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28 February 2020
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Principal's Post

Dear Parents,

Today,  Friday 28th February the College Community will gather at St Patrick’s Cathedral for our Inaugural Mass, to celebrate the start of the academic year. Our tradition of inducting the College Leaders on this auspicious occasion continues and the following students were introduced to the congregation.


College Captain                   Dylan Peiris
Vice Captain                          David Botros
Vice Captain                          Roque Rosario
Vice Captain                          Ronan Fernandez
Head Prefect                        Amos Duckett
Head Prefect
                       Terrence A’Hearn

Prefects                                  Noah Crasto                        Rishi Nagpal                Noah Andrews
                                                    Francis Zaar                         Thomas Yong              Jordan Tranter 
                                                    Harry Minack                       Sean O’Connor           Dylan Ly
                                                    Noah Alwyn                          Kyle Troung                 Luke Heiden
                                                    Thomas Raymond             Kurt Tellis                    Gavin Liyanage
                                                    Francesco Mandarino       Maneth Naga              Matthew Lewis
                                                    Noah Di Teodoro                 Nicholas Siow


Last week Principals in Victorian Catholic Colleges and leaders in curriculum were invited to a series of presentations by Professor John Hattie. John Hattie has been Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne since March 2011. Noel Jenkinson, Deputy of Curriculum and Adrian De Fanti, Dean of Learning and Innovation accompanied me to this professional learning opportunity.


John Hattie is renowned for his collection and compilation of data so that the impact of learning can be measured quantitatively. Meta Data Analyses can be found in Corwin Meta Data Analysis The focus of the day was the Visible Learning Story which is exactly the pathway Mazenod is heading as a result of the analysis of our needs during last year’s Review, Visible Learning and Visible Wellbeing.


John actually quantifies the impact of educational influences. For example, his works tells us that high impact to learning outcomes include the following:


Collective Teacher Efficacy  
Cognitive Task Analysis   
Deliberate Practice
Effort Management
Problem Solving Teaching
Belonging (refers to belonging to classroom)

Flipped Classroom


I appreciate I am dangerously close to boring if not offending people with teacher jargon but each of these areas needs to continually be addressed if we have a genuine school improvement agenda. A few examples of how we are addressing these areas is consciously providing times and opportunities for teachers to work collaboratively, not just to share resources but to collectively develop and measure the impact of teaching practice and learning outcomes. Over recent years the College has employed staff and created leadership responsibilities to help teachers measure impact, utilising data. This area of education is destined to be more prominent in all schools’ improvement agendas in future years.

Another focus is the need for our students to more aware of what works for their learning and how they manage their own learning. Student expectations in this area can be improved if they can articulate:


I know where I am going
I have the tools for the journey
I monitor my progress
I recognise when I am ready for what’s next
I know what to do next.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Tony Coghlan




Monday 2nd March 

ACC Senior Jazz Ensemble Workshop


Tuesday 3rd March

College Open Day 


Monday 9th March

Labour Day Public Holiday 







Tuesday 10th March

Year 10 Camp 


Tuesday 24th March

Parent Teacher Interviews


Wednesday 25th March 

Parent Teacher Interviews







Thursday 26th March 

Mission Action Day Concert


Friday 27th March

Mission Action Day 


Friday 27th March

Term 1 Ends 





Important Notices

Just Leadership Workshop

Caritas Australia 

Year 12 Faith & Mission Prefects and Year 12 Wellbeing Prefects


‘I was inspired to ‘do more’ because that is really what is important’.


This was the general reaction of the YR 12 Prefects who attended the Just Leadership Workshop at Our Lady of Sion College last week. Joined by student leaders from our neighbouring College, the students were engaged in a range of activities based on the 'See', 'Think', 'Do' framework of social justice. We were all reminded that 'treating people with dignity has to be at the centre of our concerns - and that is often done by sharing not just our skills, money or talent but our humanity and, in doing so, we re-discover what it means to be human.' (Caritas Australia, 2010)


We acknowledge the expertise of Megan Bourke from Caritas Australia for facilitating a full and engaging program of activities. Megan commented on the positive attitude displayed by all of the students and their willingness to share with each their passion for social justice. The students who attended - Roque Rosario, Noah Alwyn, Kyle Troung , Jordan Tranter, Sean O’Connor and Dylan Ly - came back to the College armed with information, awareness and a willingness to use their experience to encourage and motivate others to ‘be more’ too.


