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22 March 2018
Term 1 Week 8 2018
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Staff Spotlight


Dates to Remember


20th - 25th March

Year 11 Avondale Camp


21st - 23rd March

Year 8 Camp


Monday, 26th March

National Leaders Day

Year 7 SEISS Basketball


Tuesday, 27th March

Parent/Teacher Interviews

S -v- S Challenge




Wednesday, 28th March

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 29th March

Curriculum Development & PD Day


Sunday, 1st April

Daylight Savings Ends


Monday, 16th April

First Day Term 2


16th - 20th April

Year 6 Canberra Trip



Friday, 20th April

Legacy Day


Tuesday, 24th April

Year 6 Transition to Secondary Info Night

Secondary Cross Country


Wednesday, 25th April

ANZAC Day - No School

Administrative Professionals Day


Thursday, 26th April



Friday, 27th April

Primary Cross Country Carnival

School Fees Due

General Information

Canteen Return

Please note the canteen will remain closed until further notice.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Thank you.

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


From the School Captains

The value of the week is excellence, lots of people in the Bible showed excellence, but how did Jesus show excellence.


Long ago, a bit more than two thousand years ago, Jesus was having a meal with his disciples upstairs in Nicodemus’s house. Jesus washed his disciples' feet to display his humility and his servanthood, for the disciples. That night Jesus broke bread into pieces and gave it to his disciples to represent his body and gave the wine to represent his blood. Later on, Jesus took his disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. During the night the disciples fell asleep, but Jesus continued to pray. That night, Judas had betrayed Jesus, he brought the Romans soldiers to Jesus. They took Jesus and the next day he was killed. On that same day, Peter denied Jesus three times when the rooster crowed, as Jesus had said the day before. Jesus showed excellence in the Bible by doing the best he could to give us a chance, so that we may be able to live with him one day in heaven. To celebrate Easter from the point of view of how much God loves us, Heritage College, NWS campus, is fundraising for homeless people in our community. In Week 9, on Tuesday, the SRC will be coordinating an Easter Egg Hunt with money raised from the hunt to go to various ADRA homeless projects around Melbourne. We look forward to supporting this great cause. Milko 


When displaying the value of Excellence, you don’t have to be PERFECT, but you should strive for EXCELLENCE. You don’t have to have the coolest design, or cool materials, but you need the best you can afford. Imagine you have a dirty, old car robot, it may be old but it’s fast, it can still win races. In the story that I shared during assembly this week, Carlie the champion won because he work hard and tried his best. Remember to always try your best.  Thank you and God Bless.   Ruvesh

Works at Officer Campus

Our new dips station is in the ground and all squared off. Our Maintenance team will now edge and add soft fall to finish off this project.

The AFL post padding is in place and ready for the season to begin. Thank you to Rosebud FC for donating one set of padding for use at our College.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Years 1-3 ASV Athletics

On Thursday, 15th March, Years 1-3 students made their way to the Bill Sewart Athletics Track in Burwood to compete in the ASV athletics event. We were greeted with overcast but beautiful conditions where students competed against their peers from Gilson, Edinburgh and Nunawading Christian College in various events.


It was fantastic to see all the children compete in the right spirit and to the best of their abilities. We’d all agree that whether we win or lose, we would praise God. We did both; as there were plenty of coloured ribbons worn by proud individuals. Special mention goes to our girls relay team and Year 3 tunnel ball team that took home silver medals in their respective events. These were remarkable feats considering the size of the Officer campus.


Thank you to our wonderful assistants, parents, bus drivers and the NWS staff for all the support on the day. And praise be to God, for whom we got to do all things for His glory.


Mr Darrell Chang

Year 2/3C Teacher

Primary PB4L Value Awards

Prep DH - Nyatut

Year 1W - Natalia for Excellence

Year 2K - Allegra

 Year 5RJ - Simarjit for Service

Year 6E - Buom for Respect

Free Dress Day


End of Term Finish

The last day of term is Wednesday, 28th March.  School will finish at 12:50pm.


Thank you.

Fiji Mission Trip

In July 2018 Adventist Volunteer Services supported by the Seventh Day Adventist Church Headquarters of the South Pacific Division office, will be heading out to Fiji for a short term mission trip. A group of volunteers from across our Division are heading out to hopefully complete this venture.


