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09 February 2018
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Principal's Report

Welcome Back

A very big and warm welcome back to all as we begin the 2018 academic year at the Park. I hope that all members of the Hampton Park Secondary College community are well rested after the break and ready for another year of celebration of success in both academic and social pursuits.

At this time of year, I especially welcome those 170 plus Year 7 students and the 60 plus students and their families entering the College in Years 8 to Year 12 this year, as they commence their journey with us on the road to undertaking or completing their secondary years of schooling.  We look forward to sharing the many and varied successes that you will be able to celebrate with us over the course of the next several years. 

Equally, I welcome our Year 12 students who return to the College to undertake their final year of secondary schooling with us – a year jam- packed with all of the pressures that the final year of schooling holds for them, whether that be through their VCAL or VCE studies.  The excitement of nearing the end of their formal years of school based studies and the anticipation of a future career or further study, needs to be balanced with the sheer workload and daunting pressure this brings upon each, to perform to their best. 

As a community, we are here for you, weare understanding of your needs and your apprehensions and ready to lend every assistance to you that we can, as you strive to achieve your goals and maximise your successes.

For Year 12 students there are no easy options:  whether your course is VCAL, VET or VCE or a combination of these, the commitment, required of you is the same and that commitment must already be understood and be in place, as I have said to you on several occasions already this year. 

I am pleased to say that our start of the new academic year has been very smooth indeed.  All of our students, from Year 7 through to Year 12, have quickly settled back into the routine of learning that will see them able to celebrate their achievements as the year draws to a close in Term 4.  The clear message now, is the need for all students to recognise and understand that the holidays are over!  It is now time to settle into positive work routines and to immediately begin the task of working toward achieving the maximum possible outcomes, at years end.

Equally, I cannot let the moment pass without celebrating the achievements of our class of 2017 as they move on into their next phase in life’s journey.  We again saw improvement in our results last year, with a top ATAR score of 94.75, a fantastic outcome.  While this of course is a great result, we are already working towards bettering this year. We wish each of our graduating students of 2017 well in their chosen studies and careers and would welcome each back at the College to chat about their achievements and future plans over a coffee. 

New and Returning Staff

I take this opportunity to welcome our new staff joining our learning community this year.

- Eloise Haynes (Assistant Principal)

- Jasmine Keough (English)

- Evan Lazarus (English)

- Ellen Newton (Health/PE)

- Matthew Hayward (Humanities)

- Nicole Saxton (Integration)

- Huiwen Bai (Maths)

- Damion Pelecanos (Maths)

I also give a warm welcome to our returning staff members.

- Barb Davies (Health/PE)

- Michelle Soo (English)

- Susannah Ritchie (English)

College Expectations

Our expectations for student behaviour and performance have been clearly spelled out to all students of the College.  As a community, I am sure that you will join me in seeking to establish the environment and context within which each child is supported in their learning and is able to maximise the knowledge and skills they are able to acquire throughout the year.  This does not just happen, it must be planned for. We are firmly of the view that as staff responsible for the instruction of your children, we are in partnership with you, our parents and guardians, to jointly support their learning and their development.  We seek your support throughout the year in ensuring the rights of all students of the College to learn and the rights of all teachers to teach.  A simple notion, but one that at times, students may forget and be in need of a gentle reminder. 

I look forward this year to working with all members of our college community in the interests of improving the learning opportunities for our students.  This indeed, is the sole reason for the College existing.  To support this, the college community continues to live by our values, Respect, Learning and Working Together.  These values are firmly embedded in daily practice at the College and our actions and interactions as members of our learning community will be measured against them.

This year, we will be constantly reminding our students of our expectations of them and seek your support in ensuring they understand what this means, in terms of their behaviour and performance.  We believe every student in our community has the capacity to work and to learn and we expect them to apply themselves to this simple task, to the best of their ability. There is no excuse that can be offered for learning outcomes that are second-rate or second best.