Social Media

We would encourage all families to connect & follow us on the following Mazenod social media pages.

There are weekly updates & images from events around the school.


Connect & Follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @ Mazenodvic








Ms Michelle Symss

Development Manager 



Lost Property 

Please come to the Health Centre if you have misplaced items from camps. We have a selection of clothes, runners, back packs & towels waiting to be collected. Also, a reminder to families to name your valuable uniform items, even ties! We can then assist with getting lost items back to the correct student. It is difficult to ascertain owners of un-named items despite our best efforts. Un-named and uncollected uniform items may then be sold through the second hand uniform shop at the end of term.

Homework Program

Homework Program is available to students from Year 7—10. It provides an opportunity to complete 
homework in a supported environment.


Teachers and Education Support Staff from the Learning Diversity Team assist students in organising and managing their homework.

WHEN: Wednesdays and/or Thursdays
TIME: 3:15—4:00 pm
WHERE: 8 James 


Please click below to access the Homework  Program Enrolment Form



Mrs Anne Johnson 
Learning Diversity Coordinator 




Around The Campus

Ash Wednesday 


Year 7 Camps


Year 9 Surf Camp


From the Executive

The Importance of Communication

For my entire secondary education, my lovely mother picked me up from school. Each and every time, she asked me how school was and for six years my answer was “good”. This was my answer irrespective of whether I smashed a Maths test, forgot my PE gear or had to spend another lunchtime in a band rehearsal (who am I kidding, I loved band rehearsals!) I think subconsciously, or maybe intentionally, I knew that by answering “good” there wouldn’t be much follow-up conversation. I assumed that if I said “bad” then I’d be asked why it was bad, if I said “excellent” I’d be asked why it was so great. Luckily I had a patient mother who persisted until I eventually grew out of that weird adolescent phase. Unluckily for me, I now have a four-year-old daughter who seems to do “nothing” each day at kinder…


While communicating with teenagers can be challenging, it is certainly worth persisting with. In John Marsden’s latest book, The Art of Growing Up, he discusses the link between language, education and wellbeing:


    The relationship between language and thinking is complex, but profoundly important. People with a      limited vocabulary are limited in their intellectual functioning. And teenagers who have inadequate          language skills are at risk of becoming locked in, left alone with strong emotions they are unable to            manage. To help improve language fluency, parents (and teachers) should try to ask open-ended                questions, not ones requiring a yes/no or other monosyllabic answers. (Marsden, 2019)


Marsden recommends that you don’t simply ask ‘how was school?’ Instead he suggests that you ask questions that will spark discussion such as:

  • How is your Maths teacher this year different to the one you had last year?
  • Which events are you going to participate in for Mission Action Day this year?
  • What are you building in Design and Technology this term?


While it’s difficult to predict what the response will be from this kind of dialogue, I do hope that it is positive. Students, if you’re reading this, please be nice to your parents! However, if you are answered with a monosyllabic grunt, luckily you are now able to at least keep track of your son’s academic progress using MazCom, our new Learning Management System. MazCom allows you to access your son’s grades and feedback throughout the semester. While many of our staff are still learning how to use this software, we hope that in the coming weeks you will start to see many grades, comments, annotations, audio files and even videos appearing. While this feedback is directed towards our students we hope that these features will help you to encourage and support your sons.



Mr  Adrian De Fanti

Dean of Staff - Learning & Innovation


Faculty News

Humanities Faculty 

It was something of a surprise to receive a phone call from The Age in late December. As some of you might have subsequently read, the newspaper identified Mazenod’s 2019 Humanities VCE results as being foremost in the state. Alongside the College’s continually strong Religion and Society results, it was heartening to learn that, based on the number of 40+ scores (placing students in the top 9% of the state in their subject), The Age statistically evinced that Mazenod’s VCE History Revolutions, Global Politics and Geography VCE scores were, collectively, the most impressive of any school in the state (irrespective of all select-entry and high-fee schools). It was a wonderful accolade for the College, an academic apotheosis which highlighted the efforts of the talented colleagues in the faculty, coupled with the sterling efforts of our talented students.


