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16 March 2020
Issue Three
Dates to Remember for 2020
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Dates to Remember for 2020




Monday 16 to Friday 20

Year 8 - Challenge Week, CANCELLED


Sunday 22 to Tuesday 24 

Production Camp, CANCELLED


Wednesday 25

Parent Teacher Interviews, CANCELLED


Wednesday 25 to Saturday 5 April

New York Tour, CANCELLED


Friday 27

Early dismissal 2:30pm

End of Term


Tuesday 14

First Day of Term 2

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Wednesday 22

College Open Day, CANCELLED


Wednesday 29

College Cross Country - Whole School


Friday 1

Generations in Jazz, CANCELLED


Tuesday 5

Year 12 - Unit 3 Theatre Studies

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Thursday 7

NEVR Rehearsal


Monday 11

Year 11 - Unit 1 Theatre Studies


Wednesday 13 to Thursday 14

Year 10 - Theatre Studies


Tuesday 19

Free Dress Day Whole School


Thursday 21

Showcase 4 Dance


Monday 25

NEVR Rehearsal


Wednesday 27 to Friday 29

Year 10 - Exams 


Monday 1 to Tuesday 9

Year 11 Exams


Tuesday 9

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Wednesday 10 



Friday 12

Assessment Day

Student Free Day Whole School


Tuesday 16

Later Years Expo


Wednesday 17

English SAC


Saturday 20 to Saturday 4 July

Northern Territory Tour


Friday 26

Last Day of Term 2

Early Dismissal 2:3pm


Monday 13

Curriculum Day - Student Free Day


Tuesday 14

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Thursday 16 to Friday 17

Production Rehearsal all day


Saturday 18

POPA Bunnings BBQ Vermont, Fundraiser


Monday 27

VSMF Concert Band


Tuesday 28

Curriculum Information Night


Wednesday 29

Year 11 Course Selection Day


Thursday 30

VCAL Interviews


Friday 31

VCAL Interviews


Monday 3 to Tuesday 4

Production Dress Rehearsal


Tuesday 4

VCAL Confirmation


Wednesday 5 to Friday 7

College Production


Wednesday 5

Year 10 - Course Selection


Thursday 6

Year 9 - Course Selection


Friday 7

College Production


Tuesday 11

Athletics Carnival


Wednesday 12 to Friday 14

College Production


Tuesday 18

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Monday 24 to Friday 28

City Experience


Friday 18

End of term

Early Dismissal 2:30pm


Tuesday 1

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Saturday 12 

POPA Trivia Night, Fundraiser



Monday 5

First day of school


Tuesday 20 October

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Wednesday 28

Year 7 & 10 - Immunizations

Year 12 - Unit 3 & 4 Exams begin


Monday 9

Last Day VASS


Monday 9 to Friday 13

Challenge Camps


Thursday 12 to Thursday 19

Year 11 - Exams


Tuesday 17 November 

Popa Meeting at 7pm in the Music Office


Friday 20 to Wednesday 25

Year 12 - Step Up


Thursday 26

Year 11 - Exam Feedback

Last Day Year 11


Friday 27 to 3 December

Year 11 - Step Up


Friday 4

Year 10 - Exam feedback

Year 10 Formal

Last day Year 10


Monday 14 to Thursday 17

Activities Week



2020 Term dates:

Term 1:  28 January - 27 March

Term 2:  14 April - 26 June

Term 3:  13 July - 18 September 

Term 4:  5 October - 18 December

Principal's Report


School Closures

Further to my recent updates, I would like to communicate additional information in light of recent events and in response to advice I have received from the Department of Education and Training (DET). Firstly in relation to school closures, today I received the following information:


  • Further to my update last night, the Premier has this morning declared a state of emergency for Victoria. I will provide more information to you about what that means for education in my daily update later today. In the meantime, please find below an important statement from the Victorian Chief Health Officer regarding the importance of our schools remaining open for now. To assist in your communication of this to parents and your school communities, you can share the statement with them.


