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27 September 2019
Issue Nine

Respectful, Responsible, Successful

The world is yours to explore
Now go and do your very best
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To the Year 12 graduating class of 2019 

At Cecil Hills High School, we demand high expectations in everything we do. You’ve not only met these expectations – you’ve exceeded them. In years to come, you may not remember which novel you studied for English and you may forget the Maths formula that you once knew off by heart, however, you will never forget the experience that is high school.


As you know, the teachers at Cecil Hills High School worked tirelessly for you and they genuinely value the connections they’ve developed and are committed to seeing you turn into tomorrow’s leaders. All of your teachers have invested their heart and soul into your grade and their reward is seeing you graduate.


Since 2007, when you were in Kindergarten, so much has changed in the thirteen years you’ve been attending school. In 2007, in Australia, we had a population of 20 million, the PlayStation 3 was released, Happy Feet the movie won an Academy Award, 200,000 people walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to celebrate its 75th birthday, the very first Earth Hour was held in Sydney, the final season of Kath & Kim went to air, Seven HD was launched making it the first high-definition TV channel in Australia, Australia won the cricket Ashes series 5-0, Summer Heights High and Dorothy the Dinosaur both commenced on television, The Simpsons was only up to Episode #388 (it is now up to Episode #663), the highest grossing film was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and in a great year for sequels, Spiderman 3, Shrek the Third and Harry Potter 5 were all Hollywood blockbusters.  And in a worldwide phenomenon, causing me to coin the phrase “off and out of sight”, the very first iPhone was released and cost $499 for the 4GB model.


I’m very excited and a bit jealous considering the adventures that lie ahead of you. This is the start of a new chapter of your lives where you’ll discover yourselves, define your place in the world and forge your own path.


Cecil Hills High School is firmly built on mutual respect between staff and students and the class of 2019 has continued that tradition. I’m proud of the fact that you’re all individuals with strong personalities, a good sense of humour and confident leaders. As Dr Seuss said “kid, you’ll move mountains” and more important than your academic achievement is the fact that you are all good people, something to be proud of, I know you will conquer your individual mountain, whatever that is for you.


I’m the most fortunate principal in NSW, where I’m given the honour of leading a school with dedicated, energetic, committed and diligent students, not to mention our amazingly skilled and brilliant HSC teachers who’ve set you up for a rich and rewarding life. Year 12, you’ve made a positive impact on our school and you leave with our best wishes. I’ll have fond memories of you and we’ll enjoy watching your next chapter unfold. Dr Seuss said, “Out there things can happen, and frequently do, to people as brainy and footsy as you. When things start to happen, don't worry, don't stew. Just go right along, you'll start happening too!”. On behalf of our wonderful school community, best wishes for the future and congratulations on achieving this important milestone.


Mark Sutton, Principal​



The world is yours to explore

Congratulations Class of 2019

To gain a Higher School Certificate is an achievement of which you can be very proud. You have all overcome challenges along the way and developed many values and attributes that will be crucial to your success in the future. Learning is not just about remembering facts, formulas and figures. It is about finding out what it takes to succeed. Understanding how to fail, dust yourself off and try again. It is about being proud of your achievements and celebrating the success of others. It is about being respectful, responsible and successful. These lessons have been repeated for you over the last six years because they will underpin your future successes long after the syllabus dot points are forgotten.


As your new reality kicks in, your responsibilities will change and you will have many more decisions to make. There will be no more school uniforms or bells. You can shape your next journey any way that you would like as there will be many opportunities available to you. Sometimes you may need to look a bit harder to find them but they are always there. It is now up to you to take them and make them work for you.  As you look back at your time here at Cecil, I hope that it triggers fond memories of enjoyable times and close friendships, of hard work and achievement and a deep sense of belonging. Although your time here has come to an end, you will always be part of the fabric that makes Cecil special. I will most certainly miss the entertaining conversations and the interactions that I have had with you all along the way. I hope that you continue to stay in touch and I look forward to seeing and hearing about your future successes.


The world is yours to explore, learn from and change. Enjoy every minute of it!

Congratulations and good luck!


Michael Lane, Deputy Principal









































Now go and do your very best

Well done Year 12

Today you are you

that is truer than true!

There is no one alive

who is you-er than you!

Dr Seuss

As your 13 years of school draws to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you well with your future endeavours.


As a Year 7 cohort we started with 220 eager young students and we leave today with 165 mature young adults waiting to explore what is awaiting you beyond the school gates. We hope that your time at Cecil Hills High School has allowed you to gain the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the big wide world.


As Year Advisers, we have always taken our roles seriously.  Along with the welfare there is always discipline to deal with.  Sometimes, we’ve had to give you some honest advice. However, we hope that we have had an influence on the young person that you have or will become. We hope that we have guided you in making wise and sensible decisions to keep you safe.


Last week we had a superhero dress up and there were many questions as to why I (Miss Saliba) didn’t dress up in a superhero suit? My response was “Not all superheroes need to be seen”. There is quite often a lot of stuff that goes on in the background unseen and that’s what our role of year advisers sometimes includes.  Miss Charlton sends her best wishes to all Year 12 and hopes that you all succeed in whatever endeavour you pursue.


Mr Chandler loves that he had the opportunity of not only being your Year Adviser but also classroom teacher to many of you. Unfortunately, he was unable to teach you in Year 8 after begging for two classes.


We both loved the fact that the first students we spoke to and interacted with every morning were you guys. From seeing what breakfast Dejan Karac was having for the day, to the variety of coloured nails that were in trend each week, we’ve enjoyed spending our time with you.

Over the coming weeks, stay focused, try to extract every last mark for the HSC because it is so important to achieve the best that you can.  Work as a team, remember:


“It’s not the team with the best players that win. It’s the players with the best team that wins”.


You have not completed two years of senior high school for nothing. You will find that you will use your learning from each of the years in high school, learning to turn your weaknesses into strengths, developing your resilience and becoming that person of who you can be proud. Think back with fond memories of the six years here at Cecil Hills High School.  The year excursions and camps, the gala days, the carnivals, the Showcase evening, the various other performing arts/music events, the Colour Run, the Harmony Day celebrations, The Biggest Morning Tea, Mother’s Day Breakfast, the CHAMP assemblies (that we know you loved getting up for) and of course our wonderful 20th anniversary celebrations.

As you leave us for the last time, reflect on your journey and the friends you have made. The lessons learnt during this time will hold you in good stead as you proceed into the next phase of your life. As your Year Advisers we are so happy to see you finally graduate. We are proud to lead and nurture you, even through the tough times over the past six years.   Now go and do your very best!


We look forward to seeing you all once the HSC results come out at our morning tea in December. Don’t ever be a stranger. The gates of Cecil Hills High School are always open.


And remember…. You’ll never walk alone! Get Saliba or Chandy on the phone!

Miss Saliba and Mr Chandler—  your Year Advisers


Photo: Year 7 Camp, 2014

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Photo: Year 7 Camp, 2014


Friday 27th

Last day of Term 3 for all students


Monday, 11th

HSC exams conclude


Wednesday, 18th


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