Indeed, it is now clear that Mazenod College was the only school in the state to appear in the top 10 for published 40+s in the state for all three Humanities disciplines! Some of the statistical highlights included:


In VCE History Revolutions:

  • Eight 40+ scores
  • Six of the eight students were on the accelerated program
  • Mazenod placed 4th in the state for published 40+ scores (placed in the top 4 for the second year in succession!)

In VCE Geography:

  • Four 40+ scores (what is remarkable about this achievement is that none of the four students got a 40+ in any other subject)
  • Mazenod placed 8th= in the state for published 40+ scores, despite only having one class

In VCE Global Politics:

  • Highest VTAC (scaled) Mean (38.9) of any non-selective subject at Mazenod
  • Mazenod placed 7th= in the state for published 40+ scores, with four 40+ scores, despite only having one class


Such feats were underscored by the fact that this year’s Dux, Sam Warner, took three Humanities courses as part of his senior school pathway culminating in his outstanding ATAR ranking. Sam was a passionate and gifted Humanities student, who earlier last year also won the Australian Institute of International Affairs Victoria and Social Education Victoria 2019 Australian and Global Politics Essay Competition, and on behalf of the faculty I’d like to once more congratulate him on his exceptional attainment and wish his every success in his future studies.


It was telling that The Age highlighted the accelerated History enhancement program as being a key factor behind the outstanding VCE History results at Mazenod over many years. As such, enhancement classes in Year 8 have just started for the year, with the Year 7 program soon to commence. The Year 9 program this year will run as an elective in Semester 2, with the intention that many of these talented and passionate historians will apply to take the accelerated VCE History pathway in Year 10. 



Mr Nick Young

Humanities Coordinator 



New Staff Profile

Mr Jamie Davin

I am very delighted to be joining Mazenod College. I was attracted to this school from the fine reputation it prides itself upon in the broader community. I have been teaching for 8 years at Aquinas College; a large Catholic co-educational College in Ringwood.  Over the past 4 years I have held the position of Year 7 & 8 Coordinator. I am passionate about nurturing young teachers into the profession and have had the opportunity to be responsible for the mentoring and development of Graduate teachers. I have experience teaching Science, Maths, Religious Education and Biology.


I am a member of the neighboring St Justin’s Parish council and enjoy the opportunity to get involved in this community.


I am currently studying a Master of Education at Australian Catholic University. During my free time I love running, traveling and football.


I was recently married in January (2020) and look forward this exciting new chapter in my life. 



Mr Jamie Davin


Mr Michael Miller

My name is Michael Miller and I come to Mazenod from Parade College where I began my career in 2004 and served for 16 years. During this time, I was Health and Physical Education Faculty Head for 4 years. My two teaching methods are Physical Education and Religious Education. I am a De La Salle College old boy (please forgive me).


I coached across a variety of sports in the ACC competition while at Parade and in more recent years found myself coaching Senior Soccer, despite having played junior and senior football for the Ormond Amateur Football Club (again please forgive me). Unfortunately, or fortunately, I suffered multiple losses to the Mazenod Senior Soccer juggernaut over recent years. I can recall one particular sports afternoon where a student from the Mazenod Year 10 Volleyball Team had to serve underarm so that the Parade side could keep the ball alive!    

I live reasonably local to Mazenod in Clarinda and therefore my commute time to work will be significantly lower, considering that I was doing over 300km a week travelling to Bundoora. That’s in excess of 2 hours in the car a day and a lot of petrol! I have been married for 14 years and have two young Children. My daughter Scarlett is 8 years of age and my son Elijah is 4. In my spare time I try and keep fit, but this can be difficult with two young children. I recently started playing indoor cricket socially and have found some time for fishing again, after buying a very old boat with an original motor (both 1985) early last year. I am lucky enough to have a family holiday home in Rye and have spent every summer there since I can remember. It is nice for my own children to spend part of their Christmas holiday in such a wonderful part of the world.


I can’t wait to get to know you, work alongside you and get stuck into the 2020 school year at Mazenod College!



Mr Michael Miller


Canteen Roster

We would love for more parents to volunteer in the canteen. You can create your own group, choose the day you like to help meet other wonderful volunteers and most of all see your son in secondary school atmosphere. It’s one day per term from 9:30am to 1:30pm and it will make all the difference. 


