limited have their available spaces filled in the spring. Please confirm if a limited school has space available by calling the school directly.


Please Note the Following:

1. Priority of placement in the requested school will be based on a lottery if applications exceed the space available at the requested school.

2. If admitted, a student is expected to continue at the requested school until graduation.




Applications must be received by Friday, February 14 2020.

A lottery, if necessary, will be held to determine the successful applicants.

Parents/guardians will be informed of acceptance or non-acceptance no later than March 6, 2020.

Parents/guardians must inform the requested school of their acceptance of the offer by Friday, 20 March 2019.



Applications must be received by Friday, January 31 2020.

A lottery, if necessary, will be held to determine the successful applicants.

Parents/guardians or students 18 years of age or older will be informed of acceptance or non-acceptance prior to Friday, February 14 2020.

Parents/guardians or students 18 years of age or older must confirm the offer of admission by completing a course selection sheet by Friday, 28 February 2020.

No student will be admitted into all secondary grade levels through optional attendance after Friday, 28 February 2020 unless the student does not have a timetable at another school.


Note:  It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to deliver the application to the school or schools of choice.

Junior Extended French Application

While admission to the Early French Immersion (SK entry)/Junior Extended French (Grade 4 entry) program is guaranteed at the entry points to all on time applicants, admission to a specific school is not guaranteed if the school reaches capacity.


Please Note: At the November Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees approved to leave transportation status quo for the 2020-2021 school year. Therefore, there will be no service changes for transportation in K-8 in French Immersion/Extended French programs for the 2020-2021 school year.


The application for Early Immersion has closed. Applications for Junior Extended French which begins in Grade 4 must be completed online between January 6, 2020 and January 31, 2020. Please note that this will be the last entry class for this program as it will be transitioning out - Grade 4 Immersion Program will continue.  Northlea does not host the Junior Extended French Program.


Offers of placement within your chosen program will be made to all on-time applicants in the weeks following the close of the application window. Please click here for more information -


*Northlea does not host a Junior Extended French Program.

Home and School Meetings

Below please find our list of Home and School meetings for this school year:

  1.  Wednesday, February 19th @ 2:30 PM - RESCHEDULED** The meeting on February 6th - 2:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library has been rescheduled to Wednesday, February 19, 2020.    The meeting will run from 2:30 pm  -3:20 pm.
  2. April 6th - 8:35 AM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  3. May - Date TBD - 6:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  4. Annual General Meeting - Time TBD - Post or pre volunteer breakfast perhaps.

Secondary Program Review and Optional Attendance

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is undertaking a review of secondary schools to ensure all students have equitable access to programs and opportunities, as close to home as possible. As part of the Secondary Program Review, the TDSB is reviewing the Optional Attendance policy (P013), which allows students to apply to schools other than their designated school by home address.


A public consultation process for both the Secondary Review and P013 started in November 2019. Please visit the TDSB website for more information and opportunities to provide feedback:

If you have any questions and/or comments, please email

Trustee Corner

Please visit Trustee Chernos Lin's website for updates about Ward 11:


You can also find the latest newsletter in full here:  

Community Coffee Meetings . . . A Message from Trustee Chernos-Lin


Mark your calendars! The following coffee mornings have been set:

  • March 10, 2020, 9:15-11:15, Leaside Longo's
  • April 14, 2020, 9:15-11:15, Leaside Longo's
  • June 16, 2020, 9:15-11:15, Leaside Longo's

"Community Coffee" meetings are informal gatherings where parents and constituents are invited for a round table-style discussion of information sharing, best practices and interesting conversation related to education in our ward. We often have superintendents and sometimes even principals who drop by, so these are fun and engaging events. These meetings are usually held at Longo's Leaside (93 Laird Drive), unless stated otherwise. I hope you can join us at one of upcoming dates below!



Guest Speaker, TDSB Director, Dr. John Malloy

Thursday, February 6th, 2019  6:30 pm - 8:30pm @ North Toronto Collegiate


Please join me for my next ward forum coming up on February 6th from 6:30-8:30pm at North Toronto Collegiate. Trustee Shelley Laskin and I will be hosting a joint ward forum with special guest, TDSB Director of Education, Dr. John Malloy. Mr. Malloy will speak on a variety of current topics including the Secondary Review, French programming, and the Multi-Year Strategic Plan and there will be plenty of time for questions and answers with the Director and Trustees. Please see the flyer below, or click on this link, for more information on parking, child care and more. We hope you will be able to join us!



