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23 February 2017
2017 Issue 2
Principal's Message
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Principal's Message

It has been a few great weeks in the life of the College. I have really appreciated moving around the College seeing the smiling faces of the students as they engage in this new year of learning. It has also been lovely to see so many parents around the College at assemblies, information evenings and at the Secondary swimming carnival last week.


35th Anniversary

It is hard to miss the banner on the front wall of the property that signifies the thirty-fifth anniversary of Bayside Christian College. I often get asked questions about our particular approach to schooling. There are a number of ways to answer these questions. One is to begin by asking what is Christian about the Christian school? The answer to this is that just like there are many expressions of the Christian church, there are likewise various expressions of Christian schooling. That is, the aspects of the Christian faith in a particular Christian school should represent the particular denomination or heritage that they have emerged out of. Bayside Christian College is a member of Christian Education National, a group of schools previously known as Christian Parent Controlled Schools. At the heart of our beliefs and hopefully, our practice, is that Christ is Lord of all things, including education. This means that we look to develop practice that is consistent with the Biblical story across everything rather than confine faith to a devotional time. As such, we seek to incorporate our beliefs throughout the school day including within our policies and the curriculum. To further understand this, I recommend a resource on Christian schooling that is consistent with our approach: Thinking about schooling: Christians considering schooling options for their children. This is available at our reception if you would like to read a little more.


Mrs Piening

We would appreciate your prayers for Mrs Jo Piening, one of our Years 5/6 Teachers who last week had eye surgery. Mrs Piening is recovering well and should be back with us soon. With Mr Svigos who teaches part-time in Years 5 and 6 not available to cover the class for the duration of Mrs Piening’s absence, and to ensure that there is minimal disruption to student learning, Mrs Janine Harvey will work with the Years 5/6 team. Please pray for Mrs Piening as she recovers and Mrs Harvey in her absence.




Christopher Prior



Pray for Bayside

A number of families have been asking how they can support us as a College - praying for Bayside is a great way to start! In each newsletter we will provide some prayer points for your consideration.


Please pray for a safe excursion for our Primary Leaders as they journey to Melbourne for Leadership Training.


Pray for our Primary and Secondary students as they use their God-given gifts at the Athletics Carnival and Inter-School Swimming next week.


Pray for our Leadership Team and Board as they plan and make decisions about the future direction of our College.


Pray for our new families and students as they settle into school here at Bayside.


Thank God for our new facilities at 97 Robinsons Road, with construction work progressing.

From the Deputy's Desk


School is now in full swing, with so many camps and events having already taken place. Our calendars seem to keep filling with things that must be done, remembered and planned for. Here are a few upcoming in the life of the College:


Parent Conferences

Our Primary Parent/Teacher Conferences and Secondary Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences will take place on 15 and 16 March. This is a wonderful opportunity to catch up and share our partnership to discuss the progress and plans for best supporting your children's education, both from school and from home. Information will be sent out next week regarding how to use our online booking system, PTO, to make a time to meet with your children's teachers.


Please remember that Wednesday 15 March appointments start after school at 3:45pm and Thursday 16 March classes finish at 1:00pm for appointments to start at 1:45pm. Buses will depart the College by 1:25pm for an early bus run this day. Camp Australia will provide care for those registered with the program from 1:00pm.


School Photos

School Photos are scheduled for Prep to Year 12 on Tuesday 2 May. All students are expected to be in full winter academic uniform. For Secondary students this includes tie, jumper and blazer. If students have sport on this day, they must wear academic uniform to school and change after photos have been taken.

Photos for the ELC 3 Year Old group are on Friday 19 May, and for the ELC 4 Year Old group, photos are scheduled for Tuesday 23 May.



Please be reminded that all students are expected to wear the College uniform in its entirety, from head (hats) to toes (socks and shoes). Blazers must be worn to Secondary assemblies on Monday mornings. It is not appropriate to wear the sports jacket over the academic. Please refer to the Dress Code Handbook for correct attire.


Term 2 is fast approaching, and now is the time to ensure your winter uniform is ready, as all College students must wear winter uniform from Thursday 20 April, the first day after the Easter break.


If you have any questions about any of these upcoming events, please contact reception for assistance.