Please see our contact details below if you wish to join. 

God Bless🕊
Simone Dutton 0410 514 553👩🍳
Mary Henandez 0412 164 836👩🍳


Canteen Roster 

Monday 2nd




Antonella De Filippis

Jodie McCarthy


Le Verde

Marta Olak

Tuesday 3rd











Wednesday 4th March

Yacintha Thabesan 





Maggie Truong 


Thursday 5th









Friday 6th












Mothers' & Fathers' Associations

Mothers' Association

Dear Mazenod mums,


Our next big event is the Mother’s Day dinner on Friday the 8th May. Due to all the positive feedback we had on The Grand last year, we have booked the same venue .  We will have a meeting on the 11th March to begin planning this event if you wish to come along. It will be at Janssen House (next to the new uniform shop) at 7.30pm.  If you have any questions about the Mazenod Mothers Association, please email us at or call Kayleen McLean on 0402432064.


Here are some key dates for your diary. 


11th  Mar           7.30pm                   Mother’s Association Meeting 

15th Apr            7.30- 9.30pm        Mothers Association Meeting

8th May              8.00-9.00pm         Mothers Day Mass

18th Nov            7.30-9.30pm         Mothers Association Mass & Breakup



Uniform Shop 

Second Hand Uniform Shop


The second hand uniform shop will be open on  Wednesday 11th March, 2020  2.45pm – 3.30pm

Payment at time of purchase, strictly cash or cheque only.  Items cannot be held.


If your son has out grown his GOOD quality school/sport uniforms, you can sell it through the second hand uniform shop.


We always have a demand for good condition Mazenod school uniform- including VCE blazers, blazers, school and sports uniform, school bags, sports bags etc. Great opportunity to sell your son’s good condition outgrown uniform. Get them in as soon as possible to the Front Office with your name, address and contact phone number clearly pinned to each item. Clothing must be clean and blazers dry-cleaned leaving dry-cleaning tag on blazer. Please note only good condition items will be accepted. Unsuitable items will be disposed of without notice to owner.

Payment is strictly cash or cheque at the time of purchase.  Items cannot be held for a later pick up.


Nancy 0418 553 191

Musical Notes

Important Dates


                  Event                                                        Date                                               Time                            Venue

Musical Auditions Monday 2nd March 2.15pm-5pm Founders' Complex
Mission Action Day Concert Thur 26th March 7.30pm – 8.45pm Founders’ Complex
Generations in Jazz Friday 1st May - Sunday 3rd May   Mt Gambier
Queensland Tour Mon 22nd – Fri 26th June (Week 11)    


Ensemble rehearsals

Ensemble rehearsals are back in full swing.  The timetable can be found under the Music tile on Mazcom.

2020 Mazenod/Avila Production

This year’s production is Wicked the Musical.  All Mazenod Students are invited to audition for this production.  Auditions will take place on Monday 2nd March in the Founders' Complex.  2.15 - 5.00pm


This is a unique opportunity for ALL year levels to be involved with a professional theatrical production.

Put the date in your diaries - more details to come.


For any enquiries regarding the above information, please contact the music office on 8561 1108.


Careers and Pathways

Year 10 Work Experience

A reminder to all year 10 students that work experience forms must be returned to Ms. Seremetis by Friday 27th March 2020.  This is the last week of term 1.

Work Experience dates are Monday 15th – Friday 19th June 2020.


Please note, this is a compulsory 5 day placement program for all year 10 students. If you require a new Work Experience Arrangement Form, please download a form from the College Careers Website:


Hyundai Advanced Apprenticeship Academy

Hyundai runs a four-year apprenticeship program for people looking to become Hyundai technicians through their Hyundai Advanced Apprenticeship Academy.

You can undertake the apprenticeship at more than 170 locations nation-wide. Upon completion of the program you will receive a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, and have a pathway to working as a Hyundai technician.


Find out more about the program here:

Entry to Medicine and Dentistry in 2021

Year 12 students planning to apply for any of the following university courses listed below, are reminded that registrations for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) open on 2 March 2020 and close 11 May 2020.  The testing dates will be in the month of July 2020.