Our expectation is that every student will maximise their learning opportunities and will work to the best of their abilities at all times in all subjects. Second best is simply not acceptable.

Our aim in holding to these expectations strives to ensure that every student when they exit Hampton Park Secondary College, is adequately and effectively prepared for their role in community after schooling and they are able to compete in the jobs market on an equal footing with any student from anywhere in the state.

As a community, this requires everyone to commit to this position and to hold the same expectation of our students. I look forward to working with our College community to ensure that our students are adequately and effectively prepared for life’s journey.

David Finnerty



Assistant Principals

Eloise Haynes

Assistant Principal of Year 8 and Year 10

Favourite Subject

Accounting or Business Management. 

Favourite Sport

Basketball and AFL (Go Essendon!)

Favourite Book

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 

Favourite Music

Favourite music style is classical and indie.

Favourite Tv Series

Law and Order: SVU - I really like crime shows!

Favourite Quote

“Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.”

Rita Pierson


Sports, travel, music


Karen Shiel

Assistant Principal of Year 9 and Year 12

Favourite Subject

English of course!

Favourite Sport


Favourite Book
Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

Favourite Music

My favourite musician is Bjork

Favourite Tv Series

I've recently been loving "The Good Fight"

Favourite Quote

"Be the change you want to see in the world"



Reading novels, playing guitar, bush walking





Ayman Youssef

Assistant Principal of Year 7 and Year 11

Favourite Subject

PE and Outdoor Education

Favourite Sport

AFL Football (Go Saints!)

Favourite Book
The Club - David Williamson

Favourite Band/Musician

Currently Santana, Queen and The Eagles

Favourite Tv Series

Game of Thrones, Get Smart, The Big Bang Theory

Favourite Quote

“Be great in act as you have been in thought” William Shakespere


Motor vehicles, sport, music





Important Dates


7th - Access Monash Mentoring Induction Day

12th - FareShare Excursion

21st - Year 7 Welcome BBQ

22nd - School Photos

28th - Cosi Performance and Workshop



1st - VCAL Personal Challenge Excursion

12th - Labour Day Public Holiday

13th - College Swimming Carnival

19th - Year 7 Immunisations

29th - Last Day of Term 1





16th - First Day of Term 2

18th - Parent Teacher Evening

24th - Year 9 Try A Trade 

25th - ANZAC Day Public Holiday

26th - Student Free Day

30th - Year 11 Business Management Market Day



From the Office

Parent Compass Information

New families to the school will receive their Compass Parent Login letters shortly via post. 

If you would like to receive yours electronically, please email the school at [email protected]

Updated Contact Details

Please make sure the school has your most current contact details.

You can update your details by

  • the Compass Parent Portal
  • Calling or visiting the School Office


Parents are reminded to check with the office regarding any outstanding fees for 2018.

It is important that your student's Technology Levy and Locker Fee ($95 total) is paid so they can access the computer programs and internet while at school.

At HPSC we offer a range of different payment options for parents, including

- Cash


- Direct Debit Payment Plan via debit/credit card

- BPay (please contact the school for your BPAY details)

Student Absences

If your student is going to be absent, please

  • Call the Absence Line 03 8795 9455 before 9am OR
  • Log the absence through your Compass Parent Portal

CSEF Applications

Health Care Card/Concession Card holders are reminded to apply for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF).

The CSEF is an annual payment to the school to be used towards camps, sports and excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student.

Secondary school students receive a rate of $225 per year, and any unused amount will be rolled over into the next year.

If you are eligible, you need to apply for the CSEF every year. To apply for 2018, we need a completed CSEF form (available from the office) and a copy of your msot current health care card.

Book Sale 2017 Money and Unsold Books Collection

Wednesday February 14th from 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Please ensure you have your stamped sellers sheet with you, or Student ID card/proof of identity will be required to collect money/unsold books.

Any books/uniform not collected on this day will be donated to the school. Any money not collected on this day will be credited to your school account.          