Primary News

From the Head of Primary

Bayside Christian College has six Purposes that underpin who we are. This semester, we are focusing on Purpose 4, which is ‘helping students to discover and develop their own God-given abilities and to recognise and respect those of others’.

The Primary staff have brainstormed ways to embed this within the life of the College.


Mrs Caroline DeHaan did an Art lesson on the different gifts God has given us. The children then gift-wrapped boxes that represented their gifts. These ‘gifts’ are displayed in G Block foyer. Come and visit - it’s worth seeing!


Parent Volunteer Training

We are conducting a Parent Volunteer training session on Friday 24 February from 9:00-9:30am for any new parent who would like to assist in the classroom. We will be meeting in the G Block foyer. If you have had training before, you are not required to attend.

Please email: 

[email protected] if you would like to participate.

Grandparents’/Special Friend Day

Our Grandparents’/Special Friend Day is on Wednesday 1 March from 9:15 – 11:00am. This special morning is a celebration of family, community and the children's learning. Please join us for morning tea in the G Block foyer from 11.00am – 11.30 am. You will need to sign in and sign out on the attendance sheet when you arrive and depart.


Primary Athletics

Our Primary Athletics is on Tuesday 28 February. It will be held on and around our school oval from 9:15am–3:00pm. There will be a sign-in/out sheet as you approach the oval. All are welcome to attend!


Mrs Joy Plummer - Head of Primary

Learning about the letter "t" in Prep

Our Prep students enjoyed some tiger toast as part of their learning about the letter "t". The toast was very tasty and the Preps had a terrific time!


Years 3/4 visit CERES Environmental Park

On Friday 17 February all the Years 3/4 students went on an excursion to CERES for our sustainability unit.

We did three key activities. They were 'Recycling', 'Worm Farming' and ' Walk around Merri Creek'. I think that we should look after the environment better and not litter, and make sure that we put the rubbish in the right bin. 


Oliver D - Year 3/4C


Primary Assembly

How blessed we were at the Primary assembly on Monday 20 February. Year 3/4C performed an amazing story and song about Genesis 1, and we heard from the lovely Year 4 students Chloe and Amy with a beautiful performance of  'You Can Fly/ Fly to Your Heart'.


Parents are welcome to attend the Primary assemblies each Monday afternoon at 2:35pm.


Secondary News

From the Head of Secondary

Well what a start to a wonderful 2017! Our students excelled themselves at our swimming carnival, displaying so much spirit and enthusiasm in the way they dressed up in team colours, made banners and chanted for their respective Houses. Conquerors (Yellow House) took away the trophy but much fun was had by all as the students exercised their gifts by contributing  positively to the day.

Our College purpose that we are focusing on this semester is purpose number four, “helping students to discover and develop their own God-given abilities and to recognise and respect those of others” and we used the carnival as a case in point, with students encouraged to use their gifts in a number of different ways  by creating banners, singing, making up words to a cheer, photographing, leading, making announcements, serving foods, and swimming. It was indeed a celebration of our diversity and differences in terms of the contributions that we all have to make  as God’s children.


Those students who have the gift of leadership were voted in by both staff and students, and were announced at this Monday’s Secondary Assembly by our already elected Prefect body. The SRC (Student Representative Council) leaders for each year level are as follows:


Year 7

Serena Joseph & Leisel Donaldson

Jack McDonald & Cooper Howie


Year 8

Alexandra Lamanna & Lila McDonagh

Joshua Joseph & Jordan Pleiter


Year 9

Karina Bilyj & Teagan Gleed

Jack Moroney & Thomas Hutchison


Year 10

Julia Coates & Ellen Bond

Matthew Dumicich & Lachlan Vass


House Captains  (Year 11)


Green House

Brooke Hageman

Matthew Wells


Red House

Kyle Berry

Courtney Bennett


Yellow House

Tafadzwa Mupamhanga

Chloe Piening


A huge congratulations goes to these students and our prayers with them as they seek to  provide a vast array of opportunities for others to be able to serve both God and our community in 2017.


Mrs Shirley Patterson


Cameron Semmen’s visits Bayside

Valentine’s Day was a day for our Year 7s to refine and focus their poetry writing and performance. Workshop activities included a variety of performances and renditions of Psalm 23, including a Pirate and Star Wars remake. The afternoon workshops also spent a workshop focusing on creating meaning with words and refining vocabulary choice.


