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27 February 2017
Issue Two
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Principal's Report

From The Principal...

The very good start to the school year has continued, with students settling in to their studies positively and productively. Our preps are now attending full time and have all settled in very well.  Many of our new parents attended at a special morning tea on the prep  students’ first full day last week.


I have enjoyed visiting classes in the past few weeks and found students happily engaged with their learning. Carwatha College P-12 is passionate about improving student learning and encouraging our students to make a difference in our school and community.


Our Annual Swimming Carnival, involving students from Years 5 to 12, was held Tuesday, 21st February. It was a terrific day with lots of students competing. Thanks to all our staff who worked so hard to make it an outstanding success.  


Sometime in the next couple of weeks we will be conducting a practice evacuation drill in the school. Students may come home and talk about this.


I would like to remind parents that Friday March 10th is a pupil free day. Staff will be involved in professional learning on that day.  Students are not required at school.


Parent Teacher night is on March the 28th. I encourage all parents to make appointments with their children’s teachers. It is when we work together that we will achieve the greatest impact on a child’s learning. School will not commence until 10.00am on the day after Parent teacher night.


For the past 4 weeks I have been meeting with all staff at the college to gather their insight to what the school does well and areas it could potentially improve on. The passion that your teachers have for this school is very evident in every meeting held and as a College we are lucky to have such a dedicated staff.


I would also like to meet with representatives from our parents to gather their insight into the school.


If you are available at any of the following times to have an informal conversation on school improvement could you please send me an email to confirm when you would be able to attend?


The meetings will take place in the conference room and run for about 30 minutes.


Session 1   Wednesday, 8th March at 3.30


Session 2   Thursday,  9th March at 4.30


Session 3    Monday, 13th March at 5.00.


Please reply to my email address if you are able to attend.

[email protected]


Pat Mulcahy

College Principal











P-12 News


Compass Passwords and Log In For New Parents


Letters have been sent home with your password and login details to access Compass – our main communication between school and parents.

If you have not logged in or did not receive a letter please contact the office on

9795 5848.


For concession card holders CSEF eligibility will be subject to the parent/guardian's concession card being successfully validated with Centrelink on the first day of either term one(30 January 2017) or term two (18 April 2017).

Please sign and return the form to the school office as soon as possible. The CSEF program for 2017 closes on 30 June, 2017.

Secondary News

From The Assistant Principal...


A reminder to all parents that in order to maximise the learning of students the college expects all V3 students to have EDROLO.   This fantastic new resource allows senior students to view classes, undertake activities and measure their learning.  The cost of EDROLo is $25 per subject and $15 for English.  Parents need to ensure they have paid for these charges so their student does not miss out.

If assistance with this is required – please do not hesitate to contact Sally Ross (Head of Senior School)


It is important that all senior students by now have established clear routines and patterns to ensure that they are on track to achieve the best results possible.  This means a clear balance between paid work, study and recreational time.  It is important to start how you would like to finish.



The Year 7’s have really settled in well and it has been lovely to get to know them. All their teachers are supporting them and ensuring that they are meeting their learning needs and expecting them to excel.  In particular it has been lovely to see Mrs Rentzis the Year 7 Coordinator work very hard at getting to know them and ensure that they are settling in. I know many nervous and anxious parents have already felt supported by her and her calm but affirming nature.



A couple of important reminders.

No black socks under skirts or dressed – only under black pants.

Bright coloured hair and facial piercings are not allowed – for further details please see the student planner or our website for further clarification.

Only the college-endorsed cap is allowed – not any black caps.  These will be confiscated from students.



The college is committed to using Compass and we ask that all parents check compass newsfeed daily and ensure that we have an up to date mobile number or email – so that emails and texts can be sent directly to parents and students.  It is only when communication is regular and two way that students can achieve their very best. Please contact the office to update your details now.

We are asking ALL students to use their Netspace account – the one that is officially endorsed by the college.  All students when they were in Year 7 were given the password for Netspace and if they have forgotten their password they can go and see their YLC for assistance.  It is this account that is linked to compass and will allow staff and students to communicate via compass, which is endorsed by the college.


Every day student need to log into Compass and access their newsfeed, messages and changes to their daily timetables.



It was fantastic to see the senior school leaders be acknowledged at our  Year 7-12 Assembly last week.  The senior leaders were given their badges and blazers and we thank the parents and families who came and celebrated this event with us. It was lovely to see proud parents and students and we wish these student leaders all the very best for the year.

