Photo: Exploring the Sustainable LIving Festival

Northcote High School Newsletter

21 February 2017
Issue Three
In this issue...
For your diary
Feedback and assessment: seeing your child's learning progress
Student Parent Teacher Conversations 
#girltakover: Facebook headquarters visit
Sporting success
Student Leaders take the reins
Eco warrior: Sustainable Living Festival
Swimming Carnival March 9
Events alert: Authors talk about writing
Event alert: Year 7 Family Picnic
Useful things to know 
Financial assistance for families
Feedback sought: Devices @ NHS
Opportunity: Classical tour of Greece and Italy
Opportunity: Young Leaders to China Program
Welcome new staff: Part 2
Lunchtime clubs have started
Debating Teams 2017
Makerspace is back
Connecting: Family workshops and 'edutainment'
Production and Music news
Bikes and transport
Careers News
Opportunity: Exchange
Community notices
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In this issue...

Events, opportunities and connections

Just a few weeks in to Term One and NHS is once again buzzing. In this issue, you will find important information about upcoming events, including the Student Teacher Parent Conversations (known in a past life as Parent Teacher Interviews), the Swimming Carnival and family and community happenings. 


You'll also see a snapshot of the ways in which our students, families and staff are connecting with each other and our local, national and global communities, and opportunities for much more. 


Enjoy this edition, and don't forget to keep an eye on Compass Newsfeed for event reminders and year-level specific information.

For your diary

Photo: 2017 Magnet

Key dates coming up



Mon 20           Year 8 Boho Camp 1 (to 23/2)

Wed 22           Year 11 Parent Information Forum: Support through the Senior Years

Thurs 23        Stella Schools Program Provocations: A discussion with Writers

                          School Council meeting

Fri 24              School Photos Years 7 - 11

                         (order forms have been sent home with students)

Tues 28          School Photos Year 12

                          Year 8 Boho Camp 2 (to 3/3)

                          Year 7 Family Picnic – ‘Making Connections’



Wed 1          Year 11 I/S Camp ( to 3/3)

Thurs 2        Year 7 Dot Com

                        Classical tour of Greece and Italy information evening

                        Young Leaders to China information evening

Fri 3                Year 7 Dot Com

Mon 6            Year 8 Boho Camp 3 (to 9/3)

Wed 8            International Women's Day

Thurs 9         Swimming Carnival (see information in this newsletter)

Fri 10             Data Day - Pupil Free Day

Wed 15         Bookings open (4pm) for Student Parent Teacher Conferences (on          



Feedback and assessment: seeing your child's learning progress

Online feedback through myNorthcoteHigh

One of the best ways for parents, guardians and families to partner in each student’s learning is to stay up to date through myNorthcoteHigh with what work is being done and what due dates are coming up. We also offer online feedback through myNorthcoteHigh, and this can be a great way to get a sense of how your child(ren)’s learning is progressing.


Three times this semester we will be prompting parents, guardians and families to check in on myNorthcoteHigh and read some of the feedback comments our teachers are giving students. These comments will be personalised and improvement-focussed, with strategies which will help each child achieve their personal best. There will also be assessment rubrics for any completed CATs for years 7-10 so that students can clearly see what skills and knowledge they demonstrated and how they can move to the next level in future.

  • The first of these ‘feedback prompts’ will be in the week beginning 23rd March.
  • Subsequent ‘prompts’ will be in mid-May, and mid-June. 


Student Parent Teacher Conversations 


Student-Parent-Teacher Conversations this term are Thursday March 23 and Wednesday March 29, from 1.30-7.30 pm.  Whilst formerly known as 'Parent Teacher Interviews', these are in fact, about students taking responsibility for, and being supported in their learning: it is important that students are the central part of these conversations.


- On those days, the whole school operates periods 1-3, with dismissal after Period 3—approximately 12.30 pm.

- Bookings are made online, using Compass School Manager.

How to book

Compass Bookings open from March 15, 4.00 pm

1. On the welcome page or under the Community tab you will find Parent Student Teacher Conferences. Click to follow the link.

2. After 4 pm Wednesday March 15 you will see “2017 PTN1 March 23 ” and also “2017 PTN2 March 29”. Click on the day that suits you. It does not matter which day you attend.

3. A panel will come up, as shown . At the top is “My Bookings”, with available spots in green. At the bottom are the names of your son/daughter’s teachers—”Available Staff”.

4. Click on the time you would like to see a teacher, in the top pane. Pull down to find your teacher's name. Click the Update button. A green sign at the top will show you its done! (If you don’t click the update button it won’t save your bookings)

The page looks a little like this:


- It’s a good idea to print or copy down your bookings! We do not keep a copy for you at school.