We thank Cameron again for his time and input into our Poetry writing.


Update on Joshua Vass

At the end of 2016, Joshua Vass auditioned, and was accepted into the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School. Highly competitive, Josh was one of only six voice students accepted (from Year 7 to Year 12). Josh is currently studying Year 8 at VCASS and loving it.


Over the summer holidays, Josh spent three months working in Japan at Universal Studios, in their spectacular Christmas Show - The Voice of an Angel, performing to an average of 60,000 people per night.


Well done Josh, and all the best with your singing!


Year 7 Science

Year 7 students are becoming familiar with the science laboratory. They have studied the names of a large variety of science equipment and its use. Many have passed their Bunsen burner licence test and are now permitted to light the Bunsen burner, inspect its flame, and safely heat a variety of objects in the science laboratory. Well done Year 7s.


Mrs Hadlow

Science Teacher


Years 11/12 Basketball Rally Day

The Years 11/12 boys went to Casey Basketball Stadium for Basketball Rally Day. The boys played well together and were able to win 4 games, putting us in the grand final. Unfortunately we came up short and lost 31-35. Even though we lost it was a good team effort.


The MVP for the day was Liam Glennie.


Cooper Pratt



Japanese Exchange Students


Bayside Christian College is hosting four Japanese exchange students from Kinjo High School situated near Tokyo.  The two boys and two girls are 16 years old, and will be here in Australia for all of Term 1.  Shorhi, Taisei, Kurumi and Futaba will be immersed in the Year 9 school program. The immersion program is designed for them to share their culture while learning about ours, and they will have many opportunities to do that over the next several weeks.

Last week they headed off on a first-time adventure - camping!  They were all very excited and a little apprehensive as this was a new experience for them, but they thoroughly enjoyed their time!

A big thank you to all the wonderful Bayside teachers, host families, students and community who have made them feel so welcome right from the start - this has helped them immensely with settling in to their new Australian lifestyle!


The students have also had interactions with the ELC children and participated in Year 7 poetry workshop.

They visited the Moonlit Sanctuary with me where feeding the wallabies was the best experience of the day!


Zina Ferrarin

Group Co-ordinator

A.I.I.U (Australian Institute of International Understanding)


Years 11/12 Information Night - A Parent's Perspective

I would like to thank all the Bayside staff who were involved in the Years 11/12 information night.


Both my husband and I found the night very informative and relevant, and were particularly impressed by the interactive nature of the night. Seeing our son's teachers in their teaching environment sharing year level specific information was invaluable and enjoyable. 


Nights like this confirm for me that sending our children to Bayside was an excellent decision and instils confidence that they will be taught to a high standard in all areas of their lives.


Thanks again.



Secondary Camps

Year 7 - Lyrebird Park

All Year 7 students trekked down a windy, bumpy, gravel road to Lyrebird Park campsite. After checking into our cabins, we had to complete a variety of team building, and getting to know you activities.


Waking up early was a challenge for some sleep-deprived Year 7s, but we enjoyed breakfast and set out for some physical activities including archery, hiking, flying fox and indoor rock climbing. Getting to the top and overcoming our fears were the highlights of camp for many of us.  Friday activities included an Amazing Race style leadership and teamwork activity, which ensured we all left camp absolutely exhausted.


Year 8 - Wilsons Prom

Camp was a great experience for us all. Some of us have never been camping before and used the time at camp to try new things like tents, hiking and even the camp food. We all enjoyed the river, beach and the rock climbing. I loved being able to do all-nighters and have showers at 2am, but regretted it when we were told to walk more than 15km UP A HILL. Everyone had to do all the hikes and I think that camp pushed a lot of people out of their comfort zone. We all had moments where we thought we couldn't do it but in the end we all pushed through.


Some highlights of camp were the food, the funny moments for both students and teachers, and even the hikes for some people. On the first day we all had fun putting up our tents even if they fell over a couple of times throughout the stay. I think camp was an awesome experience to go through with our friends and I am sure that we all had stories to tell to our families when we got home.


