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23 March 2018
Issue Five
North Geelong Secondary College
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Key Dates

26 MARCH              Harmony Day 

27 MARCH              Parent Teacher Conferences 7-12

                                   12.00pm - 7.00pm 

29 MARCH              Last Day Term 1 (1.30 pm Finish)

30 MARCH              Good Friday 

16 APRIL                  First Day Term 2

24 APRIL                  Year 7 Immunisations 

25 APRIL                  ANZAC DAY (Student Free)

15 - 17 MARCH      NAPLAN Testing  

Mr Nicholas Adamou


School Council Elections

At the close of the call for nominations in the Parent Category for School Council there were four nominees for four vacancies. The following parents were therefore elected for a two year term.

  • Ms Di Lang
  • Ms Lyndal Jones
  • Ms Amanda Barlett
  • Mr Laurence Lord

At the close of the call for nominations in the Department of Education & Training DE&T Category of School Council there was one nominee for one vacancy. The following DE&T staff member was therefore elected for a two year term.

  • Ms Rebecca Hand

Congratulations to the parents and DE&T staff member who have joined our School Council and thank you to all parents/guardians and DE&T staff for showing interest in school governance. Working together makes a huge difference in improved student outcomes and in students’ lives.


On behalf of the school community, I take this opportunity to thank the outgoing council members (parents & staff). Their contributions have been paramount to the life of our College Community.  Thank you very much.


Annual Report 2017

Annual reporting is an important tool for effective governance within schools and across the government school system. Reporting to the school community adds value in a number of ways:

Keeping the school community informed: The annual report provides a means for the school council to inform the community of what has been achieved and how the school is performing. Providing information about schools helps the community hold schools, the system and government accountable for improving student outcomes. 


Contributing to system accountability and meeting legislative requirements:  Public accountability for improving student outcomes and for the use of public money is mandated in the Education and Training Reform Act (2006), where school councils are required to prepare and publish an annual report.


Relationship between the planning and annual reporting processes: The development of the annual report is an opportunity to reflect on the school’s achievements and use this as a basis for future planning. 


The 2017 Annual Report has been presented to the school community at the Annual General School Council Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday 20 March at 5.30pm. The Annual Report will be published on the school website following the AGM. 

Grade 6 Parent Information Evening, Thursday 15 March 2018 

The Parent/Guardian/Student information evening for our 2019 Year 7 intake was held very successfully, on Thursday 15 March 2018. A large number of parents/guardians and prospective students visited the school and experienced the teaching and learning programs NGSC has to offer.


The information evening provided prospective parents/guardians the opportunity to visit our school, talk to teachers, students and current parents about our community, our close knit family and what is on offer to their children in relation to curricular, extra-curricular, individualised and specialised programs. 


In my welcoming speech, I spoke about the school’s high expectations form students, staff, parents and the wider community. I also stressed the importance of parents/guardians matching the educational needs of their children with the educational programs a school has to offer. We all know, and research informs us, how important it is to the future success of the child the decision in choosing the right high school for the child.  
Highlights of the evening:
•    Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM program; Nowbot Robot, Robotics, Drones, Spheros) 
•    Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program
•    Scholarship Program
•    STAR Literacy & Numeracy Intervention Program 
•    ACE Literacy & Numeracy Intervention Program 
•    Digital Technologies (iPad and BYWD) Programs
•    iLeaders Program 
•    Significant Teacher Program
•    Excellence in Sports Program
•    Performing Arts Program
•    Instrumental Music Program 
•    International student Program 
•    EAL Programs
•    VCE, VET and VCAL Programs 

Since the beginning of this term, Ms Astles and Mr Hill – Transition/Pathways Leaders and their team have conducted many feeder Primary school visits, personalised tours and information sessions for prospective students and their families. There is much interest in these visits and if parents of current students with a sibling attending next year are interested, or if you know of others potentially new to NGSC and would like to take this opportunity, I encourage you and others to contact the school and book a visit with Ms Astles or Mr Hill. 


