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21 February 2020
Issue Two

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

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From the Deputy
Literacy - Prep to Year 2
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Year 6/5
Old Vinyl Records Needed
Rugby jumpers have arrived!
Year 7 - 2022
School Closure Days
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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!


In light of the recent media coverage on child safety standards in schools,  I would like to reassure all our families that our school's best interest is ensuring that your children are safe and that as a staff and community, we are compliant with the Child Safe Standards. Our Child Safety Team works vigilantly to ensure that everyone who has contact with any of our children meet the necessary stringent requirements. As part of our school’s ongoing Child Safety Compliance with the Victorian Government’s Child Safe Standards all staff have completed the yearly Victorian State Government Education and Training Mandatory Reporting Module.  This is also why we require any person who is on our school premises to have a Working with Children Check e.g. contractors, volunteers, Speech Pathologists etc.



Over the next few weeks the school will be hosting tours for prospective parents wanting to enrol their child in primary school.  Promotional material is being placed in kindergartens and daycare centers informing of the tours, however, if you have a friend, neighbour or even an acquaintance who you know will have a school aged child for 2021 please pass the word around that tours will be available on the following dates, or they can simply go to the website and book a time.

                             Tuesday 25 February 9.30am -11.00am

                             Wednesday 4 March 9.30am -11.00am

                             Wednesday 18 March 9.30am -11.00am

                             Wednesday 18 March 7.00pm – 8.00pm

Arrangement can be made for an alternative time by calling the School Office 95636780.


Our Year 6 Leaders will proudly conduct the tours and show the families around the school, describing the wonderful learning that takes place in classrooms.



Last Tuesday the AGM was held and as a result representatives of the parent community were appointed to the SAT to act on the behalf of the parents. The 2020 team consists of the following core members: 

Fr Gregory Pritchard (Parish Priest), Margaret Carlei (Principal), Peta Overbury (Deputy Principal).  this year are joined by Karen Massier, who accepted responsibility as Chairperson: Chris Bogaoan who will act as Secretary; and Joy D'souza and Nikki Hogan, as members in their second year.  We also welcome Daniel Clohesy and Katie Wyatt, who were nominated and voted into the Team along with  Troy Fryar and Scott Sinclair who represent the PFA as Co-Presidents.


The Team will meet each term to discuss and make recommendations on important issues which arise in the school.  These are then taken on board so that the Principal can make the final decision. The most important factor of each meeting is always that the students are at the heart of the discussions.  



Congratulations to Mrs Toni Dent (Year 3 & 4) on successfully being awarded the Master of Religious Education through Australian Catholic University. As our school’s Education in Faith Leader Mrs Dent will be able to use her studies to enhance our culture and practice of our school especially in Catholic Social Teachings.



Catholic Parish Schools have historically been organisations within a parish community where the Parish Priest has had the responsibility of actions and affairs of each school.  The harmony of working together has always been important especially in the managing of performance and accountability to rules and regulations pertinent to each school and governing State and Federal authorities.   Each parish has had its own entity and have been independent of each other.


On 1st January 2021, new governance arrangements are planned to be in place for parish primary schools and diocesan colleges in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, so that they will have the one governing authority under the same governing rules and regulations. An Incorporated Board will be responsible for all employment, policies and government requirements, whilst the  Parish Priest will have the responsibility of supporting schools so that they can focus on proclaiming the Word of God and the mission of the Church.


A number of factors have led to the need for a change in governance arrangements. These include recommendations that have been made from The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse established in 2013 and government legislative compliances and regulations.  At the same time the new arrangements aim to preserve and strengthen the Catholicity of our schools in the future.


The governance reforms will enable schools to continue delivering an outstanding faith and values-based education, without being burdened by the increasingly complex legislative and regulatory requirements. Proposed governance reforms will also preserve the critical pastoral role of the parish priest in the school community.


There has been consultation with the Union and the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) to ensure this transition will be smooth.


All parties concerned will continue to focus on being faithful to God’s mission, with the school as an educational expression of that mission within the parish.


Each school will have the same hierarchical model with staffing and the Principal will be responsible for maintaining a safe learning environment for students, staff and families whilst living in a faith filled community.

More information will be shared with you over the coming months as they become available.