OPAL:  Outdoor Play & Learning

Outdoor Play and Learning - OPAL @ Northlea
- School Improvement Through Play - 

The TDSB has partnered with Earth Day Canada and the Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) initiative from the United Kingdom to support programming enhancements in play and outdoor learning in the TDSB.  Northlea worked through a competitive process to be selected for the third phase of this partnership. 


We are pleased to let you know that our application was accepted and we have been invited to participate in the OPAL program.  We will join the ranks of a handful of OPAL certified schools within the Toronto District School Board.  


OPAL in the News:

CBC Interview about OPAL & TDSB 

The Globe & Mail feature on OPAL in TDSB

CBC Interview with a pediatric occupational therapist on the importance of outdoor play

What Exactly is OPAL?

Earth Day Canada & OPAL write:


We’re on a mission to bring back what has been disappearing from childhood for decades – the time, space and permission for children and youth to play outdoors in a freely chosen, intrinsically motivated and self-directed way.


The school day is structured to accommodate outdoor play during recess, lunch and after school, but studies show that only 9% of children aged 5-17 get the 60 minutes of heart-pumping activity they need each day.


Earth Day Canada is working to bring a comprehensive play strategy to schools across Canada to support creative and diverse outdoor play experiences, so children can explore their imaginations, their physicality, their friendships and the world around them.


OPAL is the first program in Canada that aims to make play an integral part of the school day. Children engage in self-directed play with “loose parts” (tools, boxes, spare tires, fabric, etc.), boosting their sense of agency and creating a more inclusive and reciprocal social environment.



How Does OPAL Work?


What Are The Benefits of OPAL?

The OPAL approach has been shown to improve relationships between students, create the conditions for healthy risk taking and increase physical activity for many students.   Below are some additional research-based benefits of OPAL programming:


Why OPAL @ Northlea?

At Northlea we are committed to fostering a comprehensive approach to child and youth development.  We are proud of the programming that has been offered to date and feel that OPAL is a beneficial next step.  Play accounts for a significant amount of their time at school.  We want to make every moment count!


What's Next?

1.  We have consolidated the student feedback from the inclusive playground inquiry to inform the design of the front yard.  

2.  Our OPAL lead team will meet with Earth Day Canada to begin our planning.

3. We ask that you please send your child to school with rain pants, rain boots and a raincoat on rainy days.  This will enable students to enjoy outdoor play on rainy days.   We will officially begin this approach in September 2018.

4.  You may wish to read a few resources about OPAL and the value of open-ended and (almost) all-weather play with loose parts. 

      a.  Ryerson Study - OPAL in School Communities:  Results from the Pilot Programming in Toronto

      b.  Report - The Impact of OPAL 

5.  Stay tuned for more information throughout the school year.  This is a program that evolves over time. 

6.  Learn with us.  We are new at this too so we all get to begin together - students, staff and families!  What a wonderful opportunity for all of us . . . Join the conversation - ask questions and share your wonderings with the school administration.  

Parent Concern Protocal

Parent Concern Protocol

At Northlea, we value the partnership we share with parents and guardians.  Productive collaboration between home and school enables us to support students in meaningful and effective ways and affords families with confidence in Northlea.  We take this commitment and responsibility very seriously.  


There are times, however, when concerns arise and need to be addressed.  This dialogue is an important, albeit challenging, aspect of education and supporting student success.  


Arguably, the manner in which we move through these issues is as important as the issue itself.  Below is a copy of the TDSB Parent-Concern Protocol.  The protocol promotes respectful and productive dialogue between all stakeholders and offers families a transparent road map for addressing concerns.  






Safety @ Northlea

Traffic Safety Tips

As the new year begins, we are thrilled to see our families walking and biking to school.   We also understand that many families need to use vehicles to bring children to school.  Northlea is fortunate to be located in a very vibrant area.  This is a bustling neighbourhood.  The associated traffic also contributes to some concerns about safety.  We ask the following to help keep our students and neighbours safe:


1.  Please follow all Toronto parking and traffic regulations (ie.  as related to STOP signs, driveways, etc.)

2.  Please consider the "Walk-A-Block" campaign.  If everyone who drives opts to park a block away from the school, that will disperse the congestion and create a safer walking environment for our families.  An added bonus is the experience of walking to school.  

3.  Please drive slowly and be on the look-out for children.

4.  When walking or biking with your children, use those experiences to capture teachable moments so they know the safety rules.

5.  Please use our Kiss n' Ride program once it is up and running if you have to come directly to the school.

6.  Remind older students that they need to use their eyes and ears to travel safely. Texting and loud music in headphones are distractions that can impede safety.