- If you don’t have a computer at home, you will be able to contact the office for assistance. (9488 2300) 

- This year we will again keep bookings open until the day meetings commence—that is, until 12.30 on each PTM day. 

Who to see

Student-Parent-Teacher Conversations are always well attended at Northcote High School. However, if you are new to the process, here is some advice:

- It is not necessary to try to see all of your son or daughter’s teachers at these events. For example, you don’t need to see your Year Level Program Leader, Head of School or even your child’s Tutor, unless there is a specific need.


- Interviews book out quickly for some staff. Please don’t delay to make your appointments.

- Select teachers to see on the basis of need. For example if you are concerned about how your child is going in a particular subject, contact with that staff-member should be a priority! If you miss out on seeing a teacher but need to see them, please contact them for another appointment via Compass .


Several teachers may not be available for one or both of the Student-Parent-Teacher Conversation dates. They will be blocked out on their schedules.


Please check Compass on the day for any other absence announcements.

Some other teachers work part time and have limited availability on both days. Look for availability when you log on to Compass. If the teacher’s name does not come up as an option when you look on Compass, it means they don’t work that day! Please contact these teachers by Compass if required.

All teachers take a break between 5.00 and 5.40 pm for dinner. (It is not possible to stagger this break in a way that would be equitable for parents and staff)

#girltakover: Facebook headquarters visit

Photo: Year 8s at Facebook Headquarters for Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day Year 8 excursion

On Tuesday 7th February, the two Year 8 captains, as well as Tahlia and Grace, our Year 7 2016 leaders, (along with representatives from schools all across Victoria) had the opportunity to go to the new Facebook Melbourne Headquarters and meet with Project Rock-it, Plan International and Sticks 'n' Stones for a Safer Internet Day (SID) event: #girltakeover.


We were introduced to the day by Lucy and Rosie Thomas, the cofounders of Project Rock-it. They talked to us about deletable media and how once you send something you have no control over what happens with it. We were then spoken to by the safety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant. Julie told us about how important it is to report inappropriate behaviour online and that we shouldn't convey a fake online image and that we should always be ourselves online so we don't mislead anyone. We were then spoken to by Mia, representative from Facebook and Instagram. She talked to us about new things that Facebook are planning to do to help make social media a safer and more accessible place. We then played a game to learn about how interpretation of a picture or message can depend on the person viewing it and how as things (stories, photos) get passed along they can change.


Later on in the day we split into groups and rotated between Stick 'n' Stones and Plan International. With Sticks 'n' Stones we looked at the cyber safety tips already online and reviewed whether or not they were helpful. We gave suggestions to the representatives of what would actually be helpful tips. With Plan International we talked about how we can teach parents and adults about how to use social media and showing them that it's not ALL bad. We then re-grouped and talked about what we'd discussed. We all enjoyed the day and all learnt a lot more about using social media as a tool, not a weapon.

Hannah (8J) & Eve (8K)

Year 8 Captains 2017


Sporting success

Photo: Year 7 Boys Cricket team

Interschool sport has started

This week saw the beginning of our Sporting Year with Cricket being played at Donath Reserve in Keon Park.  Our first teams to participate in the Divisional Competition were our Year 7 Boys teams.  With a large number of boys wanting to represent NHS we had enough players to enter 2 teams into the Competition.  Our NHS A team finished off the day as outright winners, defeating Northcote B and Thornbury. This now qualifies them to play in the Regionals which are to be played in Term 4. 


We would like to thank our student coaches, Ted Wearn -Jarvis, Alex Johnston and Thomas Downes-Hunt. We would also like to send out a big thank you to Mr Price. At of the end of Term 1 Mr Price will be retiring from Northcote High School. He will be missed greatly by school community as a whole. It was great for the boys to have a win as this could possibly be his last team that he will be coach at NHS.


Our Year 7 Girls automatically move through to the Regionals in Term 4, due to having no other teams in our Division entered.


Our Year 8 Boys team also had success at our Divisional competition.  They easily defeated an undermanned Reservoir side and then went on to win in a close match against Thornbury. The 2 wins making them outright winners for the day and qualified them for the Regional Comp in Term 4. Thank you to Mr Flight and Luke Williams for coaching the team.


Our Year 8 Girls team had a very close match against Thornbury but unfortunately,  the girls just couldn’t quite catch Thornbury to only lose by 4 runs.  Thank you to our student coaches, Rory Bennie and Jaimie Spangher.