School Fees

Families are reminded that payment of the first instalment of school fees 2020 is due by 6th March 2020. Thank you to the families who have already paid.



A reminder to families that parking across the school gates or driveways is prohibited.  Please also note that parking at the Tennis Courts, no matter how long or short the stay, is prohibited.  Only paying members of the Tennis Courts are authorised to park their vehicles in that car park if they are using the tennis courts.  The lane which forms the entrance to the tennis courts is out of bounds.  No one should be utilising this lane for any reason other than attending tennis lessons or accompanying their children to tennis lessons.  Please also be vigilant when crossing the road at the lights; the crossings get very busy, especially at and around 3.30pm when there are many distractions.



Our school participated in the Holt District Swimming Carnival today and I am so happy to say a wonderful day was had by all.  We managed to brave the wind and come 6th in the overall tally out of 10 Schools.  Congratulations to all our swimmers, we were so proud you represented our school with pride and your efforts are very much appreciated.  As always, we thank the parents for their continued support and attendance on the day.

Yours Faithfully

Margaret Carlei


From the Deputy

Ride2School Day - Friday 13th March

Dear Families,


We all know that being active on a regular basis contributes towards positive health and wellbeing outcomes. Unfortunately, over the past 40 years the number of children who are physically active everyday has significantly dropped. In the 1970s, eight out of ten students rode or walked to school but today that number has dropped to just two out of ten. We know that there are multiple factors which have contributed towards this change.  Some of these things are not so easily addressed but there is one simple solution which can help. Students who ride or walk to school contribute to their minimum physical activity level of 60 minutes per day. They are also more focused and ready to learn compared to those who are driven to school.

Ride2School is a nationwide program delivered by Bicycle Network, designed to support schools to encourage, empower and enable more students to get physically active on their journey to school.


On March the 13th we will be participating in Ride2School Day.  We are asking as many of our students as possible to ride, walk or scoot to school.  Even if you need to drive you could still park your car a little further away and walk the rest of the way.  Students from the SRC will be waiting to greet students at the school gates on Grange Road who walk, ride or scoot to school.  Please support our participation by making this day a priority. 


Best wishes,

Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal 


Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and this will be celebrated with Mass at 10am on Wednesday 26th February, 2020 at St. Anthony's church.  


The forty-day Season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes on Holy Thursday evening with the Celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Lent is primarily the Church’s time of preparation for the Easter mystery. We remember and celebrate the crucified and risen Christ who sends the Holy Spirit. Lent is the penitential season of the Church – the time for purifying our lives from sin by prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Lent recalls Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in the wilderness as he prepared to proclaim the Good News.  

The colour of Lent is violet, the colour associated with humility. Lent is traditionally the season of preparation for Baptism. In the early Church it was the period when candidates for Christian Initiation fasted and prayed more intensely before their baptism at the Easter Vigil.  

The Season of Lent

Along with fasting and almsgiving, prayer is one of the key foundation stones of Lent. During Lent it is important to allow time for daily prayer (personal prayer or communal prayer), and perhaps an extended period of time at least once a week for quiet meditation.  The most important attitude in prayer is having a mindfulness of God. Prayer is a communion with God and does not really require words at all.


As Christians we are particularly mindful that building a just world involves standing in solidarity with the poor and oppressed and making a commitment to do something about poverty. 


Project Compassion

Project Compassion is Caritas Australia's annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal. Millions of Australians come together in solidarity with the world's poor to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity.  We, at St. Anthony's will be collecting for Project Compassion in our classrooms.  Please donate to this very worthy cause, if possible, every cent counts.  Your child can place any amount of money in the box provided in their classroom.  At the end of the Lenten season we will forward all proceeds to Caritas to be distributed to their special causes in Australia and overseas.

See the Caritas Website for more information.


Sacrament of First Reconciliation 

A reminder that the Sacrament of First Reconciliation will be celebrated at St Anthony's Church on Thursday 19th March, 2020 at 7pm to 8pm.  Year 3 candidates are preparing for this important celebration and commitment to their Catholic faith journey.

St Anthony of Padua Quote:
"Actions speak louder than words; Let your actions and words speak!"