It was a pleasure to meet so many new and also current families during this evening. I take this opportunity to thank all our staff and in particular our students who have supported this evening, presenting to parents or just by answering parent questions about what they have been learning at the school. Our students were great ambassadors to our school community and I, as their Principal am very proud of them. 


Students know that I hear them and my goal is to provide the best possible learning opportunities ensuring their future success.

Student Appearance 

All students at North Geelong SC are expected to take pride in their personal appearance. Jewellery, make-up, hair colour and style must be discreet as per the school expectations and policies. Earrings must consist only of sleepers or studs in the ears.


It is the school’s preferred position that students do not have facial piercing ie. any facial piercing other than the ears. However, for students who already have facial piercing they have the following options: (i) the facial piercings are removed during the school day, to and from school. (ii) the facial piercing is discreet and clear plastic and (iii) a band aide is applied on the piercing during the school day, including to and from school . 


Under no circumstances will metal facial piercings be accepted. 


Therefore, new facial piercings cannot be obtained during the year due to the healing time which requires the piercing to be metal.

Personal Property brought to school

Personal property is often brought to school by students and visitors.  This can include mobile phones, electronic games, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises.  I wish to remind you that, DET does not hold insurance (excluding the school’s iPad program) for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.  


I wish to discourage students and visitors from bringing any personal property in particular valuable items to school and if you choose to do so it is entirely at your own risk.  



Mr Stan Koullas & Ms Katina Astles (Acting Assistant Principals) Mr Bradley Headlam

Primary School Transition Visits 

Over the weeks leading up to our Information Night, we have had eight primary schools from the local area visiting the College with their Grade 5 and 6 students. This Transition Program gives students in Grades 5 and 6 an opportunity to experience what secondary school is like. Primary school students often have a lot of questions about the differences and changes that are going to occur and this Program is a chance for them to have those questions answered by NGSC staff and students, all while experiencing some specialist learning activities in facilities they are unable access in the primary setting (such as food technology, woodwork and science experiments). This year, our VCAL students have been assisting in the sessions as well, showing excellent initiative and leadership skills.

Information Evening

On Thursday March 15th, we held our annual Information Evening for prospective Year 7 students and their families for 2019. We began the evening in the Gym where our newest member of the NGSC family, Winston, our Naobot, entertained over 400 guests. Our Year 7 captains Rarlee Bevan and Aven Hogarth spoke about what it was like to start at NGSC, former Captain and Dux, Dylan Tabb, spoke of all of the opportunities NGSC provided him and parent, Amanda Heitmann, shared her experiences as a parent of a new Year 7 student. This year, we also had fantastic student representatives from our iLeader Program and SRC guiding parents around the College and answering their questions. There were information sessions on Specialist Programs such as STEM, Excellence in Sports, SEAL and ACE/STAR and guests had the opportunity to participate in a cooking activity, see our Human Powered Vehicles and listen to live music performed by Year 11 student, Angus Veale. It was a fantastic showcase of the vibrant and supportive environment here at the College and the dedication of our staff and students.

If you or someone you know, missed our Information Evening, please contact Miss Astles to arrange a personalised school tour. 

International Students Welcome To Victoria

On Tuesday March 20th, Tony Dang and Mr Koullas attended the International Students Welcome Reception at Government House. This was an opportunity for the Victorian Government to officially welcome newly-commencing international students and recognise their significant contribution to internationalising Victorian education and in making Victoria the Education State. After listening to the words of the Governor of Victoria, the Honourable Linda Dessau, we were given the opportunity to tour the spacious surroundings of Government House.


Student resilience and college interruptions

During the renovations there have been a number of expected arrangement changes to the timetabling of classes and rooms. Following new challenges there are a number of impacts to students including with classes, timetables, rooms etc. This year there have been more of these and with an improvement in communication methods students are getting their way to the correct classes without issue. Frequent comments from staff have stated that the students have been outstandingly resilient during this time and they have been the ones to keep our college programs moving forward. The students are to be congratulated for their initiative, organisation and resilience during this time.