A reminder that students who are preparing for entry into any of these courses are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the format of the test at UCAT Test Format  and the practice tests and preparation material provided at UCAT Preparation


The University of Adelaide

Medicine, Dental Surgery, Oral Health

Charles Sturt University

Dental Science, Joint Program in Medicine (Charles Sturt University / Western Sydney University)

Curtin University


Flinders University

Clinical Science/Medicine

Monash University


The University of Newcastle / University of New England

Joint Medical Program 

The University of New South Wales


The University of Queensland

Medicine (provisional entry), Dental Science
University of Tasmania Medicine 

The University of Western Australia

Medicine (Direct Pathway), Dental Medicine (Direct Pathway)

Western Sydney University / Curtin University


The University of Auckland


University of Otago

Medicine, Dentistry

US and UK University Expo

Students keen on finding out more about studying at UK and US universities, might like to attend this event.
Date:                     Sunday 15 March 2020  

Time:                    1.00pm – 5.00pm            

Venue:                 State Library Victoria, 328 Swanston Street in Melbourne

Find out more and/or register at US and UK University Expo

Snapshot of Deakin University in 2020

  • Deakin University has nearly 60 000 students across its five campuses– Burwood, Geelong Waterfront, Geelong Waurn Ponds, and Warrnambool, and one being its Cloud Campus - Deakin Locations
  • Ranked 271 in the prestigious QS World Rankings after first entering the top 300 two years ago, and is also now ranked in the top 50 universities younger than 50 years old
  • Ranked 5 stars for world-class facilities, research, and teaching, as well as employability, innovation, and inclusiveness – browse About Deakin and Why Choose Deakin
  • For the past eight years, Deakin has ranked No. 1 for student satisfaction in Victoria by the Australian Graduate Survey
  • Deakin is ranked the #1 Sport Science School in Australia
  • Deakin is also the 6th largest university in Australia
  • Deakin has four faculties and several schools within each faculty - Faculties and Schools
  • Deakin is one of only 3 Victorian universities offering graduate medicine
  • Deakin offers trimesters and offers a significant number of its courses online - CloudDeakin
  • Deakin students have access to a personal study hub which is personalised for each student and provides them with everything they need to know about their course and life at university in order to succeed.  In many ways, this is a personalised dashboard - DeakinSync
  • Deakin Genie is another award-wining digital personal assistant tool for students - Genie is ready to answer student questions, and make sure they keep on top of their studies.  A voice-controlled smartphone app, Genie is with you 24/7 to ensure you feel supported, organised and in control throughout your studies - Deakin Genie YouTube Clip
  • Deakin Hallmarks are prestigious University awards that recognise students' outstanding achievement that are key to employment success.  Each Deakin Hallmark is developed and assessed in partnership with industry, community, or professional bodies to ensure that they recognise achievement that is valued in graduates
  • Deakin has an excellent app for prospective students called Explore.  Students can use this web app to either search for courses to find careers, or start with a career and find the courses that can lead to it - Explore Deakin
  • Deakin encourages its students to participate in study abroad and exchange programs as part of their course - Study Abroad
  • Another excellent resource for Deakin students is this. This recourse is packed with inspiration for life, learning and career.  Deakin believes the journey is as important as the destination, and whether students are curious about technology, innovation, culture, or personal development, this. is the perfect place to ignite imagination and fuel ambition - this Deakin
  • Deakin has a strong reputation for producing highly-skilled, work-ready, and resilient graduates from a diverse range of backgrounds. 
  • The award-winning DeakinTALENT Recruitment Services helps employers to connect with Deakin students across a range of areas


Mrs Vivian Seremetis

Careers Coordinator


ACC Sport & House News

ACC Swimming 

By the time this newsletter arrives we will have competed the 2020 ACC Swimming Carnival. Our numbers have increased greatly thanks to the enthusiasm of our coaches Mike Pearson and Kevin Nguyen. We wish our captains all the best in their last swims for Mazenod in Ned Charlton and Lance de Vera. We will have a more detailed report next week. Our squad for the night is:


