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27 March 2018
Issue Two
Pre Enrolment Evening  
Cultural Diversity 
Chinese New Year
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Dear Parents and members of the MESC Community

One of the strengths of Mount Eliza Secondary College is the calm and supportive environment that is evident to all who visit the school. It comes in part from the nature of the students we are fortunate to have at the college, and the fact that they come from families where values around respect are held in common. It also comes from the work we do in ensuring the environment is well ordered, and that expectations are clear and fair, with students engaged in opportunities to develop and impact on those expectations. We do not opt for large numbers of 'special' programs or events to focus particularly on one group or another, preferring instead to operate consistently on the belief that each one of us is different in one way or another, and that we recognise and manage this through respectful relationships with everyone.

Whilst we know that the environment we have created at the school is a positive one, a constant challenge remains to genuinely engage our students in the learning opportunities that are available for them. This is in fact, the significant challenge for formal education worldwide, amidst concerns that as our young people develop in a world where instant gratification is available (no need to wait for information as it is available 24/7, no need to wait to speak to someone, no need to wait for an opportunity to express your opinion) the risk is real that their ability to persevere may decline.

It is understandably difficult for young people to understand the connection between several years of effort now, and the impact that this will have in future. Some feel for example, that the middle school years don't matter that much and that they will just work hard when they get to years 11 and 12. As professionals, we know that this is possible but unlikely, as the key determinants of success are the personal learning behaviors that we value so highly at this college, and which must be developed continuously over time.

We are introducing a number of strategies this year to strengthen students' understanding of the importance of effort and perseverance, and ask that you support this approach at home.

We know that academic excellence without the skills, attitudes and personal qualities that are required for success in life, is not a satisfactory outcome of thirteen years of formal schooling.

This is why our motto well represents our approach to all we do:

Educated for excellence

Prepared for life


Angela Pollard






Parents are reminded that DET and Mount Eliza Secondary College do not provide personal accident insurance for students. Parents and guardians are responsible for the cost of medical treatment for injured students and transport costs including Ambulance transport in an emergency situation.

Student accident insurance policies are available for purchase through a number of insurance companies. Mount Eliza Secondary College is not in a position to recommend an insurance company as this is a personal choice depending on your circumstances.

Parents are also reminded that DET and Mount Eliza Secondary College do not provide insurance for personal possessions of any description including motor vehicles, for damage or theft at the College or on the College grounds. If insurance coverage is required we recommend you contact your insurance provider for further information.



Almost all information is forwarded to families by email. It is important to keep the College updated of any changes to email addresses, as well as other changes such as address and telephone numbers. Notification of changes can be done via Compass or emailed to the College at


Parents are reminded to notify the College Absentee Office before 9:00am if their student will be absent or late for school for any reason (holidays, appointments, sick).  Parents can phone the College Absentee Office on 97886290 available 24 hours a day and leave a message.


Please be reminded that College Levies were due in full before the commencement of 2018 unless prior arrangement has been made. Thank you to the families who have paid in full or have arranged an approved payment/instalment plan.  It is an expectation that Essential Educational Items are paid to support the provision of quality materials and items. All funds collected as Essential Education Items provide the only budget to our teachers (i.e. classroom materials for students).  Students chose subjects and families approved the choice of electives in 2017, therefore subjects have been planned and costed according to the commitments made by families.

The college will be making contact with families shortly who may have overlooked making these payments. Alternately can these families please contact the office to check the amounts outstanding. We rely on the college community to partner with us in supporting the learning of our children so that the high standards expected of Mount Eliza SC can be maintained.









There are a few camps which have been approved and advertised on Compass over the last two weeks. We like to give families sufficient notice so payment can be made.  The preferred method of payment is via Compass however if you would like to set up a payment plan to be completed by the due date, please contact the general office asap. CSEF funds can also be allocated to camps, please call the office.



​​​​​​​​​The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

This $148 million initiative helps ensure all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities. The fund commenced in 2015 and will initially run for four years.

Applications for 2018 are now open, through until the end of term 2, 2018.









Pre Enrolment Evening  







Human Powered Vehicles

From March 16 - March 18 MERT (Our schools HPV Team) were in Wonthaggi for a 24 hour race. For anyone that doesn’t know HPV stands for Human Powered Vehicles and it’s basically a lying down bike that we race around a 1.5km track in a relay style for 24 hours (a whole day!). We have a senior team, a year 9 all girls team and two junior teams of year 7 and 8s. It was an awesome weekend that started off with a 2 hour bus trip followed by a couple hours to set up and get our vehicles checked by the race officials to make sure they were super safe (they were).

On Saturday morning we were all excited to race, it was super hot about 30° so in the vehicles it was even hotter. The race started and on the third lap we already had an issue. Our senior team ran their vehicle back to the pits after an issue with the chain and it was all hands on deck to fix it and get them back out. Throughout the rest of the race we didn’t have too many issues other than a couple of people who got a little overheated on Saturday afternoon. Sunday however was a completely different story. By about 9 in the morning with 3 hours left of racing the wind started picking up and blowing around a couple marquees and rain started pouring down. The conditions were horrible and vehicles were crashing nearly every lap whether it was because they couldn’t see out the front of the trike or that when trying to turn corners they just spun out.  After racing for an hour in the rain and wind it was incredibly dangerous so the race officials decided to call the race two hours early.