HPSC Canteen

See the image attached for the 2018 Canteen Menu

(click to enlarge)


Student Leadership

A Welcome From Our Student Leaders

Dear Students, Staff, Parents, Guardians and surrounding Community, 


Our names are Adam, Anusha, Kennice, Vinze and Melanie, and we are overjoyed to be announced as your four College Captains and SRC President, respectively in 2018. 


Being part of such an esteemed leadership team next year, we are honoured to represent you and give back to a college with such a diverse and accepting culture. Looking back on our time here at Hampton Park Secondary College, we have come to appreciate the opportunities we are given in all aspects of school life, and with persistence and determination we are eager to leave a lasting legacy by completing all of our aims and ambitions.  


Our roles are more than just a badge and spruce blazers, for we see this as an opportunity to share all of what we have envisioned, as well as a chance to do something we are passionate about through our passion projects, and fund-raising events. WE WILL do everything we can to bring a balanced view of the school and a recognition for everything it offers. WE WILL strive to build closer, better and stronger relationships. And WE WILL help to develop and showcase all of the talent within the College. In our time we will learn an abundance of new skills and aim to apply them to our roles that are not only an honour to us but also our greatest pleasure to be blessed with. After nearly 5 years at the College, we cannot think of anything that we are more dedicated to than this school we have come to view as a second home, and we cannot wait to share our journey with everyone. 


To fulfill our goals, we as College Captains and SRC President would love the opportunity to listen to any and all feedback you have throughout the year, and prepared to approach all challenges that may arise, with dedication, an open mind and, commitment. In doing so, we hope to be positive leaders and excellent role models for our peers, whilst making the College full of as many opportunities we are grateful to have had. 


We promise that 2018 will be full of achievements and memories that will be everlasting. Our passion projects have been developed from our hearts and minds, and we are committed to bringing our ideas to life, as this is the one of the main reasons we have applied for this leadership position. We hope to make our projects recognisable and worth every little bit of time and effort, and align them all to our College's core values of Respect, Learning and Working Together. As this will be an area in which we put a key focus in, we will be excited to commence our projects at the start of 2018.  


Finally, we would just like to say that it is impossible to measure our gratitude for being able to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with everyone involved with Hampton Park Secondary College. We, the school captains, would like to give a massive thank you to everyone who supported and believed in us, words can't accurately describe how excited and overwhelmed we are feeling. As not just a team but as a family, we would love to share with you a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. A quote in which has been used as our inspiration, but has been used as a basis for what we aim to achieve in the quickly approaching 2018. “Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”  


All the best, 

Your Leadership Team 2018 

Vinze Benitez, Kennice Dionisio, Anusha Sharma, Adam Stonard, and Melanie Naujok.


Student Leadership Team

The beginning of the 2018 year sees our student voice and leadership teams embarking on some exciting and transformative work.

Following our extensive election process last year, the following senior school students have been elected to leadership positions.

(Click to enlarge)

Additionally, we have over 45 students from Years 10 and 11 who trained as Peer Support Leaders in our Student Leadership and Peer Support Camp in December 2017. These leaders, named below, welcomed our new Year 7 students to school on Wednesday February 31st, by leading them through activities designed to build connectedness and resilience.

(Click to enlarge)


Junior School 

Year 7 Start

The start of the year has kicked off in a fantastic way for the 2018 Year 7s. The transition from primary school has been a smooth one, with students learning how to use their locks, finding their way around the college and developing new friendships.

Their participation in the Building Learning Power program has been outstanding and we are very happy to call them a part of our Hampton Park Secondary learning community.

Year 7 Coastal Adventure Camp

The Expression of Interest form and $100 deposit has has now been extended to Friday Feb 16th. 

If you have a health care card, please make sure you have applied for the CSEF as this funding can be put towards the camp fee.

The total cost of $250 is due by March 16th.

(click to enlarge)


Senior School

Yr 12 Study Skills Camp 2018

The Year 12 students went on the Study Skills Camp on Feb 5th and 6th. The camp was a success, and there will be a rundown in the next Newshamper.