Importantly, we are advanced in our planning in the event that there are school closures. Teachers will still be providing a meaningful program for students who will be required to use their time at home to complete work, study, learn etc. At this time no Victorian Government school has a reported case of corona virus, nor has any school been closed or is in the process of being closed.


Camps and Excursions

As I communicated late last night, all camps and excursions (except for KIOSC) planned for the remainder of term 1 and term 2 have been cancelled. It is important to note that incursions and school based events will continue as normal.


Unfortunately as a result, these significant events will not proceed:


  • All interschool sport
  • Year 8 Challenge week
  • Production Camp
  • Presentation Ball
  • Year 12 Formal
  • Student conferences (parent teacher interviews)
  • Knox schools expo (Thurs 19th March)


Information in relation to refunds or credits for these events will be communicated in coming days.


In particular, we regret having to make a decision to cancel the Presentation Ball, but given the uncertain environment and the close physical contact required for rehearsals we believe the best course of action would be for that event to not proceed. Please note we have not made a final decision about whether the Year 11 Central (NT) trip will proceed as of yet, but will communicate a decision as soon as we do.

Student Illness

I would like to strongly advise all parents to keep students who are not well at home. It is not appropriate for students who have flu/cold like symptoms to be at school. It places students and staff at increased risk and puts enormous pressure on school resources. Moreover, it puts students attending school who are not well in an uncomfortable position with their peers. Parents should contact school immediately, if any student or family member of a student receives a positive diagnosis for COVID-19. Similarly, if a student or family member of a student has been tested, then they must not return until a negative test has been confirmed. By keeping your unwell child home, you will support the wellbeing of the college community and more specifically the vulnerable members of the broader community who are most at risk. 

Student Hygiene Practices

Please be reassured that our college is vigilantly working to have ongoing provision of soap in our toilets.  Teachers will be asking students in classes to wash their hands throughout the day, which is normal practice. All teachers will be instructing students in correct hand and respiratory hygiene practices in line with the advice provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.   Further information can be found at https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus, along with the attachments to this message. Posters have been displayed around the school that encourage such hygienic practices.  Please discuss these practices with your children.  To assist the college it is recommended you provide your child with a small container of hand sanitizer to carry in their pocket and use throughout the school day (after toileting and before eating).     


As you would understand, this situation is evolving rapidly and I would encourage you to regularly engage with Compass for further information. In particular I would encourage you to download the Compass app to receive notifications if you have not already done so.


I have provided further resources attached for your information.


Kevin Murphy



Further Resources for your Information


Assistant Principals

Teaching and Learning

As we continue to grapple with the extraordinary circumstances that Covid-19 presents us with, I want to reassure our school community that our teachers are committed to high quality teaching and learning. We will continue to follow advice from the Department of Education regarding the health and safety of our school community and we will continue to focus on the core of our business which is excellence in teaching and learning.


On Wednesday 18th March, we will be publishing our Term One Reports which will look different this year as both assessments will be presented as a graphic. This will allow students, parents and teachers to compare each other’s perspectives and generate some meaningful learning conversations.  Although Student Conferences (formerly known as Parent Teacher Interviews) have been cancelled this term, parents are welcome to contact their child’s teachers to discuss the self-assessment data and their child’s progress. Each term, students and teachers will be self-assessing and this data will be added to the graphic allowing for on-going comparisons and data trends. We anticipate that by Term 3 (our next Student Conferences event), teachers, parents and students will be able to have some insightful and meaningful learning conversations.


In the event that our school does close, we will continue to run normal classes with teachers posting full lesson plans on Compass with work and learning tasks made available through Compass. Students will be expected to log into Compass each day and work through each subject according to a regular school day. Lesson plans will be on Compass (they can be put on One Note in addition to Compass) so parents have access to each lesson. Teachers will be available (at the end of an email, Compass or online lessons) for the duration of the school day and like the students, will be working according to their current timetables. Parents will be encouraged to provide further support at home by ensuring that their child has a comfortable workstation, access to their computer and books and ensuring that distractions (televisions, phones, music etc) are limited.