Year 9 - The Summit

Our intrepid Year 9 students gave everything they had on a spectacular camp to ‘The Summit’ in Gippsland in week two of the school year. We endured very hot weather and a busy schedule of team building and challenging activities over three days, and the staff from ‘The Summit’ were incredibly impressed with the students' attitudes and perseverance throughout the camp.
Our activities included the amazing Rockets Nest height challenge (see Madison McGlone conquer this challenge at the end of the linked video of the camp), a 200m flying fox, water slide, bush challenge, orienteering, walking on nails and holding snakes, laser skirmish, talent show, duty groups, abseiling and an incredibly muddy and difficult ‘Monster Challenge’.
Students' comments included:
“The Summit was an awesome experience for myself and all of the students, it taught us how to live life to the fullest and not to regret anything" (Keanah)
“Camp was a place where we all stretched ourselves, took on challenges and came closer as a year level" (Teagan)
A huge thank you goes to Catherine Cloherty, Jay Johnstone and Joel Kong for helping to run such an incredible camp. Please enjoy watching the amazing video that Mr Kong made, which has been linked to this newsletter:


Year 10 - Iluka Shoreham


The Year 10s shared in many team building activities at Iluka Retreat, Shoreham. One of the favourite activities was 'stand up paddle-boarding', where no one really minded getting wet during such hot days.


The students displayed amazing cooperation and leadership throughout the entire camp, encouraging one another and fully organising an entertaining and very funny 'Bayside's Got Talent' on the final evening.



Jogging Club

Jogging Club has commenced for Primary School students for Term 1. All students in Prep-Year 6 are invited to come along  Wednesday lunchtimes (1:10-1:35pm) and Friday mornings (8.15-8.45am) to walk, jog or run laps of the oval. Parents are also welcome to join us on Friday mornings.


Certificates will be presented at year level assemblies for those students who have completed 10, 25, 50,  100, and/or 150 lap milestones. I am excited about the year ahead, and I look forward to encouraging students to find fun and engaging ways to burn energy and live actively.


Mr Zacc Klan

Primary PE Teacher

eLearning at Bayside

The opening weeks of term have been busy ones for ensuring that our students have digital resources available for their learning.


Within the Primary School

Students in Year 3 and up have been given personal network accounts and College emails as well as having been enrolled in online software programs such as Accelerated Reader and Mathletics to enhance their literacy and numeracy learning.


Within the Secondary School

Years 7-9 students have had their 1:1 devices configured to our network and are regularly using these within their classrooms. Google Classrooms have been created by teachers and are being used to deliver some lesson and homework tasks. Parents can have access to weekly Google Classroom digests. If you have received emailed invitations to join your child's Google Classroom we strongly encourage you to join and partner with us on your child's learning journey.


Years 10-12 students have the option to participate in our BYOD program. With many senior subjects using Edrolo as well as Google Classroom and online resources, our students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this option. 


eSmart Update

Recently, the College received news that we have now officially gained eSmart status. Watch the newsletter for various eSmart updates throughout the year. ICT student agreements are consistent with an eSmart approach. All students in the Secondary School should now have returned their agreement forms with parent signatures. Primary students will be introduced to ICT agreements shortly. We encourage you as parents to take the time to discuss these agreements with your children and even use them as an opportunity to re-evaluate home ICT usage. eSmart encourages families to create their own home agreements.


Janienne Woodbridge

eLearning Manager


As you will be aware, Terms 2 & 3 are winter uniform at Bayside. If you are requiring the girl's pinefore or skirt you may need to place an order.


All students should be in full winter uniform on day one of Term 2, 2017.


See link for uniform requirements:

2018 Enrolments

Bayside Christian College is now taking enrolments for 2018. If you have any friends or family interested in finding out about Christian education please contact Mrs Julie Rebbeck our Registrar on:


email: [email protected]

phone: 5971 6709


Irish Dancing Lessons

Irish dancing lessons are available at the College each Saturday morning at 8:30am. The first lesson is FREE.


For more information contact:

email: [email protected]

phone: 0402 617 9

Frankston Symphony Orchestra will be performing at Bayside Christian College on Monday 20 March

Further details to follow.

Camp Australia Newsletter

Attached are two newsletters from Camp Australia. Camp Australia run our after school care program.

If you are interested in after-school care please contact our Community Development officer Ben Williams.


email: [email protected]

phone: 5971 6718

Working Bee 25 Feb

The first Working Bee of the year is taking place this Saturday 25 February. Come along anytime from 7am-1pm for as little or as much as you are able.

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