At the assembly we acknowledged the 2017 leaders as listed below


College captains                                       

Jarvis Ho

                                                                         Jordan Hallett

                                                                          Dylan Amante

                                                                          Kirsten Hallett

Performing arts   

                                                                       Sophie Diamantis

                                                                         Natalie Ilievski

Sport Captain         

                                                                         Chelsie Collard

House Captains     

                                                              Viktoria Karkatzoulis - Fraser                                       

                                                          Prithvi Prabhuram - Bradman                     

                                                             William Nguyen - Cuthbert

                                                                 Chelsie Collard - Laver

SRC Executive         

                                                                    Vy Than - President

                                                        Emilia Alvarez Chaves - President

                                     Anoushka Sharma - College Council Representative

                                          Adela Srebric - College Council Representative

                                                            Lorenzo Lymbouras - Treasurer

                                                              Noryelle Timoteo - Treasurer                         

                                                             Raeleen Touch - Secretary

                                                                 Sabin Rezawi - Secretary

                                                        Isaac Timoteo - Publicity Officer                                   

                                                    Benjamin Bright - Publicity Officer



SRC Year Level Representatives

Year 7  -

                                                                           Clare Jacobe   

                                                                          Tim Timoteo

Year 8 -

                                                                         Paul Alexiadis

                                                                   Raphael Delisavvas

Year 9 -  

                                                                          Paige Hughes

                                                                          Austinn Spicer

Year 10 -

                                                                         Isaac Timoteo   

                                                                         Benjamin Bright

Year 11 -

                                                                                Vy Than

                                                                   Emilia Alvarez Chaves

                                                                           Adela Srebric

                                                                      Anoushka Sharma

                                                                          Raeleen Touch

                                                                          Sabin Rezawi

                                                                     Lorenzo Lymbouras

                                                                      Noryelle Timoteo

Year 12 -

                                                                           Aleks Bajagic

                                                                            Tevin Laws 



SRC Election Results...

The Student Representative Council has a long history of providing safe and supportive leadership experiences to students at Carwatha College P-12. Secondary SRC elections were held on Tuesday, 7th of February. We had an exceptional field of applicants, across all year levels, who had nominated for SRC positions.

These students aspired to become members of this prestigious student body to be able to make a difference to our school by representing student voice, sharing new ideas and initiating change. The benefits of engaging in SRC activities involve developing leadership qualities, teamwork and communication skills, shaping new ideas and concepts, and expanding organisational skills through the management of our school events.

The election day started with year level assemblies, giving an opportunity to all candidates to make their campaign speeches to their year levels. This was followed by the student body casting their votes following the preferential voting system. It was a closely contested election, with some of the candidates missing by a very small margin.

The following candidates were successful in becoming part of the 2017 SRC team:


SRC Executive

Vy Than                                     President

Emilia Alvarez Chaves         President

Anoushka Sharma                College Council Representative

Adela Srebric                          College Council Representative

Lorenzo Lymbouras             Treasurer

Noryelle Timoteo                  Treasurer

Raeleen Touch                        Secretary

Sabin Rezawi                           Secretary

Isaac Timoteo                         Publicity Officers

Benjamin Bright                     Publicity Officers


Year 12 Leadership Profiles

Arts Captains


Hey there! For those unaware, I'm Sophie Diamantis, and I have assumed one of the roles of Art Captain for 2017.                                                                                                                                                                     
I have been here since Year 5 and I've generally enjoyed my time and subjects at Carwatha. During the V3 program I have completed Units 3/4 successfully in subjects like English, Further Mathematics and Studio Arts. Next year, I look forward repeating Studio Arts - solely for the fact that I enjoyed it in 2016 - and hope to do just as well in Visual Communication, Health and Biology. After school, I aspire to make my passion in art into a career; perhaps something along the lines of a storyboard, concept or freelance artist. 
Some of my other interests include reading, playing my DS and watching anime and cartoons. 
Of the positions available to me, I felt the role of the Art Captain was best suited to me because of my love for art and all other forms of visual expression and interpretation (including dancing, singing, and more). In 2017 I really hope to encourage the aspiring artists of the college to get involved and the other students to give art a go. 

Sophie Diamantis

Arts Captain


My name is Natalie Ilievski and I am one of the 2017 Arts Captains of Carwatha College P-12. I have been at Carwatha College since Year 7 and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. In Year 10, I took up my first leadership role as a Year 10 Leader; it was such a fulfilling experience and ever since, I have been inspired to take up more leadership roles.