7.  Please share the following Traffic Safety Tips with your children:  

Below are a few resources you may find useful in support of the “Walk A Block” program:


Legal Parking Options:  Northlea Legal Street Parking Guide


Pedestrian Safety Guide from Parachute Canada - This guide shares best practices for pedestrian safety.  They recommend that adults walk with their children to be role models.”

“Be a role model. Talk to your child about safe pedestrian practices while you walk. Over time, your frequent demonstrations will become ingrained in their approach to crossing roads.”

Pedestrian Safety Message To Parents - Toronto Public Health 


WALK & ROLL: The optimal choice is to walk and roll with our kids whenever possible. Exercise, a couple minutes chatting together and no traffic hassles. Who can beat that? 

Parking at Northlea

PARK: If you can’t walk, there is plenty of legal parking available where you can park and be on the school property within minutes. Please observe the parking signs to help keep our students free from harm and teach them respect for the law.  Legal Parking OptionsNorthlea Legal Street Parking Guide


RUMSEY PARKING LOT: A few friendly reminders about parking at the lot on Rumsey Road:

  1. Pedestrians are asked to please use the walkway parallel to the lot rather than walking through the lot.

  2. There is one spot reserved for people who need accessible parking.  Please only park in this spot if you require accessible parking.

  3. 2 spots are reserved for TDSB at all times of day.  Please refrain from parking in these spots even if they are empty. 

  4. There are only 3 first-come first-served spots available.  These spots are designated for TDSB staff, visitors to Northlea and families from the Northlea Community Child Care (NCCC) and Northlea EMS.  These three spots are intended to be short term parking.

  5. Please ensure you back into the parking spots so you have strong visibility upon exiting.  

  6. The lot is not available between 8:30 am - 9:00 am, as you will not be able to enter or exit the lot during this time.  Please plan to leave the lot before 8:30 or after 9:00 am.

  7. Please do not park in the fire lane.  Cars can only park in designated spots and not perpendicular to those spots.

The safety of all of the children who access NCCC and Northlea EMS is our top priority.


SUTHERLAND STAFF PARKING LOT - There are no designated parking spots for visitors in the larger parking lot at the back of the school. All spots have been assigned to Northlea staff. 

Parents are not permitted to park in this lot for any reason during school hours.

Crossing Guards

There are 3 school crossing guard locations in close proximity to the school:











There are two other locations that will be studied this Fall. The results will be available in Spring 2020:








Street Proofing Tips

Attached our some safety tips for students in the elementary and intermediate years.  We ask that you please review them with your children.  


Visitor Policy

When you visit, please go to Door 2 and get buzzed in by an office staff member.  Once you enter the building, please proceed to the main office to sign in at the office.


Visits to classes should be planned ahead of time so the teacher is aware of potential guests.  If you have made previous arrangements to work in a classroom, please borrow a visitor's badge before you make your way to the classroom.  We ask that you please coordinate classroom visits ahead of time with the teacher.  


All volunteers need to have police reference checks completed before you are able to volunteer at Northlea.  Please refer to the "Police Reference Checks" section for more information.  

Police Reference Checks

 Please submit either a money order  or  a certified cheque. 

Amount:  $20.00

Payable to:  Toronto Police Services

2.   ** Please collect a Police Reference Check form from the office.

3.  Then return the completed form +  payment to the Northlea office.  Northlea office staff will submit the form and payment on your behalf.

4.  Once you receive the CLEAR form at home (approximately 4-6 weeks) please resubmit to the office to clear in our system. **

Communication Between Home & School

Communication Between Home and School

Below are the main sources of information you can expect to access:

1.  The Google Calendar - The Google calendar is linked to the Northlea website.  On this Google Calendar, we will endeavor to include information that is relevant to the whole school such as Photo Day and, at times, major events for a specific age group such as overnight trips. Please familiarize yourself with this calendar as we use it often.

2.  School-Wide Newsletter - The school administration will send a newsletter to the community twice a month.  It will be mailed to you directly through your email address via our School Messenger program.  These newsletters are also posted on the school website and we generally post them on our Twitter feed as well.  

3.  Twitter  (@northleaTDSB) - We will use Twitter to highlight events and moments of interest.  We'd love for you to share your summer pictures with the hashtag #NorthleaSummer and then also share your 1st day pictures at the hashtag #NorthleaFirstDay  

4. Staff Communications - Staff members will share their individualized information sharing approaches with you at the start of the year.  

5. The Northlea Home and School Website - This website- - will also contain updates.  It contains information about both the school and the Home and School Parent Association. *On the bottom left hand corner of the website is a section that allows you to subscribe to the website.  If you opt to sign up, you will receive updates to your email whenever the website is updated.  