We are confident that as a school community, we are doing everything we can to ensure that your child has access to a quality education.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding teaching and learning at Wantirna College, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Carrie Wallis

Assistant Principal – Teaching and Learning

Introducing the Assistant Principals






Catherine Ford






Andrew Lewis






Shane Kruger






Carrie Wallis

Middle Years 

Student Leaders - Middle Years Captains

There has been a lot going on and even more to look forward to in Middle Years this year. The year 7s are beginning to settle more into high school and feel more comfortable and confident, so far they have attended the year seven orientation camp at Camp Rumbug and experienced their first swimming carnival. Some highlights they have to look forward to include: year 7 bike education, free dress days, the year 7 viewing of the 2020 production and kindness projects.

Year 7 Reflection

I’m really looking forward to term 2 because we start taking classes more seriously. For example, in history, we have not gotten into it too much yet, so it will be nice to learn some more things. I’m also looking forward to knowing more about the school because I get lost all of the time! At the moment I’m enjoying (still) meeting new friends and making friendships. I also love making connections with some of my teachers and learning more about them. I really enjoy some classes like English, Maths, Science, Spanish and History.

Isabella Pittaway, 7A


The year 8s have a really exciting week coming up in week eight of this term. They will be attending a challenge week, where they will get to experience different activities that challenge them and their classmates. A couple of the activities they will be attending include, raft building, escape room, tree surfing, bike riding and paddle boarding. The year 8s will also begin their “Personal Best Projects” which will commence in term 2.


Year 8 Reflection

Year 8 so far has been fun in the ways that we have new subjects such as Materials Tech, Systems Tech, Visual Communications and Drama. Some fun things have been getting to know our new classes and teachers but everyone is buzzing about our year 8 challenge week next week.

Bianca Mizzi 8A


Year 9s have also been very busy this year with starting their new electives. That is just one aspect of the exciting things they have to look forward to like city experience in term 3, the challenge camps and elective excursions, like the viewing of ‘Come from Away’ for Drama, as well as exploring pathways and careers for the future.


Year 9 Reflection


Year 9 has been a great experience and has given us the opportunity to explore subjects of our choice. In our electives, we work with other new people who have also chosen this class, meaning that they have some actual interest in learning. It’s a great way to work with other people outside our homegroup. It’s also a great way to see what subjects we like in preparation for going into Later Years. 

Caden Janetzki 9S


In middle years as a whole, it has been an exciting year so far and we all can't wait for all the different things happening soon for all year levels including cross country, production, inter-school sports and different clubs.


Gemma Doley, Elijah Haynes, Lachlan Lim and Chrystin Gosios.

Middle Years Captains

Later Years

Student Leaders - College Captains

Term One has essentially been a bit of a ‘cruise’ for everyone whilst simultaneously allowing us to ‘warm up’ into our respective year levels and subjects. It’s been full of ‘firsts’ for both Year 11 and Year 12 students, experiencing and surviving their first SAC’s for the year. Keep it up guys! Year 10 students that decided to delve into the elective Peer Support, have met and introduced themselves to students of the Year 7 cohort; excited to meet new members of the school community whilst enhancing their mentoring skills. In order to break up the monotony of daily classes, there have been a number of exciting and entertaining events, inside and outside of school grounds. The recent swimming carnival was a huge success, with large numbers of students participating in events and generally enjoying themselves throughout the day. However, Year 12's were the main feature of the day, dressing up in a variety of unique and creative costumes (shout out to a particular twin who allowed his hair to be dyed a mixture of hot pink and purple!). The SRC also conducted a whole school casual dress day with the colourful theme of Bright Colours and Patterns to support Harmony Week. Coincidentally, the Year 12 students had their first theme day of the year; dressing up in outfits that were so unattractive that they were disgustingly good! Overall, Term One has started with a bang and flown by, leaving many laughs and memories. We hope the rest of the school year will be just as good, if not better.