I may come across as a shy person however, I am super approachable and love meeting new people. I am a very friendly and positive person. I have a broad range of interests and hobbies. I love anything involving humanities, science, mathematics and arts…. That’s pretty much every school subject! I enjoy dancing, singing, reading books and learning.

Last year, I successfully completed Units 3 and 4 of English, Chemistry and Mathematical Methods. This year, I will be completing Physics, Legal Studies, Psychology and, I will be giving Mathematical Methods another shot as I always aim for higher achievements.

Throughout my captaincy, I hope to encourage more students from primary and secondary to be involved in the arts. I would love to see students embrace any form of expression including drawing, singing, dancing, acting or even comedy.

Natalie Ilievski

Arts Captain

Swimming Carnival 2017

On Tuesday, February 21st, Carwatha College held their annual Swimming Sports Carnival. The house spirit and enthusiasm from all participants went a long way to making the carnival a success with many students maintaining the carnival spirit by representing their houses through creative costumes and colours. The weather proved to be sunny and clear, encouraging students into the pool to cool off and compete for their houses.


Major highlights of the day included the primary students testing the waters by participating in some of the big relay races, proving to be a promising up and coming group full of strong and confident swimmers, setting new standards for the years to follow. Another exciting highlight saw the new and popular introduction of water polo giving the students the opportunity to have some competitive fun following all the big races to finish off the busy day.


Finally, everyone was able to cool off from the hot sun and have some fun during the free swim. Overall, the day was great and everyone was able to have some fun in and out of the pool by hanging out with their friends and supporting their team mates. The scores are currently being finalised and will be announced at the next assembly.


Chelsie Collard

Sports Captain.


From The Year 10's...

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new year 10 students and families to our exciting V1 program. Our year 10’s will be experiencing their first year (V1) of a 3 year VCE/VCAL/VET program. There will be new opportunities, challenges and successes along the way - Most certainly we will witness growth and personal development in each of our children as they embark on their next phase of learning.


I am very pleased to report that it has been a busy and relatively smooth start to the year. Our year 10’s have settled into their classes well. So, to this extent I thank teachers, families and friends for assisting with uniform, books, technology, etc.. 

We have enjoyed a few co-curricular activities - The Deakin University Study Skills Workshop and swimming sports. We have many more incursions and excursions organised, throughout the year, to enhance and compliment learning that takes place in the classroom. Of which, our next activity is the Urban Quest team building excursion to Melbourne of March 15 (details will be sent home shortly). I urge you to ensure that excursion levy payments are up to date and consent is provided, online through compass or by returning to signed sheet to the office, by the due date.


Here is a sample of student comments about the study skills workshop:


On Thursday 16th February, we had a few students from Deakin University come to our school to give us insight of how we should study. It was a great program to be a part of. The year 10 and 11 students understood where the two students were coming from because they are easier to connect with as they were young, they made us engage with their activities and as well as learning skills to help us in the future. Overall the workshop was very effective and gave us more confidence on improving our skills regarding studying skills.

Eftalya Coskun 10A


On Thursday, representatives from Deakin University visited us in order to educate us on how to effectively manage our time during our studies. They got us to do quizzes based on how organized we are, how to manage time, how to concentrate, how to work on things efficiently and how to study effectively.

The Deakin University representatives were very helpful with answering any questions we had, giving us advice about how university works and were very sincere about our success and how to manage school.

On behalf of the entire classes of year ten’s and eleven’s we would like to thank the Deakin representative’s for all their help and commitment to our success and help in the short workshop. It was very helpful and helped us realise we had to change and work on a few things in how we work.

William Young-Israel 10C, Isabella Lahanas 10B and Sylas Freeman 10A.


Joe Haddad

Year 10 Coordinator



Year 7 Immunisations 2017...

The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 7 students.

These vaccines provide protection against:

·        Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – one dose

·        Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – three doses

·        Varicella (chicken pox) – one dose

Parents/guardians of year 7 students should have read the booklet and completed and returned Part A regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.

The City of Greater Dandenong immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose. Contact the school by 28 February 2017 if you do not want your contact details given to the City of Greater Dadnenong immunisation service.

To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, go to or  


Presentation Ball 2017...


Primary News

First Aid Incursion...

On the 16th February 2017 the year 6s participated in a First Aid Incursion with Tim, a member of St John’s Ambulance Service. We learned about the DRSABCD emergency response plan and learned what each letter stands for.