Rylan Peiris William Wirawan Ryan Oh Joshua Weyermayr
Yannick Kumarage Robert McEwan Keenan Chy Callum Craig
Noah Morin Yannick Felix Lachlan Rogers Brayden Peiris
Khoi Do Aaron Nguyen Andrew Kakouri Ishan Bhowmick
Matthew Bray Patrick Schmitt Selith Dassanayake Daniel Grano
Conrad Van Ravenstein Michael Taylor Hunter Hains Cameron McEwan
Aiden Mali Alex Fredric Elias Ng Ned Charlton
Lance De Vera Sonny Doherty Emlit Mathew  



WELCOME – Sports Manager


Mazenod would like to welcome Ms Fleur Ellis to the College and the Sports Department. Fleur is the new Sports Manager for the College and will handle all things sport! Fleur comes to us with years of experience having worked at Balwyn High School and Ivanhoe Grammar in the same role for many years. Fleur will work closely with staff and students in continuing to provide the best sporting opportunities for all, as well liaise with our Old Boy networks and the other College departments. We all welcome Fleur to Mazenod.


After another outstanding carnival and many great individual efforts students have been invited to train for the upcoming ACC Athletics Carnival. Students received a letter in the roll and are expected to train. Students who did not receive a letter are also welcome to train as the letters were based off the house Aths and some students may have missed events etc. Training is Monday night after school at Ross Reserve starting at 2:45pm. A bus will leave Mazenod at 2:30 and return at 3:40pm. Students are permitted to leave from the track to Noble Park Station.


Monday 2nd March 2:40pm – 3:40pm Ross Reserve
Monday 16th March 1pm – 3pm Trial Carnival Burwood
Monday 23rd March 2:40pm – 3:40pm Ross Reserve
Wednesday 25th March 8am – 5pm ACC Carnival Albert Park



Wednesday 18th Mar – ACC Senior Grand Finals – Volleyball, Tennis, Cricket

Wednesday 25th Mar – ACC Athletics Albert Park Track. 9am – 4:30pm


Senior sport unfortunately was victim of Melbourne’s wet weather last week with all cricket and tennis washed out! That leaves ladders very close with only 2 more games for the senior cricket boys and Tennis team before semi-finals. Our second’s cricket have 3 games remaining. Volleyball continued on its strong ways winning both games in straight sets. The fixture for next week is:


4/03/2020 Volleyball Senior A Mazenod CBC St Kilda Mazenod College - Provence Centre
4/03/2020 Cricket Senior T20 Division 2 Mazenod College 2 St Bede's College 2 Mazenod College (Turf)
4/03/2020 Cricket Senior T20 Division 1 Salesian College Mazenod College Salesian College - Bosco Campus
4/03/2020 Tennis Senior Mazenod St Bede's Nottinghill Pinewood Tennis Club


Official Mazenod FC 2020 Season Launch

Join us as we get ready to kick-off our most exciting season ever!

Friday 6th March at 7pm
Mercedes-Benz Waverley
769 Springvale Rd Mulgrave
Cost: $55 per person
Dress: Semi-formal 
Get your tickets!

Mazenod FC is calling on all members, players (aged 15 and over), family and friends to help celebrate the dawning of a new era in community football. There will be:

  • amazing food and refreshments
  • music and entertainment
  • special guests
  • raffles and major auctions
  • unveiling of the new club kit

All in the spirit of unifying and raising vital funds for our great club. This is our biggest fundraisers of the year and we are asking your support for the club by simply buying a ticket. Get yours, visit 



Tickets availble via this link:



Mazenod Panthers 



To all our aspiring footballers in the college who are looking for a new team to play for! WPHJFC are always happy to welcome new players both boys and girls to their club. Contact details are below if you wish to explore the opportunity to be involved in a great family club, play a team sport and keep a healthy lifestyle!



Mr Adrian Connolly

Director of ACC Sports

From the Achives

The Inaugural Mass

6 Feb 1967 – First Mazenod College Inaugural Mass was held at St Joseph’s Church, Springvale. The mass was celebrated by parish priests of the four founding parishes along with the first college Rector Fr. James Fitzpatrick.



It is now held at St Patrick’s Cathedral – here is a photo from 2005…..



Mr Peter Marinick

College Archivist





Community Flyers







Mazenod College Newsletter
AGM meeting minutes.pdf
General meeting minutes.pdf
Homework Club - Enrolment Form 2020.docx
Just Leadership Workshop participants