In the end there were a few damaged vehicles and marquees but other than that it was an awesome weekend and we all had a fantastic  time. As always a coupe massive shout outs to to our army of incredible parents and Mr Benson and Ms Lockyer, without you none of this would have happened. 

Thank you to Tullys, Brumbys and Mount Eliza Gourmet Meats for donating most of our weekend's food.

Amelia Rickard





The 2018 MESC school sport program has started

off with great momentum with the college filling more teams across all year levels than we have for a number of years. The senior competition started off the term with teams entered in Boys Ultimate Frisbee, Boys Volleyball and Girls Volleyball. The Ultimate Frisbee Boys ran their hearts out all day and earned a spot in a play-off against Westernport. They played with great cohesion and skill but unfortunately fell short in the end and were runners up on the day.

The intermediate competition followed the senior sports day and thanks to collaboration among many staff members, a weekly Sport Education Program in PACE, and enthusiasm from students we were able to enter a team in all possible competitions. Teams that participated were Boys and Girls Volleyball (A and B teams) and Tennis (A and B teams), Boys Baseball, Boys Cricket, and Girls Ultimate Frisbee. This is our highest participation rate at the year 9 and 10 level for many years. Many of our intermediate teams recorded results in the top 3 placings but unfortunately we weren’t able to see any teams through to the next round.

The next successful sporting day which took place on March 1st was the District Swimming Competition. A strong team of 52 swimmers earnt 4th place in the overall ranking on the day, just 85 points behind Rosebud. We are a much smaller school than the top 3 schools so our students can be very proud of their efforts. All students competed with grace and personal best but a star performer of the day was James Mace who managed to break three individual event records, one which had been held by a past MESC student for over 20 years. Well done James! We can also congratulate Katrina Ward, Jessica Ward, Chloe Mace, Keeley McKenzie and Sophie van der Linden who have made it through to the SSV Regional Finals which take place on Wednesday 28th March.

Years 8 sport was equally successful as our other days so far this year, the year 8 Boys Volleyball team placing 3rd, Girls Volleyball team placing 2nd and the Girls Tennis Team also receiving 3rd place. The Boys Cricket team were faced with fierce competition and were a team member down but had a great day playing the game they love. 

Last but not least was the year 7 sports day. Similarly to intermediate sport, collaboration of staff have made it possible for all year 7 students to meet once a week in PE class for the purpose of training for inter-school. Students are able to attempt sports they may not have participated in previously, as well as provided with the valuable experience of representing their school in a team.  Teams were entered in Boys and Girls Cricket, Boys and Girls Tennis (A and B teams), Boys and Girls volleyball (A and B teams), and Boys and Girls Ultimate Frisbee. It was a very successful day overall and after a year level reflection in PE class, the general consensus is that all students thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned valuable team skills. Thank you to year 10 students Merinda Hale and Phoebe Wilson-McDonald who coached the year 7 girl’s cricket team.

Our students from all year levels on all sports days this term have represented the school in a way that makes me proud to teach at such a great school made up with such wonderful and respectful students. I would also like to give thanks to the efforts and support from staff who give up their time to coach teams, these days could not be made possible without you.

Amy Leonard

Sports Coordinator

Cultural Diversity 


On Monday 19th March, Mount Eliza Secondary College hosted a multicultural day in conjunction with cultural diversity week. This was a day to celebrate all the wonderful cultures we have in Australia and the world.

It was a day for celebrating unity in our society, and as MESC students we demonstrated our pride in diversity.

During lunch time in the quad we played music from different countries had a belly dancing performance and served food from various nationalities. Students from IDEEA lab served baked sweets, Steiner school made and served wood fire pizza, International school served Chinese dumplings and offered Chinese calligraphy of student names, and student leaders cooked a lamb on the spit for souvlaki. Some students wore traditional cultural dress, while others wore the colour orange out of respect and acknowledgement of all cultures, we even had a Cleopatra!

The day itself was truly remarkable in student enthusiasm and participation, with the whole school coming together to eat, dance and listen to music. A true feeling of community was inspired as

we fed each other and enjoyed the musical and dancing talents of some of our students. The dedication of the teachers and leaders made the day truly memorable. We hope to escalate it’s success for many years to come at Mount Eliza Secondary College.

Alex Chatwin-Dalgeish


Chinese New Year


Families can travel 1000’s of kilometres from all over China to be together at this special time. Homes are decorated with red and gold couplets and lanterns, put up to welcome luck, health, and prosperity into the home in the New Lunar year.  Certain dishes symbolic of good luck and wealth are eaten during the Chinese New Year. The shape of Chinese dumplings symbolizes wealth and is one of the most important foods in Chinese New Year. Traditionally, members of a family get together to make and eat dumplings on New Year's Eve to wish good fortune and wealth to all.

International Students and staff got together for a New Year Luncheon on February 15th to celebrate this most important day of the Chinese calendar. Hundreds of delicious handmade dumplings, a significant component of the celebration, along with many other offerings helped our students celebrate this day without their family.

Red envelopes or Red Packets containing money are given to children from their parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts. Our students didn’t miss out on this tradition and all received a red packet, however, our red packets contained gold coins but of the chocolate variety! Their excitement at receiving a red packet quickly evaporated when they realised they were not going to get rich with these sweet red packets!

Although the students could not be with family, all were very grateful and happy that Mount Eliza Secondary College not only acknowledged their special day and but shared in the celebrations with them






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