God Bless,

Toni Dent

Religious Education Leader


Student Representative Council (SRC)

Dear Families, 


I would like to congratulate the following students who make up our Student Representative Council (SRC) for 2020.  They are as follows:


Prep: Lily  and Vivienne

Year 1/2JB: Jemima  and Julian 

Year 1/2VW: Arlen  and Chloe 

Year 3/4 TD: Darcy and Seb

Year 3/4 LC: Kenneth and Hannah C

Year 5/6 MC: Sophie G and Tadhg 

Year 5/6MN: Daeseung and Lucia 

I am very excited to be working with such a great team!

Harmony Day - Friday 20th March

On Friday 14th February we had our first SRC meeting.  In this time our reps were able to raise any issues of concern across the school.  We also talked about a key action that the SRC could co-ordinate this term.  The students wanted to do something which was fun for everyone but which also raised money for people in need in other countries.  This aligns with the Catholic values of our school, our geography curriculum focus and is reflective of the compassion and empathy our students show towards others. As such, we have decided to hold a Harmony Day Fair on Friday 20th March to celebrate the diversity in our school community and to promote the message that 'Everyone Belongs'. 


Each class will be responsible for running two stalls at the fair which students can then make purchases from.  We will provide more information in the coming weeks but will definitely need the support of our families to make this day a success.  Please look out for more information about Harmony Day in the coming week.

best wishes,


Peta Overbury

Deputy Principal



Sing Fingers To Solve Maths Problems 

This week we began our mathematics assessment. An observation during this testing was that there is some negativity around the use of fingers for counting in math. 


Behavioural and neuropsychologists researching this area have found that fingers are critical to mathematical success. Students from year 1 through to university performed better on problem solving tasks when they had better finger- perception.

In students with higher mathematics attainment finger representations often move from physically using fingers to having finger representation in our brain. To strengthen these representations, consider some of the options in the link below.

Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math Class, The Atlantic


I thought this week we would include a visual problem to ponder.


Lauren Maidment

Intervention / Mathematics Leader


Family Maths Problem 2.

Baravelle - Age 7 to 16 

Look at this image for a short while before turning away.
Can you:

  • Recreate the image?
  • Describe the image?
  • Say some mathematical things about what you notice?
  • Think of some mathematical questions you would like to ask about it?

(Taken from NRICH)



Possible Solutions for the
Family Maths Problem 1.

Question : 

I am thinking of 2 numbers on the hundreds chart. One number is 15 more than the other. One of my numbers has a 3 in it.

What might my 2 numbers be? Give as many answers as you can.


There are four sequences of possibilities;

- 3 and 8; 13 and 28; 23 and 38 etc

- 8 and 23; 18 and 33; 28 and 43 etc

- 15 and 30; 16 and 31; 17 and 32 etc

- 30 and 45; 31 and 46; 32 and 47 etc 

Literacy - Prep to Year 2

Letters and Sounds 

The English language is an alphabetic language — it is made up of letters for the various sounds in words.


Learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds that are associated with them are the crucial first steps in reading.


Children who can recognise the letters of the alphabet in print and know at least the most common sounds associated with each letter (some letters have more than one sound in words, especially the vowels), will have an advantage when they begin school.


For some children, learning the alphabet is easy. Others will take much longer and will need more exposure, more repetition, and more practice.

Learning the alphabet is vital and it can also be fun. Fortunately there are many entertaining books, games and videos that have been created specifically for this purpose.


This page provides some tips and activities parents can use to help children learn the alphabet and letter sounds. 


10 activities for learning the alphabet and letter sounds.


1. Look for books that have interesting pictures that you can talk about and ask your child to name.


2. Help your child to practise writing and making letters with a variety of materials. For example, writing letters in sand or with finger paints, or making letter shapes out of pipe-cleaners or modelling clay.


3. Point to words on the page as you are reading any book with your child and ask them to point to the letters they know.


4. Play alphabet bingo: Make small cards with a letter written or printed on each one and place them in a box or bag.


5. Draw squares on a piece of paper and write a letter in each square.


6. Say the name or letter sound for each card as you draw them from the box or bag and your child can cover the letter on their card with a marker or token.


7. Give your child an old magazine and a felt-tip pen or highlighter and ask them to circle all the words that start with a particular letter.


8. Teach your child the letters in their name.

Ask them to point out other words with those letters as you are reading.


9. Play alphabet memory: Make two identical sets of cards with a letter written or printed on each one. 

Shuffle them together and place them face down.