Coming Up :

February 21 : Intermediate Cricket

February 9 : NHS Swimming Carnival


Sarah Blanchard and Pauline Dridan

Sports Coordinators

Student Leaders take the reins

Captains Conference Term 1

Last Wednesday, on the 15th of February, my fellow captains and I had our first Captains’ Conference in room M15. It was such an honour for me to participate in such an informative and productive event - in which I had the opportunity to get to know and learn from other talented and beautiful people with a strong mindset.


The conference was all about how to develop the leader within ourselves; as well as understand that there is not any model for a great leader nor born leader, we are all leaders in different ways- when we truly accept and evaluate ourselves in order to develop and maximize our potential. Unlike other forums- where successful people gave me a special formula or trick, this event made me think- through:

  •   discussions about future learning and leadership goals

  •   speeches of amazing individuals

  •   watching motivational videos and resources

  •   self-evaluation writing

  •   planning activities for a successful 2017

And thought-provoking events/forums are what we - this generation of youth, need the most. This inspired me, opened my mind and let me understand what is “team-work”: we work together and support each other, with the same desire and a respectful attitude, without criticism nor jealousy; we climb and fall together.


Unforgettably, I came to know that: everything starts within me - before trying to lead anyone else, I must lead and train myself first. Above all, I must have the courage to take actions right now, because time waits for no men, and sometimes later becomes never.


I guess I will speak for the rest of my captain fellows as I say: “Thank you- Northcote High School, for organising this terrific conference and lead us to the better version of ourselves.”


Candy Bui-11A

International Captain


Eco warrior: Sustainable Living Festival

Photo: Xiuhtezcatl Martinez (photo credit: Sustainable Living Festival)

Students enjoy excursion to Sustainable Living Festival

Student captains, as well as students from Environmental Engineering, Duke of Edinburgh and 7C English, were lucky enough to see Xiuhtezcatl Martinez speak at the Australian Sustainability Festival at ACMI on Friday 10 February. The 16 year old environmental activist shared his concerns and ambitions about our planet in a truly inspirational presentation.


A report from Eve B, Year 8 Captain


We started off the day by getting on the train to Flinders Street Station from Merri Station. It was really squashed and it was hard to find a place you could feel comfortable!


When we got into the city, we went to Federation Square and settled down on the stage under the big screen. After the teachers explained what was going to happen and what time we were to meet back, there was a massive rush to get to 7-11. As people came out of the small 7-11, carrying out multicoloured cups filled to the brim with flavoured ice, we walked back to the stage and had recess.


After a 10 minute recess break, group by group went up the paved hill, to the main entrance of ACMI. After waiting for the all clear and people getting the free wifi password, we went up two or three flights of stairs to Cinema 2.


As the lights got dimmer, and a spot light was shown on the speaker stand, we all went quiet. The National Sustainable Living Festival School Forum had begun.

We were welcomed by a local Indigenous elder who explained to us about the Wurundjeri land. She was one of 16 kids and there were only nine of them left and they all had children so they were one big family living on the outskirts of Werribee.


Then came the MC of the forum, Amelia Telford. She thanked the custodians of the land and explained about the organisation she works for called, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network, which you can search up and get more information at:


Then the main speaker of the forum: Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez is 16 years old and is an indigenous boy from Central Mexico. His journey as an activist started from when he was just 6 years old. He was at the front of marches and protests. The biggest thing he has done is delayed a major pipeline that went through sacred waters and under a river where people get their drinking water. But that was with Obama. Now Donald Trump's in control all has changed. On the day before the forum, the 9th of February, Trump signed a decree allowing the companies to get back to building the pipeline... after five years! At the moment Xiuhtezcatl is suing the US government for violating people's rights. Even though he travels the world informing people about climate change, he still has time for school and friends.


One of the sayings he kept on coming back to was: "I was just so happy to be alive!"


After a quick Q and A, we went to have lunch and students went to the National Sustainable Living Festival down in Birrarung Marr. As you went down to the food area, there were what seemed like hundreds of stands with further information: Oxfam, WWF and Refugee Action Collective (Vic) just to name a few. 

Swimming Carnival March 9

Important Information for Families

Northcote High School prides itself on providing students with opportunities to flourish in a number of ways and events such as the Community Swimming Carnival. The day allows students and staff alike to develop new friendships through participating in a range of water and land based activities. Students who are swimmers are given an opportunity to compete in a full program of events and secure their place in the divisional swim team.