Central Australia Camp Year 10/11

We are please to inform the school community that the Central Australia Camp is going ahead. We thank all parents and students who responded quickly with their responses and deposits.


Tuesday February 13th 

Starting 5.30pm in the CRC

We will be confirming costs, itinerary and dates.

If you are going on camp, it is important you attend this night. If you are unable to, please net Ms Glenn or Ms Gatsios know.


Ms Gatsios and Ms Glenn

[email protected]

[email protected]



VCE and Careers Expo 2018 @ Caulfield Racecourse

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th May, 9am - 3pm

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May, 10am - 4pm

The VCE and Careers Expo is Australia's biggest careers and education event with 170 exhibitors providing VCE, tertiary course, career, study skills and gap year information and resources. Exhibitors include Australia major universities. The Expo also features 175 seminars on VCE subjects including English and Maths, tertiary course, career and study advice.

Admission is $10 each or $25 for families of 3 or more (U14 free) and is valid for all 4 days of the Expo. Admission includes all seminars.

For more details visit http://www.vceandcareers.com.au 


Looking for Careers help?

Ms Rackham and Ms Kruse are available to help you with your Careers questions. You can find them in the Careers Office in the CRC. 

The Arts

Instrumental Music

Hampton Park Secondary College offers an exciting and inspiring Instrumental Music Program, which includes a variety of musical instruments to learn, specializing in rock, pop and contemporary music. Learning to play an instrument is a fun activity, which enables students to be creative and ignite a passion for Music. It also requires dedication and exceptional team work and there are many opportunities for students to perform (when they are ready!).


We offer Instrumental Lessons on the following instruments;

- guitar/bass guitar

- keyboard/piano

- saxophone 

- flute

- trumpet

- trombone

- clarinet

- vocals

- drums

Where possible, all students should have their own instrument to practice on at home (brass, woodwind and keyboard instruments can be hired from the school and drummers only need sticks and a practice pad). Please contact us if you would like assistance with instrument purchase or hiring.


Before your child can begin their lessons they must return the permission slip to the office with payment for 2018.  The cost for the year is great value at $120. Payment can be made upfront in full or through a payment plan by using your credit card. Payments are also non-refundable. Lessons will be run in groups of approximately 4 students. Students will be advised of their lesson times early in the year and/or shortly after payment has been received. Please note that our program operates during school hours and students come out of regular classes, alternated each week, to attend instrumental lessons once a week.


Our Instrumental Program operates in the River Gum Performing Arts Centre. This building has created the opportunity for collaboration between teachers and the creation of a common vision for Music Education. We work together in this building sharing learning areas and music equipment. Our staff are highly qualified instrumental teachers each specializing in the tuition of their primary instrument.


Student Art Commission

Hong Xu of Year 12 2017, has presented the school with a canvas entitled ‘Night City’.

Over the past five years Mr. David Finnerty has provided the opportunity for a high achieving Studio Arts student in Year 12 to create a commissioned artwork for our school community.

Hong can be congratulated for her outstanding work as an art student in 2017 and for her new artwork ‘Night City’.  


School Production 2018

Coming Soon!!!.........

Singers, dancer, actors, musicians and stage crew - we're looking for you!

The big announcement will be at your next assembly, with auditions happening the weeks after.

So run those scales, stretch those muscles and practice those monologues!


HPSC offers a range of sports for students to participate in during the year.

Sign up days will be closer to the event, and will be announced at school. For any questions regarding the Sports program, speak with Ms Bree Peart.

Term 1


12th - Senior Sport - Cricket

26th - Senior Sport - Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball



8th - Year 7 Sport - Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball

13th - College Swimming Carnival

16th - Year 8 Sport - Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball

19th - Casey South Division Swimming

22nd - Intermediate Sport - Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball

28th - SMR Swimming

Term 2


10th - College Cross Country

15th - AFL Girls, Netball Boys

21st - Senior Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

28th - Intermediate Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

31st - Division Cross Country



13th - Year 8 Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

18th - SMR Cross Country

19th - Year 7 Sport - Soccer, AFL Boys, Netball Girls, Badminton

25th - Senior Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis

Term 3


2nd - College Athletics Carnival

16th - Intermediate Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball

22nd - Year 8 Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball

27th - Year 7 Sport - Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Handball



13th - Casey South Division Athletics


Maker Space

Photo Competition

The Photo Competition kicks off this month!