D is for Danger. R is for Response. S is for Send for Help, A is for Airways. B is for Breathing. C is for CPR and D is for Defibrillation. We mainly looked at C and how CPR works. We had heaps of fun learning about CPR. The part everyone enjoyed was putting people into the recovery position and performing CPR on mannequins. We all enjoyed it and talked about our favourite parts of the session. We also received certificates to show that we had learned about First Aid.



Swimming Carnival...

On the 21st February 2017 the grade 5/6s went to Oakleigh Swimming Pool to participate in fun activities and develop team skills. We split up into our house colours to win house points. It was very fun to see the teachers joining in as well! Some students took part in the 50m races and their classmates enthusiastically cheered them on. The students really enjoyed their time at Oakleigh Swimming Pool and are really appreciative of the teachers and office members who took their time to organise this amazing event.

Prearana and Georgia 6E


Primary STEM Centre...

This year we have an exciting new Primary Specialist subject, STEM. STEM is short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. What does that means at Carwatha?  It is a subject that allows for creativity and innovation to occur so that students can engage in learning experiences that allow them to make real life connections and solve problems. In STEM our students will be presented with challenges that encourage them to design, engineer, fabricate, create, build, code and collaborate. We are so excited to bring this opportunity to our students, but in order to maximize the learning, we are asking for items to be donated.


If you are able, we would be so appreciative of any donation that you are willing to provide.

The items that we are in need of are:

  • Kid friendly tools - screwdrivers, wrenches, safety glasses, measuring tapes
  • Old electronics and speakers
  • Wheels and axles from old toys
  • Hinges and other simple building materials
  • Wires, pipe cleaners/chenille sticks
  • Toys: legos, building toys, science kits, broken toys
  • Packaging materials, such as bubble wrap
  • Cardboard, including cardboard boxes, cereal and food boxes, and cardboard cylinders from food wraps/paper towel.
  • Newspaper
  • Popsicle sticks, paint stir sticks, buttons, origami paper
  • PVC pipe
  • Storage containers: plastic tubs and containers, organizers with drawers such as metal toolboxes used for tools

If you have any items that you are willing to donate please bring it along on your child’s STEM day or contact
Mrs Braybon.


Caption for photos:

Our first STEM lessons have been very successful with students designing, making and testing a carport to protect a matchbox car from the hail (a cup of marbles) using only straws, paper and masking tape.


Student of the week and College Captains 2017...


Specialist Classes Awards...

Art: 6E for Excellent attentive listening and mutual respect.

PE/Health: 5/6L for their outstanding teamwork in PE

Music: 1/2Z for their great participation in Music

STEM: 3L for a great start to STEM lessons

Twilight Sports...

The Twilight Sports evening was a huge success last night!

Many families enjoyed the beautiful weather and delicious sausage sizzle.

Then the activities began, parents, children, grandparents and younger siblings all joined in.

It was wonderful to see older children helping the younger ones and everyone working together as a team to complete the activities.

A big thank you to Mark and Louise from Educational Sports Carnival who supplied the equipment and supported the children during the evening.

Thanks also to all the staff who attended and enjoyed the night with our wonderful Carwatha College families.

Thanks to all who participated!


Sonia McPhie

Careers News

Careers News....

It’s been a great start to the year with lots of activity and career events taking place.


Year 12 students were involved in a Careers session. Concepts covered included Study scores, ATAR calculations, VTAC process, Term one career meetings and how to start their course planning. Year 12 students are expected to complete their course research page in their next study period at school ready to have their conversations with Jodie. Students are encouraged to use the careers resources- University books and VTAC course search to help them complete the page. Students are also encouraged to use the ATAR calculator during the year to help them track their progress.



Study Skills session-

V1 & V2 students (Year 10 & Year 11’s) participated in the Deakin Study Skills session. Students were really engaged in the program with lots of positive comments following the session. Students enjoyed the opportunity to hear from student ambassadors –not that much older than themselves sharing their best study techniques and tips for making it through VCE.


“On Thursday 16th February, we had a few students from Deakin University come to our school to give us insight of how we should study. It was a great program to be apart off. The year 10 and 11 students understood where the two students were coming from because they are easier to connect with as they were young, they made us engage with their activities and as well as learning skills to help us in the future. Overall the workshop was very effective and gave us more confidence on improving our skills in regarding studying skills” -Eftalya. 