A full program of novelty events catered towards those who want to be active and have fun in the water with their friends will be provided. The day provides a unique opportunity for all students to experience success and achievement in a collegiate atmosphere, promoting a sense of belonging through our House representation and being a positive participant of the school community. This event is compulsory for all students in Years 7-9. Students in Years 10-12 are strongly encouraged to compete.


Date:                  Thursday 9th March 2017

Transport:       All Students are to make their own way to the pool (arrive by 9.15,

                             earlier for competitors - see below).  They will be dismissed from

                             the venue.

Venue:              Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre, 180 Victoria Road

Uniform:         Casual clothes are permitted and students are encouraged  to be    

                            Sun smart, bringing a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and a long sleeve

                            shirt with a collar. All students are strongly encouraged to wear

                            their house colours/fancy dress. House allocations can be found on

                            Compass next to the student’s name.

Cost:                 $12.50 per student.


Payment and consent can be made via Compass or at the School Office. Due March 8 2017


If your child is unable to make their own way to the pool please contact Sarah Blanchard via email ( or phone (0394882300) by Thursday 2nd March. Please include your child’s full name and tutorial group.


Students will need to arrive at Northcote Aquatic Centre by 9.15am for roll marking.



All students are encouraged to bring a snack and packed lunch to the venue. Limited food is available to purchase from the canteen.


Family Participation  

All parents/guardians are invited to attend the Carnival with events running from 9.00am – 1.20pm. There are competitive swimming events, novelty swimming events, a beach volleyball competition and futsal competition, catering for all students. If you would like to assist in the running of events please contact Sarah Blanchard as soon as possible. 



Year level information

Year 7-9 Students

  • It is compulsory for all Year 7-9 students to attend the swimming carnival for the entire day.
  • Students will be required to sign up to events on the day.

Year 10-12 Students

  • Year 10, 11 and 12 classes will still be running.
  • Year 10, 11 and 12 students wishing to compete in the swimming carnival should have signed up via the Sport signup survey on myNorthcoteHigh.

Event running times

8.30am – 8.45am

All students wishing to compete in the longer swim races must arrive at the pool, entering via the side gate and presenting to the sign-in tables at the south end of the pool grounds before marshalling for their race.



Competitive swimming events begin



All students MUST be at the pool and signed in by this time. Roll marking tables will be located at the South end of the pool for signing in.



Community Swimming Carnival Assembly.



All students will make their own way home from the pool. NO buses will be provided. Staff will be there to assist students with directions to public transport options.

Events alert: Authors talk about writing

The danger of the single story

What is the danger in presenting a single story of a culture or group of people? How can we push back against cultural stereotypes and generalisations of what it means to grow up Asian in Australia?


In conjunction with the Stella Prize organization’s ‘Provocations’ series, Northcote High School will be holding a discussion evening on Thursday, 23rd February with writers Alice Pung, Rebecca Lim and Leanne Hall in discussion with Bec Kavanagh about the representation of diverse cultures and groups in Australian writing.

Bookings can be made here 


This 'provocation' will address the need for diversity rather than tokenism if we are to truly understand the experiences of those around us. Each of the writers brings a unique perspective to the discussion, pushing back against the idea that there is only one authentic Asian Australian story, and demonstrating the importance of welcoming and listening to a wide range of voices.


The panel will be recorded and made available on the Stella Podcast, and the theme will be further explored in a series of guests posts on the Schools Blog, featuring Sanna Wei, Shu-Ling Chua and Rachel Ang.

When: Thursday 23 February 2017, 7.00pm–8.00pm
Where: Northcote High School 
Price: Free


This event will be of particular relevance and interest to VCE English students and their parents, as well as other students interested in writing.  As part of VCE English and Literature, students are working with creative writing and this discussion provides a timely opportunity to think about the issues raised in their study and their writing.



Save the Date: Talkfest 2017
May 3rd 7.30 - 9.30

Can’t get to the Sydney Writers Festival?  Can’t wait for the Melbourne Writers Festival? 


Back by popular demand, the annual NHS Literary TalkFest returns in 2017.  Hosted by Clare Wright, award-winning author, historian and broadcaster (and NHS parent), TalkFest brings together a stellar line up of Australian writers — right here in the NHS hall!   


This event always sells out, so mark your diaries now and watch this space for further details.

Event alert: Year 7 Family Picnic

February 28, 6pm

We're all looking forward to the annual Year 7 Family Picnic on Tuesday, February 28. It's always a great night, and a chance to get to know other families in your child's class. BYO picnic basket or pre-order some delicious Paella (see flyer attached). Who will win the Scavenger Hunt?  Gerard O'Shaughnessy is working on his secret strategy already... Find out if it's successful in the next newsletter!