And on the topic of resilience...

Resilience survey

In 2017 we began a program to investigate student resilience in our school and also to find avenues to support them in their studies based on their specific needs. The results were fantastic last year and the program was conducted by Simon Scoullar and Faith Field who will again be working with all students in the Middle School to improve their resilience. Essentially they meet with a class twice throughout a term to assess and inform them. There are valuable insights this program will provide teachers, parents and all members of the school community into how to support the students via the programs we provide or the manner in which we deliver them. We look forward to positive gains in this area for 2018. As a parent you are able to view the responses the students are making via Compass. This appears in Compass Insights on your dashboard. The questions are list below:


  • The largest frustration or source of anger in SCHOOL is when                         
  • In CLASS I get MOST angry or frustrated when        
  • When I get frustrated I               
  • When I am angry, upset or frustrated at school I
  • When I am angry or upset at school the best thing teachers can do is             


  • The biggest barrier to my learning is
  • What impacts my attendance?
  • The hardest thing about school is?   


The procedure for a late arrival to school requires students to sign in at the junior, middle or senior sub-school offices. Year 7-8 students are required to sign in at the Junior office in the A wing and the Year 9-10 students in the Middle Sub School office at the end of the C Corridor and the 11-12 students at the end of the c corridor. Students are to sign in at these offices when they first arrive at school. In each office, the Sub School Assistant will collect late notices and assist students to sign into school.

Energy Drinks Banned at NGSC

Parents and students should now be aware that NGSC has banned Energy drinks in the school. The immediate impact and potential long term damage has been well documented and we have an obligation to the care of our students. Therefore these are not permitted in school and would encourage the same externally. The best drink is water. According to Australia’s first study looking at energy drink harm in young people (Kids Institute): "Energy drinks provide a potent source of caffeine and can contain high levels of sugar, sodium, herbal extracts and amino acids."
"They are linked to serious adverse health effects including increased blood pressure, cardiac abnormalities, insomnia, liver damage, kidney failure, seizures, anxiety, psychosis, hallucinations and sudden death." "This has led some countries to limit sales to adults. Similar restrictions have been called for in Australia."

Then there is this excerpt from Caffeine Informer’s Top 14 Energy Drink Dangers:

Week 8 Progress Report open for viewing Monday 26th March
→ Focussing on achievement 

The week 8 Progress Reports will be open on Monday 26th March. Just as we did with the week 4 reports YLCs will be observing the aggregate scores to work through the following:

  1. Identifying students who are in need of more support with their learning.

  2. Recognising students with excellent performance

  3. Sub Schools will also be looking at student improvement between reports

Parent/Teacher Conferences Tuesday 27th March 12pm to 7pm

The first Parent Teacher Conferences for 2018 will be held for all students next Tuesday. Parents can book online via Compass and year 12 VCE classes will be conducted as usual.

Year 7 Camp 

As part of their transition to secondary school and NGSC, Year 7 students are attending camp at Burnside in Anglesea during Week 8. They will be accompanied by their core subject teachers and participate in a range of activities designed to foster positive relationships between the students and also with the staff. This year, as part of our extended Orientation and Transition Programs, selected VCAL students are accompanying the Year 7 students at camp. This continues from the work the same students did with the Year 7s during Orientation and is an initiative that aims to increase cross-age, mentor-style relationships between our junior and senior students and contribute to higher levels of connectedness for all students.


Mr Steven Quinn

Year 7 Coordinator 


Week 8 has finally arrived which means Year 7 camps are in full swing. Students have made their way to Burnside Park in Angelsea to enjoy some down time with their peers and staff members strengthening relationships while undertaking activities such as archery, ropes courses and group challenges.