College Captains

Connor Winter, Sam Styles, Isabelle Davis, Jacob Lacchiana

Student Representative Council

What is SRC?

SRC stands for the Student Representative Council, and people from all ages and year levels can join. We are the student voice of Wantirna College and we are trying to improve some of the facilities around Wantirna. We want to help the students of our College to create momentum for positive changes in our school and enable students to input their ideas for improvements.

SRC Executive Team:


Ms Lewis


Tommy Dam


Richard Ha


Co Treasurers:

Sophie Evans

Jabez Yu


Later years

David Chhea

Charlotte Hoath


Olivia Bedford


SRC 2020

The SRC have had a good start to the year and are working towards getting more students involved in deciding what they want out of school and things that we can improve on, as a community.


The SRC have also been developing themes for each of the terms this year. So far our themes are:


Term 1: Health and Wellbeing

Term 2: Sport and Community Involvement


In conjunction with this terms theme, we had a free dress day where everyone came in crazy colours and patterns to raise money for Harmony week and the SRC. Harmony week is one week in March where we create awareness of diversity in Australia. SRC will be putting a quote out on Compass every week to support Health and Wellbeing.


SRC is looking for students that are passionate in creating a fun and exciting environment for students and the community of Wantirna College. Come down to Mason House on Thursdays at lunchtime to have your say! 


Suggestions for Improvements

If you have suggestions regarding improvements around the school, free dress days, charities you would like to see fundraised at free dress days and anything else that could help around the school, please ensure you fill out our surveys! Also please feel free to email SRC at:




Alternatively, you are also welcome to join us for an SRC meeting during Thursday lunch times in Mason House. 


Olivia Bedford, 

SRC Publicity and Communications Leader for 2020




CSEF Application

Parents who received CSEF in 2019, are not required to complete an application form in 2020, providing there has been no change to their family circumstances.

New Families to Wantirna College

Any new families to Wantirna College will be required to fill out the application form attached.

CSEF Information

Financial Assistance Information for Parents 

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF).


Every Victorian child should have access to the world of learning opportunities that exist beyond the classroom. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund, will ensure that no student will miss out on the opportunity to join their classmates for important, educational and fun activities. School camps provide children with inspiring experiences in the great outdoors, excursions encourage a deeper understanding of how the world works and sports teach teamwork, discipline and leadership. All are part of a healthy curriculum. CSEF will be provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.


If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. The allowance will be paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions, or sporting activities for the benefit of your child. The annual CSEF amount per student will be:


• $125 for primary school students

• $225 for secondary school students.


How to Apply:

You will need to provide a copy of your current Health Care Card with the application. 


Parent application close 26 June 2020



Claiming Your CSEF Benefit

From early March you will be able to claim your CSEF on a Compass when giving consent to events.  


Year 12 students applying for medicine and other clinical sciences in 2021

Students who are planning to apply to Medicine, Dentistry and Clinical Science degree programmes commencing in 2021 at these Universities in Australia and New Zealand must sit the UCAT ANZ test in the month of July 2020 . [Please note, in Victoria this is only Monash University. La Trobe University Dental Science - only applies to students who have completed university studies].


The UCAT ANZ is a 2-hour, computer-based test, multiple choice test. Candidates sit the test at Pearson VUE test centres located in Australia, New Zealand and at some overseas centres. For information about where test centres are offered, see Test Centre Locations.


Phil Newnham

Careers Counsellor

Wellbeing News




PoPa Fundraiser



General Information

General Office

Office Hours:                  8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                      9801 9700


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.  Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


All visitors to the College must sign into and out of the College using the Compass Kiosc in the General Office.