Useful things to know 

Use of student images

 At Northcote High School we celebrate the efforts of our students by mentioning their participation in school events and their achievements in this newsletter. As you would have seen, we use photographs of students and sometimes examples of their own work in this newsletter. We also use photographs and examples of their work in the school magazine Ripples, at the end of the year. 

A low resolution electronic version of the newsletter is linked from our website. 


On the School website 

Small group photographs of students involved in school activities and excursions are also on our website, although here we do not usually identify these students by name, age or form group. Where larger scale photos are used (such as on the front of our homepage) or where the student could be easily identified, the school will seek student and parental consent before placing information and/or photographs on the website.



At Special Events 

Unless special arrangements have been made, we allow parents to record school performances, as this creates a memento that can be shared with other family members. Video or audio recording is permitted at school under a copyright licence paid by the Department of Education (DET) on behalf of all Government schools (AMCOS/ ARIA license). The only exception to this rule can be live performances such as the school production, where use of flash photography may be prohibited, as it might disturb/ temporarily blind those on stage. 


In the Media 

We sometimes invite local press and state media to school events and they are expected to follow DET and school policy on the publication of photographs of students. When a press story is about an individual or small group achievement, the school will seek parental consent before approving or passing on information and/or photographs. If you have any concerns about how photographs of your child may be used by the school, please let us know. 

Accidents, damage and Ambulance cover

Parents are reminded that the Department of Education (DET), and Northcote High School do not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance/ambulance cover, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance / transport and any other transport costs. All private property ( including electronic devices)  brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education (DET) and Northcote High School does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage.  That is, "owner onus" applies! This also includes motor vehicles and bikes belonging to students and parents. Student accident insurance/ambulance cover policies are available from some commercial insurers, and can be obtained by parents/guardians for individual students. 

Financial assistance for families

Applying for the CSEF

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (see attached flyer)  helps ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. It is part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government’s commitment to breaking the link between a student’s background and their outcomes. The appplication form is attached and also available at our General Office.

For more information visit this link 


Feedback sought: Devices @ NHS

Upcoming review - can you help?

At Northcote High School we are committed to the use of technology in and beyond the classroom.


This year we are reviewing our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) guidelines in preparation for 2018 and beyond.


In this process we will consult with students, parents, and staff to gather information as to what our key stakeholders believe is the most appropriate educational device(s) for students at Northcote High.  Importantly, we will also consider what’s happening beyond Northcote High, locally, nationally and internationally: trends, research and ‘best practice’ models.


In the next few weeks, you will receive a prompt to complete a short survey that will enable you to provide input as to the most appropriate educational device for students in a contemporary educational setting.  


Please keep an eye out for this newsfeed prompt as your input will provide valuable insights.


Further to this, if you are interested in being part of a Working Group that shapes this review process or have expertise in this area, then please email Josh McDonald at [email protected] before 27 February 2017.

Opportunity: Classical tour of Greece and Italy

Photo: Parthenon at dusk (photo credit:

Does your child have a passion for classical history?

This is a chance to visit some of the most exciting sites of the ancient world. Over two weeks at the end of November this year we are planning a tour of Athens, Delphi, and Olympia; followed by Pompeii, Herculaneum and Rome.


Tick the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Colosseum off your bucket list. And that is just the beginning.


This trip will focus on the classical world and the archaeological remains of it in Greece and Italy. But there will be some time for enjoying the vibrant modern culture of both these countries.


The trip is planned to run from November 25 till December 7 (so a great alternative to Schoolies for Year 12s) and we invite interest from anyone in Years 9-12 who are doing Classics, considering doing it in the future, are thinking about Ancient History or just have an interest in the ancient world!


We anticipate the trip to cost a little over $5000 per student (final costs will be announced at the information night).


We will be holding an information evening on Thursday March 2 at 6pm but would welcome expressions of interest prior to that.


Please contact Carlene Wilson ([email protected]) or Sarah Elphick ([email protected]) for more information.

Opportunity: Young Leaders to China Program

Victorian Young Leaders to China: Information Evening


Thursday 2 March 2017, 6pm

Northcote High School

Room M1


Building on strong demand in previous years Northcote High offers this exceptional deep-immersion experience for Year 9 students. Building Asia literacy and 21st century skills for employability and a rewarding life. Applicants must be committed to studying Chinese into the Senior Years.

Welcome new staff: Part 2

Photo: Induction Day

More about our new faces 2017

In the last edition, we brought you profiles of some of our newest members of the Northcote High School staff. Here are some more for you to get to know. The next edition of the newsletter will feature the third and final instalment of this series.