Home Group Challenge

Second round of the Home Group Challenge saw the AFL Pot Shots challenge with students in home groups having 2 minutes each to scores as many points as possible by kicking footballs into or hitting designated targets. 7C was victorious at the end of the day with 125 points followed closely by 7D with 100 points. After two rounds the overall leader board is as follows:
7C – 155 points
7D – 100 points
7F – 95 points
7E – 95 points
7A – 65 points
7G – 35 points
7B – 10 points

Progress Reports & Parent/Teacher Conferences

The next set of progress reports will be released next week (week 9) which coincides with Parent/Teacher conferences. Bookings are completed through Compass for conferences so if you have any troubles please contact the College. 


Mr Simon Scoullar

Middle Sub School Manager


We are nearing the end of the term and currently acknowledging students with a consistently high points average and students who need extra support. Please continue to utilise Compass as a link to your child’s progress and communication with the College. One simple way to boost academic success is outlined below. The importance of reading independently at home is well documented and one I believe in heavily.  


Also Year Nine camp notes should come out soon and we would love as many campers (glamping) in Melbourne as possible.


Discovering ways to improve student academic performance is a common challenge in the modern classroom. This research study examined the reading habits of sixty-five high school juniors, aged fifteen to seventeen years, at a rural Southeast Texas high school. It was theorized that students who engaged in reading self-selected literature for pleasure would average higher grades in English, mathematics, science, and history than their non-reading peers. The authors concluded that students who read for pleasure averaged higher scores than their non-reading counterparts in the subject areas measured. The authors further concluded that educators were aware of the link between pleasure reading and academic success but felt limited by state curriculums and mandated tests. A foundation in reading and writing has been the basis of our educational system since its inception and discovering new ways to increase student interest in those basic components of learning is something that every teacher struggles with at one time or another. Many educators encourage their students to read outside of the classroom in order to increase reading comprehension, vocabulary, general knowledge, and cultural awareness; however, research indicates that pleasure reading may have a greater influence on a child’s overall academic performance than their socio-economic background (e.g. Pearson, 2015).


Ms Sarah Bridges

Senior Sub School Manager 

It is really pleasing to see our senior students acting as role models to our younger students. Thanks to VCAL students who assisted on the Year 7 camp. Year 7 students love mixing with the older students and appreciate the support given. Well done to all who attended the athletics day and supported NGSC by participating or running events. Special thanks to the House Captains who dressed in house colours and encouraged others (especially Purple).

Unit 3 and 4 students have received GAT information notices and are required to sit a practice GAT. These will be marked by an external marker and feedback will be provided.

VCE students should be receiving SAC results and feedback soon. Please ensure you attend parent teacher interviews and use the feedback to develop skills and knowledge.


2017 Athletics Age Group Champions 

Profile of Sarah Kirby

Age Group Champion 16 year old (2017)

Age: 17

House Colour: Aqua Crocodiles

Year Level: 11 VCE

Sports played: Cricket, Netball, Football & Athletics

In 2018, Sarah won the championship in cricket

In 2017, Sarah represented NGSC in long distance running

In 2017, Sarah was age group champion for athletics, competing in most events. 

Dislikes: Long Jump

Sarah plays sport most days of the week.

Sarah was "stoked and excited" to win last year and she doesn't know, but hopes to win it again this year. 

Profile of Ben Grigsby

House: Purple

Award: 2017 15s male age champion 


Ben Grigsby was the 2017 15s male age champion. We interviewed Ben to speak about his achievement and his plans for the upcoming athletics on the 21st of March.


Events won last year: In last year’s athletics Ben participated and      won in Discus, Triple Jump and the House Relay.

Level of Athletics: Ben proudly made it through to the Metropolitan region in the discus event.

Athletics outside of school: Ben does not compete in athletics outside of school.

Prep/Training: Ben does not do any training other than the practice in PE sessions.

Rival: Ben did not really have a rivalry last year.

Best Result: Ben’s proudest result in athletics was when he got 45 metres in discus.

Career: Ben would not consider athletics to be a career option; he just does it for fun at school.


