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31 March 2017
Issue Five
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Principal News

You changed my mourning into dancing.

You took off my funeral clothes

And dressed me up in joy

So that my whole being

Might sing praises to you and never stop.

Lord, my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Psalm 30 :11-12


It is not the case that we struggle and then are healed, once and for all. That might suggest that God's redemption is a commodity that believers could seek to manipulate liturgically. Rather, we seek God through the changeable rhythms of joyous praising and bitter wrestling. Faith is lived in a dance of mourning and rejoicing--a dance that is by turns brutal and lyrical, as the turbulent Hebrew meter of this poem might suggest. Belief means alternately challenging and submitting to One whose power to save cannot be bounded by our expectations.


Sisters of Mercy Angela Jordan and Trish Johnson are presenting a workshop to staff on Monday 24 April. The staff are looking forward to renewing our “lens” of fulfilling our mission with input from the sisters. Sr Angela was principal at Catholic High 1997-2001. Here is an outline of the day.

On Mercy Mission.

In reference to the Mission and Vision Statement of Marian Catholic College, Griffith, and to Steven Bevans SVD’s article, ‘The Mission has a Church – An Invitation to the Dance’, the participants will be asked to discuss and discover how Mission is ‘breathed’ in their own lives and how they assist it to be part of the lives of the children and parents with whom they come in contact.


There will be a segment on Catherine McAuley’s life and her sense of Mission. It will include a brief history of the Sisters of Mercy establishment and involvement in MCC. An explanation of ‘Mercy Works’, a foundation of the Sisters of Mercy and their Associates, will follow.  The session will close with reflection and prayer centred around how this sense of Mission, promoting Mercy,  and can be kept alive at MCC now and in the future.

Dear Parents, Students and Friends


The Marian Catholic College Council AGM was held last week the following parent representatives were returned: Mr Michael Ryan  as Chairperson, Mrs Lindy Golden, Mr Simon Aventi, Ms Cassandra Turner and Mr Stewart McMaster. New members are Mrs Tracey Davidson, Mr Oscar Roche and Staff Representative is Mr Will Lyons. On behalf of Marian Catholic College I would like to thank the following parents for the commitment and service who are standing down. Mr Nigel Kennedy, Brendan Catanzariti and Mr Michael Favero.


ANZAC Day 2017 As is customary, all students are invited to represent the College at the march on Tuesday April 25. Students are to wear full winter uniform with blazers. Each year Marian has a large turn out and I am hoping for a similar number or bigger this year. Students will have their participation recorded as Community Service. The Pastoral Coordinators will be collecting names.  Marian will be holding an ANZAC Assembly upon return to school next term on Friday 28 April in front of our College Lone Pine and Memorial at 10.15am.


Students return Wednesday April 26. Winter uniform including blazers but there will be one week changeover. The uniform shop will be open on Monday 24 April 8am -12pm.


Thank you everyone once again for a wonderful term of hard work and success, culminating in Harmony Day, Cabaret Show as well as our sports teams doing well.

Peace and Best Wishes



Assistant Principal

Narrative Days

On Thursday and Friday this week Year 9 students participated in Narrative Writing workshops. These workshops were designed and presented by Angela Brown and Justine Parle, and supported by Damien Herb, Trish Star, Belinda McKellar and other staff members who popped in throughout the day to help the students. Some of the ideas covered during the workshops included:

  • Narrative Structure – Orientation, Complication, Climax and Resolution
  • Breaking down an Orientation: perspective, time, setting, characters and plot
  • A closer look at complications using the pebble, rock, boulder analogy
  • General rules for Narrative Writing
  • Sizzling Starts to grab the reader’s attention
  • Varying sentence length
  • Show don’t tell – using words to create pictures in the reader’s mind
  • Avoiding a recount
  • Tightening tension – building up to a climax
  • Juicy adjectives
  • Sensory words
  • Brainstorming story ideas

The workshop concluded with an opportunity for each student to write a narrative applying what they had learned. It was wonderful to see the newfound confidence with students letting their ideas flow on to the page. Please check out the photos of the workshops below.

On Monday Year 9 students will sit a practice NAPLAN writing task in the Hall. This will help to better prepare them for the their NAPLAN writing task early next term. On Tuesday, Year 9 English teachers will be undertaking professional learning in NAPLAN marking simulation in order to provide personalized feedback to students. This will allow all students to have a focus for improvement prior to the NAPLAN task.