David Macindoe

I grew up not far from Northcote, in Ivanhoe and feel fortunate to be living in Melbourne. I studied an Arts/Science degree at Monash, majoring in History, French and Physics, and then completing honours in Physics. During my undergraduate, I took part in an exchange to Quebec in Canada in order to refine my French language skills. In 2016 I studied the MTeach at Melbourne University while working as the resident science tutor at Queen's College. I've loved the very rewarding experience of teaching students who live in the same community as me. Otherwise, I am a keen basketball player and am the vice-president of my high school's old collegians' basketball club. I am most excited about finally beginning my career as a teacher, something I have hoped to do since I myself was in Grade five!

Breanna Flynn

I live in the northern suburbs and graduated Year 12 in 2016 at Lalor North College. I studied Legal Studies, Health and Human Development, Psychology, Literature and English.  After applying for universities late last year, I received a first round offer into RMIT for Criminal Justice, which I have deferred for a year. Wanting to further my education without going straight into secondary study I opted for a year traineeship in which I will receive a Certificate 3 in Business, hence my position at reception in Northcote High School. Received with respect and friendly staff I am enjoying my position so far and hopefully will for the rest of the year.

Ben Orphin

I was born and raised in Milton, a small coastal farming town on the south coast of NSW. My secondary education was at Ulladulla High school, a large co-ed school with a diverse student population. I was lucky enough to be mentored by a number of young teachers who eventually inspired me consider a future teaching career. I spent a 'Gap Year' working in hospitality, ski instructing and backpacking around South East Asia and studied Health and Physical Education at the University of Wollongong. During my undergraduate I also studied on exchange at the University of Alberta in Canada, where I pursued my interests in Outdoor and Environmental Education. Shortly after graduating I started my career Outdoor Education at Optimum Experiences. Here I worked in many roles over a number of years, while casual teaching. 


In 2014 I moved to Melbourne and worked as a CRT at Princes Hill SC and Melbourne Girls’ College. In 2015 I started at Melbourne Girls’ College, teaching Health, PE, Sport and Outdoor Education for two years. In this time I had the opportunity to assist in coordinating the rowing program, sport program and lead a group of 31 students on the ‘Great Victorian Bike Ride’. 


My first impression of Northcote High School is that it is a vibrant and supportive school community. I very much look forward to being a part of the Northcote High School community and working with mixed gender classes again. 

Michelle Shen

I am a former student of Northcote High in 2008. I have a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in mathematics and a Master of Teaching degree from The University of Melbourne. I have been working at Reservoir High School and Yarra Hills Secondary College in recent years.  Maths is my strength and I had opportunities to teach Further Maths, Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and VCAL Maths. I am looking forward to participating in both Maths programme and broader school programmes. 

Lunchtime clubs have started

Explore your passion - or find a new interest

Lunchtime Clubs have kicked off for 2017. With groups ranging from Debating to Astronomy to the Reptile Club, it's easy to find your place. Club meeting times are posted on myNorthcoteHigh. Students interested in starting a new club should see Felicity Marlowe in Student Services.

Debating Teams 2017

Speaking up!

Debating is an excellent way to develop skills in critical thinking, team work, problem solving and public speaking. Northcote High school consistently fields a number of talented debating teams in the statewide inter-school competition. They will research and debate topics ranging from the Australia-US relationship to the impact of the sharing economy, plus a wide range of political, ethical and social issues.


These are the Year 8-12 students who will represent Northcote High School in the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) competition for 2017. Congratulations and good luck to all team members.


Dates for the DAV competition in the Ivanhoe region are:

Round one March 16th

Round two April 27th

Round three May 25th

Round four June 22nd

Round five July 27th


Year 7 students can get involved by nominating to join an in-school competition. Names will be taken and teams organised at the Year 7 Picnic on February 28.




A GRADE 1: Nick Obst 12, Candy Nguyen 11, Mariah Milla, Joseph Walker, Yen bao Le (11)


B GRADE 1: Josie Murphy 11, Jade Wang 11, Jenny Huynh 11, Rowan Stewart Smith 11, Julia Thiem 11


B GRADE 2: Iss Chanzi 11, Max Ramsay 10, Alexei Petroulias Romios 10, Demetrius Mousaferiadis 10, Clarence MacDonald 10


C GRADE 1: Edie Bush 10, Matilda Brown 10, Ella Baker 10, Zhana Maticevski-Shumack 10, Greta Bush 9


C GRADE 2: Ruby Clements 10, Nadine Robinson-Danckert 10, Atzin Espino-Murnane 10, Mikka Jordan 10