Ben is not aiming to be age champion again this year although he thinks it would be great if he was to achieve it again.

Profile of Nelson Nelson

House: Orange

Award: 2017, 18-20 Male Age Champion


Nelson was the 2017 18-20 male age champion we interviewed Nelson to speak about his achievement and his plans for the upcoming athletics on the 21st of March.

Events won last year: In last year’s athletics, Nelson won the 100 metres and long jump. Nelson was thrilled to win the 100 metres because it’s favourite event. Nelson likes this event because you have to push yourself to beat others.

Level of Athletics: Last year Nelson happily made it through to the Geelong region in long jump.

Athletics Outside of School: 

Nelson does not compete in athletics

outside of school although he enjoys playing soccer.

Prep/Training: Nelson does not do any training for athletics, but he does do stretches before his events.

Rival: Nelson does not have any rivals, although his friend Ni Reh was his rival before he left the school.

Best Result: Nelson’s proudest athletics result was in primary school when he went to Melbourne for the 200 metres and long jump. He was very excited to place 3rd in long jump.

Career: Nelson does not see athletics as a career option for himself but he enjoys competing in the school athletics each year.


Nelson is not expecting to be the age champion this year as his fitness level has dropped within the last year but it would be great if he won.

Profile of Naw Pyaw Yeh Htoo

House: Aqua

Age: 16

Background: Thailand

Events Participated in:  Naw Pyaw was an age group champion last year in the 15 Girls. She competed in the 100m, 200m, 400m, relay, 3 legged race, shot put and triple jump.

Ways to success: Naw Pyaw prepared for her events by eating well and focusing on the events she was taking part in during the time. She believes she can win it again this year but she will have to work hard and focus on her events to do so. 

The person to beat: Naw Pyaw thinks that she can win but there is one girl that will give her a run for her money. Her name is Sophie Kirby. She is very sporty and will always be looking to try her best. It is going to be hard for Naw Pyaw but she will try her best to win again. 

Is there a future in sport for you? Naw Pyaw says that she does not want to be an athlete - she wants to become a nurse. She also mentioned that if it does not work out she may take on the role of trying to become a professional athlete. 


A successful event was held on Wednesday 21st with Silver taking the honors after a three year dominance by Aqua. I thank teachers for their assistance running the event. Also, a big thank-you to the students who also helped on the day. The enthusiastic and supportive atmosphere was a credit to the students in all houses. Banners, streamers, and some interesting costumes all added to the team spirit. The next level of competition will be in term 2 against other schools in the Bellarine Division in week 4 on Thursday 10th May. The school team will be posted in the gym foyer and on Compass. There will be a team meeting and training early next term.


Overall Results

SILVER                  634

AQUA                     613

PURPLE                442

ORANGE               436

Most improved from last year – ORANGE


New Records

Lainey Hill                          

12-13 Girls Javelin 23.05 m (Old record 1999), 200m 27.77 sec (2014)

Patrick Sager                       

14 Boys High Jump 1.65 m (2005), 200m 24.11sec (2012)

Jack Warelow                      

12-13 Boys 200m 25.67 sec (2011), 800m 2.21.94min (2011)

Rarlee Tonkin                    

12-13 Boys Shot Put 11.22 m (2004)

Luke Sanders                      

17 Boys Triple Jump 12.62 m (1986)

Cooper Towne                    

16 Boys 100m 11.64 sec (2010)


Age Champions


12-13                     Jack Warelow

14                           Patrick Sager

15                           James Ciuffetelli 

16                            Eq. Lachie Fletcher-Marr 

                                 Cooper Towne

17                           Jeremy Hogan

18-20                     Cooper Ludlow  



12-13                       Lainey Hill 

14                              Emily Bliss

15                              Eq. Emily Giles

                                   Tara Sheppard-Robinson

16                              Naw Pyaw Yeh Htoo

17                              Hser Ku Htoo

18 -20                      Daisy Sanders 




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