February's theme is 'Pet Portrait'.

Get out your cameras and snap your furry friend. If you don't have a pet, borrow your friend's or neighbour's pet for a photo shoot.

Submit your entry to George to have it printed and displayed on the wall.

At the end of the competition, you will receive your printed photo back.

First prize is a Large Drinks card worth $40 redeemable at HP Cafe.

All winners of the Photo Competition will be automatically invited to join one of the Canon Photography excursion during the year.


Maker Space Clubs

Barista Club is in full swing, full of keen and motivated students. Head into HP Cafe today to see them at work.

The Drone Club  and the 3D Printing Club will have a meeting soon. Keep an eye out on Compass for meeting times.

The Photography Club will be having their first meeting for the year on Monday 12th Feb at lunchtime. If you are interested in learning more about photography, come along and sign up!


If you attended the Canon Zoo Excursion last year, don't forget to see George to get your photos printed.

Student Health & Wellbeing

HPSC Breakfast Club

All students are invited to the Student Welfare and PSD area for breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 8am to 8.45am. Come along, make some new friends and fuel your body with the energy you need to get through a busy school day. Everyone is welcome!


Keeping Healthy in the Heat

With summer here, hot days are a plenty. To keep cool in the heat, remember these tips

- Carry a drink bottle of water with you to keep hydrated

- Avoid wearing hot clothing; leave the jumper at home!

- Be sun safe! Don't forget your hat and sunscreen when out in the sun

- Pack plenty of nutritional snacks to keep you full of energy at school.

- Freeze a water bottle to use as an iceblock in your lunch bag (It's a great way to pack extra cold water).

- When possible, stay in the shady and cooler areas during lunch time.

Sick Bay

Sickbay acts as a first-aid station only. If your child is unwell in the morning, it is best they remain at home.

Should they become ill at school they will be attended to by a First Aid attendant. If it is considered necessary for the child to be sent home, parents/caregivers will be contacted. Parents/caregivers are asked to collect their children promptly. If parents/caregivers are not contactable the Emergency contact person will be called. Please make sure that your student contact details are up to date. These can be updated via Compass School Manager.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING/TEXT their parents/caregivers themselves OR leave the school without permission.


If your child requires regular medication to be administered during school hours, parents/caregivers need to send the medication to school, clearly labelled, and it must be accompanied by a completed Medication authority form.

Please be aware the school does not keep a supply of painkillers (Panadol or other medication) for student use.

Community News


Casey Kids Carnival Colouring Competition

Casey City Council will be hosting the annual Casey Kids Carnival on 24 March 2018 at Akoonah Park in Berwick. To celebrate the upcoming event we are offering children to participate in a colouring competition.

Children can choose one of the four designs attached and send in their entry to the Events Team at City of Casey PO BOX 1000 Narre Warren VIC 3805.

We hope to see you at the carnival and happy colouring!




The City of Casey receives funding from the State Government to provide music and cultural events for young people aged 12-25 years, such as FReeZA Push Start Battle of the Sounds, Casey in Colour and Fired Up!

As a FReeZA provide, The City of Casey offers a number of live music events throughout the year which are fully supervised and drug, alcohol and smoke free. 

‘Spectrum Entertainment’ is Casey’s FReeZA committee consisting of young people aged 12-25 years old who are passionate about music and event management. The Spectrum committee organise events for other young people in Casey and as a result committee members are able to gain first hand experience in the music industry whilst assisting with planning, organization and delivery of Casey’s FReeZA events.

Applications to join the Spectrum Committee are now open!

All applications must be submitted before the 1 March 2018.


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