D GRADE 1: Indigo Van Der Hoeven 8, Eve Beckford Saunders 8, Megan Leung 8, Rahael Demaison 8


D GRADE 2: Harry Huppatz 8, Tiernan Sharkey 8, Baptiste Emery 8


D GRADE 3: Christopher Robinson 8, Hannah Bayston 8, Tilly Vernon Black 8, Sabrina Nguyen 8


D GRADE 4: Ben Murphy 9, Alice Brown 9, Alec Johnson 9, Ted Wearn Jarvis 9


Martin Ramsay, Carlene Wilson and Hamish Ramsay

Debating Convenors

Makerspace is back

Northcote Makerspace returns

Due to lots of demand from students, parents AND teachers we are very excited to bring back Northcote Makerspace every Tuesday after school!


Do you have a project you’d like some help with? Something you want to repair? Or just want to hang out with other creative innovators?


Bring your materials, friends and family along and get support from our two trained industrial designers, Rohan Bevan and Peter Murphy. 


You’ll also have access to our tools, vacuum former and 3D printers! We may even have some robots for you to play with.


Join us on Facebook to see what we’ve been up to and get new updates.


We will be in D11 for Semester 1 until our design studios are re-opened in Semester 2. Exciting times! We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.


Tuesday, D11, 3.30 – 4.30

Contact Rohan Bevan or Peter Murphy for further information.

Peter Murphy

Head of Design Faculty


Connecting: Family workshops and 'edutainment'

Photo: Mingling at the Year 12 Meet and Greet

Working together to support our students

Research tells us that strong family-school connections are an important ingredient in student success.  Throughout the year, we hold a number of family workshops and events to help build this network of support. So far, our Year 12 students, teachers and parents have enjoyed a 'Meet and Greet' with advice from former students, parents and our staff about surviving - and thriving in - Year 12. 


At the other end of the journey, over 180 Year 7 parents came together last week to discuss ways to help their children settle in socially, emotionally and academically. 


We look forward to welcoming Year 11 parents on February 23 for a workshop on 'The Senior Years'. Keep an eye on this newsletter and Compass newsfeeds for further events and opportunities.



Production and Music news

Photo: Music ensembles ready for China tour

Auditions underway

The meeting for interested participants was extremely well-attended, with students packing in to the Hall to learn about how to get involved in 'Guys and Dolls' 2017.


Congratulations to the 140 students who auditioned. As always, the auditions showcased the amazing talent we have at NHS. The cast list can be viewed on the Production myNorthcoteHigh page. Dance auditions take place after school Thursday 23rd February in the hall.


Music tour to China

The Music ensembles touring China in a month’s time have two performances before we depart on our amazing adventure.


Edinburgh Gardens Rotunda

Sunday 5th March

12.30pm until 3pm


Farewell Concert- NHS Hall

Monday 20th March



Everyone is very welcome!

Senior performers

On Sunday 12th February, the Senior Stage Band performed in the inaugural Melbourne Big Bands Festival. Congratulations to Tessa Bodenham and the Senior Stage Band on their fabulous performance.


Some accolades for our students:

“The Northcote Big Band sounded absolutely fantastic which is a huge credit to yourself (Tessa) and your department. There must be an incredibly supportive and exciting music program available – congratulations.”

James Mustafa, Festival Director


"I was very impressed by the standards of your students and ensemble”

Wayne from National Youth Jazz Association

Bikes and transport

Photo: Cycling to school

Traffic Management Plan

At Northcote High School we encourage the use of healthy and sustainable transport where ever possible. Walking and riding to the school are great ways to keep fit and reduce traffic congestion.  To support safer and accessible access to the school we have introduced a new Traffic Management Plan.


To ensure pedestrian safety no bicycles are to be ridden within the grounds of Northcote High School. Upon arrival at the school gates, please walk your bicycle to the designated parking areas.


Please find attached a map of the School Grounds which shows the areas allocated for students and staff at Northcote High School for bike parking. These areas are noted in orange. Also noted on the map are the entrance areas for students and staff, this is noted by purple arrows.

The school will also take action to ensure that bikes are appropriately parked in the designated areas.


A copy of the Traffic Management Plan is on myNorthcoteHigh under Health and Safety: if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the school.


The school has also installed some new bike parking racks to help cater for the increased demand during the fine weather. These are 'event-style' racks designed to accommodate large numbers of bicycles. Bicycles parked at these racks should be hoisted under the seat, then the frame secured to the pole with a chain or U-lock (as pictured).  Bikes can also be hoisted by the handlebars and secured in the same way.