10. Take turns to turn over two cards at a time to find matching pairs.


This article was taken from


Marina Russo

English Leader



I hope some of you were able to participate in one or both of the Office of eSafety Commissioner’s eSafety webinars last week. I found them most informative as they provided data about our young people’s use of the internet and strategies to help parents with the digital challenges and issues that they may face.  Here are some points I took away from the webinars.


Helping Kids Thrive Online

94% of 3,500 parents surveyed considered their child’s online safety to be important. The wanted the online world for their child to be safe from harm and free for the child to participate in and express themselves.

The online safety issues parents were concerned about included: inappropriate content (not including pornography), 38%; contact with strangers, 37%; bullying, 34%; pornography, 33%; and, online addiction (time spent gaming online), 31%.


Some guides they gave to parents of primary students to make technology work for their family included, no technology for children - in the bedroom, before homework and for a specified time before sleep.  They also advised that parents must know usernames and passwords for all games and should consider the appropriateness of the games that their child wanted to play.


The presenter discussed parental controls and privacy settings and the importance of charging devices overnight in a place that children can’t access.  Many apps have settings and filters to prevent children from accessing or being accidentally exposed to inappropriate content. The eSafety Commissioner’s Guide found here – eSafety Guide - provides information about games, apps and social media and offers help with managing privacy and safety settings.


To build a child’s skills in managing online challenges they advised parents to support friendships online and offline, encourage activities that build positive self-identity, practise routines that promote health and balance, build confidence by encouraging children to share their knowledge and be realistic and optimistic.


Overall, we need to help children to be better at being supportive of themselves and their friends whilst online.


Tech, Teens and Time Online

Although this webinar was targeted at older children (12-18) there was pertinent information included as the issues that face teens are filtering down to middle and senior primary.


Data given in the webinar for 8-12 year olds for 2016/2017 regarding negative online behaviours showed that: 33% of these children/teens had experienced unwanted contact and content; 21% had received threats and abuse; 21% experienced social exclusion; and, 18% had some damage to their reputation or impersonation.


One frightening fact regarding inappropriate content was that 50% of 9 - 16 year olds (that’s our Year 3s+) have seen pornography online.


The building of online resilience to balance exposure to negative aspects of being online with positive and protective factors was stressed. It is important that we provide to our young people - support and modelling of good behaviours, building of skills and the provision of positive online experiences.


For more information please check the Office of eSafety Commissioner, eSafety for Parents site


Loretto Campbell

eLearning & STEM

eSafety @St Anthony's

Being Safe Online

The staff of St Anthony’s is aware of the need for our students to develop and understand eSafety skills. For Safer Internet Day our Years 3 - 6 teachers used online resources to lead their students in discussions and activities.


Year 5/6 considered several online situations about privacy and personal information, cyberbullying, respectful online behaviour and inappropriate or unwanted contact, and agreed that:

  • “personal information should not be given to anyone while playing online”
  • “you should not text or put anything on social media that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face”
  • “you should respect people online and never make fun of anyone”

Our STEAM Leaders, Bene, Luke, Louis and Oliver, advise that if anything goes wrong, you should

  • Tell a friend or trusted adult
  • Block the person causing the problem
  • Report the problem to a trusted adult

The Year 3/4 classes considered how to approach situations about respectful online behaviour, cyberbullying and peer pressure. They were encouraged to describe and think about situations then evaluate possible options and finally, make an appropriate choice of action.


Year 1/2 students watched an episode of Hector’s World and discussed the importance of not sharing personal information. They then used TuxPaint to draw a character from the video playing a computer or online game. You can see some of the students' drawings on this page.


As part of ICT specialist classes this term the students will consider and learn about various aspects of online safety.


Our Junior students will discuss rules for online safety and what is acceptable online behaviour.  They will participate in eSafety activities to explore and develop the safe and responsible use of technology and the Internet.


In particular, they will consider the importance of personal information.  They will be given the opportunity to understand that some information about themselves is special and that they should never share their personal details online without a parent or teacher’s permission.  Also they will consider online behaviours that have a positive or negative effect on others and will describe actions they can take online that will make themselves and their friends feel happy when online. The students will consider how they can - Be safe, Be kind, Ask for help and Make good choices


Our Senior students will explore the safe and responsible use of technology and the internet through Google’s Internet Awesome rules and advice in which the students consider the fundamentals of digital citizenship and eSafety.  They will explore how they can be internet SMART, ALERT, STRONG, KIND and BRAVE. In doing this they will consider what rules they should follow when using technology, how we can stay safe online, how we recognise and deal with cyberbullying and how we can work together online.