If you are interested in joining our group on this Fly and Build, please contact Carol Boehm on 02 98473275. We need all types of building specialists, general handymen, and of course unskilled workers as well. This will be a great project that will see amazing results due to the kindness of our church family and friends.

Digital Technologies Newsletter Bytes Week 8

Invasion and Adolescents

“Does your teenager put social media before anything else, including school commitments? Click below to learn of the 6 step approach based on high quality scientific research from parenting expert; Justin Coulson!


Social Media


Mrs Naomi Moss

Curriculum and eLearning Coordinator



Living Well Pop-Up Bookstore


From Narre Warren South

Coles Sports for Schools


Fire Drill Practice

On Thursday, 6th March we held our first Fire Drill for the school year at NWS Campus. The students were given little, to no warning, yet they managed a calm and speedy evacuation of the classrooms to our assembly point on the campus oval.


As Mrs Capon, our Fire Warden, did the rounds, she noticed doors locked, windows shut and lights switched off. All students were present and accounted for at roll call and we even managed to get off to recess on time.


Thank you to our students and staff for taking these safety drills so seriously; you never know, one day it may not be just a drill and our automatic responses will kick in to usher everyone to safety.

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen 

Deputy Principal Primary

Construction Enrichment Class

During Construction students have been making things out of recycled materials; pop sticks, lego blocks, and a variety of building and construction kits. 

Ms Janet Robertson

Enrichment Teacher

I built a space ship’s rover garage.

The rover is in the garage so it can be fixed for it’s next mission.

The tube is an elevator. Spencer 5W

Sunny built an outside toilet with dual flush light switches and toilet roll holder. Sunny 5RJ

Tom built a bicycle using construction material. Tom 5RJ

Easter Hunt Fundraiser


Year 5RJ Class Report

In Maths this term we have been learning about grids, multiples, fractions, decimals, symmetry, place value and other things but my favourite activity was when we learnt how to enlarge a picture (make it bigger than it was before but the exact same picture) by using grids. We used double sized grids to make our picture 2 times bigger. I thought it was brilliant.  Arshveer 5RJ

Woollies Rewards

Thank you to all our families at NWS who brought in their Woolworths Earn and Learn tickets late last year. We have been able to purchase a selection of valuable Mathematics resources for our students to use in the classroom.

Year 1WV Report

We've been learning about Heaven in Encounter over the last couple weeks. We were so excited to receive our personal invitations to Heaven from Jesus! We have been using the Bible to learn what Heaven will be like! 

Miss Alicia Wold

Year 1WV Teacher

Star Readers for Term 1
Narre Warren South Library 

CONGRATULATIONS to the Star Readers for the Term 1 ( Years 3 - 6).  Please see Mrs Tan in the Library to pick your prize.


3MC - Kara & Loretta

4/5W -  Spencer & Asinth

4CJ - Wade & Aadesh

5RJ - Amish & Olivia

6E - Achel & Asha


Mrs Penny Tan


From the Secondary Campus

Year 8 Adventure Camp


Year 10 SEISS Basketball

Tuesday, 6th March saw our Year 10 students take on our fellow SEISS schools in a basketball round robin. It was an action packed day with teams on both sides digging deep and giving their best. The female team deserve particular commendations for their steely eyed perseverance, for while the other teams rotated breathless players off the court, our five girls continued to play for the entirety of the day, with little to no break to speak of. Their efforts were rewarded with a shot at bronze.


The boys team fared even better. Each match was as close as it was well played. Through a mixture of teamwork, skill, and strategy we clawed our way into second position for the final match. From there what can only be called an intense match followed. Our Opponents were worthy, and the match, balancing upon several precarious free throws, slipped into overtime. It was here that the gentlemen kept their cool, clawing a solid handful points ahead in the minutes that followed, while our opposition cracked under the pressure. Congratulations to the Year 10 boys on a Heritage Victory!

Mr Samuel Ladson


VCAL Update

Buom finishing off the benches around the basketball court in house colours. (James absent).

Ashley and Lachlan finished off the firepit and surrounds, VCAL garden (Brodie absent).

From the ELC

Vacation Care


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