In line with the Government’s commitment to compulsory attendance, the College is required to ensure all absences are recorded pursuant to DET guidelines. It is the responsibility of a student’s parent/guardian to explain why their child is absent/late. This can be done using the parent portal on Compass, by written note, by phone call to the General Office or by face-to-face conversation with a staff member.  Given the convenience and security the Compass portal offers for this important part of college life, this is the preferred method.


The General Office team will continue to be available for assistance on all attendance and Compass matters, and in every instance, any student arriving late or leaving early must report to the General Office to be signed in or out.


If your child has missed a SAC or been away for more than a couple of days, then they will be required to supply a doctor's certificate.

Arriving Late to School

Students are expected to be at school at 8.40am. Locker Bell rings at 8.44am and Home Group commences 8:54am.  If you are aware your child will be late to school, parental approval should be submitted in the Compass portal, or by notifying the General Office.


Students arriving late (after the first roll is marked) must report to the General Office to be signed in. Where a parent approval hasn’t been submitted on Compass prior, the absence will be shown as an unexplained absence until an approval is submitted. Should a written note from a parent be provided with the student when they arrive, it will be entered in Compass.


To promote the importance of being punctual to class, students arriving late to any other class will be recorded as late. Whilst late arrivals do not show on the Compass dashboard, they are displayed on the ‘unexplained’ tab under Attendance. The Compass system does not provide a sensible ‘reason’ for this scenario, however until a more appropriate option is made available, parents wanting to acknowledge/clear the unexplained late arrivals may do so by using the ‘Parent Choice’ reason, assuming no other reason is suitable.

Early Departure from School

If a student has an appointment and needs to leave early, parents should enter an approval in Compass and select the appropriate reason from the list of options stipulated by DET. The approval appears on the class roll to alert the classroom teacher, and the student will be excused from class at the designated time. Students should then attend the General Office to be signed out. If a parent provides a written note on the day, this should be taken to the General Office before school or at recess, and it will be entered into Compass. Students will not be permitted to leave class without an approval entered in Compass.


If you need to collect your child unexpectedly, please contact the General Office.

Bell Times


Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop is open on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, and the first Saturday of the Term from 1 - 4pm. Prices and additional trading hours can be found on the Compass portal under school documentation.


Direct Phone:  9881 7168

Library Hours

Monday to Thursday:

8:15am to 4:30



8:15am to 3.30pm

Lost Property

Lost Uniforms are taken to the Maintenance Office, which is located near Health Centre.  There is a double draw finling cabniet on the right just inside the door.  If you have lost any valuables, ie: phone, watch, etc... they are usually handed in to the main office.

Car Parking

Parents are advised that the main car park on Harold Street is not a drop off or pick up point for students.  The car park is very busy and very tight at peak times.  It is not a safe place for students and waiting cars create congestion for people entering or leaving the car park.


The best drop off and pick up points for the school are:

  • The designated drop off and pick up zone on Harold Street in front of the Home Economics rooms
  • Georgian Gardens (street opposite school crossing on Harold Street)
  • Amesbury Avenue (fenceline along the bottom oval)
  • Templeton Street (South of the roundabout)
  • Saxon Street (off Harold Street)

College Vision

Wantirna College is committed to educating our students to be inquiring learners with high levels of literacy and numeracy, prepared to be global, ethical citizens in the 21st Century, capable of showing resilience and flexibility of thinking, willing to show initiative and take on challenges throughout their lives.

Wantirna College


Kevin Murphy


Assistant Principals:

Catherine Ford, Andrew Lewis, Shane Kruger and Carrie Wallis


College Council President:

Dr Joanne Challinor-Rogers


Sub School:

Dina Mingos (Later Years)

Darren Hoogkamer (Middle Years)


College Captains:

Sam Styles

Isabelle Davis

Connor Winter

Jacob Lacchiana


Parents Association President:

Pam Wade


Parents of Performing Arts Chairperson

Stuart Broadley

Community News

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