Information & Communication Technology 2020 Acceptable Use Agreement for Students

We still have 50 students/carers who have not yet signed our ICT Acceptable Use Agreement form on Caremonkey.


If you have not already done so, could you please read and discuss this with your child, then sign. The signature of both parent/carer and child is required.


If the form is not signed by Friday afternoon, 21 February, your child will not be able to use any devices or Internet at school from Monday next week until signatures are received.


Loretto Campbell

eLearning & STEM

Year 6/5

What's Happening is 5/6?

The 5/6s have had a great start to the year! We have already done some fabulous learning and had interesting discussions about having a Growth Mindset and being positive. We have also thought about what classroom environment we need to create so that we learn best. Each class gathered all the ideas and wrote a Learning Culture statement.



Writing:  We have been learning about compound words. Compound words are two words that join together to make a new word with a whole new meaning. We made compound word riddles by choosing a compound word for example, snowman, and splitting it into two words eg. snow and man, then finding words to describe both with clues and then putting it into a riddle. Here are a few of our best riddles:

What man is white but falls from the sky?       Answer: a snowman.

What water can you eat?                                         Answer: watermelon

What dog burns?                                                        Answer: a hotdog




One of the things we have read so far this term is the famous Australian poem called My Country, by Dorothea Mackellar.  We examined the language used and the images the words created. The author describes the warm, hot land turning into droughts and floods and the beautiful forests and the trees being cut down. After we read the book our table groups chose a page from the book to describe and draw.


In Reading we’ve also been looking at the comprehension skill of ‘making inferences’ or reading between the lines. We have been detectives using text and picture clues to solve mysteries. 



The 5/6s started a new and great year with our first Mathematics topic being graphs. We learned about bar, column, line graphs and pie charts. The difference between a bar and column graph is just the orientation, as a bar graph is displayed horizontally while  a column graph is shown vertically. Pie charts are used to show percentages and line graphs show the events of something over a flow of time. We had fun plotting our own graphs with the data we were given. In Maths currently we are looking at Financial Maths – so far we’ve worked out the pricing for having a party and planning a class excursion. Sticking to a budget can be quite tricky!!



In Geography we have been learning about the different continents and their wonders. We recently did research on the largest continent on Earth, Asia. We found geographical features such as the Himalayan Mountains and Mount Everest. We will also be researching North America and Europe. The world really is amazing.


Graffiti Art

On the first day of school, the teachers thought it would be fun to write our names in graffiti writing. We watched a couple of YouTube clips that explained how to write graffiti style. Some of us used shading to make it look 3D, while others did bubble writing and others used different styles. We came up with masterpieces that looked so good, they could've been shown at the Louvre Museum.


by Sally, Abi and Mrs Casey

Old Vinyl Records Needed

Do you have any old Vinyl records at home that you no longer need? Yes.........

We are going to create a whole school outdoor art display and we need any old discarded vinyl records that you may have for our project. If you have any to donate please drop them at the office or to me in the Art Room.


Please note that they will not be returned to you as they will be painted on.  I am happy to take scratched or damaged vinyls too.

Thank you!

Miss Liz

Arts Teacher


Rugby jumpers have arrived!

Looking smart in their 2020 Rugby Jumpers!


Year 7 - 2022

Key Enrolment Dates for Year 7, 2022

Please be advised of the key enrolment dates for Year 5 students in 2020 starting Year 7 in 2022 for Catholic Secondary Schools.

28 Jan 2020: Applications open
21 Aug 2020: Applications close
15 Oct 2020: Offers posted to prospective Year 7, 2022 applicants
6 Nov 2020: Final date for parents to accept the offer

Many of the colleges are holding Open Days during terms 1 and 2. Some will be advertised in our newsletter but you should also contact the colleges for a full list of dates or for any other information about the colleges.

Applications for Victorian Government Schools Year 7 in 2022 will be distributed in term 1, 2021.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions.