The following notes were taken from one of the sessions highlighting what students feel are their biggest problems for them in relation to Time Management and effective studying and proven strategies on dealing with these problems. Students took home a valuable resource to use in assisting them in setting up their study routine.




*people /socialising



*Family issues

*work issues

*friend issues


*prioritise what needs to be done

*do homework as soon as you get it

*Listen to music or work in silence

*consider study groups

*have a study balance

*have study breaks

*use internet resources- Google, YouTube




Attention V1, V2 and V3 students…..


Planning your future? Trying to work out which course is the best fit for you?

Research… research… research… so that you can make informed decisions for your future.


·     Attend VCE & Career expo – held at Caulfield Racecourse 4-7th May. You can register to attend VCE subject seminars, talk to TAFE &  University representatives, chat with Apprenticeship Information groups, Defence Force and employer


·     Attend University events:- seminars, school holiday programs, one day events, workshops and of course Open Days that will take place later in the year


·     Use the VTAC website to do course searches



·     Make sure that the Careers team has your up to date email address and that you check it every day!!!



One way is to attend an ‘Inside Monash’ seminar. Get the inside story of what it’s really like to study at Monash. You’ll hear from a current student, a past student and an academic.

It’s the best 90 minutes you could spend researching your course.

When: 6.30-8pm, March 7th Arts, 8th Business, 9th Science, 28th Pharmacy;

April 6th  Design and Fine Art, 11th Architecture, 12th Interior Architecture;

May 2nd Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, 4th Nursing and Midwifery, 9th Education, 11thPsychology, 16th Medicine and Biomedical Science, 16th Education, 17th Law, 18th Health Sciences, 18th IT, 23rd Biomedical Sciences, Radiography and Nutrition, 25th Engineering; June 14th Business; August 15th Music, 31st: Education, 31st Science and Careers; September 5th Education.

Register:; Information: Call 1800 MONASH.

If you follow the link and research the seminars you are interested in attending it will indicate which Monash campus it is being held at.


Year 12 students …Do you want to study medicine?

Any Year 12 student wishing to consider studying Medicine at Monash University MUST sit the   UMAT  (Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test) . Please research the following website for further information and come and see Jodie to let her know your plan to register.



Congratulations to Eftalya,  Krisha, Alison, Melanie and RaHeNa  all of Year 10 for jumping at the opportunity to do GoFor I.T Work experience program with Tata Consultancy firm! The girls will be travelling into St Kilda each day and learning lots about Information Technology, Maths and Science and how these subjects are vital in the work place! It is also a fantastic opportunity for the girls to start their career research and networking! We know they will have a fantastic time!

Jodie McCarthy

Careers & Pathways Manager

Parents & Friends News

Easter Raffle

We will be running an Easter raffle

  • Donations of Easter eggs can be left at the office
  • Tickets will be on sale shortly

Twilight Sports

Thanks to Garrie Rushby, Sam Perera, Ann Copley, Michele Coxhill, Matt Smith, Janet Binder and Susan Hodgkinson who worked tirelessly at the Twilight Sports.

Hit & Run - The best drive-by coffee

Special mention to Wayne from Hit and Run who served tea, coffee and slushies – Thank you for your kind donation to the school.


Upcoming Events


Fri        24th          Primary Assembly

Fri        24th          Year 7 to 9 Lunch Time Activities              


Fri        3rd             Primary Assembly

Fri        3rd             Year 7 to 9 Lunchtime Activities

Wed    8th             Year 7 Bushwalk

Thur    9th            College photos  

Fri        10th          Pupil Free Day

Tues    14th         Greater Dandenong Swimming Carnival

Wed    15th          Year 7 Team Building Day

Fri        17th          College Athletics Carnival

Fri        17th          Primary Assembly

Wed    22nd         Year 8 Interschool Sport

Fri        24th          Year 7 to 9 Lunchtime Activities

Tues    28th          Year 7 Interschool Sports

Tues    28th          Parent Teacher Conferences

Wed     29th         Southern Metro Swimming Carnival

Thur    30th          Year 8 French Film Excursion

Fri        31st           Year 7 to 9 Lunchtime Activities

Fri        31st           Term 1 Ends - 2.30pm


Tues    18th           Term 2 Begins 

Useful forms

Book List and Parent Payment Forms


Qkr: How To Form


International Student Homestay Program


Centrepay form


Canteen Price List


Anaphylaxis Management Plan


Asthma Management Plan


Primary Mobile Phone Agreement


College Photos 2017


Edrolo Information


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