HSC Mid Course Exams

HSC Mid Course exams continue next week. This exam period is a challenging time for students. It is also a useful tool for Year 12 students to check how they are going. Students will receive feedback on their performance in these exams early next term and this will help to inform them of what they need to do to improve.

We wish Year 12 the best of luck for the remainder of their exams.


Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching

Pastoral Care



College News

Year 9 PASS

Year 9 PASS have been completing a unit on Fitness and studying the fitness principles and components of training. The two classes have undertaken a variety of different fitness training methods such as yoga, Pilates, boxing, spin classes, weight training and circuit work. They have applied themselves diligently to the theoretical part of the PASS course and thrown themselves into getting fit through the practicals!

Keep up the great work

Mr Moore and Miss Vardanega!



Your College tuition fee account payment for Term 1 should have already been received by the College. If this has not been attended to, we would appreciate your attention to the arrears.

Each terms’ fees must be paid by term end, hence this will ensure the account reverts to a nil balance in order to begin each new school year.

We offer a discount to families with 2 or more children at Marian Catholic College, being 10% off Tuition Fee only for the 2nd child, 50% off Tuition Fee only for the 3rd child and 100% off Tuition Fee only for the 4th child. The family discount will apply only when your account is in order & will be applied during 4th term.

We will be contacting families who have overdue accounts to follow up on arrears payments.  Should you experience difficulty managing your account, there are a number of flexible payment options available to suit families’ budgets which we are happy to discuss with you. Please contact me at the office to make arrangements.

Thank you to all families who conduct their account efficiently.


Joanne Smith

Business Manager.

Chess News

From the hallowed grounds of the T1 hospo room, our intrepid chess team of Muntaqim Chowdhury, Piriyarathan Karunapalan, Matthew Salvestro and Zachary Scoble took on the might of the Lake Cargelligo Central School. This was round 1 of the Country Secondary Schools Chess Teams Competition - 6 regions across NSW with 20 teams in the Riverina section. After an early queen sack against Zac Scoble, composure and surety won the day and MCC finished with a 4-0 scoreline. Well done lads.



Vaccinations 3rd May - Yr 11 & 12 / Meningococcal W


As per notification from NSW Government Health they are now recommending all Year 11 & 12 Students the opportunity to be vaccinated for Meningococcal W. 

Please read the flyer included in this Newsletter.

This vaccination will take place at Marian Catholic College on Wednesday, 3rd  May. Week 2, Term 2.

If you have any questions or queries please contact NSW Government Health Department website or the local Community Health Centre phone: 69669938. Callie Macklin 

Marian Catholic College is just a venue for immunisations. All queries need to be addressed to NSW Government Health as above.


Events Calendar and Canteen





Sports News

Open Men's

The squad started this journey 4 weeks ago, by completing 9 before school sessions, the aim of the sessions was to perfect an attractive brand of possession based football. The commitment to the cause was very worthy as we had 14 players to each session. Unfortunately those who couldn't attend was due to injury. Come competition day, the squad already looked more professional in comparison to the competition. The Marian squad dominated in all their games, holding the majority of possession and making attractive attacking patterns of play into the opponents final third. The Marian Open Men's squad open their accounts with two, 2-0 wins and a 3-0 win, only having Matre Dei Catholic College left. A 25 second lapse in concentration saw Marian go down 1-0 with 10 seconds left to half time. Nothing can fault the effort and will to win that the squad showed to try and get back on level terms. Two goal posts saves, two heroic saves by MDCC's goal keeper, then to top it all off a goal line clearance won it for Matre Dei Catholic College. Although we didn't come away as winners of the day I am proud of the squad for the football and professionalism demonstrated. All the boys performed exceptionally well, unfortunately very unlucky. A special mention goes out to Caleb Biondi and Brad Plos our squad captains who led by example and demonstrated the fight an will to push through. Overall, it was a great experience to work with such a talented group of boys


Coach Mr Abdala


Opens Women's

The girls had a fantastic day winning all their games. Their biggest competition is usually Xavier High School and this year MCC defeated them 8-0, with Johane Oberholzer scoring 4 of the goals, helping her to equal top scorer. While the more competitive game was against Mater Dei Catholic College with a narrow 1-0 win, Lauren Zalunardo scoring the only goal.