Careers News

Are you reading the Careers News on myNorthcoteHigh?

This week’s headlines include:

  • Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) Website
  • 'Inside Monash' Seminar Series 2017
  • GAP and/or Exchange Programs
    • AFX Student Exchange
    • AIFS Au Pair, Volunteer & Exchange Program
    • Cultural Care Au Pair
    • Lattitude Global Volunteering
    • Projects Abroad
    • Southern Cross Cultural Exchange (SCCE)
    • Student Exchange Australia
    • Volunteer Abroad with WEP
  • Snapshot of Deakin University

More details on the myNorthcoteHigh Careers page.

Year 10 Work Experience

All Year 10 students are expected to participate in Work Experience during the week of November 20-24. Students will need to find and organise their own placements, although they will assisted in this process by their tutorial teacher. During the year, various opportunities will be published via the myNorthcoteHigh news, so students should look out for these, as they generally close quickly.


Visit the myNorthcoteHigh Careers page for more information and tips on finding a placement. All the forms you need can be downloaded there as well.


Sometimes, amazing opportunities come up at different times of the year. Students who are confident they can keep up with any work missed will be permitted to do work placements at other times, as long as they do not fall in the block out dates (see picture).


Opportunity: Exchange

Interested in an International Exchange?

Rotary are seeking students for District 9800 Rotary International Youth Exchange program.


This an exciting opportunity for students to travel, live and study overseas for 12 months, as Rotary International Ambassadors.

The closing date for student applications is Saturday 8th April 2017. See information flyer attached for further details.


You can learn more about about Rotary Youth Exchange by visiting the website 


Or you might like to visit our Facebook page by following the link

or to the RYEA video  


Community notices

Collingwood All Stars Basketball Club


Interested in playing Saturday basketball?


Girls & Boys Under 9 – Under 19


Register online at:

or attend Registration Day Saturday 19th February,

Collingwood College gym 10.30am – 1.00pm


New players welcome. Players must register and pay by 22nd February to ensure a place in a Winter team.


Enquiries: Megan Rouse 0417 106 490

[email protected]

Fitzroy Junior Football Club

There has never been a better time for girls to play footy!

Come to training, have a kick and see what it’s all about! 

Also seeking U13 boys: all welcome. Visit for more info.


North Brunswick Junior Football Club


24th February & 3rd March @ 5:00pm-7:30pm

Allard Park, Donald Street, Brunswick East


Alphington BlueTongues 

Alphington Football Club is a welcoming, community run soccer club based at Alphington Park, Parkview Rd, Alphington. It fields senior teams, junior teams and a development squad (mini roos).


University of the Arts London: Information Evening

For students interested in studying Art and Design at this prestigious institution.


VCA Performances 2017



LUNCHTIME @ VCASS Recital Room – FREE (All Ages)

Our new Lunchtime Series of 30 minute concerts. Classical or Jazz works, performed in ensembles or solo, by Year 7-9 students from the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

Venue:             VCASS Recital Room (capacity 130), 57 Miles Street, Southbank (near the

                            corner of Sturt & Miles)

Dates:              Thursdays: 30th March,  1st June,  22nd June,  27th July,  24th Aug,  

                            21st Sept,  26th Oct, or 30th Nov. 2017

Time:               Lunch Time Concerts 11:50am-12:20pm                       

                           Our Cafeteria is open for guests until 1:30pm.

Cost:                Free


Gala Concert - Ticketed Event

Our greatest concert of the year! Hear our Orchestra and Choir at the beautiful Melbourne Recital Centre. Program includes orchestral and choral works by Dvorak, Stravinsky, Sculthorpe and more.

Venue:             Melbourne Recital Centre, Sturt St. Southbank

Date & Time:   Friday 15th September 2017, 7:30pm

Cost:                $50/$35. Bookings will be via Melbourne Recital Centre

Northcote High School Newsletter
Term 1 2017 LUNCHTIME CLUBS Version 3.pdf
Term 1 2017 LUNCHTIME CLUBS Version 3.pdf
2017 Yr 7 Picnic Invite V4.pdf
Fitzroy Girls recruitment 2 .pdf
FJFC_U13_recruiting (1).jpg
Fitzroy Girls recruitment 2 .pdf
FJFC_U13_recruiting (1).jpg
Fitzroy Girls recruitment 2 .pdf
FJFC_U13_recruiting (1).jpg
2017 NBJFC Newsletter Flyer.pdf
2017 NBJFC Newsletter Flyer.pdf
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Expressions of Interest - flyer.docx
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UAL Carey Baptist Presentation Flyer March 2017.pdf
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