School Closure Days

Please note ....

There are two school closure days coming up, they are :

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March

Students are not required to attend school on these days. 

Please contact the OHSC program which will be running from 7am until 6pm on those days.

Dates to Remember

Please check the Calendar on the Website for ALL important dates.

You can view our yearly calendar on our website - St Anthony’s Calendar


Some very important dates for your calendars in Term 1: 

TERM 1, 2020

Tuesday 25 February

Shrove Tuesday & School Tours 9am

Wednesday 26 February

Ash Wednesday Mass 10am

Friday 28 February 

Whole School Assembly hosted by Year 3/4 at 9am in the Padua Pavilion



Thursday 5th & Friday 6th March

  • Pupil Free Days - No school for students

Sunday 15th March

  • Working Bee 

Out of Hours School Care

What's happening is OSHC .....


Parents & Friends (PFA)


Thank you so much for all those who braved the weather and turned out at the picnic last Friday.  It was a most enjoyable night for all and it was great to see the staff in the mix of new and old faces.  Our kids certainly enjoyed the puddles!  Thank you also to all who helped pack up and clean up, it's always a team effort and we are pleased to see there were many hands lending a hand.


We are still looking for volunteers to fulfill the positions of Class Liaison Officers for Prep, 1/2JB, 3/4LC, and 5/6MN.  Remember you don't have to do all the work, you have a whole class room of adult helpers to call on but you must have a current Working With Children's Check.  Contact us if you are interested to know more about what the job entails.


Some key dates to ensure you’ve got locked away while you eagerly await the arrival of the calendar are:

  • Working Bee #1: Sunday 15th March
  • Dad’s Day Out #1: Saturday 21st March
  • Ladies Lunch: Saturday 28th March


Troy & Scott



Icy poles are for sale this term on Wednesday lunchtime only (they will return in Term Four).

They remain at 50 cents each with one to be sold per child.  Don't forget to send your coins to school on Wednesdays if your child would like a sweet treat.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on



Sometimes families at our school may go through difficult times - dealing with an illness, a new baby or other circumstances - and may need help with meals.  We are looking for volunteers to go on a contact list who can help prepare a meal when required.


Meals can be simple and can be either something to use straight away or freezeable.


You will be provided with instructions and Food Safety guidelines and can collect disposable food containers from the school office, if required.


All meal requests are organised through the school office, so confidentiality can be maintained.

If your family or a family you know, would benefit from the Food Bank, please contact the school office.


If you would like to join the food bank contact list, please contact Bianca (Aiden’s mum) as soon as possible on or phone 0418 593 413



To help maintain the school’s Sick Bay, St Anthony’s depends on the generosity of volunteers to help launder the bed linen, on a weekly roster.  


This task requires swapping the used linen with clean linen (located in the Sick Bay) on a Thursday or Friday, taking home the used linen to wash and returning the clean linen the following week. Usually it is a pillow case, a single doona cover and a fitted sheet.


If you would like to join the linen roster, please contact Bianca (Aiden’s mum) as soon as possible on or phone 0418 593 413



I am looking for helpers to assist in the selling of second hand uniforms.  There is no purchasing required as all items are second hand.  Please come and see me to discuss what is involved on either the first or third Thursday of the month when the uniform shop is open.


A reminder also that we have some new items for sale; pants and shorts, which we are selling at less than half price, they retail  at $30 approx and we are selling them at $10.  Various sizes available.  All other items are still only $2 with the summer dress only $5.

Thank you 

Natalya (Ilya's mum)



A notice was sent home in bags and again via email this week regarding St Anthony's traditional Friday Cake Raffle.  Don't forget to contact Sarah (0400 301 043)  if you have some spare time on your hands to nominate a Friday you would like to provide a cake for this very good cause.  All proceeds go to the library and tickets are only 20 cents each or 5 tickets for $1.00.  Everyone loves to decorate a cake and who doesn't love to win one!!!  Remember, you have to be in it to win it!  






Community News

De La Salle - Year 7, 2022 Enrolment Dates


Take a Bow - Performing Arts Enrichment Program


Soccer Classes (After school Prep - Yr5)


Lunchtime Tennis Program


Lunchtime Chess (Wednesday)


McKinnon Basketball Club


Music Program - Thursdays


St Anthony's News