Lauren had a very impressive game, she normally plays a defensive position however was pushed to the front to help out and was an equal top scorer of the day. Lauren came away with the Coaches award. Players Player however went to tri-equal top scorer Nadine Zanatta scoring goals in all games except against MDCC. She managed to balance her aggressive style with some very handy talented plays.

Other key players for the day were captains Sabine Mazzarolo and Jaclyn Agostini only resting for part of one half all day. Both keeping the mid field in check to maintain balance and opportunities.

Coach Nadine Johns



 CSO Diocesan Team

Back row (L-R)

Jordan Sartor

Jordan Serena

Caleb Biondo

Claire Murray

Johnae Oberholzer

Samantha Pandolfo

Sienna Vecchio

Elizabeth Barbaro

Teneeka Andreazza

Alana Marando

Front Row (L-R)

Isaac Donadel

Abishek Sandu

Samuel Raciti

Bradley Plos

Sabine Mazzarolo

Jaclyn Agostini

Absent: Nadine Zanatta, Lauren Zalurnardo, Alexander Malrooney Castellano, Roy Catanzariti

Parish Chaplain


Father of Light and Wisdom, thank you for giving me a mind that can know and a heart that can love. Help me to keep learning every day of my life -- no matter what the subject may be. Let me be convinced that all knowledge leads to you and let me know how to find you and love you in all the things you have made. Encourage me when the studies are difficult and when I am tempted to give up Enlighten me when my brain is slow and help me to grasp the truth held out to me. Grant me the grace to put my knowledge to use in building the kingdom of God on earth so that I may enter the kingdom of God in heaven. Amen.

God Bless

Fr Christian


Art Club Competition

Congratulations to all our Art Club competition winners for Term 1!  February's colouring competition was won by Taya Peterson and Blair Davidson.  March's 'Power' themed competition was taken out by Jessica Kelly and Amanda Harrison. Both months saw a number of fantastic entries and judging was quite difficult.  Thank you to all who participated.  Keep an ear out for the next competition in the notices!





Amanda Harrison - Year 8





Taya Peterson - Year 10





Blair Davidson - Year 8




Jessica Kelly - Year 8

Year 9 Visual Arts

Yr 9 Visual Artists have been busy creating some wonderful and inspiring artworks so far. Our artistic journey has started with Portraiture, where the students explored the technical aspect of drawing portraits which then progressed into some amazing final pieces. Where to from here? Still Life, Landscape Art, Digital Photography and much more- stay tuned. Please go to the website: to see more inspiring and beautiful artworks made by these creative and talented artists. 

Ms. Dickie -Art & Photography Teacher​




The Library has created a Google Classroom  called “MCC LIBRARY”  and has invited students from all year levels to join.

The Classroom will feature:

Latest Releases

New Accelerated Reader books

Great Books Recommended by other students

Year 11 Related texts for Belonging


Accelerated Reader: Good Reads

If I Stay—Where She Went– Just One Day-Just One Year   series of books by Gayle Forman

24 hours can change your life… Allyson and Willem share one magical day together in Paris before chance rips them apart.   The moving and romantic companion to Just One Day, this is a story of the choices we make and the accidents life throws at us.

Once Upon a Time: Ever After High  by Shannon Hale:  In just a few weeks the students at Ever After High will sign the Storybook of Legends on Legacy Day and commit to living out their fairytale destinies, repeating the famous stories of their parents.

Way of the Wolf and Rage of the Rhino by Bear Grylls are twogripping adventures  titles in the Mission: Survival Series ;   Way of the Wolf :  a plane crash in Alaska leaves the pilot dead and Beck’s uncle seriously injured.. Alive but shaken they must make their way out to find help. Rage of the Rhino: Beck is on a mission to stop the rhino poachers in South Africa.  He soon discovers that he has fallen into a dangerous trap and his enemies will stop at nothing to track him down.

Poppy and Poppy in the Field by Mary Hooper Poppy, a nurse,  is about to be thrown off course:  first reason is love with someone forbidden and the second reason is war.

Weirdo    Hilarious award winning series from the best selling author Anh Do


Jenny Sartor and Gisella Barber




Year 7 - 2018 - Enrolling Now











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