6.  The Home and School Association Email List - Northlea's Home and School Association is a pivotal part of the Northlea school experience. We encourage all families to stay up to date and involved with H &SA. The #1 way to ensure you are informed is for you to consent to share your email and phone contact information.  If you want to receive correspondences from the Home and School Association, please sign up at the start of the school year:

7. Northlea School Website. -Northlea is piloting a new link that will provide information to the community about various athletic and co-curricular opportunities that are being planned for the 2019/2020 school year.  The website link is

Home and School Meetings

Please join us at our Home and School meeting on Wednesday, November 6th @ 6:30 PM.  


Below please find our list of Home and School meetings for this school year:

  1. November 6th - 6:30 PM @ Northlea in the School Library 
  2. November 8th - 9:00 AM @ Northlea in the School Library - ISP Program Parent Roundtable
  3. November 13th - 8:45 AM - post bus departure  - Discussion with parents who bus their children to Northlea hosted @ Thorncliffe Park School
  4. November 25th - 6:30 PM @Northlea in the School Library
  5.  February 6th - 2:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  6. April 6th - 8:35 AM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  7. May - Date TBD - 6:30 PM  @ Northlea in the School Library
  8. Annual General Meeting - Time TBD - Post or pre volunteer breakfast perhaps.

We are working to ensure that there are many parents able to participate in these discussions.  You will notice that we are introducing a few new meeting times (8:35 am and 2:30 pm) and even certain thematic meetings.  We hope this approach will open up new opportunities for parent perspectives to be shared.

Transition From Grade 8-9 

Panel Transitions

Grade 8 is an exciting time for students and parents.  At TDSB we are very fortunate to have a range of options and an Elementary Itinerant Guidance Counselor to support everyone through the transitions process.   Our EIC is Ms. Bianca Angheloni.  She works at numerous TDSB schools and is assigned to be at Northlea one half day a week.  

Grade 8-9 Transition - Parent Information Evening 

Bianca Angheloni, our Elementary Itinerant Counselor, will lead an introduction to the “Beyond 8” program at a Grade 8 information evening at Northlea EMS on Thursday, October 24th in the South Gym from 6 to 7pm. It is highly recommended that all families of grade 8 children attend this very important meeting.   Families of grade 7 children are also invited to attend. The session will provide information about: key dates, timelines, Secondary School programs and requirements, Secondary School Open House dates and times, Course Selection and much more.    For those who are unable to attend, the presentation will be emailed to you the week of October 28.


Beyond Grade 8 TDSB Website

The Beyond 8 website is a valuable resource full of information about the wide range of learning opportunities available at the TDSB. It will help students and their parents make decisions that will influence their experience throughout high school and the future.  


For students just beginning high school, visit the Beyond 8 | Choices for 9 interactive website for more information about this important transition year. To help make an informed decision when choosing a school, TDSB schools host information nights for parents and students each year between October and January. Learn everything you need to know about our incredible variety of schools, programs and courses. 


TDSB is committed to creating an equitable school system where the achievement and well-being of every student is fostered through rich, culturally authentic learning experiences in diverse, accepting environments where all are included, every voice is heard, and every experience is honoured. Enjoy the journey as you explore and learn more about the range of courses and programs available in the TDSB. 

High School Open House Evenings

To help you make an informed decision when choosing a school, TDSB schools host open houses and information nights for parents and students each year between October and January. Learn everything you need to know about our incredible variety of schools, programs and courses. Please click here for the schedule If you have questions about a specific school or open house, please contact the school directly for more information.


Please note that not all programs/schools are open to Optional Attendance if you do not live in the school's catchment area. Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. The procedures, conditions and timelines relating to optional attendance are described in the Optional Attendance Policy and the Optional Attendance Operational Procedure.


Each year in December, schools are classified as limited or closed to optional attendance based on the space they have available for the upcoming school year.


A Note from Ms. Angheloni

The students will learn to create effective Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) using an online program entitled My Blueprint.  You can learn more about My Blueprint by reading this pamphlet.  My Blueprint will assist them in reflecting and exploring their interests and strengths.  The process enables the students to establish and monitor their progress towards academic and personal goals in collaboration with their teachers and parents.


Grade 8 to 9 Transitions: 
The grade 8 students will be working on “Choices for Nine”, their transition program to grade 9 throughout the year.  The introduction to the program begins in early October. I will be making regular visits to the grade 8 classes to ensure that information goes out in a timely manner. 


I am always happy to talk to the families of students. You are the most important people in your child’s life!    If you have any questions of concerns please contact me via email

Looking forward to another great year,


Bianca Angheloni

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